The Tower - Chapter 7

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 7 

Chapter:  one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

Word Count: 1975

Warnings: Sex mentions (super pg.) Fluff, comedy stuff

Synopsis: After spending the night with Tony, Elly meets Sam and Wanda. Elly learns more about the dynamic of the Tower.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston

Chapter 7 - A Bird and a Witch

I woke tangled with Tony.  His face was pressed into my neck and breathing that steady rhythmic way you do when you’re deep in sleep.  I wanted to let him sleep.  I really did, but I had to get up.  I attempted so carefully to untangle myself without disturbing him.

His arms closed around me and he pulled me in more tightly to him.  “What time is it?”  He mumbled against my skin.

“It’s eight A.M. sir,”  FRIDAY replied.

“God, it’s been forever since I slept for so long.”  Tony sighed, stretching out.  “I really needed to get laid.  I’m definitely keeping you around.”

I laughed and scratched my fingers over his stomach.  “Happy to be of service.”

Tony rolled onto his side and traced circles onto my hips.  “Eight is very late here, but if we take our time having a shower.  We could go up to the common room and you might catch some of them having their after workout breakfast.  Plus it’s Saturday so apart from Red, who’s still on mission, everyone has the day off.”

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