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Did Danielle just steal that shirt from Louis' public house? Am I to assume that they've hired a stunt prop who is not only extra but also a thief? Or is this all for the narrative? To convince me that they're in a relationship b/c they are sharing clothes? I bet Harry is at home right now drinking a glass of wine and laughing in Louis' oversized onesie. Don't ask me who he is laughing at, though. It could be Simon, Danielle, or the whole lot of them. But he's laughing. In L's onesie. somewhere.

This fan fic is so overplayed.

ETA:  Don’t be mad with this Anon.  It’s a parody and a damn accurate one!

Tuesday: August 16 Blurb - Bump

17. Harry reacting to your baby bump!


“I think I felt her move, love!”

You laughed, watching as Harry moved his hand around your barely-there belly.

“Harry, that’s impossible. The baby won’t start moving around for another couple of months.”

He frowned. “Are you sure?”

“I am. That’s what the doctor said, as well as every single book and website I’ve read.”

“Well, maybe she’s a lot more wiggly than most babies. She is mine, y’know.”

Harry scooted over so he could rest his head just below your chest. You were barely three months pregnant at this point and your belly was only noticeable if you were looking for it, but Harry insisted every single day that he could see you growing and couldn’t keep his hands off of you for longer than a few minutes.

He would talk to your belly, too. Convinced that your baby was already a girl, he would bend down in front of you while you were doing the dishes, or cuddle up next to you while you were reading a book, rubbing his hand over your belly while whispering to your unborn child about how much he loved her and couldn’t wait to meet her and how lucky he felt to be her daddy.

When your belly finally popped enough that you looked pregnant and not just like you had finished a big meal, Harry fell even more in love with your belly.

When you found out that the baby was, in fact, a girl, Harry had grinned wider than you had ever seen him do before.

He leaned down near the bed and caressed your belly – still wet from the ultrasound gel – and whispered, “Mummy didn’t believe me, but daddy knew he had a little princess in there.”

Belly kisses became a common thing; a nightly ritual of kissing you goodnight and then kissing his little bump goodnight as well had you feeling butterflies in your stomach that you knew weren’t from the baby kicking, but just because you loved this man you had chosen to be your husband and the father of your baby so much.

The first time Harry actually felt your daughter kick, he had nearly burst into tears on the spot.

“She moved!” He exclaimed, smiling wide. “I felt her!”

You had smiled, very aware that your daughter was kicking inside of you, and watching with doe eyes as Harry brought his head down to rest on your swell.

“Hello, princess.” He whispered. “Are you tryin’ to say hi to daddy?”

Another kick and Harry placed a kiss to where her foot or elbow was shoving at your skin.

“Yes, I feel you in there, pumpkin. You’re just tryin’ to make sure you get some attention, yeah?”

She seemed to be reacting to Harry’s voice every time he spoke to her, being more active that night than she had ever been before.

Harry laid back with a happy sigh, never removing his hand from your belly, and leaned over to kiss you.

“I love you. Thanks for letting us make her.”

You giggled. “You’re welcome.”

“Love your belly so much.” He mumbled, eyes closing slowly. “I can’t believe you’re actually growing a baby in there.”

“I can.” You scoffed. “Feels like I have a watermelon between my legs that is intent on making me have to pee every five minutes.”

“It’ll be worth it.” Harry yawned. “Gonna miss that bump when she’s out though; may just have to get you pregnant again.”

“One step at a time, my love.” You sighed, running your hand through his hair as he started falling asleep with his hand still resting on your stomach. “One step at a time.”

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With Dan and Phil basically repeating 2009 but gayer that means PINOF 8 will have to be gayer than PINOF 1 and im not ready

I always get a little uncomfortable when people say they’re being “gayer” tbh, even though I’m sure you didn’t mean any offense. But I am excited to see all the cute phan moments in PINOF 8.

I really just hope it’s not a lot of *phil makes “accidental” innuendo* *dan stares at the camera*. And *dan jokes about existential crises* *phil laughs a bit like he doesn’t know how to respond*. They’ve been doing that so much it’s gotten on my nerves oops. I want some genuine moments damn it, not something so predictable.

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How would Genji, Mccree and tracer react to having an s/o who is the type of person to say to them "you want to go on an adventure" and then bring them to a McDonald's at 3 am for a breakfast sandwich and fries (sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm really tired!)

That’s okay, omg!! This made me laugh a lot, lol~ 💕

> “[Name], I cannot eat this.” Genji is more amused than puzzled as his beloved presents their ‘adventure’ to him in the form of greasy food items, but would pass them off as simply being silly, just as they were with their various other adventures. He’d slide his serving off to his partner, and would instead ask for something much more digestible, such as a smoothie or a simple iced coffee. “…You may have my share, dove.”

> “Enjoy yourself, darlin’.” McCree, albeit sleepy, happily complies with his partner’s suggestion, and would joke about how they should have invited him a bit later, for he desperately needed his beauty sleep. He’ll lean his back against their shoulder to rest, his hat covering his face as he slowly snoozed off, only looking up to accept a few fries to munch on. “Wake me up around noon, won’t ya?”

> “'Tis rather early for breakfast, love.” Tracer easily agrees to her partner’s invitation, but teases them about not having enough patience to wait for a later time. Her usual cheerful demeanor is still evident despite the fact that the sun is barely peeking in through the dark shy, and her chatter is brightly animated while chowing down on her meal. “Smashing idea, really!”

Remus Headcanon

So I have this headcanon about Remus and I have been thinking about it a lot. And nobody can tell me I am wrong about this. A lot of people have stated that Remus would be the mom friend. And I totally can see that. But he would also be the one who saw his friends about to do something stupid and sometimes,  instead of stopping them, would just sit back and watch it happen. Like he would enjoy watching these ideas of they come up with play out. When they worked he would be surprised and happy for them but when they failed he would get so much entertainment. He would outright laugh at them. Sometimes he would go on for months just casually bringing it up to remind them of the terrible plot. “Hey Sirius, remember that time you tried to surf down the stair bannister and fell off face first?” Other times he would just silently smirk. When Remus was bored, his friends dumb ideas became his entertainment. 

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I've had a really bad week. I am very sad and I was hoping you had a funny story to share? If you don't that's ok! I just thought I'd ask. Sorry if I'm bothering you.

You’re not bothering me at all! I do a lot of stupid shit so of course I have a story! This ended up a bit long tho, oops!

Ok so a lot of my summers have been spent down in Florida. My grandmother left us her house there so it became an easy vacation spot even if the local lake’s beach is basically never used because gators like to sunbathe on it. It is a neighborhood that is of mostly elderly people so my brother and I integrated ourselves into the small group of kids there. 

Anyways I’m there for Fourth of July one year. And we all came to a mature decision to put all of our money in and buy a Shit Ton of fireworks. We went to one of those street side tents on the Fourth so big sales were going on and went wild. Like to the point where when we were driving back everybody but the driver had fireworks sitting in their lap because there was no room. We were Pumped. It’s one of those things where the bigger the safety warning on the side the more excited we were to set it off. 

Night falls and we had claimed the beach as ours. My friend John was 19 so he was technically our “adult supervision.” Once we started setting them off, we didn’t stop. We just kept going. Hootin and hollerin and having a jolly ole time. Until about an hour in the old retired judge that had a soft spot for us comes racing down towards the beach in his golf cart with a panicked look on his face. Apparently the cops had been called on us. So we, being level headed individuals, came to the smart decision to hide the fireworks we hadn’t set off in the playground’s tube and throw all the used fireworks into the bonfire. Nothing can go wrong, right? Right??

We had just finished destroying the evidence (or so we thought) when Mr. Officer pulls up. And we are all doing that thing where somebody yells act normal and you look like absolute idiots. John strategically sitting on top of the playground’s tube, Daniel with sand covering his lower half from trying to bury the scorched sand, Mandy and I standing in front of the bonfire full of evidence trying to act like we wanted to be there and the huge ass fire a few feet from us wasn’t turning us into a puddle version of ourselves. Now here is the thing. Mr. Officer had that look. That look that any teenager latches onto and immediately wants to ruffle the feathers of whoever is wearing it. He strolls up with his nicely ironed pants and stares us down. “I gotta a call about some fireworks being set off. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that?” *A chorus of innocent no’s* He gives us the most disbelieving look. “Oh really””nooooo we don’t know anything about any fireworks, those are illegal!” “That they are. I see you have some sparklers” A quiet shit is muttered. “Where did you get those?” “Uhhh Walmart” “Really? I’ve never seen high quality sparklers at Walmart before.” “well we musta gotten lucky!” “mhm” He then proceeds to go into a very long speech about the dangers of fireworks and why they are illegal. And we stood there trying to act like it was all very interesting and we totally agreed with it. 

And then. Right as he was “praising us” for not participating in illegal activities it happens. He starts walking over to Mandy and I who have been squirming from the heat for most of his speech. He probably spotted us and decided to break the weak ones. I look down and notice a bit off to the side a lump that looks quite like some fireworks that hadn’t fully made it in. Thinking on my feet I kick them back into the fire with a definitive sizzle letting me know I made my target. And then a much more definitive pop. And an even more definitive bang. First time I ever actually heard a fire make a fwoosh sound. I hit the deck. Mandy hits the deck. Mr. Officer hits the deck most definitely messing up his nicely ironed pants. John and Daniel are yelling at us, it is utter chaos. Brightly colored balls of fire are whooshing by me. I see John clumsily dive into the tube head first. Daniel is somewhere unknown. Mandy makes eye contact with me and we grab each other’s hands like they do in dramatic war movies. I’m pretty sure I yelled “I don’t want to die!” Turns out I had kicked into the fire that bundle of very much unused roman candles that we thought we had misplaced earlier in the night. Who woulda thought?

Mr Officer gets up after it stopped feeling like we had been dropped into a warzone and he looks an odd kind of constipated. John sheepishly crawls out of the tube, trying to slyly maneuver around the fireworks we had hidden in there. Daniel emerges from behind a picnic bench very blatantly looking me over to see if his sister has been turned into a burnt crisp. Mr. Officer opens his mouth. We all are wondering if we would survive juvie. But before Mr. Officer can figure out what to say I hear  “You going to use your handcuffs on me Officer?” in a tone more seductive than I had ever heard John use on any man in all of my time knowing him. I blurt out that he wasn’t even John’s type. Mandy then follows up with a wonderfully enthusiastic “Do you do this on every holiday or do you ever take off to enjoy the day?” And Daniel is choking from trying not to laugh. I guess we decided if we were gonna get arrested we should go out with a bang (a bigger bang.) Needless to say, Mr. Officer was at a loss for words. I think we short circuited him. He then proceeded to take a big breath and picked up right where he left off on his safety speech. Giving a satisfied nod after finishing he walked away with a “don’t blow yourselves up” thrown over his shoulder. He got in his cruiser and left leaving us frozen in our spots. First time I ever heard my brother swear was his disbelieving “what the fuck just happened?” 

The cruiser’s tail lights hadn’t even disappeared before we were in the sand laughing so hard we couldn’t breath. We waited for 15 minutes and then set off the rest of the fireworks because we had spent our damn money on them might as well see it through to the end.

And that is how I spent the best Fourth of July I have ever had 

idk if it’s just me but when i watch bones, since they use a lot of science and measuring and stuff and when brennan or booth don’t translate the metric system, i am like “WHAT IS THAT IN ENGLISH??” stop speaking american. i have no idea what that is in fahrenheit or weight and perimeter is? speak english booth! though i love it when booth always says “what is that in american?” lmao. though, he’s got a lot better at figuring out what the squints are saying, as the series goes on [i’m rewatching s1 and it makes me laugh how far he’s come since then from being so confused.]

I know it isn’t nice to laugh at people while they’re crying but I just don’t feel sorry for Paulie. He said a lot of really mean things this week and has been trying to send everyone home like they should be okay with it. He acts like everyone should have his back when he only looks out for number one. And the things he said about Natalie and how he treated Zakiyah. Boy bye. ✌

its 0639H. I haven’t slept yet because Im not sleepy yet. someone please, I beg of you, talk to meeeeeee.

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Soooo I was brushing through some Naruto doujinshi online, and stumbled across a whole lot of MadaraxHashirama doujins? And my first reaction was "AAARGH MY EYES". I can't stop snickering over it now. (I've become predisposed to liking only MadaTobi, oh well. What can you do. *grins wryly*)

This made me laugh so hard, sorry! Mostly because I was reading a fic and there was suddenly HashiMada and I just -


Before I shipped MadaTobi so hard I didn’t mind it, but now apparently I am fully immersed in this hell-ship. :P

Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

Okay my darlings, I just want to tell you something.
You are all awesome! Your writing makes me smile. Or cry. Or laugh. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about your fics because they are SO GOOD. I know I am a lazy bum and I don’t write comments often enough but please remember I read your works and love them.
Please stay awesome. Please write more. Please be creative.
Lots of love,

@lolahardy, @earlgreytea68, @nerdwithapen, @involuntaryorange, @chasingriversong, @seasonsofjohnlock, @hollowistheworld, @luniak, @janniezbedny, @lydia-st-james, @flosculatory, @iamanonniemouse, @hypermenestras, @ronanlynchisneversleepingagain, @blacktofade, @bookshop, @knitbelove, @fahye, and many many more.
You all rock!

I just want to send a bit of love to three of the most amazing girls in the fandom: @henrywaffles, @fckyesroyals, and @harryandthecambridges. Paloma, Amy, and Rachel, you guys have been the most wonderful friends and I am truly happy I’ve gotten the chance to know you all. This fandom is a hell of a lot better with y'all in it. Thanks for being a friend and for making me laugh on so many different occasions while discussing the most random and probably inappropriate things lmao. Oh and also: Smooooooooth…..Operator!  ;) xoxo 

@henrywaffles @fckyesroyals @harryandthecambridges

Name: Katie

Age: 23

From: US (Texas)

Traveling, hiking, cooking, writing, drawing, vodka, reading, laughing, meeting new people, making people laugh, watching movies, and cheese. :)

Movies: I’m seriously obsessed with movies, i really like anything from Wes Anderson and Tarantino. I enjoy talking about movies, and analyzing them. I can’t even get started on my favorite movies, because it would take a long time and I would get stressed out that I would leave something out….

Tv series: Big Brother, Gilmore Girls, House of Cards, OITNB, Californication.. I have a lot more, just can’t remember them right now!

Books: I’m currently reading The Girls, but I am always open to get recommendations from you all :)

My ideal penpal will be ok with snail mail, and will be passionate about traveling, just as I am. I will try to send letters, drawings, and trinkets from my travelings. I work for an airline, so I will be able to send plenty of post cards as well :) I am ok with any gender, sexuality, etc. I like to write about things that matter!

If you are interested, please email me at

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Same weird anon here: i am so glad i didnt make you uncomfortable and instead made you laugh omg, and i chose to send it to you because i thought you'd just laugh at it but i thought i had been wrong then. Thanks for taking it lightly and btw i love your art! Byee

ehehe..yes i can see how you’d take that response as hostile. no it just shocked me a bit, of course. thank you! have a nice kink-free night!

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Maybe by Sick Puppies (lyrics on screen and in descripton)
NO COPY RIGHT INTENDED THIS IS FOR PURE ENTERTAINMENT! Lyrics: Maybe I'm a dreamer Maybe I'm misunderstood Maybe you're not seeing the side of me you should ...

Here’s the thing–I literally was DYING to get the newest chapter posted, because I woke up today with THIS SONG in my head. I’ve sat here and written like a madwoman to get this scene out of my head. (this song on repeat!) I have laughed, I have cried, and sweet baby J–I am having a spiritual moment with this song lol 

If I don’t leave you all a puddle of emotions after I post and you read this chapter, then I am a failure. I am dying. I need to share the feels. 

Am I the only one doesn’t think of this as a big deal im laughing about the whole situation tbh like Justin is just one big attention seeker and obviously needs to grow up and it was about time someone called him out on social media (how iconic it had to be his ex girlfriend lol) and now that we all know that we can stop acting like he is supreme and special bc he is isnt and he proved that a lot this year. Anyways, my point is don’t be sad tbh

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Omg I been stalking your blog ever since I subscribed & I honestly thought you were a girl Im sorry is that its so rare to see a guy on Tumblr😶but i still love you haha thats not weird right I just like your blog a lot haha ill just go away then T-T

Holy– my very own stalker!? …. I am honoured.

lololol, you have no idea how much I laughed reading this;; Hmmm, is a guy on tumblr truly that rare? aND I LOVE YOU! <33 It ain’t weird! Even if it was, who cares? 8D

Noooo, stay! Friend! Don’t cry!

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I had done something the other day and thinking back on it makes me laugh cause i had been super tired and it reminded me of tim: but basically i had gotten hungry after i woke up and went and got a pickle from the fridge and tried to take out a dr pepper and all of a sudden a lot of them started falling out one by one and i just stood there ,stared, and just kinda yelled "i am a talented person"

yall need some sleep im laughing but also v concerned
How Do You Screw Up Casey Jones This Badly?
If you've read TK's review, you'll know that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows isn't nearly as bad as its dumpster fire predecessor. It's less grim and some of the action scenes are fun, and if the plot...

Oh, noes. I’m just seeing this for the first time (it was linked in a Pajiba piece posted today by the same writer), because I avoided most all press related to TMNT 2 when it premiered. I wanted to stay fresh for my own viewing and the Mysteries of Arrow discussion.

Like, I laughed a lot reading this, but am now sporting the biggest Sympathy Pout and Oh Honey Eyes. Oh, Stephen. Honey. You know he read this. Oy.

Girlfriend is not wrong though; OG Casey Jones was IT. And could still maybe get it. They just went another way this go-round, and I maintain that Amell did a really nice job with the script they gave him. But an origin story? For real? What are the odds we’ll see him in this role again to grow the character in the way described?

Can I get a prayer circle going for Amell’s next film project? A steamy thriller or romantic drama for big screen!steve? Somebody? Please?

(And not for nothing, OG Casey, a.k.a. Elias Koteas is also Canadian. So…back off Amell a tad on that one.)

Tagging my Mysteries: Turtles edition partners @fiacresgirl and @quiveringbunny

I was tagged by @lawyerlarrie

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 people! 

1. How tall are you?

 2. What color and style is your hair? Dark brown, in a pixie cut - but shaggy as I am growing it out.

3. What color are your eyes? 

4. Do you wear glasses? 
Just for reading.

5. Do you have braces? No.

6. What is your fashion sense? Blue jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and lots of scarves and jewelry - especially rings! (my weakness) And love my make up as well! Gotta have lipstick!

7. Do you have any siblings? 
I am 1 of six children. I have a sister and 2 brothers still with me. But sadly 2 brothers passed away a few years back - within a few months of one another.

8. What kind of student are/were you? 
Naughty. Was polite enough to teachers, but always up for a laugh and skipped a few more days than I should admit. I was never boring to be around :-)

9. What are your favorite subjects? History and English.  I was the freak who loved doing book reports!

10. What are your favorite TV shows? Supernatural - Arsenal (EPL) That’s about it for tv. All my fave series are no longer aired, and I have to watch them via dvd (Keeping up appearances, Vicar of Dibley, Are you being served) Yeah - I’m that person! :-) 

11. Favorite books? Harry Potter series, Little House series, just about any ghost story - and loved the Sneaky Pie Brown series. Oh and Deborah Crombie writes an amazing detective series as well! 

12. Favorite past time? 
Reading, anything I can do with my kids and family. I have two daughters who are both expecting right now - so that is keeping me busy. Love cooking and music and sitting around a bon fire!

13. Any regrets? Who doesn’t have regrets? My biggest would be that I wish now I hadn’t been in such a rush when I was younger. So many questions I wish I could ask my Mom and Dad/Grandparents, but now they are gone and it is to late. I wish that I had listened to them more and written down what they had said. 

14. What is your dream job? Respected writer. 

15. Do you want to get married? I have been happily married for going on 33 years! I found my soul mate at 18 and am still lucky enough to be by his side. Love is everything!

16. Do you want kids, and how many? I have two beautiful daughters. My Laura Elizabeth and Samantha Suzanne. They are also two of my best friends :-)

 17. How many countries have you visited?
 Born and raised in United States, have visited England, Canada and Mexico. 

18. What is the scariest dream you’ve had? 
Ohh once had a nightmare that I was in a car with my cousin and it went over a bridge and into the water, and we were about to drown.. I was 9 when I had that dream and it still scares me at 51.

19. Do you have any enemies? Can’t think of an enemy. No doubt lots of people dislike me. I am an acquired taste :-) 

20. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend right now? Just my husband (and Larry of course) 

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