since i was getting annoyed w/ my art i thought id play with style a bit P:

I’m the type of person with an ed that can’t stop talking about food. I talk about foods. Recipes. How many calories everything has. Fasting. Restricting. Everything. I can’t shut up about eating habits and I can tell it annoys people.

  • Hewlett had a problem with Gorillaz becoming such a big live band in 2010. His visuals were more and more pushed to the background:
  • DAMON: That is not entirely true. The visuals were still very prominent. Less than in the very beginning, though. Then we were consistently playing behind a screen, which I found annoying. I do nothing more than perform, so every night I felt the urge to cut a hole in that cloth and put my head through it. “Here’s Johnny!” (laughs)
  • No, Jamie’s problem was mainly that he went on a world tour with me, and had to stay three months at the side of the stage doing nothing, while he could also have been working on new stuff at home. Not being able to participate in the Gorillaz live shows, that was what bothered him. And that’s why he started to drink alcohol. I can’t blame him. If I had been in his place, I would have gone fucking bananas.
  • Knack Focus – April 2017

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Hiya! I need an advise, recently I woke up from my long long nap and a bunch of crazy kinds broke into my house, slamming doors around, called it a crack house and went to beat the sh*t out of me for no reason, now I'm sleepy and hungry and still deciding to just get up to beat them myself or eat my neighbor, on top of that a lot of crazy chicks come near my property or they scream close to sewers waking me up, I I dunno ma'am, what do I do? F. Not an evil demon clown


Sorry, I mean, kids these days.

Annoying little shits. I mean if they bothered you then maybe teach them a lesson. Kidnap one of them or something.

I mean, what? Ignore them. That’s what I meant to say. Ignore them.

(Kidnap one of them. Or just kill them all.)

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Was Sam jealous when he said "fair enough" and made that face, or was he just perplexed? I get the sense it's the latter but i'm not sure. I just get the feeling he was utterly lost on how to help Dean and then Cas comes back and Sam's like??? "REALLY dude??" Also i think he might be annoyed that Dean's so happy even though Mary is still gone. Like Sam doesn't think he feels bad enough.

I think jealousy was a part of it… but in a very specific way. Sam’s just realizing that Dean effectively got his own win, that the thing Sam’s been struggling with– everything about losing Mary and his desperate hope that there may be a way to save her– wasn’t what Dean had been grieving at all.

I have another anon that I’d like to lump into this post, because I think the two of you together have this covered:

do you have any thoughts on why dean says “*I* needed a big win” and then immediately afterward says “*we* got cas back”? the whole I vs we seems important to me, and really talks about dean’s mindset. and I’m sorry if you’ve already addressed this; you have so many awesome meta posts I sometimes overlook them 😅

(first off, second anon, thanks!)

And this is it… to Dean, HE was the one struggling and buried in hopeless grief while Sam had been the one pulling at him to be okay again, to find the purpose in hunting, find hope in the possibility of finding Mary again, to see Jack as someone who might HELP with finding Mary and because of that hope maybe see Jack in a more positive and encouraging light…

Because Sam hadn’t lost all his hope. He wasn’t desperate for a win in the same way Dean was. DEAN needed the win. The *I* there was absolutely accurate.

But Sam loves Cas too (yes, yes. in a different way than Dean does, but he still thinks of Cas as a brother and as family and as part of Team Free Will). Getting Cas back *IS* a win for both of them. It’s not as if Sam isn’t happy to have Cas back, too, you know? It’s just entirely different by several orders of magnitude for Dean.

And to go back to the first anon, yeah. I think Sam is definitely struggling to understand Dean’s attitude about Mary’s loss through the portal. In so many ways, it’s similar to Dean disappearing to Purgatory for a year, which Sam continues to express guilt over for not looking for Dean and running away instead. It was something that caused a HUGE rift between them, and fueled a lot of the ramping up of the codependency in s8 to where Sam was ready (even EAGER) to sacrifice himself to close the gates of Hell, just to prove to Dean how sorry he was… (I mean there was more to it than this, but he’s repeatedly stated that not looking for Dean in Purgatory remains one of his biggest personal failures, and it’s all wrapped up in the toxic codependency to the point where picking it all apart seems to be something they desperately need to address, and are quite possibly going to do that.. I reblogged this post earlier today, and YES.)

Plus there’s at least a small element of “I tried to fix you and help you and cheer you up and I tried EVERYTHING and it was killing me, and now all Cas has to do is *show up* and suddenly you’re happier than I’ve seen you in years, and playing cowboys with an angel like everything’s suddenly right in the world?” wrapped up in there too… 

winter things with peter parker

author’s note: i am posting SO MANY THINGS, i am so annoying, i know. i didn’t have anything to do today so i wrote some short things and i wanted to post so here i am with these cheesy ideas ENJOY 💗💞💖💓

• you’d spend your nights watching movies in bed

• peter would do literally ANYTHING to make you watch star wars

• you’d share scarves and huge fluffy blankets

• you would take peter iceskating!

• imagine you two hand in hand because you have to help peter not to fall

• endless nights spent cuddling

• him peppering your face in kisses when you are about to sleep under thousands of blankets

• you’d always hold hands to keep them warm

• he would always make you hot chocolate

• “where are the marshmallows?” “are you kidding me? are you trying to put yourself in a sugar coma?” “peter don’t you dare tell me that you drink hot chocolate without marshmallows”

• you would put your cold hands on peter’s neck AND HE’D WANT TO KILL YOU but you are you so he has to chill

• you’d go to the christmas market together

• you would buy matching ugly christmas sweaters

• most of the time you spend would be at home though

• jamming to christmas songs together!!!!

• you’d wear peter’s sweaters at school to keep you warmer

• he’d look at you in awe because of how cute you looked

• he would also kiss you to make you feel warm every chanche he gets

• “babe i have to go” “i am freezing, please stay with meeee”

• you would bake together and of course you’d have to teach peter

• he is the clumsiest boy ever and he’d make your kitchen all messy

• while you are doing a christmas movie marathon you’d try to kiss on the couch without aunt may noticing

• long story short, you’d make a cute ass couple & you’d be so in loveeee

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i dont kno much abt lizards but i love ur banana gorl.. how can u tell if shes happy or content or not? how can u tell if theyre upset? what are the Lizard Emotions..

thank you!! basically you learn lizard Body Language! this way, you can tell when your lizard is stressed/upset or if they’re having a good time 

bad signs are things like hissing at you/gaping (stop that or I might bite), black bearding (although sometimes it’s a mating thing), turning up on their side and flattening out (very scared, trying to make self look bigger), tail flicking/whipping (I’m annoyed leave me alone)

over the time I’ve had poncho I’ve learned what areas she Does Not like being touched, like her lips. she hates it. she’ll shake her head like UEGH QUIT or scooch away from me. but usually it’s cause she has a messy face from blueberries and I’m trying to help.

she also hates her armpit being touched. she will Scrunch and wiggle like “wtf quit” so no armpit touching is permitted

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Tell us about that Twilight phase 😋😋

I was like 12 and everyone was into it, i thought Edward and Bella were true love and i was somewhat annoyed with Jacob for interfering, it was embarrassing. Truly the height of my heteronormative fandom experience.

wow i get really annoyed to the point of like visibly being annoyed when people in public tell me what to do. like especially if i was just about to do it. you don’t know me, don’t speak to me like im your child. i need to calm tf down god.

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Jamilton 46 please?

— I got a lot of Jamilton prompt asks so expect a lot of Jamilton lol!

“I’m in love…shit”

Class was tedious; many of his peers found it stressful beyond belief, while Thomas would say perhaps he’d feel that way too if he paid attention. He liked to think where he slacked off in psychology class, he could make up ten times over in Law or English.

Besides, how could he be expected to listen, when he sat in front of the most obnoxious person he’s ever met. He rolled his eyes at the thought. He wondered how many days Alexander spoke more than their teacher.

“I would never conform to the majority, I know that line is the shortest, I don’t care what my peers say.”

Thomas sighed loudly, his eyes trailing over Alexander’s back as he stood and pointed at the board. His eyes drifted a bit lower, tracing his shape and the wrinkles in his sweater. Hadn’t he worn that sweater a couple days ago? It was nice, decent brand, pleasant colour, he smirked, at least to Thomas, black was one of his favourite colours. Thomas let his eyes fall past the hem of Alexander’s sweater if only for a moment. He swore it was less than a second. Though, he would admit he was partially lost in thought, and it was possible that second lasted longer than, well, a second.

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Are we getting an episode this week???


But it’s gonna be bucklemming and plot heavy so I imagine

1. Annoyed viewers who want more character stuff
2. A dive in viewership cos it’s thanksgiving and last week was very high
3. Please chuck not more rape

What am I to you? PART 10

what am i to you he asks
i put my hands in his lap and whisper
you are every hope i‘ve ever had in human form“

- Rupi Kaur

So Jooheon’s in jail right now, awaiting his hearing next week, but his thoughts only circling around Y/N. You on the other hand are worried why you didn’t hear anything from Jooheon the last days. Where the hell was he? 

As you find out about him being in jail, you have to make several decisions to help him. The hardest one of them is diving in your past, meeting long and deep hidden demons again. But for Jooheon you would do anything, even meeting your father…

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I can’t believe even Iris fans are hating on her for not supporting Barry.

1. The team didn’t believe him either.

2. Iris noticed that Barry was acting off, which he was. Barry’s behavior was irrational and she was trying to calm him down. She knew Barry wasn’t acting right. I got annoyed y the constant wedding mentioning, but if your wedding was week away and your fiance was acting off, you would think he was cold feet too.

3. Yes, Iris will always support Barry on some things, but not when he’s doing stuff like breaking and entering. She and the TEAM wanted to make sure they got the right guy hence the backgrounds check. Barry was going on a gut feeling while they wanted some hard evidence. 

4. I see there some keep mentioning how Iris should have been the one to support him the whole time. That’s….unrealistic. Ya’ll do know that husband and wives don’t always support each other on everything right? (hence, my first sentence in #3) Also, teams don’t support each other all the time either?

5. Barry told Iris later on he didn’t want to lose everything that made him happy. She understood that, but she also explained that they will always have a lot more to lose and that Barry can’t lose himself in trying to take down the bad guy (just like he almost did in this episode).

Again, it’s just unrealistic that husband and wives will support each other on everything. They won’t.

I expected this from Iris haters, but not from her own fans.


do you ever just get really fucking depressed and feel so alone and sad and just wanna curl up and die. bc that’s honestly me rn. i’ve been getting so many hate anons lately and it just really sucks. my life in general isn’t great right now and i just feel like i can’t do anything right anymore. i just wanna cry but nothing will come out. i need someone. i just feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to because I don’t want to be a bother. I don’t want to annoy people or have people thing I’m just a crybaby. this is stupid and y’all probably don’t care I just… idk. I’m not feeling good tonight.