A New Life Awaits This is a photograph of a tiny baby starfish laying on the edge of a reef, near Big Sur, California, dwarfed in comparison to the full grown starfish next to it. To get an idea, the size of starfish vary by species, but this larger one was about one and a half times the size of a normal human hand! Sign up for updates on my photography, latest releases and my upcoming blog at by sealifeinspiration

anonymous asked:

I love your blog 💕 where is your favorite place to take pictures?

Thank you! Definitely Big Sur or Santa Cruz :)

Barefoot in the shallow creek
I grabbed some stones from underneath
And waited for you to speak to me

In the silence it became so very clear
That you had long ago disappeared
I cursed myself for being surprised
That this didn’t play like it did in my mind

All the way from San Francisco
As I chased the end of your road
‘Cause I’ve still got miles to go

anyway if you want to feel some feelings, try listening to this song and think about gavin having a hard time in the days directly following peter’s death. driving to big sur to have a think. 

Firefighters struggled on Thursday to get the upper hand on a huge wildfire along northern California’s picturesque Big Sur coastline, where anxious residents awaited word on their homes and popular parks and trails closed at the height of tourist season. The blaze spanning 42 square miles has destroyed 34 homes, forced the evacuation of 350 properties and put at least 2,000 buildings at risk. A 35-year-old father of two girls was also killed this week when the bulldozer he was operating rolled over on the fire lines.

The California department of forestry and fire protection estimated it would take until the end of August to extinguish a blaze that also led to the rescue of 11 hikers, some of whom authorities suspected of tending to an illegal marijuana patch of 900 plants. No arrests were made.

“Every day the fire is gaining ground on us,” Cal fire battalion chief Robert Fish said. “The weather and steep and rugged terrain is taking its toll. So we’ll make progress, but then the fire is making progress faster than we can keep pace with.”

Firefighters worked in rugged terrain near coastal Highway 1 in an area that draws tourists from around the world for the dramatic vistas of ocean and mountains. The famous roadway remained open, but smoke and the threat of flames forced the closure of state parks near Big Sur, a big economic driver for the region.

Tom and Donna Huntington, both 65, have lived for 29 years in the community of Palo Colorado, which was hard-hit by the fire. They evacuated their home last Friday and have been staying with friends and a Red Cross shelter at a school.

Smoke and the threat of flames forced the closure of state parks near Big Sur.

“It’s a heartbreaker. I could cry right now,” Tom Huntington said. “I’m so lucky I didn’t lose my house. And I know some people that have. All they had was what they wore that day … All their stuff – just poof.”