AFK - pre-Seattle RL, a bit too much work and the mind of a Swiss cheese

Am rather away from keyboard at the moment; there are a lot of things that needs to be done before I take off for one and a half week away from home, which if one is in Seattle. I refuse to do any kind of working during this trip, so I need to get ahead on a lot of things before that. There’s also the issue of my mind currently being a bit like Swiss cheese outside of work. I seriously can’t make my mind up about almost anything and I have the focus of a concussed goldfish most of my spare time at the moment. The cost of over compensating one’s pathologies while at work, I guess.

I will be back more soon, but right now I will allow myself to drift a bit, no matter how much I want to have the focus to do the things I love here.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

People need to calm down. I’m not trying to take your posts. I’m reblogging you not posting things off of your account. Who cares if I delete the caption? I don’t usually like the captions. I don’t mind if you delete my captions do whatever you want 💜💜

Imagine your OTP- Things I've said to my SO
  • "Why the fuck are there three different rolls of paper towels??"
  • "Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?"
  • "Taking off my clothes takes effort. I'm sleeping on the futon."
  • "At what point if any did it cross your mind that this might be a bad idea?"
  • "Wake me up if you want something!! Seriously! Sleepy sex is awesome!"
  • "Please kill it. Preferably with fire."
  • "See, this is why we're together. No one else could handle our terrible puns."
  • "I love you. but I swear to you if you keep leaving lunch containers in the sink without putting soapy water in them I will kill you slowly."
  • "Dude, we're old... your brother just left with a 24-pack of bud ready to party, and we're sitting in front of the TV with Netflix and fancy cheese."
  • "These potatoes in the fridge are starting to flower... can I toss them?"
  • "Sleep is for those that haven't been struck with inspiration."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "Sweetie, I appreciate the thought, but I meant A 50c PACKAGE of reeses, I didn't need the whole candy aisle."
  • "Goddamn it why are you so sweet."
  • "I just got out from babysitting and I am having my tubes tied immediately."
  • "Let me rephrase, I'm getting mongolian. if you'd like, you can come along, but if not, that's cool too. but I want mongolian."
  • "You bought WHAT for HOW MUCH?"
  • "I love your mother, but I almost reached across the table and wrapped my hands around her throat."
  • "Why do we even NEED more bass?"
  • "You may want to hide the alcohol because I may die from how much and how badly I want to drink right now."
  • "Aaaack that freaks me out when you do that!!"
  • "Everything hurts and I'm dying, but I'm not pregnant this month so that's nice."

It’s been a while! I have been crazy busy this Winter with the holidays and trying to keep on top of deadlines, which has seen me slacking a little on the personal art front.

I’m hoping to have some fresh art up soon, but for now here are a few full sketch pages. Some of these are from just before Christmas (I posted a few snippets on instagram) just before I took a break from my sketch book for a few weeks. The rest are from the last seven days or so. Definitely need to start picking my pace back up!

It’s obviously well into the New Year now, but since it’s my first post I hope everyone’s 2015 is off to a great start! The news over the last few months has been pretty grim, and there is a lot to be concerned about and plenty of issues that are tremendously worrying.

With that in mind, I really think taking a second to step back from all the negativity and looking at the amazing things people are doing as individuals and as a global community can give us all cause for optimism and personally, I’m looking forward to where this year takes us all!

See you around.


bts as things I hear in my ghetto ass school
  • jin:who cares if there's weed in it, IT'S A FUCKING BROWNIE FAM. I'D GIVE MY RIGHT LEG FOR THAT SHIT
  • suga:i'm exhausted as fuck, i worked for 35 hours yesterday
  • namjoon:i just got hit in the face with a volleyball in gym. we weren't even playing volleyball. we were outside too what the fuck
  • jimin:coach you mind if I take off my shirt? my abs need to breathe.
  • taehyung:boats float??? but i thought they elevate???


I needed something to take my mind of a bit of life stress ATM and drawing my favourite subjects (beautiful women, copious amounts of hair, roses and crystals) from my favourite TV program in forever (Steven Universe!), in a kinda easy pose with a pretty galaxy texture thrown on was the perfect thing for taking my mind off lifecrap~

I’m stopping myself from gushing about SU right here… all I’ll say is I consider it a seminal work made with a lot of love, and I hope it changes the direction of children’s television. It’s given me so much happiness and inspiration, I can only imagine the positive influence it may be having on minds younger than mine. :) 

(I know her gem should at least be partially visible, but putting it in there spoiled the composition making the bottom of the triangle look cluttered, my bad for not considering it at the sketch stage… <_<)

Galaxy texture from the Hubble Site gallery - 

gahh i like don’t need to be saying this but i feel like i gotta get it off my chest…i know it’s easy? to get frustrated with the update schedule of check please when there’s these long breaks and it can feel like ngozi doesn’t care or like…is just letting things slide but keep in mind??? she’s doing like so much work. 

like as of now each update consists of multiple episodes and each episode is normally 8-10 pages (with most of them being closer to 10) and like??? if you add up the february, april, and june updates…..that’s 11 episodes so like 110 pages?? so while, yeah, the majority of webcomics i read may be updating more regularly and multiple times a week, they’re also only producing one page each update. if ngozi updated check please that way she could also be easily updating multiple times a week (there’s only been 36 weeks so far this year!! so with 110 pages….u get it adjf). so while it might seem like the content is sparse, she’s doing a significant amount of work in a short amount of time.

and on top of all those pages/updates (which includes the actual drawing of the comic, but also the script writing, the paneling, the design of each pose and like “shot” etc. etc.), she’s also managing the twitter (which i know has been kinda dead lately but i’d personally like to think there’s narrative reasons behind that), restocking the store occasionally (which means printing books/huddles/making up tshirts), streaming on the patreon/updating the private blog, going to cons (which means producing merch!!!!! and taking time to travel), and drawing madison, and now planning a new kickstarter….like her plate is definitely full. 

i get why people are disappointed/frustrated cause yeah!! it can be annoying when u feel like you’re not getting what you were promised but idk it’s also a free comic on the internet so if you’re not enjoying it there’s nothing wrong with no longer following it….idk basically ngozi’s working hard and i like her content 

I would imagine that croach can sit motionless for hours on end when he has to but when he’s nervous, or what he would equate to being nervous, he’s very fidgety and has to do something with his hands.
Sometimes he folds paper, sometimes he does little weavings, but if he rely needs to take his mind of something he’ll do a bigger project. Knitting for example.

( The journey continues….

Now starts the next stage in Ribbons’s story, he’s on the road again, trying to get away from his hunters and the noise of the city. What should he do next? What WILL he do next? 

Thank you for following me this far, I hope you continue to love and support me and Ribbons on this journey. )

Hillwood on J2's curtsey
  • Hannah:I remember when they were in the room, we were just looking for like 30 seconds and then you’re done and you’re good. So they did their thing, like Jared takes his little beanie off and does his little dance, and shakes himself, and after that Hilly was bold enough to say, ‘do you mind me asking if you could do one more thing?’ And they were like ‘no, sure, what?’ And she said I would love it if I could have one of you curtsey at the end and maybe the other one would bow like for the closing of the video, we’d love it to be the last thing. And I think it was – was it Jensen?
  • Hilly:It was Jensen, yeah.
  • Hannah:Jensen did the curtsey. And then of course Jared looks over and goes ‘well I don’t wanna bow, I wanna curtsey too.
  • Hannah:Then he asked Hilly how to curtsey and she had to teach him how, and then we all had a good laugh. It was really funny. (@fangasm)
Reaction to You Bleeding Through Their Sweats on Your Period - GOT7


Jaebum: *tries to tell you discreetly while the boys are around*

“Baby come here for a minute”

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“Shit babe uh.. are those my pants?”

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Jackson: *takes his jacket off for you to tie around your waist*

“Here sweetie, wear this until we get home,”

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“Wait there Jagi, I’ll get you another pair of my sweats okay?”

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“Honey, you gotta little something on your bum there”

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BamBam: *notices the stain*

“Okay… I can take these shorts off if you need them? I don’t mind going pantsless,”

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“Do we need to stop by a store and get you some things? I can run inside for you..”

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I’m a perfect imperfection
my craft has been perfected
I just need affection
Emotionally, Imma introvert but it comes off as aggression
No one understands me and everybody can’t be slow
It’s refreshing to find someone who thinks like me so I can’t be wrong
I’m a perfect imperfection and I don’t find interest in the radio
So every time I get high I watch the time pass by like away we go
Is it ok to cry when you’re dying inside?
Seem like codeine is the one thing that help take my mind from the lies
—  Kevin Gates

“Today is officially a day off for the Honda Civic Tour but not a day off. Sara and I are headlining our own show at a venue we’ve played once before called The Norva. First things first I need to mention the jacuzzi that’s backstage at The Norva. For whatever reason it just really grosses me out that there is a jacuzzi in a rock club. I just can’t help but think of all the gross stuff that’s happened in that jacuzzi. In my opinion no one in their right mind would go in that thing. But I want someone to go in so bad so I can take a photo. It becomes my mission to get someone in our entourage to brave the waters for me so I can take a photo.

Lets just skip ahead. I won’t bore you with the details of the day. It was a great show, the catering was healthy and awesome and I laughed a lot with our lovely and talented support act Hesta Prynn.

An hour before we left the venue at the end of the night 3 brave souls got in the jacuzzi. A member of Hesta Prynn’s band was celebrating his birthday and that night and after a few drinks, on his own accord, said he wanted to go in the jacuzzi. I jumped at my opportunity. I convinced Ted (hardly any convincing needed to be done) our guitar player to jump in with Caleb. It "was” his birthday after all. Ted said yes! Then another backstage guest who was also celebrating his birthday stripped down and jumped in. Dreams really do come true.“ - Tegan Quin

Reblog if you want fan art of your URL I have 80 sheets of paper so I can do 160 c: following or not I just need something to take my mind off things