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I wanted to ask a question about something you've talked about before: You pointed out that Stannis is the only character who has referred to Sansa as "Lady Lannister." Something feels off about that. He knows what the small council and the Lannisters are like, and he knows the union was forced to try to take Winterfell through marriage. Granted, Jon does think to himself that if Stannis found Arya, he might marry her off to one of his men, but still, for such a just man, that's pretty unfair.

Wait, are you telling me that Stannis is being a hypocrite and unfair? Stannis? Really?

Oh, I’m shocked, truly. Certainly Stannis would never show any sign of hypocrisy, like breaking vows or using magic to murder unsuspecting opponents. And unfairness? The very idea. What would Maester Cressen think.


(God knows I love the man, but Stannis is exactly the kind of pissy pedant who’d insist on calling Sansa “Lady Lannister”. (Even if it’s very incorrect.) Especially to press a point at someone, especially when he’s annoyed that person won’t just obey already. And yes, he is a hypocrite, and very often unfair.)

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Imagine that good message anon had some bad sickness and wanted to spend their last weeks/months being nice to someone before they died. That's what happened. I'm anons friend and I guess I'll take up the job but the original has passed. I'm sorry.

I’m. damn. dammit

I was sure they were going to make it?! Good Message Anon told me they were feeling better the last message they sent me!? I really thought they were okay??? Like I thought they made it through?? I’m??!?

I’m so sorry to hear that. I really am. I’m flattered they chose me to spend their last weeks with. I told them that too, heh. i’m just really shocked you know?

I bet that asking you to reveal their url’s going to be too much huh. Or maybe just their first name…?

I hope that they passed away peacefully and without too much pain. I really do, they seemed like such a kind person. I’m really sorry to hear that they’re no longer with us, wow…

May they rest in peace.

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I'm still executive of Murkoff, you're pretty delusional, aren't you? Let me explain my position in a way your feeble mind would understand. Murkoff is like a big family. Jer is the father of this little family. He deals with the financial issues, business deals, and that kind of stuff. I'm the mother to the doctors, psychologists, scientists, orderlies, and other science-related positions. You are the unruly brat that the mother of the family needs to give special attention to.

“This reference is the creepiest I have ever heard. You just… r-really have an amazing imagination, I’m really shocked here right now. Even though I’m a little bit freaked out, I’m still going to tell you to fuck off. Because that’s my only defense here, seriously.”

invertebreet replied to your post “chloe has inherited shit taste in men from her mother i see”

Plus his photography is mostly B&W half naked ladies. Total skeez

that’s what cemented the distrust for me, but he’s been creeping me out since the first five minutes of episode 1. and even if he didn’t creep out the audience, you have to be a bit rankled by how he dismisses a female photographer’s work out of hand like that, so i will honestly be shocked if his extra suspicious ass is really nothing more than extra and suspicious

“The Girl With Many Eyes
One day in the park
I had quite a surprise.
I met a girl
who had many eyes.

She was really quite pretty
(and also quite shocking!)
and I noticed she had a mouth,
so we ended up talking.

We talked about flowers,
and her poetry classes,
and the problems she’d have
if she ever wore glasses.

It’s great to know a girl
who has so many eyes,
but you really get wet
when she breaks down and cries.” 

~Tim Burton  


Finding Neverland was amazing! I cried my eyes out for probably the last 20 minutes of the show. Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly were wonderful, their chemistry is amazing! Now after seeing the show I am really shocked that it didn’t get any Tony nominations.

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But tbh I wouldn't even be surprised if the Charles storyline was just another distraction. That's PLL, that's what they've been doing for like 5 years now. And it's SO annoying. I've reached my limit. If Charles storyline was bullshit and he's dead then I'm done with this show. Seriously I won't watch 6b or whatever follows. But really I wouldn't even be shocked if it turns out to be "someone doing it for him". That's so Marlene lmao I'd just turn off my TV and scream

I’m so with you. I expect it from PLL, but the way they have built up and hyped about Charles makes me desperately want to see him and has made me believe it. If it’s just a distraction and someone else excuse I will go maaaad. I also will not feel sorry for someone avenging Charles, and they’ve really forced the whole “you will cry! you will have sympathy!” thing down our throats. I think a lof of people feel the same

I’ve just seen a post about witches in the media being portrayed by jewish actresses and one of the comments was something like “and of course the good witches are always blond goy (hebrew/yidish for gentile) women”. i know the portrayal of witches is super antisemitic but i wasn’t sure about the good witch part so I had to go and see for myself: 

all of them have an hooked nose! i’m shocked! (not really)

but then i googled good witch and:

look at the amount of blond in this screen cap! and of course-no hooked noses anywhere.. 

don’t dare telling me the way witches are portrayed in the (white christian) media is not racist against jewish women.


Five years makes a huge difference. From high school to college. I hated the way pictures of myself looked. I’d take photos with friends and when I saw myself in them I was shocked at how I looked. I really have college to thank for my weight loss. Change is good. Still have some to go, the last 20lbs is so hard honestly haha. Good luck!


For my cousin’s wedding I finally got to wear a suit, but we’d negotiated on the terms, only if I wear a dress for the party. I felt almost magical when I saw my family’s reaction to the change. (I don’t know if this means I’m mildly gender fluid or nay, but I like this feeling)

Damon - “Oh come on! Elena?! Really?

Stefan - “We’re happy for you, Y/N. It’s just gonna take a while to get used to this.

I always looked up towards Blake and Miranda as a couple. Their relationship was so inspiring; they can joke with each other, and poke fun at each other, yet they had so much passion for each other. They had real love.

It really hurts my heart that they are getting a divorce. I am in utter shock. Goes to show you really don’t know what’s going on beyond the public eye. 


Dear taylorswift,

I got the most shocking surprise on my birthday. A really amazing woman gifted me tickets to your show in Seattle on August 8th! Due to chronic illness I never in a million years thought it would be possible, but OMG it’s really happening!

My seats are still somewhat up in the air because I’m switching from my original seats in 137 to seats that allows me to sit in a wheelchair because I can’t stand for more than a few mins at a time. We don’t know if those seats will be 134 or 136 yet because your crew hasn’t said which ones taking or if they’re actually taking both areas for equipment. I sure hope they don’t take 136 from me though. It would be kind of a bummer if they do because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a zebra like me.

Unfortunately because the tech team hasn’t let the stadium know exactly where they’re setting up, I’m unable to give my exact seating to be sure that I’m found by you or your team. BUT I MUST BE FOUND!!

To meet the woman whose inspired me to never give up no matter how much these illnesses kick my butt, would be the icing on my sweet 16 birthday cake. So please Taylor and her Team… Find me. Meeting Taylor would be a dream come true!

Ps. It’d be super awesome if my followers would help me out with this. No words could express my gratitude. 💗

so after years of false attempts i have finally gotten into teen wolf fic except all i want to read about is derek hale getting all of the nice things

Fairy Tail Band AU: Behind The Scenes ( Random Idea? )

Natsu: “Gajeel play that note off key one more time and I will end you!”

Gajeel: “Oi, I’m practicing ya bastard!”

Gray: “Has anyone seen my pants?!”

Natsu: “More importantly we’re missing Jellal, AGAIN!”

Erza: “Get to work you slackers.”

Natsu and Gray: “Aye!”

Gajeel: ‘Shoo be do bop~”

Lucy: “I’m going to shoo be do bop you all in the faces if you don’t practice.”

People have been asking about my Tay story, so here it is for anyone who cares to read a poorly written and very emotional novel. Last Thursday, Tori ivegotablankspace got a dm from Taylor Nation asking her which show she was going to. She told them Gillette night one, and they called her a few minutes later and told her Tay wanted to meet her. They asked if she was going with anyone to the show and she told them I was going with her, and that I was standing right next to her, so they had her hand the phone to me right there. They told me they didn’t know I was going to the Gillette show and already had me down to see tay at the LA show (!!!??!!!) Sierra was the SWEETEST and told me to go with Tori to will call at the show Friday and pick up meet and greets because Tay really wanted to meet us (??!!!!?) I was in shock and basically in a catatonic state because I never believed this would ever actually happen. When we got there Friday, we went to will call to get our passes and then waited in line to meet her for what felt like 13 hours. Finally, we walked into the loft 89 room and I kept getting glimpses of her behind the curtain and was losing my mind…

When I walked in, she had this huge smile and yelled “hey buddy! It’s so good to finally meet you!” and hugged me for a good 10 seconds, and I said I love you so much thank you so much for everything and she’s like “You’re welcome! Omg you’re wearing the headband, so cute!” and I was like “yeah I’m wearing the necklace too!” And she’s like “yesss” and when I lifted up the necklace to show her, she grabbed my wrist to see my tattoo and was like “I LOVE THIS” and I was like yeah I posted it on tumblr I don’t know if you saw it.. And she’s like “YES I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” And I was like thank you so much it helps me every day, I look at it constantly and she’s like “that’s amazing” and then she’s like “whenever I get to your part in the swiftmas video I’m like omggg aww” and like shook her hands around, I really can’t. And I said thank you so much for everything I love you blah blah and she’s like “let’s take a picture!” So we took a pic and then hugged again and while we were hugging she was like “I love you so much!” And I told her I loved her too and she’s like “have fun at the show!!” and then I left and got to go watch her right in front of my face from bstage pit that night. It was very insane and emotional…

THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO MURDER ME SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN SHE SAID “BE KIND TO YOURSELF” IN THE CLEAN SPEECH. And that’s when it all hit me like a truck…everything she’s done for me. Helping me get through life over the years with her music was more than enough for me, but she went way above and beyond when she sent me that package, and not only was that the most amazing thing to ever happen to me, but the ripple effect that it’s had on my life is insane. I thought about the friends I was surrounded by and hugging while I was crying about her speech with…how I met them BECAUSE OF HER, how Tori and I got our packages the same day and then we got to meet her TOGETHER, AT I wouldn’t have ever moved to Boston if I hadn’t met these people, how I wouldn’t have experienced a Gillette stadium show, how I wouldn’t have started to make changes I needed to make in my life if it wasn’t for the love and support and strength Taylor gave me, and through the friends I made because of her. The fact that she actually wanted to meet me and I got to finally show her my tattoo and tell her how much her words meant to me…how I finally got to hug her and thank her and tell her I love her in person….I will never ever be over that. Tay, thank you for always being here for me and for changing my life for the better. I love you so much more than I could ever put into words. I will never forget all the things you’ve done for me and I hope you know I’ll be standing by you forever. I love you.