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Reasons why I love season 2 of supergirl!

- Alex discovering herself and finding someone to be happy with
- James having a story arc that isn’t about a love triangle
- James being a hero
- Winn’s humour quota has been upped
- Winn finding love
- The alien bar giving us a space where aliens can hang out and do normal things like normal people
- Brian
- you don’t really know who ALL the villains are so, ~suspense~ (and the fact that there’s more than one main villain)
- deals with real life issues
- Kara meeting someone who challenges her and them both learning from each other
- Kara finding love in someone she can be herself with
- more information about the different planets from different galaxies, meeting new, quirky and wonderful aliens
- introducing minor characters I care about, then bringing those minor characters back every now and then (like Brian)
- Kara realising that she can have it all - the superhoing and relationships
- Kara learning to put aside her prejudices about Daxam for Mon-El, similar to J'onn learning that there are good white Martians, like Megann
- Sanvers and Karamel doing domestic couple things like cuddling on couches
- a mix of fun villains (and some who aren’t really villains anyway) and the scary villains to keep the show lighthearted and fun to watch while still conveying serious messages
- Winn/Alex brotp
- Mon-El/Winn brotp
- Alex and her gun - Danvers sisters relationship
- Mon-El’s 180 character development arc (not there yet but still well on the way!)
- teaching important lessons about relationships: none of them are perfect, relationships need honesty, all of them have complications, relationships take hard work, and they can inspire you to be a better person, even if you’re not together
- all KARAMEL AND SANVERS moments!
- not one, but TWO crossovers in one season!
- badass fight scenes - reblob and add more of your fave reasons!


This is rudescience.

He runs on the 90’s version of humanOS and is currently displayed with an uptime of over 24 hours with no sleep (a system bug with disrupted melatonin production). Showing off his old pentium 3 running at 650 MHz with 256 Mb of ram computer he is reviving yet again with a dual boot on both debian 8 (openbox desktop, minimal packages) and WinXP on two seperate disks and with an operational floppy drive which can boot a linux (kernel 2.0) floppy disk for various reasons (just brcause i can).

I am thinking of working some more on linux stuff i.e. compiling a custom kernel but i think i need some sleep instead. I dont wanna cause a kernel panic and i seem to return some seg faults in my brain.

I ask you kindly to not reblog.