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a sketch I did a while ago and the wonderful @abelinajt was kind enough to write a story for it! go check it out: Lift up your voice, children, rejoice by Abelina and remember to leave some kudos ♥

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When you're taking point on an episode, do you have much input on the way the scene is filmed or does the director really kind of come in and shoot what they envision while reading your script? I'm wondering because the way 303 came together absolutely blew my mind. The whole sequence from the summit to the bow was so beautifully written and beautifully framed and felt very cohesive and just... fit. You and Antonio should team up more often!

Thanks! The writer on set has quite a lot of input into the way a scene is shot, but our role is not to be the director. We spend all of prep working with the director, talking about the story so that he or she understands our intention and what we need filmed. That helps get everyone on the same page.

When we’re on set and blocking a scene - which is when the director and actors collaboratively figure out the movements of that scene - the writer gives notes to make sure the physical progression is working. Then, during filming, the writer gives performance notes to ensure the actors are conveying what we need. As I’ve mentioned before, a portion of our story is told nonverbally, so we’re there to make sure those unspoken moments land. 

In the perfect world, the writer on set would have absolutely nothing to do, but we find that there are always questions, always things we know to look for that no one else does (especially if we’re setting up future story), which is why it’s so vital to have a writer on set at all times. That’s not the case on other shows, but it works best for The 100.

Okay, I’m just going to say something to the Stydia fandom that I think really needs to be said. 

A lot of y’all are talking about how Scott was a little bit useless last night in the episode, which, honestly, is bugging the shit out of me. Because Scott was there all the way through, helping and trying to figure it out, and it’s just lucky that Stiles’ plan with Theo worked before Scott’s plan with Liam and Meredith. No, not lucky. Lucky is the wrong word. It was actually a plot device so that we could have Stydia moments. 

Let’s face it. Scott McCall is this character who we rarely get to see on television, because he is the kind of wonderful guy who really defies a lot of stereotypes that people are comfortable with when it comes to traditional masculinity in media. I could go on a tangent about that, but instead I’m going to focus on the fact that Scott’s dialogue and action was reduced last night for the sake of our ship. 

Scott was pushed aside so that Stiles could be the hero. I have absolutely no doubt that Scott would have covered Lydia from the glass if Stiles wasn’t there. He would have done everything Stiles did. Scott loves Lydia too. But they gave Posey fewer lines than Dylan so that our ship would have the opportunity to have multiple incredible moments. We should all feel really grateful that we got these scenes, and that we got such irrefutable proof that Lydia loves Stiles– I mean, come on– but we should also keep in mind that what happened last night doesn’t make Scott weak. And if you want to “blame” someone for his behavior, blame the writers, not Scott as a person or an alpha. 

Prompt: Bumblebee.

Harry’s never been much of a talker, his slow drawl preventing him from getting much out before he gets distracted anyway but it’s like the very first time he sees her, any words he’d dreamt of saying had been snatched from his throat.

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Now I wonder what would have happened if specter!Sans didn't get confrontational. Kind of out of character of him to be honest, after all, he didn't talk to Frisk about any of this stuff until the end of the journey.... Maybe Specter!Sans holds less back because he's already dead.

((It’s mostly a case of- he wanted to be direct. And he was running out of time. Unlike Frisk, who was at the end of their journey….. Sans had TIME until the ‘end’. The reports showed that if Frisk reached the very end and met Asgore, things would go bad, really really fast. So Sans had the entire game to essentially be lazy. Right up until the end. Specter!Sans does NOT have that luxury. According to his reports… everything is going to end much, MUCH sooner then that. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’d hardly call that confrontational. Especially since Error JUST said they shouldn’t exist and that they’re dirty glitches, and Specter!Sans showed up after realizing time was supposed to end very, VERY soon.))

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suga angst! him knowing that ur cheating on him with someone else but he doesnt say anything because he loves you too much or the other way around where he cheats on you! fuck me up tbh

To the outsiders looking in, yours and Suga’s relationship was perfect. You were college sweethearts who managed to stick by each other through all your hardships. And as far as they were concerned, no two people were better suited for each other. You were both kind, smart, and beautiful. Really, it was fate that you two had found each other.

Suga had graduated at the top of his class from medical school and was working as a resident under one of the most prestigious heart surgeons in Tokyo. Your writing career was blossoming before your eyes. Jokes about hearing wedding bells in the distance became a lot more frequent, and your parents all wondered if you were going to force them to be old grandparents.

If only they knew the truth.

If only they knew that those hickeys Suga tried to hide on his neck weren’t from you. If only they knew that the smell you came home wearing wasn’t yours. If only they knew that when you kissed each other, trying desperately to believe your relationship wasn’t riding on tenterhooks, you were both thinking of someone else.

If only they knew.

“We should go on a date tonight.”

Suga’s question caught you off guard. He stood in the door of the bathroom, watching you scrub your face. You caught his eye in the mirror.

“What?” you asked, unable to think of anything else to say.

“We haven’t been out alone together for a while,” he noted. “I have the whole day off. I can meet you anywhere you want after you’re done meeting with your editor.”


The soap was trailing down your arms as you watched Suga’s reflection. He looked so… Sad. He never used to look that way before. Suga was rarely without a smile when you first met him. When you fell in love with him.

“I just… I want to take you to that place you like,” he replied.

The place you liked… The place where you went on your first date… He was trying to hold on to the past. The last vestiges of what you used to have. The place he told you all his secrets. Where he told you he loved you.

Was this all you had left?

“Okay,” you murmured.

A smile spread across his face. But it was different from the smile you fell in love with. It never reached his eyes.

“I’ll meet you there at 7:00,” he nodded.

You were both trying so hard to make it feel normal. You’d worn your nicest dress, and he’d picked the tie you liked. Your hands were stretched across the table, fingers intertwined as you talked about things that didn’t matter. His thumb rubbed across the top of your hand absentmindedly. The waitress who cleared away your plates clutched a hand to her chest at how adorable the two of you were.

It was almost normal.


But something across the restaurant made your heart stop in your chest. Why did it hurt so much? You should’ve expected it. And yet…

“What’s wrong?” Suga asked gently.

You couldn’t answer him, staring instead at the spot over his shoulder. He glanced behind him, and you felt him tense up. His hand was gone from yours. You felt cold without it.

“I… I swear,” he murmured, looking back at you. “I didn’t—“

“Of course you didn’t,” you whispered.


“You expect me to believe it’s just a happy coincidence?” you laughed derisively. Your expression was cold now. “Do you think I’m stupid, Koushi?”

“That’s not what I meant,” he said.

“I won’t keep you,” you muttered, rising from your chair. “Enjoy the rest of our date with the person you’d rather be with.”

“(Name), please don’t go,” Suga begged.

You tried to walk past him, but he caught your wrist. You couldn’t look at him. Couldn’t see the desperation in his gaze.

“Let me go, Koushi,” you whispered.

“Please don’t go…”

Was he asking you not to leave? Or not to go where he knew you were going? Did it matter?

“Let me go,” you repeated.

You pulled your wrist free of his grip and continued past him. Don’t look back… Don’t look back… You tried not to look at the table ahead of you either. At the back of the head that made your heart ache. But you felt yourself slowing to a stop next to it.

“Did he tell you that we were having dinner here?” you asked, staring straight ahead.

“He mentioned it.”

Of course he had. Because the two of you had nothing left now. Nothing that was yours and yours alone.

“We’ve finished dinner,” you said softly. “He’s all yours.”

You should’ve kept walking, right out the door and into the cool night air. But your gaze flickered to your left, catching the brown eyes that looked back at you. You hated the way he looked at you. Hated that you couldn’t figure out what it was those eyes were trying to say. Did he hate you? Did he pity you? Was he sorry?

Did it matter?

“Good night, Daichi,” you murmured.

“Good night,” he replied.

You managed to make it to the front of the restaurant without looking back. But as the attendant searched for your coat, you stole a glance over your shoulder. Daichi had gotten up from his table and was standing in front of Suga now. He was brushing his fingertips against Suga’s jaw. You could see that Suga wanted to be angry, obvious from the furrow of his brow. And yet he leaned into Daichi’s touch, desperate for more contact.

He was in love with his best friend. And there was nothing he could do about it.

The train ride across town always felt long. Like it might never end. By the time it made it to your stop, you practically flew out the doors. It was a five-minute walk to the apartment, and you were practically running by the end of it. People were watching you now. You didn’t care.

Your fist hammered against the door. You needed it to open. And when it did, you didn’t give the person on the other side even a second before you burst over the threshold and threw yourself against them.

“What happened?” the soft voice asked.

You didn’t answer, your arms snaking around the warm body and burying your face into that soft hair. There were arms around you now too, hands rubbing your back soothingly.

“We don’t have to talk about it. But… Are you okay?”

“I am now,” you sighed.

You leaned back and looked into those searching gray eyes. They sparked something inside of you.

“Kiyoko,” you whispered. “Can we go to bed?”

She closed the distance between the two of you, pressing her mouth to yours in a soft kiss. Her fingertips traced along your jaw, raising the skin beneath their touch. You clung to her shirt, desperate for more contact.

You were in love with your best friend. And there was nothing you could do about it.

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I often wonder how Sam would feel if Cait was putting up old half naked modeling pictures of herself on her Instagram and men were liking them and making all kinds of comments and flirtingwith her. I don't think he'd like it much. I think the only time we've seen jealous Sam was his George comment.

I guess if Sam or Cait would bothered by something they would handle it themselves. Cait gets plenty of men/women commenting on her older modelling pictures. I am not one to judge either of those situations considering I have liked plenty of  half clothed pictures of both of them.  Maybe they are secure enough in each other that this is fine.  I think it would be really nice if we stopped assuming the worst of them (him especially).  

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Hi! Random message, but I'm really happy and I have to share? So here goes. I'm ftm trans and my parents are having a hard time adjusting and whatnot but today my stepdad said I'd make someone a fine husband one day and I'm just super happy :D


I’m so incredibly happy for you! <3 It’s so good to know that there’s someone out there who supports you and who makes you feel good about yourself. You’re wonderful and amazing <3 And I’m 100% sure you’ll be an awesome husband to someone one day!

All the hugs in the world!

Three-toed Sloths seam to love the tropical weather in Costa Rica. - Three-toed sloths are arboreal (tree-dwelling), with a body adapted to hang by their limbs. They live high in the canopy, but descend once a week to defecate on the forest floor. Their long, coarse fur often appears greenish, not due to pigment, but to algae growing on it. Sloths’ greenish color and their sluggish habits provide an effective camouflage; hanging quietly, sloths resemble a bundle of leaves. Large, curved claws help sloths to keep a strong grip on tree branches. -Wikipedia ✨All of the pictures in my gallery are mine✨ ⠀ 💐🙏Thank you so much for the likes, follows and all of your kind and wonderful comments!! 🙏💐 ===============================

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Can I request for a one-shot of Jungkook reacting to seeing your ex approaching you at a party? Like gets protective and stuff :)

Jealousy is for weak - Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook x girlfriend

Rated: S for Sorry this is not as fluffy as expected… at all

Originally posted by jengkook

Did you ever wonder where jealousy comes from? I used to think I was not the jealous type, that this kind of low feeling wasn’t for me, that I was better than that, more open minded. But in fact jealousy is engraved in our flesh right where our lack of confidence lies. If I had more self esteem, if I were confident in myself, there wouldn’t be any place left for jealousy. Jealousy is feeling up the gap of the confidence we don’t have.

I believed in her, I knew she was loyal and wouldn’t cheat on me. But what I was less sure about was whether she would still want to be, with me. Whether she would prefer me someone else or be tired of me. That was why I became jealous, that’s why I became a jerk. Because I had too much trouble being sure of the power of seduction I had on her I had to make her stick to my side.

The game became more devilish during that party she forced me to go to. Actually, I wouldn’t have let her go by herself without being able to keep an eye on the guys around her. And I couldn’t find a way to make her stay the night at my place because it was actually her bestfriend’s birthday party. I was trapped and forced to smile to people I didn’t like much, talking about thing that didn’t interested me, receiving fake congratulations on my latest album.

I very soon understood that the evening wouldn’t be so pleasant when she suddenly jumped by surprised and had a guilty look in her eyes. I asked her what was wrong and she just nodded assuring everything was fine. But she seemed to look a bit whiter every second and at the edge of fainting when a voice in my back welcomed us.

“Never thought I would see you again Sugar, it has been a long time.” The man gave us a smirk as we turned around to face him. “Sugar?” I asked more for myself as I could guess who he was mentionning. “Jungkook, this is Jaehyo, a friend.” Her voice was trembling a little bit as it seemed that the memory of this man was shaking her. “He used to call me like that all the time.” She added trying to avoid my gaze and his.

“Don’t be so crual to me, was I really just a friend to you? Does that mean I was dating on my own all that time?” The one to be crual was defenitely him, he knew for sure that she was with me now and was just trying to show off and make things akward. By the blush on my girlfriends cheeks, I could guess it was working. What could she have ever found in this jerk? “I see, well these times are over now, so I guess you don’t need to worry about it anymore.”

My words was enough for him to smirk one last time and go on on another subject. They talked about high school, teachers and stuff. Minha, the queen of the day that was in their class back then, had joined them and seemed really enthousiast about the talk. As it was boring for me that hadn’t lived the same adolescent life as them, and because Minha was there to prevent any move from the jerk, I left them to go find a drink, maybe take some fresh air.

I knew it was stupid to feel so angry and pissed off by the presence of her ex. I wasn’t her first boyfriend, I knew it, so I also knew there was the possibility that we would cross path with one of them someday. But I guess what made me freak out is that she had already told me about this one. Jaehyo was the one she dated for two years, the one she had been in love with, the one that broke her heart. I couldn’t hate him more, neither could I feel more vulnerable. If there was one of them that could make her want to leave me, it was him.

I knew that in fact she had some very bad memories from their broke up and that she told me several times that she would never go back with such an asshole. She also told me that she never had feelings like those she has for me for any of her ex. Which means that she liked me more than she liked him back then. I shouldn’t worry, but to be honnest, that jerk was really handsome. More than that he had charisma and was older than me. I could see in the eyes of the other girls that he was a real Don Juan.

That thought made me realize that I had left them alone for way more time that I should have. I took a look inside and spotted them dancing in the middle of the living room. I threw my cigarette in the street, left the balcony and closed the window behind me. Even if he wasn’t that close to her, I didn’t like the smiles on their faces and the complicity in their eyes. I thought that my girl had forgotten quite quickly all the pain this bastard had make her experiment.

Making my way throught the crowd I found a way to put myself between them and dance with her. She welcomed me with a warm smile, calling my name and it made me relax, feeling my heart pound in a sweet way only she could make it. I took her hands and made her spin to finally drag her to me, one protective hand at the bottom of her back that would make anybody aware that she was mine.

As we were turning in rythme I found myself facing the said Jaehyo and gave him a look any guy would understand. I was marking my territory and suddenly felt better, bigger, more manly. Even thought this little war of “who is the alpha here” was complitely ridiculous. I guess guys can’t help it, but I heard girls compete between them more than we think. Maybe that’s just the stupidity of the human race.

I had thought the battle was over, and I was right, but the war wasn’t obviously. Because I thought I could relax now, I gave myself the luxury to spend a long time on the balcony again, far from everyone, taking time to think about nothing related to this or work, just some free thoughts. When after all the beers I had drink, the urge to go to the toilet woke me out of my daydream, I decided to go back to the society and meet the common people.

I didn’t realized on my way to the bathroom that my girlfriend was no where to be found in the living room. It’s when I got out that I noticed two silhouettes in the corridor. At first I thought that one guy got lucky and was about to leave them. But then I heard the voice of the girl. “Jeahyo, I don’t want to talk about it tonight.”

I froze. It was her, with her ex, on their own. “But you know I still have feelings for you.” I turned around in desbelief. Was that jerk trying to get back with my girl, only few meters away from me? I didn’t wait for them to notice me, I didn’t make any intro to my entrance, I just walked to them, caught his colar and pinned him to the wall. “Jungkook!” Hearring her calling my name wasn’t pleasant this time, my heart didn’t fluttered. In the contrary it was painful. I could hear worries in her voice. Was she worried for him?

“Are you trying to hit on my girlfriend right now?” I asked with irony. The guy that was playing it cool few second before was now less than a chiken. “No, no, I…” People would always under estimate me. Because I had this angel-like baby boy face and was kind of slim they would always think I’m harmless. But I was strong and could easily break a few bones if I had to. “Jungkook, please, stop. You’re going to hurt him.”

I was boiling inside. She couldn’t care for him, he had broke her heart. Why was she on his side? Did she still have feelings for him too? Did she lied to me? “Why do you care? What if I hurt him? He was trying to get into your pants if you didn’t get it yet.” It was now her turn to see red. She bursted out, making me jump a little. “And I was taking care of it, you didn’t have to come and put your nose in the matter.”

Speechless, that’s how she left me. I let go of him and pushed him in the direction of the living room so he could let us have a talk. “The matter? Are you considering getting back with that stupid crap? Do I have to remember you that-” She cut me off. Her cheeks was blushing out of anger. “You don’t have to remember me anything, I lived it Jungkook, I’m the most aware of what happened.” I started to feel uneasy, she was considering it. I didn’t even took the care to answer anything to that.

“Why do you always do that?” I stayed silent. “Don’t you trust me?” I couldn’t see the point in trusting her when she after all wanted to get back with her shitty ex. “I’m a grown woman, when a guy hit on me I can turn him down my way and on my own. And you shouldn’t have to involve yourself each time.” Suddenly I saw bright. So she didn’t want that guy anymore? “You’re my boyfriend, not my bodyguard, I can defend myself.”

I suddenly felt guilty and shameful analysing my move and hers that I had interrupt. “If I was afraid that you’d hurt him it’s because I wouldn’t want you to have any problem. He’s a coward, he would have called the police for a slap.” Her eyes was now tender and her honey voice made her look like a mother that gives her son a lesson. I walked to her and ask for forgiveness while she was already on her tiptoes to kiss my lips. “It’s ok Kookie, just please, be a little less jealous, won’t you?”

Jealousy~ Jealousy~ They say it’s a poison be aware guys! 

Always thankful and full of love for you!

- Rime

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Hello. I wonder what kind of schedule otters keep? Is place they sleep at same as one you work from? Can they go into exposition part of enclosed during night hours?

So in the morning usually 2 out of 3 otters go on exhibit. We switch up who it is so they are forced to hang out equally, gives them a rest day away from the public. And gives us better one on one training opportunities. And then some days all 3 go on. They are usually excited to go on exhibit because we switch it up and put fun things on exhibit daily. But once they are on exhibit they do not have access to the behind the scenes holding. They are on exhibit all day. They do have dens that they can sleep in if they feel the need to be hidden. And the exhibit is where we go in and feed them and such. Then at night we shift them back into their night holding area where they get dinner and like 4 million toys and fun activities. They have no access to the exhibit at night. They are usually pretty excited to come off exhibit at night because we build so many fun things for them to come back to.

While we’re talking about ugly cute alien babies @katzbj

Have Shi’s embarrassing baby pictures, combining all the unpleasant ruddiness of a premature human baby (arguably the ugliest kind of infant of all) and a newborn bird

Baby Kharkrua are also loud as fuck and known to bite at whatever wayward digits travel too close to their faces (their eyesight starts out pretty bad) it’s no wonder even their own parents aren’t terribly fond of them


When Jared hears a knock at the door, he wonders who could that be and smirk at the sign of his friend.

Jared: “Xavier?! What the heck are you doing on Earth?”

Xavier: “I have been assigned here.”

Jared: “Really? Let’s go inside.”

Once they were inside, they both sat down

Xavier: “I want to tell you that I am sorry for your loss.”

Jared: “Is that all you came here for? I doubt the great Xavier came here just for that.”

Xavier: “Very funny but your right. I just have a question for you.”

Jared: “Okay.”

Xavier: “Why do you think our kind abducted Lexie Graves?”

That question took Jared off guard

Helping Danse:

*spoiler alert - post Blind Betrayal and during last affinity scene*
When Danse says his line about how “Those institute bastards couldn’t even be bothered to give me memories of siblings or parents…” I wish there was an option to reply with the following:

Sole: “Maybe not Danse, … but you made your own memories. With real people, who really care about you. Cutler, Haylen, me. We all know you, the kind of man you are, and the wonderful friend you’ve been to all of us. Those memories, your memories, are better and more important than any fabrication the institute could have installed. You’re not alone out here, and you never will be.”



Kim So Hye ftw woo~~~

all kind of improvements 😻😤😤👍

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im kind of new in the phandom and i was wondering since when dan start being more open/ stop acting all no homo ?

idk abt ‘no homo’ (i don’t rly like that term) but i’d say him (and phil) got more open in 2015…maybe even mid 2014 when they started the gaming channel because we just saw more of their interactions together more frequently?? idk

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i hope you don't mind my asking, but i'm kind of interested in team MRNG and i haven't seen anything about personality stuff so i was wondering if you could talk about their personalities? (such as this one is too innocent and loves cats while this one turns everything into an innuendo and this one wakes up really early in the morning to make breakfast for the others, etc.) i really really love them!!

I don’t mind at all!! I’m super glad you’d wanna know more about them ! sorry this took so long to answer, but i wanted to make it kinda pretty so it wasnt just a wall of text ahaha i’ll also shove it under a readmore bc damn

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So if you all didn’t know, when my grandma died last month, we adopted her dog, Oreo. I was wondering if anyone new what breed she might be?

She’s not very big, like medium-small terrier height, has a longish curled tail and she has soft, wispy (as not very thick), fluffy fur that can get kind of long unless we clip it down some.

lol she’s a brat too but we still love the bug eyed doof

First Kiss (’To the Surface’)

Continuing with the theme. Thanks to @everlarkedalways for this wonderful idea.

This belongs to the world of a one-shot I wrote a while ago called “To the Surface”, which I’ve been trying to turn into a WIP, but there are too many plot holes to ever see the light, so I might as well post their first kiss (in every sense) here. Hope you enjoy :)

(For those of you who haven’t read it all you need to know is that they live in District 13 and that there is different kind of Reaping where they get Matched, but not necessarily to each other.)

She pushes him into a storage closet, ignoring the brooms, buckets, and cleaning products stacked on the shelf, and closes the door behind them.

“Peeta, I don’t want my first kiss to be with a stranger,” she argues. Their eyes lock, and even in the dark she can see the doubt in his.

“Katniss, we can’t.”

“Why– don’t you want to kiss… someone?” Me? She wants to say.

Their feet bump against each other and she can almost feel the warmth radiating from his body. Her eyes fall to his mouth and she watches it form her name.

She rises on her tiptoes slowly and her lips met his, a light brush, only caressing them for a second. She pulls back and searches his eyes, giving him the chance to stop her. He gives her the tiniest of nods, his eyes glued to hers, as his tongue peeks out from his mouth, wetting his bottom lip.

He clashes his mouth on hers and she tries to press herself even closer. “Well, don’t step on me now,” he laughs softly against the corner of her mouth, wrapping his arms around her to keep her from going too far when she steps back. “Sorry,” she breathes. She guesses he doesn’t really mind when he kisses her again.

They’re clumsy, and they laugh shyly when their teeth clink, before Peeta moves his hand to the back of her neck and angles her face. She keeps wondering if she’s doing it right, but he seems to enjoy it and hugs her tighter.

At some point her eyes fall shut

Their tongues explore each other’s mouths and it feels weird and curious and wet, but really nice and she wants to keep doing it if he’ll allow her.

The closet smells like disinfectant and cleaning products and she hears something clattering against the floor when she pushes Peeta against the wall behind him, but she couldn’t care less in that moment, when all she can breathe is Peeta and all she can hear are his sighs and moans mixed with the noises escaping from herself that she doesn’t know what to call because she has never made them before. And all she can feel is his body pressed against hers and his warmth enveloping her and his wet mouth on hers. In a never ending kiss. 


Happy birthday to the most wonderful girl in the world. To my girlfriend, who will celebrate 21 years on this lovely Earth today - to someone that inspires me every day, that’s kept her head held high through all adversity and every obstacle. To the person that’s shown me nothing but endless love and kindness, that’s come to rescue me when I’ve been utterly lost on strange bus routes, who’s cosplayed with me at every con together, and went with me on 3 AM runs to Denny’s for two wonderful years, 1 month and 20 days. Cheers to the girl that puts a constant smile on my face no matter the situation - Happy birthday amor, and here’s to many many more. ♥️ I love you.