and they go back to the way things were

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Hello I would just like to say thanks to your art, you've gotten me to get back into playing Miitopia and going to 100% it. My main team is a Kind Mage, Cautious Chef, Energetic Female Pop Star and Laid-Back Knight. What is a tip that you suggest to help me 100% the game?

Ooooh I’m so glad ;v; I love Miitopia

So these were the hardest medals for me and I’ll give the best tip I can think of after them:

  • Monsters’ worst nightmare (defeat each type of monster found in Miitopia): The best thing I can recommend for this is being careful to take care of monsters from low level quests early. The way quests work is that the level of the quest is closest to the highest level character in your inn, so you may need to change some jobs so that they go back to lower levels.
  • Fearsome foodie (Obtain every possible Miitopian food): This one’s quite difficult in that the food drops are random. You’ll get most of the foods by just getting the other medals but some will haunt you. The best tip I can do is to make sure you do the daily delivery favors since they can offer food as rewards, and as one of my comics showed the last food item I needed I got from one of these deliveries.
  • Master of arms (collect every weapon from every job [for one person]): The way I did it was that I just got the weapons the normal way for all the jobs, then I used the catalog to easily buy all the weapons for one person. For getting money, there are two easy ways to get money. The first is to actually hold off on buying the legendary weapons, instead waiting to get them through roulette. Wait for a roulette that has a good chance for the weapon (at least half the wheel) and save up your tickets. Get the weapon and keep selling it instead of equipping it to someone. The other way is to go through Midland Marsh (the uppermost flag in this picture) and go the “gold” way. If you run into the golden snurp and beat it, you get 20,000 G.
  • Fashionista (collect every piece of clothing from every job [for on person]): The strategy I had for this one was the same as the weapons strat
  • Master of all trades (level 50 in every job for one person): There are two good methods to do this one too. The first thing is to use your game tickets in the roulette to wait until you have a large blue portion for a “Royal Portion of EXP”. However I do recommend you save the roulette method for when you’re above mid 30s as getting to mid 30s is easy enough and you’ll wanna save your tickets so you can easily get 99.999 EXP per Royal portion in the higher levels (which sometimes require as much as FOUR rounds of 99,999 EXP). The second method is to go to the snurps area in Otherworld and take the bottom path and hope to get the rare snurp lineup. If you can defeat all of the snurps in that lineup you get 64.000 EXP.
  • Eating +99 to all stats (exactly as it sounds): Pick one person and feed them all the best food (so long as they like it of course). You’ll get to 99 in all of them as you slowly get the other medals, so it’s not too bad.

The Master of all trades is likely to be the last one you’ll get, but I hope this all helps! Good luck :>

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When you’re in love with mob Tom but your brother is mob Harrison, toms rival.

Oomph okay so we can all agree that this is sort of a Romeo and Juliet situation. It would lead to the two of you meeting up behind his back and that was few and far between considering the security your brother set you was strong. There were mascarade balls, secret kisses and those few times you managed to sneak into his house without being spotted by anymore. 

You easily felt bad about lying to your brother and going behind his back, especially since the things Tom had done to his mob in the past had been ruthless and vis vera. In a way, you felt as if you were backstabbing him but in the two years you managed to sneak around, things had eased between the two boys and you stopped both from doing things they’d later regret– without Harrison suspecting anything.

The day Harrison found out would take place as the worst day of your life. There was more yelling then you could comprehend and threats spat from both sides. But alas, it doesn’t matter how in love the two of you are, the rival would ultimately tear you apart and things would not end well. There was blood on both boys hands.

Concept day!! send concepts

My first play party!

I’ve been in the BDSM community for about a year now, exploring in depth since I’ve met @collaredinpearls. I’ve been to events and munch’s but never a full-blown play party.

It all started with having @collaredinpearls dressed up as my fuck doll, as that is her pet name since we first started dating. I put on her cuffs and collar and packed our play bag full of fun stuff. Paddles, floggers, canes, vibrators, and tons of rope.

This was a BYOB party and once we arrived had some cocktails and mingled. Her being well known in the community knew some of the people and started to introduce me as her sir. We walked around to scope the rooms and equipment, I walked past a St. Andrews Cross and knew that’s where I wanted to start.

I grabbed the play bag, directed her to the cross and told her to stand still. I opened the bag grabbed the rope, took her gorgeous tits out and began to apply a chest harness, after the harness I grabbed some smaller gauge rope and wrapped it around her tits. Once her tits where bulging and nipples popping out I installed the nipple clamps on my Doll.

(photo is from a previous scene to provide visual aspect)

stood there a moment in awe of how beautiful my Doll was while I had a little bit of an audience watching I was unaware, it was like we were all alone connected through our scene. I grabbed the chain on the nipple clamps and guided her around the building. Showing off my Doll all tied up.

We made our way back to the cross where I shoved her up against it. I attached her arms and legs to the cross and put a blindfold on her. I then again opened my bag of debauchery looking at all the play things at my disposal. I started off with the light flogger and began to go to work. Slowly building up momentum I started to go harder, as she started to moan I went harder. Every time I saw her squirm a bit more I grabbed her and whispered in her ear(you are taking this beating like a good doll, you are doing so good. I’m proud of you.)

I switched from the flogger to more of a heavier flogger then to a crop and ended off with a cane. She ended up with a few good came marks she proudly displays today.

I could tell her arms were getting tired from being strapped to the cross so I unbuckled her and moved her to the spanking chair. I had her bent over spread and displayed to the world. I rubbed my hand over her rosey cheeks and ”slap” going down to her soaking wet pussy, massaging her clit then ”slap” this lasted a good few min then I grabbed one of my favorite vibrators spread her open and applied it right on her clit. I swear it was immediately when she was begging me to cum. My Doll was such a good doll I granted her that wish and told her to cum for me. She exploded with yells and squirted all over my hand. The most I’ve ever seen.

It was beautiful, she was beautiful!

I unstrapped her and hugged and kissed her, untied her from the harness and guided her to one of the rooms where I laid her on the bed and covered her with a blanket. We laid there cuddling and just talking about how we both enjoyed our scene together. A couple people walked in to our room and started going at it. One couple performing cunnilingus and the other just making out then turned into straight up fucking.

My Doll grabbed my cock and wrapped her lips around it, my eyes rolling to the back of my head I’m so built up from our scene I grabbed her, flipped her on her back and started to fuck my doll. I pounded her right soaked pussy. Staring into her eyes seeing the smile and moans coming from the room I filled my doll up with my seed.

I have never even thought I would be an exhibitionist before that day, but damn if that wasn’t the hottest, sexiest moment of my life.

We made our way to the front room and cuddled up on the couch to enjoy the rest of the night. Other people started to come out and share the couch we chatted and just enjoyed each others company.

To close the night off we headed to a pizza spot and devoured some of the best local pizza we ever had and headed home.

To look back in retrospect and appreciation, I can not stress the importance of aftercare. The whole time I checked in and ensured my doll was enjoying herself and felt safe and in good health. I did a lot of studying on this matter and was well aware of signs to watch for. I paid full attention to her body signals and I knew when I could go hard or needed to stop. Also something I was unaware of until last night was top drop. The last few days I felt exhausted and fell into a depression and couldn’t figure out why. @collaredinpearls explained it all to me, showed me some great articles on the matter and has helped me overcome and be more prepared next time.

I am eternally grateful to have my Doll in my life and as I push her limits she is pushing mine.

Freeing all the Monsters- Chapter 7

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It all happened so quickly. Even through all of his struggling and thrashing, Jameson still was somehow held down, strapped to a table with a blaring light over his head. Though he was struggling the main way there, he could tell where he was; the operation room of Henrik’s clinic, which only meant one thing, or one person at least.

His thoughts were answered when he saw the Plague doctor step into view next to him. Jameson began thrashing in his spot even more when he heard a familiar voice nearby, just out of sight. “Think you can handle him?” The man said.

“No no,” The doctor responded. “He is perfectly secure,” He assured them. “Go back to Anti.”

No response came after that, just the sound of the clinic door closing. The doctor removed his long beaked mask before towering over Jameson with a wicked grin. “Vell, zis will be fun. Very fun indeed,” The mad doctor licked his drooling lips. “I’ve waited a long time to start working on someone, and my patience has gone dry. But Anti promised I would get to finally do this, and look at me now. He really has delivered on his promise.”

The doctor began looking through the cabinets and drawers in the room, pulling out medicine and tools that he needed. “You know Jameson,” He starts to say, still walking through the clinic as if this entire thing is normal. “I originally wanted to work on the magician. I was curious as to how his physical form would react along with his supernatural abilities. Alas, someone else needed him more than I,” a cold grin came to the doctor’s face and he turned to Jameson. “But you might be just perfect. Without your voice, I don’t have to listen to you scream.”

Jameson felt a needle start to prick into his arm. “Be still!” Plague demanded when he started thrashing again. “Or else I’ll have to stick the IV in again!” Jamie tensed up and stayed still, as he was told. He winced when the needle was inserted, feeling something burning start to enter his bloodstream.

A slight pain started spreading through Jamie’s body until his veins were glowing green. Schneep looked down at the ego as the green veins started to appear all throughout his body. “Perfect Jameson, just perfect.”

The doctor stood next to the bed, picking up a long scalpel in his hand. He placed a mouth guard over his mouth. “Now how about we start with that neck of yous.” Plague’s eyes started to glow a matching green color, and suddenly, Jamie’s neck and upper shoulders started to go numb, although the pain in the rest of his body seemed to just be amplified. He looked up at the doctor in panic. “Be happy I’m giving you anything at all.”

Jamie clamped his eyes shut as the deranged doctor began to lean forward over the mute ego, about to start his procedure, but the pressure of his scalpel never came. Jamie peaked his eye opened, seeing Plague’s hand frozen inches from his neck. He looked down confused and pulled away. Plague brushed the strange feeling off and leaned in more to attempt again, but the same thing happened, he froze right there in front of him. “What the,” The doctor muttered. He tried to push forward with more force, when a sepia color filter started to cover his hand, making its way up the doctor’s arm. Plague pulled back, stumbling a few feet away from the mute male.

“What did you do?” Plague whispered. Jameson was shaking himself, slightly unsure of his own actions. The doctor’s expression turned dark. He rushed next the the mute man and leaned over him closely. “What was that?” He grabbed the other’s restrained arm forcefully. “Tell me!” He demanded.

Jamie clamped his eyes shut and shook his head. Suddenly, the doctor was rewinding his actions, until he stopped back where he was after his skin turned the sepia tone. Plague was a few feet back from the mute man. Jamie was breathing heavily, eyes falling closed as he struggled to stay conscious.

The doctor just stood for a second, then a smirk stretched across his lips. “Of course,” He muttered, chuckling lightly, the sound eventually growing louder and more intense. “Oh Jameson Jackson. It looks like you have a few tricks up your sleeve still,” Jameson, looked away from the doctor, turning sheepishly. “A little untapped potential,” Plague stood over the mute man, licking his lips tentatively. “This just became a lot more fun.”

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and YES rep has been greatly successful and the era has been amazing too, IS amazing. she's not going to /ignore/ it. she's going to acknowledge all the changes that have taken her to this point in her life. right now she's back on the top, were she was at the end of 1989. i think in a way rep was to demonstrate she deserves to be on the top. without rep, with another album as her sixth, she might not have had the same success. 2/?

the way i see it is this one. after 1989, she fell, people threw her down. rep has helped her JUMP to the top, where she belongs. now back on the top, she’s definitely going to say these are the things i had to do, and now This is what i want to do after it. she’s not going to simply erase all this huge events. /end

listen i just really want people to stop acting like rep was just some weird bump in the road to push us on to the REAL music and the REAL era we were supposed to have


love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

So I’m at that scene in book 2 when Neil is going off on Andrew at Exites for not caring about himself or wanting to save himself, you know, right before The Moment of Intense UST? Anyway that triggered the memory of Andrew’s ‘this could be a problem’ moment from Nora’s extra content so I went to look for it and this is what it says: “The first time Andrew saw Neil without his medication blurring his judgment, he thought, This could be a problem, but he did not take it seriously then.” And so I had my normal reaction to it (nioce, nioce) until I realized something. I’ve assumed this whole time she meant this at the start of Kings Men but it says 'THE FIRST TIME Andrew saw Neil without his medication…’ The FIRST time. Do you guys know when that was? Chapter 2. Of The Foxhole Court. Book 1. I want you to imagine Andrew Minyard waiting in that airport for Neil and seeing him for only the SECOND TIME and thinking 'this could be a problem’ Just think about the level of frustration he felt being attracted to this mysterious guy while also being incredibly suspicious of him. P L E A S E THINK ABOUT HOW NEIL WAS INTERESTING TO HIM WHEN ON THE MEDICATION AS WELL. So what I’m saying is, Andrew wanted Neil wether on the drugs or not, he found him endlessly frustrating and incredibly stupid and he liked him oh so very much and he really hated that. He never stood a chance.

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i love mob so much please for the love of god tell me about ur feelings on 100% ecstasy

OH BOY WILL I !!! ABSOLUTELY 100% (pun unintended but warmly embraced) 

out of all the 100% events, ecstasy is my favorite. the drama… the tragedy… will fiction EVER peak like this again? i don’t think so. but BEFORE I DELVE INTO ALL OF THAT, there’s something i want to talk about first: mob’s psychic powers as an expression of his emotions. 

we all know that mob suppresses his emotions to avoid outbursts of psychic power. but THAT implies that mob’s psychic power is a form of self expression, in the same way that body language is expression. 

he can direct his psychic powers – the same way we can direct our bodies’ actions – but there are other components that are difficult to stop, similar to how people’s shoulders tend to hunch when they’re angry or upset, how they subconsciously cross their arms and direct their feet away when something is making them uncomfortable, etc. 

unless you know about these bits of body language, and make a deliberate attempt to suppress them, it’s difficult to stop your body from revealing something about your emotions. similarly, one function of mob’s psychic power is as an extension of the way he expresses himself. these things happen subconsciously and mostly without mob’s control. 

for example, one of the trademarks of mob’s 100% events is that mob starts releasing waves of psychic power that push his hair back. other side effects include cracking the ground under him, often to dramatic effect.

mob doesn’t push his hair up on purpose, it’s just something that happens – as a result of him releasing his pent-up emotions in the form of psychic power. these little bits of expression aren’t something he can control.

mob also says something REALLY INTERESTING in his first 100% event:

during 100% rage mob uses his psychic powers to fight dimple, yes, but these lines suggest that his outburst of power happened because he finally had to express his anger. and that implies that, in order to show his emotions, and express himself, mob has to use his psychic powers. 

which is something he almost never allows himself to do. 

never forget the disdain / loathing mob had for himself at the beginning of the manga, and how convinced he was that he couldn’t allow himself to express himself OTHERWISE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. 

further material to consider: the lines that he said right before his 100% animosity / hostility event 


at this point, mob hasn’t taken any action against koyama yet. his outburst of psychic power, radiating outward and blanketing the area, is not doing anything but expressing his hostility – to the extent that mob expects koyama to be able to feel it. 

in addition to that, during mob’s fight with toichirou, he cycles rapidly through a LOT of emotions, and this is what he says about it:

canon suggests that it’s not just a buildup of of emotions that cause his powers to run amok; allowing his powers to run amok also allows himself to feel the full intensity of his emotions. his psychic powers are key to expressing himself.

I COULD GO ON… but i’ll just leave things here for now. to summarize: mob subconsciously uses his psychic powers to express his emotions, which is why suppressing his emotions also suppresses his psychic powers. 

figure 1: a helpful venn diagram of things 


the fight against toichirou is possibly the first time mob has been able to fully utilize his psychic powers. the first time he’s had to, even. all the unconscious limits he’s put on himself – not allowing his psychic power to go free, stifling his emotions and powers – all come undone. 

mob is allowing himself to be himself, wholly and fully. he’s removed his inhibitions. he’s running wild and free. he’s no longer expending energy trying to regulate his psychic powers – he’s allowing himself to feel. this intensity of emotion and action is something mob has never given himself before, and the freedom of it… feels good. incredibly so. he feels free, he feels alive, and toichirou – the only individual to ever stand on a level close to mob’s – understands perfectly. 

this is a level of joy mob has never felt before. 

the release of his psychic power even comes hand in hand with mob’s body language becoming much freer and more expressive than it is in daily life. look at him go!! mob, for the first time in years… letting himself feel the intensity of his emotions, just as they really are.  

but of course his happiness isn’t going to last 

because mob wants to be a part of society, and he thinks he has to keep his psychic powers sequestered away in order to do that. his greatest fear is accidentally hurting the people he loves with his own psychic power, and when he remembers that possibility… 

the tragedy of 100% ecstasy is that – for just a brief moment, mob released himself from his self-imposed limits. for a moment, he let himself really feel, he let himself be, and in that moment he experienced a richness, an intensity, a moment of being so utterly present and alive that it brought himself to heights he’d never reached before. 

 and mob will never willingly allow himself to do that ever again. 


Middle Earth meme | [7/8] moments The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) dir. Peter Jackson

↳   I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy.
   How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer.
  Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something. Even if you were too small to understand why. 

Harry & Y/N don’t talk, but when he offers to be her bf she thinks its not that crazy.

Hello! This lil story just popped into my head and I was like I gotta write it! I was mainly inspired by “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Just a different concept obvs. I hope you enjoy! :)

They aren’t best friends, but yet they aren’t strangers. They were more like acquaintances. On the occasion they would exchange small side hugs or give each other a welcoming smile whenever they’d cross paths, to be friendly of course. But they never really conversed. Usually whenever Harry went out to a party or to a bar with some of his close friends, she’d be there too because of mutual friends they had.

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midnight suck. 3

“Come on little human, come out and play.”

  • pairing: vamp!jungkook x reader
  • genre: vampire au, destined lovers au, slow burn
  • warnings: mentions of child abuse, depictions of child abuse, blood and gore, intimidation, scary jungkook
  • words: 8,300
  • summary: you had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.

Series updates every Saturday at 8PM PST!

–> 1 | 2  | 4

“Why do you want my boyfriend’s number again?”

You see, good detectives always went back to the scene of the crime. It was a known fact in every thriller film you’d ever watched. Going back to the crime scene always lead to some missed evidence that could eventually help in a great discovery, thus catching a wanted criminal and saving the day.

Two things were wrong with this theory though. One, the only evidence you’d find in that back alley was dried crusted blood on an old brick wall, and a flood of horrible guilt.

The second, Jungkook wasn’t just a criminal, wasn’t just a murderer; you had a distinct feeling that he was good at avoiding being caught.

So playing detective, at least out in the open, wasn’t going to work for you. No, you needed answers from the source, or at least, close to the source.

You really didn’t feel like seeing Jungkook again.

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Lethal ( Min Yoongi)

pairing: Min Yoongi | Reader
words: 8.5K
warnings: lots of fluff, smut, all kinds of filth

Synapse: Min Yoongi, a demigod with cursed eyes that turns anyone who looks into them turn to stone, is now faced with an innocent girl who was only curious about curses and unintentionally breaks his curse.

One shots Masterlist

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a lil theory based off of something i saw on twitter:

• s5 is the season where lotor first starts getting close to team voltron. lance dislikes him immediately and does not trust him at all. this is amplified by the fact that lotor also starts getting close to allura

• s6 shows allura and lotor getting even closer. they straight up ignore lance when he asks if they need his help, and lance pines over allura. seeing her with someone else has made him realize that he likes her a lot more than he originally thought.

• lotor ends up betraying the team. allura is devastated, so lance comforts her.

• s7 comes along. lotor is taken care of, but now there’s someone else who starts to get close to the team; acxa. and who does acxa try to get especially close to? keith. just like what lotor did with allura, and guess what? lance is visibly just as upset by acxa and keith as he was with lotor and allura

• we know that acxa is back on earth. s8 is going to show her and keith getting closer (not in a romantic way, keith doesn’t feel that way about her — “it must be true love” “can’t we just fight?”), and lance is going to be jealous and distrustful of her. he’ll definitely think something more is going on, and that’ll help him realize how he feels about keith. he’ll recognize his feelings towards keith and acxa being together as the same as how he felt about lotor and allura together.

• but, unlike lotor/allura, keith/acxa is either one sided or no sided at all. i think acxa is playing keith, and keith will fall for it because she’s saved his life a couple of times before. keith isn’t going to be heartbroken about acxa’s betrayal like allura was about lotor’s betrayal, because keith isn’t in love with acxa.

• similar to how lance was there for allura after lotor’s betrayal, i think lance will be the one to save keith if acxa puts him in harm’s way, since he’s the one on the team who’s the most suspicious of acxa. after saving him, lance will probably expect to comfort a heartbroken keith like he did with allura, but that’s not going to be the case. keith will be so happy about lance saving his life that he’ll confess to him, and lance will be ~shook~ because he thought keith/acxa were a thing. lance will also realize that keith/acxa weren’t the same as allura/lotor, because keith has always liked him back :’)

Suspicious shit Jack has said in Transference #2.

6:38 – “I just wish we could go back to the way things were before.”

14:09 – ”Standing at the end of a red hallway, silhouetted like that – big fear!“

19:20 – “What’s wrong with this dad? Is he an alcoholic…?”

29:17 – “Your wife, the dog… what about me? No one seems to care about me…”

41:53 – “He was just focused on his work so she wanted to leave…” [falls silent for several seconds, looking sad/devastated]

pranked // tom holland

Word Count: 1.3k
Warnings: i don’t think there’s anything?? bestfriend!dad!tom
Summary: harry convinces you to trick tom into thinking you’re in labor
A/N: hhhh y’all we’re almost done!!! only a few more parts left!!! ok so i’ve obviously never been pregnant, so idk what labor/giving birth is like but i tried to do some research and i used what i know from people in my life who have been pregnant. i tried my best lmao. ALSO i should say that i do believe there was an anon saying there should be a part about pranking tom. so this is for you!!! if there’s anything you wanna see before the series is over, please let me know!! i hope you like it. feedback would be much appreciate :)

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“We should prank him,” Harry spoke up from the opposite end of the couch.

Your head turned to Tom’s brother, furrowing your eyebrows together, “How? You know I’m not getting off of this couch.”

The three of you, and Harrison, were just having a lazy day together. There was constantly a movie playing on the TV,  even if the four of you weren’t paying attention. The closer you got to your due date, the lazier you got, and the less you wanted to do things. And by this point, you were about two weeks away from your due date.

You were currently sat on the couch with Harry, feet kicked up on the coffee table, while Tom and Harrison were in the kitchen, getting some food for all of you. You genuinely didn’t mind hanging out with the boys - they were all the entertainment you needed.

Harry shrugged his shoulders as he set his cup back on the coffee table, “We could, like, pretend you’re going into labor. Just to see how he’d react.”

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What else would we do?

I was back in 7th grade and we were going to go on a trip to Chicago, but for whatever reasons our plan tickets ended up not being valid and so everyone was bummed out that we couldn’t go. However, my English teacher, seeing how sad all the students were, did the only logical thing and snuck all 48 of us, plus 4 other teachers and 6 parent chaperones onto a vacant air plane and proceeded to hijack said air plane and she flew us all the way to the Bahamas for a whole week.

there’s a leaf in your hair | eddie brock

anonymous asked: Eddie brock x reader “there’s a leaf in ur hair”

warnings: this gets a little nsfw-ish at the end which i didn’t intend lol so i’m sorry if you didn’t want that!

It had to have been the most cliché thing to ever happen to you.

Eddie’s hand held yours and you walked down the sidewalk on your way back to your apartment. It started off as a simple errand, and ended up being a ‘night on the town’ sort of situation. You’d gone to random shops you passed, with no intention to buy anything. You just wanted to avoid going back home, where nothing in particular was happening. Nights like these were rare, too, so you both wanted to make the best of it.

The weather had been perfect all night. That was until it started pouring rain.

You and Eddie held hands, nearly running down the sidewalk. You were already absolutely drenched, so there really was no sense in running home. You got the feeling Venom was getting a kick out of Eddie’s miserable state.

You were quite giddy, though. Running in the rain with the love of your life proved to be quite fun. You felt like a child, stomping around in puddles with rain boots on. Except you were a grown woman, sprinting down the street with her fiancé, still a block left until you arrived at home.

“Can’t your alien friend help us out somehow?” You asked, having to shout over the sound of thunder and splashing of puddles.

“How? By eating the rain?” Eddie laughed, shouting to match your volume.

“Well I don’t know! I was just brainstorming… Ha. Storming. No pun intended.” You could almost sense Eddie rolling his eyes at you.

“At least we’re getting our exercise!”

It wasn’t long before you arrived at your apartment building’s door step. When you climbed the stairs, you felt Eddie let go of your hand. You turned to face him. “What the hell are you doing? Come inside!” You were shouting in confusion.

“Wait, come here. I want to do something.” Eddie said, motioning you with his hand to join him. You reluctantly agreed, anything to get Eddie to listen to you.

“What?” By this time, you didn’t have to shout since you were close enough to him so he could hear you. He paused, staring into your eyes for what you presumed to be dramatic effect. He smiled to himself, still making intense eye contact with you. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because. There’s a leaf in your hair.” He said, hand brushing away at your hair.

You rolled your eyes. “Really, Edward? That’s your big line? Way to ruin the moment!”

“I’m sorry,” he could barely finish the words before he was kissing you passionately, hands cupping either side of your face. He pulled away for only a moment, and kissed you again. You found yourself pouting when he actually pulled away, the feeling of his lips still lingering on yours. “I always wanted to do that.” He smiled widely.

“What? Kiss in the pouring rain?”

Your fiancé nodded.

“Oh my God. I just realized something.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’m marrying the world’s biggest cheese ball.” You faked worry in your voice. Eddie let out a hearty laugh at your comment.

“Yes, yes you are. Now let’s get the heck inside and warm up,” he gave you a knowing look and winked, locking hands with you yet again.

As you both trotted up the staircase and into your apartment, you both instantly started creating pools of puddles on your tile floor from your dripping clothes. “I was actually planning on getting in the shower. But you should probably relax, it’s been a busy day and I know how tired you get.” You said teasingly, placing a kiss on his cheek before disappearing into the bathroom. Expectantly, you heard Eddie’s footsteps following you.

“What better way to relax than a nice hot shower, right?” He said, quickly discarding his sopping wet clothes. You pretended to be annoyed.

“I suppose you came in here to finish what you started outside?” You said when Eddie stepped foot in the shower with you, raising your eyebrows at the brunette.

“Something like that,” he muttered and smirked at you, engulfing you in a kiss once more.

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