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Number 30, with whomever you please :)

Too quick, mumbled into your scarf 

Scarf makes me think of Mikasa. I hope you like femslash.


“Who might you be here to kill, Annie?” She’d recognised that perfume just a moment before she spoke, the gentleman in black with the feathered raven mask was not a gentleman at all, and Annie cursed herself for not noticing just a moment earlier, to give herself a split-second to hide her surprise.

It had been a while, she thought as she looked up at Mikasa though the eyeholes of her mask. Her dress rustled as she turned; she couldn’t pass so easily, but weren’t women always underestimated? They were both taught that, but Mikasa looked so fine in trousers, didn’t even bother to disguise herself further half the time.

Annie’s gaze swept the room, and she made her decision, letting something inside her unwind and relax. “Not tonight,” she said truthfully. “In this dress?” A good assassin knows when to retreat, after all. “I managed to get myself an invitation because I suppose I was curious to see the happy couple. And you of course you’d be here,” she added, after she realised it might be rude not to mention it. At least the awkwardness was genuine; she told herself it would throw Mikasa off.

They both turned slightly to regard the prince and princess. Eren was recognisable even under the lion mask, and Historia’s songbird costume shimmered whenever she moved, catching the eye and holding it.

She didn’t have anything against Eren. He’d visited the Academy once or twice, eager to spar with the students and good humoured in defeat. Killing him wouldn’t be a pleasure, but what blade decides who wields it?

Are they happy, she wondered. They appeared to be friends at least, and she wondered if Ymir was even still alive. So many of their classmates were dead now.

“May I?” Mikasa asked, only the curve of her bottom lip visible under the mask. She was holding out her hand.

Annie took it. They’d never talked much at the Academy, left the jokes and gossiping to others. It had always been about how they moved together. As they glided out among the other dancers, Annie felt a pang of grief. Their days at the Academy had been their best days. How could she not have seen it at the time? She’d missed her.

Mikasa bowed to her when the music ended, an uncountable number of moments later. “Annie,” she said softly. “Royal Assassins, successful or not, never live long.”

Annie withdrew her hand and thanked her for the dance.

Annie waited until the next moonless night. Mikasa was waiting for her, and they danced again. They leaped over the gaps between the buildings, fathomless chasms of darkness, clawed satin shoes whispering over the tiled roofs, blades out, edge first. Annie knew, had always known, she’d have to kill Mikasa to get to Eren.

They were both in black this time. No jewels, no feathers, no music but their own harsh breathing and the odd sounds drifting up from the city below. They both knew where the loose tiles were, had memorised the battlefield around the fine house where Eren dwelled when he visited the city.

Annie ducked under the blades, trying to get inside Mikasa’s reach, where her own daggers would punch through leather and felt and flesh. When you’re small, you fight close. Mikasa preferred to reach, long, elegant limbs matched long, elegant blades. Once Annie had been envious, but they were far beyond that.

One opening was all she needed. One opening was all she got. Mikasa’s knee went up and her elbows came down and Annie recognised her own move how could she be so stupid-

She reeled, and Mikasa turned and kicked her off the building. She’d practiced my moves-

The cobblestones were unforgiving. Annie tried to roll, felt her arm, wrist, snap, her head bounce on the ground, the air knocked out of her lungs. She lay twitching, unable to even groan as she watched Mikasa hang from the jaws of a gargoyle for a moment, then drop onto a railing and then down to the ground.

She was a dark blur, and Annie waited for death as Mikasa bent over her for a moment. Then she straightened and stepped away.

“Why,” Annie wheezed. “Are you leaving?”

Mikasa replied, but it was muffled by her scarf, and the blood in Annie’s ears.

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I wish I wasn't so scared of growing up

Anon, y’see the thing about growing up is… you don’t really have to grow up!

You might get more responsibilities (like going to work, paying bills, take care of kids if you want to have them) but you don’t have to stop doing anything that you love because you reach a certain age!

Sometimes big life decisions can be confusing and overwhelming but usually all it takes is a little time and advice from your friends/family/loved ones and you’ll get everything figured out!

Like me becoming a god of fortune; it’s something I’ve always thought about and wanted, but I never thought I could actually do it until I got to know Ebisu and had Yukine and Hiyori to encourage me, y’know?

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“ABRAHAM ,ROSITA,CAROL GO GET THE GUNS;CAAARL. “The teenage boy rushed to his father’s side.

“Take Judith and all the other kids.Protect them.”

“Dont worry dad.I got this.”

  Carl might be a young boy ,but he’s shown courage and perseverance like no other.The way he’s protecting his sister and caring for her, made you realise there are more at steak than what you thought. 

  A war is raging out of your gates .And with the walkers marching right to Alexandria ,you know that there’s no time for negotiations.Blood shall be spilled .Lives will be lost.That’s how you survive in the new world.You kill or you get killed.

“Go with Carl and stay there.I’ll come when it’s safe.“Daryl’s out of breath ,since he was running around trying to help.

“I can’t leave.You need people to fight.I’m not giving up.”

“Please go and protect the kids.Carl can’t handle it all on his own.I know you can fight but please go.“ 

His eyes made the most convincing arguments.You run to Ricks house ,where the kids were hiding.

An explosion is heard.Instinctively ,you run to the kids wanting to make sure they’re safe.You promised Daryl you would.

“Carl open up, its Ace.”

“What was that noise.”

“Don’t know.But it cant be good.”

“They tryin to get in.I won’t let them hurt Judith.“His eyes nailed on the door ,his finger on the trigger.That boy must have been through a lot.

"Don’t worry.Your dad knows what to do.”

“I know.”

“EVERYONE grab your guns and get ready.THEY’RE IN.”

You try to fight the urge pushing you out of the door and right next to the group.You choose to wait for a little longer ,hoping that things wont be as bad as they seem.

You get to the window.There’s not much you can see.The explosion caused many of the houses to turn to dust.It was obvious ,though, that a large group of people got in.

Where is everyone?

“Carl,wait here.I’ll go see what’s happening. ”

“Don’t. "He spells out.

"Carl… I know you can protect them.I promise I won’t let them get to you.But I have to help.”

“Okay."He nods.

With very cautious moves ,you open the door and hide at the porch ,right behind a plant.

You cant believe your eyes.

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Rick ,Glenn,Maggie,Abraham ,Rosita,Carol,Eugene are all kneeled one next to each other.You pull your head out trying to find Daryl.He’s nowhere to be seen.All of a sudden you start fearing for the worst.

Rick’s face is blank,his otherwise bright blue eyes pinned to the ground.His world is shuttered,all strentgh and confidence stripped away.

"Pissing our pants yet?”

He walked and placed himself before your kneeled down group, while his men were starring at him as if he’s a god.The first thing you notice is his baseball bat.Barb-wired with blood and bits of flesh “decorating”it. His black leather jacket is hugging his figure while his black hair slicked back make it easier for everyone to notice his maniacal grin. 

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 An ifuriated crowd breaks the silence ,demanding nothing but blood and death.And he,as the gracious leader he seems to be ,will oblige.

He stood still for awhile.With one gesture ,the crowd gets silent.

“Okay whos the fucking leader?“ One of his men pointed to Rick.

“So…You are fucking Rick.Nice to meet you.Im Negan.”You can tell,even from this distance,that hes overly fond of himself.

“Rick.I have to admit it.You killed a lot of my men.More than im fucking comfortable with.In fact,when i sent my people to kill your people for killing my fucking people, surprise ,surprise…What do you do?Kill more of my fucking people!!! Not cool.Rick.”He lets out a gutteral laugh and adds:

”Not cool at all.You’re gonna pay.Oh yeah.You are so gonna regret fucking crossing me.Yes you are.” You move closer so that you can have a better view of them.Negan’s eyes are sparkling with excitement.Anitcipation is written all over his face.

 He tenses his posture,grabs his barbwire bat and swings it.

”This is Lucille,And she is fucking fuckidy awesome.”

Two men,with half of their faces burnt , aggressively carry  Daryl and force him on his knees.He appears to have been shot and hit by them.The moment you’re ready to step out and rush  to his side,Carl grabs your arm and stops you.You are now both watching from distance .


"Yeah, I forgot.We got one more of your fucking group.This one’s a little hurt but he’ll live.Probably. ”

-”Now…Where was I ?Oh yes.You heard my people.What kind of a leader what i be ,if i didnt fucking meet their demands?” The crowd cheers and laughs,completely ignoring the fact that dozens of walkers are probably heading to Alexandria.

 Your heartbeat gets faster by the second.You dont want any of them “getting the honor.”

 Negan takes his time.The cocky bastard.At least Rick and his group had some guilts for killing his men.They,on the other hand,are just bloodthirsty animals.

 ”I have the best fucking idea.I swear to my almighty meaty dick,we’re gonna have so much fucking fun.Eeny..” he chuckles tauntingly as he holds Lucille over Rick’s head.

Meeny. No,not Maggie,you think to yourself..

Miny. Abraham doesnt even blink.

Moe.Rick lets out a gut wrencing gasp,as Lucille is now facing Michonne.

Catch…A tiger…  Daryl doesnt deserve an end like this.None of them do.

By..his toe... Sasha holds her ground ,refusing to give him the pleasure of her fear.

If..He hollers… Aaron cries but you know its not the fear of death ,but the fear of not having said goodbye to Eric that makes him cry.

Let him go… The bat faces Carol.

My mother…Told me… It was Carl’s turn.

To pick ..The very best one… Eugene covers his face.

And you… Glenn.

Are… Rosita.

It… He pauses before Daryl,almost dramatically,only to say:

You can breathe,you can blink,you can cry.Hell,you’re all gonna be doing that.

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“NOOOOOOOOOOOO. .. "you couldn’t just stand there and watch.Your scream made Negan stop .He smirked and asked you to approach him.

"Well,well…Who do we have here ?You’re a fucking beauty, you know that ?"He said as he run his fingers through your hair.

"LEAVE HER ALONE YOU FUCKER ”.Daryl reacted and tried to divert Negans attention from you to him.

“Fucker?"He grabbed the bat and gutted Daryl.You let out a scream which seemed to have pleased Negan.

"Okay some rules .I’m the only one allowed to say fuck.Got it ?"Everyone nodded affirmatively.

"You got a nice place here.Change of plans. You give us your fucking community and we don’t fucking kill you."Rick stares back at Negan expressionless. He doesnt know what to do.

"You’re not getting our community."You’d rather die than compromise the whole group ,and mostly Daryl.Plus Judith wouldn’t last and with her cries she’d expose everyone.

"She’s got some balls.You sure you’re the leader Rick?"Negan paused for a second.

"Okay.We get her and you keep your community.Deal?”
Daryl tried to stand up ,reacting to Negans proposal.

“Relax champ.We’re gonna treat her fucking fine.So what say you?” Daryl was trying to convince you to turn it down.Looking at Rick though,you knew there was no other option.

“I’ll come with you and you leave them alone?”

“Sure princess ."Negan smirked.

"NO. You can’t go.Don’t do this."Daryl couldn’t keep his tears.

"I have to."You kissed his cheeck and left with Negan and the saviors.

You turn around and see the others trying to hold Daryl from running after you.

"You’re better off with us princess ."Negan says.

He started a war .One that you were more than willing to fight.

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, @crzcorgi im tagging you cause youre amazing writers(this goes out to the first 5 i tagged cause ive read their work ) ,love Jeffrey and id appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on my work.

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I have a wifi restriction so I'm not allowed to watch YouTube at all :((((

Yeah I already heard about something like that right? Like you’re somewhere where they don’t have Wi-Fi and you have to use data or something right? I might be totally wrong I just thought so

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Sometimes I can't tell what's real and what isn't. Does that mean I'm insane?

I dunno. The universe is pretty insane. People train themselves to be unimpressed by everything and refuse to acknowledge the absurdity of the universe, and I think that’s pretty insane. Accepting that you don’t know what is and isn’t real might just make you a philosopher. Socrates once said something along the lines of “all I know is that I know nothing,” anybody that pretends to know what is and isn’t real is just… fuckin… silly. Idk. I kind of lost my train of thought there.

All that said, if you are concerned about your mental health, I’d recommend seeking out professional help, like a psychiatrist maybe 👍

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How do you feel about the numerous new spirit adoption shops in the tag? I feel very uncomfortable with it and how companionship seems to becoming a fad. I also fear that people just giving spirits away for cheap to free starts to devalue them - that they're more likely to be seen as disposable because they were just handed to them without any risk of investment.

Concerned anon again here… I thought about it and I realized that my previous ask might sound like I think companionship should be only open to people who can pay. I don’t think that at all… I think it should be accessable to anyone… but I fear that since there’s no initial effort or investment of getting involved, people will just pick up spirits from the adoptions and discard them if they have too many difficulities, since they’re not losing anything by giving up.

Thank you for clarifying Anon! I appreciate that. 

I understand your concern and I don’t think you are the only one. At least in the fact that so many shops and adoption posts are being put up. I do want to say that the price that matchmaking companionship shops have is not on the spirit itself. The price is on the labor and object. Shops with higher prices tend to have hand made objects that have more labor to it. 

Matchmaking companionship should never be about money. It should be about the encouraging of spirits and physical beings working together to help one another. To build a bond. However it is a service and does take labor, and thats where that price comes into play. That money may help pay bills which helps keep that shop owner running their business to keep the service going. 

Though the fear you have is accurate. There is the possibility of abandonment of the spirit. Which is sad in its own right. Most don’t realize spirit work and/or companionship is not something you can discard because it got too difficult. Spirit work is hard. Companionship is hard. In some respects its harder than building a relationship/friendship with physical beings. 

Its why when considering spirit work and companionship one should think long and hard about it. I have seen even paid spirits be abandon. I think it goes beyond money and into actually thinking it over. Not everyone is built for spirit work and/or companionship. And this is something you have to think over before actually doing. Its a lifetime (or more for some of us) commitment.

You aren’t just responsible for your own self. When you take on companionship you are now responsible for another life. You don’t have to feed, cloth, or shelter that spirit, thats not the responsibility I am talking about (unless your spirit work has that agreement, which typically you have already done spirit work for awhile by then). You are walking a path with them as they are you. There is something in it for them that will help them heal. Its a two way street. Think about it in the context of getting a new friend and bringing them into the house. Would you abandon that friend if life got too hard? ((Unless you both have talked over and agreed upon walking your separate ways))

I also want to say that adopting out spirits is just as hard and should be thought over. Being that matchmaker is twice as difficult as actually being a companion. Because you are responsible for that spirit and the possible companion. That your taking into consideration of both their needs and making sure its a good match. Its about not having doubt in your own abilities. What if you are wrong about the spirit that approached you? What if they are malicious? What if there actually wasn’t anything there and its only your brain weasels? Adopting out/matchmaking spirits is a commitment and responsibility.

I think sometimes people get ahead of themselves and jump in too fast. They love helping spirits and want the best for them. Which there is nothing wrong with that! I want the best for them as well. I am a big proponent in helping spirits. Its a huge part of my spirit work on the astral. What I am saying is some individuals jump in before actually considering everything and being properly prepared. Its hard to back track out of a commitment like this and you get tangled up in something bad. Our society is so fast paced and makes us feel rushed an/or impatient, and that sometimes translates into the spirit side of things. Its about taking a step back from that and actually taking time to consider. 

I just want to say I am not pointing fingers. Everyone has a choice in their actions and what they do. I am not judging any one person for adopting out spirits. I personally do not know someone’s history and/or thought process, as not everything about everyone is posted on a blog up front. 

♔ Mod Wolfe ♔

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Red Lights Belle and Gold - How did meeting the family go? ;)

Belle: It… could have gone better.

Gold: I’ll talk to Neal, I can’t imagine why he was so hostile, I haven’t seen him shut down like that since he was a teenager. I thought it would be easier with Emma out of town, but…

Belle: He’s being protective, it’s natural. Especially if half of what you told me about your ex-wife is true. 

Gold: You’re not like her. He’ll see that when he gets to know you, then he’ll love you. I’m sure of it.

Belle: The last thing I want is to come between you two, especially when he’s only just come home!

Gold: You won’t. It just might take some time is all. 

TMI Tuesday!

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Imagine Lucios s/o having 11 fluffy dogs. I thought of this at two am and thought it might be cute, just, 11 poofy dogs that love everyone (this probably makes no sense lol I haven't slept in 42 hours)


But. Yeah. Yeah, really. That’s. Such a great image.

Lúcio going skating or just running and just going out with the dogs in the sunshine to make sure they get exercise. PUPPY PILE. He cannot escape the dogs and their fluff.

And you cannot tell me that he wouldn’t be using, like, their little toe-taps on the wood/tile flooring as a little homage to his home life in his works.

And taking the dogs to the base is a one-way trip to a good day because everybody loves those dogs. There is not a single person on base who doesn’t, and yes, that includes the cat people who begrudgingly smile at them and throw a ball for them to chase after.

They’re sorta like his and his S/O’s kids!

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im in love with dan's nails! on his latest instagram pic a lot of comments were people going crazy about it. im just hoping that it's not one of those things he was hoping would fly under the radar, you know? like he wanted to do it but he didnt want a whole lot of attention for it? i would just hate for him to not do it anymore just because people are obsessing over it. and who knows, im not in his head, that might not be what he's thinking at all. what are your thoughts?

yeah i completely understand! but i do think he kinda knew this was gonna happen so i think he knew what to expect!!!

hey y’all - i hope everyone had a great weekend and wish nothing but good things for you in the coming week. 💖

i just had an idea i wanted to run by you guys! i know it’s august so it’s a bit early, but halloween is every day right around corner! i thought it might be a fun halloween idea for us to share photos/selfies of our costumes! alternatively – or additionally - we could also share photos of any decorations or things like that. i just thought it would be fun way for all us spooky sapphic folks to share a little halloween cheer. :)

like i said, i know it’s early but since it’s on my mind i thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and gauge interest and get some feedback. so let me know what you guys think and if you would or would not participate in something like this!

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Who do you ship each of the EXO boys with excluding yourself ? I saw this going around tumblr and thought it might be fun! If not sorry to bother you, hope you have a nice day :]

You’re not bothering me at all!

Excluding myself? But why? D:

Umm, tbh I don’t know all that many people on here since I’m fairly new to Tumblr but I’ll give it a go :)

Minseok would without a doubt be with @minniecakes. #Jaeminisreal

“Baekhyun ruins my life” – direct quote from @sebaekkk. She should enjoy all that Nutella goodness ;)

@layshands would 100% get Yixing. Anyone that can appreciate hands like I do deserves to get the man. He’s all yours!

I haven’t actually spoken to @averagegeekgirl but I’ve been creeping on her blog for a while and she would definitely be with Sehun if I couldn’t have him.

Since my faves are already taken, I’ll just break the rules slightly and take the rest :P

Above all though, I ship them with anyone that can make them as happy as they make us :)



JUST HER LICCKING HER LIPS WHILE WATCHING HAYLEY DANCE, wishing it was hayley she was licking

WHERE YOU LOOKING? NOT AT HER HAIR (she aint blinkin, she lazer focused on something hay’s got down there this whole dance)

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Sad Dad Might: All Might trying to bond with Bakugou but there will always be a distance between them because of Izuku and Bakugou's pride and how he based his whole self worth on the fact that he was the best and Izuku was the worst. Years of conditioning doesn't just go away in a year or two...


(Bakugou was having a bad day and All Might tried to comfort him; he wasn’t sure if it was working and was gonna get up and leave Bakugou alone. he probably wanted his privacy, All Might thought, but Bakugou pulled him back… 

looks like he was doing this comfort thing right, after all)

@sixpenceee okay. so the other day I was considering what i should get for my garden next year and I remembered as a child I always loved snapdragons. so I did my research to see how much sun they need etc.  and you know there pretty and all

but when they die


Which is actually pretty cool. Anyway thought you might like it.

There are a thousand things I want to say to you. All these thoughts running through my head every time I see you. I know it wouldn’t matter if I did say them, it might change things between us, but not in the way I want. So I change the subject every time the words almost come out. But I want you to know. I want you to know that you’re one of my favorite people in the world. You make me feel safe, like I can trust you, and I don’t trust many people. You give me something worth living for. I could list a hundred cliches that became true when I met you, but I won’t because they’ve all been said before. But know this: You are everything to me. It doesn’t matter that you’ll never feel the same, because you make everything better just by existing. It is enough to be here existing along side of you.
—  a letter i will never send

    “I plan to stop at Winterfell on the way south. If there is any message that you would like me to deliver…”
    “Tell Robb that I’m going to command the Night’s Watch and keep him safe, so he might as well take up needlework with the girls and have Mikken melt down his sword for horseshoes.
    “Your brother is bigger than me,” Tyrion said with a laugh. “I decline to deliver any message that might get me killed.”
    “Rickon will ask when I’m coming home. Try to explain where I’ve gone, if you can. Tell him he can have all my things while I’m away, he’ll like that.
    People seemed to be asking a great deal of him today, Tyrion Lannister thought. “You could put all this in a letter, you know.”
    “Rickon can’t read yet. Bran…” He stopped suddenly. “I don’t know what message to send to Bran. Help him, Tyrion.


okay so heres the thing, lately I’ve been reading a lot of joker imagines and I’ve seen this a few times and I thought I should just say something bc I thought it might help the writers and the readers would enjoy it more. Oh and THIS IS GOING FOR ALL THE JOKERS, NOT JUST A CERTAIN ONE. So here we go.

The Joker is absolutely completely without a doubt INCAPABLE of FEELING LOVE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. If you’ve seen the movies or tv shows, you would’ve known how mentally gone he is. He has absolutely no remorse for ANYTHING he does, no sympathy, no regret. He cannot feel anything but Anger, Happiness or Frustration. Maybe sometimes Self-Pity when Batman ruins his plans. But Happiness is his default emotion. Anger is his backup emotion. That is how he works. I’m re-writing some of this and when I first posted this I said he was 100% without a doubt unable to cry. But I think I’m wrong because the Joker in Suicide Squad is seen with streaks down his face in the “Where is she?” scene. But, I do still believe that he can’t feel sad and I think that he would only cry out of Anger or Frustration or when Batman destroys his plans that he worked really hard on, he would probably be feeling a huge amount of Self-Pity, but that would probably turn into anger/frustration/or his insanity would take over and he would go and like take it out on people. But it wouldn’t be often that he cries. Now, since he cannot do or feel these 3 things, (Love like a normal person, Cry out of sadness or Feel Sad), you may be wondering how the hell are you supposed to be able to write fluffy imagines about him. Well, while we feel love, he feels Obsessed. That is his version of love. Obsession. (And I don’t mean obsession like, he keeps you locked in some room and doesn’t let you out and treats you like an animal. I mean, he craves you. He would destroy anyone and anything to get to you. He’s crazy about you. You keep him “sane”. He’s obsessed with you.) Now this doesn’t mean that imagines about him can’t cute or romantic or fluffy. It just means that he would never say “I love you.” Because he doesn’t. But he still cares deeply about the reader. He is obsessed with them. Obsessed with protecting them. Obsessed with keeping them. And yes, I guess this in some way could be love, but you have to remember he doesn’t really understand love. He doesn’t understand the feeling or why people say it. And because of that deep down inside, some part of him is always going to care more about himself than the reader. His plans will ALWAYS come first. That is just who he is. And if you’re going to write about such a complex and unique character, you have to understand this. He will never be able to say sorry, because he doesn’t feel remorse. But he will feel bad, even if he doesn’t show it, in his own weird way. He’ll apologize without saying he’s apologizing or sorry. Probably something like: “I understand why you’re mad and I get it, and I know I should probably do better. Please don’t stay mad at daddy, dollface.” That is something along the lines of what he would say. He is also extremely possessive and you can use this to make multiple imagines or fanfics about him. He is protective up to a certain point. He’s not gonna baby you. If you’re dating him, you need to know some self-defence. He’s protective of you, and he’s thinking about your safety, but he’s also thinking about himself. And how will this effect him. He will also say “dirty” things, but not mean them in a dirty way, so it doesn’t always have to end up in smut. He will say daddy or kiss you roughly or slap your ass or breath heavily or tell you to sit on his lap, in a perfectly normal way without him suggesting at something dirty. That’s who he is. It’s apart of his character. You have to understand that. Again, this is for both Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker. Any Joker. They’re all the same person with the same personality. Basically before I wrap this up just remember this:

1) The Joker is absolutely incapable of feeling any sort of Love like a NORMAL person, Sadness and he’s fully unable to Cry out of sadness because he doesn’t feel sadness. (It would be more like heavy Self-Pity, but that would turn into anger too) He feels no HEAVY remorse. (I guess he must feel a LITTLE if he feels bad for hurting you)

2) His version of Love is Obsession.

3) You can still write really cute and fluffy and romantic imagines about him, you just have to remember he would never say “I love you”. Probably something like “You complete me” “I need you” “You keep me sane” “You’re my favourite girl. My only girl.” “You’re my one and only.” One of these, or all of them, would be his substitute for “I love you”. (Though this doesn’t mean the reader can’t say it, I think they would and he would either say “I know, princess” or kiss them or just respond with one of those)

4) He will say dirty things very normally and this will not lead to sex all the time. It is apart of his character. The reader will be able to call him “daddy” or kiss him roughly or sit on his lap normally, because that would be a normal part of their relationship.

5) Overall the Joker will probably always care about himself and his plans more. But to some extent, you will be his weakness. For certain things at least. But he will do mostly anything for you, because he’s so obsessed with you and keeping you happy and apart of him needs you. Not a huge or big part, but a small part of him, that he’s tried very hard to push away, needs you. And losing you would kill another part of him. Not all of him. Just a small part of him. But he is insane. More insane than normal insane. He’s overally sane. And therefore it’s very hard for him to care about others, because he is not used to it. You have to remember, he’s been insane for so long. The main point is the Joker is very complex and hard to write about, but it’s not even that hard as long as you actually understand who you’re writing about. Keep this in mind and writing about him will be a breeze. I really hope this helped someone bc it took me a while to write all this, but I think I did a pretty good job. (P.S, the reader doesn’t always have to be crazy themself you know. She could be completely normal, just okay with the fact that she’s dating the joker. This would be cool bc you’d be able to write a lot of imagines about him teaching them how to use guns and showing them his business and him telling them all his stories and them being so fascinated bc they’ve never heard anything like them.) And btw, I do realize that everyone has their own ways of writing and a lot of people really like canon and I promise I’m not trying to hate on that, that’s perfectly fine. This was just for people who want to write about him like fully in the original character or who want to do canon but still want it to be in character.

P.S:uh I’ve added imagine ideas for the joker, incase anyone was having trouble coming up with new ideas for him or just uh needed help. they’re like prompts I guess. heres the link incase anyone wanted to check it out: Joker “Prompts”