Mun FC Update

Alright so, the blog has changed and so has the mun, which means Mun FC alterations. No longer will I be using Chris Hemsworth (Mainly because my inner Thor gets grumbly about me stealing his face lmfao) so who the hell am I these days?

Mun FC #1: Lauren Socha

Basically Lauren embodies my wtf expressions, though there’s some thoughtful ones and some blatantly judging you ones for rude anons lmfao. (And also for when my friends send me ridiculous crap - here’s looking at you shutthegate lmao ilu)

Mun FC #2 Andrew Lee Potts

My happy puppy face tbqh. Like every single pic I have of him he’s grinning. Or he looks really upset lmao. Kicked puppy face is also a thing (but why I would need it I don’t know. Prolly when mun vs muse gets unfortunate.) 

Mun FC #3 Rogers

Likely to be my default FC. Look at him. He is perfect lbr. There is like literally nothing I cannot use this sassy bastard for. He is the ultimate Mun FC. When he isn’t busy being done with everything, he is sassing, being horrified, being amused, or my personal favorite:

Plotting to destroy everything you love.