Bendy animation UPDATE???!!
(Pffft. After TryHardNinja came out with The Dancing Deamon I reeealy wanted to animate it and i found that my little animation from before kinda worked with it?… idk. I know its not finished and i know im not the best animator out there but i might continue this?.. and make random updates? No promises but im thinking about it.)

Cos I said I would.


What if I made asks like this? like the background will be styled like an rpg game in which ya can somewhat tell where they are. (sometimes animated if I can build up the motivation for it)

the replies will be slower, but more expressive and visually appealing!

It’s either these icons, or the old ones just remade with the new style

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your art's been a little different lately and yet everytime you show up in my dash my heart takes less than 0.00001 second to recognize it and go "yay ikipin!" - loving your growth btw, you are amazing

Thank u that’s so nice. I’ve been trying out some new stuff lately haha. (read: I’m lazy and i’ve just been cleaning up my sketches instead of doing actual lineart and it’s so much easier and faster like that)

FTGO! Ch. 59 Spoiler

So, between having more hours at work and messing up, I’m probably not going to update until next week. :/ I’m really sorry, but hopefully this little spoiler helps? For those that don’t know, all new multi-chapter updates aren’t sending out notifications. I’m going to wait until they fix that issue, otherwise the 586 followers I have for FTGO! won’t get a notification if I updated sooner. 

Also! I will be barely on Tumblr for the next week or so to avoid Dragon cry’s spoilers. I’ll still check messages and reply to asks, but I won’t be very active. Hope you understand!

“You’ll do better next time,” Natsu reassured after Lucy took her seat next to him. 

She sighed. “Probably not. I wasn’t good at bowling the last time I tried it either.”

Lucy jolted when she felt something on her back. She quickly looked behind her, seeing Natsu was yanking his hand away from her. “S-sorry! I-I was gonna pat your back.”

She saw his cheeks growing red as he swallowed, his green eyes wide and full of panic. Lucy shook her head, breathing out a sigh of relief. “You’re fine. You just surprised me.” She didn’t expect him to touch her. He hadn’t been that affectionate lately, save the hug he gave her Wednesday after school and the hand holding earlier today. 

“You can pat my back,” Lucy said, leaning towards him. “I promise I don’t mind.” Truthfully, she wanted the contact. They hadn’t kissed in almost a week, not even a peck on the cheek. She wouldn’t pressure Natsu to do anything he didn’t want to, but that didn’t mean she was thrilled about not being touched. At least hand-holding wasn’t off limits, though she had to wait for him to initiate it for fear of crossing a line. 

Patience. She had to be patient. 

“Okay,” Natsu whispered, settling his hand on her back again, giving it a light pat before pulling it back to his lap. He smiled, more to himself than her, but she enjoyed the sight regardless. 

“Thanks,” she said, hoping he would feel comfortable touching her again, even if it was a simple pat on the back. Every little improvement helped.

Hey so I know this is late but I had to unfollow people and now my dash is slow and it’s ehhh?? So I’m gonna make this post. Please like/reblog if any of this applies to you!

You’re a trans woman(please, especially trans lesbians), you’re nb(especially if you’re a lesbian, again, dfjhgfdh), you’re nd, the sorts, and/or you post BATIM, PKMN, SU, lgbt stuff, pda/lovey posts, lesbians, cute people, skies, nature, glow/dark/sad aes, Mario, cutesy anime stuff, catgirls, Line stickers, art(fanart and orig), animals(especially cats), about being nd, Stardew Valley, That Poppy, Animal Crossing, honestly just if you post Interesting And Cool Things. Thank you!

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It's also funny how they're so easily satisfied. It's literally a picture of a screen and yet they're all going on about how it's the cutest picture they have ever seen and how Louis is an amazing dad or whatever. I guess that's a good thing, because it means Louis never has to actually make an effort, they're so freaking starved for Dad and Lad content that they will just eat anything up.

dfsjkajkdfs i know.

it’s like how they’d see pictures of Louis getting papped at the exact same place in Calabasas every week looking completely miserable and would be like “DAD GOALS” and “LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE” like…….no, stop.

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Could you write a lil Drabble where one of the Flashes (Barry or Wally idc) always saves the reader while being a Superhero and the reader is in love with the flash so when Wally/Barry go to tell the reader irl that he likes them he also has to be like "yeah.... I'm the flash" :O

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

Gif because Barry is a precious cinnamon bun.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 571

Notes: It’s a little different from the prompt I think :P

“I…I think I’m in love with The Flash.”

Barry knew that he should have seen this coming. He saved you in disguise several months ago, and had done so many more times since. Each time, you would run back to him and tell him every single detail, not knowing that he already experienced it. At first, he had enjoyed seeing you talk about him with such admiration in your eyes. Now, it was blowing up right in his face. You were in love with him, but not him.

He suddenly realized that you were staring at him expectantly, and he quickly stammered, “But you…do you even know this guy? Who he really is?”

Your shoulders slumped slightly and you sighed, “I don’t know his identity, and I know this sounds crazy, but he feels almost…familiar.”

‘If you only knew’, Barry thought.

Barry found himself on the roof of your apartment and he watched you lean against the edge as you looked out over the city. You looked so beautiful in that moment that he almost left as fast as he arrived, but he knew he had to do this. He vibrated his face and vocal chords as he had been doing for months to keep you in the dark about his identity. His mask alone wouldn’t hide that fact that he was your best friend since childhood, you were too smart for that.


“Flash.” You turned to him with a smile on your face and crossed your arms over your chest. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“There’s…” Barry straightened himself up and planted his feet on the concrete in the hope that he wouldn’t bolt. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Alright, go ahead.” You leaned up against the ledge, keeping your eyes trained on him.

“First, you’ve probably been wondering who I am.” He noticed your arms drop to your sides. “I’m not what you were expecting.” With a deep breath, he pulled his mask back and ceased his vibrations, leaving his face fully exposed to you.

“Barry? You’re the Flash?” You stepped towards him, but he held his hands out to stop you.

“Wait, that’s not what I was going to tell you. (Y/N), I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.” The defeated look on his face as he continued broke your heart. “Look…I know you don’t feel the same way, and that’s okay, but I just wanted to be honest with you. About The Flash. About all of it.”

It felt like an eternity to Barry as he watched the emotions on your face run the gamut. Bolting didn’t seem like such a bad idea now. Even with his speed, he wasn’t expecting you to suddenly grab his face and kiss him passionately. Once he realized what was happening, he relaxed and gently placed his hands on your hips. You pulled away and looked him directly in the eye. "Barry, I’m in love with you, too.”

Barry grinned, so giddy that he could barely suppress a laugh. “I’ve been waiting a long time to hear that.”

“Well, I thought you were in love with Iris, so I tried to get over you. It turns out I just fell for you twice.” A small smile appeared on your face at the thought. The two men that you loved, that had you so conflicted, were one in the same. What were the odds?

consider::: dumb teens trapped in space missing modern media so consistently quoting their fav shows/songs::

  • every time the team have to go out in their lions, very quietly over comms shiro whispers ‘space….the final frontier….’ EVERY TIME
  • allura making a Risky Decision and someone suggests maybe slowing down and wait to reconsider their moves but allura is like ‘no ive done my waiting!’ and before u know it ‘-TWELVE YEARS OF IT’ and allura is like wait no- ‘IN AZKABAM’ 
  • *after just saving/liberating a nearby planet* lance: well i guess thats just when good neighbours become good friends
  • adding ‘in space’ after anyone announcing they’re doing any activity, ever 
  • ‘keith no its too dangerous you’ll never make it!!’ ‘not until i shift into…..maximum overdrive’
  • ‘FEED EM TO THE LIONS’ *rest of the team furiously backs up with a cappella dubstep noises* 
  • answering the comm with ‘whats the sitch’
  • hunk, to himself, cooking: hi and welcome to cake boss, my names buddy and im the boss
  • ‘WHAT TEAM???’ LANCE YELLS. ‘voltron!’ ‘fucking- keith, no.’ 
  • *major technical fuckup occurs* houston we have a problem 
  • pidge, pointing to imprints of keyboard letters on face: you wanna know how i got these scars
  • arcade: the night sky makes me feel very small, you know? no matter what i do, no matter what problems i cause, i am a microscopic speck upon a speck in the galaxy, itself an irrelevant dot within the unknowable universe.
  • boone: sure.
  • arcade: it's a nihilistic comfort. also it stops me from worrying about paperwork due dates.
  • boone: hey, look, a shooting star. make a wish.
  • arcade: i wished for a new pair of boots. you?
  • boone, without hesitation: ranch down in baja territories out on the water, coupla dogs, handful of brahmin, maybe build a boat. good guy to share it with. wants a family too, maybe three. get fat and old together, keep 'em all safe.
  • arcade: well, yes.
  • arcade: i mostly just wanted shoes without electrical tape holding them together, but i guess that's good too.