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name: Careline

nickname: caropine, care-bear, idk i gotta lot of nicknames i hate all of them

birthday: april 12th

star sign: aries

gender: female

height: almost 6′1″ ;) 

sexual orientation: who knows??

favorite color: maroon

time right now: 4:20!!!!!

current location: chicago

average hours of sleep: maybe like one?? one and a half??

lucky numbers: idk i have 0 luck ONLY KARMA

last thing i googled: cheapest fast food pizza chain (bc i have 0 money but i want pizza) 

number of blankets i sleep under:

favorite fictional character(s): cersei lannister from game of thrones (because i love bitch ass characters) or wolfgang bogdanow from sense8 because he’s my german bby ;) 

favorite book(s): to kill a mockingbird ( @aanisimovs ;)))

favorite artists/bands: panic! at the disco & the kooks 

dream job: i just wanna sleep

what i’m wearing: jeans and a vans sweatshirt with no shirt under it bc im classy as hell

random fact: i can’t sit through an entire movie or tv show for the life of me

when did you create your blog?: god only knows

you have any other blogs?: @blackhawksconfessions is linked to my account but i dont actually run it 

when did your blog reach it’s peak?: who cares

who is your most active follower?: @jimmyjam96 (hi!) 

what made you decide to get a tumblr?: i have no life

do you get asks on a daily basis?: nah 

why did you choose your url?: self explanatory 

I tag the fam ( @kanerily, @aanisimovs, @72panarin, @tinyteuvo and of course homegirl april, @panarins-breads, and @blackhawksconfessions DO IT BITCH) IDGAF IF YOU DONT WANNA DO IT OR IF YOU ALREADY DID SUCK IT UP BITCH ASS (LOVE YOUUUUU) 


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Name: Ciel

Nickname: I don’t really have any

Gender: The Void (nonbinary)

Star sign: Aries

Height: Like 5′1ish???

Age: :))) no

Fav color: Pink

Time right now: 6:03pm

Average hours of sleep: 8ish

Lucky number: 3

Last thing I googled: fluffy poe x finn (otp)

Fav fictional character: Chara (i will fight for my bby til i die)

Number of blankets I sleep under: Two

Fav artist/band: I don’t really have one??? I mean I love Melanie Martinez but idk

Dream trip: France or Japan

Dream job: Chef, Sound Design/Editor, Fashion Designer (no fucking clue)

What I’m wearing right now: Union Jack leggings, a gray skirt, a Hetalia shirt, and a blue patterned sweater

When did you create your blog? Like 1 ½ years ago

Current amount of followers: 1,131 (how???!?!??!?!?)

What do you post about? Undertale and whatever I feel like

Do you have any other blogs? Yeah, @chara-mara

When did it reach its peak? When I posted those Undertale Hunger Games things and the Undertale band geeks (my most popular post)

What made you decide to get tumblr? Because of some old fandom I’m not in anymore

Do you get asks on a daily basis? Like 1.

Why did you choose your url? Undertale + Hetalia

What are you doing tomorrow? School (ugh)

I tag: @aph-blooky, @danieldancess, and @social-cotton

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (you don’t have to if you don’t want)

anonymous asked:

halsey or ariana?

i haven’t seen halsey that much in the past few rps i’ve been in , so i’m gonna say i’m in favour of her in this case ! but my bby ari would be loved so dearly as well ! honestly , anon , do u .