Baguio - Manila - Bacolod

My title says it all. I know this has been a very late post but who cares anyway. Let me start by saying that this was last December 2014 pa. Yes. 2014 pa ito. Hahaha. And tonight is just the night I found the luxury of time to make a post for this.

So it was our very first time to go out of town ng December. Usually kasi lagi lang kaming stuck sa house every Christmas Holiday since we are not celebrating Christmas. So I am really excited for this trip. It was almost 5 or 6 years ago since the last time we went in Baguio and I was in the middle of pag momoving - on pa non sa crush ko. Ang arte arte ko talaga. 

Baguio is, for me, the perfect place para mag soul searching, mag move on, mag drama, mag emo, mag inarte and everything na may kinalaman sa pagiging broken hearted. 

But last Decemeber 2014 was different for me. In all fairness, hindi ako nagpunta sa Baguio na malungkot ako but instead mag enjoy and magpalamig. What I was really looking forward to our trip was the very very long drive from Manila to Baguio. Ang sarap kaya mag road trip knowing na you can charge your phone in the car if ever man malowbat ang phones or ipods namin and the good music that we had during the trip. Priceless. 

Syempre, tourist mode on kami even though second time around na namin sa Baguio.

We stayed in Venus Parkview Hotel and it is where we had the most unforgettable hotel experience ever. I will not make kwento nalang about sa nangyari but it was so funny and at the same time we considered it as a blessing in disguise event for us. :)

First stop was Bencab Museum. One word. Beautiful. two words. Breath taking. Three words. I love everything.

Next stop. Of courseeee the 50’s diner. Forever favorite namin ang ambiance and food nila. Well sort of lang but its good lalo na pag gutom ka na talaga.

Last stop. Burnham Park na katapat lang ng hotel namin. Haha. We just explore the park actually. Nothing unusual. It was just the weather making everything feel so good and everybody around us was in their cozy jackets and bonets. Ahhh. #Baguiofeels

Oo nga pala. If you guys happened to watch the movie “That thing called tadhana” and remember the scene where Jm and Angelica sat on a barandilla along Burnham Park? We sat there too! hahaha. Wala lang. Parang ang cool lang to be at the same place nung sa movie.

Last but not the least before our first day in Baguio ended. Paolo, my love, was also there. But he was with his friends. We just happened to be there at the same day. HAHA. He picked me up in our hotel and we ate in the karendiria along Burnham with his friends and walked along Burnham Park after. It was 10:30 PM already. It was my first ever time na lumabas ng hotel ng ganong oras. HAHA. And I liked it. 

It has always been my dream to be in Baguio with my love one and walk along Burnham Park or People’s Park or wherever in Baguio. And I always thought that it is impossible until one night, Paolo checked it out on my / our bucket list. Thank you, Paolo. It was really beautiful to end that night with you. 

Out of Town Next Month!

I (Guest_2Legit2Quit47) will be out of town between the dates of March 20-26. I will be attending a wedding and having spring break thereafter. However, there will be things in place for that time.

Sky (Guest_B33pxc) will be in charge of all operations.

Tay (Guest_taybuggy123) will be sharing those duties. 

There will be an assignment posted beforehand to keep you all occupied. I will be back on Saturday March 27, 2015.

I know we have not been very busy lately, I am super excited to see what it’s store for the Spring and Summer.

I need a single bar of signal, or four

Current music : Oasis - Beast

Ive been isolated without even a single bar signal on the right corner of my phone for days and here I am, finally meet my single bar. Likely been missing out everything that ever was and not even watch recent music video by H guys yet but Im dying to see it. Rite now I’m on the train going back to the town while jamming on beast ballads songs (I just wowed at how late I recognize how beautiful their ballad is, I know its good but not this really good) and currently trying to lick the melted ice cream off my knuckles, yes Ice cream on this cold windy night. Dont even care to find a very good reason why not a cup of coffee like it used to be.

Cause I’m too numb, or I wanna be numbing? Beside theres always an excuse for an ice cream. Except thats it. Anyway I just barely understand (and hard) how precious a single bar of signals is cause Ive been swiped my phone for nothing for a good four days without even keep in touch with the world and how I could escaped it is something that remain mystery even for me.theres no vibrate, not even once, or a good ‘dding’ from messenger or even a very-calm-shouting-noticed by line and myself didnt even know that I desperately waiting my phone to vibrated, not until now when the good single bars filling up my phone. How.. i think the miracle is happening.

And the result from losing all the bars is missing out watching a new music video by Lee howon(and his menacing eyebrows) and ofcourse jang dongwoo (the lovable angel) who goes by Infinite H or whats their self proclaimed Eiji (screw you pronunciation, I still love them) at like 00.00 am kst precisely. Riiiiight and Im mad. Ive been waiting for likely 2years and now when they are finally back (thanks woollim, thanks for the agonizingly lonely 2years) I was just missing out everything. Its not that bad nor that good. I just missing out how exactly that feels of waiting for the clock to strike midnight and then boom I just left without even a single soul on my body after that pretty three and something minutes of hoyas lively caterpillar brows show.I sincerely miss my fangirls life. Now when I finally found my signal, lemme just enjoy hoyas trapezoid brows game which going strong.