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↳ So this is rlly way too long for a bullet fic and I’m sorry but I barely remember writing this and I’m too tired to split it up appropriately so here u go (tw violence, torture, and abuse mentions) 

  • Neil’s primary concern, something drilled into him by his mother, was always to stay alive
  • He was never scared of Riko, Riko couldn’t kill him. Riko didn’t know how.
  • He was scared of what Riko knew, how to contact the people who could
  • Riko pins him against the wall after the interview and sees Neil’s real eyes flash from beneath the contacts
  • Riko’s eyes widen before narrowing and pressing harder on his throat. No matter what he does, it won’t kill Neil.
  • He stops breathing for too long before Riko releases him, bright blue eyes still baring themselves to the human who dared try to hurt him
  • Kevin figured it out on the bus back from the winter banquet
  • “You’re one of them.” A fact, followed by a nod from Neil and a string of curses from Kevin 

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Brett x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Heated make-out session

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist 

Liam glared across the field as the lacrosse team of Devenford Prep came running in, warming up for tonight’s game. A small growl managed to pass through Liam’s pressed lips, jaw clenching as he eyed Brett with furrowed brows.

You and Mason didn’t share Liam’s loathing towards Brett, you were both rather gazing at his way, watching with doe eyes as the tall and lean werewolf changed to his lacrosse gear, taking his shirt off slowly since he could notice you watching him from the distance.

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There are many kinds of fluff
Like that bunch inside your sock 
Or the one that clings in static
To your favorite frock 👗
There’s that bit you find in your belly button
After a good night’s sleep 🛌
I always wonder where that one comes from
Maybe I counted too many sheep 🐑
There’s those bits in between your toes
And the fluff that tickles your nose 👃
There’s the fluff that comes from the dryer
After washing your clothes
But my favorite fluff of all
Stands less than 2 feet tall
It purrs when it is pat
It’s the fluff attached to my cat 🐈

Holy hell did I jsut write a fanfic?¿

You told him he had nothing to worry about at all, that the problems we have look worse at night than they do in the morning, always. We  wake up warm and confused remembering faintly the reason we kept ourselves up at 4am to sleep in to quarter to noon. As we collect ourselves we start to feel happily stupid for getting so riled up on old “thought traps” that can consume us for whole nights and shit us into late mornings feeling sheepishly gullible for falling into them once again. Happily stupid in the sunlight, a whole day ahead of you with the promise of people you know, classes you can’t be late for, things to get done, sanity. Sanity in the sunlight spaced out by a few hours of dreaming. Everyone gets like that sometimes. 

You walk him through the irrationality of it all and he sits somewhat rigidly on the end of your bed, eyes still and unblinking, not looking altogether convinced.

“Cmon, what’s the saner explanation here–that you wandered into town at, what, 3am, murdered a homeless man in cold blood, or that you dreamt you did.“ 

“It just all seemed so real.” He said almost as a single word spat through the tension in his teeth. 

He pulls out a cigarette and you lean over to crack the window. You glance at the alarm clock, 5am. His cigarette is too rain-soaked to light so he moves slowly as he tucks his lighter back in his coat. You notice how much his hands are shaking as he brushes some fallen hair out of his eyes. You draw the shades and get a new look at his face. Covered in a greasy sheen that glinted back the blue cast of the moonlight. Damn, he’s really got himself worked up. He really thinks he something bad. You know Roman, you know he was always a little high-strung, a little lost in his own world and singled out by a weird, antisocial upbringing. So the fact that he would come crying to you at this ungodly hour on a school night wasn’t what was crazy about this situation. After all, you were probably closer to him than anyone at your high school, for all you knew. What made this situation crazy was that look on his face, the quivering tension in his neck, the steel in his eyes making him look almost catatonic. That and the ridiculousness of what he was worried about in the first place–murder. Not just murder, but that he sucked someone’s goddamn blood dry in some semi-conscious dream frenzy. You wouldn’t just not remember something like that. Something like that you either did or didn’t do, not much room for grey area. 

He would feel stupid and defensive about this whole episode tomorrow at school. Just a couple hours of sleep and he’ll see this whole thing for as crazy as it is. 

“Why don’t you lie down. Take your shoes off at least, I’ll drive you to school tomorrow."  

His unresponsiveness was growing eerier each minute he kept it up. You laugh and slide off the bed to undo his shoes. You can already tell you’re going to be laughing this off for a while, and yes, 100% at his expense–he’s too much of a lofty jackass to even try to play good sport. You’re working the knot of his second shoe when you look up at his face, really seeing him head-on in the light of the window clearer than you had earlier when he showed up on your porch, hunched and speaking uncharacteristically quiet, soaked in rain (without a car for some reason?) God he really did look like shit, didn’t he.

It crosses your mind that he may very well be riding out some coked-out panic or ill-fated acid trip. You wonder if he’ll actually be able to sleep at all. It’s too dark to play detective mom and try to gage the size of his pupils. But knowing Roman, you smirk, content with the soundness of this explanation. You’ve partied with him before, you know he can usually handle his shit but nobody was beyond the risk of a cold hard freakout now and again. And Roman being Roman, he was unpredictable. High strung. 

"Come lay down. Jeez, you’re shaking. Put it out of your mind and come–”

His mouth was red. Some kind of residue–lipstick? Spot of drool catching the light of the alarm clock? Chocolate for fuck’s sake? 

Don’t you go and freak him out. Now just calm the fuck down and don’t try to scare him. You’re the sane one here right now, remember? Is that blood? 

“–come… uh lay next to me. This’ll all seem so…so stupid in the morning." 

You’re no actress and he’s no idiot. He faces you slowly, turns his eyes up to meet your gaze, sees that little knit in your brow that made you look a little less convinced, not so sure anymore. Where did that little smirk go? Horrible stillness passes through you both. His stare seems to hold you down as he leans his body in toward you. The insane reality of exactly what he had been up to just hours before seemed to fall on both of you with a sick, heavy thud. He looked as scared as you, but Roman’s version of fear and embarrassment often took a complicated route out of his brain that turned it into something closer to anger. It made him pissy, neurotic, a little scary. He moved slowly edging closer, random muscles in his face straining rabidly, eyes still seeming to hold your back firm against the headboard where you sat. They held you there as you watched him drink deep breaths through his nose, pulling in the poison vapor of this would-be dream–a big bad stupid dream is all this should be. Oh god come on–murder?? The ferocity of his breathing, sucking in through the nose, out through the mouth, shook his thin frame and made you think back to some wild nights out when he’d pick you up in his car, comically teen-dream red, and drive you long into the night. And pretty soon you were tapping into his unending supply of coke, his body hunched over the glass table, a snipped straw in one nostril, finger over the other, hair hanging down messing up a couple lines. That deep, loud sucking sound of air through the nose, and his body slamming back against the couch, eyes closed, thick cables in his neck flexing in the rush of the white hot chemical orgasm that turned his face sweaty red. He’d take a slug of whiskey chaser right from the bottle and then look at you, slack jawed, starry eyed, leaning in slowly to eat you whole. 

"Don’t move, don’t move..”, he now spoke out of the back of his throat in a way that cracked unsteadily, “Don’t move…stay right where you are,” Moving closer still and breathing thickly through the nose, out the mouth, over and over, now close enough to grace your skin with hot air. You watch a drop of blood fall from his nose and hit the sheets audibly. You really can’t move. Oh my god you really can’t move at all. You throw out a pitiful, groping, Hail-Mary thought that Roman was still the same old stupid, innocent Roman, that he had dreamt this all. That he had staggered to your house, passing through town, in the rain, on some coked-out meltdown. Murder. No way. No fucking way, we were too young, Roman was too rich. This was not a dream and people don’t kill people by sucking their blood. 

His face was now inches from yours and shaking beads of sweat and drool onto your lap. What was on and around his mouth was blood. And this was the face of a kid–a man sinking into his first night as a murderer…a cannibal. An actual fucking monster. 

He extended a long-fingered hand slowly, slowly up to brush a lock of hair from his forehead and then wraps his fingers, trembling sickly, around your neck. You feel the slickness of the sweat and rain under his thumb as he slides it, ever so gently, up and down, up and down your jugular. 

“Now you’re going to tell me how ugly I am, okay?" 


Happy halloween fuck you

anonymous asked:

how did ben end up with flowers in his scalp? did he have some kind of skin infection? psoriasis? really bad dandruff?

All of those are possibilities, and I’ve also considered scratching from something like lice–any kind of injury to his scalp would have made him susceptible to infection :(

There’s no particular trend!  In most cases, a person gets an unrelated ear infection,which makes them susceptible to later catching fleurine–the deciding factor is whether they get this initial ear infection in one ear or both ears.

Ahhh thank you!!!  I’ve also found some cool webcomics through that feature, it’s wonderful to hear that someone stumbled across Flowerpot in that way :)

@ dino if you’re reading this I love you and I’m so proud of you and I think you’re extremely talented and your voice is so wonderful and your dancing chokes me every time. you’re such a kind bright kid who works his butt off and I’m so thankful to have you apart of seventeen because they wouldn’t be the same without you do you hear me we all love and need you. you’ve grown up so well and you are so handsome and you are only going to get better and better looking as you age and no one is ready for those visuals. you’re like a little brother or maybe even a son or both somehow and I want to hug you tight and let you feel how my heart beats for you because i love you so very much. please eat all of your meals and take care of your skin and drink plenty of water and try to get to bed at a decent time. I know you’re so busy but I need you to get as much sleep as you can so you can be well rested and I won’t have to worry about you being tired. continue being the sweet respectful caring chan we all know and love. you deserve nothing but the best and if I could give it to you I would. I would do anything to make sure that you always feel loved and happy and surrounded by people who only have good intentions because you deserve it so damn much. I love you today tomorrow and always, chan ♡

“It’s always hard to achieve success. It’s never easy. What’s even harder than achieving success is recreating success. Reinvention is the key to longevity, but it’s how you reinvent yourself when everybody’s keeping you in a pigeonhole of the previous success. I look at an artist like Taylor Swift for example. She’s the real deal. I mean, she knows how to keep reinventing herself. What will be interesting for me is to see what she does in ten years.

I’ve been doing this, like I said, for half a century, and I’ve had to reinvent myself so many times. But I think Taylor’s got the talent. Bruno Mars is the real deal. He’s going to keep reinventing himself. When you come out with certain things, and it hits really big, it’s wonderful for the moment, but add some time to that. People keep saying, “Well, that’s all you can do. It wasn’t as good as the previous success.” Well, Taylor’s been able to break that. There have been a lot of artists able to break that mold. That’s what is difficult in a cheating success and reinvention kind of way.”

Donny Osmand (smashing interviews)

abster306  asked:

Holy shit can you imagine Mer!Arin asking Ross to teach him how to make jewelry & Ross says that he doesn’t know how, then Arin gets all confused bc “wait aren’t you an artist??” Then he explains that there’s different kinds of art and it’s near impossible for one person to specialize in all of them, then they get wrapped up in a really long conversation because Arin keeps asking about different kinds of art (like embroidery, metal smithing, drawing/painting and it’s differences, pottery, etc)

oh my god and arin just sits there for hours listening as ross goes through a book pointing to different art mediums and just being entranced. occasionally he’ll ask a question about something and ross will explain while he’s open-mouthed in wonder.

ross starts bringing stuff like yarn and clay so arin can feel the various substances and understand what they’re like with his own hands. he doesn’t much care for the sewing bc merpeople don’t have to deal with that sort of thing but he loves the clay and he adores the various jewelry pieces ross brings.

(dan buys arin a thin silver necklace with an intricately carved tiny seashell pendant on it. arin loves it and spends hours just looking at it.)

anonymous asked:

What blogs inspire you/make you want to do better? And which do you admire the most?

so many anon!💘

@highladyfxyre for sure! Every time I read her fics they inspire me! 

@throne-of-ashes-and-beauty cuz she’s so kind and amazing and talented and I will always admire her so FUCK OFF HATERS YOU’RE ALL WIMPS (sorry hehe got carried away)

@fiery-feyre cuz her blog is amazing and so is she, she’s so nice and I love her writing!

@foxboy-lucien who doesn’t admire her blog?? One of my absolute faves!

@my-life-is-a-drama-book Maria is so kind and I love her posts and her entire blog is so wonderful!

@marabarrow a fantastic blog, please go follow her now she’s so sweet and one of my favorites!

@rowaelinsmut firstly, I admire her url ;) and secondly, she’s incredible and so so so kind to everyone! And I also admire HER obviously haha

@darlingfireheart I’m glad we’ve got closer cuz she’s so nice and respectful to everyone and I’ve always loved her blog so much!

@tacmc extremely talented and kind to everyone! I’ve always admired her!

There’s PLENTY more! I admire this entire fandom!!💕

anonymous asked:

Do you take requests at all? I'm kind of new here and your comissions aren’t open so I was just wondering if you do. (I apologize if this has already been asked before, or if this is something you get a lot. It's not my intention to annoy you or say your art isn't worth paying for.) Sorry for the verbal diarrhea as well, I'm not the best at talking to people ;u;

It’s alright! i take suggestions for things i like(o/verwatch, ocs, d/oroheodoro, etc), but there’s no guarantee i’ll do it! Depends on the inspiration/ complexity/ free time i have! i’ll be opening commissions again in late november/ december

About the episode:

Hey guys sorry for the long break, I had to work a lot on my graduation essay and it ate all my time TTwTT but i’m back now yay :D 

Ravenclaw was actually very excited to meet Hufflepuff, she wasn’t faking it - if you were wondering XD Hufflepuff was already a very famous healer and witch and Ravenclaw respected her for this :3 but guess who doesn’t like Ravenclaw x’D 

Oh yeah, if you want to be tagged in the episodes - so you wouldn’t miss any, send me a message or note or smthg and i’ll tag u in the upcoming ones :3 

All kinds of feedback is highly appreciated and reblogs helps the comic spread <3


anonymous asked:

hey Jenba! Was wondering if you had some kind of room full of paints from the game? And thanks!

Hi Anon! I don’t, but @jools-simming does! I use hers all the time. It’s not a room though - it’s a lot. So you have to place the lot somewhere, draw a long, skinny room, grab whatever paintings you want, save the room to your library, then go to your lot and place the room so you can use the paintings. Here’s a link to her page about the paintings:

anonymous asked:

hello! sorry to bother u but id like to ask u a question! ive tried googling it but it really hasnt helped,, do altars have to be dedicated to a deity? i think id like to have an altar but im not personally connected to any deities so i dont know if i Can have one, yknow? thank you for your time and i hope you have a Wonderful day! <33 💚🌟

Altars, specifically, are defined as being a space dedicated to a deity where offerings can be made and prayers recited. 

However, you can make yourself a “witchy workspace,” which doesn’t have to be deity focused at all. 

I kind of use the term “altar” and “workspace” interchangeably in my own craft, and I know that can be confusing or misleading. 

But there are ways to make a magical workspace, or set aside an area to do spells or set your tools, without it needing to be devoted to a deity or other spirits. Just don’t include any representations of anything like that, don’t dedicate the space to anything like that, and I think you’re golden. 

Honestly I’ve kind of been holding back on saying this because I’ve been nervous about garnering negativity and whatnot if I phrase this incorrectly but

I’m just. Done.

For heaven’s sake, it’s really not appropriate to draw/write real life people in G/t or vore situations, unless given their explicit permission. Heck, I LOVE G/t and yet I’d be so uncomfortable if random people I didn’t know drew me in those situations without my permission.

I dunno. Anyway, that’s my take on the matter, in case some of y’all were wondering why I never reblog or do G/t Youtuber stuff, or other things like that. That’s probably the most I’ll say on the matter.

I kind of wonder if the reason Keith seems to be distancing himself from the group so much in season 4 may have something to do with how different Shiro is in season 3 and 4 compared to season 1 and 2 (which to me is because the recent Shiro is a clone but either way, we can all agree he isn’t quite the same).

Season 3 and 4 Shiro is stern to a fault, almost uncaringly so. He doesn’t have as wide as range of emotions or of facial expressions. To Keith, who seems to know Shiro intimately and obviously cares about Shiro’s opinion of him, this may seem like a disconnect that simply can’t be branched. Maybe Keith suspects something is wrong, maybe not. Either way, my personal theory is that Keith pulling away from the others is born from two things: 1) wanting to fix whatever is wrong with Shiro by giving him a sense of “normal” (him being leader, him having the black lion, him having the love and support of a team) and 2) feeling hurt or shunted somehow by the changes we have seen in Shiro and wanting to lessen that blow. Honestly, I wouldn’t be super surprised if Keith were secretly looking for evidence that the real Shiro is elsewhere or that this Shiro is a clone. Then again, I wouldn’t be super surprised if Keith had absolutely no suspicions about Shiro either.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you mind sharing what kind of program did you use at the end of your pacific rim kiribaku speedpaint?

Anonym schrieb an meru90: Hey I just watched your speedpaint and I was wondering what that other program you used was??

its photoscape!! its where all the magic happens xD

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is not okay to ask (for the mun, not the boys) where did you get your manga brushes from? The ones you use for the screen/manga style? The way you do it looks amazing and I would love something similar or a way to do it myself. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

((I just use medibang’s free tones!

You just have to click that little symbol to download as much as you like! To use them, you’ll have to use the magic wand:

select the area you want (I recommend expanding by one or two px) and choose a tone

adjust at the bottom, I usually go for around 20% magnification 

then deselect when you’re done! there’s many different kinds of tones to download and they’re all free! I hope this explanation helped you out in any way! Thank you very much and good luck! 😊))

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I absolutely love your sprites and was wondering if you have any advice for someone new to making sprites? Hope you have a great day!

TG: OH BOy okay so this is gonna be long as FUCK but im gonna give you the full fledged version of how i sprite so im gonna put this under the keep reading thing
TG: if you care then click it

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anonymous asked:

I wanted to tell you, I'm REALLY loving 'Save a Horse Ride a Dragon' so far!! I get really excited whenever you post a new chapter (or even tidbit up an upcoming chapter!) and I'm always torn between blazing through it to see what happens, and taking my time to gush over every bit of it; Much love, and have a wonderful evening!

!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH ?!??!  It’s three AM where I am and I’m putting my all into the lineart for this illustration, and I was starting to get really tired and about ready to give up on getting lineart done tonight but YOUR KINDNESS HAS GIVEN ME DETERMINATION AHHH

Texas glances after him, back to Mike, back to the king and says, fortunately low enough that it doesn’t carry over the noise of the crowd, “…Mike, your sugar daddy’s gettin’ away!  Get after him!”  He blocks the punch Mike aims at his shoulder, and then smacks Mike on the butt as he hurries away after the king.  “I know you’re desperate, Tiny!” he yells after Mike, and Mike turns back for a second to glare at him, knowing as he does it that the effect is kind of ruined by how he’s laughing.  “But try not to act too desperate!  Texas out!”

anonymous asked:

Hi hi Evie!!! I had a question, my Dom doesn't punish me very much even tho I act up a lot, and he gets a little bit upset that my behavior won't change. I was wondering if you could give me advice about how to talk to him about it? Thank you and I love your YouTube videos ❤❤


Sounds like there are a few layers of miscommunication happening here. Is his ignoring established, existing rules and punishment structures? Or is this all happening organically and you are expecting a “natural Dom response”?


1. Do you want your Dom to punish you for “funishment” aka play or as actual discipline? What kind of discipline do you want, and or what kind of play do you need? What are you looking to get from this?

2. Does your Dom want a relationship based in bratting and constant correction and discipline? Few Doms can do this, just point blank. But, it helps if you outline the shit out of what you both want, what the rules are and what the expectations are:

3. ESTABLISH A LIST OF RULES AND PUNISHMENTS. You do X, Y happens. You forget A, B happens. So on. So you are BOTH accountable and both know the full expectations. Your Dom is probably frustrated your behavior won’t change because you haven’t properly talked about HOW you want it to be changed. Your Dom is probably thinking you are being disrespectful, and doesn’t want to encourage that with funishment. But, having not negotiated to be able to properly discipline you (or know what would do so!) they are stuck on what to do. “Acting up a lot” doesn’t mean anything to a Dom if you haven’t established it’s a behavior that needs discipline or if you haven’t even asked the Dom if they WANT to deal with that!

4. If you just want impact play “funishment” ask for it. You don’t have to piss off your Dom every time you want a scene to happen.

5. To follow #3… you need to establish which rules are “okay” to break to feed your brat side, if you have it, or what you can poke on. And you should also establish things your Dom finds flat out offensive and not something he wants to deal with, acting out for attention or not. Keep in mind not all Doms want or know how to tolerate a constant brat. Some Doms just work best with subs who really want to please and do stuff right without acting out or teasing.

6. If you need them to discipline you just say “please Sir, I have been so bad lately. Can you please put me in my place?” or some such. If they forget you should always remind them, in a way that offers submission, of the nature of your power exchange.

Hope this helps,