hwore asked:


Aries: i would punch that guy because i think he would make a funny noise

Taurus: *forgets I shouldn’t drink and burp at the same time*


Cancer: someday ill find someone who will love and care about me as much as i love and care about dogs

Leo: suck my ass

Virgo: she may be athletic, but i am aesthetic

Libra: do you ever just lose count of how many waifus you have 

Scorpio: i hate joe 

Sagittarius: bepis

Capricorn: dark john cena is real and he is dangerous 

Aquarius: drunk?? high?? gay??

Pisces: i had a dream where i was in college and it was probably the scariest dream ive ever had. because it felt too realistic. except for the part that i had a pet dragon and I was in college

autumnfrore asked:

When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes.

awwwh thank you my bae autumnfrore <3

okay here I go:

tamakirishima - Ari here is just super sweet, and she’s so caring too. She writes amazing headcanons, and she’s just too wonderful for words <3 Thanks for your support, Ari ;)

sweetxxtjhin - Gracie bby is the sweetest most darling girl ever I swear to god this girl has such an adorable aura and she’s so generous. Thank you for your gifts and all the time you take to talk to me <3

vixxuki - I’m still forever calling here my Secret bby <3 bUT my lovely friend here always talks to me, dropping in to check up on how I was doing and we’d talk back and forth over Tumblr messaging. So thank you for being so open and wonderful <3

theotomewriter - Viiiiii <3 This girl here is a brilliant writer, edit-maker, etc. She gives so much to this fandom, and I’m never EVER tired of just stalking her blog i mean scrolling through it like a creeper i mean quietly <3

kimiheartblade - Crystal <3 She’s so sweet and lovely all the time. Crys always has problems that she has to deal with but she gets through it, and I completely respect her for that amazingly strong, and I admire her for toughening out it all the time. Sometimes she’ll come and talk to me about what’s going on, and I’ll feel so touched and happy that she’d come to talk to me, even if I’m not the only one she talks to.

There’s so many more people on Tumblr that I’d say gushy and mushy things about and probably scare off everyone xDDD but here are five of them. <3

But everyone here: I’d just like to sincerely thank everyone for coming to talk to me, or taking the 2 minutes to just drop a little message into my inbox sometimes, even if it isn’t recent. But anybody who ever says something to me or comes to talk to me: if I don’t really publicly acknowledge it, please don’t think it was ignored. Everything I get is always taken to heart, so thank you to everyone who does come by and talk to me. It makes me feel so delightfully happy <3

wow what is this Tiffany you made a speech

ur such a dork tiffy

-Tiffy ^_^

tenkunokami asked:

Your Lucy is so sweet, and I love (Well not love but whatever) the idea that she develops early stages of dementia, I believe it was, in one of your verses

Name one thing you really enjoy about how I portray my character.

That’s correct! On my Future!Lucy Verse. All of her problems are being developed thanks to the future she lived, so there are a lot of sequels.

I’m glad you like my Lucy, Jordan bby <3