Peter never got bitten by the spider and continued with his boring highschool life. little did he know he had a stalker- I mean a secret admirer who always looked out for him and sometimes even took care of the bullies for him. And that person was Wade who was so in love with Peter AKA cute nerdy kid.

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“For the next four hours he was like a parched man in the desert: he bared his entire soul. He told Larry about his mother; he told him about the hollowness of his Hollywood life; he told Larry all the things he secretly thought and could share with no one around him. “Man, Larry,” he said, “I swear to God no one knows how lonely I get. And how empty I really feel.” With that he burst into tears.“

Excerpt From: Guralnick, Peter. “Careless Love.”

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AU where Yondu high-tails it off Ego’s planet with Mantis in tow, so that he’s basically stuck with both her and Peter. 

I love Yondad a lot OKAY? Also, Mantis deserves a dad. A real dad who gives a rat’s ass about her. So let me have this!

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I call BULLSHIT on the people that are saying that a name change for Mary Jane isnt a big deal because she’s still “MJ”. 

You would all be burning Marvel Studios down if Peter Parker ended up Paul Palmer the popular rich jock, who doesn’t know jack shit about science but he can crack a joke so all good aye. 

Why does Peter get to stay basically Peter but we need a “fresh new take” on Mary Jane. 

I love Peter but if Mary Jane is old and boring then so is he. 

Its silly and stupid and messy. Why was the point? What is so wrong with Mary Jane that we need to not only change her name but her personally too?

I get needing to make changes for Movie adaptions but Marvel themselves where talking about getting Peter right because previous movies had gone to far in one direction. They wanted a more witty, smart mouthed, jokey Peter or Spider-man i should say, a spider-man closer to the comics right?  Then why did we go in the opposite direction for Mary Jane? Why rather then try to capture a more faithful adaption of MJ with maybe a few changes for a modern movie we get a hybrid MJ that isnt really MJ?

Of course this going on the belief that the rumors are correct and Michelle is MJ. Which honestly why would they nickname Michelle MJ then introduce another character nicknamed MJ too. That’d just confuse the hell out of regular viewers.

Not to mention the super suspicious “There is no character by the specific name” quote. Of course there is no Mary Jane but there is a Michelle who is called MJ. So they can go “oh hohoho we got ya didn’t we? We said no MARY JANE but we didn’t say no MJ”. Zendaya can also say “I said I wasnt playing Mary Jane and I’m not, I’m playing Michelle aka MJ, not Mary Jane.

I’m still hoping its all just a tease or something to mess with fans. I still going to hold out hope that things be explained and turn out well but if Michelle is hybrid MJ then what in insult to such a important and iconic Spider-man character. At least let her keep her fucking name jfc.

Ruminating upon Hannah Blumenreich’s comments yesterday the part that maybe annoys me the most is this one (I say maybe because it vacillates):

Oh, and he’ll get the girl, too! Lots of girls! Girls who become supermodels! My eyes. They roll.

Like…how dare a character find romance I guess?

Look I won’t deny there is a certain wish fulfillment element and idealization to Peter Parker’s love life…up to a point. 

But then again….isn’t there to like…most superhero stories. Or in fact most movie stories too…regardless of the protagonists’ gender?

However that isn’t really my contention.

My contention is that Blumenreich fails to recognize that Peter didn’t ‘get the girl’. He wasn’t a wish fullfilment fantasy in that way unless you are going to be so superficial as to look at the jobs and looks of the women involved as opposed to the deeper thematic and emotional elements to those characters or their relationships (e.g. Felicia is maybe a fantasy on face value but on a deeper level she represents that relationship you get into where you are obviously wrong for each other). And also you know…recognize that some of those relationships happened at a time when writing standards were different.

Yeah it is maybe going a bit too far for Peter to be dating the teen secretary of a millionaire media mogul or have the most popular girl in his school trying to date him.

But apart from those ones…really it really does just become a case of saying it’s a wish fullfillment fantasy because the women involved are conventionally attractive and he’s been involved with a fair number of them.

Which is bullshit.

Lets put aside the obvious nonsense of judging the female characters upon their looks.

Instead let us consider that Peter’s longish list of female love interests comes from 55 years of continuous publication during which he aged at least 15 years. Like…is really a wish fulfillment fantasy at that point. It’s like compressing Spider-Man’s whole life and judging him based on that.

Look a lot of people date more than one person in their life. Is Mayday parker living a female wish fulfillment fantasy love life because she’s had like 5 potential boyfriends across 10+ years of publication during which she was aged between 15-17? One of which was a football star at her High school.

Not really. She’s just…going through what a lot of teens go through. But I imagine it would be (rightly) frowned upon if we criticized her for that. But here is Blumenreich giving Peter shit for being involved with like 10 women across 55 years and ages 15-30.

And the weirdest thing is that Blumenreich very much gives the impressions he isn’t overly familiar with canon Spider-Man, but is moreso with the films. But in the films…he’s only had 2 girlfriends. Hell Spider-man 2002 ends with him NOT ‘getting the girl’.

I don’t get her.

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My opinion on Homecoming: I McFuckin love peter AND tony but I feel like it's just random how they put tony in there? Like I get that they wanted a Spiderman movie that aren't like the other ones and I'm personally still hype af to see it cause my top fav superheroes but I feel like I'll be disappointed when I do cause their relationship feels fake n Tony is lowkey r00d to him?? Like the car "hug" scene I was like yikes, it's so weird to see tony so connected to a spidey plot (1/2)

I heard that Tony actually doesn’t have that many scenes in the movie tho and it’s a great movie so that’s good, but they put SO much tony into advertising I feel like it’s just to get all the iron man fans interested, but I’m like sijsjsjsjsj it’s a spidey movie it’s fine if he’s in a bit but like the trailers make it look like he’s SO connected. Also FALSE ADVERTISING MAN Plus they make tony so unemotional for comedic reasons and I just hope the movie doesn’t ruin tony for me - I don’t see the whole “parental connection/relationship” in the trailers at all, just feels like Tony thinks Peters inferior,,,maybe he’ll be better in the actual movie but like :// idk man also sorry for rambling lol yikes (3/3)

Tony’s so fucking annoying lol can’t wait until he dies and peters free from his dumb ass

A few more thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (yeah, I have a lot of them): while I totally get the rush of “galaxy’s best dad!/Yondu did nothing wrong in his life!” posts and fanart (I do! honestly! Michael Rooker did an amazing job) that’s just… not the story I think the movie is telling, or the story I really want it to be telling. James Gunn is at it too, what with him basically saying “Well, Peter wasn’t a great son either!” in that Q&A he did…

…Yondu was an absolutely abusive parent, yeah? He loved Peter a lot in his own equally-abused way, but he was. Peter even says it, when Yondu demands a prize for basic decency in the first movie “Normal people don’t even think about eating anybody else, let alone that person having to be grateful for it!” He doesn’t know Yondu was never planning to seriously hurt him, he just knows that he pretty much grew up under the constant threat of violence (no matter how ordinary that apparently seems to be for Ravagers.) There were presumably some nice moments every now and again, since Peter does have a clear, maybe rather begrudging affection for him, but yeah, the point: at the beginning of the Guardians films Yondu’s not even deserving of a World’s Okayest Dad mug, let alone a World’s Greatest Dad one.

But that’s why his storyline in GOTG2 is so satisfying, and hits all the tropes I love in a redemption arc, because it’s entirely about Yondu realising just how utterly, utterly he fucked up (with both Peter and the other kids he unwittingly delivered to their deaths) and setting out to try and make up for it, even if that means dying basically unmourned (as Stakar told him) and unloved. When he’s with the others on Ego’s planet, it’s obvious from his words to Rocket that he doesn’t intend to leave it at all, but rather stay and try to regain some remnants of his honour by helping to kill the thing that killed his adopted son’s siblings.

And I love the “[Ego] may have been your father but he wasn’t your daddy” line, I think everyone does, but those would have been terribly disappointing and selfish last words. I don’t think Yondu was talking about himself, it’s just a simple affirmation to make Peter feel better, what matters is the apology he makes afterwards. “I’m sorry I didn’t do none of it right, I was lucky you were my boy.” Not a plea for forgiveness, just a flat-out statement really: Peter deserved better than him. All he can do is die to keep Peter alive and hold his face when he cries and hope that that’s enough.

…..And that’s just, such a much more interesting story than “he was secretly good all along.”