and this isnt even directed at harry

parts from the album FOUR where harry and louis’ solos fit together pretty darn well (harry left ear louis right)

  1. ready to run
  2. 18
  3. fools gold
  4. fireproof
  5. stockholme syndrome
  6. illusion 
  7. once in a lifetime 
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Harry Styles - “How to Love” - Chapter Ten


Lana takes a deep breath before she knocks on Niall’s bedroom door. She figured he would still be in bed. She hated waking him but she just really needed him. She was so tired of not speaking with him and after the craziness of yesterday and the events of last night, she needed the normalcy of her best friend.

“Come in,” She soon hears mumbled from the other side so she enters the room. It was still pretty dark, the black curtains tossed over the tall windows on the far wall to block out the morning sunlight. Niall was very much so not a morning person, neither was Lana but after last nights events she found herself unable to sleep and asked Harry to drive her home when he got up for his usual morning run. “’s goin’ on, Lana?” Niall questioned, watching her through one squinted eye, clearly wanting to go back to sleep.

“I just… I need you.” She didn’t wait for an answer and went over to his large bed and crawled under the blankets. He didn’t even hesitate or pull away when she snuggled into his side. He wrapped his arms around her and snuggled back into her. This was a good sign for Lana that they were going to be okay.

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stop 👏 making 👏 harry’s 👏 sexuality 👏 more 👏 important 👏 than 👏 his 👏personality 👏 and 👏 music 👏 thanks👌

When everyone asked about the first time you and Harry met, for some reason, they’d always assume it was a cutesy, romantic ‘our hands brushed and our eyes met’ kind of story. You didn’t know why that was the case, but it was far from the truth. Very, very far from the truth. The first time you and Harry met was a complete and total trainwreck, and it embarrassed you to think about it, but then again, here you were two years down the line and Harry somehow still wasn’t tired of you! 

“I know, Lou! I’m really sorry, I promise I set an alarm last night but I think I might’ve turned it off this morning because it was loud and annoying and- Yes, I’ll be there soon. Give me like ten minutes max.” 

It was the first day of being Lou’s assistant and you were pretty sure she wanted to fire you. You were sure this job wasn’t going to be sticking with you for long because of two significant reasons. It wasn’t just because you were running late with the new clothes for the boys and you hadn’t picked up the coffees and smoothies yet, it was also because you had no bloody idea as to what the hell you were doing. You might’ve lied on your resumé a little bit and said you were experienced with all the knicks and knacks of the world of fashion, but… Well, you hadn’t had a job in two months! You were desperate! And so, when the opportunity of being Lou Teasdale’s assistant came up… You couldn’t help yourself. Of course, it wasn’t just the perfect resumé that landed you the position. You hated to brag, but you thought you were quite the charmer! Very witty and you knew how to bring a smile to any grumpy person. 

“Okay, lemme see. Green smoothie and YSL for Harry. Black coffee and Versace for Zayn and Liam…” You muttered to yourself, trying to balance while holding five bags of clothes in one hand and a whole tray of drinks in the other. “Vans for Louis? Or was it Converse? Might be Converse. Is he the one who wears Timberland boots?” You probably looked crazy, wandering around the streets of New York muttering things to yourself. “No, no. Niall wears Vans. I’m sure!” You’d figure it out sooner or later. 

“Where have you been? We were supposed to start trying the clothes out half an hour ago, love. Time is precious!” You winced at Lou’s shrill voice before shooting her a sheepish smile and handing her her tea. “Boys, this is Y/N. She’ll be helping me with… Well, whatever I need.” 

“Hi.” You puffed out, giving everyone a friendly wave before taking note of Harry. He was looking at Niall and giving him a very ‘Who the hell is this?’ expression. You understood the judgment. You did barge into the room with smoothie on your shirt and your sunglasses perched on at an odd angle. 

“Right, well… Here are your drinks!” You chirped, turning around to grab the tray and hand the boys their drinks. Of course, there was one little problem. “I, uh, I don’t have your smoothie though, Harry.” Harry furrowed his brows, pouting slightly as he watched the rest of the boys enjoy their coffees and teas. 

“Why not?”

“I…” You pulled your shirt down a little, pointing to the green splatter right in the middle. “Might’ve knocked it over when crossing the street. I thought I was going to get hit by a car so I ran.” 

“You don’ have t’ run when the sign tells you t’ walk.” 

“I know, but I crossed when the sign told me to stand still. I didn’t want to be late!” 

“You were half an hour late today.” 

“I could’ve been forty minutes late if I didn’t run. But because I did run, I got here a whole ten minutes earlier! Smart thinking, if you ask me.” You clicked your tongue, wanting a black hole to swallow you up at Harry’s clearly unamused expression. Maybe your charm wouldn’t get you out of this situation this time around. 


“Y/N, tha’s my favourite shirt!” Harry whined, letting out a huff at the sight of his Rolling Stones tee with a brand new stain on it. You set the now empty coffee mug back down on the counter and stood up, grimacing at the feeling of wet cotton sticking to your skin. 

“Sorry… but don’t worry about it! Everyone will see the stain and you’ll become a trendsetter. I think it’s a look.” You pointed out, Harry rolling his eyes before walking over to you with a damp cloth. “Wiping it isn’t going to help.” 

“What do you suggest then, smartass?” Harry scoffed, gently dabbing at the stain and letting out a scowl. 

“You let me keep this shirt and I’ll get you a new one!” You beamed, stepping forward a little when Harry pulled you closer to rub harder at the stain. 

“I’m not- You’ve stolen enough of my shirts, thank you very much. And yeh can’t just go out there and find a vintage Rolling Stones tee in bloody Forever 21 or something.” 

“I’ll get you something else, then! How about a vintage Stevie Nicks shirt?” You suggested, Harry pausing for a moment to look up at you. 

“There’s no way you can get your hands on that.” 

“Don’t doubt me.” 

“Can you get a signed one?” It was endearing how he was basically still fangirling over Stevie Nicks even though he had met her and sang with her the other week.  

“I can make it happen. Because I’m amazing and everyone loves me.” You grinned, Harry nodding slowly and pulling away. 

“A’right, fine. But if I find out you’re scamming me, that embroidered Styles shirt is going back into my dresser.”  


gif isn’t mine!

sorry pals this is not my best piece of work lol 

Yes, larger sizes take “more material.” No, that doesn’t mean it should cost more to purchase. Merch is sold for way, way more than it costs to make. There’s no reason to raise the price of a shirt a whole five dollars for one size up.

i am so proud of Harry. i know we say this a lot but i really am. we’ve gotten to see him grow from that tiny 16 year old, who was constantly afraid to what people would think, to this outrageously out there grown man who wears what he wants, when he wants it, and isn’t afraid to express himself through both his lyrics and his clothes - and if he is afraid, he’s still doing all that despite that fear, despite how nerve racking that is, he’s still pushing through and living up to be his most authentic self! 

if that isn’t an inspiration for everyone who grew up with him (and who are older or younger than him, but still had troubles being themselves), i don’t know who is. back when one direction started lots of us were super young as well, and to see him find himself is so super encouraging to everyone who is watching.

and we love him even more now that he’s loud and proud!! take that as a lesson that being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the world around you <3

anonymous asked:

I think you're really perverting the phrase "safe space." For one thing, if you actually track it on twitter, a large number of straight fans take rainbow flags so Harry will notice them. And for many others, it's a stan war with hets. It's losing its meaning. And has anyone not been safe in the first place? It's fine and lovely they're there but your dramatic crying about it is posturing. Not like anyone lent a hand with BLM.

i dont care what the straight fans are doing, okay? it’s not the fans harry notices, its the flags. if people want to make it a competition, that’s on them, not me. not even an hour ago i told a friend this isnt about larry and if a nonlarrie wants to help out then that’s great. its about lgbt+ visibility. as for the blm, i know a lot of people didnt help, but dont act like there wasnt outrage about it. the project i’m personally helping with includes #blacklivesmatter, #translivesmatter, #muslimlivesmatter, and #endgunviolence flyers. rainbow direction started as a safe space for lgbt+ fans at shows and this is a continuation of it. if it doesnt affect you, thats fine, but a lot of people take comfort in seeing pride flags at shows. its about those people. and dont even ask me if people haven’t been safe. there was a literal bombing at a concert just last year. the mass shooting at pulse isnt so old, either. maybe the whole thing is losing meaning for you, but for the people who actually connect with those flags, it’s still important. we dont take it for granted. i remember watching rainbow direction find its footing in spite of all the people trying to stop it before it even began, and you know what? its disheartening to see some of the same things happen again but that doesn’t mean we stop making the concerts a welcoming place for everyone.

anonymous asked:

i find it suspect that some of the same people who say harry isnt into uma, say that uma is "toxic" to him (w.t.f.), or actively dont want them together also love shipping harry with literally any white person whose direction he blinked in. in the canon of the books he actively wants to date her and flirts with her and i dont need to say a damn thing about the movies because of how painfully obvious it was that he was interested in her. i cant even. i cant.

lmao i think there’s something very suspect that some people will call uma ‘toxic’ with no evidence but it’s also no surprise that some people are quick to call a black girl who is justifiably angry about her situation and wants to do something about it that. its also really telling that these people will yell about uma being toxic but want to ship harry with his actual enemies?? people he cant stand?? like…come on…it’s qwhite interesting to hear their logic

anyway uma’s a great friend and if you actually watched the movie you would be able to tell.

anonymous asked:

butterflytattoohaz said "so be patient and show the behavior to people that you want to be directed at you and Niall" - well, but Niall stans have been chill for years and very supportive of H, and yet some harries directed terrible behavior towards Niall as soon as he released This Town. What's the incentive to be patient and nice when he continues to be dragged for every little thing, sometimes even mocked for no particular reason?

ive sat idly by for years and seen and heard all the bullshit that has been thrown his way, from harries and ztans, even larries when niall isnt complimenting their “ship”, like its been non stop. hes ALWAYS been the punching bag for the fandom, literally eVERYTHING he does is made into a joke. 

he got SO much shit from harries (again, not ALL) when he released his song simply bc they thought he was trying to overshadow harrys’ magazine thing. so much so that they vowed then and there NOt to support him. and then went on to make fun of him for every little thing. i saw a LOT of it. and that just added up and continued until finally harry threw them a bone with is album release and then their discourse changed. 

like the quote is so hypocritical it isnt even funny. you want mE to be patient and be nice, but…..where was that for niall?? where was that same philosophy when it concerns him? like obvi if you werent the one showing that nasty behavior than its all good no worries, but that doesnt mean that I DIDNT SEE IT FROM OTHERS! and it doesnt mean i can let it go and pretend it never happened and still isnt happening. 

September 13th: The Birthday of Ardent Concentration

People born on September 13th tend to dedicate themselves passionately to their work or task in hand. Their powers of concentration are unrivaled and their determination awesome. In fact, many born on this day have the ability to confront and rise successfully above any challenge that life throws at them.

One of the reasons they are such strong individuals is their powerful self-belief. They care greatly about being true to themselves regardless of what the current trends may be, and although their straightforward, uncomplicated but highly idiosyncratic approach can win them many admirers, it can also make them the butt of jokes. This isn’t likely to worry them, however, because they know that sooner or later others will see that their methods were right.

Although they are very advanced when it comes to willpower and concentration, in affairs of the heart they may not be able to demonstrate the same level of commitment or passion. It is important for them to make sure they don’t suppress their emotions because it is only when they have learned to acknowledge, accept and manage their emotions that they run the risk of becoming uncompromising, controlling and ruthless. For those with such potential for creativity and sensitivity, this would be a tragedy.

Fortunately, until the age of thirty-nine there will be opportunities for them to develop and learn from close personal relationships. After the age of forty there is a turning point which puts the emphasis on the power of personal transformation. Whatever age they are the sooner they will be able to devote their considerable talents to a cause that is worthy of them, lead by example and dedicate themselves to making the world a better place.

Your greatest challenge is: opening up emotionally
The forward way is: to understand that emotions are not meant to be suppressed; they are meant to be listened to, accepted, and managed.

On the dark side: driven, cold, isolated
At your best: Dedicated, intense, resilent

harry talking to louis

harry: my friends bakery burned down last night

harry: now his business is toast 

harry: *slaps knee and starts laughing*



harry: i used to be a baker 

Preference #11: Blushy

request: where you’re like shy and you blush and hide in his chest or his neck or whatever?

Harry: “Harry, we’re supposed to be working on the project, you need to stop,” you giggled, half-heartedly pushing harry away from kissing your neck. “’M sorry kitty cat. I just cant stop, so pretty I just wanna kiss you all the time and never stop. Shoulda known this would happen when you partnered up with me.” Harry teased. You rolled over on top of him, nuzzling your head in his chest, hiding your blushing face. “Hey come back out, I still wanna kiss you, you know.” Harry started, pressing kisses to the crown of your head, “Baby girl, you know how hard it is for me to not kiss you, especially when you look like this. I love it when you have your hair up, and I can kiss you all over without it getting in my way. Now all i need you to do is quit hiding, and get your blushy self back out here.”

Louis: “Hey, where’d you go, petal?” Louis jokes as you hide your face in his chest, “Come back, I wanna see your pretty face.” you slowly pulled away from Louis’s chest, face red and warm, a shy smile on your face. “There you are, where were you hiding?” Louis continues, running with the joke. You shake your head, “Wasn’t hiding, I was right here.” “Why’d you hide from me?” “You make me feel all, blushy and shy and stuff.” you start, “Especially, when you say nice things about me it makes me get a bunch of butterflies, and feel bubbly all over.” You feel Louis let out a slow deep sigh, pressing a kiss to your forehead, “God, baby you’re too sweet. Think I just got a cavity ‘cause of you.”

Liam: “Princess, are you almost ready? Wanna see how you look,” Liam coos through the dressing room door. “Yeah, come one in Li,” you answer back, adjusting the black lace straps of the expensive bra. Liam pushes open the door, entering the small fitting room. His eyes never left your body with only the bra and pantie set on. “Wow. Lovey, why haven’t we gotten this yet… You look so sexy, fuck” Liam whispers, sliding his fingers underneath the lacy straps, biting his lip. Your cheeks heat up, a bright blush forming. You hid your face in his neck, with your arms wrapped tightly around his waist. “Hey, where’d you go, come back out here. Jus’ wanna see how sexy you look. Such a pretty girl, can’t keep my eyes off you.”

Zayn: “I cant believe we just got married,” Zayn whispers in your ear, swaying along with you to the song of your first dance. “Me neither. Also cant believe that you cried when you saw me,” you breathily laughed thinking back to that moment. “What was I supposed to do, angel? I just saw the most beautiful girl in the entire world walk down the aisle to marry me, I couldn’t help it,” Zayn cooed, pulling you closer to him. you hid your face in his neck before he could see the huge grin on your face, with the blood rushing to your face forming a blush strong enough to show through your bridal makeup. “Too good to me Zaynie, so sweet and nice to me. Still make me feel like we’re in high school, and I get all blushy and full of butterflies.”

Niall: “Ready to go?” Niall murmurs into your ear, trying to get you to hear him over the sound of the club music. You nod your head at him, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You grab his hand and start to lead him out of the busy atmosphere. You could feel Niall’s eyes looking at your backside, but you didn’t think he would actually reach out and smack it. After the initial sting and shock of the blow wore off, you turned turned around with a surprised look on your face. “Niall why did you do that?! We’re in public, what if someone had gotten a picture of that?” you lightly scold him. You could feel your cheeks turning a bright red color, feeling a little shy and embarrassed about what happened. You bring yourself close to Niall’s chest, hiding your shy smile and red face. “Sorry lovey, just looked too good not to touch.” 

im sorry this took so long to get out and it probs isnt even worth the wait im so sorry. when i was just about to post this i had opened another tab but when i switched back to this everything i thought i had saved had been deleted so i had to write from memory and this is no where near as goo as the original i wrote so im v sorry for this but ill try to get out another one soon but if not it will be posted tomorrow. anyway thank you to the anon that requested this and  thanks for reading and please request.

okay but what the fuck? can we talk about this ??? louis actually HOLDS harry’s wrists down and slowly makes his way to lick harry’s nose, making sure harry is okay with the gesture, and harry isnt even moving!!! as if louis does this on the regular!!! and niall this fucker is just watching the whole thing i cant with this

I love how sassy everyone is on here but when we’re in school or the general public we can’t even think straight so our comebacks and sass are like a week late

Tour Fights - Niall Horan Imagine

This was not requested, I thought of it on my own! But please feel free to request anything that has to do with One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, or The Walking Dead

Imagine: Your on tour with Niall and you guys are fighting quite a bit.

“Im leaving, Niall! I cant take this anymore!” I yelled.

“Y/N, please wait, just.. I have to go on stage! Just wait, and we can talk!” Niall yelled after me, as I walked away.

I wasnt going to wait though. I was going to be gone before he got off stage. We, of course, hadn't planned any of this to happen. It just started about a month ago. The littlest things were pissing each of us off. The fact that Niall never seemed to have time for me, is one of the biggest things. He didn't even have time to finish a stupid fight, because he had to be on stage. The whole thing was just becoming a mess. We obviously werent ready to be together, on a small bus for this long. We had only lasted 3 months on tour, and 5 months in our relationship. We were still a pretty new couple, and I really think we just need some time apart. 

Niall’s P.O.V.

Saying I was distracted was an understatment. I was way more than distracted. I was worried. Y/N wanted to leave! I dont know why there has been all this fighting, but I dont want her to leave. I kept looking at the spot in the crowd that was specially for her. It stayed empty throughout the whole show. I could feel my heart shattering with every word that I sang. I tried pushing her out of my mind. Just focus on the crowd, Niall. Give the fans a good time. Worry about your relationship later. Those were the fine words of Harry. I had told him the situation when we were doing an outfit switch, and I seen Y/N nowhere in sight. Though his words didnt help. Finally at the end of the concert, I went back to my dressing room. Only to find it empty. Her stuff gone. I noticed a note on the table and I sighed, taking a big drink of my water bottle, before I picked it up. 

          Im sorry I had to do this.. I just cant take the fighting, or the tour. That life just isnt working for me. I dont know what I want. Honestly I dont even know if I want to break up with you.. But I am going home, I will call you later and we can talk. I love you, Ni.

“NO!” I yelled, and threw my water bottle at the wall. “No, no, no!” I yelled, as tears started to form in my eyes. 

Part two??

for some reason those posts about ot4 being stronger than ever just dont sit well with me. i know it SHOULD because i LOVE THOSE FOUR IDIOTS and this isnt even about my fave being zayn. its just the blatant fact that were louis or harry the ones who left the band, we’d get MANY MORE posts about how ONE DIRECTION HAS A HOLE WITHOUT HIM and EVEN THOUGH THE OTHER FOUR ARE STRONG, IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME. instead, we get posts about how theyre better than ever and rocking and still ‘whole’ without zayn and it makes me so fucking angry idek why 


whydamnitwhy - who isnt even a one direction blog but follows me because shes my girlfriend and she loves me






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