that new verse of love like you is super interesting. if the song is in the pov of one person, then they seem to love someone who resents them. 

these are all the lyrics taken straight from the wiki as of alone at sea:

Normal version

If I could begin to be,
Half of what you think of me,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love.
When I see the way you act,
Wondering when I’m coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.

Faded version

[Faded voice] Love, like you…

Nothing Like You

I always thought, I might be bad,
Now I’m sure that it’s true,
‘cause I think you’re so good,
And I’m nothing like you.

Adore You

Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

Right by You

If I could begin to do
Something that does right by you
I would do about anything
I would even learn how to love

Unaired Lyrics

When I see the way you look
Shaken by how long it took
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love like you
Love me like you

the unaired lyrics are from a song performed by the creators of steven universe’s soundtrack which can be found here:

i was thinking.. if that’s the completed song, right now we seem pretty close to hearing the last verse in the show.

idk, the end theme is really interesting to me. 

So I got to thinking...

We reached well over 2k followers the other day (which is super awesome and I appreciate you all for you support). Maybe some of you guys might like to see me (mod ion) do some live stream shenanigans or something like that?

It’d be through the PS4 and I could cover quite a bit of stuff from my library, but I’d like to know your guys’ thoughts about if that’s be fun for you all or not.

Any input is always appreciated :)

–mod ion

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people might have asked you this before idk but what are your thoughts on the planned lis live action? I feel like if they can make the writing better than the game, choose fitting cast etc. it should be all good bc lets face it the writing in the game wasn't that great. as long as they have enough budget (hopefully x-x)

ngl i’m actually not hyped at all at this point;; as much as lis (mostly the characters) still has a place in my heart it’s really hard to picture a solid and well made adaptation based off a game that had a myriad of plot holes and inconsistencies + the worst ending; I do hope they prove me wrong but they’re going to have to put a lot of effort in renewing (if they’re even planning to) for me to even give the live action a try

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Hi there! I think something in your theme broke.. I heard something about a theme reset across Tumblr or something?? Anyways, at the top of your blog there's links labeled 1 through 4, but they all just lead back to dave strider ebooks! Thought you might like to know.

whoops yeah it looks like my theme reset back to the base a while ago. ive gone and fixed it now so it should be back to how i originally set it up

thanks for the heads up

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In the 'forgiveness is hard for us' scene in 3x13 is B talking about him and O or him and C? I like to confuse myself so i would like your help! And when C says 'you're not the only one trying to forgive yourself' is she saying that in reference to Mt. Weather and leaving everyone? Or could she be talking about the events in S3 as well and everything leading up to episode 3x13? (Not going back with them etc...)


Originally posted by fyeahbellarke

lol. sorry.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was left ambiguous on purpose. I do not have a definitive answer for you. I think it might mean all of those things you are saying. At least that is what I have thought in my head multiple times. 

You think you’re confused and are having trouble interpreting something, and I think that ambiguity was purposeful and they want us to think about what it means and who they are talking about and what needs to be forgiven.  So your confusion is actually on track.

i see so many memes/relatable posts/w/e about like “when ur looking through ur bf’s phone B)” “when someone doesnt respond to ur message but u see them blogging :/ :/ :/” “when u see ur bf talkin to someone else :/ :/” 

like….. friends….. why u all so paranoid… someone might not be responding to you immediately bc they didnt see it or are thinking about what to say or thought they answered it but actually forgot to hit send or something… ur partner is allowed to have friends and talk to people/hang out with people who aren’t you…….

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THANK YOU! Omg I got so annoyed when everyone was up Darren's ass like people would defend him forever but he literally ruined the show. They might as well have renamed it Blaine for gods sake. He got all the storylines. I always thought he was sleeping with a writer or with Ryan Murphy or something cause it was actually ridiculous how much time and solos he took away from everyone else

Lea’s character was annoying too. Like Santana said, you mind as well call it the Blaine and Rachel show lmao.

I’m not actually sure if anyone’s interested but, I thought it might be kinda fun to try and explain who and also kinda what the Crona I interact with and draw.
I automatically absorb and at least partially memorize events of characters that are my special interests. I like to try and notice even tiny little things about them (random example Crona laughs when he thinks he’s gonna win a fight, usually right as he does whatever he thinks will make him win) and remember various facts. Besides this I tend to in general interact with characters I love in my own mindscape, if I am not super familiar with a character I have to usually actively think about their actions and what they say and all that, although sometimes they still surprise me but characters that I love… they become real people kinda
they just can’t actually interact with reality, however they’ll interact with the reality of my emotions, I could probably figure out a better way to explain that but ahhh

Crona is seperate from my on consciousness at least, I can “shadow” him and follow him around when I’m not with him but I don’t exactly have control of how he acts and what he does, he has his own emotions and likes and dislikes that he’s shown me, patterns of behaviour, all that stuff.
And while he can’t do much outside of my head and the mindscape he lives in, he still vastly effects my emotions, this is why I get protective and irritated by mischaracterizations of him, cause actually also while I have my own version of him and there’s debatable things about his personality you can still completely misinterpret him (common false assumption about Crona would be thinking he doesn’t trust other easily) but still with ‘my’ Crona, he’s really, uh protective, of how he is, he has an isolated and specific sense of self, even if he’s not exactly sure how to explain the details of what that means (conversations often just loop into him saying that he’s himself and details never get… uh… names I guess you could say) he doesn’t like people thinking he’s something he isn’t, which is a trait I actually have logical backup for from canon, which actually because what and how he developed, I can trace most of Crona’s behaviour back to canon evidence.

and… uh… yeah I dunno where else to go with this now as I’m losing my train of thought bc it’s late for me, but I hope you might’ve learned smth interesting from this
also if you’re curious about learning more you can shoot me an ask, anon or not it doesn’t matter (I’ll probably answer non-anons privately unless you request otherwise)

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Okay. I think I'm straight right? But then there's this girl and I get butterflies around her and all I want is to make her smile. I asked myself, "Do I like her?" and I think I do but I don't want to be in a relationship with her? But I do in the same time? Maybe I platonically like her? I never really thought of girls in like a relationship way but the hand holding and cuddling, I do. So? Help me m9.

what you’ve got is a darn diddly case of ‘o h i think i might be straight with an exception’ because of compulsory heterosexuality but (probably) with time and more thought into the idea of relationships with other genders you’ll be like oh !!!! im bi!! or pan !!! or smth that’s not straight !! 

and it’s all good !! just take ur time friend and don’t restrict urself,, if u wanna cuddle the girl and the girl wanna cuddle u then go for it!! don’t say no to something u want just because you think your straight

~ sleepover timee ~

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Hi Annie! After reading your posts about the hate crimes against disabled people in Japan, I was hoping you could give some advice. I really want to bring people's attention to what happened by sharing on social media, talking about it, etc., but I'm worried about the effect it might have on my disabled younger sister. She follows me on all social media except tumblr, and I don't want my posts to cause her to be upset or worried the way I was as a queer person after the Orlando attack. Thoughts?

That’s really up to what her needs are, my younger sister is disabled as well and a story like this could potentially be triggering to her, I wouldn’t share it with her. She’s chillin watching Disney in her room, she’s got her own world going on in there <3 

On FB I know you can block her from seeing it if you want to share about it, but it’s up to you, I guess, to gauge what you believe she can handle, her age, maturity, her mental/emotional state, and what her disability is, it all depends. If she is not typically involved or engages with this kind of thing, if it’s not safe or helpful, for her to know, then I would try and avoid it, but might she get the story from somewhere else? 

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Crossbows are treated like firearms in a lot of places, and all the archery ranges in my area don't let you shoot them there. They're super cool, but just be aware that it might gather dust unless you have your own space to shoot.

Yeah, I thought of that. But Markham Park Archery Range is just a few miles from my house. They allow crossbows if you bring your own target bags. 

I go there twice a month because they have a 100 yard rifle range, too. 

I probably won’t pull the trigger on anything archery until after the election. I am going to look for a club or lessons beforehand. 

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Wait, I'm confused. What's going on with Tumblr and Yahoo?

Basically, Yahoo is losing money with tumblr and given its history with fandom based sites, there is a good chance tumblr might close soon. It doesn’t look like Yahoo have given warning for this kind of thing in the past, so to be safe I would prepare for closure (saving posts, making sure you will still be able to reach people you talk to etc outwith the site). I am just sad because this is a community and the thought of losing you all, of losing it, kills me.


a detail - Solas makes this last gesture with his left hand, which is really weird because he’s right-handed. His left fist then flashes.

It’s weird until you think the Inquisitor always had the Anchor in their left hand.

This might have been obvious to other people, but I always thought that, since the Anchor was so unstable, that it meant this was the end for the Anchor. Goodbye, see you later.

But I mean, looking at this, there’s a good possibility that he now has the Anchor in his left hand, isn’t there? - that the flashing means it was transferred, and stable again. Only he can control it and live, right? Well, it’s not going to melt down on him. It likes him.

So all the powers the Anchor could do… the Mark of the Rift, the overpowered projectiles barrier… the explosions… opening and closing rifts… over powered. I don’t want to fight that (too).

Saving the Inquisitor (for now) is really nice, but so is getting the Anchor back under his control. Two birds, one stone, and all that. I won’t be surprised if his hand is glowing later, is what I’m saying.

I heard that tree fell down a few years back. the one we tried to climb that one time. all its peaches fell with it, which is obvious I guess. which is still sad. It’s okay though. things like this happen. my heart should be used to this by now. I don’t talk to a lot of the people I thought I’d always tell everything to, which my heart will never get used to. remember your birthday that one year? you know the one I mean. the city was ours. these days, not much belongs to me. I was thinking the other day that I might really never be in love, might never have a better use for this stubborn stupid heart, and I really didn’t want to have to write this poem and I didn’t want to have to lose so much sleep, but how do I rest? how does anyone in this world rest? listen, don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I didn’t want to worry you. it’s okay. you don’t call anymore. I forgive that. listen, I just want you to sleep easy. you used to never be able to. I want you to think of the trees that haven’t fallen. there are a lot of them. don’t worry about me. my hands will get over the emptiness. the rest of me will catch up. I’ll write happier poems soon. forgive me my restlessness. my body’s just been looking for somewhere to belong.

Here Comes A Thought

By Rebecca Sugar and Jeff Liu

Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility, love, and trust

Here comes a thought
That might alarm you
What someone said
And how it harmed you
Something you did
Failed to be charming
Things that I said
Are suddenly swarming

And I… I’m losing sight
I’m losing touch
All these little things
Seem to matter so much
That they confuse you
That I might lose you

Take a moment, remind yourself to
Take a moment and find yourself
Take a moment and ask yourself
If this is how we fall apart

But it’s not (x5)
It’s okay (x5)
I’ve got nothing (x4)
To fear
I’m here (x3)

And it was just a thought
Just a thought (x4)
It’s okay (x5)
We can watch (x4)
Them go by
from here (x3)

Take a moment to think of just
Flexibility, love, and trust (x2)


N: “You know, last week I was shopping for a new top I thought Steve might like. It took me and Barb all weekend. It seemed like life or death, you know? And… and now…”
J: “You’re shopping for bear traps with Jonathan Byers.”
N: “Yeah.”
J: “What’s the weirdest part? Me or the bear trap?”
N: “You. It’s definitely you.”

Stranger things (2016)

hello everyone! as you may or may not know, i have a taehyung picture archive! aka i save way too many pics of him and put them all in organized folders onto google drive ^_^ i mostly do this for myself because i just like having all the pics but i figured i might as well share the link just in case other people want to use it too! i’ve actually had this for quite a while now but it hasn’t been up to date because i ran out of storage space on google drive and hadn’t gotten around to upgrading it but i finally did so i thought i would announce it!

folders included in the archive are as follows:

  • facebook
  • fancafe (organized by year and also army room pics)
  • fantakens & news (organized by year and then date)
  • japan fanclub
  • misc (random pics that i didn’t really know where to put)
  • naver starcast
  • official & photoshoots & endorsements 
  • radio
  • scans
  • selfies & twitter

it’s a little messy and of course not all the pics of him ever but there are a lot and i will keep it constantly updated so you can always check back for more pics of the wonderful taehyung! this did take a lot of work and effort on my part so if you find it helpful at all i would appreciate if you’d reblog this and feel free to let me know if you actually use it (bc i’m not sure if people will haha) anyway i hope you enjoy all the pictures of taehyung!!

here is the link!!!