hating on any of the matsus and making one of them seem worse than the other characters is OUT

respecting and appreciating that the matsus have different personalities and traits that might not necessarily appeal to you but could understandably appeal to others and therefore not hating/bashing/bullying them for it is IN

(Funny thing, I do consider this a series but I only write another part when someone requests it. You’ve solved my story puzzle!!!)

Draco frowned at his wand. The defensive shield they were practicing was one of the most difficult and most powerful. Draco managed to cast it about one out of five times and he had no idea what he was doing wrong. He couldn’t possibly be more annoyed.

“Oi, Malfoy, you having trouble with this shielding spell?” Weasley asked.

Draco was wrong, he could be more annoyed. “I’m fine, Weasley,” he said, straightening his back and pretending he was perfectly confident. He didn’t want help, especially from a giant carrot of a human being.

Weasley cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted across the room, “Harry! Over here!”

Draco felt his cheeks start to flush and glared furiously at Weasley, hissing under his breath, “What are you doing?!”

Weasley gave him a jolly grin that was absolutely the most infuriating thing he had ever seen.

“What is it?” Potter asked as he edged around Seamus and Dean.

Weasley threw an easy arm over Potter’s shoulders and steered him over to Draco, “Our good friend, Ferret-face here, could use a little help, can’t quite get the hang of this spell.” He smiled like a jackal, smacked Potter on the shoulder hard enough to make him stumble and then hurried back to Granger.

Draco very much wanted to strangle Weasley with his own tie.

“You’re having trouble?” Potter asked.

Draco frowned, “No, of course not.” He nervously adjusted his grip and carefully cast the shielding spell. Nothing happened.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Potter tilt his head slightly to the side.

Draco gritted his teeth and quickly tried again. The shield poured from his wand in a haze of blue light at circled him in a sphere. He smirked triumphantly, “There, see? I can cast it perfectly fine.”

Potter was still looking at him in that curious puppy sort of way that made Draco want to blush.

“Can you do it again?” Potter asked.

He did not know if he could do it again. He really, really wanted to. He was fairly certain he’d die of embarrassment if he couldn’t. Draco practically held his breath as he tried the spell again. His wand made a rather horrifying fizzling sound and spat out a few blue sparks. Draco felt his face go hot.

“I see,” Potter said in a rather amicable teachery sort of way that indicated the hadn’t realized in the slightest how utterly mortified Draco was at that moment.

Then before Draco could say something, blame it on a headache or a stumbled syllable, Potter moved behind him, wrapped his hand around Draco’s wand hand.

He gently held onto the back of Draco’s hand, moving his wand in the small sharp movements the spell required, “I noticed that this spell work best if its cast as quickly as possible, so all the movements have to be very compact but still precise. Like this-”

Draco could feel Potter’s chest pressed to the back of his shoulder, their arms pressed perfectly together all the way down to his perfect gentle hold on Draco’s hand. He couldn’t focus on a single word coming out of Potter’s mouth, he couldn’t see his wand move, just the seam where their two hands met. Draco’s face felt so hot he couldn’t stand it.

He pulled away from Potter and practically ran out the door, mumbling something about being sick.

Hermione bit her lip, watching the furrow on Harry’s brow as he turned on his heel to watch Draco leave. “It was a good try,” she murmured out of the corner of her mouth, touching Ron’s forearm briefly, “I think we need a different tactic.”

Ron frowned, “What do you think then?”

“I have an idea, just let me talk to Harry, okay?” she said.

Ron nodded, “Alright.”

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my roommate loves Ed Sheeran (before you ask, yes she is) and like wants to marry him so i was trying to annoy her and i was like “ kate did you know he sharted on stage one time in his pants because he was trying to fart but ended up sharting and had to do his whole set with that in his back pocket you should call him ed shartan not ed sheeran” and she paused for a bit and she was like “we all sharted as babies” 

like. she LOVES him so much like true love 

Ok girls. Listen up….

I don’t know why you care how much your POT is worth, how much does he make, or what his occupation is. You need to be concentrating on HOW MUCH HE SPENDS ON YOU/HOW MUCH ALLOWANCE HES GIVING YOU.

I dated a billionaire and all he did was buy me food and waste my time. Don’t get stuck in this. Spenders will spend! They won’t “wait” to buy you stuff. Those guys are LIARS! Guys are either generous or not.

I also dated a guy that made $150k but gave me $5k a month. He doesn’t have a fancy job. He actually drives a Honda Civic!

I seriously am so annoyed with these guys in Ferraris and they get mad when you ask for gifts. “WHAT KIND OF GIRL DID YOU THINK YOU WOULD ATTRACT WITH THIS CAR YOU IDIOT!!!”

Then there’s guys like my bf… he has a lot of nice cars, $3M in watches and he loves to spoil his women. He’s a unicorn I get it but there’s more out there! Keep looking. I promise you he’s not the only one.

So stop wasting your time and only concentrate on guys that spend money on you!! Make them spend lots of money on you every time you go out so he’s invested in you. My nail lady told me my bf will never leave me because he’s already spend so much money on me he’s invested in me.

I once had this guy buy me 2 ugly ass dresses that I knew were marked too high. I had him buy it so he gets used to spending money on me. He knows if he wants to see me he better bring his wallet. We ate $500 meals every night and Uber Lux everywhere. He spend over $2000 a day on me, every date and treated all my friends too.

Wake up girls. If you have a guy that’s asking you for nudes and not giving you money you need to drop his ass. You’re just fucking an old dude… he ain’t no sugar daddy.

Ok weird opinion question because I’m super bothered right now. I’m 30 years old. I live at home with my parents. I don’t have a lot of personal space. So, I’ve spent most of today, my Saturday off, in my room.

She comes in my room every hour to 2 hours to “check in on me.” I find this overbearing and annoying. Again, I’m 30, not 3. She knows my feelings about it and yet continues to keep doing it then gets huffy when I get agitated and busts out “You’ll understand when you have kids!” or, my personal favorite, “I’m sorry I’m such a bother to you! I’ll just leave!”  

I can’t leave the room if I’m sitting in the living room with her without telling her where I’m going or she’ll demand to know where I’m going, if I’m coming back, and if I’m not coming back she guilt trips me like “What did I do? Why are you going in your room? It’s fine, I’ll leave.” 

I can’t go anywhere. I can’t go to the store or to cons or anywhere without a million texts from her. If I don’t text back within 5 minutes, she blows up my phone. It has been to the point where she wants me to text her “code words” when I’m away so she knows it’s actually me. It’s ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong. I love her. She does a lot for me and I know that, but am I actually that wrong in finding this behavior way, way overbearing? 

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This might be too much to ask but I broke my laptop and only have access to mobile and I'm dying to know what I'm actually missing but I can't check would you be able to describe it? Sorry I know this is annoying ignore it if it's too much trouble

It’s not annoying so don’t worry about it, but my posts should all be visible, now? At least my app doesn’t give me the option to request a review anymore… if you can’t see them still they’re all (aside from the one I posted earlier) backed up on my wordpress blog! You can see them from there without me needing to describe them~

Anon said: Franeri-san what dimensions do you usually use for your canvas? When I draw I end up making the canvas too small, so when i zoom in to make details it becomes pixelated. But I also don’t need my canvas too big because I won’t be able to proportion it;; it’s a visual thing… Ah I’m rambling sorry <(_ _;)>

I use a 6000pxx5000px with a 4px brush, usually, but I really rarely use it all, mostly it’s just like, corners of the whole thing. I tend to draw a lot of things on the same canvas before switching to a new one - that said, personally I can’t draw properly if I don’t zoom in above 100% (usually I work at 150% or 200%, more for details) so I’m really not the right person to ask this haha

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i was never the biggest chriseva fan like i would be okay with them together even tho i love my precious jonas and eva but now im annoyed because p chris’s was a waste?? since there is no chriseva development and the clip should have been given to elias or mahdi or even magnus. yousef in turkey or freaking jamila, SOMEONE ELSE.


how about these? sorry if i’m annoying, i’m not synesthetic so this is extremely interesting. honestly tho, its super cool

this is similar to the colors that i feel when i hear implicit demand for proof.

-the heavy parts with piano are that mixture of blue and purple.

-the grey stone tones are the last bit where tyler’s screams “down” are lightly audible.

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Acai, I feel tired... But not the "I've been working 12 hours straight and can't even move" tired. I feel tired of existing. I'd like to sleep for 3 or 4 months. I'm tired of having to move so fast because everybody moves that fast, but I feel useless if I'm not working/learning fast enough or everyday. I'm all the time afraid of I-don't-even-know-what since I was a child and I'm 18 now... I feel Iike I'm crying for help and I feel I shouldn't... Everybody has their own problems and 1/2

“…they shouldn’t have to deal with mine. I’m afraid I might be annoying you by asking this… But I need help… Any light you could shed on this fear that’s always there but has no particular face or place or tiredness would be greatly appreciated.  -I’m sorry I can’t offer you anything… I really hope life returns you all the knowledge and help you offer to us tenfold. I’m sorry- 2/2″

oh sweetheart, I’ve been there before… in my case, i just needed to find truer friends, but i can’t make assumptions about your personal crisis. i relate to wanting to live a slow paced life, don’t let other people make you believe you’re useless if you aren’t “productive”, realize that these people who think they’re so useful are actually just keeping themselves busy to avoid doing their inner work… many of these “productive” people aren’t in tune with the universe, their soul, nature, the spirit world, etc. there’s no shame in being an underachiever who has different goals from ordinary people… i felt that way when i was 18 too, I feel like I have such a clearer idea of how the world works now that I’m 25, but I don’t claim to be wise or intelligent, I am clueless in some ways. i’m just a strange person with some unique perspectives… as you get older you’ll gain more clarity and understand yourself better, and what is truly important to you versus the ideas that others force upon you…

oh there are many things i’d like to say to my 18 yr old self. like don’t invest time and money into college just yet, it’s more important to figure out what you truly want to do with life instead of making a rushed decision, get a job, save up to move out by the time you’re 21, otherwise you’ll be perceived as co-dependant, inexperienced, and immature. i realize in hindsight i made a mistake by thinking i could just focus on college, live at home, and not go to work, i could have grown up more quickly if i made it a priority to work and move out instead of being a goofball, having too much fun, not acting realistic, and spending money on things i didn’t absolutely need…

i’d tell my 18 yr old self that you don’t know who you truly are yet, you haven’t discovered your gifts yet, you haven’t figured out which friends are just leeching off you and who is actually worth your time, you’re still repeating what others have told you instead of being firm in your own ideas… this leads me to, be discerning in who you spend time with, you are the sum of the 5 people you talk to the most, so find people who challenge you to become a better person, people who are intellectual and thoughtful, people who have their shit together and take care of themselves, people who encourage you to care about the environment and political issues. if some “friend” makes you feel silly for what you care about, ditch them, i wish my younger self was brave enough to cut people off… if some friend just wants to get high and never watch a documentary, read, or do anything intelligent, ditch them. if some friend tells you you’re being miserly for saving your money for when you really need it, ditch them.

i’d tell my 18 yr old self to read more, study subjects on your own for much cheaper than a university before you decide on a college major; introduce yourself to many different subjects, you may suprize yourself that you have a knack for a skill or subject you would have never guessed.

i remember what that was like, i sounded pathetic crying out for help because i was uncertain about life, and people just brushed me off and told me i have no right to be bummed… private message me and you can tell me the specifics of your situation and maybe i can come up with more guidance for you. take care, it gets better <3

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Bee, I'm taking a shot in the dark here and I know it's probably annoying but I'm dying for even a taste. Can you just jot down even the smallest hint of an imagine with Shawn? Doesn't have to be smut. Maybe just leading to a kiss with an older woman who maybe works for him? Like The Assistant reimagined. You hate me I know but help a desperate girl out...

Ugh fuck it. I’m weak and bored and have had a shit time writing anything lately so why not use it as a damn writing exercise.

BEFORE ANY OF Y’ALL START! I am NOT starting a fic. I am NOT taking requests. I am NOT going into the Shawn Fic black hole. Maybe on occasion if I so feel, I will shoot out blurbs just for fun but it will not be a series, fic or anything like that.

SO whatever, here’s a blurb. It’s not smutty so don’t get too excited and I don’t even know if I love it but TAKE IT OT OF MY HANDS.

“What about this one?” Liv held up the seventh shirt she’d plucked from the rack in front of her but was still getting ignored. “Shawn,” she said his name dead toned, wagging the shirt on the tip of her finger. “Shawn,” she repeated, resorting to grabbing an empty hanger and hitting him on the shoulder with it.

“Ow! What?” He raised his shoulder and looked at her, finally breaking from his conversation with three of his crew members.

“The shirt. Yes?”

“Whatever,” he shrugged and went back to his conversation leaving Liv to drop her arm at her side and lean her forehead forward on the rack in front of her in defeat. She’d worked this job for two months already and it wasn’t getting any easier. She had to dress him. That’s it. Seemed easy enough. Not when the client was eighteen and completely disinterested in fashion. She tried to get him to express any kind of enthusiasm over a piece before she put it on him but it was a moot point.

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no but guys she spent years hangin out with Simm!Masterofdisguise and they were watching the Doctor and Missy on the tv but

she said don’t change the channel

and he says

“A week of raising his eyebrow, why would I change?”

He sounded annoyed and put-upon but come on, this is the fucking Master, you know he looked up at the screen every few seconds just to make sure the scene didn’t change too quickly, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Okay so storytime! A few years ago (maybe 5 now?) , I was already very appreciative of Samantha Barks in the 25th Anniversary of Les Mis and knew she was going to be Éponine in the movie. I was going on at a family meal about how excited I was that my Grandma and I were going to see Oliver at Leeds Grand Theatre (literally my favourite place in Earth) and Samantha Barks was going to be playing Nancy. My Mum makes a joke about “am I sure I’m straight?” And here’s the funny part… I WAS! Despite the fact that I’d dreamt about dating Eponine, Cosette, Christine Daae… pretty much any female charcter that was appealing, for years. Not to mention a couple of my real life friends. But I still thought I was straight, because I didn’t want to have sex with them. So I was straight, right? Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

btw if you want to create lucy/lena content i’m going to start tracking #lanecorp #lucena #lucylaneedit #lenaluthoredit for my sideblog

i’m still trying to decide whether or not to start it so any content or even just likes/reblogs of this post (especially reblogs! please boost!) would help a lot!

@llucylane @sapphics i hope i’m not being annoying by tagging you in stuff but you’ve shown interest in this ship and seem to be fairly popular blogs so

  • Sansa: Cool people make the rules. They don't break the rules. And if those kids want you to break the rules, then they aren't really your friends!
  • Arya: Whoa, who are you even talking about?
  • Sansa: I don't know. I'm sorry, I'm just annoyed.
  • Sansa: But while we're on the subject, your friend Jaqen, with the long striped hair and the cloak? He concerns me.
  • Arya: He's a genius.
Just not my day.....

Ordered dinner to go from a local resturant, show up give them my name & they don’t have the order. Lady rattles off 3 names that they have take-out orders for & I say no it’s under Ande. She then says, we have another restaurant location, are you sure you called here?? Yes, I know where I called (I didn’t say that to her, I just thought that)!! The girl who I know took my order looks by the register & finds my order underneath a few pieces of paper. She never put it in!! Gah!! I was annoyed but told them I’d wait anyways.

Of course I took my Kindle out of my bag when I left the house…..didn’t think I’d need it since I was going 3 minutes down the road!!!

Guess I’ll go back in so they don’t think I just took off. The girl offered me to sit in there & she’d bring me whatever I wanted (drink wise maybe??) But I said I’d just be in the car!! I needed to chill out!