The GreaterGood Animal Rescue Site’s “click to give” feature is something i’ve been meaning to post about for a bit now, and that I’ve been personally using for over a year.
By clicking the button, you enable the site to dish free food out to animals.

“When you click on the homepage button, your click is counted by our servers and you move to the Thank You page, where you will see small ads for our site sponsors. There is no charge to you; the click donation is fully paid for by these sponsors.”

Basically, ad revenue pays for the charities. The traffic the site gains from charitable clickin’ folks makes it an appealing place for advertisers, so each sponsor on the site gets to have their ad up for awhile, and is billed for the amount of clicks that took place while their ad was up.

Fun fact: If each one of my followers clicked the button, they would be donating over 13,000 bowls of food today. That’s a lot of food, you guys.

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Please don’t delete this description, it’s for a good cause, ‘yall.

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SAMG Ladybug Artbook

As many of you may have heard, SAMG Animation, the studio that does the bulk of the finished in-show animation for Miraculous Ladybug, is having an artbook released in Korea. As the page is only in Korean, a large chunk of the fandom has no idea what is going on with it. MLSubbing’s Senior Translator of Kimchi Squad, @badlittleurl​, has given us a translation of the page in question to share with everyone!

Original page

Our translation:


We’re SAMG Animation, and we produce the animated show ‘Miraculous Ladybug’. 'Ladybug’ is a comedy action & adventure carton that features features superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir who protect Paris from villain Hawk Moth. We’ve aired worldwide starting September 2015, and we’ve felt a lot of warm love in national levels as well!

In thanks, we’re introducing the ‘Ladybug Artbook’ for the first time. We know you’ll love it because it’s the result of many cool and amazing things we’ve created over three months. This artbook features things we haven’t yet been able to show you through the cartoon.

EBS DISNEP Simulcast Viewership #1!! A well-made animation loved worldwide

>>”Hi! My name is Marinette. I picked up a pair of earrings one day, and they helped me transform into Ladybug.

Like me, Adrien can turn into another superhero Black Cat. Our powers come from the Kwami, who live inside our jewels.

My earrings house Tikki, the spirit of Happiness and Luck, and Adrien’s ring houses Plagg, the spirit of bad luck. As soon as we met these guys, though, Hawk Moth appeared and turned Paris into a mess.

Please root for our secretive adventure!”

The world’s first Ladybug Artbook

Loved worldwide, their backstories, the characters’ unseen charms, unreleased illustrations and an interview with the creator, special episodes… Everything Ladybug that’s never been seen before is all here.

300 Early Birds! [this part is over]
Only on tumblbug! The Early birds get a special discount!

If we’re successful, you’ll see the artbook in online and offline bookstores, and they’ll be priced slightly above the crowdfunding prices.

Ladybug, Marinette

Adrien, Black Cat

Hawk Moth and Friends

Ladybug’s hidden stories, and…

…a special episode!

-280 x 215 mm
-150 pages
-full colour, hardcover

Ladybug’s magical story coming to life in full colour pages! Your funding will help us get the artbook to you at a lower cost and quicker!

Fundraising ends November 11th!

[an explanation of crowdfunding]

Once we reach our goal, we’ll start production on the artbook!

25k₩      1 copy of the ladybug artbork
28k ₩     artbook and a 2016 planner (random colour)
40k ₩     artbook and a 2017 planner (random)

[a picture of 2017 miraculous planners]

[talking about how the 2017 edition is a lot more high quality and smooth] 

Artbooks will be produced within 3 weeks after fundraising.

(We don’t have the resources to ship to Jeju, Mountain areas, and internationally.)

Make sure your address is properly registered or it will be delayed!

Questions can be answered through SAMG’s blog!

SAMG blog
SAMG website
SAMG youtube

Thank you so much!

As of this post, (10/21 5AM PST), the project has reached 114% of the intended goal for print. 

Several MLSubbing members attempted to join in, but it even with a Korean address for shipping you still need a Korean credit card. Let’s hope their goal of getting it in stores happens! :)