and u dont have 2 be shy



BUT ACTUALLY i rly enjoy doing fashion gems so this is a GREAT request!!

lowkey annoying when straight people talk about being “late bloomers” bc they didnt lose their virginity until they were like 17 or 18 like First Of All, the average age to lose ur virginity in america is just shy of 17 so ur right in there in the middle and SECOND OF ALL

being a lesbian p much forces u to be a later bloomer bc u have like 2 options really either ur like young as h*ck when u realize ur a lesbian like ur 12 or 13 and U DONT KNOW ANY OTHER LESBIANS BC NONE OF THEM EVEN KNOW THEY ARE LESBIANS YET or ur one of the lesbians who doesnt know it yet and then ur like 18 JUST NOW realizing hmmm i like girls and i dont like boys and EVERYBODY ELSE did all the awkward “how do i hold hands lol” shit in middle school but ur a full grown ass adult who has never even HELD ANOTHER GIRLS HAND much less slept with one???

straights need to shut up about being “late bloomers” yall dont know the stuggle yall are weak complaining about 18 and never having lost ur virginity like listen there are lesbians who DONT EVEN KNOW THEY ARE LESBIANS YET calm down

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dO YOU WRITE FOR TAMAKI BECAUSE IF YOU DO CAN I HAVE A LITTLE SCENARIO OF HIM WITH A VERY VERY VERY LOUD CRUSH WHO LOVES TO GIVE HIM COMPLIMENTS AND ONE DAY SHE JUST CONFESSES TO HIM IN FRONT OF EVERYONE BY ACCIDENT and he just runs away bc he has no idea what to do ?? but in the end everythings ok!!! sorry if this is way 2 specific im just excite. sorry if u dont write for tamaki, if u dont u can just delete this lol.

HELL YEAH I WRITE FOR MY BEAUTIFUL SHY BOY TAMAKI, HE MUST BE PROTECTED AND LOVED. I feel so honored to see you here requesting, oh god, i bloody love your content to pieces! Thank you so much!

And omg mate, poor tamaki, this is hilarious lols thanks for this request <3 I did my best as it’s my first time writing for him, I hope you like it! - Amethyst

Amajiki Tamaki

“TAMAKI-KUN!” The familiar voice reached him, just as he was leaving the building towards the patio, bento box in hand. Stopping on his tracks he looked behind with caution, as your energetic figure approached him at outstanding speed, making him wonder where in all heavens you found such bright enthusiasm so early in the day. Same place as Mirio, he could bet.

He could never hope to emit that same sort of lively energy, and found it a strike of luck to be surrounded by people who could with such naturality. Only god knew what they saw on him, for he was sure around himself there was a bubble of the exact opposite mood, which was bound to bring people down surely. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to affect his friend’s much. Specially you.

Mirio and Nejire waved at you enthusiastically, encouraging you to pick your pace, if that was even possible. However, you tripped suddenly as you were almost reaching the group, having an apparent date set with the hard ground. Witch a startled yelp, Tamaki activated his quirk, his now octopus tentacles fingers reaching you just in time to prevent the painful experience, securely wrapping themselves around your waist. Before he could think – a good thing too, as if he had thought it over he would not, definitely not, have done that – he pulled you the rest of the short distance, directly towards him.

“Yay, Tamaki-kun saves the day!” Nejire boasted, clapping excitedly “How are you, [Name]? Are you hurt? Are the tentacles cold? Is it slimey? How cool is Tamaki?!”

You sat on the ground, smile wide in his redirection as you touched the tentacles that still involved your body, almost in a caress. “Tamaki is really cool and his quirk is the coolest!” you answered, trying to get up and almost falling again, forcing him to help you back to your balance. The action made him realize how close you were. That is, too close for comfort.

He felt his face get extremely hot in record speed and wished there was anywhere to hide. If a hole could open on the ground and swallow him. “No, I-I’m not… It was… nothing much. I m-mean…” he tried, failing to make his voice sound anywhere close to normal and, as a result, his face went a most extraordinary shade of red. He could feel it did, just by the look on your face. And why were you smiling?

Where was that hole to swallow him again? Right about now would be great.

“No Tamaki-kun, you are! You are a hero, and amazing, and that is why I love you!” You said, voice filled with light and melody, meaning every word. Your impulsiveness evidently taking the best of you on your choice of words, and you covered your mouth with both hands immediately. Nejire let out a chocked gasp as Mirio let out a proud laughter, giving him a most disconcerting thumbs-up behind your back.

No, no. You couldn’t have meant it, right? A joke, it was a—

“I… I mean it. I do… love you.” You repeated for good measure, much louder than he could possibly take. Suddenly, he found himself sprinting at full speed, towards any place that wasn’t there.

He stopped at some point, panting and unbearably nervous. He could feel his whole body shaking and weak, heart beating fast. Much faster than any other time he got nervous in his life. It had to be a joke, it had to be. A hero? And what could you possibly see in someone… like him?

I… I mean it. I do… love you. Your voice replayed on his head, and he felt his cheeks flush violently, as he repeated over and over the words he wished he had the courage to say. What a hero he was.

“I… love you too.”

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Have u ever had trouble explaining 2 people about being aro? I’m soft spoken but people confuse that 4 being shy & scared 2 date. I try 2 explain that’s not the issue. I truly don’t have romantic feelings 2wards anyone & I never had. Then they get confused when I find someone attractive & try 2 explain 2 them that’s normal 4 aros. I understand if u don’t want 2 answer something personal.

not really? like either the ppl I tell already know or if they dont know Im just like “Im not attracted to anyone even tho I wish I could be it just doesnt rly happen for me” and theyre like oh ok

Hey Mom, remember that time I had to give a speech in class and I was trying 2 read it 2 u in the car on the way 2 school (bcause u made me) and I kinda felt like maybe I could do it until u yelled at me to “speak up!” and talk louder, and then I felt like I couldn’t do it and had already failed, so I just. Stopped talking. Bcause that’s what my shy, emotionally abused, socially anxious ass had been taught to do. (Bcause if u dont talk, they cant hurt u, or at least maybe they’ll stop sooner.) 1/3

Mom car speech, 2/3: And then, somehow, after having ur (7? 8?) year old daughter clam up on u and get all upset, u just. Decided 2 yell more. Because surely that would get me to talk and speak up more! Because somehow u couldn’t think of a way 2 get a scared kid 2 talk better besides that. Remember how I spent the whole car rest of the car ride trying 2 give that speech around trying not 2 break down crying? Remember how it was only me getting 2 school that made u let me stop? I can’t even

Mom car speech, 3/3: remember if I was on time or u made me finish my speech anyway, even if it made me late. I remember crying in the bathroom soon after I got 2 class. I think the teacher had to comfort me, but Im not sure any more. If they comforted me, and I told them why I was crying, why wouldnt they have done something? I dont know. I just remember u doing what u still do 2 this day: Getting frustrated at me and taking those frustrations out on me. I still hate giving speeches. End.

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what do u think are joshua and vernon's turn ons? ๐Ÿ˜ i know they have some i just know


also i have to write turn on headcanons for my boy end me

but this is a vERY interesting question nonetheless


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You too ship your mutuals with the idol producer boys!!!! I'm curious lol โฃโฃโฃ

anon,,,,,thank u,,,,,,,,,,

honestly most of these have been said before but what can i say were nothing but consistent

@idolproducer with zimo bc let me tell u SHE NEVER SHUTS UP ABOUT HIM god her twitter is just,,,,her going OFF about how she’s in love with zimo they’re 100% that couple who’s disgustingly in love with each other bc they’re super weird and perfect for each other

@mu-ziyang listen. she says she loves ziyang, but vivi paired her with yue yue and i fully agree i also have receipts in the form of “he seems very laid back with a calm demeanor too so im just WOW THATS A BF RIGHT THERE” so i rest my case also they can just be fuckin intelligent humans together and i would just watch and be like “wow i am a Trash Bag”

@ynajun connie with yanjun, what a shocker, mostly bc i feel like this would be such a fun couple to watch bc yanjun flirts with a wall and connie is in Denial so it would be a back n forth of him flirting and her being flustered and i thrive off drama

beyond the fact that britney @caixukun would literally die for xukun i think they’d actually compliment each other really well in terms of personality and it would be the cute couple who take super aesthetic pictures together and who always look fab and like share shakes and shit

@manmubo with mubo bc i’d feel like they would be the Ultimate Supportive Couple like u need parents??? u need to watch a healthy relationship where they support each other through everything?? thats them

@xinqjie i’m honestly split between zhou rui zhengting and xingjie i cannot Decide

and finally

the grand finale

cracks my knuckles

@princeruibin let me tell u how much this girl is in love with ruibin literally her snap story for the past idk,,,,months has been ruibin when it used to be all eunwoo and bin (this is what astro gets for being quiet smh) literally its usually her crying over him just existing sometimes its pictures sometimes its him singing at a wedding i literally sent her a video on twit early and her response was “do u want me 2 die” but vivi is a shy bean and so is ruibin so i literally feel like i would have to equally get them both a) incredibly intoxicated or b) shove them in a closet or make them sit next to each other or walk next to each other and interact u know how in kdrama’s when the leads brush hands and theres romantic music yeah thats literally vivi and ruibin thanks for coming 2 my ted talk!

Alphabet challenge

I was tagged by @amycampbell00 (thanks ^-^) and i thought i’d do this too :) so yeah okay here we go

CHALLENGE: say something that begins with each letter of the alphabet, then you explain what the word means to you (why you chose it or why it’s special to you) Tag 26 people at the end to do it as well!

A FOR ANTISEPTICEYE - off to a great start here. Anti has really made a part of the community, he was the thing that really, I mean Really pulled me in. There’s something i can’t explain about the way i feel about the glitch bitch, it’s inspiring, in way.

B FOR BOXING - that’s my hobby and i love it. I started last fall, so i don’t compete or beat people up just yet tho, so don’t worry :’D

C FOR CURIOUS - i like to think i am curious, at least curious as in strange :D

D FOR DARKIPLIER - Dark has made me appreciate Mark and his ambitiousness and just the way he does things, with his entire being. Also he’s the evil alter ego of Mark, and i love evik characters in general (also my darkiplier charity shirt arrived today and i’m so happy)

E FOR ENDIGO - He is a swedish youtuber and he is also the first youtuber i started watching and in a way he lead me to Mark and Jack, and all the other cool people i now know thanks to youtube

FINLAND - where i’m from, yay (so excuse possible bad grammar and what not)

G FOR GUITAR - i’d love to be good at playing the guitar, and i’ve tried practising, but i’m helplessly too lazy to do it when i can’t see the results…

H FOR HARRY POTTER - probably the first fandom i ended up in. Soon i’ll be visiting the studios in London, so the hype is building up ^-^

I FOR IDIOT - because that’s what i am, sometimes.

J FOR JACKSEPTICEYE - i wish to reach his level of being a good person one day. Sean is also a big inspiration to me and he gives me energy to get through each day

K FOR KID - because i am VERY childish at times :D i also really truly do not feel adult yet, even though that’s what i’m supposed to be…

L FOR LORDI - my absolute all time favourite band. It’s been 11 years since i found them (i was 8 at the time) and they’ve been sorta there for me all that time.

M FOR MARKIPLIER - i bet nobody saw this coming :p anyway, Mark makes me laugh. One day i hope that i find something that drives me forward, the way that Mark is driven by doing youtube.

N FOR NOTHING - because nothing can stop me, or you, from doing what you want

O FOR OPEN MIND - i have a tendency to judge people too fast. I’m trying to get rid of that habit and be more open minded about things

P FOR PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - there was a time in my life when i had nothing to look up to. Then i saw pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl and i was amazed. Johnny Depp has since that been my fave actor.

Q FOR QUIRKY - i spend 45 minutes trying to find a word that stsrts with a q :’D but quirky mean weird but cool, right? So i’d like to be that. Now i’m just weird. Not cool at all.

R FOR RECKLESS - this is just a beautiful word to look at or hear. My favourite word

S FOR SHY - i am probably the most shy and awkward person you’ll ever meet. I struggle even talking to friends (which i have like 2 and a half), having a presentation at school is literal death

T FOR TRAVEL - i wanna see the world and i want to travel more and more

U FOR UNIVERSITY - i study at a university and i absolutely hate it. So. Much. You. Have. No. Idea. I’ve contemplated dropping out. Or at least changing to some other school. I dont have anyone to talk to there. And i feel bad for not liking it because i know there are so many people who want to go to uni but cant and i’m just here complaining about it

V FOR VACCINATION - eh yeah. I am scared of hospitals and anything related to that. I don’t want to go anywhere near anything medical if i don’t have to. Oddly enough i’m not afraid of blood.

W FOR WHO - to be more specific Doctor Who. My fave tv show. I love space and scifi

X FOR X - i know that’s not actually a word. BUT hear me out. There is an amusement park ride, literally called X. I got a job at an amusement park for the summer. So that’s what up.

Y FOR YOUTUBE - i watch way too much youtube. All the time. Especially when i should be studying. It helps me not to lose my mind i guess. Like distraction.

Z FOR ZEBRA - i have a pair of socks with … um.. zebra pattern on them. Like they are black and white striped socks. My fave socks.. okay

There we go :D that was fun ^-^ ummm i don’t think i’m tagging anyone tho because shy and i dont really know anyone so okay i’ll add some tags so if you see this, feel free to do this yourself :)

Get to Know Me~!

Tagged by the ever lovely @minjae-kuk who hold my heart bc she’s cute and she’s my fran ^^

Rules: Tag people you want to know better! (I’m shy so lol)

Star Sign: Pisces!

Height: 174 cm (5′7″)

Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first four songs that pop up:

  1. Back 2 U - Steve Aoki (Unlike Pluto Remix)
  2. Angel on Fire - Halsey
  3. Glassy Sky - Amalee’s Cover (Tokyo Ghoul)
  4. Breathe - Meltberry Cover (Vocaloid)

Grab the nearest book to you and turn to page 23, what line is 17?

“…fair and lovely, namely while the wondering of the people cast a comely…”

RENAISSANCE ENGLAND: Poety and Prose from the Reformation to the Restoration

Ever had a poem written about you?

No, but damn would that me cry because that some cute shit

When was the last time you played the air guitar?

HIgh school *scoff*

One sound you hate and on you love:


Love: My gf’s laugh (It’s fucking amazing)

Do you believe in ghosts?




Do you drive/gotten into a crash?

Don’t drive, and I have gotten into a crash with someone before. 

Do you like the smell of gasoline?

I do.  @ me whoops

Last movie I’ve seen?

Uhhh, Dr. Strange? (I think?)

Worst injury?

I fell in a hole and fucked my ankle once.  

Do you have any obsessions rn?

Kim fucking Taehyung (he haunts me)

Hold grudges?

Oh bitch do I (I can be really petty, ngl)



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aahhh carol! life has been v busy and kinda messy recently, but i finally ordered such a cute desk + chair for my room i sort of just moved into and i'm excited! now i just need to collect more plants heh. + i just found out apparently 2 friends of a friend like me??? i'm so shy tho i don't know how to talk to people i like lol i dont know what to do hahaa but! i'm staying busy with school which is actually kinda nice. but how have u been? i hope life's been treating u well! -๐Ÿž(bread anon!)

hi lovely!! aaaAAA YAY for cute new decorations, i hope ur settling in well into ur new surroundings 💕 and wow??? uMMM WE STAN A LOVEABLE ICON!!! how’s it going with them? anyway, yay for being busy - it’s nice to be preoccupied and have stuff going on, i find i prefer that to having a completely free schedule bc i tend to overthink a lot when i have too much free time lmao. i’ve been good, thank u for asking!! uni life is keeping me busy but i’ve met lots of new people lately and i’m v happy with how things are atm so lets hope this continues dfjglkdsfjg

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1. are you religious? - answered!

2. what animal do you think you’re most like? - definitely a bear. im big and brown and i like fish and i live in a cave.

3. how do you take your coffee? - usually black with a little sugar

4. how old were you when you had your first kiss? - i have not had my first kiss yet!! tbh i dont get out a lot and im a shy hoe

5. museum date or aquarium date? - museum but that was a very hard choice to make

6. do you have any tattoos or piercings? do you want more? - i have regular ear piercings and i kinda wanna get cartilage piercings too but i dont wanna deal with the whole cleaning/maintenance process again

7. favorite fruits? - also answered!