Praying For You Today

September 28, 2016

Read: Romans 8:22–34

The Spirit himself intercedes for us … . [Christ Jesus] is also interceding for us. Romans 8:26, 34

When we face a perplexing situation or a tough problem, we often ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us. It’s a great encouragement to know that others who care are holding us up to God in prayer. But what if you don’t have close Christian friends? Perhaps you live where the gospel of Christ is opposed. Who will pray for you?

Romans 8, one of the great, triumphant chapters of the Bible, declares, “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans… . The Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God” (Rom. 8:26–27). The Holy Spirit is praying for you today.

The Holy Spirit and Jesus are always praying for you.
In addition, “Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us” (v. 34). The living Lord Jesus Christ is praying for you today.

Think of it! The Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ mention your name and your needs to God the Father, who hears and acts on your behalf.

No matter where you are or how confusing your situation, you do not face life alone. The Spirit and the Son are praying for you today!

Dear God, I bow in humble thanks for the prayers spoken by the Holy Spirit and by Your Son today—for me. What an amazing truth!

The Holy Spirit and Jesus are always praying for you.

By David McCasland

anonymous asked:

I'm almost 22 and I've never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never even been on a date. I try not to let it bother me but a lot of the girls at my church are really mean to me about it because they're all engaged already. I always feel like I'm doing something wrong. I'm very focused on my relationship with God but then I worry am I too focused on it? Have I inadvertently shut everyone else out? I don't know why I let what they say get to me so much. Do you have any advice for me?

You’re not doing anything wrong, and you can’t ever be too focused on your relationship with God. You can, however, shut people out. You just have to figure out how to have the deep relationship with Jesus, while also loving others as He would. You can’t get caught up in everyone else’s timeline. I’m 26 and I’ll be 27 when I get married. I always thought I would be one to get married right after college, but that wasn’t in the cards for me. Now that I’m here, with my fiance, in this season, I never would’ve changed that. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get to know guys, but you don’t have to sacrifice closeness or intimacy with Jesus to do that, you just have to trust Him to guide you to the right people and trust Him with your love life. You are not broken or wrong or unwanted because you’ve never been on a date. You don’t have baggage or regrets like some of us do in our romantic lives, be thankful! Hang in there, put yourself out there, and trust God’s words over you instead of fighting the battle of comparison. 

anonymous asked:

lori respond to this in the morning when ur sober & don't have drunkzeimer's: 1.) I want u to be the pope; u seem like u could hang and chug back some jesus juice but also tell us all about the exodus (religous or musical doesn't matter) 2.) my shop my rules is the best fic in ur whole repertoire of filthy emotional smut that u write oh so beautifully 3.) I WILL BAKE U A 8 TIER CAKE FOR UR BIRTHDAY AND HIATUS COMPLETE W EDIBLE LORI & KYUNGSOO FIGURINES ILY - cakepop anon

I wanted to respond to this last night but then I got really sleepy so I saved it like you said.

I would literally be the worst pope. I’m not even Catholic. I’m not even Christian. I’m an atheist I would dissolve the religion completely and would probably replace everything with kpop stuff and everyone would hate me and I’d be assassinated in like 3 days. The Jesus juice is just wine right? I was raised baptist and we used grape juice, like fucking welch’s and crackers and it was just like this tiny snack on a Sunday morning when lunch time was coming so you just got hungry and mom can we go to mcdonalds after this, and then there’d be some shit like an exorcism and all the kids would be sent out of the room. Because that one guy was throwing stuff during an epileptic fit and instead of calling an ambulance they just broke out the bibles.

Wtf baptists? What. the. fuck. seriously. After baptist my mom switched to the decidedly MORE exciting Pentecostal church which, let me fucking tell you, those folks….those folks know how to get down.

Literally, they just fucking fall down on the floor and every body cries as they speak nonsense and cry some more and if that doesn’t cure you of religion then I don’t know what will.

Don’t ask me about Jesus anymore, I’m going to offend someone.

I forgot bout my shop my rules. Really, it’s gone from my entire memory. I’ll re read it some day and cringe at my writing style because seriously…it’s an old story and it’s probably not very good.

MAKE ME A KYUNGSOO FIGURE! DO ITTTTTT!!! (but make it life size and make it real and kidnap him for me do it)

anonymous asked:

Agony is not just a crucified soul, but one carrying his own cross and wrapped in thorns. He seems like a transparent reference to Jesus to me. Also, this is just a guess, but I imagine crucifixion is even more closely associated with Jesus in Asian culture, since afaik it wasn't a traditional method of execution there like it was in the West.

He’s not wrapped in thorns but barbed wire. And we can give Kaneko the benefit of the doubt that he is a tad more worldly than the average Japanese person. Besides, Japan has been open to crucifixion as an execution method where appropriate. (Krishna did it! Krishna did it!)


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.


Not a lot of drugs, not a lot of crime, not a lot of write-ups in the New York Times

i feel like this is a good moment to remind everyone about the in the heights eater bonnet performance, which was a take-off on “one day more” from les mis feat. lmm as a rapping enjolras (complete with xylophone vest) and karen olivo as sexy javert. it is, somehow, exactly as amazing as it sounds.

well this definitely did not take a really long time. also just to show how bad I am at animating omg 

Happy 24th Birthday to the danisnotonfire !

Thanks for being such an inspiration. It’s really just great to see someone who was able to get back up from negativity and live life to the fullest when you are in doubt. Truly wish you all the best for years to come, and I hope you know just how much everyone loves and appreciates you.

Have a great birthday Dan