and tried to make it has cute as possible??


Okay so this is my little zine I made!

I googled many different ways to deal with dysphoria (since I don’t really know how to deal with my own dysphoria xL) and I found these 6 to be the best (in my opinion)

aspects as tumblr users.

Time: drops hot takes about at three am. either has the default theme or hasn’t changed their theme in years. talks in the tags on every post.

Space: art blog. has a very nice theme they spent time picking out. probably either has autoplaying music or sound effects. maybe both.

Light: has probably at least considered writing a call out post. if they haven’t, they have enough info to write at least three from lurking.

Void: honestly just here for a laugh. probably is either acutely aware of drama and doesn’t want to be or is blissfully unaware of the tumblr user who stole bones from a graveyard.

Mind:  no original posts, only reblogs or no reblogs and only original posts. absolutely no inbetween.

Heart: doesn’t think before they post. probably either a funnyman or an anime blog. either horny across all sideblogs or will track you down and find you if you are horny, have ever been horny, or will ever be horny.

Breath: attended dashcon or would have if they were around at the time. is/wants to be tumblr famous. 

Blood: has a stim blog. keeps track of every single one of their mutuals and tags everything with like 20 different things. 

Hope: strong opinions on discourse but avoids it. only a few side blogs if any. tries to make funny posts sometimes. possibly has some cleverly named urls saved.

Rage: gets into every type of discourse imaginable. Either a million sideblogs they don’t even try to keep track of or only one that’s a complete clusterfuck. 

Life: chaotic good, reblogs aesthetic pics and cute animals, but you know absolutely nothing about them personally. no discoursing in their lobby.

Doom:  no sideblogs. fox only. final destination. stimmy on main. probably had “welcome to my twisted mind” as a header at one point or another.

Cool With You [G.D]

Summary: You had met Grayson through your step-brother and immediately hit it off. However, he wants to take things further and does so by taking you out on a perfectly not-so-perfect date. Grayson Dolan style.

Words: 7k

Warning: fluff, gray being cute n flustered, angst if you squint, slight smut (duh)

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Hello pals <3

So, crazy things have happened and I´m literally ONE FOLLOWER away from 2k, therefore I thought it would be time to share some of the love I´ve recieved from all of you in the last couple of months. Thank you for liking, reblogging and commenting on my art, it honestly means the world to me!

So, here´s what we´ll do:

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Have fun, I wish you all luck <3

a stucky awful-first-date au

Since @lasenbyphoenix gave me the go-ahead, now I can share this with you guys :D

Thank you SO MUCH for commissioning me, love! It was an absolute pleasure, and I really hope you liked it! <3


Steve spends the entire first 10 minutes of their, open quotation marks, date, close quotation marks, checking his phone ever 3 seconds and texting.

He shoots Bucky an apologetic smile for it, says, “Sorry. My friends are about to have a baby,” and scratches the back of his neck a bit shyly.

As far as excuses go, it’s not the worst one Bucky’s heard. Neither is it particularly promising, but it’s not like Bucky’s never needed a get out call himself. Steve had no way of knowing how Bucky was going to be, and he can’t fault the guy for trying to be prepared for every possibility, so he tries to not be too offended by it at first.

However, as the minutes go by and Steve keeps checking his phone like he needs to keep making sure he still has his way-out, it does become kind of offensive.

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Haechan dating someone younger and foreign

request:  what you think about haechan scenario to dating younger and foreign girl?

Hello lovely anonnie! I decided to turn this into a reaction if that’s okay because I wasn’t sure If I had enough ideas to turn it into a scenario, nevertheless I hope you liked it! 


solar  ❀

  • okay here we go 
  • I think to be honest he’d maybe like to date someone younger than him so that he can finally be the older one ??? 
  • If you were foreign he would make it his duty to take you to a different place every time you guys went on a date and he had a day off so that he could show you around Korea because I feel like he’s really proud o where he’s from and his roots so he’d want you to know a lot about it.
  • Would teach you about all of the traditions and almost fainted when he saw you in a hanbok (traditional dress) because you looked so cute and would take so many pictures of you when you weren’t looking and set them as his lockscreen, homescreen, computer screen, anY KIND OF SCREEN
  • He’d literally walk to your house one day with an entire backpack full of korean textbooks and worksheets so that you can improve your speaking and reading.
  • He’d ask so many questions about your home country and was amazed at how different your traditions and cultures were.
  • would be in awe when you speak your native language over the phone and would try repeating some of the conversation back to himself to use to try and impress you.
  • He’d also try and use google translate ( rookie mistake) to try and speak to you 
  • “ hey Y/N you look wonderful today” 
  • “ hey Y/N you look like a sock today”
  • and the poor child hadn’t even realised he said the wrong thing before you were hurtling pillows at his face.
  • but in all seriousness he would make a huge effort to learn about your traditions and cultures and would even try to memorise all of your celebrations. 
  • He would be more protective of you too since you were younger and you weren’t used to life in Korea yet so he’d do his best to make you as comfortable as possible 
  • that included Haechan attempting to cook your native cuisine which definitely won’t happen again since you got food poisoning but you thought it was cute that he tried. 
  • all in all as much as he is a bit of a noob and sarcastic as hell, he has a really big heart and is an absolute softie who would do anything to help you adjust to life in Korea.


  • the funny guy, your own personal living meme
  • jokes 25/8 and sometimes even in his sleep 
  • a true sweetheart and is always there for you 
  • gets protective whenever you go out and glares at everyone who gives you a second look
  • daydreams a lot about you and lots of cute things he wants to do with you 
  • always brings you lunch or waits for you at home with home-made dinner and even dessert


  • doesn’t like it so much when you wear highheels so you two won’t be going to a lot of formal events because he doesn’t want you to be taller than him 
  • extremely lovable otherwise 
  • a true cinammon roll who is too dumb for his own good 
  • anything you need, this boy got you and i mean ANYTHING
  • has a weird way of showing his love sometimes “i think i love you as much as i love food”“you’re so cute you could puke rainbows and unicorns”


  • the smart boyfriend that will tell you about all sorts of things you didn’t even hear of 
  • brings a book to all of your dates and asks you if you have a library at home that he can look through 
  • so many quality conversations 
  • but then he has this side which i will only say two words about: DAD JOKES 
  • the most terrible and idiot type of jokes to which no one laughs but him


  • the one that your family will love more than you and your parents will probably want to adopt him
  • tries to be smooth and suave, but fails the moment he opens his mouth
  • likes having you in his lap as he hugs you from behind and leaves small kisses on your back or your nape 
  • always mimics your favorite characters from movies or cartoons while asking “y/n do you love me?”“y/n am i handsome?” 


  • you’re dating a karaoke machine 
  • you can name any kind of song and he will sing it for you after listening to it once 
  • always tries to make you smile, but makes the stupidest jokes possible 
  • which often turn sexual, but he always acts innocent, as if he doesn’t know what he’s saying 
  • has a weird laugh but you love him for it 


  • probably loves his cats more than you but won’t admit it
  • always sends you pictures when he is away or if he’s bored he would send pictures of his cats
  • insists on playing video games together on the weekends 
  • calls you kid no matter what age you are 
  • thinks you’re cute when you get mad, so is always mocking you for being tiny and shorter than him 
  • “you’re so adorable… like a child… a very small child”


  • it’s actually like those princes from Disney movies 
  • acts more manly than he is in reality around you just to impress you 
  • you’re blessed by always being the first person to see his new aegyo poses
  • probably got taught some weird-ass pick-up lines by his hyungs 
  • “y/n do you know why you can’t be ice-cream? cause you’re so hot… and also a person”


  • wakes you up at 3 am “you me dance party now!” 
  • “go to sleep dude”
  • “no y/n, you need to tell me what should i change to my choreography, ok?” 
  • you act like best friends most of the time and people often wonder if he’s your brother or not 
  • goofs around a lot with you and is not afraid to do it in public too 
  • takes you with him to the studio all the time and most of your dates are spent there


  • the insecure little puppy who feels lost whenever you are not around 
  • very sensitive and most likely to cry when you watch animation movies 
  • somehow his personality fits yours perfectly and you complete each other like puzzle pieces 
  • very shy and if you want something from him you have to do the first step 
  • probably does aegyo for you to buy him food or to get cuddles 


  • your number one hype man who is always cheering for you no matter what
  • like i imagine you can commit murder and Daehwi would stand behind you with pom poms singing to Mansae and yelling “THAT’S MY GIRL Y’ALL! NOW GO FOR THE JUGULAR BABE”
  • you two probably spend almost everyday together 
  • sleepover parties where you listen to old music and spazz over childhood crushes 
  • probably enjoys doing your make-up and nails for you and picking your outfits too


  • seems to hate you most of the time and sometimes you wonder how you started dating 
  • gets jealous quite easily even though he doesn’t show it 
  • probably forgets to answer your texts because he was too busy sleeping or looking at pictures with swaggy rappers 
  • will ask you to teach him your native language or help him study Korean 
  • always is late with his answers and reactions and you have to wait 5 minute for the answer to a yes or no question

0lgerd  asked:

I forgot if I already asked this or not, but: If RFA/V/Saeran were vampires, what would their general feeding habits be like? Assuming they don't choose to feed off MC all the time or just leave her for tiny dessert nibs.

You haven’t! Or at least if you did, tumblr possibly ate it! Gosh, I don’t talk about vampires much, but I really like them….Modern vamps are so good… I’m sorry if none of these make sense! The last vampire related thing I watched was a few random episodes of Buffy afhdsf

Speaking of Buffy, I’m going along with the idea that just because they’ve drank your blood doesn’t mean you’re a vampire. Rather if they drink the vampires blood? …Is that weird? Idk if thats ‘Official Lore’, but now it’s “Scums Bastardized Lore’. And it’s a weird modern vamp world because?? I have?? No idea how to write vampire worlds holy fuck

Thank you @fromthedeskofelizabeththird and my friendo Mouse for helping me out with this one!

Zen: The ‘Lestat’ Vampire

- Probably the most typical, dramatic and Romantic vampire.

- A bit of a drama queen if his fans aren’t giving him much attention

- He won’t drink fans blood, but if its offered he tries to come up with an excuse. Saying he’s already ate, prefers a certain blood type to maintain his ‘good skin’, etc

- With Mc he would be worried about drinking too much at once! He might get carried away, especially since he wouldn’t go feed off of random people (probably some weird modern-vamp storebought bs), and he might try to make it Extremely Romantic (and cheesy)

- Mostly he would try to save drinking her blood for special occasions, and probably wouldn’t even bring up or entertain the idea of turning her for a while.

Jumin: The ‘No One Understands Me’ Vampire

- Look me in the eyes and tell me that Jumin wouldn’t be the type of vamp to lock himself in his room with Elizabeth 3rd, lamenting about how humans and vampires are so different, and how no human could understand him.

- Not as dramatic as Zen, but very closed off and skeptical when Mc shows any interest

- Probably drinks blood like its a fine wine. Gets fancy stuff, directly from the victim without having to sink his own fangs into them- Rich Vampire Bs, basically

- Mc suggesting that he could drink from her causes him to think she’s implying a sexual spin to it, and it takes a bit of talking to explain what she meant

- If he ever does drink from her, he’s very very careful, treats it as a relationship bonding experience, and compliments everything he can about the taste

- He may not do it often mainly due to the fact he wants to save her blood for very special occasions

Seven: The ‘Ayyyy Lmao’ Vampire

- Goofy vampire. Does the cheesy lame vampire jokes and treats his own existence as a joke

- Definitely has scared random humans by popping out and threatening to drink their blood, but then laughing at their horrified expressions

- Hails some god awful cheap blood soda bs as the best drink. It’s disgusting. Everyone things its disgusting.

- Refuses to drink Mc’s blood. He doesn’t want to hurt her like that, doesn’t want to risk going overboard and drinking too much, doesn’t want to risk anything. He would literally starve before willingly drinking her blood.

- If he absolutely had to, he would drink the bare minimum and then possibly baby her for a bit. As in, making sure she’s not feeling lightheaded or sensitive afterwards.

Yoosung: The ‘Innocent’ Vampire

-The most normal vampire that probably romanticizes drinking someone else’s blood. Probably hates that he’s going to look cute for years. Wishes he got turned a bit later in life.

- Drinks cheap blood and never any human blood until he meets Mc. It’s easy for him to get it, has been offered by a few humans before, but shyly refused

- If Mc ever lets him, he tries to make it romantic, almost as if it’s going to be your first time doing something else together

- The first time he accidentally goes overboard, but he apologises profusely (probably cooking something high in iron for you). After that, he tries to be more careful and stresses you can always say no

Jaehee: The ‘Most Beneficial’ Vampire

- Probably only became a vampire because it was the best way to get a job, maintain one, or because it was beneficial at the time.

- …vampires probably would have some gross ass coffee blood, huh? If so, that’s probably what she would drink the most, if not then normal coffee it is. Maybe some vampire employees would get better blood than “'storebought”’ blood?(fuk idk)

- When you suggest it to her, she outright refuses. Drinking blood straight from a human seems too personal, too intimate, and she doesn’t want to do that to a friend

-… Until its proven that the two of you are more than friends.

- Still, she hardly does, unless she really needs a pick-me-up. Afterwards she makes sure you rest up and don’t get too light-headed

V: The 'Wrong Reasons’ Vampire

- Probably turned a human into a vampire, under the guise that they would live together happily (*coughs* Rika)

- Because of this, he’s reluctant to drink from Mc. Doing so he might go a bit overboard (Rika would have been the last human he drank from), or stress about you wanting to become one

- He’s mainly used to just drinking like Jumin does, without the 'Humans will never understand me’ vibes.

- If he does, he’s so careful. So sweet, kissing the spot he’s going to bite a few times, barely even drinking enough to satiate his hunger.

- Just don’t seem to eager for it, because it will bring forth some past worries of his

Saeran: The “”“'Edgy”“”’ Vampire

- You ever see those vampires who go around drinking from whoever they want, whenever they want? Well here is Saeran, a Korean version of Spike.

- He does whatever, drinks from whoever, and tosses them aside afterwards. Doesn’t even care how weak they are afterwards

- Mainly the more dangerous ones, so if he hasn’t met Mc like that, she is lucky.

- Presumably, Mc would most likely be the one to calm him down, start forcing him to feel emotions (he hates it at first), and because of that, he doesnt drink from her at first.

- When he does, it’s more romantic. He doesn’t use her or toss her aside. He’s careful, constantly making sure she’s sure and okay, and then even dares to kiss her afterwards.

Klance shippers of voltron fandom I have a writing prompt for you

Ok so before I got into reading voltron fanfics I would spend my time reading transformers Prowl/Jazz fanfics and mystery skulls animated lewvithur fanfics and well tonight I went back to read some prowl/Jazz fanfics I remember about prowl courting Jazz in one of them where his program to went to mate was accidentally twitched on and and he did all these crazy things like collect shiny metal things to build a nest with and chase off any other interested in jazz as well as chase jazz around until he got/won jazz over and how amusing of a read that was and well a thought hit me

Why hasn’t any klance writers though of something like this with Galra Keith like

Come on always making it that Galra Keith just goes into heart and becomes this shy uncomfortable kitty cat that begs for sex seems to be a little out of character for Keith (and becoming overuse in some cases)

So I was thinking when Galra Keith gets into a rut or like with some felines there is a time most Galra hit a mating season and/or when they find someone their instincts screams out as a preferred mate their instincts to court the someone who woke up their instincts to mate by collecting soft things to build a nest, and hoarding food/drink and trying to keep said someone all to themselves and away from danger as well as show off what a good fighter they are and how much of a good mate they’ll be

Just imagine Galra Keith (or Keith Galra genes kick in) starting to get these mating instincts around Lance and at 1st he’ll think there’ll something wrong with him until Coran, pidge and hunk look up some information they’ll get form old Galra records the castle has back when the Galra got along with Alteans and were not at war with them and find out about Galra mating season and mating instincts (or the marmoral blades (is that the right way to spell the name of the Galra dudes that helped Shiro out?) tells them about Galra mating season/ instincts that kick in when a Galra find a person they want to become mates with) and that Galra once those instincts kick can’t help but listen to these instincts until enther they win the affections of the one their instincts call out to mate with and becomes mates with them) and they become mates for life so once a Galra has a mate they don’t go through this mate to mate with others every mating season and Galra of the right age to mate (maybe late teens is when it starts for them) ) or when mating season is over

Imagine how embarrassed Keith will be to find this out but he can’t really not listen to his instincts so he starts to just listen to them much to Lance’s embarrassment Keith starts to court him by bringing all these blankets and pillows (even soft plush) and makes a nest with them and following Lance everywhere when he’s not making the nest and collecting stuff for the next or hoarding food Keith will be trying to cuddle and snuggle up to Lance and hissing at anyone getting to close to Lance

But as embarrassing as Lance is about it he can’t help but find it cute

I mean the possibilities are endless with this being as no one has tried to write or draw anything of this trope for voltron klance yet

Heck you could even throw in alpha betas omega dynamics in it like this is what Galra alphas are like with omegas (yeah alpha Keith with omega Lance but you could make it Alpha Galra Keith with Altean Lance if you wanted to)

Think about it klance voltron fan writers you could have so much fun with this trope

  • Ayato really tries hard to make his niece laugh xD
  • uncle Shuu obviously better at it. i mean, he’s calling her little princess, that’s just too cute~
  • the kid is receiving so much love from everyone, has a big big family - that’s so heartwarming
  • ok can someone tell what her name is. i’ve looked at the pages a couple times and i can’t find a name. you can’t possibly tell me Ishida didn’t name her. that’s not ok. give her a proper name please. we can’t leave it at Pleasure Kaneki.

Lotor with a s/o who doesn’t react to flirting

(Request: Lotor with a s/o that doesnt know how to respond to flirting. Like they dont get flustered or anything but their reactions arent ‘normal’ when being flirted with)

(I’m low key lit because of all the Lotor requests I’ve been getting!!)

- Lotor would be pretty taken back by this

- like ???

- his smooth flirting doesn’t work on you??

- this prince has a silver tongue so for you to not even be affected by it ?? excuse you ??

- would go out of his way to attempt to get a normal reaction out of you

- one time he kissed your hand and told you that you looked stunning and you just kinda nodded and agreed with him

- he was like what the hell

- Lotor has tried literally every way possible to get a cute or flustered reaction out of you but nothing works

- he’s given you flowers (you thanked him and patted his head)

- used cheesy pickup lines that would make Lance proud (you just arched a brow and asked him if he was okay)

- if you flirt with him, he’s all red and blushy, but if he flirts with you, you’re just kinda like wtf

- it’s why he gets so frustrated when you barley even react

- he could probably full on make-out with you in a room full of people and you’d just pull back and poke his cheek or something like that

- one day he just gives up and asks you why you don’t react to flirting like a normal human would

- you just kinda shrug

- “how am I supposed to react??”

- “wELL you could at least PRETEND to think it’s cute because I have a reputation but I’m still trying to be sweet for you and you’re making it really hard!!”

- Lotor stomps his foot like a child at this and you burst into giggles


- “was that a reaction??? did I just get a reaction ??”

- sure, it wasn’t technically flirting but it was still something that made you giggle

- picks you up and kisses you really hard afterwords

- someone protect him ok

requests are open !!!

anonymous asked:

Hey can i get some headcanons for tokoyami just being a birb, like thing's he does in private cuz he doesn't want to ruin his edgy persona.

Awwww! I love my precious lil birb son, this is so cute! - Mod Deku

  • He tries to hide it as much as possible, but he has a variety of little chirps and other noises that he makes when he’s particularly excited, but he’s gotten good about suppressing them
  • At least, until he’s alone. If he happens to get a text from his crush or something of the sort he’ll let out a little chirp or a series of them, its the cutest thing!
  • Similarly, he makes these little peeps in his sleep, like a baby bird, which he only learned after a class trip. He has sworn to never sleep in the same room as someone else ever again.
  • In the mornings, especially if he’s low on sleep and not thinking clearly, he’ll go to the window and sing and chirp like the other birds do, sometimes getting a little louder than he means to before realizing what he’s doing
  • He nests
  • He doesn’t do it much, because he’s embarrassed about it, but when he’s feeling particularly vulnerable he’ll surround himself with soft things or things that make him happy
  • Blankets, hoodies, he’s stolen a rug or two in his time for it. Its even worse if he has has a partner, they’re going to notice some of their clothes missing
  • He hates showers, its too much water on his feathers at once. He much prefers to take baths and wash his feathers by hand with a wet cloth
  • He has this urge to try and groom himself with his beak that he’ll catch himself giving in to every now and then, even though there are no feathers he can reach like that
  • He’ll catch himself wanting to groom others as well, especially if someone has messy hair, but he pushes that desire down because it wouldn’t look good for him to be nuzzling his beak into peoples hair
  • We do not ask about the bag of birdseed under his bed
EXO When his gf wants to start a family together (ot9)

Originally posted by lawlliets


 At first he wonders what made you pick up a topic as serious as that. But when the initial shock passes, he gets excited. He wants to know your point of view before sharing his hopes for your family. Then he can tell you what he desires and how you two can make everything possible. Although Minseok is our cute baozi, he has a very mature attitude towards your own family. But don’t expect him to keep his mouth shut about it. As soon as you’re out of earshot he calls Jongdae (aka his real wife) to gossip.

Originally posted by saintksoo


 Junmyeon tries to hide his happiness under a smug smile but his facade collapses in a short period of time. He’s a family guy and sees himself ready to start a real one. The time could never be better. He’s got job, you two are mature enough to plan it but still young. Just your mention of the family is a sign for him that he can take a step forward. Junmyeon gets so excited he instantly goes into preparing mode. In case you consider it too fast, he may slow down, but not without a pout. Don’t make him wait too long or he’ll start pushing you.

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Stay like this

Requested by anon: Hey! Can you do an image around the same time Derek was aged back but they can’t do anything to help him so he just goes to school with everyone and he end up being on the lacrosse team and then he meets the reader (who is new to town) and then they start dating and being super cute and the pack is a little uncomfortable at first but they accept it bc it makes Derek happy. Honestly I just thought of this and I thought it would be cute you can add on whatever you see fit. Thank you!

Words: about 1850
Warnings: none 
Pairing: young Derek Hale x reader

‘You’re not going to find a solution to this, are you?’ Derek, well the younger version, questioned Scott with a raised brow. The past few days were spend by Scott and Stiles trying everything they possibly could to change their friend back to normal. Unfortunately, after many tries, nothing seemed to work. ‘There has to be something!’ a now very frustrated yet determined Stiles shot back. Derek sighed in response and shook his head ‘what if there’s not and this is just it?’ he questioned softly thinking about everything Scott had told him about himself.

It took him a long time to believe all the stories Scott told him but he knew too much about Derek’s whole life to be lying. After all the stories Derek couldn’t help but to be left with mixed feelings. On the one hand he wanted to be changed back to his normal self, continue with his life and stay close to his friends. On the other hand, he wanted nothing more but a second chance at life. With all the knowledge he has of his passed mistakes this might be his only chance. However, Scott and Stiles weren’t willing to give up on him yet.

‘I’m sure we haven’t tried everything yet’. It was no surprise that Scott would immediately back his best friend up trying to keep everyone positive and determined to keep going. Derek nodded slightly realizing convincing Scott and Stiles wasn’t an option right now, definitely not in his current state ‘well then at least let me go to school’. Stiles head snapped to Derek’s direction with a raised brow and a disapproving look on his face, soon followed by his best friend. ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea Derek’ the alpha frowned already worried about what trouble that would cause.

‘Guys come on, I need to be able to do something. What if I actually stay like this?!’ he knew very well that right now this wasn’t the best moment to talk about this with them but the boredom had really taken its toll on him and he wanted to live his life again. Definitely knowing the amount of pain his older self went through before changing back. ‘Please?’ he tried begging one last time hoping his friends would now take care of him the way he used to try and take care of them.

‘You’re not actually considering this are you?’ Stiles rolled his eyes at Scott who now looked down at the ground clearly thinking about the possibility of Derek staying a kid. ‘Maybe I am’ he shrugged admitting sheepishly. For one moment Derek felt a spark of hope going through his body. Instead of trying to get back to normal 24/7 he might be able to go back to living a happy life 24//7. ‘Fine, we’ll do it…’

I made my way through the crowd that gathered in the hallways, heading to my locker keeping my head down ever so slightly. I never expected that my parents would want to move to a new town, I didn’t think they’d ever do that to me but I guess I was wrong. Not that it’s always a bad thing, it’s fun to move to a new place and explore new parts of the world… but it always seemed terrifying to me to go to a new school and having to make new friends while leaving the ones you’ve known forever behind. It’s intimidating.

Luckily I had already gotten here early to get my new schedule and walk around the school a bit in the hopes of remembering at least a small part of it… Didn’t work. It is actually a pretty big school which I didn’t expect when I got here. Unlike my other school, this one even had a few sports courses. After seeing most of the school I did feel a lot better about the whole situation but I was still quite nervous to meet new people.

I got lost in my thoughts as I headed back to my locker to sort out my books when a hand on my shoulder caused me to snap out of my thoughts. I jumped and turned around to be faced with a guy around my age. He was pretty tall, had dark brown hair and light green-ish eyes that looked at me curiously. ‘You new here?’ he questioned with a raised brow as he handed me my phone. I frowned at the phone in his hands and looked up confused ‘where did you find that?’. I never lose my stuff, well at least, not my phone.

The guy just shrugged as I took my phone back from him ‘I saw you dropping it at the lacrosse field, I was practicing’ he explained casually leaning against the lockers. I raised my brow at him and crossed my arms in front of my chest ‘for a lacrosse player you sure as hell aren’t very fast’. I was there like ten minutes ago. The guy just shrugged with a playful smirk plastered on his face and left heading back to the field. I kept watching him walking off until he was out of view. There was something really mysterious and interesting about him, yet annoying as hell.

I sat down in an empty classroom taking out my books and my notebook. I flipped through the pages and got all of my stuff ready. It’s been a week since my first day and oddly enough, I ended up having no problem making new friends. I loved going to school here. Yesterday I watched my fist lacrosse game and it was so much fun. I never expected that I’d enjoy watching sports as much as I did. I took my marker and read the first few sentences of the chapter when I noticed some loud noises coming from the hallway outside the classroom. I initially choose to ignore it and focus on my work but the noises kept getting louder and louder.

I narrowed my eyes at the door and got up to see where the noises came from. As soon as I opened the door a lacrosse ball flew right by my face. My head snapped into the direction where it came from with an angry frown plastered on it as I saw the same guy from a week ago. He looked at me amused as if he was waiting for me to say something. ‘do you mind?!’ I snapped irritated by his amusement. Who plays lacrosse in the middle of a hallway?!

He took a step closer to me smirking ‘I don’t mind at all’. I rolled my eyes and calmed myself down ‘you should be more careful before you actually hit someone in the head with that’ I ordered pointing at the ball laying at the end of the hallway. ‘It really wasn’t that fast’ he shrugged casually keeping his eyes on me. Is he for real? I’ve seen him play yesterday and he threw just as hard then as he did now ‘yes it was’ I argued crossing my arms in front of my chest yet again. ‘It really wasn’t’ he shrugged challenging me. Oh it’s on. ‘Yes it was’ I said slowly with a dangerous tone of voice knowing he’d replay immediately. ‘Yeah it kind of was’ he smirked and before I could stop myself I replied with the dumbest answer ‘no it wasn’t… I mean yes! Yes it was!’ I mentally kicked myself for losing this one but when he started laughing, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling either.

‘See, you’re laughing about it too’ he stated with a generous smile on his face. I shook my head still trying not to laugh as he walked passed me. I turned around and followed him as he picked up the ball and walked passed me again ‘I know how to make it up to you’ he offered as he took his lacrosse stick ‘if I throw the ball passed the last locker, you’ll go on a date with me’. ‘I what…?’ I raised a confused brow at him ‘I barely know you, I don’t even know your name!’

‘Derek Hale. Now you know my name…’ he shrugged throwing the ball and catching it again ‘… so what do you say? We have a deal?’. I bit my lip thinking about what Derek just said and smiling slightly at what just happened. ‘Sure, why not’ I nodded smiling down at the ground. I mean I’ve seen him play lacrosse at the game so I’m pretty sure he can easily reach that distance. I headed over to his direction standing behind him as he focused and threw the ball.

‘Seems like you didn’t make it…’ I heard the slight disappointment in my own voice when the ball hit the ground. Derek turned around to face me with a smirk ‘you could still go on that date with me though y/n’ he stated with a cheeky grin. He knows my name? I raised my brow at him ‘how do you know my name?’. He chuckled and shook his head ‘I have my sources too y/n. So what do you say? Date?’ for the first time his facial expression wasn’t amusement, teasing or mysterious but mainly hopeful and maybe even slightly anxious to hear my answer. I felt my cheeks heating up slightly so I nodded ‘I guess that’s a yes’ I said shortly and made my way back to the classroom.

Stiles point of view

‘It’s just weird Scott!’ I half yelled at him as we headed outside to meet up with the rest of the pack. ‘I know it’s weird, you said it for at least the fifth time now’. I sighed and followed after him quietly. Today we found out why Derek became so distant from us all of a sudden, seems like he got himself a girlfriend. Now with old sourwolf Derek these moments were already weird but now that he’s stuck in his younger self, it’s even worse.

‘It’s not like he knows what it was like to be the normal him’ I sighed when I heard Lydia’s voice behind me. ‘I know but we do and it’s just so weird to see him like this and now with a girlfriend’. To be honest, when I tried explaining it to them I didn’t quite get myself either. ‘I mean as long as he’s happy that’s all that matters now’ I knew Scott really tried to see past it as well. Derek was always an important person to him and he, in a way, lost that side of Derek in his life too. ‘Yeah at least if he’s gonna stay like this he should live his life and be happy’ Lydia shrugged backing Scott up.

In the end both Lydia and Scott were right. Derek was really happy and it was noticeable for everyone, he was happy every day. Especially the moments y/n was near him. They were always holding hands, joking around and talking about everything. After a while she even got pretty close with the rest of the pack since she was around Derek every day. It was a match made in heaven.

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watching a horror movie with monsta x


•is unfazed by literally everything
• the main character loses an arm and he just sits there. unblinking
• a really good cuddle buddy though
• u feel safe in his arms LMAO
• might fall asleep with u laying on him; he cant help it • ur so soft and comfy its like having a teddy bear next to him


• will be a big baby about watching the movie at first
• “NOOOOOO ur gonna get scared and ur not gonna sleep tonight”
• u end up watching the movie and he’s literally squeezing the life outta u
• incredibly jumpy esp at jump scares
• he let out a couple screams
• a lot of screams


• not really scared by horror movies
• he knows everythings fake so really he uses this as an opportunity to snuggle up with u
• when u hug him tight at a scary part he smirks a little and teases u
• “babe. that ghost is someone in a costume theyre being paid for this”
• fake screams at a non scary part just to mess with u


• gets startled at sudden movements and noises
• he yells out loud a couple times
• wont stop talking throughout the movie, tries to distract himself from getting scared
• will find it super cute when ur holding onto his arm on fear
• sometimes taps u on the shoulder to see u jump and u smack him on the arm


• tries to be as nonchalant as possible, he screams when the ghost turns to the viewer
• has an arm lazily wrapped around ur shoulder
• suggests u guys watch confessions of a shopaholic instead
• might try to sleep it out
• “AAA HOLY SH-this movies boring”


• whines and mopes before u even log into netflix
• “baby, pleeeeeeease dont make me watch this”
• will scream and yell and maybe cry a little into ur arms
• violently shakes his leg and hides his face in ur shoulder


• laughs at the scary parts
• gets really invested into the movie and points out cinematic effects he finds cool
• “wow i really like how they did the makeup she really looks like she has maggots coming out of her-”
• “changkyun shut UP”
• he turns and sees u wrapped in blankets, shaking
• and just thinks ur the funniest thing in the world

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Ive had this hc for absoloute ever, like Keith has seen his possible future with Lance and after the waters have calmed he kinda tries to get Lance's attention more, in a way that Lance is oblivious to and thinks Keith is just being leaderly/friendly but its obvious he's making dumb excuses to be near Lance's vicinity a lot to the rest of the team. And its just cute cause unlike Lance he doesn't try to do big acts or anything he's just, there all the time, a lot more, not that Lance minds.-🐙

that shit……….. IS BREATHTAKING BRO……….. OH YHEA…………………….

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f, h, k, m, and z with Toshinori please? :3

Anything for you, my love <3 I hope you like it!

Yagi Toshinori:

F = Flirting

Honestly, he’s not the best at flirting. He tries and it’s so cute and sweet, but he’s a little awkward. Even when you’ve been together for a while, he’s still not 100% comfortable with it. He has his moments though, when he’s really suave and you have to stop for a minute to see if he’s really your Toshi or if he’s been possessed. If you flirt with him he does not know how to respond, he just, kinda stands there blushing. It’s adorable.

H = Health

When you are sick he is a worried boy. Makes sure you rest as much as possible and doesn’t rest himself. If you need an antibiotic he gives it to you exactly when it instructs, no earlier, no later. Make you as comfortable as possible, brings you plenty of fluids and makes sure you eat enough food. If you needs to be sick he’ll get you a bowl and stay by you, rubbing your back and mumbling out reassurances. He hates to see you so weak and miserable, so he does his best to help you through it all, even if he risks getting sick himself.

M = Marriage

You do get married, Toshi is certain the moment he meets you that he wants to spend his life with you, and you him, so marriage has always been on the cards. As to when, it depends on when you meet. If you meet as teenagers, you’ll get married a few years into adulthood, but if you meet as adults, you’ll probably get married 4 or 5 years into the relationship. You’ll live together first, of course. The wedding would be pretty small, with just your close friends and family. If he’s met Midoriya at this point, he’ll be there too!

K and Z are here!

I finished it! Took me some nice few hours to create this but it’s weekend so I had plenty of time :> 
Whole animation took 15 pieces(using ms paint, yes)
All is hand drawn by me
I tried to make animation as smooth as possible but I’m a beginner, sorry
Well, I hope you like it <3
Ps. It has perfect timing being watched on PC, it was lagging on my phone so keep it in mind

Dating Daehwi Includes

- Admin Xion <3 

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- i love daehwi sm guys
- his playing with fire performance fucking
- anyways
- matching shit
- not like from head to toe
- but something like matching colours
- or matching chokers
- or phone cases
- etc
- healthealthhealth
- he’d always check up on your to make sure you’re okay
- and texts you often whenever you’re going out or home alone
- you being at ease = him at ease
- but if you’re not, [for example say you had a tummy ache] he’d pouted as he’d tried to come home as soon as possible
- your relationship is full of understandment
- you get that daehwi is a kpop star and has work to do
- and he understands that you’re still a student and doesn’t wanna be stressed out over a relationship
- he finds it really cute when you wear his clothes
- his sweatshirts are usually somewhat oversized than his regular sizes
- so when you wore them
- and he found it the most adorablest thing ever
- couple selcas
- plays with your fingers
- loves to just embrace your hand a lot
- reminds you on a daily how much you mean to him
- you guys go shopping a lot
- but never end up buying anything
- hugs a lot from the side
- and liked to cup your face a lot
- and if you have a fringe he’ll constantly fix it for you
- loves sharing a blanket
- and having to see you all snuggled up against a blanket
- pda but not too much
- enough pda so people know that you’re a couple
- but not making out pda
- small kisses here and there
- backhugs
- holding hands
- and snuggling against each others arm
- suprise kisses
- like a lot of them
- and lots of laughing or giggling
- he likes to cherish every moment he has with you
- you’re probably his wallpaper
- and if he’s away in his dorm
- you guys skype call each other until you both fall asleep
- lots of sharing about each others days
- finds it adORABLE when you fall asleep on his shoulder
- but falls asleep on your shoulder
- and u also find it too adorable
- overall
- he loves u a lot
- and wants to hold your hand a lot

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This is the Ano from the swimsuit request ! This time, the s/o is wearing a bikini, but because of... some reasons (*cough cough* Kokichi ? Miu ?? Other ???), they suddenly lose their top and end up with their bust... naked (yeah, haha haha xD) How do Rantaro, Shuichi, Kiibo, Kaito and Kokichi(gremlin/-slap) react ????? (Actually, it's the same guys as my swimsuit request)

Sorry this took me so long! What a cute and fun prompt! ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

~ Mod Komaru

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