giant woman // alone together


don’t make the same mistake i did kiddos by planning on going out for a few drinks on a friday night to get away from the revision books, only to then end up five hours later very very drunk at a club and then with a killa hangover the next day 

trying to do steady state approximation whilst hanging is not something i recommend

but hey at least i looked cute ✌ still digging these ted baker frames !!! also you guys should follow me on instagram 


hey amazingphil I did these really cool drawings of you??? and I really want you to notice them??? (please!!)

i’m still just sitting here and half laughing half being hella pissed off because that fan art wasn’t meant to be about bellarke as a couple in the first place LIKE DON’T YOU THINK BELLAMY WOULD CARRY A DEAD CLARKE??? DON’T YOU THINK HE WOULD DO THAT MUCH??? THAT IT WOULD BE THE ONLY DAMN THING THAT HE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO? DO YOU REALLY SET THE EXPECTATIONS TO SO LITTLE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS YOU CREATED AND THE CHEMISTRY YOU WORKED ON BETWEEN THEM AND THEIR WHOLE STORYLINE? like yeah no big deal if she would die i mean it’s not like he would ever carry her dead body because i mean he wasn’t her lover?? they weren’t a couple? why would he do that? we are not playing by those rules around here. must be canon for that. it’s not gonna happen. THAT’S KIND OF HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW AND I’M NOT OKAY. 

What is up with me and my extremely high level of miserableness lately? Like I shouldn’t be sitting here dwelling on wanting to be thinner (like so so much thinner), wanting my hair to stop falling out, wanting to keep up with friends, wanting to be a healthy 22 year old. Like it’s not going to happen and dwelling on it won’t change that.

the uniq tag is full of posts about bts and while it’s very kind of bts fans to be like “yes small fandom you did ok too honey i’m happy for you good effort” now that it’s all over, i went into the uniq tag to see xuanjoo’s face, not self-congratulatory ‘nice’ posts from well-meaning bangtan fans

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louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.