and the pictures are honest to god the cutest things ever???

Texting T~ 🎄

Ok sorry this is a day late don’t hurt me 😅

So I texted T on Christmas and said :

“Heyy (insert name) , I just wanted to wish u a Merry Christmas - I hope you get everything you wanted this year 😁”

And he didn’t respond for like an hour so I was worried I overstepped even though he wrote in the letter I could text. Anyways his answer was :

“Hi, (my name) ! I was just thinking about you and I saw you texted. I wish I had seen it earlier :( Merry Christmas to you as well! I got most of what I wanted and you? How are you doing? Still annoying or did Christmas change you? ;)”

Literally. What. So the rest of this will be our convo. I’d rather post a text post then screenshots because people don’t like to read screenshots for some odd reason 😂

“Ha. Ha. So funny! How are you not a comedian 😱 Sorry, I didn’t change which is unfortunate for u i guess.. I got most of what I wanted also. Sort of ready to come back to school though”

T: “I’m glad you didn’t change, (my name).”

Me: “Oh” “ok” (separate texts)

T: “What didn’t you get? A puppy, a cellphone?”

Me: “It’s not materialistic but good try!”

T: “Aww I thought the puppy would be correct since you’re always bugging me to see mine.”

Me: “👀 speaking of”

T: “You make me laugh.”

Me: “Plssss”

T: “I’m rolling my eyes right now but you can’t see it.”

Me: “I’m rolling my eyes HARDER right now.”

T: “How are you doing that”

Me: “ I just am” “….puppy?”

T: “You’re persistent”

Me: “Like a fungus”

T: *new picture message*


Me: “OMG” “AHHH” “you should bring her in 😭😭 I love her”

T: “Maybe”

Me: “I want to meet her, you have to! I’ll die if I don’t”

T: “Dramatic! I didn’t say no”

Me: “If you ever want a pet sitter….”

T: “I’ll keep that in mind. You’ll be the first I call.”

Me: “😁” “its because I’m your favorite”

T: “Nice try, (nickname)”

Me: “damn. I thought u would fall for it”

T: “I’m not easily fooled”

Me: “You sound like an old man”

T: “24?”

Me: “Slight old man”

T: “I’m rolling my eyes again”

Me “But are you smiling?”

T: “….I will not confirm nor deny”

Me: “Me too”

T: “You make me smile a lot”

Me: “I’m honored.” “You make me smile a lot too.”

Me: “I miss you, (T’s name)”

T: “and I you” “I’ve been thinking about you most of break- you’re kind of stuck in my head. It’s annoying.”

Me: “😁”

T: “Don’t take pride in my pain!”

Me: “It’s not painful! I’ve been thinking about you too, but I didn’t know if texting would be too much so I waited- just being honest”

T: “I always want to hear from you!”

Me: “Ok”

T: “Don’t hesitate if you need something”

Me: “I’ll remember that. And you too!”

T: “Ok, (my name).”

Me: “I miss your dog.”

T: “Oh my god I should never have sent that to you.”

Me: “It’s going to be my phone background.”

T: “Good god.”

Me: “You think I’m lying?”

T: “I KNOW you’re not.”

Me: “😭” “what can I say I’m a sucker for cute things”

T: “Yea? I guess I can agree.”

Me: “Wow macho” “pls send me another picture”

T: “No”

Me: “😭”

T: “Fine. Only for you.”

T: *new picture message*


Me: “That’s the cutest one. She’s so little! And asleep wow somebody call 911.”

T: “Dork.”

Me: “You like it”

T: “That I do” (W. T. F.)

Me: “Anyways, I should probably go. Getting ready for the day.”

T: “Ok :) I’ll pet Snickers for you.”

Me: “You. Named. Your. Dog. After. A. Chocolate. Bar.”

T: “My favorite one”

I LOVE YOU I wanted to type

Me: “Perfect. I love it.”

T: “Good bye, (my name)”

Me: “Good bye, (his name)”

T: “:)”


dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



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suigestsuxsakura headcanon? :3

Suigetsu could care less about girls. Karin pretty much soured any sort of potential romance for him because of her overbearing personality, so he tried his best to steer clear from girls.

After the war was over he DID NOT GO BACK TO OROCHIMARU OKAY. He did not. In no way whatsoever did he even think about it. Sasuke casually invites (and by that i mean just tells him to go) Taka to Konoha where they can hang out and introduces him to his other team (Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura) with, y’know, Sasuke’s special way.

But you know, Suigetsu isn’t a complete idiot. He’s heard stories at times from Sasuke about this pink-haired chick that was ‘so annoying’ and ‘obsessed with him’, so he only knew THAT side of Sakura from when she was younger. He saw her during the war and how amazingly strong she was, but ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED IN SASUKE UCHIHA SEEMED TO BE A GIRL THAT HE WAS 100% NOT INTERESTED IN.

During their stay in Konoha (which wasn’t even really a short visit, more like a much-needed year-long vacation). He pretty much was glued to Juugo or Sasuke because who else would he be with? Karin was loud and everyone in Konoha was creepily happy and super friendly. Still, Sasuke was Sasuke and do you know who Sasuke hangs out with? Naruto. And do you know who Naruto hangs out with? Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, AND SO MANY PEOPLE. 

Suigetsu isn’t partial to so many people and he also wasn’t a fan of Naruto’s obnoxious flailing and speeches about friendship. He felt he didn’t belong. Not in Konoha or Oto or Kiri or really anywhere. And it pissed him off that Sasuke just laid around with this blonde freak that only talked about ramen all the time???

“So, yeah, I’m going to take off.” Suigetsu is a good guy. He doesn’t want his shitty attitude to ruin Sasuke’s happiness or whatever. Probably just going to collect the rest of his swords or do mindless work until he realizes what he really wants to do with his life. 

He’s leaving. Getting his things packed, complaining about how little money he has, and trying to guess how long it would take to get to Kiri and find out some clues about where the rest of the swords are. Until Sakura drops by to give some medical books to Karin for her to look through. (They all share their own room since they’re so used to sharing rooms, okay???)

It’s pretty awkward at first. I mean… like really awkward. ‘So you’re leaving?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘It’s Suigetsu, right?’ ‘Uh-huh.’ ‘Back to Kirigakure?’ ‘That’s the plan.’

Sakura is ready to go back until she spots a picture of Taka together on one of the tables, probably belonging to Karin. She laughs a little, kind of embarrassed, while Suigetsu stares at her like ‘wtf??’. She explains that while Sasuke was gone with Orochimaru, they didn’t really know what was going to happen with him. She admits that she wondered who he was with and if he ever felt alone.

“Seeing this just reminds me of our own photo as Team Seven. In a way, I’m glad he met you all. Being with other people made it easier, I’m sure. Especially when dealing with his brother.”

Suigetsu just scoffs. “Pfft. Yeah, that was a big pain in the ass, though. Following him around all the time and having to make sure he was okay. Do you know how many times I’ve almost died because of him?! He’s the worst guy in the world! And now, he’s spending all of his time with that whiskered-face weirdo who’s always going on about udon or whatever and it drives me crazy! I swear, the Uchiha guys show no appreciation!”

Sakura plays along. “Definitely. It’s always a little grunt or two instead of a proper ‘thank you’, right? So rude!”

Suigetsu drops what he’s holding to continue his little rant. Honestly, this is the first time he’s let off some steam in a few weeks. “Finally! Someone who gets it! I’ll tear my hair out if I receive ‘hn’ as an actual response again! The guy can’t bear to say a word or two?!”

Sakura just nods her head, looking back on the picture. “I get what you mean, but you know, Suigetsu… When you’re off running errands or doing something else… Sasuke-kun tells us all about Taka and how you guys kept him stable for the most part. He relied on you guys and, after all of his problems, really is very grateful for your loyalty to him.”

Suigetsu kind of feels bad now. But I mean it’s not like the stuff he said about Sasuke WEREN’T true. Why can’t the asshole just say that stuff to his face???

“So are you still going to leave?”


“You were packing up. Heading to Kiri, yeah?” She puts the picture down and heads over to Suigetsu. “Or maybe… you could stay a little while longer? Talk to Sasuke? I’ve heard from quite a lot of people that it take a while to warm up to Konoha’s… ‘suffocating’ hospitatlity.”

Suigetsu is kind of suspicious of her. “Why do you want me to stay so bad? What, is Sasuke making you do this?”

“You’re one of Sasuke’s bonds. It may not be obvious to you, but to him and Naruto, having bonds are pretty special.” She pats him on the back and gets ready to leave. “Anyway, it’s your choice, so do what you want.”

So Suigetsu is having a hard time deciding what to do. Does he leave? Stay? WTF???? This girl that he barely knew just comes waltzing in and messes up his clearly thought-out plan and ruins it! He’s pretty much throwing a temper tantrum by the time Karin comes back and looks like an idiot. 

So he stays. And he learns she’s right. He gets used to the shopkeeps always telling him good morning or the random passerby asking how his day was (like is this an assassination attempt?? why are you asking about MY day???). He still kind of avoids Naruto, but mainly due to headaches and the fact that it seems like Naruto just drains him of all his energy. BUT HE’S TRYING. Sasuke even notices a bit of a change and they just nod to each other in acknowledgement. And it doesn’t take long for him to start spending more time with Sakura.

She wasn’t at all like how Sasuke described her. She was smart and strong and she barely ever spoke about Sasuke! She did have a scary side to her, but Suigetsu tried his best to not annoy her like Naruto did. It was becoming very obvious to everyone that Suigetsu was starting to crush on her and Karin had her chance to finally tease him about being infatuated with someone. She even told Sasuke about it. THE NERVE–

Sasuke just takes it in stride. It kind weirded him out at first, but he’s like eh. He’s pretty much Suigetsu’s wing man after finding out even though Suigetsu doesn’t even fucking know that Sasuke knows. Sasuke is not one to talk about such personal matters. So what does he do? He’ll make plans with Suigetsu, Sakura, and Naruto then challenge Naruto to a spar, leaving Suigetsu and Sakura alone. He’ll bail on plans with Suigetsu while Sakura is just so conveniently leaving the hospital after her shift, so she can join Suigetsu on whatever him and Sasuke were supposed to do. Get it now? Sasuke is very subtle and it doesn’t take too long for Sakura to start feeling a bit cozy with Suigetsu as well.

In the end, they do get together and Sasuke’s all smug, but no one really knows why. Hey, it’s his way of truly thanking Suigetsu, I guess.


Suigetsu and Sakura are terrible negotiators when it comes to dates. They’re either going out with friends (because it’s easier to go with the flow) or staying home.

When it’s really hot and they’re all swimming at the beach or whatever, Suigetsu will melt into the water and scare her. It always works. He loves pranking her.

He tries to be suave and smooth, but he ends up failing a lot of the time. He’s just not very good at flirting. Give him puns or making her laugh and he’ll land it every time.

Suigetsu can be very jealous and will often ice Naruto whenever he can. Both because he knows that Naruto once fancied her and because he just doesn’t like him. 

Sakura thinks his snaggle tooth is the cutest thing in the world. Just his sharp teeth, in general. She thinks it’s kind of sexy tbh.

Sakura can be jealous too. If they go to beach where Suigetsu shows off his swimming, she’ll hear a few ladies commenting on his physique and just his overall appearance. She’ll give them the death glare until they stop their gawking.

Karin’s always asking for the latest gossip from Sakura, so she has extra blackmail to make him miserable. It’s fun to see him squirm. Sakura’s pretty oblivious and Suigetsu just wonders how Karin knows that he’s severely ticklish???

Suigetsu tries to keep PDA to a minimum around Taka, but he’ll slip up every now and again. He’ll give her big hugs or kiss her forehead and Karin and Sasuke throw up in their mouths a little. Super embarrassing to him.

Mebuki honest to god thought he was a demon that seduced her daughter. She doesn’t trust him at all until Sakura pretty much begs her that he’s a normal human being that likes big swords. Cue her mom snidely remarking if he’s compensating for anything. They do not get along, but Kizashi loves his puns so he’s invited over often.

Suigetsu likes to cook, often showing off his ‘cutting skills’ with a bunch of meals and always a bunch of knives.

He also, to the encouragement of Sakura, to open his own restaurant. It’s a great way for him to cut things while also looking cool. Sakura thinks so anyway. His food’s good too! Naruto’s always telling him to put ramen on the menu and Suigetsu just looks into the camera like he’s on the office or something. He’s so done.

They also have a bunch of kids. On the first one while she was pregnant, Suigetsu was terrorized with the thoughts of having some screaming brat and having to clean up after it and why did he succumb to such desire, etc. After their baby boy was born, Suigetsu was in love. Kids are super ridiculous and they say hilarious things and he just had so much fun. Sakura put a stop to his begging after the fifth child. Three boys, two girls. She was finished lmao

She one time caught him trying to sharpen their teeth and wow what a sight that was lmao He never did it again even though they would have looked SO CUTE as he often says it. He also calls Sasuke and Juugo their uncles and Karin is the grandma.

WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
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of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

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honest- Auston Matthews

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You know I’m always here for you

You type out on your phone, contemplating sending it to Auston before sighing and deleting it. You know you’re not supposed to message him, think about him as much as you do, or even have him in your life one bit. Yet here you were at 1 am, laying next to your boyfriend of a year now while thinking about Auston fucking Matthews. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Do you have any ereri\rireni fic suggestions? or a link to any?

Hello anon! I definitely can recommend you some! Sorry this took a while, I was very busy yesterday.

I went to check the bookmarks on my other browser (I really have to update my new AO3 account already and add all my favorite fics to bookmarks in there, but I always forget to do it, I’m such a mess ;_;) and I’m listing some for you.

You didn’t specify any genre or preferences so there’s a bit of everything in here. All of these are personal favorites of mine, and are very special for me for different reasons, so I hope you like them!

Don’t Speak Against the Sun, by appleapple.
If I had to choose a favorite fic from this author, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Everything they write is spectacular. I’ve always had a preference for canonverse fics, so when I first found their works, it was like christmas came early for me. Still, I’m choosing this story, because it made my chest hurt in all the best ways, and everyone who likes canonverse should read it at least once, you will love it.

Fireside, by twisting_vine_x. [ @twisting-vine-x ]
I always loved this author’s writing style, because it’s the kind that gets you squealing, jumping, covering your face with your hands and making silly sounds at every minimal interaction, and builds anticipation masterfully to the point that gets you trembling with them just as much as holding hands. It has such an effect on me, it’s so embarrassing lol. Fireside is one of my favorites, I love the fact that these two just can’t help falling in love with each other no matter the circumstances, even if they just met and are stuck together in a house in the middle of a snow storm.

A Learned Misbehavior, by sciencefictioness. [ @sciencefictioness ]
One of the best takes at a student/teacher relationship I have ever read. Student/teacher usually isn’t one of my favorite things to read about, I find there’s always something all these kind of stories lack for me, so I don’t really read that many.  But then I found this story and it was like FINALLY, this is exactly what I was looking for all this time. It doesn’t ignore all the complications a relationship like this would have, the struggle in the mind of someone who suddenly feels a strong attraction for someone he shouldn’t, the consequences of acting on their desires. It touches every single thing realistically and that just makes this story even more beautiful, their love more intense, their connection stronger, their commitment even more meaningful. It’s one of my top favorites and I strongly recommend you to read it!

Eight Times the Fun, by ryuusea. [ @ryuusea ]
So, how do you feel about tentacles anon? (´ヮ`) This is definitely one of the best smut fics on this fandom, a must read. It’s very original, hot, and funny (especially the end, oh my god). I do not want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil anything, but trust me, you need to read this asap because it’s amazing!

Leave Your Lover, by SailorHeichou. [ @sailorheichou ]
The way this author uses music, descriptions, and pictures to tell their stories is fantastic. It allows you to get fully immersed in their world, and visualize every single detail, and I love that so much. (I even have a playlist collecting all the songs from their fics and I go back to listen to it sometimes lol). All of their fics are really good but this one has a very special place in my heart. You will daydream about Eren singing for weeks after reading this, trust me!

Lips like Sugar, by TheSpazzBot. [ @fuzzyporcupine ]
I honestly could fill another whole list of faves just with fics from this author (I just can’t help it, I love bottom Levi too much), but I’m choosing this one because it gives me everything I’ve ever wanted, it seriously has every single one of my favorite things I would want to see on a story and combines them together to form my dream fic. Older, rich, and caring sugar daddy Eren, taking care of a younger, inexperienced and adorable Levi, who has a heart of gold, and makes sure that even stray cats get to eat even if he barely can feed himself. And on top of that it’s also so well written, it’s just perfect, I just adore this fic.

Inanimatum Quoddam Sidus, by Miku.
This fic is the one that will make you cry hysterically. It has a major character death warning, but please, trust me and don’t let that discourage you from reading it. I usually avoid sad fics, because I get very emotional very fast. But I gave this story a chance and I am so glad I did. It will break your heart but it will do it so beautifully that you will be fine with it, believe me!

Flight (When None Pursueth), by mongoose_bite. [ @mongoose-bite ]
When days and even weeks since you have read a story have passed, and you still find yourself thinking about it almost everyday, you know it was really good. This happened to me with this story. I read it in one sitting (to be honest I could not stop once I had already started) and I was obsessed with it for weeks. This story touches so many things I wanted to see on a reincarnation fic, especially the repercussions that remembering another life, full of painful memories, could have and how that would affect someone trying to live their new life while dealing with all that.

Fever, by noero. [ @lancefanclub ]
From all the amazing works this author has, I’ve come to dig up the oldest! But I really can’t help it, because I love it a lot and it’s one of my favorites. I have terrible memory, and I’ve read lots of smutty one shots, and I’ve forgotten most of them, but this one caused an impression on me and it comes back to my mind often. What can I say, It’s just really fucking hot. The continuation made it even better so don’t forget checking out that one too!

Eight Months, by elliewritesthings. [ @crying-abt-fictional-people ]
Of course I could not finish this list without mentioning Ellie ♡. Eight Months is such a sweet and heartwarming story. The cutest, most adorable Eren, doing his best to please Levi, loving him so much with such a pure heart. The most gentle Levi, trying to do what’s best for Eren, but wanting him so much at the same time, taking care of him, loving him back with equal intensity. If I ever have a bad day, reading anything by this author always makes me feel better. Her stories are filled with love and happiness, and it definitely reaches you. Please give it a chance I promise you won’t regret it.

Honestly this is only a small part of so many good stories and writers we have on the fandom, we are really lucky we have so much talented people that give us so much. I had to leave many out of this list but the post is already super long and I wanted to keep it at only 10 recs or so. I’ve also added their tumblr urls on the post in case you want to follow them here (except appleapple’s and Miku’s, I don’t know their url or if they have an account here, sorry about that u.u).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, anon! Also, with this you gave me an excuse to go back and reread most of these fics again, so thank you for that ♡ .

Sushi, Drinks, and...

Tom asks you on a mysterious date after meeting you in a coffeeshop, but the night has more in store than even you could imagine… 

Pt. One (1950 words) part one is really more of an imagine, but just wait ;)

Warnings: v smutty, swearing, alcohol and drug use (our boy Tommy is a partier) 

Originally posted by tbholland

Reader’s POV

It had almost been a year since you’d moved from your small town in Ohio to Los Angeles. It was difficult at times, trying to balance school, work, and going out all while missing your mom. You knew you made the right choice though, you had spent most of your life making decisions based on other people, but you did this for you. And you deserved it.
When you first moved to LA, seeing a celebrity made you stop dead in your tracks. It was so foreign to see someone that you saw so often on TV in real life. But after a few months, the effect wore off (but you were giddy when you got to make a latte for Robert Downey Jr. one day at work). Working at a popular coffeehouse in West Hollywood, it wasn’t uncommon to see celebrities. Typically, they were rude and ordered their coffee as they yelled at someone on the phone, but they almost always tipped well so you didn’t mind.
Business always slowed down after 5 p.m. Everyone important had already gotten their coffee and were off doing better things by that time, so all the customers you really got were the occasional tourists.
It was a rainy Friday, typical for LA in March, and your phone said 5:28 as you googled an answer for your humanities class. Your boss was inspired by the fact that you moved all the way across the country for your academics as opposed to fame, so he always let you do your homework when there was downtime. 

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“Irresistible” Chapter 5 Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 2,886

Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language, smut, oral sex (fem. receiving), fluff, gun use, threats of being shot, angst

a/n: omg im sorry it took me forever to get this chapter out but ITS WORTH IT I PROMISE

ch. 1  ch. 2   ch. 3  ch. 4  

“Oh my, fuck,” You moan out, tangling your hands in Dean’s hair as he moves his tongue up and down your clit.

“Dean, yes,” You start to roll your hips. Dean grabs on to your thighs to hold you down, flicking his tongue at a faster pace. You can feel the familiar heat rising up in your lower area, indicating that your orgasm is near. You bring your hand up to your breasts, playing with your nipple as Dean now enters two fingers inside of you as well.

The pleasure is almost too much to handle. He really knows what he is doing.

“I’m coming, oh god, yes,” You yell out, and release yourself over him. Dean gets up from between your thighs, a smile plastered on his face.

“I will never get tired of this.” Dean smirks, bringing himself up on top of you.

It’s only seven in the morning, but Dean recently has been waking you up more often than not quite pleasurably. Whether it be sex or him eating you out like you’re candy, mornings have proven to be amazing with this man.

Lately, Dean’s been staying at your house while he was in town, which was not very often anymore. He basically moved in- he even has a key to the house and extra clothes for when he stays over. He’s been extremely busy with work lately, so anytime he had at home, he spent it with you. Whether that be at your house, or out going on dates, you’re spending almost all of your time together.

You love him, you know this. Who couldn’t love this man? He’s perfect in every way possible. He’s treated you better than any man has ever treated you before. You know there are things about his past that he is keeping from you, but you know that it’s for a reason. Ever since that talk you two had a few months ago, you haven’t brought it up since. He’ll tell you whenever he is ready.

“Don’t go to work today.” Dean breathes out, lying down next to you in bed. His hand is playing with your hair, and his other hand was rubbing circles on your stomach.

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Open When you want to hear how I fell in love with you(but it’s mostly just me rambling)


        LAME ALERT. this letter is gonna be pretty sappy and if you’re gonna make fun of me for it you can go suck a butt. but i think this is a cute idea for a letter and you were obviously intrigued enough to open it, so that makes you pretty lame too, sorry bout it. anyways, you’ve heard all of this before, i’m positive, but here’s the story of how i fell in love with you.

         at cajun connection i remember looking at you (i didn’t even realize it was you until a long time after) with zach talking about how you were the cutest one in the class. but i knew i wasn’t going to say anything to you and you probably wouldn’t even look at me, so i kept swiping through tinder. but later when we went outside for that huge group picture that took way too long (and that it was too fucking hot for too) i remember seeing you and looking at you for a little bit until we made eye contact and i felt awkward and looked away. 

         and as time went by i started to bump into you more and more, hoping you weren’t actually Wham-Guy from the gay bar, and i eventually learned your name. i would get kind of excited when you were outside smoking a joe at the same time, just because you were cute. i’ll never forget sitting outside at our table with you and zach and some other people and zach texted me telling me that you were OBVIOUSLY into me by the way you kept looking at me, and i kept denying it and saying it was impossible. but every now and then i’d catch you looking at me, and i swear to god elliott, you’re the most attractive man i’ve ever seen. just catching you looking at me would make me smile and blush.

        we caught up with you during honors seminar and started talking astrology, and to be honest i was judging you based on your sign, but of course i love virgos. afterwards got a little worried that zach had a lot more game than i did. he got your number and i was JEALOUS. but you definitely made up for it when you asked zach for my number later on. he sent me a screenshot of you asking for my number and calling me beautiful, and i was geeking out in my room. 

       i know at first when we started hanging out at the parking garage you must have thought i was weird and annoying because it was mostly just me and zach talking, but i couldn’t stop thinking about you while we were up there. i always sat there worried that maybe i was reading everything wrong and that this was a very bad idea. but of course, it all worked out like it should. 

       okay so now i kinda wanna jump ahead because this story is how i fell in love with you and i’ve just kind of been going on and on about how we met. but the point of all that was just to let you know that you’ve been special to me since day one, and absolutely every part of our lame story made me fall in love with you. i could go on and keep telling my side of this story, but you know the ending. i fell deeply in love with you. you never fail to make me feel special. and i have never felt so beautiful as when you tell me, or even just look at me with those eyes. i can’t thank you enough for how amazing you’ve been to me. i couldn’t have picked a better love of my life if i wanted to. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

i love you beyond words


HP!headcanon - BTS V

|| WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons
↳ BTS V // Taehyung Marshall // Gryffindor

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  • okay this boi will be the death of me and im not even a taehyung stan
  • Why is this boy a Gyffindor?
  • lemme tell ya listen up, buckle up, put on that strap
  • strap on
  • more under the cut hoes

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The signs as the people I know
  • Aries: Eric my baby// Loud af. FOOD ADDICTION. Thinks he is so funny. Amazing. Puts people before himself. Selfless. Knows where he stands on most things. Sings loudly in hallways. Fun loving and admirable by the people he just met. Impulsive when making decisions. Crosses his eyes a lot. A Teaser. The sweetest guys ever. Basically Aries people are amazing.
  • Taurus: Jay// funny AF. Sarcastic. Is always joking and make people around her laugh. Loyal. ARTISTIC. Queen of selfies. Sociable in an awkward way. Laid back, amazing at giving advices. Burps a lot. Hates when it when people are being pushy.
  • Gemini: Sage my best friend// Emotional. Thoughtful. Very hardworking. SO CARING. Talkative and prone to have ups and down roll coaster of emotions. Family-oriented. ADORABLE. She loves talking to new people. Great at making new friends. Is so nice BUT don't get into her dark side.. Will cut you down. Always know what to say to make you feel better. Ugh Gemini people are just wonderful
  • Cancer: Katelynn// loving. Caring. Moody. Loves to be good at everything she does. Hardworking. Looks innocent but will murder you when pissed. Headstrong. Helpful. Loves ice cream. LOVES TO HUG HER FRIENDS. Queen of sass. Loves children.
  • Leo: Zac// Selfless. Quiet in front strangers but is a whole another person with his friends. He looks serious but I swear he is the funniest shit ever. Self-assured. Very generous. Loves being in the center of attention. Smiles a lot. Aggressive AF. Spoils his gf. Loves music. So fashionable. Impulsive he can't keep a thought to himself you'll find him saying everything on his mind.
  • Virgo: Andre// he is a damn Gamer. Book lover. VERY SMART. Gets perfect grades. Talkative. Dynamic. Foodie. Very thoughtful. Looks so innocent but I swear he is a satan. Honest and direct. Won't participate anything related to physical activity.
  • Libra: Andrea// independent. So classy. Loves shopping make up. STYLISH. So caring. Sociable. Popular in her college. Smiles a lot. Flirty and funny. Intelligent. Loves taking care of the others. Dances randomly.
  • Scorpio: Sam// is the funniest guys on this earth. Sarcastic af. So damn smart. Swears a lot. ARTIST. Eats every and anything I swear. COFFEE ADDICTION. God of editing photos. SEXY. Stares at asses. Always make people laugh when they are down no matter what. Knows what to say he is really great at starting conversations. CLUMSY. Movie freak and a gamer by the heart.
  • Sagittarius: Tessa:: Short. ADORABLE (but she'll hit you if you called her one)) laughs a lot. Headstrong. Doesn't give a shit about people's opinion. Shouts a lot. LaZY ASS. Couchpotato and love calling people by nicknames. Loves punching people's arm. Says the wrong things in the wrong times. Adventurous and ready for anything. Funny and fun loving.
  • Capricorn: Martin:// deadly caring. Hides his feelings v well. farts a lot. Laughs LOUDLY. Shows off in front of ladies. Goofball. Smart at math. Laughs at dirty jokes. Helps people. Obsessed over his car. Hates wasting money. Is very awkward when meeting people for the first time. Jumps from topic to another topic pretty fast. Really keen and focused at working ,always crack a lame jokes.
  • Aquarius: Katie:// Chill. So sassy. She loves to dress randomly. Perfectionistic. Loves pets. Has no problem beating someone's up for being jerk-ass. Very active on social media. Talks about odd topics. Everyone thinks she is down to earth and amazing. LOVES READING.
  • Pisces: Andrew// Talkative. HE IS THE SWEETEST. Doodles a lot. Hates conflicts. Sleeps over 13 hours. Cutest shit alive. Giggles a lot. Such a Geek watches anime, shows, you'll find in cinemas. Social butterfly. Avoids conformations. Always make sure if everything is alright. Dreamy. Forgets to replay most of the times. Posts a lot pictures on ig. People tend to like him by the first time they meet him.

I saw one of those rainbow fuckers and fell head over heels in love with them. They are SO RAINBOW and SO HAPPY and they can make it rain fire (so talented im a proud slime momma). Obvious next step? Get together all of the possible mosaic largos and see which has the most friend potential. 

12 of the gayest slimes ever. LETS BEGIN

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Basically, no goddamn words. I never thought I’d ever get this far, ever, but god, I’m so grateful. Thank you all, so so much for following me, I love you so damn much. 

I wanted to shout out to the many people who’ve made my days brighter, got me through tough times, friends that I’d never expect to make. Those who don’t judge me for who I am, who accept me. Because of the many people I’d like to acknowledge, they’re all under the cut! It took me ages to write a bit about everyone. Sorry if I forgot to include you, I still love you.

For 1k followers though, should I :

  • host a writing challenge
  • open up moodboard requests
  • fic drabbles
  • anything else? (ships, no. I’m still traumatized on how to do those)

once again, thank you all so so much, this is something I’d never expect to happen  ♡

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anonymous asked:

ship ur mutuals with skidz! bringing this ask meme back cause y not! friendship! woo! 💓❤️💓💖💗💕💞❣️💗❤️💞❣️

Aayyy, I love these asks! Unfortunately, Stray Kids only has nine members :( so I’ve finished the rest of my mutuals with other idols I think fit! I hope that’s ok lmao. Right. (It’s gonna be quite long so i’m going to insert the line thingy) Here we gooooo :D

·         Woojin – Andy. The first person to fight your corner, but sometimes they lack belief in themselves. An essential part of our family, just like Woojin. One of the most caring people I’ve met, but also definitely one of the most chaotically encouraging people ever. Don’t let them eat the trees. @haknveons

·         Minho – Roxi. Two bubbly people with serious visuals! But don’t let their cuteness fool you – there’s demons hidden beneath the angel exteriors. Just as Roxi loves to both hurt and heal us with gorgeous pictures of our faves, Minho loves to tease. The push-and-pull relationship. Roxi the Angel, and Minho the Devil. But he cares deeply, and would always listen to whatever worries you had. You can expect cute good night messages and missed Skype calls that are made up with a thousand nose kisses when you finally see each other. The Opposites Attract Couple @lxx-fxlix

·         Chan – Syd. Blunt and honest, forthright with their beliefs, I think Chan and her would have amazing philosophical arguments that would end in cuddles and Disney on the sofa while they throw popcorn at each other. Chan could teach you Korean, and you can teach him your slang :D Also that height difference would be cute af. @hwarang-my-loves

·         Hyunjin – Mer. Two animal lovers with visuals to merder. 😉 You share the cutest giggles and are always down for pillow forts and cuddle piles. Fancy dinner who? Give you two pizza and some fluffy dogs and you’re good to go. You’d take the best pictures of each other and you’d be the Aesthetic Couple @softstan4softboys

·         Changbin – Liz. Edgelord? Bitch, where? Like Changbin, your aesthetic is the opposite of your personality. You’re both whole dorks who love fiercely and are genuinely amazing people. Plus, I just really like imagining Changbin doing aegyo for the last Cadbury’s chocolate or something and you judging him so hard, but doing the exact same thing thirty seconds later. Softies. Both of you. The Tsundere Couple @darkaegyo

·         Jisung – Hae. Two kids with unbelievable and unending energy. Plus the visuals? God damn you’d look so good together. Another Aesthetic Couple. Give the two of you energy drinks and you’ll be bouncing off the walls. Expect midnight runs to your local supermarket, throwing grapes into each others mouths, cute holiday vlogs where Jisung tries to befriend a squirrel and you throw peanuts at him. @squirrelboiii

·         Felix – Csen. He’d love to watch you draw in the park while he kicks a ball around with the boys and pretend he’s not trying to figure out who you’re drawing – he hopes that it’s him. Teaching each other to cuss in other languages. He’d roll his eyes whenever you scream over Namjoon or a Stray Kids Comeback but secretly love how excited you get about things you love. The sarcasm also runs strong in this ship. Cute selfies returned with a ‘I did it better’. 100% down to prank each other. The Friends to Lovers Trope we all adore. @lee-minho

·         Seungmin – Esther. People can’t decide if you’re the most savage or the most soft couple to exist. You both put so much thought into what you do for others and you’re so treasured by everyone who gets to call you a friend. Birthdays are always anticipated because you try to outdo each other in what presents you get each other. You met at a theme park, both the odd person in a group and having to sit next to each other on a ride. When the ride ends you leave the others to find some ice cream and drinks – and it isn’t your fault that you forgot you arrived with other people. The Meet-Cute we all deserve. @goddamngyu

·         Jeongin – Charz. The little sister we all wish we had. You and Jeongin would be the cutest ok. You’d compete at baking and force the boys to choose which is better without them knowing whose is whose (you’d both try to bribe the boys beforehand) You’d dance long into the night, not watching the time and just laughing at each other’s attempts at popular dances. You were probably introduced through mutual friends at a bonfire, and spent the night arguing over who had the best random facts. The Must Protect Couple @strayedtoofar

And now my other mutuals! :D

·         Tayla – Kim Seokjin, BTS. Both visuals and Jin would help raise your self-confidence levels by always taking pictures of you looking cute and bragging to the boys about you. Absolute dorks, with ridiculous nicknames to match. You steal his shirts and he pretends not to notice because his jumpers give you sweater paws and it’s adorable. But those sweater paws come in handy when he tells a particularly bad pun and one look from Yoongi has you whapping one sleeve across his arm, despite laughing at least as hard as Jimin. Couple Goals. @mindieu

·         Ash – Lee Jihoon, SVT. You’re another Opposites Attract Couple, but both of you make me want to cuddle the shit out of you. Both completely adorable, you probably met like one of your AU’s :p A penpal thing that your friends mischievously signed you up for and it grew from there. You’ll send him Kpop memes and though he won’t understand many of them, the second he sees his face he’ll be like ‘hey! It’s me!’ He hates aegyo but he’ll do it to make you smile, even at the expense of his dignity in front of the other members. The Pen Pal trope that I am an absolute sucker for. @lovelyhoonie

·         Stacia – Kim Taehyung, BTS. Infectious laughter would follow you everywhere you went, and you’d always be touching each other in some way – holding hands, an arm wrapped around your waist, you name it. Also secretly evil – together with Jungkook, you prank the shit out of the other members and no one ever links it back to you. And why would they? Both of you have Angel faces. The Trouble Maker Couple @softtrasshh

·         Jazz – Taeyong, NCT. I still don’t know a lot about NCT, but I think your personalities would match so well! Both fun loving and so caring and ready to give advice if people need it. You’d bond over your protective instincts and probably spend lots of time at small parties with close friends, laughing over good memories. @always-a-winwin

·         Ty – Jeongyeon, Twice. Neither of you could look like a mess if you tried. Goddess-tier visuals, I swear. I also like to think that Jeongyeon sends really cute messages to her members and always tries her best to make everyone feel better. And you’re literally the same, in that respect. You love angst so much, and you don’t need a happy ending, so when she finishes a sad movie or novel, you’re there to tease her back into laughter again. Neither of you are good for my heart and you fucking know it, you demons. Pet names between you range from ‘baby girl’ and ‘sweetheart’ to ‘nerd’ and ‘oi, you’. The Playful Relationship. @softspearb

·         Bri –  Kihyun, Monsta X. Outspoken about what you think is right and wrong. Incredibly loyal and fun-loving. Always up for an adventure, and weekends will find you two trying to get lost in the city purely for the fun of it! The Adventurous Couple with so many stories to tell! @b-interest

·         K – Jennie, BlackPink. You seem kinda intimidating but you’re actual fluffballs. Always have each others backs, and spend your weekends at the park trying to get pictures of the cutest dog – loser has to buy ice cream. The Cute Couple @straychijeu

·         Roo – Jung Hoseok, BTS. You always try to see the best in people and in every situation. You’ve been through difficult situations, but you smile your way through it with your head held high and you always show concern for everyone else, sometimes forgetting that you deserve to be cared for too!!!! @chanscurls

·         Tia – Jin Jin, Astro. Visuals for days and with smiles that make the sun jealous! I think together you’d be the couple that always out and doing something. Trying a new restaurant, racing each other down streets, going to karaoke rooms. Your IG is full of, not necessarily aesthetic photos, but definitely short videos of Jin Jin doing something amusing and you laughing in the background, or you leaning on a fence pointing at ‘the view’ with a comment from him ‘you are the view’. The Cheesy Couple! @ ????

·         Flora – Youngjae, GOT7. Very affectionate and take the cutest selfies! If someone can’t find either of you, it’s because you’re hiding somewhere with ice cream and a movie. You love teaching each other your own languages and laugh together over both your attempts at the correct accents and pronunciation! @ ???

I cannot remember some of your URL’s so like…. can the rest of y’all link this to them bc i’m an awful human being lmao

Swords & Kisses

ask : i was hoping you could write an imagine about Frank cuz Frank needs some lovin too. It doesn’t have to be anything specific I just want it to be fluffy !!!

UGH I LOVE FRANK MY UNAPPRECIATED SOFT BIG GUY YES. this took way longer than i thought I hate myself for taking so long I’m sorry. also I hope this is fluffy enough but idk at this point. I’m not a romantic !!

warning : leo mcshizzle bad boy valdez (that’s it bc he’s a jackass but he’s mY JACKASS)

How fast could a normal demigod, who frequently skips sword practice, archery, and usually any physical activity in camp, run?

You hoped fast enough.

“Y/N!! YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD.” You sped up slightly, weaving through the crowd. Camp Jupiter finally came around, which means your boyfriend, Frank, came around as well.

“FRANK!” You screeched, leaping over someone bent down, and landing it. You paused slightly.

Okay, that was cool.

“Y/N?” Frank cocked his head in confusion, and you nearly doubled over in pain from running too fast. Wrapping your arm around his torso, you spun, hiding behind his tall and built frame. “Why are you hiding behind me- what did you do?”

Pressing your face against his back, you sent back a very muffled “Shhh!”

“Zhang! My Roman brother. Have you seen your girlfriend around? She kinda deserves a few bruises here and there.” Clarisse cracked her knuckles, and Frank sighed.

“What did she do this time?” Frank asked, and you dug your nails into his sides.

“It’s not my fault!” You hissed, and you heard a bitter laugh from Clarisse. Your hand was grasped, and a yelp escaped your lips, as Clarisse put you into a headlock, ruffling your (h/c) hair.

“Awe, found her. Thanks Zhang.” You rolled your eyes, and your boyfriend shot you a soft smile.

“C'mon Clarisse. Let her go, I just got here.” Frank plead slightly, and she smirked.

“Why? Wanna be alone with your girl for a while?” Clarisse teased, and Frank turned a lovely shade of tomato red.

“Not like that! I-” Frank sputtered, and you giggled slightly in Clarisse’s grasp. She finally let you go, and you pressed a kiss against Frank’s cheek.

“Uh-I-” Frank smiled sheepishly, as you smiled up at your boyfriend.

“Hey-” Grasping his collar, you looked up at Frank, tugging him down slightly so you were closer to him. A soft smile spread across your face, and Frank cocked his head in the cutest way. “I missed you, Zhang.”

Smiling, Frank cocked an eyebrow down at you. “I missed you too Y/N.” He spoke softly, before pressing his lips against yours.

“YES FRANK!” Leo screeched from god knows where, causing Frank to pull back suddenly in shock. Letting your head fall, you grumbled beneath your breath.

“How do you deal with Valdez?” Frank asked, and a laugh escaped your lips.

“You’d be surprised Zhang. Leo has his moments where he’s not a complete jackass.” You laughed, insulting your close friend slightly.

“I have yet to see it-” Frank grumbled slightly. Shaking your head, amused, you pulled away from Frank’s grasp.

“You haven’t given him a chance. I feel like you two would get along pretty well if you just tried to be his friend.” You beamed up at Frank. It wasn’t hard for him to agree with you, Frank didn’t really enjoy conflict.

“Effort has to come from both ends, L/N. I-” Frank’s sentence was cut short. Percy and Jason both came up, barely sparing you a glance.

“Frank, my man!” Percy pulled Frank into a hug, another hug from Jason following soon after. Laughing slightly at Frank’s initial shock, you watched as the two boys tugged your boyfriend away.

“Y/N! I’m glad I caught you-” Turning around, you smiled, tugging the young daughter of Pluto into her arms. A slight squeal escaped her lips, and you smiled.

“Long time no see Hazel!” You beamed down at her, and Hazel blushed, laughing slightly.

“I didn’t think you’d be so excited to see me, hi Y/N.” Hazel smiled. You wrapped an arm around Hazel’s shoulders, and caught up with Annabeth, Piper, and Reyna.

“Hazel!” Piper pulled Hazel from your arms, and Annabeth laughed, shaking her head. Smiling, you watched the girls reconnect, talking about things you barely knew about. Of course, you were the odd one out, but you loved watching their shared expressions, the laughs, and the shared solemnity. “How about you, Y/N? What have you been up to?” Pulling you out of your daze, Piper wrapped her arm around your shoulders, pulling you into the conversation.

You looked warily at the four girls. Who saved the world. Who could rightfully kick your ass if they wanted to. “Me? I uh-” You tried to think, but all you could remember was playing pranks with the Stolls, and avoiding any training. “Slacking, to be honest.” You finally answered, and the girls laughed.

Reyna cracked a smile. “Come on Y/N. Wouldn’t you like to train with Frank?” She teased, and you shook your head, amused.

“I’d like to train with someone more on my level. Like, I dunno, Harley?” You cocked your head, and you heard a familiar laugh behind you, as Leo slung his arms over your and Piper’s shoulders.

“Harley would kick your ass Y/N.” Leo laughed, and you scowled, watching the boys of the quest join the circle.

“Yeah well, at least it would be funny.” You muttered, and you watched Nico appear beside Reyna.

“Frank could teach you how to fight, couldn’t you Frank?” Piper asked, looking up at your boyfriend.

“I mean, sure. But I’m not so good at sword fighting- Percy’s better at that.” Frank spoke sheepishly, and Percy shook his head.

“No, Frank, teach Y/N a bit. You’re good.” Percy reassured his friend, and Frank brightened up a bit. He really looked up to Percy.

“So, it’s a date where I get my ass kicked?” You asked, and Frank blushed.

“A date?” He asked.

“Yes Zhang, a date.” You smiled up at your boyfriend.

Glaring at the sun, you were on your back once more. “This is the best date I’ve ever been on. Very classy.” You muttered sarcastically. Frank sheepishly held a hand out for you to grab, and he pulled you to your feet.

“WOOO GO Y/N!!!” Leo shouted, waving a poster with your name, and a very horribly edited picture of you with a sword on it.

Lovingly flipping the fiery Latino off, you faced your boyfriend once more, wielding the sword again. “I’ll get this, eventually. You know I don’t think I’m cut out to be a demigod.” You shrugged, and watched Frank’s movements.

Frank jabbed first, and you blocked it, pushing him back, whacking him in the stomach with the flat of your blade. Greeks and Romans fought very differently, and you used that to your advantage slightly. “Good one Y/N!” Percy called from the stands. You turned to beam at him.

“Pay attention. I don’t want to cut your head off accidentally.” Frank chuckled, swiping at your head. Ducking, you slashed at his ankles, and he kicked forward, sending you on your back again. Out of air, you stared at the sun.

“Why must Zeus punish me this way.” You exclaimed dramatically.

“SORRY!” Jason called back, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Frank pulled you up again, and shot you a warm smile.

“C'mon Y/N. I know you’ll get it.” Leaning down, he pressed a kiss of encouragement to your lips, and you smiled, before pulling away, holding the edge of your sword to his neck.

“Didn’t you say never get distracted?” You asked, and Frank laughed, turning red slightly, his gaze falling to your torso. Looking down, the point of Frank’s sword was digging into your stomach.

“Romans always have a plan.” He smiled at you. Groaning, you stepped back.

“I’m calling that one a tie, Zhang. I need at least one win.”

- nezzie

MagicCon 2017 Experience + meeting Loo and Andrew

Sooo, since I’m back home again, I thought I’d quickly write everything down, otherwise I might forget something and I don’t want that lol

so if you want to read how it was meeting loo brealey and andrew scott, I’m putting it under the cut :) + pictures, because who doesn’t love pics lol

and if you only want to read the book story (so how loo reacted when I gave it to her) skip to sunday!!

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anonymous asked:

If it doesn't hurt too much, top 5 Alex with fan encounters? Photos, videos, stories or whatever:)

Aw, no it doesn’t hurt me too much. That’s really v sweet though. I’m going to be honest… I’m v bad at remembering fan encounters… so we’ll see what happens here.

1. “I invited him to talk w my friends because he was smoking alone, he introduced himself to me as “Al”, n bought us drinks, n we talked for a long time. We were all bein chill w him and not asking for photos or anything, so this is literally the only photo that was taken.” [x]

I love this fan encounter because they treated him like a normal person, and he was just really cool and laid back. And he introduced himself as ‘Al.’ AND bought them drinks. This is the best. This is how I’d like to meet him I think. 

2. haylzpea My last day working in London and look who I run in to! 😍 #AM #alexturner #bestmomentever [x]

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anonymous asked:

i am having a really awful week anxiety wise, and my depression has been getting worse, and i don't wanna bother you but your fics always cheer me up, so, if you have time and are up for it, do you think you could write me something extremely fluffy and cavity inducing? i'd love you forever <3 (not that i don't already!)

I am so so sorry it took me two days to reply to this, but here. Please accept my offering of de-aged, baby!Derek and true love’s kiss! I hope you are feeling better today, sweet anon, but if not I hope this goes a little way in making you smile <3

Stiles never thought he’d see the day where Derek let Kira and Erica paint his face and smile about it. Then again, he never expected to be taking care of a four year old Derek either.

Stiles thought the first Derek got de-aged was hard enough. From the moment they found him, Stiles had panicked; all the way from Mexico to when Derek had been lying unconscious on Deaton’s table, it took all his self-control not to freak out, even though he didn’t know exactly why. His heart just about stopped, however, when he saw him going out that window with Kate, and, well, if that was also the moment he realised just how much he actually cared for the asshole…it wasn’t much of a revelation anyway.  

So, all said and done, Stiles thought this time would be a much simpler affair. Derek can’t climb out any windows without someone helping him- not funny Erica. He doesn’t have to convince anyone he’s his cousin, and finally Derek doesn’t question Stiles’ authority every minute of the day. Which, you know, is nice- so nice Stiles plans to record at least some of it to tease Derek with later-  but mostly, it just makes him miss his- uh, their- Derek more. Because, well, shut up, he just likes challenging people. He doesn’t get turned on by it or anything.

He doesn’t.

The problem though, the problem with this whole damn thing, is Derek’s face is currently painted like a bunny and he’s looking at Stiles like he’s his favourite person in the whole world.

An hour ago, Derek painted Stiles a picture of the pack and put Stiles in the middle of it, a blue and orange blanket wrapped around him, before proceeding to say in the most adorable and earnest voice ever, because you deserve snuggles, ‘tiles.

Yesterday, Stiles found him crying in the kitchen, sitting on the floor all by himself, because Aslan died in the ‘Narnia’ movie Scott had put on for him. His little fingers had clutched at Stiles’ t-shirt when he asked him what was wrong, little cheeks all puffed out and red from crying, only regaining their normal colour when Stiles put him in his lap and let Derek scent him for a while.

It just about broke Stiles’ heart when Derek whispered home before falling asleep with his face buried in Stiles’ neck.

And now, because Derek is intent on killing him, Derek is tugging at his sleeve, asking Stiles if he makes a good bunny.

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