Let’s get a Dog

Summary: You and Calum decide to adopt a puppy

Pairings: Calum Hood X Reader (Unnamed, Reader’s POV)

Word Count: 233

Warnings: None, pure fluff

Requested: Yes, by @calums-fairy 

Just recently, Calum and I finally moved into our own apartment and I’ve been thinking that we shoulf get a pet. I’ve talked about it with Calum before and he was all for it but we didn’t have our own place back then. So I’ve decided to bring the subject back up today.

I walk into our shared bedroom and I find him on our bed.

“Hey babe” Calum says as I plop on the bed.

“Hi, so I was thinking…”

“What were you thinking about?”

“You know how I’ve always talked about getting a dog…? I tell Calum, using my most flirtatious smile ever.

“Are you suggesting we get a puppy?” He responds back to me with his infamous smirk

“Yes. Please Please Please? Imagine having a little animal running around her and it would be so cute and fun to play with and-

“Babe of course we can get a dog. The only reason we haven’t gotten one yet is because we just moved in and I was waiting till we got settled in a little bit.” He cuts me off with saying.

“OMG YES YES YES YESSS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” I jump up and down like a child and go give him a big hug.

“Of course baby. Anything to make you happy. We can go this weekend.” He says and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.

~idk about this one i kinda write it in a rush. lemmee know if ya want part two xx~

one of my New Years goals was to rid my life of anything and everything that doesn’t benefit me or is bad for me in someway - such as toxic friends, excess clutter, bad habits etc. One of the hardest of these for me is friendships. I’ve been in a toxic friendship for years now, and have finally decided enough is enough! I don’t want to surround myself with people who make me feel like crap and who I don’t enjoy spending time with. I was to be around people who lift me up, make me happy, and make me feel like I can be unapologetically myself.

It’s certainly not easy, to distance yourself from people who were once very important to you and who you shared a lot of moments with. But it’s harder to be friends with people who don’t make you happy, who don’t make you feel good about yourself, and who you now have very little in common with.

I would rather spend time in my own company than in those whose company I don’t enjoy. Learning to be okay on your own is such an important thing, because at the end of the day YOU are your most important person.

It’s not selfish to put yourself first from time to time in order to look after your own wellbeing. Quote of the day: “self love isn’t selfish.” 👽

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?? i read that post you made as "finally gonna watch 'Home Fuck' yes" and ?? i honest to god thought it was the name of a porno n wondered why you decided to share that info w us anyway i wouldve done this via reply but alas

Listen Lee if I can’t tell Tumblr about my porn tastes then who can I tell

Here you go guys! the infamous @markiplier and @lordminion animation is finally complete! sorry it took so long.  So many Things got in the way and it just kept getting pushed aside. No blue hair mark because the rough was done back in april for a class assignment so I decided to keep it that way since it would be annoying to redo it over.  Hope you guys enjoy it!  Please share and spread it around! I made this for you guys c:

you can also find it on my youtube channel!


I don’t usually share process, but I thought it would be fun to show a few of the steps that brought this pattern for to life. 

Up top is my sketch. I rarely add color to sketches, but I felt like it this time, and it ended up shaping the final palette. In the second image, I made all of the elements in the sketch into final drawings, and set them up to become a repeating pattern. From there, we decided to make the layout airier, and remove the more vulgar elements—the knife, tongue, pill bottle, and tampon all had to go. Lastly, we added in some new cute things, like the cat and heart balloon, and I redrew a few objects that I wanted to look slightly different, like the bra, ice cream, and scrunchie.

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun pattern is available on an iPhone case, pencil pouch, keychain pouch, notebook, and tumbler from here.  

Guys...Cas is not in Jimmy’s body and here’s why...

As you may have already seen from my posts I could not decide and make up my mind about Cas’ situation. I had 2 conflicting theories. First, where Cas and Luci were sharing one vessel and second, where Cas was stuck in the cage. 

Now, after watching the latest episode I made my final decision. I think Cas is stuck in the cage, while Lucifer is possessing the empty body. And here is why I think so:

1.  In the latest episode when Lucifer is walking in the park and that poor cute angel follows him he calls him “Lucifer!” See, no mention of Cas! That guy saw only Lucifer in that body! If Cas were there he’d sense his presence too! So, my guess is that only Luci is parading, wearing Jimmy’s body, while our cinnamon roll is stuck in the cage. Which reminds me of my post that I made not too long ago.

2. Lucifer asked Rowena if there was anyone else who could open the cage and when Rowena said no, he killed her. Why? Because he does not want to let Cas out and himself be back in the cage. I think he intends to wear Jimmy’s body temporarily, until he will have a better plan to convince Sam to accept him. And keeping Michael in the cage has nothing to do with it. 

Also, speaking of Michael. I think the writers knew that we would assume Lucifer was meaning his brother and they knew we would not think it being Cas. Because I think they wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible that Cas was stuck in the cage. 

appetite-for-the-d submitted to killyouranxiety:

I’ve never done this before, but I think this is where I could propose something to be written on your blog? Here goes:
I’ve suffered from anxiety for about two years now, and I’ve finally decided to actually look into ways that could decrease my anxiety. Until now, I’ve assumed that it’s something that I can’t control; something I’d only be able to manage as best as I can. And it’s true that we can only really manage anxiety, but there are several things that I’ve discovered through research that I wanted to share here because, if any of your followers are like me, I never bothered to think about it before.
1) I recently realized that my anxiety increased incredibly when, for the first time, I was living on my own and had to make food for myself. I can’t cook anything more than pasta, and even more, I became vegetarian. I read recently that a bad diet can SERIOUSLY increase your anxiety. I haven’t been getting the nutrients I need and my body has been signaling me for a long time now, and I just thought it was my mental state! Make sure to eat a balanced diet, maybe take vitamins to ensure it. More vegetables, less sugar.
2) Stay away from caffeine. I think most people know this, but a friend of mine with anxiety had no clue. That can seriously increase anxiety.
3) Tea! I’ve been drinking chamomile for a while, and I hate tea, but it’s a beautiful short term solution. Well, not a solution, but it helps.
4) Supplements! My brother has been preaching of the benefits of magnesium. I’m going to try it soon. Most people are magnesium deficient, and that can increase anxiety.
5) Exercise! I’m not preaching here; I’m really bad at keeping with exercise schedules. But apparently getting some of that excess energy out of your system can do wonders and it burns cortisol or whatever, a stress hormone. I read that just 21 minutes of brisk activity a day can seriously help.
This is the extent of my knowledge. I’m taking steps to institute them and incorporate them in my daily life. Still, I may turn to anxiety meds: I simply can’t live this way any longer. But hopefully these changes will decrease what I’m currently experiencing and make life more bearable.
Thanks for reading!

thank you for your submission! i’m sure our followers appreciate it <3

Okay tumblr, I have something to share.

It FINALLY did a Meyers-Briggs test and was told that I am an INTP.

I refused to believe this. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour. 

I started to research reasons why personality testing is bullshit. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour. 

I decided to stop thinking about this and focus on something else. I demanded that we pretended I never took the test. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour.

I started to secretly do more research on what being an INTP means while feeling shame. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour.

I found out that only 2% of women are INTP and suddenly warmed up to the idea of being one. Kylie told me this was typical INTP behaviour. 

Long story short: I’ll be in charge to make the portraits of my fellow animators for this year’s gala so I decided to practice a little. And the faces I see more than my comrades are YouTubers’ XD These are only quick sketches, not the final product, but I wanted to share it anyway <3

In order: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and the Game Grumps Egoraptor and Danny Sexbang. Who should I do next?

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Could you please rec some good case fics for me? I love your work!

Hi there. I’ve a feeling I’ve just recced some case slash non AU fics, so I hope these aren’t the ones I’ve just recced. I’m too lazy to check it, lol… Lately I haven’t been reading too many case fics so I kinda don’t have anything new to share. When I first started to read SPN fanfiction like a millenia ago I didn’t read anything else but non AU fics. Seriously, it’s like… three years ago or something when I finally decided that I also like AU fics. How sad is that? And I’m still not liking AU settings in HP fandom, for example. The funny thing is, that I’m supposed to have like billions of these non AU slash case fics, but I lost them all when my old computer went down. That’s one of the biggest tragedies in my entire life. Still not over it.

Okay, and then back to the point. Here are your fics, I hope you’ll enjoy them. I’ve been reading the entire night (NO, IT’S NOT AN OBSESSION.) and slept only one and half hours and I’m at the office right now, so I’m not responsible for my own notes. Destiel is gonna kill me sometime very soon. You should ask Admin A what happened to her after one long night reading Destiel, not eating and not sleeping. That didn’t end up so well. It was epic. – Admin J

Title: The Dance of Inanna

Author: PeppermintWind

Rating: Explicit

Words: 106,178 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Here’s one hell of a case for you! This sounds like something that could’ve been a theme for some actual season of the show. It’s so good fic, so I recommend you all to read it. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. And no, there’s no such thing as “recced too many times already”.

Summary: “Hey Sammy? You didn’t happen to start an apocalypse while I was in Purgatory, did you? ”

Or: After the disappearance of the One, pagan gods are fighting over who gets the world. Alliances are forged and broken, Zeus and Enlil form a bromance, Odin teams up with Isis, Loki probably has an evil plan, Artemis ponders second-wave feminism, Crowley is amused, the angels are not, Inanna has opinions, Don is a Carver Edland fan.

And Dean and Cas aren’t fooling anybody.

( Read here )

Title: May I Have This Dance?

Author: Blueyed_Impala

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 18,039 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Another case fic for you! I really liked the idea, but there were some huge things in the way the author writes I can’t stand. For example things like “the 3 of them”. Really? You can’t write the number three? I know, I’m sorry, I’m such a jerk but it bothers me and I cannot enjoy the story as much as I should if there are things like that. It’s just like when someone writes the Impala “the impala”. DrIvEs Me CrAzy. But if you’re not that picky I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.

Summary: With Sam recovering from the trials and a new fallen Castiel living with them in the bunker, Dean’s relieved when Sam finds a simple shapeshifter case not to far from the bunker, he could use an escape. What Sam doesn’t tell Dean is that it’s at a freakin MASQUERADE BALL. So not only does Sam get to dress him in some kind of barbie costume but Cas is going to be with him while his brother gets to wait outside? With Cas is a little too popular for Dean’s liking and a beautiful murderer sneaking around. What could possibly go wrong?

( Read here )

Title: The Truth

Author: whelvenwings

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,644 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Here’s some fallen hunter Castiel case piece of a story for you. Maybe it’s not that long, but at least the case in pretty interesting. Or at least, there’s a deeper meaning in the case. My notes aren’t making any sense.

Summary: Cas and Dean have been locked in a room, and the only way for them to get out is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. With Sam’s life in danger, Dean and Castiel will have to open up to each other.

The question is, can they handle the truth?

( Read here )

Title: Professional Couple Only

Author: salthyfeathers

Rating: Mature

Words: 37,153 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Here’s some more fallen hunter Castiel case stuff for you. With Destiel, of course. I love Destiel. (I’m covering my office room’s white board with Misha pictures at the moment since my brain feels like overbooked and I seriously can’t work. Hope my boss won’t come in any time soon to ask how the projects are going. Just read the fics and ignore me, okay?)

Summary: There’s a haunted apartment building in Vermont, and the ad says “Professional couple only”. Dean and Cas rise to the occasion.

( Read here )

Title: To Be Where I Have Been

Author: deathbycoldpen

Rating: Explicit

Words: 31,836 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: The Mishas are conquering the world. I have nothing else to say. Keep ignoring me. I need to sleep. No, I need more caffeine. I have so many Mishas to print. There’s no time for things like sleeping.

Summary: Dean wakes up the morning of his 26th birthday in an abandoned warehouse with no idea how he got there- or why it is that his estranged brother is there with him, and telling him that it’s the year 2015, not 2005. It’s not hard to figure out that the de-aging spell that hit Dean affected his memory as well. But things get a little more complicated when he finds that Sam is hiding things from him, like what exactly has happened in the years since Dean was 26, or who the man is who calls himself Dean’s best friend. Maybe it would all be easier to deal with if someone wasn’t still waiting to finish the job they started when they cursed him. And maybe it would be easier if this damn buzzing under his skin- and the nightmares of blood and fire- would just leave him alone long enough to let him think…

( Read here )
Colder Throats - Laila (NPR Music Desk Contest 2016)

Hello, friends, so I’ve decided to finally stop being a lil baby and make a youtube channel!! Only because I wanted to submit my tunes for a really neat Contest for NPR. So, check out the new (v sad v sad) jam, give it a thumbs up, comment, share it with your mom, cousin, mailman, pet chicken, whoever u love. Sorry for the shit sound quality. Studio versions of a few songs are coming your way soon though!!

Subscribe to my channel here, there shall be more neater, cooler, more cinematic vids coming soon :-)

After four agonizing months, I now finally own the paperback edition of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. In honor of such a glorious day, I have decided to sketch and share with you, my interpretation of Blue and her Raven Boys. 


The Making ofEyes Only For You

Didn’t get the chance to create a new PLAKKI piece for this today. As always, to make up for it, I’m going to share with your guys how I made last week’s piece starting from the initial sketch all the way down to the final saved finished painting. Sorry there’s no piece this week you guys.

I struggled this week to make up my mind on a concept to produce. Though I had some good ideas, in the end, I decided just to skip this week and save those ideas for future PLAKKI pieces time when I can work on them freely.

Besides most of my arting time this week was spend focused on working on my contribution to an upcoming Miraculous Valentine’s Day collaboration project. Here’s a small teaser WIP of that:

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Hux imagine

I feel like there’s not enough kissy Hux imagines, so I decided to share mine:

Imagine being somebody high ranked in the First Order, and working directly with Hux on taking over the galaxy.

Imagine staying up all night with him, wanting to finally finish that project Hux is to present to Snoke tomorrow. You are sitting in front of piles of paper, trying to focus and get back to work but it’s really difficult. Your eyes are heavy and sick of this work. It’s 4.30 AM. You turn your head taking a look at Hux. General is sitting near you consumed by, relatively chaotic, sliding through screens on his datapad, mumbling to himself. His hair is a flaming mess, and he even undid the first button of his shirt. He must be extremely tired to do so. You tilt your head and roll up to him with your office chair. “You may go to sleep if you want” he says, still looking at the datapad “There’s not much left. I can finish this on my own.” You press your cold nose to his warm neck, right under his ear. He smells so good and addictive. Closing your eyes you choose to brush his soft skin with your lips a few times. Your hand runs through his red hair as you continue on kissing. When you open your eyes, you can see that the young man closed his. “I better wake him up or he’ll never forgive me distracting him form work.” “Come on, there’s not much left. Just like you said” you speak up rather loud, tousling his hair. Hux opens his eyes and watches you going away with hungry eyes.

I was too embarrassed to share this photo before because well just look at the first one. Taken one year apart at the same feis (Irish Nationals). I moved school after the first photo was taken, I decided not to quit until I finally qualified for world’s, and although it’s not actually the same move, there’s a massive difference! I went from 22nd to 9th in a year and I placed 4th last year but I don’t have any similar action shots. I know no one will even see this but I just thought of it today and I wanted to post it.


“Standin on the Corner Park”
Winslow, Arizona

I grew up listening to the Eagles thanks to my mother sharing music with me from a young age. When I went to college, I was in Flagstaff, Arizona. That’s about an hour from Winslow and I always said I would go visit. I never did during that time.
After hearing about the passing of Glenn Frey, I decided I wanted to finally make the journey to stand on the corner in Winslow.
There were some lovely tributes, notes, flowers, candles, and balloons in memory of Glenn. I also heard they might be having some kind of festival Tuesday (January 26th) but I wasn’t able to stay that long.
I’m so glad I was able to finally go. And it was nice seeing other people passing through and making the journey to visit the corner and take pictures.