and then i'd be back in a mental place i never wanna be in again

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Out of the Ashes, The Road to Hell

Out of the Ashes, part 18/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr
Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.
Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
tumblr A03

James bundled Rose back in the car after the sun had risen over the coast, trying not to think about the guilt that was making his stomach churn.  He was still certain the time on her own would be good for her, especially after her tearful admissions, but even that didn’t stop him from feeling like a sadist.  The minute he’d gotten to her flat to find her pale and shaking, he’d immediately hated himself for putting her through this.

It had been easy to convince Jack and Sarah Jane to go along with his plan, because everyone who knew Rose knew she was hanging by a thread, even if she didn’t.  It had made complete sense in his head; separate Ian from Rose, temporarily, and ensure that she had the time and space needed to at least come to terms with her own grief.  Plus, he’d promised Jack that he would never be more than a phone call away.  But practical applications tend to yield different results than theoretical; in this case, he hadn’t anticipated the way his heart would break for her when her pain overwhelmed her.

She hadn’t heard his muffled apology back at the flat, which was probably for the best at the time. If she’d known then what he’d done, he wouldn’t have been able to get her in the car, much less tax her limits the way he had…another action weighing heavily on his mind.

He’d have to tell her. That’s all there was to it.  Then again, if he did…she might hate him, and he wasn’t at all sure he was prepared to cope with that scenario.

Her voice cut through his stormy thoughts, and it sounded like a question, although he couldn’t figure out what she’d been asking if his life depended on it.


“I asked if you were hungry,” she repeated patiently for him.  "Cause I’m starved, and I think there’s a diner up ahead.“

He glanced at her, then down the road at a place that looked like it could either be full of charm or the setting of a horror movie, depending on the time of day. "Really?”

“C'mon, live a little,” she said, then flashed a tongue in teeth grin that nearly caused him to run Bessie off the road.

“Right you are, Ms Smith,” he said, his voice only a little higher than normal. “Breakfast it is.”

Afterwards, he’d tell her the truth.  He could be allowed to enjoy a last meal before she beheaded him, surely.

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