and those bobble heads

“Bring him to me, please?”

“Sure you trust me to carry him these couple steps from the bassinet to—”

“Of course I trust you, Tony. You are his father.”

“You weren’t so confident yesterday when I—”

“Mind his head—his neck! Do not let it dangle.”  

“Ziva, I’ve got him, and his tiny head, too. It’s so wobbly, like one of those bobble head dolls.”

“I will bobble your head, my dear husband, if you do not bring him to me now.”

“We’re coming, Mama Ninja, we’re coming…here’s your little guy, as promised.”

“Thank you….what is that look?”

“You’re really beautiful when you’re holding our baby, that’s all.”

“I gave birth three days ago. You are just saying that because—”

“I love you?”



“It is just…until he can support his head on his own—”

“I know, I know: mind the cute, wobbly noggin.”

“Yes.  And Tony?”

“Yeah, Ziva?”

“I love you, too.”

(Photo credit at Sandra Palm Photography and here.)