I spend 30 fucking seconds on twitter looking at the #Directionersfuneral hashtag and I’ve never been more disgusted with something in my life. This is the reason why I’m not a directioner anymore. Because it’s a fandom filled mainly with childish 12 year olds that I’m honestly not about to start arguing with on twitter, because it’s pointless to try and deal with a bunch of immature children who can’t accept when their faves get beat at something. 

You want to know why kpop isn’t more popular than it already is? Because we’re in a world filled with racist dumbasses who hear an Asian language and start saying shit like “Why do you listen to those ching chongs?” Oh, but you want to start listening to music in Spanish and that’s fine. You’re not going to criticize that are you? You’re not going to complain about listening to hispanic music but once someone brings up kpop you’re going to try and call them out for listening to music in a language they don’t know. Next time a song in Spanish comes up I’m going to ask you if you know what they’re saying and if you don’t know I’m going to honestly slap you if you ask me why I listen to kpop without knowing Korean.

But that’s not the point here, now is it? The point here is that some Directioners are partying on twitter because “Haha we took over the hashtag.” Do you realize that you, yourselves, have trended a hashtag, all on your own, that is against you? You must feel so proud. 

You’re going to talk about not being racist but you’re going to post shit like this:

Not only have you proven to me that you have lower mental capacity than dirt, you’ve also proven to be transphobic, racist, and all around disgraces to the planet. You’re telling people to kill themselves? Are you serious? Not only that but you’re bring up Ladies’ Code?

What happened to Ladies’ Code was a tragic accident that you should never wish upon anyone, and had absolutely no place being brought up in this dispute. Argue amongst yourselves but don’t bring Ladies’ Code into this because, God bless them and may EunB and Rise rest in peace, they do not deserve to be brought into this. That is the most disgusting part of all of this. You are willing to bring in the death of two beautiful and wonderful women who we lost far too early and far too young for a petty little argument. Get over yourselves. Get off your damn high horses and I sincerely hope that you learn from your actions because as it is right now, you’ve disgraced not only One Direction themselves but humanity. 

I may not be a fan anymore but One Direction is not a bad group. Their music is great and they are wonderful performers. But they deserve a better fanbase if this is honestly what their fans spend their time doing. Focus on your own group instead of disrespecting not only the living members of kpop but also those who we have lost. Because believe it or not, we treat our idols like family. We respect them and love them like our own family and friends and going so low just because you lost to T-ARA only proves how incredibly immature you are.

Is the kpop fandom perfect? Hell no. We have our own immature fandoms who like to cause unnecessary shit too. We have our disrespectful little brats and our flat out disgusting jackasses. But at least we all collectively know to respect those who have passed. EunB and Rise don’t deserve this.  

And honestly, I pity you Directioners that have to deal with such immaturity. Because I know that not all of you are bad, and not all of you are so disrespectful. I just hope that those others learn from you so that they can one day learn to show some respect.


James paying a really beautiful tribute to Prince

I've never believed in Lizzington more than I do right now...

Liz walking out of the courthouse, tentative and unsure of exactly which direction she should go, but looking around….looking for someone. And of course he’s there waiting for her and her instant smile and emotion, but suddenly she knows which direction to go and a more purposeful walk I’ve never seen. The way he looks at her but he lets her come to him so the reunion will be on her terms. Their faces said it all. The embrace said it all. There really were no words needed.

Oh and that’s Red she just rode off with into the night after the cameras stopped rolling