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but don't you miss jessica?

listen, i’m always going to miss jessica. i’m always going to listen to divine and feel some kinda way when she sings “we are always one.” i’m always going to wonder what things would be like if 9/30 didn’t happen. i’m always going to want to see her back with snsd. of course i miss jessica. she’s my ultimate bias. her charms are something that can’t – and won’t – be replaced. i’ll always miss jessica. 

but i’m ride or die with snsd. i’m ride or die with snsd in all of it’s forms. this doesn’t mean that i’m just ride or die with the current members – i’m ride or die with all 9. i’ll forever support the ot9 in any form. whether that means all 9 together on the same stage or 8 on stage and 9 in our hearts. i’m not going to stop being a sone because sm fucked shit up. i’m not going to stop supporting jessica because sm fucked shit up. i love all 9 of those girls. i’ll support all 9 of those girls.

it sucks, and yeah, it still hurts. it’s still sad. but i’m not going to stop supporting snsd – jessica included – because things are different now. i’ve accepted that this is the situation right now. no, i don’t think it’s the most ideal. yes, i’d still love to see them together as 9. but i can support them both. i can still miss jessica and fully support the remaining 8. i can still support jessica too. this isn’t a one or the other situation. i’m ride or die with girls’ generation. i’m ot9 as fuck.

if in the next life they’re still snsd, i’ll still be a sone. 

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umm can we talk about the fact that kanye west (my problematic fave) gifted vip tickets to his show to zayn and zayn didn't show up? what kind of impression did zayn make that ye just gave him passes after they met once? oh god, what was liam's reaction? this is my favorite thing that has happened to zayn.


So the amount of Zanye coverage in the past few days has been both a gift and a CONSTANT SOURCE OF AGONY to my delicate, simple mind.  I appreciate this question because it’s something to which I’ve devoted a great deal of thought.

Here’s what I think happened:


Listen I have been a Kanye fan for a long time, and that man virtually never cheeses this hard without a really good reason.  I’m honestly not surprised though – is Zayn Malik NOT the loveliest, most endearing, worldliest little sparkle-eyed popstar fashion icon this world has to offer??   

As for Liam…

[Actual footage of Liam Payne finding out his boyfriend got to chill with Yeezy]

No I think Liam was probably really happy for Zayn.  I think he definitely was not at all jealous, and in no way felt the need to remind Zayn 40+ times to casually drop him into the conversation.  I also have it on good authority that he most certainly did NOT slip a small stack of homemade business cards into Zayn’s pocket with his full name, phone number, email address, and Skype username on them “just in case”.  

He also definitely did not spend most of the day hovering over his phone like this, waiting for Zayn to send him updates, pictures, videos, ANYTHING AT ALL, GODDAMMIT, COME ON ZAYN

“I’m at a fashion show, babe,” Zayn explained to him patiently for the millionth time, in hushed tones in the bathroom.  “I can’t be whipping my phone out right in the front row, there’s cameras everywhere.  Look, I’ve got to get back out.  It’s starting again.”

“Wait –” starts LIam, but Zayn’s already hung up.

As for Kanye inviting Zayn to Glasto, HAS ANYTHING EVER BEEN MORE PAINFUL?  MORE DELIGHTFUL?  MORE MADDENING?  It’s by far my favorite thing that’s ever happened to Zayn too, anon, and that includes the time that he fell in love with that small tree on-set during the Teenage Kicks video:

Listen, I think Liam probably told him to go.  But I think Zayn wanted to spend time with Li and his family – they both had Friday off, as far as we know, and I’m guessing they both wanted a break.  

However, I’m also approximately 1000% sure that Liam not-so-subtly wondered aloud several times if he, too, was invited to Glasto to hang out with Kanye, and whether or not any business cards had been exchanged.  

And Zayn’s like, “Liam, I love you so, so much, but please… stop…”

“So you – just to be clear, you did not give him my –”


“What?  Okay, sorry!  It’s fine, seriously, I was just – wondering, I mean, it’s not a big deal.  It’s whatever.  I’m glad you had fun.”

So Liam has to go back to his usual method of trying to connect with Kanye:



Thank you for this question anon, it was genuinely a gift from you to me and I could not be more delighted.  ZANYE WILL RIZE 

(none of the gifs or pics used in this travesty of a post are mine, message me for credit)

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Au where jellal is a sucessful CEO and Erza rushes in late to her job interview with a coffee stain on her shirt and he is attracted to her ASDFGHJKL thankyou *o*

His first impression of Erza Scarlet was of her breathless, with messy hair and with a coffee stain on her otherwise pristine shirt. In the first few seconds, he knew he was in too deep. 

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