I want the boys to get a break from being defenders of the universe and take a little vacation at some alien B&B where they can cuddle in bed for hours without worrying about zarkon 

(lance is the big spoon and it makes keith feel safe n loved)

(rub ur butt on his junk keith do it)

can we talk about this for a fUCKNGI SECOND

Snow wanting to rely on Regina’s magic to save her daughter

Oh, we’re back home and everything is great! Wait a second…

Rumplestiltskin just died but she gotta check up on Regina’s state of mind

I’m okay Snow. Don’t worry about it. I’m a big girl. *blows nose*



i can’t stop thinking about jack and his completely 100% canonical love for chicken tenders like…who is he…do you think he’s /that/ guy who always no matter what orders chicken tenders when he’s out to eat? does he dip them in honey mustard? ranch? eat them plain? how often is jacques thinking about chicken tendies i have to know



this is Max, my most beloved bear of all time. He’s over 20 years old and I sleep with him every single night. Well as you can see, max wasn’t looking so hot. He’s been matted for the past 15+ years and no matter how much brushing or cleaning I gave him he was always matted at oily looking. Well I recently came upon a method to clean and detangle faux fur, and I decided to try it on my best friend here. After about an hour of tender love and care he looks much better!!!

So here’s what you’ll need:
Hair detangling spray 💧
A fine toothed pet brush ✨
A hairdryer 💨
(Some patience, depending on how bad the tangles are) 👼

Go through and work on your friend one patch at a time. Spray down the patch with detangling spray and then brush through gently with the pet brush until all knots appear to be out. If you need to, use your fingers to pull out dirt or large mats. Then with the hairdryer on ❄️COOL❄️, dry the patch and repeat as many times as needed

Voilà! Cleaner and fluffier stuffie!✨🐻✨

I hope this helps some of you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

“Good. Now stop crying… idiot”


“I don’t want to wear this anymore,” I pleaded. “It’s a servant’s uniform.”
“It’s a soldier’s uniform. […] You are a soldier. You could be my greatest soldier. And if you stay, if you can endure this, one day all will know it.” He lifted my chin with his finger. […] “I can promise you safety,” he said. “Or I can promise to see your suffering repaid a thousandfold.” With the pad of his thumb, he brushed a stray tear from beneath my eye. “You decide, Genya.” 

Leigh Bardugo, The Tailor



A Post about protective & tender Louis.

Alternatively: In which Louis evolves into the gentlest specimen in existence when interacting with Harry.

Seriously though, is Harry some sort of ancient heirloom glass vase to you or


Let us acknowledge the wonderful X Factor days please

You see, Louis back in 2010, brings severe afflictions to my blood-pumping organ, because even though the future may well have been scary in the fact that their life was unpredictable in terms of success or not, the way Louis touched Harry, it was like, something he was absolutely sure of.

Bet this was Louis’ way of unspeakably implying that, “I’m here Harry, no matter what happens to this band, I’ll always be with you.”

‘It’s just that it’s delicate’


I live for the chin/cheek caresses


And here obviously, is the famous thumb sign done by Louis, and yes, in a compassionate manner


Want you to look at these next ones and try tell me they aren’t a couple I dare you


“What’s the one thing you like the most about Harry?”

“His curls or his smell ;) x”


Louis just really enjoys touching Harry not in that way for what I’m implying, but if in general, then yes 

Even when he bites him, it’s taken as a sexual gesture, but it’s still in a gentle-hearted manner


And of course, please never forget the time they got voted off the show, Harry was really upset about it so Louis’ way of cheering Harry up was to indubitably, never keep his hands off of him, in complete tenderness  

Protective!Louis (。◕ ◡ ◕。♡)

The hand that domestically sits on Harry’s shoulder and the other hand that intimately snakes around Harry’s waist is exactly why I cry under the covers late at night


Look at his reaction though like he’s not even half joking about being all protective over Harry because Louis doesn’t want, and won’t have his boy anywhere near the scary man

Who doesn’t absolutely love giving unnecessary touches????

Certainly not Louis 


“The boy with the curls, who wouldn’t love him?" 

But like half the time I feel as though I’m intruding in on a moment of these two boys. I mean, every gesture is so \intimate/

I bet you since they’ve met, Harry and Louis have become highly intuitive and can pretty much read each others’ minds, because most of the time it looks as though they’re intellectually communicating with one another

He slides his arm underHarry’s jacket how intimAte can they possibly get wow!!!!!!

"Hey, I still love you unconditionally !!" under-the-table-touch  

Secure, firm, protective 


Louis is so leniently dominant and it’s very much alright because Harry lets him


Louis Tomlinson, member of a boy band, or Harry Styles’ personal guider? The world may never find out which 

As heartbreaking as this next one is because of the reason Harry turned around,

Louis will always be by his side, through the favourable and horrible.  

I feel as though Louis is "the reassurance” of this relationship.


'Compass guides the ship’


You can tell Louis’ the dominant figure of HarryandLouis though.

'I’m not much for dancing,

but for you I did’


Let’s at least try get our heads out of the gutter for a moment and put aside the inevitable tongue action about to happen, to talk about the almost non-existent grab of Harry’s hands

i mean the graSP IS SO TENDER BUT FIRM

Once again, the thumb sign. Yes! please!!

And to make matters worse, -being the actual feline he is- Harry nudges Louis’ hand because moremoremore

Harry loves it though, I mean see how he slowly closes his eyes and slightly nods indicating pleasure and acceptance I’m done with these boyfriends tbh


I love this next one because, once more, lovingly intimate and private in the way Louis sensually glides his hand up and over Harry’s hand before wrapping around Harry’s waist, and also protectiveness in way too.

And in black & white too with slow-motion added, because, why not?  

Here’s some wonderful bum-grabbing for no particular reason.

The epitome of subtly at it’s finest right below. No one noticed that Louis, you’re fine.

Swear to god, getting past is just an excuse to touch him 

This next one literally looks like Louis’ silently saying; “I am madly and completely infatuated with you, come here” and the gentle, loving touch just backs it all up. 

I didn’t really want to end this post that cheesy…..except I will!

So here’s the same thing but zoomed in and slowed down. 

You’re welcome. 

So in conclusion, Louis is really just a huge sap who loves his boy so much.

I’ve let many boys touch me because I wanted to feel loved. But I’ve lived and I have learned. I’ve learned that love isn’t about all the kisses and wants and desires. Love is about tender touches. The way someone brushes a strand of hair away from your face, or the way they hold your hand in public out of love instead of ownership. The way they’ll wipe away the tears or even the little bit of food left at the corner of your mouth. I made a lot of stupid choices out of my need for acceptance. I know that now and hating myself won’t bring my virginity back. It only makes me feel worse. So I get out of bed, I shower, and I keep my head up, because our mistakes don’t define us.
—  Excerpt from a book I’m currently writing.