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A/N: I’m not happy with this, so I’m probably taking it down again but here goes a try. 

Word Count: 3,013

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”Shawn? Shawn? Are you even listening to me at all?” I muttered, glancing over at Shawn in the passenger seat. 

I turned down John Mayer’s calming voice singing to us through the stereo in the jeep. My eyes fell on Shawn late enough for him to jerk up his head and quickly pop his eyes open. Confused and sleepy. For short moment probably wondering where on earth he was. 

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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

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Hey,, Sorry - I know requests are closed atm but someone really close to me just passed away and I've been needing something to lift my spirits.. Anything fluffy as all shit is fine I just need to take my mind off things

14 and 27 from the last post? Please you can write it with modern!kylo? Thank you a lot, and I am sorry for my English

It’s alright hun, my requests for drabbles are still good so I’m gonna do this little piece for you. I’m sorry for your loss and may they rest in paradise. Keep your chin up and feel better (in due time of course). I hope you like this :)

(also to the other anon, don’t apologize your English is perfectly fine :)  )

Modern AU Triplet Kylo Ren +  “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.” +  “Is that my sweater?”

Suddenly you felt yourself being roused from your sleepy state by a deep whisper.


Your brows furrowed as your eyes just barely started to peel open. Even in your blurry line of vision, you could distinctly make out Kylo’s face before you. You were used to waking up randomly when living with the Solo-Organa triplets, but never had they dared rouse you from deep slumber this late in the evening. 

You groaned, “What?”

“Wake up.”


“Come on.”

Seeing you still not budge even the slightest Kylo groaned as walked around to the other side of the bed. To your surprise the mattress dipped as he scooted closer to you, feeling his broad frame brush against your back side your eyes instantly shot open. Practically falling off the side of the bed you moved away as you glared over your shoulder at him.

“Whoa! What the hell?”

“I’m trying to wake you up.”

Your brows furrowed, “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.”

Kylo sighed, “I’m aware. That’s not why I’m waking you up.”

Your brow arched as you waited for him to continue, obviously wondering as to where this was going. 

“I have something I want to show you.”

You sighed, “Can’t it wait until the morning?”

“It won’t be here in the morning.”

You paused for a moment, considering the patient expression on his face. For the time you had lived with the triplets, Kylo had continually been the most closed off, the most abrasive. This was not a side you were used to seeing. Maybe, just maybe, it would be worth entertaining his change in mood.

You groaned, “Fine.”

He gave you the faintest hint of a smile you had ever seen grace his features before climbing back out of the bed. Slowly you sat yourself up, stretching as far as your limbs would allow with a little pop in the joints. Humming in content you lifted yourself from the warmth of your bed.

“Bring a coat or something.”

You rubbed your eyes, “What?”

“It’s outside, get a jacket.”

You sighed as you gave Kylo a nod, “Alright.”

Turning to your dresser you quickly pulled out one of the drawers as you fished a sweater out from the collection. Content with how heavy it felt you slipped it over your head and carefully shimmied yourself inside. Looking you over Kylo suddenly paused with furrowed brows.

“Is that my sweater?”

You shrugged, Kylo seemed to be hesitant. Almost offended that you were in possession of one of his sweaters. You yawned, “Where’s the thing?”

Kylo nudged his head towards the balcony, the very small perk of your apartment. Despite your lack of enthusiasm for the complex as a whole, it was certainly a perk you did not expect to have. Luckily for you, it was spacious enough to fit all three hulking triplets and yourself. Sliding open the door Kylo moved aside as he allowed you to pass him to the outside. Yawning once again you wrapped your arms around yourself. 

To your surprise it appeared as though Kylo had already been out here, a telescope was sitting on the edge of the balcony and a whole array of cushions placed before it. It looked surprisingly nice and in a way, peaceful. Closing the screen door behind you Kylo moved closer.

“Come sit.”

Not bothering to wait for you, he sat himself on the cushions, adjusting himself comfortably. With a sigh you brought yourself beside him, gently seating yourself beside him. The second you found yourself on the cushions, you suddenly felt the warmth of a thick blanket engulf your legs. Kylo had splayed it out across himself as well as yourself, protecting you from the frigid night air. 

“Why are we out here?”

Kylo looked to his phone for a moment before he nudged his head towards the sky.

“Just look.”

You sighed, already fed up with his vague answers. Obliging to his request you looked up to sky, wondering what on earth he could have possibly woken you up for. The instant your eyes went to scan the sky however, you found yourself instantly slipping into awe. Not only were the stars shining particularly brighter, but a blaze was flying through the sky above you. The Haley’s comet itself, gracing you with it’s presence. 

Taking note of your suddenly jubilant expression Kylo smiled, “That’s why.”

Though he wouldn’t tell you, Kylo had taken special notice of just how down you had been feeling as of late. As the quietest of the triplets he was naturally more of an observer, and considering how much he already watched you, it was only a matter of time before he caught on. To him, this was a hopeful gesture to lift your spirits. 

“It’s beautiful”, you smiled as the haze of sleep disipated.

Kylo smiled faintly as he pointed to the telescope, urging you to take a closer look. Practically scooting into his lap you leaned in towards the telescope, dying to get a closer look at this spectacle. 

Seeing your strain to get a good angle Kylo suddenly placed his hands at your hips, moving you into his lap effortlessly. Despite your cheeks turning ablaze from the contact, you comfortably settled into his lap. Looking up into the telescope you smiled, staring at the comet in awe. 

Though Kylo enjoyed the view of the comet flying across the sky, he couldn’t help but smile in content at the sight of you finally smiling. It felt like it had been weeks since he had seen your genuine smile, and now it was beaming across your face. Pulling away from the telescope you sighed, turning to look at Kylo over your shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Kylo gave you a faint smile and nod before he turned his attention back to the sky with you. For the first time in a while, you were content and so happily in awe. All thanks to the least likely candidate under your roof, Kylo. 

Rough Night - Fred Weasley Imagine


can you pls do a Fred imagine and its the yule ball and y/n really likes him but he asks someone else so she just goes with a durmstrang boy but he turns out to be a @$$ and when the night finishes she ends up crying in the hallways and Fred finds her and just loads of fluff pls?

•Warning: Mean Durmstrang!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

The announcement about the Yule ball spread quickly throughout the school. Girls all around were very ecstatic, hoping and crossing fingers that a boy from hogwarts might ask them to the magical event but it would be definitely a huge bonus if a boy from Durmstrang asked them. The Yule Ball was being held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry due to the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The Yule Ball and The Tournament are both a very rare occasion to be held anywhere. On the first day back to Hogwarts or for first year’s their first day, Professor Dumbledore announced that two other magical institutions just like ours will be staying here at Hogwarts with us. These two schools that we will be competing with are called The Durmstrang Institute and The Beauxbatons Academy Of Magic. Once the other two schools arrived everyone was in awe by Beauxbatons beauty and grace, and by Durmstrangs hotness… I mean bravery. Okay, no more talking about school rivalries, let’s talk about me. My heart raced like I just ran a mile a minute ago, the news of the Yule Ball brought a smile to my face.

I didn’t think about any other date options I had, only one face popped up in my mind and that’s the person I want to go with. His name is Fred Weasley, my best friend, he’s known for his famous pranks with his twin brother, George. Fred’s a flirt, a good guy, a prankster, and so much more, I never thought I can be attracted to a guy so much. Fred’s been there for me all the time, when I was sad he wouldn’t give up on me until I at least smiled at one of his horrible jokes. When I’m extremely tired and was to lazy to walk upstairs, Fred would walk into the common room and find me sprawled out on the couch asleep, He would pick me up and bring me to his bed and we would just sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Fred is something special to me and I want to go to the ball with him. Then when a few rumors were spread around and found its way to me, I felt as if I were punched in the stomach a million times, brutally. Fred… Fred asked someone else to the ball, he asked Katie Bell. At first I couldn’t believe it but when I entered the Great Hall and saw him smiling to her and them talking a lot, it killed me inside, all those nights of late trips to the kitchens, all those pranks together, all those times we were wrapped in each other’s arms, meant nothing to him.

I ran out of the Great Hall, tears threatening to spill. I sucked in a harsh breath and rubbed my eyes of the few tears that already fell out. “I don’t need him, like he was gonna like me back anyway, I’m such an idiot” I told myself feeling dumb just to think that he would ever like me back the way I liked him. After a few minutes I found myself in front of the library, I always like to go to the library when I need to take my mind off of things. I opened the door quietly, and of course found it empty, everyone was still at Breakfast. Madam Prince greeted me with a warm smile and a wave in which I returned happily, I needed that. I went to my usually spot right in the middle of the library and took a seat in one of the wooden chairs. I opened a book that was left on the table it was titled “Hogwarts: A History” I only read a few pages before a voice caught my attention. “Um… Excuse me” A gently but manly voice said, I looked up and saw a Durmstrang boy standing in front of me. By the look on his face he was nervous, really nervous, he held a red rose in one of his hands. His short black hair and his dark brown eyes gleamed in the sun peering through the window, his face looked chiseled, he was pale, and pretty cute “Um. Hi” I said awkwardly “H-Hi” he stuttered out, I smiled at his flustered estate “Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/n)” I said gently holding my hand out. He grabbed it and shook it quickly “M-my names (Y/n)… I-I mean it’s Adam, I’m sorry” he gushed “No, it’s okay” I reassured him.

He smiled at me brightly “Um. Here. I got you this” he said in a normal tone handing me the Rose “Oh, thank you” I said softly taking the flower into my hand. “Actually, I was here to ask you if maybe you would like to - like to go to the Yule Ball with me?” He asked the nervous tone back in his voice. I thought for a second, ‘I wanted Fred to take me. Wait, No! (Y/n) he ditched you for another girl!’ I said angrily in my mind. “I would love to go with you Adam” I smiled, he smiled back before giving me a tight hug and leaving the library. This might even be better than Fred.

~A Few Days Later~

The Yule Ball is tonight! I’ve never felt more excited in my entire life, except for the time when I found out that I’m a witch but still I’m super excited. Adam has been super sweet to me, he always says hi and smiles at me whenever he sees me. I’m currently standing in front of my body mirror, making sure that everything is perfect. My dress barely touches the ground showing a little glimpse of my gold heels, the top of the dress is strapless with a white lace top, the rest of it is just gold silk flowing near my legs. My hair has huge curls in it, the top half being held back by gold flowers, my make up was simple, I put on black eyeliner, mascara, and a nude gloss on my lips. I heard a knock on the door, I quickly ran to the door and swung it open “Oh my god! (Y/n) you look Beautiful!” My friend exclaimed “Thank you! You look amazing as always” I smiled hugging her “stop being a lair! Anyway Adams outside the portrait waiting for you” she laughed pulling back from the hug.

I slowly made my way downstairs, holding my dress up so it doesn’t get dirty. I heard a gasp and looked up to see Fred looking as if he were stunned his mouth open wide. “(Y/n) you - you look amazing” he exclaimed “Oh, thank you Fred, you don’t look to bad yourself” I said calmly stopping at the end of the staircase. He chuckled coming closer to me, his eyes left mines drifting to my nose then my lips then back to my eyes. My eyes widened as I just realized that our lips were merely inches away, I took a step back “well, I must get going. See you later Fred” I said quickly rushing to the portrait. I sighed heavily as I passed the portrait, my heart beating rapidly “Wow” I heard a voice say. I looked up to see Adam standing there a grin on his face “You look gorgeous” he added. “Thank you, you look handsome as well” I smiled, he held his arm out in which I looped with my arm fairly quickly. We set off towards the Great Hall, the faint music becoming louder with each step we take. Once we entered the hall, we were thrown into the huge crowd that was dancing, the music was upbeat just like the people surrounding us.

We danced only two songs before we went to go get a drink, we were a little exhausted due to the dancing and all the warm bodies around us. I sat down in one of the empty chairs looking at the dancing crowd, “Do you want some punch?” Adam asked “Yes please” I said softly looking up at him, he gave me a smirk before leaving towards the punch bowl. It was only a few seconds before he came back with two cups in his hands, he handed me one and I thanked him. After he finished his cup in one gulp, he wrapped an arm around my shoulders tightly. He leaned his face forward and I pulled back abruptly falling out of his grip. He grabbed my wrist and wrenched me forward “What’s your problem?” He said through gritted teeth “let go of me!” I exclaimed his grip hurting me due to his tight clutch which is surely going to leave me a bruise. “No, your mine! I brought you here!” He said angrily. 'Are you serious?!’ I screamed in my mind, just because he brought me here doesn’t mean I’m his or that he can control me. “I’m not yours! Let go of me!” I said pulling my hand away from him, I jumped out of my seat and ran out of the Great Hall. Once I was out, I knew that I was safe, I knew that he wasn’t chasing me. I sighed deeply before leaning with my back against the wall, I slowly slid to the floor. A sob escaped from my mouth, I placed both hands over my mouth trying to quiet myself. I was wrong. Wrong about everything. I thought this guy was gonna be better for me, I thought he was gonna be as nice as I met him, but no! He’s a mean asshole, who thinks he can control me just because I said yes to his proposal!

I pushed my hands against my mouth even tighter but it still didn’t work. My sobs kept falling out of my mouth, I was having a hard time breathing. I took a shaky breath in and exhaled deeply with a cry. The pain in my wrist still throbbing, I looked at it to see it extremely red as a tomato. I covered my face with both hands, letting tears fall rapidly down my cheeks. “(Y/n)?” I heard a voice ask, I looked up to see Fred crouching down in front of me, I quickly looked away not wanting to look at him at the moment. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked grabbing my chin and gently making me face him “nothing. Don’t you have to be in there? With your partner?” I asked him “Katie and I are better off being friends” he replied “but I’m serious now, what’s wrong?” He added “it’s nothing” I whispered “don’t tell me it’s nothing” he said sternly “Its just some asshole” I said quietly wiping my eyes from the few tears that were left “The guy that you were dancing with?” He asked, I nodded my head slowly rubbing my arms that now have goosebumps due to the cold pavement against my back. “Come on. Let’s go” he said standing up, holding a hand out for me to grab. I took it and stood up “where?” I asked confused “To the dance floor” he smiled his hand softly clutching mines. “Fred, I don’t know how to dance” I whispered, when I was with Adam all I did was sway my hips and move my feet a little and that’s about it. “It’s okay, I don’t know how to dance either” he smirked, I rolled my eyes smiling to myself. We entered the Great Hall and made our way to the dance floor were there was still loads of people. A slow song was playing “May I have this dance?” He asked bowing lowly “why, of course” I said in a royal accent. “Fred! I have no idea what I’m doing! Oh, sorry!” I apologized as I stepped on his foot, but he didn’t seem mad or hurt. He just kept smiling, after a few more steps on Fred’s foot the song ended. I didn’t realize that my head was on his chest with my arms around his neck as his arms were firmly wrapped around my waist. All was fine until I felt a lurch in my stomach due to the sight of an angry Adam walking quickly towards me and Fred.

I pulled back from Fred and was about to say lets go but I was too late. “What do you think your doing with my girl?” Adam said angrily, Adam and Fred were basically the same height so they were both face to face. “Adam. Leave us alone” I said my voice barely above a whisper “you be quiet!” He said madly “Hey! Don’t you talk to her like that!” Fred said his fists clenched tightly, he went in front of me. “I can talk to her like that if I want too! She’s mine! Not yours!” Adam said coldly “She doesn’t want you, so get away from her!” Fred exclaimed, Everyone in the Great Hall were staring now, the music stopped. Adam lost his temper and swung his fist at Fred’s face, which Fred ducked just in time and hit him harshly on the nose. Adam stepped back a few steps holding his nose that was now bleeding, he then ran forward and punched Fred in the stomach so hard he gasped. Fred growled, then tackled Adam punching him a few times before stopping indicating that he knocked out. Madam Pomfrey took Adam to the hospital wing after she was done healing Fred’s bruised hands. Some people left back to the dormitories tired and a lot of people stayed to either dance or drink, me and Fred were one of those people. After an agreement that we both had a rough night, we drank and drank and drank, till there was 3 empty fire-whisky bottles on the table in front of us. We sat wrapped in each other’s arms, then unexpectedly Fred leaned in and kissed me. This was something I never felt before, there were sparks, the way our lips molded together or the way our lips moved against each other was amazing. I pulled back smiling to myself, taking a deep inhale of air. Fred was also wearing a smile, he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap “Your beautiful, you know that?” He whispered “You’re drunk” I laughed wrapping my arms around his neck “Yes, I’m drunk. And your beautiful. And tomorrow morning, I’ll be sober but you’ll still be beautiful” he whispered in my ear placing a kiss on my forehead then my nose then on my lips ever so softly. “I love you so much” he smiled “I love you way more ginger” I laughed pecking his lips.


Takes My Mind Off Things

Imagine: Where Newt is seriously injured out on the field and Y/N, a self-proclaimed healer, attempts to help the tall, awkward man.

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Word count: 1161

Author’s note: This is my first imagine so please be kind, like, reblog & follow ;-)


The sky was quickly becoming darker, clusters of dark clouds hung above the dimly lit townhouses. Newt crouched down on both knees, heaving, as sweat trickled down from his forehead. He squeezed his eyes shut in pain, it was almost excruciating. Blood rushed from the several gashes that had torn through his skin by a two-year old Hebridean Black. He had been watching over the dragon for about seven months in Iceland, with the plan to lead the creature into his enchanted suitcase, nurture it and bring it back to its homeland; England. Over the course of the seven months, Newt would have liked to think that he had slowly been gaining some respect from such a wonderful creature.

However, this plan was disrupted when one afternoon he overheard a few drunk Irishmen speaking proudly of how they wished to go hunting for said dragon and kill it successfully. That’s what hurt and startled Newt. The fact that these unprofessional blithering idiots were about to invade the habitat of a species they had never been in contact with.

Newt had become flustered processing this information, he began overthinking, becoming alarmed by the fact that such a young brilliant creature could be in danger. In his rushed mess to get to the dragon, Newt had accidentally startled the animal, causing it to lash out in an unpredictably aggressive manner for a dragon of its age. It had been his unwise actions which had caused him to disapparate in such a hurry to a side street he had walked through before coming in close proximity to the creature. Yet, now, he was absolutely helpless.

Desperately pulling the blood stained shirt over his shoulders, Newt began attempting to recite a healing spell aloud to prevent the unbearable stinging he was currently experiencing, only to realise his wand was not in his hand. Searching the ground in the dark alley way with urgency, he become impatient, letting out an annoyed groan as he swiped his fingertips down his back to see all five digits dripping in blood.

Lumos Maximum!” A feminine voice was followed by a rushed pair of footsteps.

Newt winced as he turned, his hand landing on his wand. About bloody time. He pointed it up to the shadowed figure, unaware of who lurked behind the bright light, slightly shaken.

“Merlins-,” The light went out, Newt could vaguely make out the girl who was now kneeled beside him. He became light headed, reaching for his cases leather handle in desperation.

“Y/N L/N, and you are?” You spoke delicately, worried eyes scanning the pain in the wizards face.

“Newt Scamander,” He spoke from the side of his mouth, almost in a bashful manner. His eyes scrunched, attempting to shake your hand. In disbelief of this kind gesture considering the state the poor man was in, you rose quickly to your feet again. Walking behind him, only to discover four wounds that were dripping with blood covering the expanse of his back. You covered your mouth in shock. Newt attempted to reach his wand behind his back and repeat the healing spell, this time the wand successfully in his grasp.  However, he was interrupted.

“Is that? A dragon’s claw mark? What on earth…” You quickly unhooked the small bag that was hung on the side of your jeans. Reaching your wand further down into the bag you spoke, “Accio dittany.”

Newt was surprised that a normal looking witch, such as yourself could be in possession of  such a strong healing potion. He was speechless as the female kneeled beside him once more. “Mr Scamander, do you mind if I-“

“Please! Just do it.” Within an instant, drops of what felt like hot water were being splashed onto Newt’s open wound. He squirmed and cringed as steam rose into the air causing the dripping of blood to cease.

“You’re doing so well, just relax for me. Okay?” You spoke quietly, attempting to reassure the shaking man. As each drop fell onto the fresh wound Newt’s eyes began watering, welling up with tears that expressed how painful and deep the slashes really were. The open wounds soon began to close up and resemble scars that were several days old.

“You’re going to be okay, Mr Scamander.” You picked the red stained shirt from the ground, flicking your wand twice, the same shirt began cleaning itself, mid-air. You turned back towards the man, who began to stand up, clutching his stomach. It was only when he fully rose above you, that you realised how handsome he really was.

Golden freckles covered his cheeks, slightly watery green eyes made eye contact with you for a split second before looking down towards the ground, messy hair that lay effortlessly on his forehead, a shy smile allowed his whole face to brighten slightly.

You smiled timidly, realising you had been staring. You cleared your throat attempting to make the silence somehow less… awkward.

Newt craned his neck, watching from the corner of his eye as you mumbled something about leaving, handing back his shirt, blushing slightly, surprised that you had been so confident around such an attractive, shirtless male. So, you were startled to say the least when he began speaking again.

“Thank you. I’m never usually that unprepared,” he spoke quietly, quickly buttoning up his collared shirt. “How did you know to do that?”

“I- uh… treat to wounds I guess, sort of for magical creatures and things alike. Takes my mind off things, I guess. Everything I need is in here.” You responded nervously, pointing down to the small bag which was now hooked onto your jeans. “Speaking of which you should eat some of this-. “Newt stifled a laugh.

“Oh no, that’s not, um, necessary. You see- ha,” he scratched his neck awkwardly. “I’m a- magizoologist. I got everything I need,” he lifted up his tattered suitcase.

You almost felt stupid for not realising such a simple fact sooner.

“Oh well, I’ll be off then. It was lovely making your acquaintance, Mr Scamander. Hope you feel better.” You turned your back, beginning to walk away.

“Um, actually- sorry, Ms L/N!” You turned once he spoke up again, he limped slightly as he jogged closer to where you stood.

“Not that you have to, you, would you- I mean,” Newt shook his head, trying to concentrate on the sentence that was failing to come out of his mouth rather than the very pretty girl which looked at him curiously. “Would you want to get some tea?”

“Oh no, don’t feel like you need to, Mr Scamander. Don’t mind me. You need to rest-“

“But I want to. I guess I just need to take my mind off things.”

So, as you both adorned burning cheeks, you and Newt made your way out of the dimly lit side walk, together.


Hoseok rummaged through his drawers, opening them and searching frantically. “Aish~ Where is it?” he muttered to himself. “I can’t believe I actually ran out of paper. Who runs out of paper?” He realized that he needed some desperately because of a surge of inspiration: lyrics were popping through his mind. He had been in a stump for his lyrics lately, and though he had the compositions done, he was in a slump for lyrics.

And knowing him, the words would be fleeting quickly enough, and he needed to write down this random burst of creativity, and he needed to do so now.

But as it turns out, he ran out of paper.

“Ah, it’s-” he whipped his head to the clock, his eyes widening. “2 AM?! I’ve been contemplating lyrics for that long?”

He grabbed a hat and a jacket, slipping on his sneakers and stumbling out of his apartment. He ran down the stairs, thinking of the places that would be open at this hour. He knew this drugstore that was open 24/7. It was within walking distance, too, which was even better.

He sped walked to the place, repeating the lyrics in his mind. He was a little past halfway there when he passed something that had him abruptly stop.

A woman was curled up on a bench, sobbing into her knees.

Hoseok thought to himself that he had to write down these lyrics so that Yoongi and Namjoon could see what he had come up with, but he shook his head, knowing that when someone was troubled, he’d be unable to ignore it. He cursed himself, turning to walk to the bench.

Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he stood in front of the crying woman, who still didn’t notice his presence.

“Er- hi,” he said, trying not to make the situation more awkward than it already was. “Are you okay, miss?”

The woman looked up at him, her eyes puffy in the dim city lights. Hoseok thought to himself what a stupid question it was to ask, especially since she clearly wasn’t okay. Hoseok scratched the back of his neck, his cheeks turning crimson. “I-I mean… why’s a pretty girl like you crying on a bench this time of night?”

She looked down, blushing as well. “It’s nice that you care, sir, but I’m f-fine,” she sniffled.

“Clearly not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here,” Hoseok said. “You clearly need company. Want to talk about what’s wrong? I’m a stranger, but I’ll listen.”

She shook her head. “Not much I want to t-talk about at the moment.”

“That’s good, too,” Hoseok nodded, sitting next to her. “Would you mind if I talked? I heard that helps sometimes, and I’m good at talking. A lot. Like, way more than is necessary, really.”

The girl giggled despite herself, looking to him. “Okay, stranger. You can talk. I need someone to take my mind off things.”

“Alright,” Hoseok smiled. “Well, I guess I’ll start with my name. I’m Jung Hoseok- but my friends call me J-Hope because it’s more of my stage name, but I’ll let you call me Hoseok. And your name- wait, don’t tell me. You don’t want to talk. Understandable.”

The girl stayed silent, wiping away tears and listening to what the boy said.

“Well, I write music. I produce it, but I’m not a singer per say. I rap,” Hoseok laughs. “Though, sometimes I don’t feel as though I’m as good as my friends, Rap Monster and Suga. They’ve been passionate about writing music and making lyrics and rapping since they were young, and I don’t have as much experience. My company had to teach me because the main thing I’ve been involved with before was dancing.”

The girl raised an eyebrow, and the boy nodded eagerly.

“No, really. I did underground dancing for a long time, entering battles and such.” He made his eyebrows dance, raising them up and down repeatedly. “And I’m not that bad if I do say so myself.”

The girl smiled softly, and Hoseok grinned. “There we go! A pretty for a pretty girl. Don’t cry, smiles are better.”

She blushed lightly, glancing back to him. “Things are just… hard, Hoseok-ssi.”

“I know they can be,” Hoseok said softly. “But I think you just need hope. As long as you’ve got hope, nothing’s over.”

“I can’t exactly find hope nowadays,” she sighs.

“Well, I’ll be your hope then,” Hoseok grins, turning to her. “I mean, my name isn’t J-Hope for nothing, huh?”

The girl breaks out into a full out laugh, and so does he. It felt good for her to laugh, it’s been a while. Hoseok’s breath hitches with what she does next, his cheeks going crimson with her actions. She hugged him, her arms around his neck and her head buried into his shoulder.

“Thanks, Hoseok,” she whispered. “I really needed this, so thank you for giving me hope.”

“N-No problem,” he said, flustered. Hesitantly, he wrapped his arms around her as well, patting her back softly. She pulled away, their eyes meeting.

“I hope this isn’t my last time talking to you, Hoseok.”

“Y-Yeah, I hope so too.”

She gets up, wiping away her tears so that her cheeks were still red, but at least dry. “I’ll… see you later,” she says timidly. Hoseok watches from the bench as she walks away until she eventually disappears into the shadows.

He smiles to himself, intrigued by the young woman.

“… Shit, I forgot my lyrics!”

For the next few days, at exactly 2 AM, Hoseok would return to the bench. He’d wait for half an hour, and return back home. Eventually, he finished lyrics, though he had the sneaking suspicion they weren’t as good as the first. Still, he found himself intrigued and distracted by the young woman he met, his mind never wandering far from her. Though they only had a brief interaction and conversation, he wanted to know more.

That Tuesday was exactly one week from the day he met her, and he decided that if she wasn’t there that night, he would no longer return. He walked to the bench, expecting it to be empty as usual, but instead found a figure curled up atop it.

The girl had been waiting for him, and she looked up to see him. “I was waiting for you,” she says softly. “I meant it when I said I didn’t want this to be the last time I’d talk to you.”

Hoseok found himself smiling.

For the next few weeks, or perhaps, months, they’d meet every Tuesday morning at exactly 2 AM, talking about their problems or about their day, or usually in her case, about random things. Some days she’d have a bruise on her cheek or a nasty cut, and she simply told him she was no dancer like he, so she lacked grace.

One day, Hoseok walked to the bench, finding the girl lying down on the bench, pressing an ice pack to her eye.

“What happened?” he asked softly, his face paling to see her like this.

“It’s nothing, Hoseok,” she mumbled. She began to sit up, but Hoseok sat down, pulling her back to where she rested her head on his lap.

“Let me see,” he insisted.

“I’ve got an ice pack, I’ll be fine.”

“Please don’t argue.”

She sighed, removing the pack. Her eye was swollen, turning black and blue. Hoseok hissed lowly, grimacing at the sight as she put the ice back over the wound. “Who did this? Is it the same reason you keep having those bruises?”

She sighed softly. “My mother died a year ago giving birth to my baby brother. Ever since my dad’s been getting drunk, and he’s been taking out his frustration on me for the past few months.”

“Why don’t you run away?”

“I would, but I’ve got my baby brother to look out for,” she says. “I mean, if I leave, Dad will kill him. And I can’t call the police, Hoseok, I can’t.”

Hoseok pursed his lips. “It’s none of my business, so I won’t pry. I’ll be here for you, no matter what. Don’t lose hope.”

“I won’t. Not as long as you’re with me,” she whispers, reaching up to touch his face, moving a strand of hair away from his forehead. He smiled softly, stroking her hair.

“You’ll fly,” Hoseok promised. “Angels always find a way to soar.”

She snorted. “How could I soar if I’ve already fallen?”

“How can you fall if you’ve never flown?”

“Hm, contradictory, aren’t you?” she smiled lightly. “I hope I find a solution.”

“You will,” Hoseok guaranteed. “I’m sure you will.”

Weeks continued. Some days she’d have a swollen eye or perhaps a cut, and Hoseok made sure to bring his backpack where he now stored a first aid kit. She’d allow him to treat her wounds on some mornings, and others she’d treat herself.

One day, he came to the bench, surprised that she wasn’t there. Still, he sat there, waiting and waiting until it was 6 AM, and he knew she wasn’t coming. He went home, taking the day off by texting Yoongi that he wouldn’t be able to come.

He found that burst again, and he remembered what those lyrics were. Luckily for him, ever since that first time the boy had always kept an extra stash of paper, and as he was scribbling down the lyrics that matched perfectly with his composition, he found his attention directed to the TV that he had absentmindedly turned on.

The local news was on, and Hoseok’s eyes widened with what he heard next.

“… a young girl of the name Jeon Jangmi and her baby brother, InJung, are reported as missing. It is suspected that the girl ran away, taking her brother with her. It was all discovered when she hadn’t been seen at work for five days straight, and, concerned, her coworkers checked up at home, only to find the girl’s father’s house trashed with beer bottles and other drugs. Authorities are currently looking for the girl, and the father is currently being held in jail because he is suspected of abuse. If you know anything please call the following number-”

Hoseok clicked the remote, watching as the TV screen clicked to black. He found himself smiling softly, shaking his head.

“I’m proud you decided to finally soar.”

A year passed since he met Jeon Jangmi. Hoseok kept the anniversary to himself, and he was half-glad that she was never found. Of course, he was still partially worried, but he kept himself hopeful that she was thriving wherever she was.

He bought a banquet of roses, and on that cold Tuesday, at precisely 2 AM, he stood in front of the bench, placing the flowers gently on the seat for his lost friend.

He felt a small tug at his pants, and he looked down to see a toddler, either 2 or 3, staring up at him.

“A-Are you Jay-Hoe?” the boy said, his words barely clear enough to understand.

Hoseok snickered to himself. “Indeed I am. Where’re your parents, little boy?”

The boy shook his head. “I’m here w-with my sister.”

“Sister?” Hoseok furrowed his brows. “Well, where is she?”

The small boy pointed past Hoseok, and Hoseok turned around to see Jangmi grinning at him, her hands in her pockets.

“Hey, Hoseok,” she said, her voice quiet as she stared at him.

“Hi, angel,” Hoseok breathed out, barely believing his eyes. “You’ve grown your wings, huh? Have you finally begun to soar?”

“I will now that I have hope,” Jangmi smiled.

EXO Reaction when they’re really tired & stressed and only you can calm them down

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I’ll only rest if my jagi is with me. I don’t know what you do but it always calms me down. Baby please?”


“I’m sorry I make you worry baobei… It’s not my intention. I just have so much to do and… but I have you. Thank you” *Relies on you when he needs it*


*Always tries to hide it but fails* “You know me well jagi… what would I do without you and your  special choco ”


*Knows you can’t resist his cute being* “Baobei~ would you spoil me? I need you… need to take off my mind some things..”


*You always know what to do to take things off his mind* “I haven’t played in a while jagi! But I’m still going to win!”


*Crashes on your coach, waiting for you to come home. He just loves your scent that is enough to calm him down*


*He’s always able to give his best thanks to you* “I hope she’s watching… so she knows this goes for her”


*Not only manages to calm down. You also give him inspiration once he has rested*


*Hugging you tight* “My jagi! This is all I needed for my day to get better. I love you honey~”


*Always wants to play tough and manage on his own but he always ends up relying on you* “Jagi you came? How did you know I was… you are amazing”


*Makes sure to pay you back somehow. Always wants his girl to know how thankful he is* “We should stay in bed all day baobei. I love being with you”


*Fell asleep on your lap as you sang something for him* “Jagi? I’m sorry… I fell asleep… it helped though… thank you” *Really sleepy*

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I really don’t like asking for questions, but my anxiety is really bad right now, and I really need to take my mind off things.

So, would anyone want to know my own ‘canon’ ideas for the South Park kids? Wether it be them as grown ups or how they interact with each other?

Thanks. I’m sorry if this seems like begging. I’m just in a rough spot right now :/

spicyassassin  asked:

Oooooooo how about some Team B bromance? :D

A/N: Yayyy!!! I love the B-Team! BrOTP of BrOTPs. Hope you enjoy this!

Title: Best Friends

Gajeel was bored. He was bored out of his fucking mind. It was summer vacation, the best time of the entire year and he was spending it, locked in his room, chewing the end of his metal pen.

What was the guy supposed to do? His girlfriend, Levy, was away in England for a month on this stupid scholars program. It was a one in a lifetime chance, she said. You’ll be fine without me, she insisted. The liar. Gajeel was not fine. He had nothing to do! Yeah, sure he could go to Fairy Tail, the bar where most of their friends usually hang out but without Levy, he didn’t really want to. Besides, Salamander probably wasn’t there either so he couldn’t fight anyone. Well, maybe that Ice Pop would fight him…

Gajeel snapped out of his train of thought once he heard the ringing. It was coming from his mess on his bed. He got up from his desk and threw the wrinkled covers and dirty clothes off of his bed to reveal his cellphone. Gajeel picked it up to see Juvia was calling. Raising a suspicious eyebrow, he asked the phone.

“What?” Gajeel asked, gruffly.

“Gajeel-kun? It’s Juvia.”

“Yeah, I saw your name when you called. What is it?”

“Oh, Juvia was wondering if Gajeel-kun was busy.”

Gajeel looked back at his desk and the chewed metal pen lying on top, “No, I’m not. Why?”

“Well, Juvia wanted to know if Gajeel-kun wanted to hang out.”

“What happened to Ice Pop?”

“Gajeel-kun, how rude! Juvia cannot want to hang out with her best friend!”

“Not since you started going out with that snowball.”

It was silent for a while until Gajeel heard a sigh through the phone.

“Juvia is sorry, Gajeel-kun. Juvia has not been paying a lot of attention to you.”

“Yeah. Yeah. It doesn’t bother me. But seriously, what happened to Ice Pop?”

“Gray-sama is on vacation with his family. And since Levy-san is away as well, Juvia thought this was the perfect time to hang out.”

Gajeel thought about it for a moment. It was better than sitting around all day.

“Anyone else?”

“If Gajeel-kun wants.”

“How are the other losers doing?”


“The B-Team.”

The B-Team is the name of the second team of Magnolia High to compete in the Grand High School Games, a huge showdown between different schools. The principal had decided to let two teams compete that year and Gajeel and Juvia were a part of the B-Team. The others included Cana, Jellal, Laxus, and Mirajane. Coincidentally, they were already friends, all having some connection to Fairy Tail, but after the games, they became a much closer group of friends, not that Gajeel would admit to anything like that.

“Juvia believes Cana-San and Jellal-san are free.”

“Well, find out and while you’re at it, tell them to meet up in the park in 30 minutes.”

“Got it, Gajeel-kun! Juvia is on it! See you soon!” And with that, she hung up.

Gajeel smirked to himself. He might as well find entertainment somehow. Hopefully those idiots could give him some. Besides, it’s been a while since their last meet up.

Gajeel looked at his wristwatch. It was almost thirty minutes. Where the hell were they?


“Gah!” Gajeel let out a grunt as he was pulled backwards. “What the hell, Rain Woman?!”

“Oh, sorry, Gajeel-kun.” Juvia apologized as she let go, smiling. “Juvia is just happy to see you.”

“That’s a first. Where are the others?”

“Juvia believes they are-Eep!” Juvia felt arms encircle her waist.

“Heyyy, guys!” Cana grinned. She wasn’t drunk but there was no doubt she had been drinking.

“Cana-san, you scared Juvia.”

“Sorry, Juvi~” Cana laughed.

“Three.” Gajeel counted.

“Hi!” Mirajane waved as she walked over to the group with Laxus behind. “Sorry we’re late! The bar was quite busy today.”

“People need to get out more.” Laxus grumbled.

“Yo, Mira! Pikachu!” Cana greeted, still hugging Juvia.

“Don’t call me that.” Laxus glared.

Cana smiled, “Sure thing, Pika.”

Laxus gave her a look.

“Five.” Gajeel said.

Finally, Jellal came running towards the group, very out of breath.

“Jellal-san? What happened?”

“Oh my. Jellal, you look like you’ve been running a marathon.” Mira put a hand to her mouth.

“I.” Jellal took a second to catch his breath. “I j-just realized the time and I live far away a-and I didn’t want to be-” Jellal took another gulp of air. “Late.”

“You do realize you’re just a minute late?” Laxus told him.

“We would have waited.” Mira smiled.

Jellal just waved them off and stood up once he could breathe, “A Fernandes never lets his friends wait.”

“Six.” Gajeel nodded, crossing his arms. “That’s everyone.”

“So why are we here anyway?” Cana asked, resting her chin on Juvia’s shoulder, something Juvia was used to.

“Juvia’s idea to hang out. I have nothing better to do so I agreed to it.” Gajeel shrugged.

“Gajeel-kun, it was your idea as well.” Juvia pointed out.

“More of yours.”

“Well, I think that sounds like a great idea.” Mira clapped. “We haven’t hung out in so long.”

“I’m game.” Cana added in. “Dad’s been annoying the hell out of me at home. Needed to get out of the house anyway.”

“That sounds fun.” Jellal smiled.

“Yeah, whatever.” Laxus said, halfheartedly.

“Where to, Gajeel-kun?” Juvia asked as she tried to get out Cana’s grip, a lost cause really.

“It’s whatever.”

Cana hands shot up, letting go of Juvia in the process, “We should see that new horror movie! I heard it’s gruesome.”

No one disagreed with her idea so it was decided to go to the movies.

“What the hell was that?!” Gajeel yelled, walking out of the theater.

“God, I think I’m going to be sick.” Jellal covered his mouth.

“I’ll never look at grandparents the same way again…” Laxus sweat dropped.

“I didn’t think it was that bad.” Mira smiled.

“You have no right to talk!” All three boys shouted in unison. Mira was known for her immunity to scary movies. Probably because she was just as scary as those movies.

Cana laughed, “That was awesome! Did you the part where she-”

"Cana-san, please.” Juvia covered her eyes. “Don’t remind Juvia.”

Cana scoffed, “All of you guys are a bunch of sissies, right Mira?”

Mirajane simply laughed as she watch her friends rant on about how terrifying the movie was.

“Ugh, I need something to take my mind off of that thing.” Laxus said as he put his hand on his face.

Cana thought for a second, “Well, there’s this other movie called-“

"No!” Everyone but Mirajane yelled.

Cana held up her hands, “Okay, jeez.” Mira laughed again.

Jellal snapped his fingers, “I heard there’s a new ride at the amusement park.”

“Juvia loves amusement parks!”

“To the amusement park then.” Mirajane walked ahead and Jellal and Juvia followed happily.

Don’t we get a say in this? Cana, Gajeel and Laxus thought as they followed the three to the amusement park.

Cana was dying of laughter.

“I thought that was some girl!” She cried as she clutched her stomach. “I can’t believe that was you, Jellal!”

Jellal blushed, "It’s not that funny.”

“No, it’s hilarious!” Gajeel laughed. Even Laxus couldn’t help but laugh. Mira was having a giggling fit.

Juvia patted Jellal on the head, “It’s okay, Jellal-san. Juvia is sure Erza-san would not mind Jellal-san’s female scream.”

Jellal covered his face with his hands, his face tomato red, "Juvia, that doesn’t help!”

Juvia was confused. “Did Juvia say something wrong?” Everyone was too busy laughter to the point of tears to answer her question.

Gajeel finally calm down enough to answer her, “No, Juvia. Not at all.” Jellal shot him a look but Gajeel ignored it.

“Well, since we’re here, might as well go on some other rides.”

“I’m up for riding anything remotely terrifying with Jellal.” Cana grinned.

“Shut uuup.” Jellal whined.

Mirajane’s eyes lit up. “Ooh! Prize booth! I’ll win you something Jellal as an apology!” She grabbed his arm and dragged him to the booth.

“Should we wait for them?” Juvia asked the rest of the group.

Cana shrugged, “Well, it shouldn’t talk long so why-”

“Hey guys! We’re back!” Mirajane smiled as she walked towards them. She seemed to be in a good mood. Jellal, on the hand, looked terrified as he clutched the giant stuffed panda bear Mira had given him.

Everyone looked back at the booth to see it in pieces with a crying man standing in the rubble.

“Should I even ask?” Laxus looked at Mirajane, quizzically.

“Let’s just say he was being rather difficult.” Mirajane smiled again, this time it didn’t look very innocent.

No one wanted to continue further.

“Ride time!” Cana cheered as she ran ahead.

“Wait for us, Drunkard!” Gajeel yelled as he ran after her. Everyone else quickly followed close behind.

“Let’s take a picture.” Mirajane suggested as she took another bite of her cotton candy.

Juvia looked in the direction where Mirajane was staring to see a photo booth, “That looks fun.”

“What’s the point of a dumb picture?” Gajeel asked as he slipped his soda.

“Don’t you wanna remember the time you spent with your best friends?” Cana winked.

“Like hell you guys are my best friends.” Gajeel grumbled and looked away.

“What do you say, Laxus?” Mira looked up at the blonde who was currently wearing a mouse hat and carrying at least five stuffed animals along with various other prizes.

“Yeah, sure. Why not?”

“Let’s go, then.” Jellal said as he pushed the group forward and into the booth.

It was a small photo booth, barely enough room for everyone. Even though, they took all the photos they could. Most we’re funny looking, some looked kind of normal. All sorts of photos were taken that night and they were meant to last a lifetime.

Gajeel opened his room door and fell onto his bed. He was exhausted. Pantherlily, his black cat, jumped at Gajeel’s sudden impact with the mattress. After letting out an annoyed meow, he went back to his cat nap. Gajeel rolled his eyes at his pet and continued to lie down on his bed, face first. It was nice, quiet, and peaceful. Until his phone’s ringtone blasted through the room causing Pantherlily to fall off the bed and Gajeel to groan.

He picked up the phone, not bothering to look at whoever was calling.

“What?” Gajeel snapped, clearly annoyed.

“Wow, is that anyone to talk to your girlfriend?” A playful voice teased through the phone.

Gajeel’s eye widen, “Oh, Shrimp. I didn’t realize it was you.”

“Try checking whose calling next time.”

“Shut up.”

Levy let out a giggle, “So, how have you been?”

“I’ve been better.”

"Aw, do you miss me?”

“Nah. I barely noticed you were gone.” Gajeel smirked.

“Gajeel, you idiot.” Levy huffed.

Gajeel chuckled, “What about you? How’s England?”

“It’s wonderful! The sights, the food, the people! And the program is just amazing! I really want to be able to come back again with you. I think you’d like it.”

“Maybe I’ll check it out.”

“You better!” You could almost hear the smiling. “Have you been lonely?”

“No. I’m fine. I got Pantherlily.”

“Only Pantherlily?” Levy’s voiced dripped with guilt.

“And other idiots to keep me company. I’m fine.” Gajeel reassured her.

“Aw, you’re actually hanging out with our friends, Gajeel? I’m so proud!”

“Be quiet, Shorty. They’re not my friends.” Gajeel glanced at his pocket. He pulled out a picture that the B-Team had taken in the photo booth. Mirajane had insisted everyone take one. It was either that or disobey Mirajane, so Gajeel took one.

This one was the most chaotic one they took. Gajeel was sitting on the right, bending over and looking very annoyed while Juvia was hugging his neck and smiling. Mirajane was sitting in the middle, smiling sweetly and looking perfect normal. Laxus was sitting next her, looking down at a drunk Cana who was lying in his lap as she laughed. And Jellal was on the floor of the picture, looking as if he was surrounded by insane people, which he was.

Gajeel smirked. He liked this picture the most because it was exactly how their group worked. He really enjoyed spending time with them, even though he would never admit it in a million years.

“Right, you don’t have friends, do you?”

“Nope.” Gajeel grinned.

Only best friends. 

anonymous asked:

How about some angst™? The Paladins + Allura and Coran dealing with their crush being hurt so badly they chill in the life tubes for a while? *rubs hands in antici...*

Sorry to keep you anticipating for so long lol that basketball game lasted forever holy shit

Shiro: “I can’t believe I let this happen to them,” he muttered, head hanging. “I should have been faster.” Shiro felt a hand in his shoulder and turned away from the healing tube holding his s/o to see Princess Allura.
“There was nothing you could do. You tried your best,” she insisted. “They should be better in a day or two.” Shiro sighed, pain written across his features.
“Still. This is my fault. It could have been worse and I couldn’t stop it.” He looked back to the healing tube, resting his hand on the cool glass. Almost every one of the Paladins and Coran had come to comfort him, tell him it was fine. It wasn’t fine, though. He couldn’t defend the universe, and he couldn’t defend the people he loved. His chest clenched, and he felt a stray tear wander down his cheek.

Lance: Lance plopped on to the tile and let his back hit the healing tube. He spent more than enough time in there, but he was more than willing to take his s/o’s place. It was his fault, his idiocy and impulsiveness that put them there.
“Lance?” It was Keith, shoulders hunched forward and hands wringing. “You know they’ll be okay, right? This wasn’t your fault. Lots of things are your fault, but not this.” Keith looked straight at him. “You know that, right?” Lance put on a smile, knowing looked as fake as it felt.
“Yeah, of course. I’m fine dude, don’t sweat it,” he lied.
“Lance, don’t lie to me. I can see ri- Oh.”
“What, something in my face?” Lance forced a laugh and lightly put his fingers to his cheek.
He was crying. Yeah, that made sense.
He let his head fall against the glass behind him.

Keith: He could feel the sweat dripping into his eyes and he could hear blood rushing in his ears, but he didn’t stop. The training not attacked relentlessly, not showing any signs of letting up. Keith, though, was on his last limb. Despite that, he kept pushing, each slash from his bayard making his body feel like lead. Suddenly, the bot deactivated. He spun around, chests heaving, to see Shiro standing in the doorway.
“Keith. What are you doing? You look like you’re about to pass out?” Keith shrugged his shoulders, not wanting to make eye contact. “Your s/o wouldn’t want this, you need to-”
“They’re in there because of me. I need to be stronger,” Keith gritted out. “What if it had been worse?” He met Shiro’s eyes. “What if they died?” Shiro seemed at a loss for words.
“They didn’t. That’s what matters,” Shiro insisted. Keith scoffed.
“Whatever. I’m not done training, so please leave.” He turned towards the training bot again. “Start training level 7.”

Hunk: “Hunk, dude, what’s with all the baked goods?” Hunk turned from the oven to see Lance standing in the doorway.
“I needed to take my mind off of things. They’re for my s/o, when they’re better.” Hunk shrugged a bit and continued. “Allura said they’ll be better soon, and I want to be able to apologize properly. The stomach is the way to the heart, you know.”
“You have nothing to apologize for, Hunk,” Lance said, cocking an eyebrow. “We all saw you out there, you tried your hardest.” Hunk shrugged again.
“I still want to apologize. I feel like I need to,” he choked out. His throat was closing up, and he could feel tears welling up. “Well,” he wiped his eyes, “try these. They taste almost like cookies.”
Lance crossed his arms and looked at Hunk a little skeptically. “Alright. But take a break, your looking a little red.”
Hunk nodded. “Yeah, in a bit.”

Pidge: It was getting late, but Pidge hadn’t moved from their seat next to the healing tube. Their laptop burned into their thighs from long usage, but they couldn’t have cared less. “Don’t worry, if I learn enough about the Galra tech that did this, it won’t ever happen again. I won’t let it.” Their eyes burned from the light of their laptop on the dark and they could feel sleep weighing on them.
Suddenly, the lights in the room flashed on. “Ah, turn them off! They burn!”
“Sitting in the dark like this is bad for your eyes, Pidge.”
“Oh, Princess. What are you doing here?” Pidge cocked their head to the side.
“Checking on you. I knew you would still be here. I know you’re worried about them,” she commented, nodding her head to the healing tube. “I wasn’t lying when I said we had things in common. I like to think I understand you fairly well.”
Pidge shrugged and replied, “Alright.”
“You should go to bed, Pidge,” Allura suggested.
“I can’t. I’m doing research.” Allura rolled her eyes.
“Research that can wait. Your s/o wouldn’t want this. You need to rest.”
“You don’t know that,” Pidge insisted. “I need to do this. I have to be ready for the next attack.”
Allura’s shoulders sagged defeat, sighing, “If I can’t stop you I guess I’ll go. Good night, Pidge.”
“Good night, Princess.”
As she turned the lights off, Pidge’s eyes started to relax. “Just a little longer,” Pidge muttered. They fell asleep not long after.

Allura: Even though her father was no longer there, Allura spent her most trying times in the virtual reality room trying to meditate. She was being weak and that was something a leader wasn’t. She was weak when she let her s/o get hurt. She put someone in danger. Leaders were supposed to protect, weren’t they? “Father,” she whispered. “ I wish you were here. I need your help, your guidance. I feel… Lost.” She looked up at the fake sky, hoping to find some answer there. There was nothing.
She didn’t even realize she had begun to cry until the tears started collecting on her chin. She felt as if she couldn’t breathe, her shoulders shuddering. She was supposed to protect her s/o from the Galra, from anything. How could she look at them again without feeling the weight of this failure.
“Princess,” a voice, Coran’s, came over the comm. “you’re needed on the main deck, please.” Allura stood and the room reappeared around her, dark and lonely. She rubbed her eyes and hoped she could be strong enough to lead the Galaxy Alliance once again, and if she could ever be strong enough to protect the ones she loved.

Coran: “Coran, you seem off today,” Allura commented. “You’re not telling any stories and you seem… colorless, I supposed. Is it because of your s/o?” Coran turned towards Allura, not even so much as touching his mustache as he did so.
“A-ah, yes. I suppose so, Princess. I’m feeling… distraught,” he answered, voice lacking its usual flair. “I feel… useless. I couldn’t help them. I fear they’ll be more than a little upset, too, I suppose.”
Allura approached him and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Oh, I doubt they will be upset. You may feel that you could have done something, but I know you tried your hardest. They know that as well. And if not… Then I am always going to be your friend,” she promised.
“Oh. Thank you princess,” Coran said, feeling a bit better. “I hope your right. I still feel a little upset, but I have courage now.” He punched the air with his hand before resting it on his chest. His chest hurt a little, but knowing that his s/o would still love him after they came out of the healing pod gave him some hope. Maybe he was not as alone as he felt. He smiled a bit and twisted his mustache.

I love dying and being dead T-T also sorry leaving Coran’s sad didn’t feel right :(
Just got back from the game I am so tired.


I needed to take my mind off things, so I made another jojo oc~ :0c no name for her yet, but the Stand is ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran, and it’s that lovely maw over her eye. figured I’d go with an older song for once, lmao. it’s sort of ‘bound’, so non-stand users can see it too, but she keeps it hidden under a headwrap. but if you get too close, I bet you could hear it breath :3c

HLtW gives a sort of sixth sense/clairvoyance; unparalleled tracking, past present and future (up to a limited time). However the sense has a rather bloody requirement, needing a bite of the person in order to track them. HLtW’s user, however, already has rather keen senses herself, and is a rather accomplished PI. She’ll help you track the guy you’re looking for, but her “special tracking” is rather hush-hush.

i’ll be over there watching Thor, cuz i need something to take my mind off things (and by things i mean the fact how anxious it makes me that the writers of a certain show are making me with that angst…) also something to take my mind off the fact i have like 2 friends and neither of them lives in the same town as me. so, i am captain goes to the movies alone on friday for the death cure. enough of me complaining, point being – this movie actually makes me feel less anxious, less depressed and less likely to try and suffocate myself with the pillow.)


OK!!! ok… I’ve been really stressed lately, especially tonight for some reason so I just needed to take my mind off things and it’s been a while since I actually was in the mood to doodle and I guess this is it…

So! Yakuza!Ugumori AU, with boss Nao who gets into an accident, forcing him into the hospital for several months. Ugumori gang fills Nao’s special private room with a few too many ‘get-well-soon’ flowers and scare people during their visits, but all the hospital staff and other patients adore Nao and simultaneously, wonder what he must do for a living. On the day Nao’s discharged, he leaves impeccably dressed with his gang, leaving everyone speechless.