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Amber! I just wanted to share something positive with u. I've always loved dresses but have been too self-conscious to wear them because my arms aren't thin&toned&I have bigger hips and a bigger butt than most girls along with chubby thighs. I saw a lot of your pictures and was like "wow she looks absolutely amazing in those&we have similar shapes." After seeing how amazing you looked I decided to quit being so hard on myself&finally buy a dress. Thank u for giving me the little nudge I needed!

This is so positive 😭😭 so happy

i’ll be working on ask memes for a couple of hours until i have to go and study
for my driver’s test! i’m finally taking it and i really hope i pass. uhmm, i’m going to
shop for books on for awhile and then perhaps work on drafts depending
how studying goes? in other news i’ve decided to go back to college to be a nurse! i will be
returning in january, but first i’m going to be getting a job! i finally feel like my life is going to
move forward and i’m really proud of myself for having a plan c:

I drew this picture a little while ago, and I finally decided to share. I worked on this picture only for a few hours because I knew exactly what I wanted to draw. This entire picture, flowers and all just came to me and I just had to draw it out. I’m most proud of this picture than anything else I’ve drawn. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as me. 😊

ok but I need Dean to hug Cas. not the kind where he sees him after not seeing him for a while. not a goodbye hug.

I mean the hug when Cas realizes this is all too much, the world is too heavy on him, so Dean decides to share the load by turning him around and pulling him into a tight, emotional hug. Cas’ eyes opening in surprise, before he curls his fingers into Dean’s jacket, letting himself feel safe, something he hasn’t felt in a long time in his VERY long life. I want Cas to melt into Dean’s arms and I want Dean to whisper “I know. It’s okay. I know.” I want Cas’ eyes to finally flutter shut as he plants his face into Dean’s neck, hugging him back just as tightly, not saying a word.

     “I listen to a lot of people’s stories while working on their hair. The funny thing is, because of the way people carry themselves and smile all the time, I can never tell what they’re going through until they decide to share it with me. Recently, a client opened up about her abusive marriage, and I was shocked because she seemed like a particularly happy person. I had not seen her mad or sad even once. She was always smiling. I guess after coming here so many times and talking to me, she finally felt comfortable sharing.” 

     Roslindale, MA

5x10: Holy Raging Misogyny, Batman.

Okay, so first impression here was that this episode was bad. I decided to take a step back and cool the fuck off. But as I return to this episode with a more level head, I still face with the same problem that’s lingered around this show for a long time. Once again, Teen Wolf has bitten off more storyline than it can chew.

There was way too much going on. There were little plot points and lines that I missed while taking a drink of water or telling my sister something about a scene or character. I missed things without leaving the couch once. And to my extreme disappointment, such a action-packed plot meant that concessions had to be made, minimizing the story lines of some crucial main characters, namely: Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, and Kira Yukimura. 

If you’re looking at that list and noticing the common denominator, you’re not alone. All three of the major characters lacking significant plot lines in this episode were female. That’s nearly half of the main 7 characters this season, which by my count is: Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira, Liam, and Theo (I consider Hayden, Parrish, Mason, Brett, Melissa McCall, and Sheriff Stilinski as secondary characters). 

If you’re following along doing the math in your head, you’ve realize that this means that the 5A finale episode minimized the plot involvement of all of the main female characters. 

Malia had the strongest showing this episode, sharing scenes with Stiles, Theo, and Braeden throughout, with some indication that her own plotline will advance into a higher echelon in the 5B season. She was even paired up with returning favorite, Braeden, indicating the potential for an awesome female duo in the future. Additionally, she had a scene with Stiles that addressed their barely-there relationship in season 5A, which ended in their separation. And unfortunately, what could have been a striking and explorative independent scene with Malia in her old coyote den turned into an overly sexualized encounter with a naked Theo. Narrow miss: Malia does not begin her exploration into the world of the Desert Wolf, but is instead stalled and used to fill romantic and sexual asides with other male primary characters. Potential moments of character growth interrupted. Plot with Braeden and the DW is set up for 5B, but a storyline centered around three women sounds too good to be true.

Lydia, who could have very well been incorporated into the numerous death scenes in the episode, spent over 90% of the episode absent, presumed to be unconscious. The scenes where she was on the screen were unfortunate. First, she was shown pursuing the highly contested and highly inappropriate romantic relationship with Jordan Parrish, an adult who should know better than to fraternize with high school kids in such an intimate way. From there, she went to the school library to examine the bestiary on Parrish’s behalf, only to be assaulted and knocked unconscious by Theo. She was then absent until the last four minutes of the episode, where she further violated by Theo, who ultimately left her nearly comatose on the ground in the woods. Glaring miss: Lydia’s opportunity to be useful, relevant and involved in the pack’s action was turned down in favor of making her a plot device for a secondary male character. Absent and unmentioned for the majority of the episode, but we assume her to be helpless and unconscious. Subject of casual and constant physical violence from larger, more powerful male character.

And in the worst showing yet, Kira Yukimura, the only main female POC on the show, has been gone for several episodes without even a mention of her name or an explanation of what’s going on with her. She was not brought up in the finale, and all but forgotten in the progression of her own storyline, which showed serious promise in its early phases. She was sent away before all of the finale plotlines came into play, and was therefore deemed irrelevant to even mention in the episode. Are-you-even-trying-anymore? miss: Literally what the fuck are you doing with this character, why are you taking her out of the game just as she inherits this unique and emotionally tumultuous storyline? You know what? Fuck you.

Beyond that, the story lines got tangled, jumbled up, and generally difficult to follow with any sense of coherent chronology. Lydia was with Parrish, but then she left the building to go find the bestiary, and suddenly Stiles is with Parrish, and Lydia is with Theo, then Stiles loses Parrish, finds Theo, and there’s no mention that Lydia and Theo ever encountered, let alone that Malia and Theo.

Melissa McCall, bless her heart, became responsible for three 15/16 year old children that she had met, at most, 3 times. Malia is with Theo, then alone, then with Braeden. Scott is with Theo, alone, lured into a trap with Lydia’s phone, then with Theo again, but the fact that Theo somehow obtained and used Lydia’s phone was never brought up in the conversation (Scott’s storyline and characterization was a whole ‘nother can of worms that I’ll write about later).

Theo needs a goddamn time-turner to be in all of these places at once.

Once Malia drops Stiles off at the police station (does she even have her license?), no one goes looking for her after that despite the fact that the supermoon would be dangerously affecting her too. Lydia would have been knocked out for somewhere in the ballpark of 12-18 hours in order for her to have woken up with Theo present, accounting for all of the plot advancement since we saw her last.

No one brings Kira up, not even Mason, who was blessedly determined to help her earlier in the season. Not even Melissa McCall. Not Theo, or Scott, or Stiles (the women are excused from this commentary given their lack of screen time to begin with).

We are faced with a five-month-long hiatus between 5x10 and 5x11, and the writers of Teen Wolf chose to produce an incoherent storyline that not only confuses it’s viewers (in typical Teen Wolf fashion), but also alienates the female audience from the characters that they might identify with best. Male characters (*cough cough* Stiles, Liam, and Theo *cough*) were given ample scenes where they struggled, or were faced with adversity, but unlike their female counterparts, the male characters in this story were given agency and self determination. The female characters were largely carried around by the current of consequences stemming from the actions of men. 

In my opinion, the main female characters deserve better than this. All three of them are clever, shrewd, determined young women with a bite worse than their bark, and they’re being wasted as plot devices. 

Do better, Teen Wolf.

ICU Materials part 1

After 4 years of volunteering in the ICU of the local hospital for respiratory diseases I’ve finally started to really understand a lot of the diagnostic procedures and the meaning of their results.

So I’ve decided to share with you some of the materials I use to study the ICU Stuff:


So after a long time I have finally posted my 2nd video on Youtube! I this time decided it to be a look book! I hope you like it and if you do, feel free to share it with your friends or strangers, I don’t mind *wink wink* 

Make sure to subscribe for more videos! 

16 Simple Ways To Love Yourself Again

Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you. 

“Today I lost the respect of a few people I love, and the desire to kill myself, when I finally took your advice and told everyone the truth about who I really am and what I’ve decided to do with my life.  In a nutshell, I’ve chosen to love and honor myself, instead of convincing others to do it for me every day.”

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I mostly read fanfic on my iPod these days. In the spirit of Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation, I’m going to share what’s on there currently!

Reading now

For the Love of Pumpkin Pie by Butterynutjob
The Cherik version of this infamous Thanksgiving Craigslist ad!

Finished Reading, Need to Comment

All the Rest is Rust and Stardust by spicedpiano and tahariel
Yeah, after deciding twice over that I was not comfortable with the premise, I finally caved and read it. Still don’t know how I feel about myself as a person, but it’s definitely an achievement as a story.

Continuing Education by spicedpiano and aesc
Oh man, this one has gone so much deeper than I expected! From “snarky professors being snarky” into a lot of “recovery after abuse” territory and it’s just great, y’all.

Sprich Mit Mir/Talk to Me by papercutperfect

Resistance by Pragnificent
Short-and-to-the-point Hunger Games AU. Very thought-provoking.

Favorite Mistake by endingthemes
Ahhh the Big Misunderstanding trope done to perfection! And with so many feels!!!

Long-Term iPod Residents

The Seventh Tree by Clocks and RaelynnMarie
Builds a really intriguing world and has sexy dancer Charles. Need I say more?

Scenes from a Pineapple Revolution by luninosity
Erik wants to overthrow the monarchy. Being in love with the crown prince makes that a little awkward. (aka Adventures in Turtle Having Fealty Feels and Holy Crap That Was a Good Kissing Scene)

City by the Sea by Black_Betty
jhfdjkkdgiurjkalsdkn The sweetness! The angst! The suspense! skjdfhs

Anarchy in the U.K. by Yahtzee

(good gosh I have a lot more of these than I thought)

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i love posts where people are like “where’s that funny video/picture/text post blah blah blah” and then they reblog the post with the thing they were looking for like it was so important that they decided to embark on the journey to find this content alone and when they finally happened upon it they decided to share it with everyone 


My 1989 Experience ft the Red Tour.

I never really took the time to write a post about my 1989 experience with a small insight into my Red Tour Concert. I guess reality and life took over after such a magical event and I never really got to put it all into words. I want to share my dream coming true because I really hope that if you’re reading this, yours come true someday too. So here goes… 

The Red Tour

After being a Swiftie since 2008, I finally got the chance to attend one of Tay’s tours and it was more than I could have ever imagined. Growing up in a small town in England, my family and I bought tickets to the RED tour in Kansas City, USA… Me and my little brother decided to make our posters bright, with his expressing our travels and mine featuring a sketch of Taylor on one side and Ed Sheeran on the other. We all dressed in red and added lights! My t-shirt pointed to my brother and said, ‘God smiles on my little brother’ and his pointed to e to say, ‘Never Grow Up’. Both lyrics/songs mean a lot to me so it was lovely to put them on t-shirts.
    After four flights, we finally made it! We were all so tired and in a rush to make it on time but it was worth it. People wanted to take pictures with us and the security loved us so much that they called the ‘manager’ to come and see what we had made… The 'manager’ turned out to be Mama Swift and I cannot tell you how lovely and beautiful she is. She is honestly the most wonderful woman. I met some amazing Swifties and the concert was so magical… I still have confetti from the end of the show <3 It was such a long journey but I would fly across the world to see her again.

The 1989 Tour

So where to start? I guess it all began the day I heard 1989 for the first time; with every song, I began sketching and doodling ideas for possible outfits. After debates, I finally decided to create a polaroid skirt….

Creating the Skirt:
When I first envisioned a polaroid skirt, I thought it would be simple… Sewing a few pictures on, how hard can it be, right? WRONG. I had over sixty polaroids that I had to work onto my skirt. I began by making small sketches of colour ideas, layering techniques and style. From this, I showed my mum and we bought a basic black circle skirt. However, when we began to pin the polaroids on the skirt, we realised that a full circle skirt was not going to work! The polaroids were difficult enough in texture and this certain skirt made them hang really weirdly. We found another skirt and experimented more, and luckily it worked. To help vision the skirt, we attached it to a mannequin  and added the images. After we were happy, my mum sewed them all on whilst I  arranged them how I liked them best… And after many hours, we finally completed it!

Making the Poster:
Once the skirt was completed, me and Sam decided to work on the poster. We had so many discussions and change of ideas for this one haha… In the end, we wanted to go for an older Tay style poster, hence the hands in a heart shape. Using poster board, card and lots of time, we finally got the shape we anted. After this we filled the shape with lyrics and doodles. To finish, we added Electroluminescent wire so it would light up at the concert! :)

The T-Shirts:
The T-shirts we wore were inspired by Bad Blood. I designed them on my computer adding both me and Sam’s names and adding 'Manchester Premiere 24.06.15’ to create personal, finer details.

The Concert:
Okay… So the whole thing was like a crazy ball of magical glitter!!! The night before, I put my outfit on Tumblr and went to sleep with 2 reblogs. The enxt morning, I woke to find that 300 people had liked/reblogged my photo and I was so surprised at the reaction I got. By the afternoon, I had over 800 notes and I can never ever thank all of the Swifties for sharing and supporting my hard work! <3 Anyhow, I curled my hair, added red lipstick and put on my skirt (which restricted me from sitting down properly :’) haha ) and finally made it to the concert with Sam. There were so many Swifties and cool outfits… People kept staring at my skirt and asking for pictures, including a man from a Newspaper Company and I was filled with this little sense of butterflies and happiness. We met two Swifties dressed in fox outfits and ended up making friends. Once the doors opened, we ran so fast to find Taylor Nation, and yes, we all had a joke saying, 'we are the foxes… and we RUN!’.
    When we arrived, the queue was so so long but we really wanted to get pictures. So we waited, and waited and waited for around an hour and a half. The girls dressed as foxes left but Sam convinced me to stay… We finally got to the front of the queue and we knew Tay was going to be on any minute. I was so worried that I was going to leave but once again, Sam said I should stay. We met some other Swifties who were so lovely- and we even ended up getting photos in the booth with them! I had written a card for both Taylor and Mama Swift, but I decided not to give them to anyone to pass on as I figured a lot of people do that. So I held onto them. After we had our photo taken, I was asked to get a picture alone on a different camera… I never really thought much of it; I guess I thought it was for the website or something but looking back now, it may have been for other reasons…
After this, I ran so fast to find out seats, I skipped buying a drink and just sprinted ragging Sam with me… :) We made it in time, got our bracelets on and I was so so happy.  When Tay came on, I was screaming so hard, I think I actually died right there and then. R.I.P me.
When Welcome to New York was playing, I saw Mama Swift walk past me and I freaked out so much! I tried to grab my card that I made for her but by the time I got it, she was gone… and as you can imagine, everyone swarmed around her to get pictures. I realised she wasn’t going to come back so I forgot about everything apart from the concert. Sam said he would mind my letter just in case… I was dancing and singing so much that I never thought about Loft 89 or meeting Tay because right in that moment, I was just so thankful to be at the concert…  
During the second song, Sam noticed a woman who was taking photos of me- I thought she was also a fan until I saw her go backstage… Once again, I didn’t really think about it too much.
      During the third song, I was dancing like crazy and somehow, I noticed Mama Swift passing me again. So, I shouted so loud, 'Mama Swift!!!!’ and she turned to look directly at me. My heart stopped and I was like, 'I wrote you a letter…’ and I tried to hand it to her… She smiled this amazing smile and said, 'OMG! WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS EVERYWHERE!’
I didn’t really process what she said so I spluttered, 'I wrote you a letter…’ Mama Swift then repeated, 'I don’t think you understand… we have literally been looking for you guys everywhere!’. At that moment I was in shock. Us? Me? What? Why? I questioned over and over. She asked us if we had ever met Tay and I began to cry so much. I told her no and she gave us Loft 89 passes. I kept on crying and thanking her. She asked if the card was for Taylor and I told her it wasn’t and that I had made it for her. She thanked me and carried on greeting other fans.
After that, I just enjoyed the concert and danced till the very end. I sang so much and I felt like I was in some kind of dream. I guess I’ve wanted to meet Taylor since 2008 and the fact it was going to happen was just magical  perfect enchanting … I can’t even describe it in words because words will never be enough to tell you how my heart was fluttering and pounding against my chest, how I wanted to cry all these fuzzy warm tears and how everything just fell right into place…

Loft 89:
After the show, we had to meet at a certain place so me and Sam ran to find it… We met two really lovely people and were discussing how it all happened! :D I called my mum to tell her and she cried… I thanked her for all her help with the skirt and told her how much I love her. When we entered Loft 89 there was pizza and cold drinks and it was perfect. Like Pizza and Tay?! What could be better ahha. I remember Ellie Golding playing in the background but the rest was a blur because of how excited I was. Me and Sam took a place in the corner and waited for Taylor to speak to us. When it was our turn, she came over and was like, 'OMG I saw your skirt on TUMBLR!!!’ and in that moment, everything fit together like a puzzle. Why people were taking photos of me, why Mama Swift said she was looking for us… Taylor personally wanted to meet me! :’( :D! She asked if it took a long time and I was like, 'yes, a VERY long time!’. She was like 'oh you sewed them all on that’s so cool!’ and asked if I wanted one of them signing…I said no thank you as I had a spare polaroid with me that I wanted her to sign. She asked my name and how to spell it and I swear my life was complete there and then. She knows my name and that’s all I ever wanted. She signed Sam’s Loft 89 pass and I gave her my card. I was so speechless that I never got to say everything I ever wanted but I wrote it all in the card. The card had a drawing of Elsa on it that I did :) She asked if we wanted a picture and I was like, 'YES!!!’. She saw our poster and was like, 'OMG this is so cute! Did you guys make this!?’ and I laughed and nodded. Taylor then giggled and was like, 'Can I just like, stick my head through it?!’ OMG I WAS LAUGHING SO MUCH! So that’s how we got such a cool unique photo- like Tay you are epic for that idea! We said our goodbyes and left Loft 89 after she met everyone else. I remember walking home that night so damn happy and it’s all because of Tay.

So Taylor, thank you for being there for me since 2008, thank you for picking me out of a crowd of 21,000 people and thank you for being my friend when no one else was. I know how lucky I was and I will never ever take that for granted.

I love you taylorswift, you are amazing in every single way.

From 2008, back to 1989 and to the endless years of forever and always…

Lizzie xxx

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WOW that full body shot of S/C!!!!!! SO TOGETHER!!! WTF he is holding her so tight- she's laying on him standing up!!! So hotttt. So happy for them. Why do you think pic "leaked" now? ;))))

Hehehehe right?! They look sooo cosy and loved up! Makes me happy!! I have no idea. It was posted in a private FB group and I asked if I could share it a while ago but the person who took it said I couldn’t. I guess someone else either got permission to post it publicly or just decided to without permission. Either way I’m glad it’s finally out there. It’s too cute to be kept a secret!!


So basically Im finally braving this whole Tumblr lark after having considered it for a long time. I have had a blog in the past but that was mainly just to read fanfics etc and by no means anything serious. After having watched the show since the beginning I came to the conclusion that I need people to share my passion and feels with, hence I decided to create a new blog in order to try and integrate myself into this wonderful fandom!

Funky Fannibal Fête

Since I don’t have a Hannibal Finale party of my own to throw/attend this next week, I thought I’d share some of my party ideas with all of you lovely fannibals in case any of you were seeking inspiration. You guys are all wonderful and I want to hear about your finale celebrations! Think of it as pre-Halloween, or maybe prep for that time when you totally lose your mind and decide to do a series marathon party. Let’s go!

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FF Recs

Just wanted to share some of my favorite fanfics that got me feeling some type of way<3 (Sadly some of these are no longer available but if the Author decides to share it again, definitely take the chance and give it a read.) 

neontabi: Don’t Cross The Line 

bluebracelet: (Author’s account is deactivated)

  • The Devil Wears Giyonchy
  • The Devil Wears Nothing But A Beret
  • Discord

red-rouge: (These stories are not available)

  • Circles
  • A Thin Line

hobash: A Crime in Seoul

schmetterlinq: You’re on to me, and all over me 

MsNightshade: The Sweetest Corrosion 

bamkam: Voicemail

franticfiction: soundproof


peacensafety: Memphis (sub AUs that stem from Memphis are on her LJ under the Master List, I’d start with Innocence and work my way down.  Troll is my favorite sub AU) [Her stories were the first ones I read when I started my downward spiral to gtop.  I absolutely love her AUs and heart wrenching angsty relationships; I’ve reread her stories countless of times.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I still do.]  

gdgdbaby, whetstone, & lovelyable: why choice37 deactivated his facebook [I love, love, love this.  I’m so happy beautiful minds like theirs exists and came together.  If you don’t laugh your ass off then I don’t know why.]


Ruinwyn: (canon master tbfh)




Very notable mention: jisuschrist (Her writings were not just about gtop, they personally hit home.  If you ever come upon in city lights, consider it a fortune.)

And lastly for a Nyongtory(i)/Gri rec bc I read this one and just wow; Push & Pull by maayacola

If/When you finish all of these, stop by and ask for more recs or like a book club if you want to talk about it I would love to!  Please do recommend to me too!  I mainly stick with gtop but I definitely read BB&OC’s as well.  There’s so much talent to discover and enjoy that I’m overwhelmed in the best possible way!!!  Happy reading! <3


Yo…hear me out on this theory. What if Sala is just a reincarnation of Iwasawa from Angel Beats. My theory is that Iwasawa did her last performance and we thought she made her peace but really she was just reincarnated and became Sala Shane. Due to Sala finally realizing what she wanted to do in life, God decided to take her vision since he gave Iwasawa aka Sala another chance at being a musician. Now that is kind of a shitty deal, but it make’s Sala test her faith in God which has not faltered because she still performs and she is still humble.

Also Sala and Sawa are similar sounding as well.

Finally, I’m almost One hundred percent sure they share the same Voice Actor (Miyuki Sawashiro) So that plays into my theory as well.