Stuffies (Prinxiety)

Tags: @pansexualroman

Warnings: None!

Description: Roman and Anx like to share stuffed animals with eachother.

Ships: Prinxiety, background Logicality

Note: I wrote this really fast cause I loved the idea haha im sorry

At first it was done descreetly, so quietly a pin dropping could be heard. Over time, Anxiety became more…careless.

Slipping into Roman’s room when he was away, sleeping, or downstairs. He took a couple, then crept back to his room. In fact, it wasn’t until Anxiety was hugging a black kitten stuffed animal that Prince took notice.

“Anxiety,” he coughed.
“If I may ask, where did you get…that?”

“What?” Anxiety, looking a bit, well, anxious, rubbed the back of his neck. The black kitten fell from his hands and hit the ground softly. Prince glided across the floor, picking up the stuffed toy.

“This.” Prince said.

“O-Oh, that ones…” Anxiety’s eyes widened.

Anxiety would sometimes forget which toys were his and which belonged to Prince. Anxiety shuddered, fumbling with his sleeves.

“It’s alright, Anxiety.” Prince held out the doll, smiling warmly at Anxiety. Anxiety, looking cautious, reached out and took the cat. With slow, but jerky movements, he brought it back to his chest.
“You can keep him. Her.”

Anxiety looked towards the ground, still hugging the animal.
“We could…”
He shook his head.
“No, nevermind. That’s stupid.”

“What?” Prince cocked his head. Anxiety took in a breath.

“We could…share…toys…?” The tremble of nervousness in Anx’s voice was concerning. Prince lowered himself on the couch beside Anxiety, wrapping an arm around him.

“Anxiety…” He whispered.
“That’s a great idea.”




“Have you seen Snuffles?”

“Snuffles? Uh…No. Have you seen Nightmare?”

“Yes, actually. He’s in my room.”

“Throw him over, and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll return Snuffles.”

“You have her?! You little-!”

Morality giggled as he walked between the two, who were bickering about their toys once again. Grasping Logic’s hand his his, he pressed his head against the wall.

“Did you take Princess Disney, too?!”

“No. Maybe.”

“In fact, did you steal my entire animal kingdom!?”

“I would never.”

“Lies! Don’t make me come over there!”

Logic pulled Morality away from the doors, just in time for them both to swing open.

Prince was clutching a black and red dragon by the tail, while Anx rested a pink and purple unicorn on an outstretched hand.

The two exhchanged, nodded, and sunk back into their room.

Both Logic and Morality laughed.

“So cute!” Morality sang. Logic nodded.

“I suppose their actions could be considered quite adorable.”

And, hand in hand, they pulled up chairs and sat in the hall, listening for another hour to the other pairs discussion.