give me complex Sam Wilson

give me a Sam Wilson who has setbacks and awful days where he can’t face the world

give me Sam Wilson who’s a goddamn professional counselor and knows better than to psychoanalyze his friends

give me Sam Wilson with a spare room and a hearty breakfast for anybody who needs it

give me Sam Wilson allowing himself one day a year to get blindingly angry about Riley’s death, allowing himself to go out and drink more than he should and maybe get in a bar fight and then walking back into work two days later with a smile on his face, because there’s nowhere to go but up

give me Sam Wilson having a hair straightener because his mom visits so often that she decided to keep one at his house

give me Sam Wilson referring the Avenger to actual mental health professionals who he knows can put up with their bullshit

give me a Sam Wilson who only took up running because he couldn’t sleep and needed a way to distract himself from the nightmares

give me Sam Wilson, afraid of heights until he could control how he got up there and how he’s getting down

give me more Sam Wilson god damn it.


Night Vale is really good for practicing character design, right? (I only wish I were better at it!) Like so many other fans, my own mental image of the characters is pretty constantly in flux. This is the Carlos I drew tonight, but tomorrow night, I’m certain he’ll look different. =)

I’ve been re-listening to the entire series, which has made me like Carlos a lot more as a character, rather than just as… a plot device? (Which was my initial impression until One Year Later.) He totally starts out like a reluctant action hero, ready to save the town and “figure out just what is going on around here.” But that pretty quickly fades away into general confusion and bad haircuts. And then, well, it’s no surprise that almost dying shifts his perspective on things. And now he’s so well-adjusted to life in Night Vale and he signs text messages with x’s and o’s and he uses gravity going out as a chance to clean the gutters and he thinks a dog is part of what makes a home and just! Man, no wonder Cecil fell in love instantly. Good call on that one, right?

But anyway, he’s also totally like 10, 15 years away from becoming Doc Brown at this point, right? Like, straight up mad scientist. After all, he’s a scientist who studies science. His hair is already graying. He thinks Erlenmeyer flasks represent perfection. He has a danger meter. That measures in fatality units. His perfect hair has to be a little bit more… science-y at this point, right?


i got two requests for the bellarke reunion after mount weather SO!

(this little comic is full of wishful thinking and not what i actually think will happen but a girl can dream)

pls ignore the inconsistency of bellamy’s face.

why isn’t teacher/teacher more popular???????????????? i mean
  • the nice one who everybody loves with the grumpy and strict one that the students hate and the students wonder?????????how what the fuck
  • but later (not in school environment maybe by accident) the students (a group of them) see that the strict one isn’t really that strict and they love their partner
  • or the cool married teachers that talk about each other and everyone loves like one of them comes late to class and is like “sorry i’m late guys mx. [partner] is really sick and i wanted to be sure everything is alright”
  •  and the students spend 5 minutes fussing over the other teacher and asking questions about their wellbeing “ARE THEY DYING” “No Joey they’ve just caught a cold” [and trying to make this one forget about their class”
  • or two teachers that EVERYBODY ships like the students are trying to get them together
  • “Soo, Mx. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you….so you can tell other students” “Mx. B didn’t tell me anything about it” “oh it was like, last moment thing you know. they didn’t have time. and like, they really need help.”
  • And the teacher is like “Thanks Johnson” and trying to be really cool but REALLY BEING NOT COOL OMG WHERE’S THE SQUAD OF DUCKLINGS TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO AND HELP
  • and like other teachers shipping them too
  • “Mx. A you know about the prom. There’s a rule that the teachers must have some partners too” [dunno if it already is something like this, it is not in my country] “I did not know about this rule.” “Oh it’s very recent. So, you know, teachers are never alone and can be protected in case it’s necessary. I also heard that Mx. B has no partner.”
  • Like, science/maths teachers with art/languages teacher. Or stuff like this.
  • Talking about their subject passionately and the other not understanding shit but loving it anyway because they’re so fucking cute.
  • Like here is your impossible love
  • Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit
  • Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. and praising each other.
  • Teachers talking about their students, the bad ones and the cool ones
  • LGBT teachers standing up for LGBT students and offering them support and helping them feel more at ease in this clusterfuck of school
  • OTP 1 teacher/teacher and OTP 2 student/student
  • OTP 2 being so thankful that OTP 1 exists. OTP 1 giving advice to OTP 2.
  • Grading stuff together. Bringing each other food/beverages. Helping each other through all the stuff.
  • AND
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE


  • “hey darling, how about you teach me some things? I promise to be good.”
  • “i thought you went through high-school once. Weren’t you taught my subject?”
  • seriously tho all that stuff that is at teacher/student can be sort of roleplay for teacher/teacher (and be less creepy)

You came through. I knew you would.


The place where you continually return for love and acceptance - that’s HOME
♥   W E L C O M E   B A C K    S I L V E R   K I N G   ♥


as promised, here are the designs i made for the holy “markings” for the twelve bloodlines in fe4 plus satan loptyr! i did them pretty quick so apologies for the parts that aren’t very clean…..

obviously, the mark of naga is taken from awakening. i just turned it into a vector really lazily.

(i have no idea how to spell any of these in english. i’m really out of the loop when it comes to awakening localizations, so feel free to tell me if any of these were actually given official localized names since i honestly don’t know.)

so they established why lena wanted to invite supergirl to her gala–she wanted to set a trap. but she never said anything about an ulterior motive for inviting kara. i’m just saying, there’s nothing that can get a girl to swoon more than being a hero and maybe lena hoped that kara would see her doing this good deed, and think of her in a better light.

She didn’t ask kara because of Catco, she asked because she wanted kara.really, if she wanted a reporter, there are plenty more experienced ones at catco she could have asked to cover the event, who would leap at the chance.

Except, maybe she genuinely did want kara there, and thought about the trap later–two birds, one stone. And she didn’t need kara to be there for the trap–she already had a favor owed to her from Kara because of the fight club. She didn’t need to invite Kara. This isn’t “hey, if you bring Supergirl you can come to my party.”

Lena wanted to invite her. She was so genuinely nervous asking kara to come, and she called kara her friend. Her only friend in National City. Not to mention, she’s Lena Luthor–she probably knows people with private jets, who could easily have anyone she wants come to a party she threw, even if she is a luthor. And she still asked Kara.

Actually, she didn’t just ask Kara. She showed up, in person. This is a woman who is not only running L-Corp, as we found out this episode,she’s an actual genius, and probably spearheading the R&D team. And still Lena went over to Kara’s work place to ask personally invite her to her party, and then found out Kara’s  address and came over again, for a favor this time.

And did you see how disappointed she originally was to see Alex there? She went from nervous smiles to almost hostile appraising–that is, until she heard Alex’s last name–Danvers.

Basically, Alex and Maggie win for The Gayest this week, but Lena is a close third

Early Wonder Trade Tips for Sun and Moon

I’ll eventually end up making a full on photoset with tips, but in the meantime:

  • Do not wonder trade anything easily caught before the first trial.
  • (that doesn’t apply to hatched pokemon)
  • If you’re Wonderlocking, do not name your pokemon Wonderlocke. Either give them better nicknames, or don’t bother.
  • For Silvally’s sake, if you must wonder trade a yungoos or gumshoos, do not nickname it Trump.

Good trades:

  • Basically, anything bred is good! (The games have only just been released, after all.)
  • Especially if it has good IVs, egg moves, or are in one of the limited-quantity balls.
  • Starters are always good choices.
  • As are Island Scan pokemon.
  • Version exclusives are good too.
  • Alolan Pokemon found later in the game (Ula’ula and Poni islands) are solid choices. Who doesn’t love Mimikyu?
  • Nicknames are great! (If you can’t think of anything, maybe try Hawaiian names?)

Breeding tips:

  • Male and genderless pokemon now pass down pokeballs if bred with a ditto. Use this to your advantage.
  • That little square area beneath the daycare with a fence and hay bales? Hop on Tauros there (he’ll barely fit) and hold charge while spinning in circles. … yes, this actually works for hatching eggs.
  • Eggs can be warmed in Poke Pelago’s Isle Avue - a fully upgraded one can hold 18 eggs. Good for hatching eggs while you’re asleep/at work/at school/etc.
  • I’m … 80% sure I got a destiny knot from a low level pickup meowth. If anyone can confirm this I’d appreciate it.

Best of luck, everyone! 

anyway, literally the only times i’ve had the which one’s better/who would win in a fight argument with people regarding star trek versus star wars it’s been with men who are star wars fans

like, please chill, i like both but favour star trek, why does your marker for what’s better involve who would win in a fight? I just want to talk about how much i love these space children and maybe how cool it would be to have leia be the captain of a starship in the federation or later an admiral and how cool literally any star trek character holding a lightsaber would be i don’t wanna fight

“Welcome, first time with BTS ?”

seriously, it looks better in my imagination :’U

188. Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter never told their fathers but they absolutely loved muggle comic books, there were actually some characters that had worse names than them. Their names didn't seem so bad compared to Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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