and we only got one shot of him in the previous trailer


Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot

Jen’s guide to the Lapidot in the SDCC trailer

Alright, folks – I’m gonna try and answer the most common questions that you’ve been asking me regarding the fabled SDCC trailer, all in one place, and throw some of my early thoughts and analysis out there.   I might have already covered some of these points briefly, but we’ll go with it anyway for the sake of completeness.

Warning: long post incoming.

Is Lapis going to leave Peridot and Pumkin?

The trailer makes it look that way, but it’s worth bearing in mind that trailers can be very misleading indeed (not intentionally, but they’re cut in such a way that they’re designed to create maximum hype and are very easy to misinterpret).

There’s nothing to say that this:

will definitely come after this:

Sure, that’s the common assumption, but how do we know that Lapis doesn’t leave in the first image and then get reunited with Peridot in the second image?

We also don’t know for sure that Lapis is even leaving at all! Remember in Room For Ruby when Lapis got upset and her immediate reaction was to fly away from everyone?  Well, that could very well be what’s happening here.  She might just need to spend some time alone, exactly as she did in that episode, rather than actually leaving the vicinity completely for whatever reason.

- If Lapis leaves, is it because she doesn’t care about Peridot?  Is Lapidot really one-sided, like the haters claim it is?

No, and no.

Lapis suffers from PTSD, which means that her fear of the impending war could completely override all of her other emotions – including her feelings about Peridot.  

And as for Lapidot being one-sided…

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…absolutely not! Lapis has made her feelings perfectly clear on a number of occasions.  And:

Look at her face in the trailer here.  If she’s leaving, she feels horrendous about it.

Let’s not forget the Shoulder Squeeze as well!

The camera here is putting complete emphasis on the squeeze, because it’s a vitally important moment that sees Lapis (physically, and most probably metaphorically) holding onto Peridot.  There’s something incredibly tender and meaningful about this, and I can’t wait to see it in context.

- There’s a “Shorty Squad” episode coming up.  Does that mean A//me//dot might have a shot instead of Lapidot, if Lapis has left?!

That’s extremely doubtful.

There could be any number of reasons for Peridot going with Steven and Amethyst.  Perhaps Lapis has left, and they’re trying to cheer her up? Or maybe Lapis is still at the barn but has withdrawn herself and is extremely upset, so Peridot removes herself from the situation in order to give her room-mate some space (because, again, Lapis likes to be alone when she’s upset)?  We just don’t know.

There’s nothing in the trailer to suggest that we’ll have any “A//me//dot moments” – it’s more likely going to be a return to that lovely sibling dynamic that we saw in the previous Shorty Squad episode (as well as the recent Shorty Squad comic).  Lapis and Peridot’s relationship, romantic or otherwise, is most likely going to be front-and-centre of this latest arc; so I feel like it’d be incredibly out of place to suddenly start dropping A//me//dot hints instead.

Whatever way you look at it, this episode is probably going to provide a lot of character development for (a possibly heartbroken) Peridot, so it’s definitely one to watch out for!

- If Lapis has gone, will she be back?  Is Lapidot now dead? D:

Guys, seriously – it’ll all be fine!

Jennifer and Shelby have been recording with each other recently, as well as many other times in the past.  If Lapis leaves, it’s a 100% guarantee that she’ll be back again.

There’s an expression that I’ve brought up a few times in the past couple of days, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  If Lapis and Peridot do spend some time apart, it’s highly likely that they’ll bounce back from this with a stronger relationship than ever.

As someone who’s previously had to spend months at a time away from my then-fiancé (due to him living in California and me living in England, before he could move over here to live with me), I can attest to that expression!  It’s horrific being away from the one you love for a prolonged period of time – but you feel on top of the world when you finally reunite.

- Do you think we’ll see the Lapidot fusion in this arc?

It’s very, very likely.

For all we know, this:

could be Peridot holding her hand out to Lapis, as an invitation to fuse with her.  Which, incidentally:

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would be a pretty incredible parallel to this!  The camera angle is the same and everything.  A loving fusion born out of hope and trust, versus a hate-fuelled fusion born out of anger and a desire for revenge.

Fusion seems like the natural “next step” for Lapis and Peridot, given how incredibly close their relationship with each other is.  There’s also the fact that Peridot is almost defenceless on her own (thanks to the tragic loss of her limb enhancers) – so if Lapis decides to fight, she’ll probably want to protect Peridot.  And what better way of doing that than to physically fight with Peridot by forming a fusion with her?!

- Do you think it’ll provide good character development for Lapis and Peridot if Lapis does leave?  When they reunite, will we see how much Lapis does care for Peridot (as that’s what some people struggle to see)?  Will Lapis learn she can’t run from all her problems forever?

Absolutely, on all counts.

Peridot will be heartbroken if Lapis does leave.  It’d be painful to watch, I think.

But I imagine that their reunion would be a big, heartfelt thing.  Peridot would  probably be the main reason why Lapis decides to return!  She might end up feeling guilty for leaving her little green bean on her own, and decide to come back for her even if it means facing up to something that she’s completely terrified of.  This could be the start of Lapis facing up to her past head-on, rather than burying her emotions and letting the past drag her down into some very dark places. Indeed, this could even lead to her and Jasper eventually settling their differences – and Lapis fully forgiving the Crystal Gems.

In any event, Peridot is going to be a huge part of her recovery – which is something that seems to have already begun.  

- Do you think Peridot could end up being in danger if Lapis leaves – but then Lapis swoops in to save her?  Could we see Peridot poof?  

Either one of those scenarios could play out (or perhaps, even both of them).

We know it’s only a matter of time until Peridot gets her star.  This was confirmed well over a year ago, if memory serves, so it’s likely to be happening very soon now.

Things are going to start getting very real and very dangerous. This could also lead to the retrieval of Peridot’s limb enhancers (perhaps by Lapis), so that she can defend herself against whatever Homeworld is about to throw at the earth.

My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 2)

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Summary: The reader gets to know Jensen more at work but he wants to know what’s up with the Padalecki siblings…


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 3,400ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: I adore giggly Jensen…

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Are you excited for Disney's The Nutcracker?

Oh boy…

TLDR: This story was BEGGING to get the 1991 “Hook” treatment, but instead Disney made Alice in Narnia. (Thanks to @djkvesper for the hilarious .gif)


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TWD - Negan Imagine ~ “The Big Scary U” (1)

The first half of an imagine about the fifth episode of season 8

As Negan and Gabriel are stuck in the trailer, the reader witnesses their talk and eventually also the big role she plays in Negan’s confession

the latest part
all other previous parts

(Side note: You don’t have to read any previous parts to understand the plot! I hope you all like it and enjoy reading)
(The gif isn’t mine/ it was originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty)

Everything laid in ashes outside the Sanctuary as you made your way through the mess Rick and the rest of your friends along with their allies had left.
You could feel the tension on your whole body as you heard the groans of the walkers sounding through the air while your glance got carried away from the Savior Negan had commanded to get you inside.
You had tried to urge Negan to come with you but obviously, it hadn’t worked.
Whatever he was trying to do outside here to turn the situation into a better one, all while he was hurt, you weren’t a fan of it, rather the complete opposite.
And that was when the walkers hadn’t been there yet.
Now they were streaming onto the compound and you had no idea where Negan was anymore, just as you had no idea where Gabriel was who you had seen just moments ago.

The groans got louder while you were still searching for Negan and Gabe who had now seemed to have completely disappeared into thin air.
Your glance kept searching, regardless of how many walkers were stumbling into your field of view before a loud scream ripped you out of the trance you were swaying in.
Within a second your glance captured walkers way too close to you and the blood overflowed head and shoulders of the man who was supposed to get you inside.
More screams escaped his mouth while you saw how more and more walkers got drawn over to you while their rotting teeth dug into your companion’s skin as he went to the ground before your mind got what was happening right now here.
To the fear you had about Negan and Gabe attended the adrenaline that shot through your veins as your widened eyes searched for a weapon.
As you already felt the first rotting fingertips brushing against your skin you hastily grabbed a slim metallic pipe from the floor, the groans pounding through your head as loud as the sound of your fast heartbeat.
You couldn’t die here, hell, you wouldn’t.

Heavily breathing and still hearing the screams of the Savior in the back of your head, the end of the pipe repeatedly stabbed into the decaying Walker heads.
You couldn’t get to the door that lead inside, it was still way too far away and the Savior and the mass of walkers that were tearing the flesh from his dead body were a barrier you couldn’t defeat.
Your heart pounded harsher against your chest before your eyes caught a trailer behind some more pipes that had secured walkers before the attack.
With fast steps you shoved yourself past the dead, the pipe still tightly in your hands, ready to kill while you felt how their cold hands tried to get a hold of you.

You were stuck in some kind of trance, your mind only focussed on surviving until you landed with a thud on the ground and eventually rolled beneath the trailer.
You took a deep breath as you crawled into its middle before you noticed two heavily decayed walkers that had found your little hideout.
The cold ground pressed against your body as you let a deep sigh out and crawled over the cement, the small space between the ground and the metal above you giving your mind and your movements a hard time until you were close enough and their rotting arms almost reached your body.
“Shit”, you growled as you dug the pipe into their heads, their blood splattering against your skin before their bodies immediately went limp as you stayed put for a moment.
Had they attracted more?
It wasn’t that unlikely.
Hell, there was a mass of those dead assholes outside, it was a wonder that only those two had noticed how you had rolled beneath the trailer.

You rolled again on your back, sighing deeply before the worries made their way back into your head.
You tried to suppress the thought of what could’ve happened, told yourself that Negan was just fine and probably just hiding somewhere until you couldn’t anymore.
What if he hadn’t made it?
What if they had swarmed him like the Savior who had been supposed to get you inside?
What if?
You bit your lip, pressed your eyes tightly shut as if it would successfully urge those questions out of your mind.
And of course, it didn’t work.
And as you laid there, the walkers groaning and pounding against the sides of the trailer, and the thought of a heavily injured or even dead Negan in your head you began to realize something.
It didn’t matter how much you shouldn’t, how guilty you felt, how much you didn’t want to admit it or how wrong it might’ve been, you couldn’t deny and you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore.
The fear and the concern just showed you the truth your mind had tried all the time to stop from showing.
You didn’t just care about him, you were beginning to slowly develop deep feelings for him.
Slowly, hell, almost at a glacial pace, but well, surely.
You could ask yourself why and what the hell was wrong with you as much as you wanted, tell yourself that you shouldn’t, but that wouldn’t change the fact that you were.
Emotions are uncontrollable, that’s just the goddamn way it is.

“We can wait it out a little bit, see if my people can figure something out.
One thing that is sure as ass if my people think I’m dead a lot of folks are gonna die in there”, you suddenly heart a familiar voice sound through the metal above you that separated you from the inside.
You propped yourself on your elbows to get closer to the metal, unsure if your mind was just playing tricks on you.
Was Negan actually in there?
“Why?”, you heard Gabriel’s voice say as you couldn’t really believe your ears. “Listen to me. I don’t have shit to confess. Except maybe the fact that I rubbed one out right where you’re sitting just to calm down a bit.”
Yeah, that was definitely Negan in there.
A small relieved laugh fell from your lips, realizing that both of them were as good as safe inside there and as much as it looked like right now, they were just talking.
They were just fucking talking and not trying to rip each other’s heads off.

“Did you see if she got in? (Y/N)?”, you heard Negan ask.
“Why’d you care?”, Gabe’s voice replied in a snarky tone while the sound of the growling walkers outside almost over-toned him.
“Why? Well shit, Gabe, I just do…now tell me. Did you see her?”, Negan growled back, the dangerous hiss in his voice being even able to hear through the metal that separated you.
You wanted to tell them, let them know that you were alive but you couldn’t.
You couldn’t pound against the metal and call for them, you couldn’t see a way they could get you immediately up inside to them so making just a little too many noises would let you end up just as dead as the walkers outside.
“No”, you heard Gabriel answer.
“Fuck”, Negan scoffed while you gulped hardly down and felt how the frustration in your body grew.
You laid there, beneath the trailer, not more than a few feet separated from them and you still couldn’t do a single thing.
“…I still got her knife…I forgot to give her the fucking knife back”, you heard Negan’s voice again, now some desperation swinging in it before he got oddly quiet and the growls and groans were the only things you could hear.

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There is this meta about a traitor in Lotor's ranks and based on the trailer, I think there is. I think it's Narti bc she does have Haggar/Honerva's cat Kova. Also I think she's the same species Zarkon was based as (they have similarities) and she is blind. The only way she could see was through Kova and idk but her ability, mind controlling, screams HAGGAR. Your thoughts?

So… I’ve seen this theory aired several times of Narti / Kova betraying Lotor and IIRC, the biggest thing that started it is this scene in the season 4 trailer of a panicked-looking Lotor whipping his sword out and attacking something while three of his generals look on, and Narti is conspicuously absent.


I don’t buy it.

My primary reason analyzing this shot in particular is look at the others’ faces. Ezor looks the closest to alarmed- she and Zethrid have both been caught off-guard by something. But Acxa? Acxa is just sort of indifferently glancing over her shoulder like “oh, what’s that?”

None of them look anywhere near as distressed as Lotor, who appears to have gone from zero to fifty in terms of freaking out.

If this is “Narti and/or Kova was just revealed as a traitor” we would see very different reactions from the other three generals. These people are very close-knit, very personal. All of them trust Narti as much as Lotor does. With the expressions, here- it kind of looks like whatever this is, Lotor’s either wildly overreacting, or whatever it is, Lotor’s the only one who realizes the threat it poses.

If this is “Lotor is the only one who realizes Narti / Kova are traitors and is attacking” the other generals would still be freaking out because Lotor is trying to stab either their mutual friend or her seeing eye cat. Furthermore, Lotor himself would be reacting differently- like this, he’s just scared and tense. He doesn’t look especially betrayed or upset, just panicking.

As far as Narti and Kova in general being suspect… Our only reason to suspect Narti and Kova is Narti’s sinister-seeming powers, and Kova’s connection to Honerva and to the dark creatures. Narti is also described as having a “dark” past by the writers in a few interviews.

However, Lotor’s aware of all that. Lotor is a very tense person who doesn’t trust easily or let his guard down like that. There’s also the fact that, considering Lotor is the link Narti and Haggar have in common, Lotor’s the most likely way Kova got to Narti in the first place.

It also stands that as people have pointed out, Kova has the exact same color scheme as Lotor and his people… a scheme not shared by Honerva in the past or Haggar in the present. Speaking more seriously than that post, there: we’re supposed to consider Kova as a unit with Lotor and his team.

Narti is just as close to Lotor and the other generals as any of them. We see Zethrid playing with Kova, we see Kova present continuously as Narti’s companion.

The only things that make Narti suspicious are that she has creepy-seeming powers and we’re used to that creepiness being Proof Of Evil. However, to actually go through with that and make that twist happen, the writers would have to overlook a lot of the good work they’ve done making it clear that evil can take a lot of forms.

Hell, I’d argue that Narti is way less suspicious given VLD loves to do reversals where a lot of the real lurking threats here do not take the form expected of them. Slightly off-putting hospitality (s2e2), adamant insistence on peace and the preservation of life (s3e4). Narti, being unapologetically Kinda Creepy but treated as natural, normal, and par for the course by her coworkers, is probably not evil.

Another strike against Kova being a spy to me is: whether or not Haggar remembers her previous connection with Kova, she still has the ten thousand years of Kova being around after the fact. If Haggar thought she could count on Kova as a spy, she wouldn’t have risked the life of a galra general by sending him after Lotor.

Thematically, it also makes no sense that in Voltron, a show where success is heavily attached to how close you are as a team, to basically punish Lotor for operating as Voltron does and cultivating a supportive, close-knit team by having a spy among his ranks. Zarkon having spies makes sense because he treats his people like garbage. We’re introduced to Thace as an attachment to a loyal soldier, Prorok, who’s being systematically thrown under the bus by Zarkon. From that, Thace turning out to be a spy working for an organized resistance just makes perfect sense- we saw what happened to Prorok, that’d motivate anybody to rebel.

Why would Narti throw her lot in with the main empire over Lotor? She’s considered repulsive to the main empire’s awful racist standards and neither Haggar nor Zarkon have any intention of changing their tune. Conversely, even from a standpoint of pure pragmatism, she has way more to gain working with Lotor himself.

I mean, it could happen, but if that was the case- I would guess that Narti or Kova would not be voluntary traitors as much as it’s entirely possible Haggar might have tried to capture or use them, making them victims rather than perpetrators. 

“I Love You, Betty Cooper” - Bughead

so here is the (not so) little one-shot i’ve been talking about writing. it’s actually hilarious, because i initially set out to write a nice little fluffy drabble with just a touch of angst and then i got all kinds of carried away. so now we have over 4k words of almost pure smut. you’re welcome. also this is my first time ever really posting any smut (i’ve written it, but up until it’s basically stayed hidden away in my computer files) so i’d really love your feedback, but pls be nice, i’m fragile. xx

P.S. if you have any requests or ideas for future one-shots/drabbles, please let me know! i have a feeling the idea of jughead sneaking into betty’s room may be a common theme here, because hello, it was fucking precious in 1x06

Jughead Jones x Betty Cooper

Word Count: 4022

Warnings: nsfw (duh), strong language

In which Jughead makes a surprise visit to Betty’s bedroom in the middle of the night and they discuss the Serpents and Fred’s condition among other things ;)

Set about twenty-fourish hours since the events of 1x13

“I Love You, Betty Cooper”

After what seemed like only a few minutes, but what was likely over an hour, a sudden burst of cold water forced Betty to finally turn off the shower. It was late, but after everything that had transpired the last twenty-four hours, her mind was too busy to let her sleep. She sighed as she stepped out of the tub, grabbing a towel, using it to dry herself off before putting on a pair of pajama shorts and an oversized t-shirt that was so big on her, it covered the shorts, reaching her mid-thigh.

She padded down the hallway to her room as quietly as she could, careful not wake her parents or Polly, who had been asleep for hours. When she got to her bedroom, she eased the door closed before turning on the lamp on her desk.

Her attempt to be quiet, however, was nearly thwarted as soon as she saw him sitting on the edge of her bed. Thankfully, all that had escaped her was a startled gasp before she recognized the dark mop of her boyfriend’s hair.

Although, after last night, she wasn’t sure if he even wanted that title anymore.

“Jesus Christ, Jughead,” she exclaimed, “how the hell did you even get in here?” She placed her hand over her chest and tried to coax her heart back into beating.

“Your window was unlocked. I climbed up. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

The first thing the blond girl noticed was that his raven hair wasn’t hidden away by his beanie, like it usually was. It looked wild, strands going every which way, like he’d been raking his hands through it anxiously, which was exactly what he’d been doing. He fidgeted the grey hat in his hands, waiting for her to say something, anything.

She only nodded.

“I tried calling you…I’ve been trying to call you but—” he started to explain himself but she cut him off.

“I’ve been at the hospital with Archie and…” her voice broke, still unable to process everything that had happened. Just a few short hours after Jughead had all but kicked her out of his trailer, she’d gotten a phone call from Archie.

Fred Andrews had been shot, right in Riverdale’s local diner, Pop’s Chock ‘Lit Shoppe. Where she and her friends bonded together in booths over milkshakes and burgers. The one place in town where Betty had felt the safest, most herself.

“How is he?” Jughead asked, genuine worry taking over his features.

“I don’t know. They don’t know,” the blond pushed some of her still-damp locks back and away from her face. “They took him into surgery pretty much when they got there. He’s still on a ventilator. They’re talking like they’re going to take him for another surgery sometime tomorrow.”

“What about Archie?” he inquired, his eyebrows raising.

“He’s scared. Really scared,” she quickly blinked away tears that had threatened to spill over her eyes. “Why’d you come here, Jug?” she asked as calmly as she could, crossing her arms over her chest. She had to work very hard to resist the urge to clench her fists and dig her nails into her palms the way she typically did when she was upset.

She’d promised herself she’d do her best to never do that with Jughead when she’d let him see the crescent wounds that she had embedded into her skin, because for her it was a way of pushing away her emotions. She didn’t want to do that with him. She wanted to be open, wanted to let him see her as she was, the way he’d let her do with him. But as of late, he was making that very difficult.

“I needed…we need to talk. About what happened last night.”

“You’re the one who told me to leave,” she murmured defensively. “I wanted to stay and talk it out but you told me to go.”

“I shouldn’t have done that,” he responded, “but you made it out like I was set out to be some sort of crime lord.”

“They’re a gang, Jughead.”

“Wasn’t it you who literally just wrote an entire article about how the Serpents aren’t as bad as they seem? About how they weren’t to blame for Jason’s murder?” he countered. “And besides, it doesn’t mean anything. The jacket was my dad’s. They wanted me to have it so I’d have some piece of him while he’s stuck in there.”

“They’re the reason he’s in there to begin with!” she said, raising her voice as loud as she would dare with her family sleeping in such close quarters.

“No, Betty, I’m the reason he’s in there,” the dark-haired boy tried to retort with equal resolve, but his voice wavered, and his eyes filled with tears that he allowed to spill over unapologetically. It was the first time he’d cried so openly in front of her like that.

The first time he’d cried in front of anyone like that, as far as she knew.

“Oh, Juggie…” her demeanor immediately softened, and she broke into the small amount of space she’d created between them, crawling up beside him on her pale pink duvet. She wrapped her arms around him, resting her chin on his shoulder.

“He helped cover up Clifford’s tracks to protect me. He confessed to protect me. All of it, because of me.”

“Juggie,” she tried to calm him down, to get him to look at her, but he wouldn’t. She straightened, gently taking his face into her hands, using her thumbs to swipe away his tears. “Jughead Jones, listen to me,” finally he looked her in the eyes, tears still making trails down his cheeks. “You are not responsible for your father. He made his own decisions, his own mistakes. He has to live with those consequences and unfortunately, so do you. But it is not your fault.” Her own eyes began to well, “He wanted to protect you, yes, but that is only because he loves you, Jug. Despite everything he’s done, he loves you. If you want to keep the Serpent jacket, or hell, even if you wanted to join them, so that you would have some connection to your dad, none of it means anything unless you understand that. You have got to get it out of your head that nobody wants you, or that you aren’t deserving of the love you receive. You are worth every bit of it, Juggie.”

He looked at her, searching her eyes to make sure she meant what she said. “Am I, though?” he asked, “Do you mean what you said last night at the trailer? That you…” his voice trailed off, afraid of her answer.

“Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily?” she asked, smiling softly through her tears.

“Well, I’d hoped,” he smiled back, before cupping her cheek in his hand and bringing her mouth to his.

At first, the kiss was sweet and gentle, just like most of their previous kisses had been, but it very quickly turned, the burning desire they’d both felt just the night before returning with a vengeance.

Fingers found their way into hair, limbs snaking their way around waists, hands creeping under fabric, feeling each other’s skin. Betty had been so wrapped up in the moment, so wrapped up in everything that was Jughead Jones, she hadn’t even noticed that their positions had shifted until he pulled away, carefully brushing away the hair that had fallen into her face. She found herself back against the pillows, legs spread, with Jughead nestled between them, her knees hitched over his hips.

She smirked, her hands reaching for the hem of his maroon sweater.

“Betty,” he stopped her, gently taking one of her wrists into his hand, “I just…before we do anything, I want to make sure that we’re okay. That you’re okay.”

“I’m fine, Juggie. I’m more than fine,” she assured him, stroking her index finger along the line of his jaw. “I want to.”

He smiled, pulling away from her just long enough to slip his shirt over his head, before coming back down, smashing his lips into hers. Their tongues danced together, and her fingers tangled themselves into his hair, tugging and pulling, needy for more of him.

One of his hands wandered up her shirt, happily finding that her breasts that uncovered by a bra, and palmed at them gently, smiling against her lips when she moaned into his mouth. He moved his hands down, to the hem, where he started to pull the cotton up.

“Wait, um…” he opened his eyes, looking down at her to find her breathing shallow and shaky.

“Bets?” he whispered, his voice filled with worry and concern.

“I’m okay,” she reassured him, drawing in a deep steadying breath. “But um…do you think…would you mind if we turned out the lights?”

He wanted to request that they keep them on. Jughead was done being afraid, and he was finally confident in his feelings for her and hers for him, both emotionally and physically, so he wanted to revel in that. He wanted to see her. All of her.

But he knew that she hadn’t gone through the same process of wall tearing he had. Betty hadn’t had the same epiphanies and revelations about their relationship, because in a lot of ways she didn’t have to. She wasn’t afraid of intimacy or being vulnerable in the same way he was; but she was afraid of rejection, for obvious reasons. And she was afraid of this new kind of rejection, a rejection of her body, a fear that she wasn’t pretty or sexy enough to be seen. And while that was the farthest from the truth in his eyes, he didn’t want to do anything that might make her uncomfortable.

Besides, he’d planned on having plenty more opportunities to have sex with the lights on.

“Yeah, sure,” he smiled softly, pecking her lips before pulling away and rising from the bed. He crossed the small bedroom to her desk and carefully switched the light off.

His eyes adjusted as he made his way back to Betty, and he watched as her silhouette, barely made out by the light of the street lamps pouring into her blinds, tossed the t-shirt onto the floor haphazardly. She got up onto her knees on the edge of the bed, so that she was level with him.

He kicked off his sneakers before stepping closer to her. He placed one hand at the small of her back and the other on the back of her neck, pulling her into him, and they both moaned at the feel of the skin-to-skin contact as their bare chests pressed together.

“Okay, so two things,” the blonde murmured as she peppered kisses along his shoulder, her hands reaching down and fiddling with his belt buckle, “One, my folks are asleep two doors down. So we’ll have to be quiet. Secondly,” she pulled her upper body away just enough so that she could see his face, dimly lit by the lights from outside her window. The nervousness returned to her tone, and he gently traced circles along her back instinctively, “I’ve never really done this before…” her voice trailed off, and he understood.

He smiled gently, cupping her cheeks between his hands. “Me either.”

“Really?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“Too busy writing my manifestos, remember?” he joked, earning a small laugh from her. “We can go at your pace. Just let me know if we need to slow down or stop or anything, okay?”

She nodded, craning her neck up so that she could reach his lips and he bent slightly, meeting them halfway. It was as if their mouths were melded into each other, meeting over and over, wet and hot and urgent and needy.

Finally, she’d managed to work him free of his jeans, gasping as she felt his hardness against her stomach, only covered by the thin material of his plaid boxers.

She tentatively grazed her fingertips along his groin, and sucked in a breath through his teeth. She smirked against his lips at the reaction, and in a wave of newfound confidence, she carefully reached into his boxers, pulling his erection free of them. Once he’d kicked out of them and his jeans, which had previously been bunched around his thighs, she carefully took his member into her small hand, wrapping her fingers around the base. She gently pulled upward, stroking his length. He shuddered, and the sound wakened parts of Betty she hadn’t ever fully realized.

She had the sudden realization her panties weren’t so dry anymore.

She repeated the ministrations, causing Jughead to have to separate his lips from hers, nestling his forehead into her shoulder, a quiet moan escaping his lips. Betty giggled. “You okay, Juggie?” she teased.

His hands found their way to her backside and he gave it a sharp squeeze, causing her to gasp. “You’ll eat your words, Betty Cooper.” He hoisted her up, and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist, their lips coming together again. They crashed into the bed, panting out breaths in between wet kisses. Jughead placed a hand over Betty’s throat, turning their heads and attacking her mouth from another angle, gently nipping at her lower lip.

God, she could just get fucking addicted to Jughead Jones’ lips.

His hand moved from her throat, replaced by his lips, and crept slowly down her uncovered torso, finding the soft mounds of her breasts, his next target. He started slowly, gently palming them in his hand reveling in the way it made Betty’s breath quicken. He then focused his assault, rolling a thumb experimentally over the rosy bud of her nipple, smiling against her skin as it hardened against his touch.

He dipped his head down, replacing his hands with his mouth, enclosing the nipple between his lips and sucking gently, before moving on to her other breast, offering it the same attention.

While his mouth remained occupied, his wandering hand moved further and further south, until it found her tauntingly short pajama shorts. He brushed his fingers along it, before brushing his hand downward, stroking her center over the thin material.

She bucked her hips, frustrated by the layers, however flimsy, that separated her from him, desperate for more friction, more direct contact. He chuckled darkly, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of both the shorts and her purple cotton panties, pulling them down her slender legs before bringing his hand back over her center, slipping his fingers in between her folds. She was wet, really wet, and even though Jughead didn’t think it was possible for him to get any harder, he did. His fingers slid up and down, carefully rubbing and caressing, looking for her clitoris.

Betty, sensing his struggle to locate the bundle of nerves that she was already familiar with, reached her own hand down and placed it over his. He blushed a bit at his own ignorance, but she just smiled at him, gently guiding his hand upward until his fingers landed over it; it was swollen, and he could feel it pulse with need.

He let his hand settle there for a moment, before he began to move, using the pad of his thumb to slowly circle the most sensitive part of her, immediately earning a desperate little whimper from Betty that was enough to drive him crazy. He quickened his pace, gently slipping a finger into her, and she bit on her lip in a failed attempt to hold back a moan that was just a little too loud.

“I thought you said we had to be quiet?” he gazed up at her through his dark hair, eyebrow raised, lips curled up into a smirk.

She giggled, grabbing hold of his face and bringing it to hers, kissing him soft and sweet and slow, and he moved his hand from her core, moving it to her thigh, gently coaxing her legs further open, nestling himself between them so that his member lined up with her opening.

“Wait,” Betty whispered urgently, her eyes flying open. Jughead bit his lip, trying to hide his disappointment at the thought of her changing her mind.

But when she turned her torso, reaching into the drawer of her bedside table, his disappointment turned to confusion.

“Betty, what the hell are you looking for?”

“Aha,” she hummed, turning back to her original position, holding something between her fingers.

It took him to make out the little foil packet in the dark. He took the condom from her, giving her a questioning look.

“After Polly got pregnant, my mom bought me a box,” she shrugged casually. “Of course at the time, I didn’t know why. And even though she’d absolutely freak if she found out I was having sex, I guess she wanted to make sure if I ever did that I wouldn’t end up like Polls.”

“Well I’m glad she thought of it,” Jughead chuckled as rolled the latex down his shaft, “because I totally forgot.”

Betty laughed too, reaching up to him for a kiss. He granted the kiss, and it was slow and soft, one hand cupping her face lovingly and the other gripping her hip gently, once again re-aligning himself with her entrance.

He pulled away just a bit, brushing away the golden waves that that had gotten strewn about them so that he could get a good look at her face.

“You sure?” he asked, and though his eyes were dark with lust and want, there was that softness in them that she loved so much. She knew that if she said no, if she gave even the slightest inkling that she wanted to stop, he would, regardless of what he wanted. Knowing that made her want him even more, if that were even possible.

“Yeah. I’m 150% sure. Are you?”

“Yeah,” he kissed pecked her lips gently and she smiled into his kiss. “Let me know if it’s too much, okay?”

She nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, taking a deep breath to calm the small pool of nerves that built in her stomach. Even though she was a little scared, there was no doubt in Betty’s mind that this was what she wanted.

Jughead reached down in between them, taking his member in his hand and guiding it into her as slowly and gently as he could manage, muttering a quiet “fuck,” as he buried his head into the crook of her neck. The feeling of her around him was almost too much for him to bear, the newness of the sensations of her heat and wetness and knowing that this was Betty Cooper, a girl he loved, made it all so much more intense than it ever was in the quiet moments he’d spent by himself.

She gently stroked his raven hair with her fingers. “I love you, Juggie,” she whispered into the top of his head.

He looked up at her, pressing his lips to hers gently. “It doesn’t hurt or anything, does it?”

She shook her head, smiling at him softly, bringing him back in for a more lustful kiss. She began to rotate her hips against him, coaxing him to move.

He smiled against her, pulling out ever so slowly and then pushing himself back in again. His movements remained slow, but they built up in forcefulness as he went. Each thrust earned a delightfully sinful sound to come from somewhere deep in Betty, and each of those caused Jughead to mutter obscenities. Betty began to rock her hips up to meet his thrusts, and their bodies came together over and over in ways that meant more than either of them realized, their moans mixing in with each other an almost melodic way

He reached a hand down between them, circling her newly found clit, causing her walls to clench around him, and Jughead came undone, far sooner than he’d hoped he would. It was easily one of the strongest orgasms he’d ever had, and he had to fight hard against himself for the will to keep his eyes open. He knew she hadn’t seen her climax yet, and he wasn’t about to leave her hanging.

Betty chuckled when he collapsed into her, her hands tracing over the lines of his upper back. “Are you alright?”

“I’m more than alright, Bets,” he smiled, bringing his lips back to hers briefly. “Now it’s you turn.” He began to move down her body placing kisses as he went.

“Juggie, it’s alright, you don’t have to…”

“I want to get you off,” he growled, now between her legs, and her breath to hitched in her throat as she felt his hot breath against her center.

The first kiss he placed was soft, tentative, but it built the anticipation of the ones to follow it, and Betty shuddered, her body falling limp against the soft mattress. He then brought his mouth back to her heat, torturing her clit with soft sure licks. Jughead was gentle, careful – agonizingly slow. She tried to buck her hips, to arch into in an effort to create more friction, but he placed a hand over her stomach, holding her down. He wanted to build up her desire, so that when she finally got her release, it would be as intense as it could be.

When he felt she truly couldn’t take anymore, Jughead gently pushed two fingers into her, pulling his mouth away from her clit, replacing it with his thumb. He took his hand away from her stomach, and finally free, she ground herself into him.

“I love you,” he murmured, never pulling his focus away from her pulsing sex, watching in the dim light illuminating her from her bedroom window as she fell apart at his hands, “come, Betty.”

And that did it. Betty’s legs shook as the coil that had been winding itself in her belly since he’d first began to touch her came undone, and she had to bury her face into the pillow to keep from crying out. In that moment, she truly couldn’t tell where she stopped and his hand began; she couldn’t think of anything except how good she felt and Jughead Jones.

“Juggie…” she whimpered, gently pushing his hand away from her the aftermath of her orgasm made her so sensitive that even the gentle contact became too much.

Jughead immediately crawled back up, bringing the blankets up around them and lying down beside her on his side, pulling her to hers as well, so that they were nose to nose with each other.  He brushed the hair that had gotten strewn across her face in the culmination of their passion, and kissed her nose gently.

It was a couple of minutes of them lying there, tangled into each other’s arms, before he realized Betty was crying.

“Hey, hey….” he whispered, wiping away her tears with his thumbs.

“I’m sorry, this is so pathetic, I just…” she sniffled before continuing. “It’s just…that felt so good.”

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked, chuckling softly.

“No, no, it’s just,” she averted his gaze, focusing instead on the lines of his chest as her fingers brushed across his skin, “if I lose you now, it’s going to kill me, Juggie.”

Jughead had no intent on them losing each other anytime soon (in fact as they stood now, he’d be with her forever if he could). But he also knew that this was him, this was Betty and this was Riverdale, and all three of these things were incredibly volatile. He believed, though, that they could eventually work through their issues and really be something bigger than any of it. But, was still afraid of promises he didn’t have complete control over, so tonight was not the night to say those silent promises yet.

Instead, he took her face in his hands, giving her one slow, lingering, soft kiss, whispering against her lips the only thing he was really sure of anymore.

“I love you, Betty Cooper.”



(Warning: language. Single!Jensen and Sigle!Brendon for the purpose of it)

“Hey, beautiful” a smile lit up your face when you saw Brendon’s most recent message.

“Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I had shooting. Just finished” you were quick to to type back.

“It’s ok. I was practicing with Dallon on a new song ;)” he wrote to you.

“Oh new song, really? What is it about?”

“Well it talks about a guy that has problem expressing his feelings to his best friend and all those cheesy stuff you like” a smirk appeared on your face as soon as you read his message.

You let out a small chuckle before writing to him “Oh really? And may I ask what inspired you to write that?”

“Somebody ;)” he sent and you giggled.

Before you could respond he sent you a photo of him and Bogart and you smiled more, typing back “Aww such a cutie ♥”

“Thanks babe ;)” he didn’t miss to type back.

You had a sort of flirtatious relationship with Brendon, and you could not deny that you had a small crush on him - ok maybe not so small - but you were friends. Just best friends and you knew that nothing was going to happen between the two of you. Sure he would not stop making moves on you but you knew that that’s how Brendon was. He did not have feelings for you.

“I was taking about Bogart!” you wrote to him, a grin on your face.

“Aww now that hurt my feelings!”

“You’ll get over it! Btw what are you doing now?” you asked him and instead of answering he sent you two pictures of him laying down somewhere, a smile on his face.

“Just relaxing. But I am kinda bored. How many more scenes do you have?” 

“Uh I think just one small with Jensen and then I’m done for today. Why?”

“Was thinking if you’d like to go out or come by for movies?” you nodded as soon as you read his message but realized he couldn’t really see you.

“Sure! Your house it is! I’d love to! I’ll be done in about two hours, can you come and pick me up?” you asked him.

“Sure! ;) See you later, sweetheart. Oh and if you finish earlier do tell me, my body’s waiting for you! ;)” you shook your head with a laugh at reading his message.

“Oh yeah? And we’re going to do what we did last time?” you giggled as you typed back your message.

“Oh definitely! I have plenty of condoms ;)” you laughed a little more and went to type back only to-

“Are you kidding me?!” a rough voice said behind you making you jump.

“Holy smokes!” you put a hand on your chest “Jensen, man I’ve told you that this is not cool at all! I almost had a heart attack! What is it?” you ended up asking in a calmer voice.

“You’re talking with him again?” he asked you, his voice coming out in almost a hiss when he spoke about Brendon.

“Yeah” you said, narrowing your eyes slightly at him. 

You could not really understand what got over him whenever it came to you and Brendon. One moment he would be all laughing and joking, making a fool of himself and you laugh to tears and then the second you mention something about Brendon - how he had done something similar before - and his smile would immediately fade a small scowl taking its place.

‘Of course him’ he would say bitterly.

“Why? Is everything alright?” you asked him.

“Don’t know. Why don’t you ask Brendon?” he emphasized on his name and you let out a small laugh at how he looked and sounded.

It seemed as if he was… jealous?

“Jensen what are you even talking about?” you said with a laugh.

“Don’t know. Maybe, how about the fact that he has ‘plenty of condoms’ while waiting for you what you did the previous time, hm?”

“He’s just joking, Jens. Or well not really. It may sound crazy, not really when it comes to Brendon but- we would fill them with water as if they were water balloons and throw them at each other” you said with a small shrug.

“Yeah whatever you say” he rolled his eyes, trying desperately to ignore the pang in his chest.

“Come on Jensen. If you want to then come with us and you’ll see for yourself” you said simply “There is no reason to be jealous of him, after all” you said.

Which was kind of true. There was no need for him to be jealous of Brendon because you could not deny the fact that you had feelings for Jensen for pretty long time.

“Wh-what? What are you talking about? I’m- I’m not jealous. Why would I be jealous of him? Like, what does he have that I don’t? I’m jealous of him. There is no reason for me to be (Y/n). Besides, we’re best friends right?” Jensen said with a scoff and shrug, trying to act nonchalant and indifferent.

“Yeah I guess you’re right” you looked at him “Fine then. But don’t expect me to show up for shooting early tomorrow morning. I will be cuddling with him after morning sex” you said with a grin.

“What?!” he all-but-shrieked.

“H-hey (Y/n) maybe Brendon wouldn’t mind if I joined you in your movie night, right? Right?!” Jensen called after you as he followed you after exiting your trailer.

Whovian Feminism Reviews “World Enough and Time”

“World Enough and Time” is an episode of Doctor Who that is very self-aware – of its own history, of its own tropes and cliches, and of the community that follows this show so passionately. This results in some truly delightful fan-service that lightens what might otherwise be an unbearably grim and horrifying episode. But that self-awareness falters when it comes to the treatment of Bill Potts and her fans, who were handed a brutal episode that came right to the edge of fridging the first lesbian companion and second black woman companion. With one episode left in the season, there’s still time to pull out a happy ending for Bill. But I’m not sure it will make up for everything Bill and her fans will have been through to get her there.

Even though the end of this episode left me feeling conflicted, I sure as hell enjoyed the ride. Steven Moffat has always been good at creating stories that creatively play with time travel, and parking a massive spaceship right next to a black hole is such a fun way to mess with time. Director Rachel Talalay perfectly paces the transition between the two time zones, creating a story that flows from one timeline to the next instead of giving us narrative whiplash. But what she’ll probably be most remembered for in this episode is making the Mondassian Cybermen truly, bone-chillingly scary. There was always something eerie about their sing-song voices and cold logic. But Talalay brings the body horror to the forefront of their genesis, emphasizing their unceasing pain and letting the audience’s unease build steadily until it’s almost unbearable by the time Bill is converted.

But while the Mondassian Cybermen loom over this episode, this story is firmly about the Doctor and the Master’s friendship and enmity. The Doctor’s test isn’t just an opportunity for Missy to escape her prison in the Vault. It’s the culmination of nearly fifty years of conflict between these two characters. At one point or another, each has believed that the other can be convinced to see the universe as they do. Now the Doctor gets to see if he’s right and if Missy can really be reformed. 

Missy is going along with the Doctor … sort of. She’s not actively trying to burn everything down, but she’s definitely going to do things her own way. And if she’s going to endure this exercise, she’s going to poke fun at the mythos the Doctor has created for himself. She calls the companions the “disposables” and names them “Exposition” and “Comic Relief,” which can be read both as a commentary on the Doctor and a meta commentary on the show itself. There’s even a long bit about whether he’s called “The Doctor” or “Doctor Who,” a reference to the insufferably long-running argument in fan circles about how to refer to the character. (The answer is that both are fine; Missy cheekily tells us to “check our screens,” reminding us that in the Classic series, the character was named “Dr. Who” in the credits!) 

In contrast, John Simm stands out as the quintessential Master. His portrayal here is a more toned-down version of the Master from the Russell T. Davies years, and he’s leaned hard into the Classic Master tropes. He’s got the beard and the high-collared black jacket. He spends most of this episode disguised in a rubber mask. He even calls Bill “my dear.” Get some hypnosis and the TCE in the next episode and he’ll have checked off all the boxes. I should’ve figured out who he was much earlier in the episode, but John Simm’s acting and prosthetics were so good that I have to admit I didn’t figure out that Razor was the Master until the moment that he snuck in on Missy (and there was definitely a lot of impressed swearing once I finally realized what had happened).

As wonderful as he is, Simm isn’t just there to provide fan-service. He’s also there to encourage Missy’s worst impulses. He’s the devil on her shoulder, their mutual Id – almost like their Valeyard, if you’ll accept the analogy. He reminds her of all the distrust and anger and betrayal they’ve built up against the Doctor. And if the trailer for the next episode is any hint, it looks like he’ll be encouraging her more violent impulses. The Doctor wanted to test Missy to see if she was genuinely reforming herself, but now that test will happen while her previous regeneration is deliberately driving a wedge between her and the Doctor.

And Bill is just another body caught in the crossfire.

Before I dig into Bill’s conversion, I want to start off with one caveat. This is only the first part of a two-part story. I don’t know what ultimately will happen to Bill, and whether or not the next episode will cast this one in a different light. However, I think it is still valid to examine and critique this episode based on the information we have so far. This episode wanted to leave us with feelings of shock and horror for a week, so it’s valid to examine those feelings and the communities they impact the hardest. And regardless of Bill’s ultimate fate in the next episode, it is valid to examine whether the events that took place in this episode were problematic.

I would argue that they were. Although Bill isn’t dead, this episode goes right to the edge of fridging her. She has practically no agency in this episode, and everything that happens to her is in service to someone else’s story. She is shot and converted into a Cyberman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. Everything that happens to her is done so we can explore the Doctor’s feelings – his guilt and pain over pressuring Bill into this situation, his conflict over giving the Master yet another chance, his struggle to forgive Missy after what her previous regeneration has done. This isn’t about Bill, her choices, or her story. Hell, she didn’t even want to be on that ship. Arguing about whether or not we can count what happens to her as fridging because she isn’t actually dead feels a bit like a technicality. She is still violent, graphically harmed for her male protagonist’s story.

It doesn’t help that “World Enough And Time” has some uncomfortable parallels with the Series 8 finale “Death in Heaven,” where another black companion, Danny Pink, is also converted into a Cyberman. Danny was another casualty in the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And his death and conversion weren’t really about him or his story either. It was about the Doctor’s discomfort with soldiers, and it was about Clara’s guilt over having treated him poorly. Danny does reclaim some of his agency in the end, so perhaps there is still some hope for Bill. But this is now the second time that a black companion has been converted into a Cybeman to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. 

It’s also worth noting the level of graphic violence involved with Bill’s near-death and conversion. Plenty of companions have died or had horrible things done to them. Moffat is particularly fond of making monsters out of his companions; Rory became an Auton, a Clara echo is converted into a Dalek. But seeing a horrible burnt hole through Bill’s chest and her slow, piecemeal conversion into a Cyberman is truly on another level. I had to think back to some of the things that the Sixth Doctor’s companion Peri suffered through to find any examples that gave me the same visceral reaction – and those are moments you really don’t want to be compared with.

This is a drama and science fiction show, and there’s always been a certain level of risk when companions travel with the Doctor. We were meant to be horrified by what happened to Bill. But the people who were always going to feel this moment the hardest were the most marginalized and underrepresented in this fandom – queer women and women of color. Women of color have had so few non-white companions on Doctor Who to identify with, so obviously this moment would be felt particularly hard. And this would also be especially hard for queer women, who have faced a recent surge in violent deaths of queer characters, largely to further the stories of white, cis, straight protagonists.

The great irony, of course, is that this episode spends a great deal of time cheerfully showing off how self-aware of fandom it is. There’s fan-service galore in this story … just not for the fans who were invested in Bill’s character. And our standards were already set so low. I would’ve been happy if she came out at the end of this season alive and whole. I would’ve given bonus points if she was happy and with a girlfriend.

I don’t think Bill was shot or converted because of any particular animus or prejudice against her character. There was a story that they wanted to tell between the Doctor and the Master, and what happened to Bill was necessary to further that story. I think it just shows the carelessness with which her character was handled. It’s all well and good to represent a black lesbian woman on TV, but that comes with a certain amount of responsibility. And even if this is all magically undone by the end of the next episode, nothing will erase how Bill’s pain and suffering was used to further the conflict between the Doctor and the Master. And nothing will erase the sight of Bill with a hole through her chest or crying in pain beneath the Cyberman mask from the memories of women of color and queer fans.

Bughead post 2x05 fic

*Part 1* About 3k words, some angst. Part 2 here

    Betty immediately pulled on her jacket to head for the door. She knew where the Black Hood would be. This would be her chance. She snuck out of her house and started running towards The Five Seasons. It was freezing out but she had to catch him. She thought about her plan as she sprinted, knowing she couldn’t let Nick St. Clair die, no matter how much of a piece of trash he was.

   Betty arrived at the hotel and ran upstairs, knowing from Veronica which room it was already. Only when she got there, the door was already ajar and the room was trashed. She slowly walked into the room, barely able to breathe. She checked to make sure there wasn’t a body and then fled, needing to be anywhere else. What had she done?
• • •
   Jughead was woken up by the pounding on the trailer door. Briefly, he hoped it was Betty coming over before school. Then the reality of the previous day flooded his mind and he was bitter. Still, he sorely got up and went to open the door. As soon as he pushed it open, Sweet Pea was through the entryway and giving him directions. Jughead tried to push through the grogginess to understand what Sweet Pea was saying. Something about a race? Ghoulies? Riverdale High? Wait What?! He listened closer and realized he was being volunteered to cross the tracks over to his old high school to facilitate a conversation with Reggie. He still wasn’t clear why but all this could mean was bad news. He briefly tried to argue but there was no way out of it. He decided to not think about the proximity that would bring him to…. Her. 

   Sitting in the parking lot of the school that no longer felt warm to Jughead, he persuaded Sweet Pea it would be better if he didn’t walk on to campus. At least until he “convinced” Reggie to listen to the proposal. Really he hoped to be shot down. He didn’t want to be here and he didn’t want the trouble this crazy team-up would accrue. Nevertheless, Jughead heard Reggie’s car approaching the parking lot. Quickly finding it and waiting for it to park, Jughead walked over and called after Reggie. He definitely seemed annoyed to see Jughead but a look of surprise did cross his face when he noticed what had happened to Jugs’. Sarcastically, he asked “What, did the Serpents do that to you?”
“Actually, yes. Initiation as it turns out.”
   Reggie, looking disgusted, replied “So you’re one of them now then? You should get out of here before the rest of the team sees you. They’re aching for another fight after Dilton and ten against one doesn’t look good for you, snake.”
   Reggie started to walk away and Jughead turned to look at Sweet Pea. The look on his face told Jug this was definitely a test. There wasn’t going to be another chance for him to prove his value. He had to at least get Reggie to talk with Sweet Pea. Sighing internally, he tried to think of how to pique Reggie’s interest. “We have a proposal.” Reggie stopped but without turning around, said “So?” Jughead was trying not to get frustrated. “We need your car for a race. The terms are up for negotiation.”
   “Is your girlfriend a part of this negotiation?” Reggie teased, trying to start a fight. Jughead glared, his vision going red at the edges. He didn’t want to picture Reggie flirting with Betty but he had to face the facts that it no longer had anything to do with him. Instead, he replied icily, “I don’t know. I don’t have one.”
   Reggie finally turned to look Jughead straight in the eyes. “We might be able to deal. But your old pal Archie will be representing me.”
• • •

       Betty sat at her desk at the Blue and Gold, the whole world around her feeling like it was caving in. A psycho serial killer was controlling her by threatening everyone she loves and isolating her by making her push out everyone he deemed unworthy of her. All of this was too much. She had sent her best friend since childhood, Archie to break up with the man she loved because she couldn’t face doing it herself. She needed to keep Jughead safe. And her sister and her children. Her mother. Veronica. She tried not to think about the pain Juggie was in. He had told her he loved her. For Jughead, this betrayal would devastate him. Betty shook her head to clear it. It was better this than him dead.
   She tried to think of a plan to rescue Nick if he was still alive. She would have to give the Black Hood something in exchange. Her heart wrenched at the thought of who she would have to push away next. Archie, most likely, given he’s helped her the most lately and there was the incident with him spray painting the red circle on the southside while possessing a gun. There were only a handful of people that knew about that but whomever this Black Hood was, he watched her. He knew things he couldn’t when he called to make threats to her.
   Betty blamed herself for it all. For some reason, her speech at the Jubilee about making Riverdale better inspired him. She was responsible for Archie’s dad being shot. For Mrs. Grundie being killed. For Moose and Midge being shot. Her sister Polly would be next if she didn’t find some way to catch him.
   Suddenly, Archie came through the door to the school’s newspaper office, seeming breathless. “Come on. Reggie and I need your help with something in auto shop.” Betty hesitated. Archie came over and took her hand. “I swear that this is a problem only you can solve.” Before she was willing to go anywhere she had to ask. “How did it go last night?” Archie took a second to comprehend. Finally, he moved to stand completely in front of her and met her eyes. “He took it pretty bad Betts. He refused to believe me so I had to hurt him. He didn’t believe that you could do that. But eventually he got it and just said ‘Tell Betty I got the message.’ He’s joined the Serpents now. They all came over in the middle of me talking to him.” Betty found a dark humor in that. All she could say was “Yeah. They have bad timing like that.”
   Shuffling his feet, Archie asked if she’d come to the school’s auto show now. She felt like falling to the ground instead. “I’m not feeling up to it Arch. Maybe later?” Archie took her other hand too. “Betty. I need your help.” Damn. He knew her too well. She nodded and started to follow him, not knowing what, or rather, who, was waiting for her.
• • •
   Jughead paced. Trying to find a way out of this particular part of the agreement. Neither Sweet Pea nor Reggie cared much about this part of the plan but Archie had insisted on involving Betty to take a look under Reggie’s hood. He knew Archie would be returning with Betty any minute and he didn’t want to be here for this. He thought he caught a glimpse of sympathy from Sweet Pea but he decided to ignore it. He had to focus on escape.
   But it was too late. The door opened and first came Betty, looking straight ahead at Sweet Pea and Reggie standing by the car. A second later, Archie followed, immediately searching the room for Jughead. Seeing her was like going through The Gauntlet all over again. And yet also in a part of himself he hadn’t managed to beat back yet, there was relief. It faded as he looked at her more closely though. Her eyes were definitely puffy and the bags under them rivaled his own. Her signature high ponytail was gone, replaced by some loose mess hanging lazily off her head. Something was wrong. “Leave it alone!” his head yelled at him. “She broke it off, remember?”
   She had stopped at the sight of Sweet Pea. Taking a second to attempt recognition. When he turned his head to look at Reggie in impatience, her eyes zeroed in on the serpent tattoo on his neck and she visibly straightened. She looked around the room, seeing Jughead and turned around to try to leave. That suited him just fine right now but Archie had stopped her before she could get through the door. They had a quick, heated discussion and then she turned back around, again, looking straight at Reggie and Sweet Pea.
   “What do you need?” she asked sharply. She was standing taller now, very pointedly not looking at Jughead. Reggie was the first to break the silence. “Need you to take a look under my hood. See if I can race.” Jughead heard the flirting in his tone but Jug was still focused on trying to get out of here. He saw an office in the corner that looked like there was a small hallway behind. He slowly started to walk towards it, trying not to be noticed, when Reggie asked, “So Betts, do you think it’s ride worthy?” Four sets of angry eyes met his.
   “Your battery terminal clamp is loose. Hand me the 3/8ths wrench over there. Besides that it looks well enough taken care of.” Jughead was still inching his way toward the corner but as soon as the wrench was in Betty’s hand, Sweet Pea asked Reggie and Archie to come with him to finish working out the details of their deal. He was alone with her now and he knew she knew it too. He stopped moving for a minute to see if she’d say anything though he was completely sure he didn’t want to hear whatever it was. He’d barely moved again when he heard quietly “Please tell me you won’t be racing.”
He couldn’t help the anger in his response.
   “What exactly, do you care?” She whirled on him faster than she had on Chuck. “Don’t you DARE think I don’t care, Jughead Jones! You think I didn’t notice the bruises on your face from all the way over here?! You have no IDEA what I’ve done to keep you safe!” There was a part of his brain that knew he should ask her what that meant but the anger overwhelmed him and he was striding toward the car, needing to say this to her face. “And where was that concern when you broke up with me through Archie instead of in person?! Where was that safety when I was getting this done to me?!”
   Jughead pointed to the bruising on his face with his right hand, which was now unbandaged enough to see the clear marks of a snake bite. Her eyes darted to the bite and her lips tightened. He could see the tears through her anger. “Because I COULDN’T DO IT JUGGIE!” She deflated a little and took a step back. “And I couldn’t protect you from yourself. Not this time.” He deflated a little too and leaned against the car, feeling tired. “I don’t know if i’ll be driving at this point. It’s either me or Sweet Pea. Can’t be Reggie in a Serpents versus Ghoulies race.” He thought for a second. “What do you mean you couldn’t do it?”
   Betty closed her eyes and he caught the telltale sign of her clenching his fingernails into her palms. Just then her phone started ringing. There was distinct panic in her eyes at the sound of “Lollipop! Lollipop! Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli! Lollipop! Lollipop! Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli!” Betty excused herself as she rushed for the door. He took a deep breath after she was out of the room and started to think over their conversation. What did she mean about keeping him safe? Why couldn’t she break up with him? He heard the sound of her crying outside the door and went to investigate. Why was she crying?
   From just inside the door he could hear her. “I didn’t want to see him, he was just there. It was an ambush.” What? Who is she talking to? Well at least now he knows she doesn’t want to see him. “No, Please! It was an accident. Please don’t hurt him! I did what you asked! I’ll leave right now just please don’t hurt him.” The truth suddenly dawned on Jughead. She was being threatened. And the only person dumb enough to threaten Betty Cooper was the Black Hood. But from the sounds of it, it was working. Jug cracked the door a little and saw Betty drop the phone to her side and Betty was crying again, crumbling in on herself. He walked back over to the car to wait for her.
  A couple minutes later she poked her head in the door. “Hey Jug, I have to go. Tell Reggie it’s fixed.” as she started to back up he stopped her. “Hey Betty, wait.” she stopped and looked at him. He knew he couldn’t tell her he knew the truth. It might put someone else in danger. She wouldn’t let him in now and risk someone else. All he could do is ease it for her. With all the sincerity he could muster, he told her, “I forgive you.” To him it sounded like an incredibly pompous thing to say. But he knew her. He knew she’d blame herself for it all. He wished he could hug her and they could do this together but for now this would have to do. She smiled, just a little bit at him. “Thanks Juggie. I have to go.”
   Jughead sat and waited in the shop, waiting for Reggie, Archie, and Sweet Pea to get back. It felt like forever but it gave him time to process through how Betty had been acting lately. Finally, they were back and Archie came to walk over to Jughead. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he sort of leaned back and said “I’m sorry for the way I acted last night. I just got angry seeing you joining the serpents and I shouldn’t have done it the way I did. Betty didn’t want it that way.” Jughead sort of squinted at him, wondering if he knew.
“Did she want it at all?” The twitch in Archie’s eye as he tried to come up with a response said it all. “What? Of cours- OW DUDE WHAT THE HELL?!” Reggie and Sweet Pea came over and took their friends flanks as soon as Jughead punched Archie. Jughead was furious Arch hadn’t protected her. What kind of “Best Friend Since Childhood” was he? “How long have you known?! How long has he been threatening her?! WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING?!” Archie motioned Reggie off which led Jug to do the same. “WHY ARCHIE?!” He needed an answer.
   Archie straightened but hung his head. “I’ve known since the beginning. It started right after the town hall meeting. She told me he’d threatened Ronnie. She nearly cut me out too. She went along with it to keep people from dying.”
   Just then, Reggie butted in. “Betty is getting threats? That’s why she’s been so different. I thought she might be pregnant like her sister or something.” Jughead wanted to punch Reggie too but right now they needed him. He turned back to Archie. “She didn’t really want to break up with me. Why didn’t you tell me last night?” Archie looked at him cautiously. “How much did she tell you?” Jugs vision was red at the edges again. “She told me nothing! I overheard the phone call and she bolted! Start talking Andrews!”
“He’s threatened everyone she loves, he made her publish the thing about her mom, and he’s watching her all the time. She does as he says because she thinks as long as she keeps him distracted, he’ll stop killing. He knows where Polly is, Jug. He threatened her sister.”
   Now it was Sweet Pea’s turn to interrupt. “The ‘Hood is threatening your girl, Jughead? And this northsider didn’t tell you? Or try to protect her himself? Can I punch him?” Jug ground his teeth. Sweet Pea had a point. Reggie’s fists bunched and he stepped closer again. Jughead sighed. “No. We need him for the race. Can we work on a rescue plan after?” Sweet Pea thought on it for a second. “I’ll do you one better. After this race we’ll get all the Serpents in on this. If she’s still your girl, she is one of our own. And we look out for our own.”  He said the last bit while staring down Archie. Well, at least now there was a plan.

Dog Days - Part 2

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Doctor!Reader

Description: Even in the darkest of times Y/N doesn’t leave Jughead’s thoughts.

Warnings: Fred’s current situation in the season finale. Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched season 2 trailers yet.

Word count: 2556

A/N: TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Since it’s past midnight Eastern Time Are you excited for season 2 premiere? I’m freaking out!!!! Can’t wait to see Jug on a motorcycle… So much good content to write out of :D Not sure if I’m gonna write another part for this one, but if you guys want it let me know.

An exceedingly bright light and super loud tumbling noise wakes up Jughead. He quickly sits up on the bed and realizes what a terrible idea that was as the room is now turning. The blinding light turns out to be regular morning sunlight coming from the trailer window, and the deafening buzzing noise, just his breathing echoing in his ear. “So this is what a hangover feels like.”, he whines, brushing his finger on his aching tembles, noticing the glass of water and ibuprofen on the bedside table. Jug swallows the pills and H2O all in one sip. Reliving a thirst he wasn’t aware of, until the liquid touched his chapped lips. He stays under the covers, waiting for the medicine to kick in. “I don’t remember coming home last night…” Last thing he does is being undoubtedly envious of the Serpent hitting on the girl with him. “Y/N!”, Juggie exclaims. He looks around for her. She’s nowhere in sight, but he finds a note next to the transparent, now empty glass. Only then does Jughead realize he’s not on his dad’s trailer. The bed with only one pillow reassures him they didn’t sleep together. That makes him both relieved he didn’t cheat on Betty and sad he didn’t give in to his transcendent cravings.

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anonymous asked:

Confession: when I first played XV I was really disappointed with how they handled Loqi cuz I honestly thought there'd be a huge reveal of him being Prompto's older brother and that's how the guys find out Prom's Niff Heritage and it leads to a lot of Brother Angst between them because they love eachother but they have different loyalties and Loqi would die protecting Prompto or Prom would kill him to protect one of the bros-Tea

Well, probably not, but yeah~ Let’s talk about the Niflheim concepts! 

If you don’t like me bringing up the Versus XIII concepts of the past, feel free to skip past this reading! 

Okay, so I agree with you for sure – Loqi is a character that was kind of gyped when it came to the series – especially when FF is a series where they’re usually really good at telling the stories of characters some way somehow. Hell, we got the backstory of a giant daemon boob lady more than we ever did get Loqi’s backstory or appearance. But I feel it has alot to do with the previous Versus XIII scrapped concepts, and how alot of it was pushed aside and only hinted at in bits of pieces of what could actually be shown.

Because, you see, take a lot at these screens I took from previous trailers during Versus XIII and pre-release demos and cinematics!

You see that guy in the lower right corner of each of these shots? Cinematography wise, SE is really good at it, so the fact that he remains within the shot of an intense scene such as Iedolas aiming a gun at Regis, or blondie’s face being among one of the only ones really visible during the confrontation – this mean that this guy is a HUGE key-figure within the developmental stages of the game.

And you’re right. He is important. Because he’s the prince of Niflheim. Blond hair, probably a general, closely associated and probably hella loyal to Niflheim. I can’t help but feel like the prince’s concept was ultimately recycled in a hybrid mixture of Loqi (VIA the blond-hair and general status) and Ravus (because of the high-ranking stature and perhaps one of the top positions in the empire). And with Niflheim being a Norse name (I believe) for the World of Darkness, Loqi being named the way his is is probably no coincidence either. It might have been because that Loqi Tummelt and the Prince were very similar in terms of concepts. But adding a powerful figure such as another prince would have only made things more complicated within the story of FFXV that we go. Hence, we probably got Ravus as our rival prince instead of this beautiful blond bishie here. c:

Added with your idea and all, Prince Loqi probably would have told Prompto of his origins – though it’s always been a concept from the start that Prompto was Verstael’s son, not Iedolas’s. But still! Imagine the tension if Loqi and Prompto were childhood friends or something? The betrayal of that! Ooh boy, talk about that drama! Or if Prompto was actually Iedolas’s son and Prince Loqi was spiteful that Prompto got to live the ‘happier life’ between them.

Goodness, the pondering of past concepts is fun, and it would have been fascinating if this were, in fact, Prince Loqi of Niflheim. But I’m also satisfied in having a Peanut in a mech too. ;D

in anticipation of avengers infinity war i have reviewed all the marvel movies in one sentence each

Iron Man - This film firmly establishes the guiding theme of the rest of the MCU, which is that disaster strikes when lesser men covet the powers and technology of the ubermensch

The Incredible Hulk - I had forgotten that the scene in Thor Ragnarok where Bruce Banner jumps out of an aircraft and splats on the ground before actually becoming the Hulk was actually a callback to the exact same thing happening in this movie

Iron Man 2 - The worst one

Thor - The Dutch angle, also known as Dutch tilt, canted angle, or oblique angle, is a type of camera shot where the camera is set at an angle on its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angle to the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is not parallel with the bottom of the camera frame

Captain America: The First Avenger - This movie is good but it gets really rushed toward the end, imho

The Avengers - Joss Whedon has this thing he does where he wants there to be a joke in a scene but he can’t think of a joke so he has a character deliver a non-joke as though it were a joke, the most teeth-grinding example being when Tony says “I’m bringing the party to you” and then Black Widow sees the big monster and she says “how is that a party”, thats not a joke, theres no joke there

Iron Man 3 - Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow’s character got fire-breathing superpowers, lmao

Thor: The Dark World - What even happened to the red goo from this movie, does benicio del toro still have it

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - This is everyones favourite but I thought it was just OK

Guardians of the Galaxy - This movie started that trend where every single movie trailer features a pop song with war drums added to it

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Tony Stark mostly doesn’t invent things himself, instead he tells his computer to invent stuff for him, only this time it invented an evil robot, whoops

Ant-Man - A lot of the Marvel films revolve around Randian supermen type characters, but this one is different because it makes its protagonist some random schmuck who has greatness pretty much arbitrarily assigned to him by a previous Randian superman

Captain America: Civil War - There’s a kernel of something thematically interesting in that Captain America’s experiences in his films have made him less authouritarian while Iron Man’s have made him moreso, but I did not feel it was sufficiently explored, and not much is made of what led to their reversal of roles

Doctor Strange - This movie has a huge disparity between how much I like the superpowers vs how much I like the guy, Steve-o Strange gets to do the coolest shit but he’s an absolute smug fucker and I do not like him one bit

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 - this movie is set in space and the characters only have two cassette tapes of Earth music to listen to (compared to the infinite abundance of space music that must be available to them), but for some reason many of the alien characters really really want to listen to those two tapes, and they consciously make sure that one of the tapes is playing whenever they’re about to fight something

Spiderman: Homecoming - Tom Holland would make a very good Archie Andrews, and I think it’s messed up that we got a dark and sexy Archie show before we got a wholesome and goofy Archie show

Thor: Ragnarok - the overt message of this film is that the only way for a modern nation to separate itself from its bloody colonial past is for its people to relinquish their stolen land and humble themselves as refugees, but I don’t think a lot of people fully realized that because this movie was very popular and the prospect of large-scale decolonization of indigenous lands is much less popular

Black Panther - representation is excellent but did this have to be another “the bad guy got the ubermensch’s powers, time for mirror battle” story

Afterthoughts after Ragnarok

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So, I had the opportunity to watch both Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok as a double-feature at an IMAX cinema yesterday, which was… fangirl heaven, in a nutshell. I can only highly recommend watching the second installment before Ragnarok because it is a nice reminder of the details, basically. And of course, it sets the mood. 😊

I just wanted to quickly type up some initial thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok because I am fangirling hard right now.


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AHS: Murder House deleted scenes

# Constance’s fourth child. 

“A handsome albino male in his 20s or 30s”, he was supposed to be included in the show. He was supposed to “appear” twice in the show, played by Stephen Thompson. 

First, the pilot. He was supposed to appear in a scene that was apparently shot but never included. We have one picture that keeps coming back, both in the trailers and in the ending of the pilot episode: a bunch of decapitated dolls hanging from the ceiling. To this picture, we add other shots that were released on the Internet, showing Tate looking at the dolls, with a sad face. Stephen Thompson then appears behind him and scares him. Tate backs away while Stephen Thompson looks at him, amused and menacing at the same time. The scene ended with a clip that is shown in one of the trailers for season 1: Tate hitting his own head, screaming “Get out of my head!”. 

The second time this fourth child was supposed to “appear” was in the final episode, when Constance went to get a haircut. There was a line that was supposed to be said about the fourth child, but that was cut. Now, we don’t know much about him. Some sources say his name was supposed to be Goblin, but I don’t know where they got that info from so I don’t consider it really valid. We see in the shots and promotional pictures that he was dressed with a fur coat and a pearl necklace, maybe hinting at him being a transvestite (maybe he was a creepy prototype for Liz Taylor of Hotel? After all they were rumors that Liz Taylor was supposed to be a serial killer at first). It seems also pretty evident that he was supposed to be one of the ghosts of the house. As for the decapitated dolls, I think it was supposed to be his work, which may be a clue about how he would have been involved with the whole baby-quest everyone was into this season. Outside of that we don’t know anything about him - his name, his life, his death… The only thing we know is that the writers decided to take it out of the show because that would have made too much characters and too much plot. 

# Ben’s past

We were supposed to see much more of Ben’s past, to explain his current state in the show and why he was such emotionally damaged. The writers wanted to include scenes digging into his abusive chilhood (that he mentions during his therapy sessions with Tate). They also had planned to reveal that Ben had a special relation with red-haired/ginger-haired people (like his wife, Moira or the ghost twins), a relationship linked to some events in his past. 

# Tate’s dream

Tate’s dream about his school was supposed to include one more sequence, that was filmed and prepared but never included (you can still find it in the behind-the-scene footage). It was supposed to be a reference to the famous “blood elevator” sequence of Shining, but this time with the highschool’s stairs being overflowed with blood. 

# The hedge-clipper man

In the opening credits, you can see at one point a man in the basement of the house, with bloody hedge clippers. Later we see again a pair of hands with a hedge clipper. In the audio commentary of the episode, it is mentionned that every element in the opening credits is a reference to something in the show - a character, a place, a plot… Everything except this hedge-clipper man, which was apparently supposed to represent another subplot that wasn’t included in the season. There many theories about what these hedge clippers may represent: most people think it was a serial killer character that was a previous owner of the House. 

# The wall paintings

Also in the audio commentary, it is explained that the mural paintings of the first episodes were supposed to stay for the whole season. However, the writers decided to have Vivien cover them up later, because they thought it would be too distracting, foreshadowing, and that they would make the house look creepier and more cliché than it was supposed to be. (By the way, if you don’t know, looking closely at the paintings you can see predictions of many of the things that will happen in the season. Go and take a look at them, it’s really fun). 

If I missed any deleted scene or plotline, please tell me and I’ll include them in this list. 

It's About Time! (Misha Collins x Reader)

Summary: A simple kissing scene makes Misha realize something…

A/N: name of character Y/N plays in Supernatural- Jenna

Y/N was currently in her trailer going over her lines for a scene she would be doing with Misha in a couple hours. In the scene Jenna and Cas get into a kind of argument over her being reckless on her previous hunt with Sam and Dean. There had been a whole lot of little hints in previous episodes leading up to what would happen in this scene. Long story short, Y/N was going to end up having to kiss Misha.

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My Long Ass Predictions post for Kyosei (second time around :P)

I don’t know how much of this is predictions or wishful thinking :P

I’ll be retracting some of my previous predictions from my older post throughout this new one. Also, I’m painfully aware that I suck at making predictions. Out of all the predictions I made for Soshitsu, only one ended up being correct.

I look forward to being proven both correct and/ or incorrect come September 30th :D

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Comeback (Theo Raeken)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader (two Theo imagines in a row woah)
Warnings: Slight violence
(???), curse words, mentions of claustrophobia(???)
Request: No
Word Count: 1,538

A/N: This one-shot has nothing to do with my previous Theo imagine


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(let’s just imagine that instead of saying Scott he says your name, okay? okay)


It was strange the way you discovered they were bringing him back. No one told you the plan, you just knew you had to be in the tunnels on a certain day at a certain time. When Liam and Hayden(i don’t really know if it is Hayden who’s with Liam when he brings Theo back in the season six trailer) arrived with Kira’s sword you were confused but when they explained to you that you were the one who had the power to bring him back you immediately denied. He was supposed to be rotting in hell, not walking around town like he owned the place. He hurt you so bad, he told you he loved you but in reality he was just using you to get to Scott.

When he first started feeling distant you thought he was like that because of Stiles always being on his back. Then you thought maybe he was cheating on you; so you decided to start following him, keeping track of him. And by God, the thought of him cheating on you wasn’t as bad as the truth. Truth is he was working with the Dread Doctors, truth is he lied to you, truth is he lied to everyone.

The only thing that stopped you from killing him the second you found out was Scott. He was your alpha, so you had to do whatever he told you to, but anger ran through your veins, you couldn’t help it, you had to do something to help you with your rage. So you went to his house, not even bothering to check if anyone was there, the only thing that mattered was that his Tundra was parked outside the house; so you took a bat Stiles always kept in the back of your car and smashed the hood of his Tundra, then you proceeded to smash all of his windows and the headlights. When you were satisfied with you’d accomplished you left the house in a hurry. When you got to your place all of the anger was gone, a wave of sadness took over you. You’d spend the rest of the day lying on your bed crying. You knew he wasn’t worth it, he wasn’t worth all the tears you let fall, but it hurt. It hurt so damn much, you kept crying and crying until eventually you fell asleep.

The next day you wanted to confront him about it but decided to play off a little, every day he would pick you up at your house and drive you to school. And that day was not the exception, though it wasn’t he’s beloved Tundra; instead it was his mom’s car.

“Hey, babe” he said trying to kiss you but you turned so he’d kiss your cheek. He frowned a little but smiled again, “is everything okay?” he asked you

“Yeah, everything’s alright, why do you ask?” you say trying to play dumb

“No, forget it, shall we go now?” he said grabbing your hand, and leading you to his car. You nodded giving him a fake smile and followed him. As usual, he opened up the passenger door for you, you got in and closed the door; then he walked to the drivers seat and got in and started the car.

“What happened to your car?” You asked and felt him get anxious, something he never did

“Uhh… it was out of gas, so my mom let me borrow hers” he said with his eyes on the road, not ever looking at you

“Okay” you said and then the two of you went silent, you were thinking of how to ‘expose’ him, during the car ride he kept looking at you from the corner of his eye

“That’s it” he said before stopping the car, you looked around and realized you were parked next to the woods

“What are you doing?” you asked Theo

“We’re not leaving until you tell me what the hell is wrong” he said and you could feel him starting to

“Nothing’s wrong, okay.”

“You’re lying, I can feel that you’re lying to me” he said

“I’m not lying! I just want to get to my first period, I have an exam today and I don’t wanna fail thanks to you” fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, this is not how you wanted things to go down

“No, there’s something else. Why aren’t you telling me the truth?” That little hypocrite.

“The truth? You want the truth? Well here it is. I know you’ve been lying to me, I know you’re working with the Doctors. I know you’re a chimera.” You let your emotions take control over you

“W-what are you talking about? Who told you that?” he said trying to play innocent

“No. don’t you dare act all innocent on me. I don’t even know you anymore” you said and you could hear his heart beat starting to race.

“Y/N, babe, come on. Whoever told you that was lying” he said and before he could say anything else you slapped him in the face.

“Nobody told me anything. I saw it with my own eyes, Theo. I saw you drive straight out of my house to that bloody tunnel. I saw you talking to them, telling them how you ‘needed more time’ because you’re not quite done with me yet. What does that even mean?” you said with anger taking over you, he remained silent, his eyes on the road. You shook your head on the verge of tears and were just about to open the door and get out of the car when he finally said something.

“It means I don’t want to kill you” he simply said looking over at you. Million thoughts running through your head, you opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out. “I was going to tell you, you’re in danger. They’re going to kill all of you, at first they wanted to help me get a pack, but now that they’ve seen they can make as many chimeras as they want to they’re planning on using them to kidnap all of your pack and experiment on you. You have to trust me on this, Y/N. I love you and I only want what’s best for you…” you cut him off by slapping him again.

“Don’t you ever talk to me again. Ever” you said before getting out of the car. That was the last time you talked to Theo, and two days later the Dread Doctors did try and kidnap all of your pack but you fought them, later, you were facing The Beast. When Kira came back and Theo was literally swallowed by the ground, his last words were directed to you.

“Y/N, please! Help me! Please, I love you! Please Y/N! NO!” he said before disappearing on the ground, you felt weak and sick. After everything he’d done to you, there was a part of you that still loved him.

So now here you are, holding Kira’s sword on your hands, Liam and Hayden a few steps behind.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, Y/N, you just have to…” you looked at Liam who was moving his hands as if he was sticking something on the ground, you frowned and walked a few steps.

You held the grip(yes, i googled “parts of a sword”) of the sword tightly. With all of your strength you kneeled and pushed the sword literally into the ground, and you let out a roar. The ground began to crack, some of your energy and strength passed from you to the sword and it flew all the way to the huge hole in the middle of the narrow tunnel.

Hayden and Liam got close to you, trying to lift you from the ground. Liam started to walk to the hole, when a fist flew out from it, you all back away a little, not knowing if it really was Theo who was coming out. He started to crawl out of the hole, and when your eyes met his you knew it truly was him. You ran towards him and helped him stand on his feet. He was taking deep breathes, his face was all dirty and so was his clothes

“Why…” he took a deep breath “why did you do that?” he asked you, and you could hear him struggling to speak

“Oh if you want to I can send you back down there” you said moving away from him, but he held your hand bringing you to his chest, he wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly

“Come on, let’s get out of here, I’m getting claustrophobic, I don’t like being in small spaces” Hayden said and you looked at Theo, who had one arm around your shoulders for support. “sorry” she said, probably realizing that being in small spaces was not compared to being literally underground for almost six months.

“It’s fine, but why did you bring me back?” we reached the staircase that reached normal surface.

“We kinda need your help” Liam said when we started to walk to your car.

“With what?” he asked

“Bringing the pack back together”

Supposed continuity of Beauty and the Beast 2017 according to screenshots and promo pictures

Hello! I’ve attempted to put into a chronological order all the known promo pictures and some trailer screenshots. I’ve added a few of my (and other fans’) theories and relevant info. I am aware that I am hardly the only one who noticed (for instance) Lumiere and Cogsworth when Belle entered the castle. So consider this post a result of the fandom’s collective effort!

Feel free to add your thoughts and theories!

And I am warning you, this is gonna be a looooong post.

The prologue. The figure in the center is the Prince. The Witch/Agathe crashes the party the party and casts the curse. Audra McDonald mentioned that her character, Garderobe, was attending the party as a singer.

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