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bellarke + boarding school au :))

Clarke is a senior and she hates the universe because of course when she finally decides to take that advanced English class they pick an unfairly hot grad student with amazing hair and bright eyes behind black glasses to be the Walden Writer-In-Residence Fellow instead of the usual stodgy wrinkled white-haired grandfather type. He’s working with their class to improve their writing and she knows she’s tempting fate (and something more dangerous) by going to his office hours so often, but it’s better if she stares at his hands and his freckles when it’s just the two of them instead of in the presence of the entire class. He’s nothing but cordial and professional with her, and she respects herself and him and his mind too much to do anything reckless. 

Their time at Arkadia Academy both ends when the air turns balmy and the trees lining the brick pathways and green quads bloom with white flowers, and she isn’t thinking of anything but her bright future when she walks across that stage even though she knows he’s in the audience.

(When they run into each other in a bar four years later though, things are different. Then, oh then, she does something reckless, but the timing is right and he is there to catch her. Bellamy–she still loves the way she can say his first name without guilt now–catches her as she falls head over heels for him, because he is right there falling in love with her too.)

Send me Bellarke + [a word] - I’ll write a headcanon


I don’t usually share process, but I thought it would be fun to show a few of the steps that brought this pattern for to life. 

Up top is my sketch. I rarely add color to sketches, but I felt like it this time, and it ended up shaping the final palette. In the second image, I made all of the elements in the sketch into final drawings, and set them up to become a repeating pattern. From there, we decided to make the layout airier, and remove the more vulgar elements—the knife, tongue, pill bottle, and tampon all had to go. Lastly, we added in some new cute things, like the cat and heart balloon, and I redrew a few objects that I wanted to look slightly different, like the bra, ice cream, and scrunchie.

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun pattern is available on an iPhone case, pencil pouch, keychain pouch, notebook, and tumbler from here.  

Guys...Cas is not in Jimmy’s body and here’s why...

As you may have already seen from my posts I could not decide and make up my mind about Cas’ situation. I had 2 conflicting theories. First, where Cas and Luci were sharing one vessel and second, where Cas was stuck in the cage. 

Now, after watching the latest episode I made my final decision. I think Cas is stuck in the cage, while Lucifer is possessing the empty body. And here is why I think so:

1.  In the latest episode when Lucifer is walking in the park and that poor cute angel follows him he calls him “Lucifer!” See, no mention of Cas! That guy saw only Lucifer in that body! If Cas were there he’d sense his presence too! So, my guess is that only Luci is parading, wearing Jimmy’s body, while our cinnamon roll is stuck in the cage. Which reminds me of my post that I made not too long ago.

2. Lucifer asked Rowena if there was anyone else who could open the cage and when Rowena said no, he killed her. Why? Because he does not want to let Cas out and himself be back in the cage. I think he intends to wear Jimmy’s body temporarily, until he will have a better plan to convince Sam to accept him. And keeping Michael in the cage has nothing to do with it. 

Also, speaking of Michael. I think the writers knew that we would assume Lucifer was meaning his brother and they knew we would not think it being Cas. Because I think they wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible that Cas was stuck in the cage. 


The Making ofEyes Only For You

Didn’t get the chance to create a new PLAKKI piece for this today. As always, to make up for it, I’m going to share with your guys how I made last week’s piece starting from the initial sketch all the way down to the final saved finished painting. Sorry there’s no piece this week you guys.

I struggled this week to make up my mind on a concept to produce. Though I had some good ideas, in the end, I decided just to skip this week and save those ideas for future PLAKKI pieces time when I can work on them freely.

Besides most of my arting time this week was spend focused on working on my contribution to an upcoming Miraculous Valentine’s Day collaboration project. Here’s a small teaser WIP of that:

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Okay tumblr, I have something to share.

It FINALLY did a Meyers-Briggs test and was told that I am an INTP.

I refused to believe this. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour. 

I started to research reasons why personality testing is bullshit. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour. 

I decided to stop thinking about this and focus on something else. I demanded that we pretended I never took the test. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour.

I started to secretly do more research on what being an INTP means while feeling shame. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour.

I found out that only 2% of women are INTP and suddenly warmed up to the idea of being one. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour.
Colder Throats - Laila (NPR Music Desk Contest 2016)

Hello, friends, so I’ve decided to finally stop being a lil baby and make a youtube channel!! Only because I wanted to submit my tunes for a really neat Contest for NPR. So, check out the new (v sad v sad) jam, give it a thumbs up, comment, share it with your mom, cousin, mailman, pet chicken, whoever u love. Sorry for the shit sound quality. Studio versions of a few songs are coming your way soon though!!

Subscribe to my channel here, there shall be more neater, cooler, more cinematic vids coming soon :-)

Long story short: I’ll be in charge to make the portraits of my fellow animators for this year’s gala so I decided to practice a little. And the faces I see more than my comrades are YouTubers’ XD These are only quick sketches, not the final product, but I wanted to share it anyway <3

In order: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and the Game Grumps Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang. Who should I do next?

After four agonizing months, I now finally own the paperback edition of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. In honor of such a glorious day, I have decided to sketch and share with you, my interpretation of Blue and her Raven Boys. 

I was too embarrassed to share this photo before because well just look at the first one. Taken one year apart at the same feis (Irish Nationals). I moved school after the first photo was taken, I decided not to quit until I finally qualified for world’s, and although it’s not actually the same move, there’s a massive difference! I went from 22nd to 9th in a year and I placed 4th last year but I don’t have any similar action shots. I know no one will even see this but I just thought of it today and I wanted to post it.

Let’s get a Dog

Summary: You and Calum decide to adopt a puppy

Pairings: Calum Hood X Reader (Unnamed, Reader’s POV)

Word Count: 233

Warnings: None, pure fluff

Requested: Yes, by @calums-fairy 

Just recently, Calum and I finally moved into our own apartment and I’ve been thinking that we shoulf get a pet. I’ve talked about it with Calum before and he was all for it but we didn’t have our own place back then. So I’ve decided to bring the subject back up today.

I walk into our shared bedroom and I find him on our bed.

“Hey babe” Calum says as I plop on the bed.

“Hi, so I was thinking…”

“What were you thinking about?”

“You know how I’ve always talked about getting a dog…? I tell Calum, using my most flirtatious smile ever.

“Are you suggesting we get a puppy?” He responds back to me with his infamous smirk

“Yes. Please Please Please? Imagine having a little animal running around her and it would be so cute and fun to play with and-

“Babe of course we can get a dog. The only reason we haven’t gotten one yet is because we just moved in and I was waiting till we got settled in a little bit.” He cuts me off with saying.

“OMG YES YES YES YESSS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” I jump up and down like a child and go give him a big hug.

“Of course baby. Anything to make you happy. We can go this weekend.” He says and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.

~idk about this one i kinda write it in a rush. lemmee know if ya want part two xx~

HRT (25.01.2016)

So, on Monday I finally begun HRT. Was planning on starting at the beginning of the new year, but needed to get my blood tests and fertility treatment sorted out.

Now that’s all done and dusted, I’ve taken the plunge to the next level.

Such exciting times!

I often blab about the more dismal aspects of my life when it comes to writing on this blog, so I decided to add a more positive spin by sharing some rather pleasant news instead.

Life’s still pretty darn difficult at times of course, but for once I’m finally looking forward to the future. No more fearing testosterone poisoning my body as it ages, no more fretting over whether my hairline may start receding at any given moment. From here on out I shall be progressing further and further into the realms of womanhood. It’s gonna be a tough journey, yet one I’m glad to finally be travelling on.

I plan take a picture every day so I can chronicle the visual changes as the years go by. One eventually hopes to turn this into a gif file; a collage to show my physical transition.

So for all the shit rattling about in my present world, here’s to a hopeful and exciting future.



Hi! I’ve been following the Studyblr community for a while and now I’ve finally decided to start one, after realizing how much time I spend here anyways, and I thought I’d like to share my addiction to hoarding stationery and note taking :) 

A little bit about me: You can call me Suzy, I’m 17 and I’m in the International Baccalaureate DIploma program, in year 2. I’m currently taking HL Biology, HL Economics, HL English and SL french. I finished SL math and history last year so feel free to hit me up for tips on any of these subjects! I love talking about studying  I’m such a nerd 

My main aesthetic/fashion blog is @pret-tea​ so take a look if you’d like!

I wanted to tag a few blogs that inspired me to start this: @study-ings​ was the first studyblr I ever stumbled upon (I adore your blog!!!) @studyign @etudiance@etudestial@studyingandlattes@peachsstudy @strive-for-da-best

please reblog this if you’re a studyblr so I can look at your blog, looking for many more studyblrs to follow c: 

Galavant fics that should exist


1. The post-canon domestic ot3 fic! Where Galavant and Isabella live in retired mostly-harmony, and Sid goes off and becomes a legend to eclipse even Galavant but comes back through occasionally and they fall properly in love with him until the day finally comes that he retires too and then they all live by the sea together.

2. Isabella’s parents decide to abdicate a few years down the road and Isabella and Galavant are pulled unceremoniously from their quiet seaside life. And Sid is there because I’m predictable.

3. Credit to @samyazaz for this one as well: Sid tries to explain things to his parents. Somehow this ends in an ot3 wedding getting planned. Somehow this ends in Richard helping them plan by proxy and saying that the rules are he gets to officiate and then crying all the way through trying to officiate the ceremony.

4. ROBERTA. I don’t care what, just Roberta.

5. So, I am on record multiple times as saying that I want a Hollywood AU. Previously, I was mostly pulling for the one where retired actor Galavant and his PA Sid are pulled into a new movie. Now I ALSO want the one where Isabella and Galavant and Sid have all been on a TV show for several seasons (probably some teen channel fantasy nonsense, super cheesy but takes itself seriously, you know the deal), and Galavant and Isabella decide to retire when it finally comes to an end, but Sid, who was a tiny character on the show, somehow goes on to be INCREDIBLY FAMOUS.

6. While we’re on media AUs, the Sid-has-a-kids’-TV-show AU. (Can we tell that I’m really glad that Sid got to save the day?)

7. Thieves/crime/Leverage AU! I believe this should be standard in all fandoms, really. And with everyone switching sides and team-ups willy-nilly in the show I think it could make for a very fun crime AU.

8. Guys, this fandom doesn’t even have a coffeeshop AU yet. Mind you, it’s not my favorite kind of AU in the world, but it’s also a sign that a given fandom has Made It.

9. Honestly, pretty much anything would be glorious. Especially ot3 things or explorations of some of the one-off fun characters.
The Legend of Zelda

To those interested in buying a print of this artwork you can do so now over at this link ->… and
It also has some of my other artworks(that aren’t available as prints here) up as prints. Thanks!

end update.

This artwork of mine was made to look like the original cover of the Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess. This was a project for my class and the objective was to traditionally paint an original or existing artwork, in this case i chose the artwork of Legend of Zelda. As you can see musicgames.m.u.pic.centerblog.… , if you just READ this description FIRST before judging the artwork, i changed a few things from the original.

I was happy with my painting and just decided to share it with everyone else here on DA. So please read the description first before saying unnecessary things. Thank you very much.


I finally uploaded it! HAHA

Phew! It was very hard to scan this thing! It was too big for the scanner and so i had to scan parts of it and later put them together in photoshop(which was HARD).

Anyway i edited some parts of it since the original had some minor problems.

with some minor changes.

> .5 Mech. Pen
> Prang Watercolors

The Legend of Zelda©Nintendo/Shigeru Miyamoto

Credit: kowan

I’m thirteen and my parents can’t get me to eat a damn thing. I’ve starved myself to the bone, and they’ve finally decided that they couldn’t do this alone. I was dragged to a woman I ended up hating. I think she was nice enough even though we only had one session. I sat in a chair across from her and stared at my feet the entire time.

I’m fourteen and seeing a different therapist once a week. I hate talking about the one thing I’m there to talk about. She lets me talk about anything, as long as there isn’t a lasting silence in the room. Weeks pass and it becomes easier to share my irrational fear of food. Everything becomes easier to share.

I’m fifteen and I stop seeing her because of a girl who manipulated me into an antisocial behavior pattern. She calls me every once in a while to check in, but I always hit ignore because I know she’d be disappointed by my complete regression into starvation and my dark depression that I do nothing to alleviate.

I’m sixteen and I walk into her office for the first time in two years unannounced because my comfortable, manipulated world has come crashing down and I don’t know what to do when I don’t have to report my every move to someone. We spend an hour talking about what’s next and she tells me I need to come in every week again.

I’m seventeen and I think I’m in love. I still have residual damage from the relationship that shaped my whole outlook on love, but we focus on positive things like the girl who makes me feel like my head is spinning and my heart is jumping out of my chest.

I’m eighteen and call her with a shaky voice. We talk on the phone for two and a half hours about a boy who raped me the night before. I sob uncontrollably and I think she cried too, but she didn’t admit it. On the one-year anniversary she cried. I felt uncomfortable because I’m nineteen and have never seen her show so much emotion.

I’m twenty and I’ve started needing to remind myself that my therapist isn’t my mom. I grew up with her but if I see her in public, I have to say hello first. She knows every single one of my secrets but my parents still have to pay her to see me.
—  @shitpoemsbyshan Inspired by Lena Dunham’s “Difficult Girl”
Teen Wolf - The Beast (La Bete)

Ok. I’ve decided to (finally) share this idea of mine relating to teen wolf and ‘the beasts’ identity. 

Firstly in the recent episodes of Teen Wolf the dialogue choices seem to indicate that the pack may actually know who the beast is, which then got me thinking. On a panel not long ago, (maybe comic cons panel) a member of the audience asked about Danny, and whether he will be returning to Teen Wolf. Tyler Posey responded that Danny will be back playing something big (I cannot remember the exact wording as it has been a while). We have yet to see Danny this season which makes you wonder could he be the beast. That is all assuming that they kept to their idea of what they had planned to do with Danny.

To add onto this the actor Keahu Kahuanui has uploaded some pretty interesting pictures on his instagram since this series started back.

starting with this one: 

followed by:

these two pictures are both self explanatory.

then there is this one: taken in a familiar setting.

and his latest one: where he goes onto mentioning a persons ‘dark side’.

Imagine if these were all little hints left by Keahu. The whole idea seems a bit crazy sure. BUT you have to admit that the idea behind this is cool right?