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The Last Jedi: themes of change, cycles of renewal, and bitching about lore

Spoilers included

Ok, so I was going to give this a bit more time, maybe watch the movie again to see if I caught all the details, but then I started seeing all of these reviews on Youtube from ostensible Star Wars “fans” that just… miss the themes of this motion picture by an enormous margin. So I’m going to tell you what it’s all REALLY about. And you can trust me, because I have a small blog on the internet and write long unwieldy sentences.

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@litelatin replied to your post “Anonymous asked: I’m French and Irish living in the US and my Irish grandfather…”  what kind of headcannons?

As in what irish hcs bother me in this respect as an irish person?

EDIT: this got kind of long, but if you’re interested in learning about what “Irish” elements in hcs/writing/etc. can come across badly to an Irish reader or
interrupt suspension of disbelief, see below the cut for some points I came up with off the top of my head - this is written thinking about Ronan Lynch/TRC but also includes some of my general musings. I’m happy to consult with anyone who wants help with this!

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