Stv.Tv | Diana Gabaldon on historical accuracy, Gaelic and series three of Outlander

Standing on the outskirts of the historic Highland site, Diana Gabaldon is in Scotland for the 270th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden.

“I try to come to Scotland at least once every year, sometimes twice,” the author of the hit Outlander series explains.

But it wasn’t until the 64-year-old author had written the first Outlander novel in 1991, set in Scotland during the Jacobite risings, that she decided she had better visit the land that had inspired her stories of time travel, love and sacrifice.

“I came to Scotland after the first book, I said to my husband I really must go and see it and that’s when I encountered Culloden for the first time.”

Outlander, a eight-strong series of novels and television series which has just been renewed for seasons three and four, has its own nuances of time travel within its success.

The series may draw in fans thanks to the chemistry between the two leads but it is the historical accuracy and intrigue surrounding battles, castles and fights that has helped Outlander become a worldwide hit, securing praise for bringing elements of Scotland’s past to the fore.

It’s something that is vastly important to Diana, to accurately portray the real historical elements of the time period she is recreating, woven with Gaelic words and turns of phrases with a whirlwind love story at its centre.

She says: “[Historical accuracy] is very important, not only as a matter of duty to the dead but also if you are going to do odd things in your book as my husband says…you have to make the other parts of the story be as accurate as you possibly can.

"That’s what it is that induces a sense of belief and immersion for the audience. They can feel this is absolutely real because it was real and you tell it as though it were real then they will go with you when you jump off a cliff [with the story].”

When first writing the fantastical account of Jamie and Claire, Diana relied upon a tiny Gaelic dictionary she had to order from Boston back in 1988 in to bring the language to life.

While the show’s dialect coach Carol Ann Crawford believes Outlander’s popularity could spark new interest in Scots and Gaelic among fans, Diana reveals that it was actually a Scot who offered his assistance with her language skills years before.

She explains: “I had a nice gentleman write to me named Ian McKinnon Taylor and he said ‘I’m fascinated by your books, the history is so wonderful, and it’s so great to see this culture treated so respectfully.

"He said 'there’s just this one thing, which I hesitate to mention, I was born on the Isle of Harris, I am a native Gaelic speaker and I think you must be getting your Gaelic from a dictionary’.”

Mr Taylor went on to assist Diana with the language for her next three books until health issues forced him to withdraw. Gaelic singer and speaker Catherine Ann McPhee then helped with the series, but as a native of Barra, Diana notes that 'at that point the dialect of my novels changed’.

While the fans of the novels have been visiting Scotland to see historical sites mentioned in the books for years, the television adaptation has seen filming locations such as Doune Castle in Stirling enjoy record-breaking visitor numbers since the show aired.

“I think it’s extremely strange,” Diana says. “I didn’t expect any of this mind you, I wrote the first book for practice so I wasn’t expecting anyone to read it.

"But once it came out, people took to it and they not only took to it they started expanding you might say, there are thousands of social groups that get together over the books and they start having craft groups, doing traditional knitting and making 18th century costumes and baking.”

While fans of the novels have had to wait years for the next instalment, filming for series three of the television show is currently under way, with plans to adapt books Voyager and Drums of Autumn for the small screen.

So what can fans of the series expect from Diana’s archive of Scottish tales when the next series airs?

She explains: “Our protagonists were split at the end of the last season and season three, like the book, begins with them apart.

"Claire in the 20th century but 20 years on from where we left her and Jamie of course is still back in the 18th century but we pick him up immediately from where we last saw him which is here [at Culloden].”

Diana explains the narrative is braided from three different perspectives and time periods of Claire, her daughter and Jamie, but hints that a reunion will see the series return to a linear timeframe from around 1766.

But fans of the novels are also gearing up for an even newer instalment; the long awaited ninth novel.

Diana says: “I’m presently working on the ninth book in the Outlander series, luckily I have a title for it I just acquired a couple of weeks ago.

"It’s called Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone. It comes from an old celtic folklore custom when people kept beehives, it was traditional to go and tell the bees all the gossip of the community.

"If someone died and you didn’t tell the bees, they would become annoyed and fly away so you would always go and tell the bees when something happened.”

Reading between the lines, it would appear the time travelling romance still has plenty of secrets and stories to spill.

today, for the first time in my life, i saw it. i saw myself in my ideal future. me, a successful website designer/business owner and a writer getting well known through stories and articles featured on different forums. me, living in a house in maine with my current boyfriend and hopefully our two cats and a hypothetical bernese mountain dog (which, in case you haven’t noticed, i REALLY want). it’s crazy how much i’ve realized since removing toxicity from my life.

I’m always kind of suspicious when any popular media that is made by or prominently features women or people of color or gay people is more harshly politically scrutinized than it would be otherwise, so for that reason I’ve been kind of wary of a lot of the criticism of hamilton but. idk the fact is that hamilton is “an american musical,” that is, a celebration of the american dream and more specifically the american immigrant success narrative. which is like…that’s the story that lmm wants to tell about america and it is certainly part of american history, but it’s not all of american history. in order to write a musical that proclaims things like “he got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a lot smarter by being a self-starter,” you have to ignore the histories of slavery and indigenous genocide in this country. and I think because he cast actors of color and bc he works in a form that was invented by black people, he inadvertently made that irony very visible. idk this isn’t a very coherent post but I don’t think hamilton is really more racist than like, hairspray. any work of art that upholds the myth of the american dream as the central narrative of american history is inherently racist. imo. idk I rly respect miranda as an artist and I hope his work gets more anti-american in the future.

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What are your thoughts on What's Your Price and Secret Benefits?

I have heard of, but never used What’s Your Price.  For me, a sugar daddy, WYP just doesn’t appeal to me; the premise, I think, is to pay a girl to take you out on a date.  That “model” really doesn’t advance my cause because I don’t want to go through all the necessary steps just to find out at the date that she has no desire to be a sugar baby.  I imagine I could try to find that out in the initial messages, of course, but, again, unless I know for a fact that all the girls on the site are looking for sugar daddies, it just doesn’t seem worth my time and effort!  But, that’s just me.  I understand that many sugar babies have landed SDs using WYP, so, in that sense it does seem to work.  If there are any sugar babies that want to share their success stories or epic fails using WYP, please feel free to reblog or comment!

I never heard of Secret Benefits until your ask, so I can’t help you there!  Again, if anyone has thoughts about this site, please let us know!

So this is the ferocious Buttdial the Fearow, terror of Wrigleyville, the most powerful Pokémon in my party at present.

I was walking to the train last night and put my phone in my pocket so I could go up the stairs. The phone did not so much as vibrate. When I got to the top of the stairs I pulled my phone out again and saw the successful capture screen for a Fearow that was not only the first one of its kind that I had ever caught, but twice as high level as anything else my party. Somehow on my way up the stairs I had not only found and gotten into battle with the Fearow, but I had successfully caught it. With my butt.

It’s since gone on to conquer and hold multiple area gyms.

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if there was a successful petition for a prequel about the beldam from coraline would you consider?

It doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid. The inside of my head, the bit that makes stories I care about, is not a democracy.

me on july 22nd, 11:59pm:

me on july 23rd, 12:00am: One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik. Propelled to international success by social media, One Direction’s four albums, Up All Night (2011), Take Me Home(2012), Midnight Memories, the best of the albums (2013) and Four(2014) topped charts in most major markets, and generated hit singles including “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Live While We’re Young”, and “Story of My Life”. Their fifth studio album, Made in the A.M., was released in November 2015,

Why aren’t there coming of age stories for people in their twenties? Why aren’t there stories about young women like me who are chasing their dreams and romance isn’t involved? Where are my stories about young men trying to figure out who they are? 

Why aren’t there stories about people in their twenties who question their gender and their sexuality too? 

Why aren’t there stories about sad and lonely truth about going to university and grad school? Hell, where are my stories about transfer students that are 25 but they’re surround by 18 year olds in class?

Where are my stories where people freak out about their elementary classmates having children already because hey–they still live with mom and dad and getting a job in this economy sucks? Like who takes care of their child? Are they already successful enough to take care of a baby without the help from mom and dad? 

What do I have to do to get a character that’s not sixteen, but somehow through a random occurance, they have to save the world. They’re still innocent enough to have hope, but jaded enough to know that it can go away.

Why are all stories either about teenagers or people with families or trying to start families and all that jazz?

Just…where are there stories about me right now? 24 and trying to the best that I can.

I could really use stories like that. 


Some panels from my new-ass book FANTASY SPORTS 2: The Bandit of Barbel Bay. Who’s the bandit? What’s a barbel? Are there more shapely butts?The answers lie within. It’s 48 pages but the pages are big and you know there’s a million panels per page. Not enough? My wonderful wife @kalidraws colored the intro.

Some press:

A standout among youth graphic novels that earns its ample, varied appeal.


Bosma could have simply mirrored Wiz’s first, successful outing, but instead he introduces Wiz’s back story, moral complexity, and mystery and leaves the ending unresolved, making this second volume more substantial than the first. Bosma’s anime panels are polished, with movement and the right amount of intricate action-adventure frames. Fans will be breathing down Bosma’s neck for the third.
—Kirkus Reviews

Bosma’s good-hearted and beautifully drawn sequel once again mixes high fantasy and sports drama […] [Fantasy Sports 2] carries a similar message of the power of unity and friendship in the face of anger and miscommunication.
—Publishers Weekly

…exploring more substantial thematic material adds even more depth to an already rich series.
—The AV Club

Sam Bosma is a genius! Fantasy Sports is the perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a comic! I am in love!
—Rebecca Sugar, Creator Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe

[…] there is no good reason at all for you to not get this delightful book and give it to a kid who loves comics or your local library, or keep it on the shelf to re-re-read from time to time. […] oh my goodness can Sam Bosma tell a story!

You can buy it in stores on the 19th and buy it from Amazon RIGHT NOW. If you haven’t read the first volume, that one’s good too. 

I remember a couple of years back when I was first really beginning to own my Latina identity I decided to go through the “Latina” tag on tumblr to see if I found any stories about successful Latinas. The only thing I remember seeing that day was porn, not just scantily clad women in bikinis but completely naked pictures, labia, fellatio, the whole nine yards. And if you try it right now with safe search off, it’s the same story. It’s sad that young Latinas don’t have a safe space. When we search for empowerment we find degradation.

I don't want just any girl...

I want a girl who will let me hold her when she’s feeling sad & she’ll have a shoulder to cry on. I want a girl who will cook with me & we’ll just give up after we burnt what we made only to order Chinese food. I want a girl who will make a fort with me to play hide and seek in. I want a girl who will lie outside with me at night to watch the stars and talk about the world. I want a girl who can look into my eyes and tell stories without speaking words. I want a girl who can watch scary movies with me & hold my hand & let me hide my eyes on her shoulder the whole time because I’ll be too scared. I want a girl who can be there for all of my successes as well as my downfalls. I want a girl. But not just any girl.

If you ever think: “I don’t know if my story’s plot could ever be published” i want to show you 

A successful anime and manga that involves people turning into weapons and a cat that turns into a Victoria Secret Model 

An incredibly successful book series where cats are magic and constantly kill each other. Genuinely. It’s as violent as Game of Thrones.

One of the most successful movie series of all time that involves jacked up cars and people killing each other for gasoline 

Nothing’s too far fetched. Your story can publish. People will love it. Write it. 

The day that I made my Tinder account, I matched with a guy who was a bit older than me. I was a little nervous to actually meet with him. I had heard numerous horror stories about Tinder, and I didn’t want to become the next victim to a bad tinder date. We texted and stayed in communication for almost a month before I finally agreed to go out with him. When I met him for the first time, it was love at first sight. We have been together for a year and a half now and are happily engaged!

EoS back cover theories

Now that we have a very clear image of what Aelin is wearing on the back cover of Empire of Storms, I HAVE SOME THEORIES TO TALK ABOUT! First, there’s Aelin’s back. I’m 99% sure that her dress is completely open backed and that the design on her back is her tattoos, which is SO COOL. The only thing that makes me think that maybe it’s not her tattoos is that there are a couple of those designs on her arms, too, but it’s possible that she gets more tattoos. Hopefully telling Arobynn’s story or something because I CAN’T DEAL IF THIS MEANS THAT ANY OF MY FAVES DIES (LOOKING AT YOU, AEDION ASHRYVER). Moving on from that horrible possibility, she also looks like she’s wearing a laurel wreath on her head. In Ancient Greece, the laurels symbolize victory, so Aelin wearing a laurel wreath could symbolize many things, including a successful ascent to the throne of Terrasen. (I know that the description of the book says that she has trouble getting her people to follow her, but successful =/= smooth). As for the way the dress itself looks, my first thought was that it’s a coronation gown, but then I realized that she would probably be coronated in the colors of Terrasen, silver and green, not silver and purple.                              ( @divergentnotfactionless @firstbornofsatan FINE YOU WERE RIGHT). However, purple does symbolize royalty, power, and magic, and from that and the other elements of the back cover, I think that this is a dress that Aelin could wear during a negotiation. Perrington/Erawan is smart enough to know that a war would be costly for their forces, and that finding enough human vessels for their soldiers is going to be hard. They’ll also have the witches’ babies, but we don’t know very much about them at all, so it’s impossible to predict what role they’ll play in the war. Whichever scene she wears the dress in, Aelin is absolutely going to slay in it.

RG Thank you @INSTAGRAM for contacting and interviewing me a few months back and now showcasing my #MyStory to your target audience comprising of 177 MILLION. Thank you for recognising that stories like ours are important and it not just needs but it’s imperative that they are told! I wish for continued success in building a working relationship together and the ultimate goal to elevate conciousness as there’s so much more work that needs to be done. THANK YOU! :) X #BLACKLIVESMATTER #BLACKTRANSLIVESMATTER #TRANSISBEAUTIFUL

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No filter, no editing (with the exception of the photo-grid. In the photo on the left I was the heaviest I’d ever been at almost a size 16 and on the photo on the right (present day) I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been at a substantial size 6. I am SO proud of my #weightlossjourney and will continue to push and #motivate myself so I never feel the way I did just a little over a year ago. I still get so down on myself from time to time because I’m not quite where I want to be, but I hope by the time I graduate from #UNCC, I’ll have reached my goal and will be taking on the world as a hard working #actress who worked her ass off for all of her success. Moral of the story; don’t EVER let anyone tell you you cannot achieve your #goals or that anything is out of your reach. If you work hard enough, you’ll make it. 💪🏻💕 #Weightloss #Health #Fitness #WorkOut #Gym #FacialComparison #WeightlossBeforeandAfter #HardWorkPaysOff (at Raleigh, North Carolina)

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Still desperate for TRANS/NON-BINARY STORIES

Hi everyone. As some of you may know, I am a theatre student and for my senior thesis I have to put together a play. My play is going to be all about trans/non-binary identities. A platform on which we will have at least 20 minutes of visibility in this world of misrepresentation. Hopefully this won’t just be a final project, but something I continuously build on and present at venues, or maybe I can even get it published as my very own real play. The working title is “Don’t Assume My Gender”. 

I need your real stories. Your stories/monologues are my script. Literally word for word, you are helping me write my play. I thought what better way to present trans/non-binary identities than to get the real stories from real human beings. The stories can consist of what happens to you on a daily basis as a trans/non-binary person, how you came out, why you can’t come out, relationship problems/successes, sex stories, family, friends, funny things, sad things, powerful moments, being misgendered, being the underdog, being you. I need these real stories because I am all about presenting the truth. Please help me portray our truth.

No identity in this play will be portrayed by a cisgendered actor. All stories will be anonymous unless you would like to be credited. 

I am incredibly desperate for stories from AMAB human beings. I am very grateful for the stories I have received so far, and while it’s great they are all from AFAB human beings, this play is about trans/non-binary identities and it cannot be featuring stories only from AFAB people. I really want this play to be full of trans/non-binary diversity. 

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR STORIES!! Either in messenger, or ask me to send you an ask so that you may have unlimited room to type, or send a submission. If you do not wish to submit a story, please reblog this so that more people see it. Especially if you have a lot of AMAB friends/followers!!! Please, please, please!! Love you all, have a good day!

N.I.P. -- Alibi

@thequillcircle has a great idea to share you Nanos In Progress. Since I’m lagging on mine, maybe posting a smidgen of my Her Alibi/THG crossover will motivate me to keep going. This isn’t beta-ed and subject to change. Also, I don’t own either source material, just borrowing it for inspiration. 

Alibi: Modern-ish Everlark AU. Peeta Mellark is a successful novelist in search of a new story and finds love, danger, and intrigue instead with the alluring Katniss Everdeen.

I turn to walk out of the court when an officer leads in a woman past me. She bumps into me, knocking my notebook out of my hand. The dark curtain of her hair parts and falls away from her face. Her quicksilver eyes flit to mine.

“I’m sorry,” she rushes out.

I’m frozen. She’s gorgeous. I can’t answer her, just stare as she is led toward the judge. I return to the Dozen.

“Who’s that?” I manage.

“The foreign girl the D.A. told us about,” says Thresh.

“What’d he say about her?” I ask, suddenly very interested.

“They don’t know. She wouldn’t talk to them, she doesn’t speak English,”

“She spoke English to me,” I ponder, lost in her eyes.

“She killed a politician,” Thresh reminds me.

“She shot a diplomat,” Johanna adds.

“Her?” I balk.

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Carcharodons Q&A

I recently opened the floor to a Questions and Answers session. The subject - writing about the enigmatic Carcharodons Astra in my forthcoming novel, “Red Tithe.” The response was impressive, not to mention a bit intimidating - I’ve received over 50 questions in the last 24 hours. There were a number of reoccurring themes (such as variations of “will we see Tyberos making an appearance”), so I’ve amalgamated some of my responses below. Happy reading, Space Sharks! 

1) Is Tyberos going to be in it? Tyberos the Red Wake isn’t going to make an appearance. Initially he was actually going to be the primary Carcharodon character, but that was changed for two reasons. Firstly, there are so few named Chapter characters we thought it would be nice to bring some new ones to light. Secondly, if this first book is successful enough to warrant a series, Tyberos is the perfect “big fish” to bring in as the story develops, so to speak. Rest assured that if there are sequels he will feature in an ever-increasing capacity. 

2) Are you keeping the Pacific Islander feel in the Chapter? I am indeed playing upon the Pacific roots of the Chapter. What the likes of the White Scars are to Japan, China and Korea, the Carcharodons will be to Polynesian and Maori culture.

3) Will you be following previous cannon from Badab? The stealthy silent approach then super psycho? This story is actually set before Badab. Their combat doctrines, however, remain the same. 

4) Can we have any of the names of the characters and their role so we can start building our own minis to represent them? I feel as though I shouldn’t divulge all the character names at this point, but suffice to say all the usual Space Marine Company roles will be there – Captain, Chaplain, Champion, ect. The Chapter’s Chief Librarian is also a central character. I’d love to see minis of them when the book hits the shelves! 

5) Which Primarch do they respect, and who do they hate? I can see how you could claim that answering that won’t reveal there origins… but it’s still too close to the bone I’m afraid!

6) How much do they contribute to shark conservation, and what kind of shark outreach programs do they run? They have lots of sharks in big tanks within the predation fleet. On a serious note though, I do intend to hold a charity auction for a signed copy of the book, with all proceeds going towards a shark conservation trust. More on that come January!

7) I haven’t read any of the various stories/novels outside of Gaunts Ghosts. Are there any other books I should be reading beforehand that will add to my enjoyment of Red Tithe? No, there’s no real previous knowledge required for this one.

8) Carcharadons are silent during battle, will this be implemented in the book? It will. I should clarify that naturally they talk over private vox during combat, but their warcry is their deliberate, eerie lack of a warcry.

9) Are they going to have awesome tattoos? Definitely. They’re called exile markings, and they hold a number of meanings, but for a real-world representation look up tā moko.

10) What era will Red Tithe be set in the timeline? The novel is set in 875.M41. That’s 124 years before the current timeline events and 26 years before the initial events resulting in the Badab War.

11) How much of the chapters origins and culture can we expect to have revealed? A fair amount on the culture, delving into those Polynesian influences. For example, we look at the Chapter’s view of the Emperor and the Imperium, particularly the Imperial Creed. We also examine rites like tapu and the Void Vows. As for the origins, I’ve not only avoided giving answers, but actively tried to muddy the waters even more. I should stress there is a full origin story in there, we’re just not revealing it… yet.

12) How closely do the Carchardons follow the Codex, ie battle companies, first being veterans tenth being scouts? What level of tech do they have access to, ie pre or post grav/storm talon? Relatively closely, but there are many differences. Companies are known as Battle Shoals, and a Captain as a Shoal Master. Each Shoal is its own self-sufficient fleet, that then combines into the greater Nomad Predation Feet. The 1st Shoal are the veteran Red Brethren and the 10th are Scouts, as with Codex-compliant Chapters, but given how spread out the Chapter is it’s not known if there are actually more Shoals after the 10th. There are also no reserve companies – all 8 “Battle” Shoals follow the standard pattern of Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads. Lastly, the Red Brethren almost never fight as a single Shoal, but are dispersed among the other ones to act as “enforcers” during the long periods Shoals spend separated from the main Nomad Predation Fleet, ensuring they continue to follow the wider directives of the Chapter. In terms of tech, it’s a big mix of old and new, but some of it stretches right back to Heresy-era stuff.

13) What level of tactics and such can we expect to see on display in the book? Is it going to be purely character driven or action oriented? It’s quite character driven and a bit less hardcore military scifi, but needless to say there’s plenty of action and both sides have their own little tricks up their power gauntlets. 

14) What’s the dynamic between battle brothers off the field of battle. Isolationism is a key tenant of the Chapter’s rather complex and ancient philosophy. Large amounts of time are spent between voyages in the void deep in suspended cryo-animation, and when the Carcharodons aren’t asleep they prefer solitary contemplation. Much like more drastic adherents to the Imperial Cult, such as the Death Korps of Krieg, Carcharodons are encouraged to view the whole as important and not think of themselves. Matters like honour or duty mean little to them. Such isolationism is, in part, an element of the coping mechanism the Chapter has developed over 10,000 years of exile.

15) What’s the main enemy of the book? Xenos or chaos? Chaos, specifically the mighty VIII Legion, the Night Lords!

16) Did you remember to use noxl Dreng as a name aha an do the Charcaradons have a unique formation like the Deathwing? He’s not in it, but he will be in the next one! And they do, but that likewise won’t be featured until later in the series.

17) Do they suffer the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition as the Wolves do? They undoubtedly would, if the Inquisition could ever actually get a hold of them. They may be getting close to doing just that though, as the events of the novel will show…

18) Will we get a look “behind the scenes”? Or more about their talent to seemingly appear out of nowhere at the right time? Any huge revelations in general? (aka, will I have to scrap my Deathwatch sharkie’s background again? There’ll be a lot of cultural flavour, though I should also stress it’ll be by no means the beginning-and-end of what we have to learn of them. And I hate to think of anyone scrapping their background because of what I write! I certainly hope not.

19) How much void war might we see? I’d love to see some giant ship on giant ship action. There’s a little bit of void war, but if it’s major fleet engagements you want you better hope the sequel gets a green light, because that’s going to be a major part of it. 

20) Will this turn into a series, or will it be a one off? Would like to see a closer look at their culture as a Chapter so more than one book would be great. If it sells it’ll likely be a trilogy of novels. I’m certainly hoping so, anyway!

21) I’m curious as to Tyberos’ wargear, if he is in sole possession of a few one of a kind items then would they be capable of making other unique shit like that in their forges for others in their chapter? As mentioned above, Tyberos doesn’t feature yet, but when he does we’ll get a good look at his gear!

22) I wonder more about their style of combat and if they share traditions from various island people of Terra? They adhere to the documented “strike from the shadows” and “no mercy” ideology laid down, though I also explore their use of various Polynesian weaponry, such as koa spears and leiomano clubs.

23) While we know that the Carcharodons have access to Heresy era wargear and their tactics are reminiscent of the Warhounds/Night lords/Raven Guard they would need a way to A. replenish their war-gear, B. Maintain it……..the question becomes how is this done, as far as we know up until the Badab war the Carcharodons were little more than myths, I doubt they sent Astartes to become techmarines on Mars. Do the Techmarines simply pass down the knowledge or is it psychically implanted in aspiring brothers. Furthermore do they have their own forge vessels or simply acquire new gear via…….less conventional methods? Without giving too much away, the various “tithes” they extract from worlds provide the majority of their resources – the “red” tithe is merely one form of tribute acquisition. However, there are also a number of factions within the Imperium they possess secret dealings with (I hope to explore one in the sequel). 

24) I feel like what makes them especially fascinating is the mystery that surrounds them, the fact that they’re pretty much an enigma to everyone and their motivations can’t be readily gauged. I’m not really sure what my question is… Probably something like “how much light are you planning to bring into the darkness - and how much of said darkness will be left untouched?” The mystery is half the fun! I’m hoping to shed a lot of light when it comes to their culture, while at the same time confounding anyone who’s hoping for the big origins revelation so early on (trust me, it’s worth the wait). 

25) Do you think their actions in the Badab war helped their rep or hindered it? Hindered insomuch as the Imperium is now more aware of them, but at the same time they’re now definitely seen as a force to be reckoned with. That brings its own challenges and benefits. 

26) What are your thoughts on them possibly being related to the Night Lords? We shall have to wait and see!

27) Are there female characters in the novel? Definitely, one of the primary point of view characters is female, and there are several secondary female characters. 

28) How did they manage to get their hands (fins?) on so much Heresy gear? Because they were around during the Heresy…

29) What trials do potential recruits go though? Recruits undertake a number of “bloodings” and eventually earn enough exile markings for promotion to the rank of full Void Brother. The precise details of their non-combat trials have yet to be explored though. 

30) Would I be correct in assuming that the Carcharodons and the Marines Malevolent would agree on many things? Only to an extent. Whereas the Marines Malevolent actively seem to dislike humanity and fight with jaded bitterness, the Carcharodons simply don’t often consider the importance of individual human lives. It’s a sin of omission, rather than active… malevolence. 

31) The Charcarodons from their known lore always strike me as a kinda eccentric bunch. And yet they are a choosable chapter in Deathwatch. Is it plausible that Charcaradons send marines to the watch to easy the tension between them and the big I? I’m not sure if the Fantasy Flight lore still holds, but it’s not inconceivable there have been Carcharodon inductees since Badab. 

32) Silly question but this is kind of how I decide if I like a chapter or not. How well do they treat their Chapter Serfs? If your policy is “I love Chapters that brutalise their serfs”… you’re going to like the Carcharodons. Simply put, their serfs are straight-up slaves. Refusal to give up the practice of slavery was one of the many reasons the Carcharodons were exiled in the first place. I’m hoping to explore this more in the second book. 

33) How it happened that you started to write about Carcharadons? Did you get a choice of what Chapter to write about or was it an assignment from BL? I was asked to come up with and pitch my own ideas to the editors. I’d always liked the Carcharodons and felt they deserved more page-time. There were some doubts at first, but I managed to convince everyone that I thought they deserved a shot, even if they weren’t a First Founding Chapter. Big credit to BL for trusting me enough to give the project the green light!

34) How well do the Carcharodons get on with the rest of the Imperium at large? Not so well I’d imagine. At the moment the relationship is a bit of an enigma – the Imperium just isn’t particularly aware of the Carcharodons, although interest is growing… 

35) What was the hardest part about writing the Carcharadons? What was the easiest part? How hard was the novel to write overall? It was definitely a tricky project. Astartes are already inhuman, and the Carcharodons are the most inhuman of them all, so getting into their heads and showing things realistically from their point of view took some fine-tuning. Conversely, I really enjoyed writing the Night Lords parts. Without taking away from their nuance, they really are wonderfully classic villains, midnight armour and lightning bolts to boot! 

36) Are there any named characters in the book that we can look forward to? No big ones from the current lore, but hopefully I’ve added a few. I’m going to throw a curve ball and say that my favourite character in the book isn’t a Carcharodon, but is actually Amon Cull, the Prince of Thorns… 

37) What is the Space Sharks view on librarians? I wouldn’t call it veneration, but they view their Librarians as very important. This is because it’s very difficult to replenish the Librarian Coven outside of the Imperium. Finding untainted psykers of the correct age is a tricky business even for Chapters that can operate inside of the Imperium’s borders, so for exiles it’s even more difficult. Librarians are also the keepers of the Carcharodon’s lore, and are thus viewed with great respect. 

38) Did the revelation regarding the Carcharodon’s origins blow your mind so much that you had to rewrite much of the story? Also, is Tyberos the Chapter Master? And can we have some Intel on the massacre between the Carcharodons and the Executioners? Things were indeed changed a bit once I discovered their true origins! And Tyberos’ place within the Chapter is something I hope to explore in the future. As for the Corcyran Massacre, that information remains classified…

39) Has their habit of recruiting from the worlds they attack ever backfired on them? Only occasionally, and that’s something I hope to explore in the future. 

40) Any chance we can get a estimated word count? 85,000 words. As a pointer, most Black Library novels fall between 50,000 and 90,000 words.

41) Is there a way to order signed copies? I’m happy to sign and return any books sent to me, though I may have to be miserly and beg for postage money to be included, lest I somehow prove wildly successful and lose all my royalties to mailing people back their books. 

42) Is there any kind of reoccurring theme to their armour or tactics we could incorporate into our models?The greys on their armour vary a lot in shade, and they’re fond of chain axes. They also use exile markings on their armour to record various things – just look up ta moko. 

43) Can you twist someone’s arm to rerelease a transfer sheet? I’ll do my best!

44) Did you think about having an Inquisitor called George? So they could be sharkies and George? You’re joking, but the sequel will definitely include a character called Gorg now.

45) Would you consider their tactical specialty to be void warfare and ship to ship boarding actions?Yes, and brutal close assaults in general. That, and leaving no survivors.

46) What’s their homeworld like? Now that is a wonderfully tricky question. They do have a homeworld, and they love it dearly. It’s their devotion to it that’s a keystone of their ongoing loyalty, in fact. But I dare say no more on the subject just yet!

47) How would you say the Carcharodons fair in terms of how they relate to the rest of the imperium? Are they disliked by most other Chapters? The Guard? Mechanicus, ect. The Imperium is still largely unaware of their existence. Those who do know of them view them with a mixture of fear and disgust, even among their fellow Astartes. The Carcharodons, however, care not.