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picture this- sleeping under the "stars" in the "sky" of newts case-- romance

I told myself sleep but sleep is for the weak. 

Title: Starry Nights.
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader.
Words: 1129.
Rating: K. (Fluffy).

Humming, you sat back, resting on your forearms now. Newt kept his eyes on you, watching the way you moved and laid so relaxed next to him. There was no reserve, at least, not anymore as you found yourself more and more comfortable with him. This was something he appreciated, as he couldn’t remember the last time such a feeling ran wild inside of him.

 But, even that was a bit of a lie. He merely chose not to remember, because of who gave him the security of the feeling the last time. The security that was soon abandoned because he was taken and then left alone. He was so afraid to love another, admittedly. He loved his creatures, and they loved him and for the longest time that appeared to be all he needed.

And then you. Oh goodness, you came waltzing into his life like a hurricane. The intent of falling in love was surely not on his mind when the two of you first met, which is why the relationship you had now was built upon mutual friendship, turned into romantic feelings over time. And for this, Newt was thankful for. Newt found assurance in the fact that you had so tenderly and so gracefully gave yourself to him, finding the weak spot inside of yourself over the years to open up and to let him in. And with very little hesitance for you gave him plenty of reason not to have any, he let himself fall once again, only you were there to catch him with both arms open instead of only half.

It was moments like the one he found himself in at this very instant, the two of you so close emotionally, though a few feet apart physically, that he’d be reminded himself of the love you shared for one another, and for his creatures. 

“They’re not really stars.” Newt told you quietly, watching with a rather enthused sort of attitude as you gazed up at the ceiling of his suitcase. And there was a phrase you’d never had thought about using. “They’re really more like lights. I don’t quite have the power to bring stars into a suitcase, I can barely get creatures in here at times.” He explained happily. Craning your head back down, you turned your attention to him. In whatever sense, the ‘stars’ above you were accentuating his features. His jawline, usually sharp looked smooth to the touch, his sunken cheekbones were artistically shadowed and the curl of his lips, that of a usual gentle smile played well at his mouth. 

Newt’s white shirt had the sleeves rolled up, revealing to your eyes a few white scars, some darker in hue, scattered along his skin along with the freckles that lined his entire body, clustering more in certain places. He wasn’t turned towards you, giving you the perfect view of Newt’s profile. Sitting back on his hands, Newt felt your eyes studying him much like he would have been doing in this moment as well, but you beat him to it. He really was stunning to capture, and you only wished you could capture this moment forever. You wanted to wrap the romance of the situation you found yourself in and keep it in your pocket for the days you desperately needed to feel it.

“Whatever they are,” You stared at him, biting your bottom lip before finishing your sentence with, “they’re beautiful.”

Newt nodded in agreement, looking up. Swallowing, you could see his adamsapple move with the contracting muscles of his neck as he spoke, “Aren’t they, though… I’ve never really spent much time admiring them, but now that I’m here with you I can see where you’re coming from. A lot of work went into the aesthetic, but not much appreciation. Other than the appreciation of my creatures, of course.” Newt rambled and fiddled with his fingers softly as he sat forward, resting his hands in his lap. “Thank you.” He added on fiercely and glanced at you. “There are a few things here that are much more beautiful though.”

“A few things?” You questioned, tugging him back into reality. Newt focused on your words and on your mouth as you spoke.

“Yes.” He said, his voice cracking just a bit with unspoken emotions. “My creatures, for one.” He looked off to the side and stared longingly out at what he could see. He was in the position to see most of his creatures, but his sparkling green eyes rested only on a few before he turned his head towards you. 

“They’re beautiful… Every single one of them, they’re my reason for being here right now, aren’t they? I’ve so much to thank them for.” Newt chuckled to himself and crouched forward a bit. 

“They’re lucky to have you.” You whispered and gazed at him lovingly. “Very lucky, Newt.”

“I believe I’m the lucky one, (Name).” Newt spoke quietly, rubbing his hand over his mouth before continuing rather bashfully with, “I’ve got them, and I’ve got you. How much luckier can I get?”

Hearing the emotions swirling so desperately inside of his voice churned your heart. Heat rose in your chest, to your cheeks, and to the tip of your ears at his way of going around a flirtatious nature and sticking to his ground of loving gentleness. “My, my Mr. Scamander, aren’t you quite a romantic?”

He laughed out loud, the sound reverberating in your ears. It was a pure sound, something that made your stomach flutter with absolute love. “I could ease into more romance if you allowed me the pleasure of scooting towards me just a tad.”

It was your turn to laugh as you pulled yourself up onto your hands and knees, making your way towards him. Newt made a sort of ‘come here’ motion while opening his arms. Pressing a delicate kiss to your lips, he urged to sit in his lap, which you happily did. “How is this for romantic?” He inquired and put his hands on your arms, rubbing up and down when he felt you shudder. “I could make it a bit more, if you wanted.”

“How do you intend on making it more romantic, Mr. Scamander?” You questioned and rubbed your nose against his as he held you tightly, now soaking in the warmth your body provided.

“There were a few things I said were beautiful…” Newt breathed in, shutting his eyes for a second as your scent drowned his other senses. It was euphoric. “My creatures for one, right?” You nodded to his words, “The other… I suppose would be you… You’re so…” Newt pushed back some of your hair and kissed your forehead. “Very…” Moving his lips down, Newt peppered them onto your lips, “beautiful…”

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“Mr. Scamander, are you by chance seeing anyone? I’ve got a niece I think you’d get along swell with.” 

Newt stammered, “Oh, I do apologize to decline the offer to, er, meet your niece sir.” Chewing on his lip, he averted his gaze and smiled at thought of you. “I am very much seeing someone that I am more than happy with.” 

“That’s quite alright, my boy!” The man happily cheered, “I’d just hate the thought of you being alone this holiday. By chance, do you have a photograph of the lady?”

Newt smiled, his eyes fluttering as he reached into his inner pocket to pull out the photograph of you twirling around with the Niffler in your arms while giggling and smiling.
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