Effective Study Routine for Intense Classes

Hello lovelies!

This year I’m taking AP Biology, and it’s really intense. I’ve recently found a really great study routine for this class, and I thought that I would share this with you all! This can work with any class that is intense for you. You can modify this however you want – this is just what I personally like to do.

1) Revise all your notes.

By all, I literally mean all. For example, for AP Bio, I have my traditional notes that I take from presentations and the textbook, but my teacher also gives us POGILs and reading guides. Basically, whatever form of notes you have, anything that your teacher gives out that you think will help, revise them. This can be very tedious, but it’s a great start to a study session because you’re refreshing your memory.

2) Review with the textbook.

Every class is different, but most textbooks have mini reviews at the end of certain sections or the whole chapter. Read through these – like the notes, they’ll refresh your memory, but they specifically highlight the main points so you’re not overwhelmed after going through all those notes. If there’s a mini quiz, take it! Testing yourself is extremely important.

3) Go to another source.

If this is for an AP class, go to an exam prep book! I find that my AP Bio prep book (I use Princeton Review, but I recently bought Barron’s because my teacher recommended it) is extremely helpful because it really simplifies things. If you’re just starting out a chapter and have no idea what’s going on, prep books are a great place to start. YouTube videos are really good as well! I really like Bozeman Science and Khan Academy.

4) If needed, memorize the vocabulary!

Flashcards, foldables…there are multiple ways to memorize vocab. Factor this into every study session for the best results. For my last AP Bio test, I made foldables and would memorize a page of vocabulary a day. The next day, I would review the vocab I had previously memorized before to make sure I still knew it, and then I’d start a new page. It turned out to be really effective! Even if you don’t have to necessarily memorize vocab, I personally find that memorizing vocab for AP Bio actually helps me understand it a lot better. Since I’m repeating something over and over, eventually, it begins to make sense.

5) Take a practice test.

This is probably the most important step in the routine. Go online and google a practice test, and I guarantee that you will find something. Granted, some practice tests are really horrible, but there are decent ones out there! If you do this at the end of every study session, you’ll see how much you’ve learned, what you need to review, and you can see progression!

I hope this helps! Good luck, loves! Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to! :)

Study guides

For my ap bio class we have to do reading guides and I’ve found the answers to the first couple chapters that are useful to study off of.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Boarding School AU - Pt. 1

@exyspacegays so I finally pieced enough scenes together to make the first chapter! It’s pretty short, but I have an idea of what i want for chapter 2 so it should be updated soon. V slow burn so there’s not really any fluff in this part, sorry!!!

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Jean slid his stack of papers away and leaned on the table with his elbows. He let his head fall forward and closed his eyes with a sigh. The clock above the computers ticked seconds away, now almost at 3 am.

“Moreau.” A voice made him jolt his head up. Jeremy Knox stood in the doorway of the common room, tugging a navy blue hoodie over his T-shirt. “Still awake?

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Have you ever wanted to read a fanfic, but were incapable of or just too lazy to write write it yourself? I can do it for you!

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