and the fact that her character is written as. relatable??? technically/??


I recently watched/rewatched some good anime so here I am explaining why I liked so that you can see if they are good for you!

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This is technically a romance show but it’s not your average romance show. What’s new this time is that we’re not following wacky teen drama but an actual relationship between working adults. It shows us specifically two kinds of relationships, one that has just blossomed and has the two characters exploring one another, and the other instead has been there for many years thus has lost the romantic aura but still manages to be strong and go through any adversities. These four friends are all otakus and the focus of the show is mostly to show them in their everyday otaku shenanigans while bonding as friends. Now, this is a comedic show filled with gags with no real plot but the characters feel real and are easy to relate to. Overall a cute fun and lighthearted show. 7/10

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Kaiji ultimate survivor

This is not a lighthearted show. This is the story of Kaiji who tries to pay his massive debt and escape a life of misery and slavery through gambling. The gambles are not only interesting to watch purely because they are psychological battles, but also because Kaiji never pulls solutions out of his ass, the anime makes it so that the viewer has always the same amount of information as him and after two or three episodes it just becomes natural to try and “help” Kaiji formulate a strategy. Also while in other anime the rule is protag kun always win, here there’s a real sense of dread. There’s no protag kun safenet. He’s there on his own and every single step could make him fall and you feel it all. Yes I know what you’re thinking. The art style it’s ugly as hell. And yes, you’re right but it reflects really well the ugly world he’s in and fit perfectly with the narrative. Really if you can get past that it’s a really great and tense show. 8/10

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Recovery of an MMO Junkie

You really liked the romance between Kirito and Asuna in sao? I didn’t. But this is that written 500 times better. We follow Moriko Morioka and her new life as she chose to become a neet to dedicate her life to MMO games. The romance it’s absolutely marvelous, not only because it doesn’t rely on misunderstanding to create conflict as the two protagonists are adults and have learned to communicate with each other but it gives us reasons to want them together. As in most romance anime it’s just “woops I like you” here we get to see two people actually bonding and creating memories with eachothers before actually falling in love. And the fact that they do it through a game it’s not only fun because of some real gaming shenanigans but also interesting because in the game they can chose what they want to be and what to show of themselves giving us a full indept about how they see themselves, how they wanna be seen and how they really are. A really fun and good anime, seeing these characters bonding with one another and the supporting cast on screen was a delight, I’m only sad it didn’t develop the relationship further as the anime it’s only 11 episodes long. 9/10

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This is a comedic gag type anime but it’s also about family. It’s about three middle school girls and their respective “families”. Two of them have psychokinetic powers so they “spawn” into our world but while one of them is lucky enough to end up in the home of a yakuza who willingly or not becomes her family, the other ends up in the streets but finds a home and a family in the homeless community of the city. The third girl despite being in middle school finds herself working as a bartender, making a lot of money and acquiring independence from her family when she’s not ready to do so. While I’m not a fan of gag based anime the gags in this are not a one time jokes but actually have an impact on the plot which I think it’s a great way to make these anime less dull (ex: a character break their leg as a joke but the leg stay broken and it’s a plot point for the next episode). A really fun anime with great character arcs, that makes you laugh with its humor and when you least expect it punch you in the gut with its feels. 7/10 because it didn’t gave me the need to watch the next episode when the other one ended like a lot of shows do for me but was still full of good feelings.

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Gekkan shoujo Nozaki kun

It starts with a confession gone wrong where our protagonist Sakura tells her crush she really admires him, but Nozaki, a big, serious and scary looking dude, misunderstand this information and believes she’s one of his fans as he is a shoujo manga artist. But don’t think wrong this is not a romance! This is a comedy show, more on the slice-of-life-ish side. It kind of try to have a plot with “Sakura trying to get closer to him helping him out with the manga” but the spotlight is stealed by “a bunch of wacky overdramatic characters going to their shenanigans that mostly revolve around this guy’s manga”. It has dramatic relatable-ish everyday humor (especially if you’re an artist and you’ve tried to make a comic), and it’s the first anime that made me laugh outloud at least once per episode. The reason I think it’s not because the jokes are particularly clever but because the characters are so genuine and real it’s hard not to consider them as friends and feel part of the group. And when you’re in a group of friends pretty much every stupid thing it’s funny. As I’ve said the plot it’s non existent but every now and then brought up pointlessly but you know what? I really missed these friends once the anime was over. 8/10

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Darling in the Franxx

You probably know this show already given the fact that it just aired its final episode and yes, a lot of people complained about the rushed and poorly thought final arc (I’m one of them) but hear me out. This it’s a romance/action/dystopian/sexual/over the top show and I loved every single bit of it. Not only because as always, trigger blessed us with a stellar animation but because this is the only mainstream anime with a protag kun kirito wannabe who made me give two damns about the main couple. What makes Hiro and Zero Two relationship so special is not only the fact that they evolve and benefit from their bond but the little interaction they exchange. When they see eachother in the hallways they smile and wave and that alone makes you wanna route for them. The dystopian word start off greatly build and interesting but slowly starts collapsing on itself. What keeps the show from falling apart are the main 10 protagonists that right off the bat all looks and sounds like boring character archetypes but unravel themselves and all become unique and feel like their own people. I’m giving this an extra point and a half because personally I loved it so fucking much I watched it all at once in less than 20 hours but I have to admit the pacing it’s a trainwreck and it shows a lot how the two studios weren’t on the same wave length when writing and making this so with my extra points I give it a 8/10

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Kill la Kill

How could I not talk about this masterpiece. Kill la kill has everything I’ve ever wanted in a anime. Inventive fucking amazing animation used for narrative purposes. Cool setup. Amazing characters and designs. A cast with mostly female leads that doesn’t have unnecessary romantic subplots but put a lot of emphasis on bonds. Stellar soundtrack. I love every fucking thing about this show and I could write a post only about that but let’s calm down. Kill la kill it’s the most over the top show I’ve ever seen, everything was designed so that it could be as extra as humanly possible and it’s so damn fun to watch. It start off almost as a parody, something to not take seriously and that’s fine! It’s so dramatic and serious and at the same time so wacky and fun but never feel out of place. Most people are immediately turned off by the amount of fanservice but that is not really fancervice. Fansercice it’s for the fans, it serves no purpose in the story whatsoever and you could cut it out and the story would be the same. Kill la kill “fancervice” cannot be cut out, it has a purpose and importance in the plot and development of the story, give it two episode and you won’t even notice the characters are fighting half naked both because you get used to it and start seeing them as people regardless of what they’re wearing and because they are drawn like sexless blobs when they don’t want you to think they’re sexy. The animation as mentioned before it’s stellar and the most inventive and fun I’ve seen in an anime. It’s wacky and cheap looking when comedy requires it, it’s the most mind blowing thing you’ll ever seen in fighting scenes, it’s rough and dirty in dramatic moments, it’s always appropriate to what it’s shown and ever single shot it’s animated in the most fun way possible I swear you won’t be able to take your eyes away from the screen. A great anime. Made me cry, made me smile, made me cheer full volume at the screen and no matter how many times I watch and rewatch it, it never fails at entertaining me. As you may have noticed I said nothing about what actually happens in the anime and that’s because Kill la kill it’s an experience that you need to go through yourself, with zero knowledge or expectation and I would hate to spoil you of any fun!

Oh man, this one is a classic!

one of the main motifs of crazy ex-girlfriend is a critique of the way in which  women are socialized to center their lives around men and to believe that first and foremost, heterosexual love is where they will find fulfilment. this affects all women but i think this focus on cxg in particular resonates with a lot of us as gay and bisexual women. while the show has never been as “gay” as say, something like glee, its critiques of the idealization of heterosexual relationships have always resonated with me much stronger than hacky coming out arcs in which lesbians cry to their straight friends and then have girlfriends three days later. nearly every show i watch (including the shows with cutesy gay side characters) tells me not only to excuse toxic male behavior, but to dream that a man will be that possessive of me one day. crazy ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, asks “to what end?”

where i think this breaks down in regards to valencia’s coming out is that the show understands that all women are pressured to center their lives around men. however, it refuses to think about the specific ways in which this affects lesbian and bisexual women. the show wants to keeps its commentary on romantic love as universal as possible which, of course, ends up alienating us. season 1 & 2 valencia was written as a straight woman. season 3 valencia isn’t even really written as a bisexual woman - aline seems to think valencia can only be called bisexual on the technicality that she found herself attracted to a woman. valencia’s history makes sense for a lesbian or bisexual woman. i tend say that valencia should be a lesbian but she easily could’ve had genuine initial attraction to josh, only to have grown out of it and then hold on to the relationship for dear life out of fear of straying from the heterosexual norm if she wasn’t in it. but to keep valencia universal, her past with josh as it specifically relates to her queerness either way isn’t addressed. the show understands why a woman may stay in a relationship she isn’t happy in for over a decade but refuses to add queerness into the equation, to its own detriment.

i’ve seen bisexual women who aren’t knee-deep in discourse and haven’t read aline’s dumbass comments express frustration that valencia’s attraction to josh was “erased.” and i think me and the user who said that would probably get into a brawl if we were to talk about valencia but i think her frustration is based in the show’s inability to discuss valencia’s queerness. season 1 valencia was written as a straight woman who is remarkably easy to read as a lesbian (in fact i’m curious if any casual fans will assume she has been written as a lesbian from the beginning). valencia’s relationship with josh in “trent?!” is written the same way as it is in season one with the writers not considering how valencia’s attraction to women changes the way a scene in which she cringes when josh touches her is read and how some viewers may view that scene as bisexual erasure. the josh/valencia relationship NEEDS to be revisited and discussed now that a new dimension has been added to valencia’s sexuality. the writers seem to think that it’s more progressive to treat valencia the same as when they were viewing her as a straight woman but as soon as valencia started cuddling with beth, she was recontexualized. straight audiences began to view her differently. lgbt audiences began to view her differently. the fact that the writers didn’t view her differently was downright jarring because attraction to women DOES change who she is as a character. bisexual women need to be written as bisexual women. and it’s weird that the show doesn’t see this considering rachel and aline have been so adamant about the specificity of characters’ identities: josh’s filipino identity, rebecca’s jewish identity, darryl’s bi identity. valencia’s sexual identity hasn’t been given the same courtesy. 

in “dykes to watch out for”, alison bechdel famously introduces what has become known as the bechdel test. the test is born out of lesbian alienation in a society that encourages women to center their lives around men. but the bechdel test is widely known and discussed by straight women because society’s insistence on organizing around men alienates them too - what’s dropped in their conversations is the lesbian specific context in which the test originates. i’ve started to view crazy ex-girlfriend as an inverse phenomenon - it’s a show that critiques society in a way that is applicable to all women but resonates strongly with lesbian and bi women in particular. but when it comes time to apply those factors to a non-heterosexual woman, the show freezes and is unable to have that discussion, much like how straight women tend to ignore the dykey context in which the bechdel test originated. but hey, since the bechdel test is a measure of how often women talk about men, the act of talking about the bechdel test kind of technically means you failed the bechdel test.  

Appropriation and a God's Burden

@spoopernaptime asked: 

Hi, I have a long question about cultural appropriation regarding Native American mythology. The Thunderbird has a long history across various tribes and regions. This pertains to a character who represents a single side of dualist philosophy - i.e concepts of yin, relating to darkness, water, etc. 

This character is an ancient entity currently residing in a form resembling a Native woman - as her most recent ‘role’ in terms of how humans believed in her was the Thunderbird and she still resides in the Pacific Northwest - home to a diversity of tribes and persistent Thunderbird culture. She has an odd relationship with the Native cultures across America in that she feels like she let them down as a God (what with, white imperialism and genocide and all.) Part of her character arc does include starting a blog dedicated to the preservation and education of Native languages but she’s reluctant to engage with the communities - and to a greater extent, pretty much all of humanity. 

The story itself is full of metaphysics brought down to human levels, and I ended up using a Native American concept in the process of embodying a primordial force. I’m aware of the Magical Native American trope and (I think) she sidesteps it well enough but I’d like to know just how terrible an idea this may be. Especially with the latest mess from Rowling.

It’s all a bit weird because the character is technically not even human, much less a Native American, and is older than humanity itself. However, in her acting as a Thunderbird, she was very real in terms of what individual cultures believed her to be (the whole system of magic in the fantasy is based on the power of human faith, so. Due to the nature of what she is I wouldn’t say her character invalidates anyone’s faith and yet!! I don’t really know. So.) Most of her character arc has little to do with Native Americans and everything to do with her own self and relationships to the other non-Native characters. So is this a mess of cultural appropriation and disrespect or what.

So… you have an ancient spirit with no connection to Natives become a sacred religious concept for multiple tribes in order to “help” Natives, then proceed to include no Natives in your plot?

What part of this isn’t appropriation?

You’ve basically come up with a white saviour/guilt plot, using a god instead of white people. The spirit must protect and save Natives! But then the whole plot is her dealing with her own feelings, so the Thunderbird becomes a window decoration to show where her focus is, and what guilt she’s dealing with.

The blog is actually something I’m going to focus on because depending on how you spin it, you can either come across as helpful (re-posting a bunch of stuff that other people have written to defer authority to them— as she should) or steamrolling actual Natives (by writing content in authoritative tone, which is a non-Native being an expert in Native culture). If you don’t play your cards right with this, you will come across as colonialist. 

Even protecting and preserving cultures can have a toxic twist to it, in the form of believing assimilation is inevitable so you should document everything that exists now. It can come across as fetishizing to focus on the resilience of Native culture, because it’s very easy to turn voyeuristic/model minority about it. “Look at all this tragedy, but they’re still fighting and exist!” can be both genuine praise and invalidation for the cultural genocide. Or, if you exclusively go “all this tragedy, imagine the possibilities, poor them” then you can both be validating the pain… or ignoring modern resistance efforts.

Tricky balance to accomplish, and nearly impossible to do so if she doesn’t interact with Natives. Also next to impossible to get sources, because how will she find anything if she doesn’t interact with the community?

Magical Native isn’t your worry, here. The core of that trope is “Native person had special powers because they’re Native”… so the fact your character isn’t Native and has no connection to a tribe means you avoid the trope by default.
What you very much do fall into is a reskin of White Man’s Burden, where an outside character feels pity towards a marginalized group and promptly works to better them, becoming a better person in the process. 

This is very much a white person’s story at the direct expense of Natives. The Thunderbird is nothing but window decoration to give context for what the god is feeling/what their current role is. Instead of exploring or representing Natives, you’ve sidelined our story to have somebody external feel guilty for not treating us right.

And that doesn’t help us at all.

~ Mod Lesya

In the same vein, regarding to the dualist philosophy in this work, I think it would be better if you made sure it wasn’t just a repackaging of Chinese philosophy. Many philosophies and religions deal with dualism/dualities, so I think that you can find ways to build a fictional philosophy/system around dualism that isn’t coded as Chinese, particularly if this work isn’t going to have much Chinese representation.

~Mod Stella

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Hi! I just read your post about the blue light healing. So interesting! I‘m a non-book reader but love to hear about future plots and details. I never knew Claire (and other time travelers?) are Master Raymond‘s descendents. Would you mind giving a bit of background info on that? I don‘t mind spoilers but others may, so you could put it under a cut? Thank you so much!

Hi anon,


The first hint we received is in something  Master Raymond tells Claire, immediately after he heals her in Dragonfly in Amber:

“Why do you call me madonna still?” I asked. My hands rested on the slight concavity of my stomach, gently as though not to disturb the shattering emptiness. “I’ve lost my child.”  

      He looked mildly surprised.  

      “Ah. I did not call you madonna because you were with child, my lady.”  

      “Why, then?”

      …He sighed.  

      “Everyone has a color about them,” he said simply. “All around them, like a cloud. Yours is blue, madonna. Like the Virgin’s cloak. Like my own.”

This alone implies that Claire is related to him somehow - and, of course, that he is a time traveler.

Which Diana Gabaldon has confirmed on her website:

Well, he’s a prehistoric time traveler. I think he came from somewhere about 400 BC or perhaps a bit earlier (not technically “prehistoric,” but they certainly weren’t using written records where he started out), and the 18th century is not his first stop.

He is–or was–a shaman, born with the ability to heal through empathy. He sees auras plainly; those with his power all have the blue light he has–born warriors, on the other hand, are red (so yes, “the red man” is iconic). He has a rather strong aversion to Vikings, owing to events that happened in his own time; hence his nervousness when he sees Jamie. He’s afraid of them, but he also realizes just what a strong life-force they have–that’s why he makes Claire invoke it (using the sexual and emotional link between her and Jamie) to heal her.

His descendants–a few of whom he meets now and then in his travels–have the blue light about them, too; in large degree or small, depending on their talents. So he knows Claire, when he sees her, as one of his great-great, etc. grand-daughters. And Gillian/Geillis is another–you notice she has Claire’s sense of plants, though she tends naturally to poison, rather than medicines.

We’ll see him again–though not in Jamie and Claire’s story, I don’t think. Master Raymond should get his own series of books, eventually.   So in fact, we’ll see Claire, Jamie, and Geillis again, then– but as secondary characters in Master Raymond’s story (you recall, Geillis mentions having met “one other” (time-traveler) in Voyager, but doesn’t tell Claire who it is).

Heaven knows just when we’ll get to that–in about ten years, at this rate–but we will get to it. <grin>

I’d pay good money for that Master Raymond book right about now.

I’d also do pretty much anything for Claire to meet him again in Book 9.

ominous-artist replied to pearl deserves to hate pink

Rose gave her a choice. Remember Roses scabbard?

But like, I don’t really think she did.

I mean, yes, Rose did technically ask Pearl if she wanted to join her in the revolution, and yes, Pearl agreed. But there are two things we have to consider.

First, while you could say that Pearl would always choose Rose because she loved her, it’s relevant to remember that hierarchy is a force to be reckoned in gem culture. Until Earth, gemstone slated every gem’s purpose for the rest of their life. A pearl’s job is to support unerringly, and I think the fact that Pearl’s master was a diamond, a gem all gems were beholden to, means their bond was way stronger than other pearls and their masters. I think the feelings Pearl felt for Pink were genuine, but I think the way that they were developed was artificial, and mostly by virtue of Pearl’s position in relation to Pink.

Second, when Rose asked, she was only presenting the illusion of choice- what was Pearl going to do? We know for a fact that “Rose always did what she wanted,” meaning that Pink Diamond was going to fight for Earth with or without her. That means Pearl would either have to return to Homeworld and be tossed aside (her purpose was gone, it left with Pink Diamond) or worse, shattered for treason against Homeworld. Moreover, Pearl leaving would have destroyed the entire farce. Pink would have no one to shatter her, and the Diamonds would still be asking, “Where was her pearl?” Except, this time, Pearl would actually be there, and she would be held accountable. 

There was no refuge in a scenario where she returned.

Moreover, and this is somewhat unrelated, I think Pink made a disastrous move when she asked Pearl to keep her secret forever. In doing so, Pearl’s love, and the hierarchy Pink was trying so hard to destroy was preserved forever. That’s just another reason Pearl has to resent Pink. She can never really move on.

Do I hate Pink? No! She’s a phenomenally written character, and at the heart of it, someone who cared too much. She made mistakes that the viewer can forgive her for, because honestly? She was young and dealing with things she was unequipped for. 

But does Pearl have the right to hate her? Yeah. (And, by the way, relationships are tough. You can be bitter and love someone at the same time.)

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Wait how did we find out about master Raymond's descendants? Is this a novella thing? (I normally don't like reading novellas so I'm out of the loop)

Well it’s in part based on what Master Raymond tells Claire, immediately after he heals her in Dragonfly in Amber:

“Why do you call me madonna still?” I asked. My hands rested on the slight concavity of my stomach, gently as though not to disturb the shattering emptiness. “I’ve lost my child.”  

      He looked mildly surprised.  

      “Ah. I did not call you madonna because you were with child, my lady.”  

      “Why, then?” I didn’t really expect him to answer, but he did. Tired and drained as we both were, it was as though we were suspended together in a place where neither time nor consequence existed; there was room for nothing but truth between us.  

      He sighed.  

      “Everyone has a color about them,” he said simply. “All around them, like a cloud. Yours is blue, madonna. Like the Virgin’s cloak. Like my own.”

This alone implies that Claire is related to him somehow - and, of course, that he is a time traveler.

Which Diana Gabaldon has confirmed on her website:

Well, he’s a prehistoric time traveler. I think he came from somewhere about 400 BC or perhaps a bit earlier (not technically “prehistoric,” but they certainly weren’t using written records where he started out), and the 18th century is not his first stop.

He is–or was–a shaman, born with the ability to heal through empathy. He sees auras plainly; those with his power all have the blue light he has–born warriors, on the other hand, are red (so yes, “the red man” is iconic). He has a rather strong aversion to Vikings, owing to events that happened in his own time; hence his nervousness when he sees Jamie. He’s afraid of them, but he also realizes just what a strong life-force they have–that’s why he makes Claire invoke it (using the sexual and emotional link between her and Jamie) to heal her.

His descendants–a few of whom he meets now and then in his travels–have the blue light about them, too; in large degree or small, depending on their talents. So he knows Claire, when he sees her, as one of his great-great, etc. grand-daughters. And Gillian/Geillis is another–you notice she has Claire’s sense of plants, though she tends naturally to poison, rather than medicines.

We’ll see him again–though not in Jamie and Claire’s story, I don’t think. Master Raymond should get his own series of books, eventually.   So in fact, we’ll see Claire, Jamie, and Geillis again, then– but as secondary characters in Master Raymond’s story (you recall, Geillis mentions having met “one other” (time-traveler) in Voyager, but doesn’t tell Claire who it is).

Heaven knows just when we’ll get to that–in about ten years, at this rate–but we will get to it. <grin>

SPN S7 Watch Notes

So now we come to the season that made me give up on the show. Yes, I was a season 7 casualty. I freely admit this fact. 

Granted, by the time this season was airing I’d already been with it for nearly 6 years… which, comparatively speaking, is a long time to stick with one show. I like this season slightly more now, but that’s because I now have the benefit of hindsight. I didn’t have that back in 2011/2012. 

It’s still my least favorite season. The character stuff is far stronger than the plot stuff, but the character stuff wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to rank it any higher than dead last. 

That said, I actually really like Dick Roman. I think he’s actually one of my favorite villains (plus he gives us the endless dick jokes), but the Leviathans themselves were kinda… bad. The cheesy special effect was pretty terrible (I laughed the first time I saw their teeth; it reminded me of the Isz from The Maxx), and it definitely contributed to me not being able to take them seriously. 

This season was fan service: fans had been yelling since season 4 that the show needed to be just Sam and Dean again, and this is what happened. I was bored out of my skull half the time because I love seeing how Sam and Dean interact with OTHER CHARACTERS. Frank wasn’t enough of a saving grace to get me to continue after Bobby died. So I powered through to a certain episode… and then I was done. 

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Juvia Lockser pt 2 (or, we can’t argue that Gruvia isn’t unhealthy at this point)

Gruvia is hands down the most controversial semi-canon pairing in Fairy Tail, and given the nature of the ship it’s fairly easy to see why.There’s really no problem with liking Gruvia in its current form, and there’s equally no problem with disliking Gruvia either. In my personal opinion, the problem starts becoming evident when the argument is made that Gruvia in its current form is healthy, or normal, or even the ideal romantic situation. This is simply not true. Given the nature of this essay, I’d like to state that while this isn’t intended to be anti-Juvia, it is anti-Gruvia and technically anti-the way Gruvia’s written and Juvia’s role in it, so anyone not wishing to read such content is advised to step away. Since this is part of my Juvia series, I’ll be focusing on why Gruvia is unhealthy for Juvia, and I may retread to focus on why it’s unhealthy for Gray later…

In addition: I’d like to thank everyone that liked, reblogged, messaged and followed me following the first part of this series. I love all of you, and I really hope this essay meets your standards! Given that the next part might take a while, I’m also open to suggestion as to what my next topic should be! 

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This is for my fellow BNHA readers/watchers. 

I usually don’t add to fandoms, just lurk and enjoy the content. But I’ve had a couple of things circling around in my mind for a bit now. It’s going to be a long post, but I promise it’s worth it.

So the main premise originally circles around Izuku being born without a Quirk. This is fairly quickly amended by him receiving One For All after he goes through training, and then it’s focused on his and his classmates’ story.

However, that’s not the focus of this post.

See, here’s the thing. We’re going back for this. The doctor says to give up, because the common determinant in whether or not you have a Quirk is if you have an extra bone in your pinky toe. That it’s the thing that has been proven to be present when a Quirk is missing.

But you know the interesting thing about science? It’s a series of guess work. It’s often wrong, and even theories that stand over long periods of time can be proven to be wrong with new case data or technology.

Rather recently in our world someone came up with a method of space flight that science says should not work, period. But it does, and so much better than what we have now. It defies every concept that we’ve built up, which proves we don’t know the true fundamentals of the universe.

With that in mind, also think of the nature of One For All and All For One. A Quirk which passes from person to person, which was never even conceived to be in the slightest bit possible, according to Izuku. And a Quirk which can absorb any other Quirk as well as distribute Quirks, which might break several scientific minds if known due to the duel nature of it.

Going further, I want to point out that DNA is very, very weird at times. We haven’t gone into anything truly in depth dealing with the story of Quirk lines. But let me lay it down for you in a simple, yet interesting way.

Family traits are passed on from parents to children. But there are things called dominant genes and recessive traits. If you just have a brown haired father and blond mother, the kid has a 50-50 chance of having either of those hair colors. However, let’s say the mother’s mother also had brown hair. Her kid now has a 75% chance to be born with brown hair.

This line of thought is also present in determining blood type. I’m sure most of you remember the charts they made you study in school. A plus A = A, A plus B = AB, etc, etc. BUT. There are types that don’t come together so well. You can’t match As or Bs to Os. O blood is a recessive typing, but between two parents you’d have to look at their parents, grandparents, and maybe even further to truly determine what might be the child’s type. Because a dominant A+ blood father and an O- mother can have two O- children in a row, even though science says they should have been A+.

Where am I going with this? Glad you asked!

The BNHA world notes that Quirks are becoming a dominant trait. It also goes on to show that people with the extra bone in the pinky toe are being born less, supposedly in tandem with the up rising amount of Quirks. Since the two are happening at once, it is logical to decide they are linked when those with the extra bone have no visible Quirk.

Izuku’s mother confirms that she is fourth generation in line possession of a Quirk. That means her parents, her grandparents, and her great grandparents should have had Quirks. That’s seven people with a Quirk. The culmination passed down ending in her, who can just pull small objects towards herself. This means that one of each of the previous couples had a similar Quirk. However, this still leaves (potentially) three Quirks unaccounted for. What happened to those Quirks? They weren’t dominant enough to be passed on. But they’re still in her blood line.

And this isn’t even delving into the father’s side of the family. Which isn’t covered clearly. He could have the same number, or less, or more.

Funny thing about recessive traits. They can pop up anywhere down the line, given the right circumstances. In the manga’s situation, it points to that happening with how Izuku is ‘Quirkless’. But the chances of a child that should have been fifth in one family line having Quirks is incredibly small.

The question you think you should be asking is: Why/How did it happen?

The question that I stumbled upon after a few chapters and a good look at some of the other characters is : What if there’s something more subtle to this?


Because of characters like Mina Ashido, Kouji Kouda, and Fumikage Tokoyami, to name a few. These characters have Quirks that do not directly relate to their appearance! What? That’s not where things have led so far with the rest of what we’ve been told.

Except for one thing. Quirks are known to merge occasionally. So for example, the parents of Tokoyami could have had the Quirks ‘Crow’ (maybe?) and ‘Shadow’ respectively. But his Quirk is noted directly as ‘Shadow’, even though he clearly still has the ‘Crow’ influence. It’s not put down as what it should be. That is to say.

One person. Two Quirks.

Two Quirks that work in tandem. Both are equally dominant, both play a clear part in who he is. But only one is acknowledged. Why? The best reason I can figure out, is the more active Quirk being required to be put down. A Quirk that changes appearance is only noted in first generation, and from then on is overlooked in favor of the additional ‘active’ Quirks that merge with it.

There are clear cases in which the two Quirks work on equal footing and thus are both acknowledged, such as Shouto Todoroki. Fire and Ice, the key word being ‘and’.

Why is all of this important? Because this means Quirks aren’t entirely known. There are bits and pieces we have no idea about, and the vast majority of the BNHA scientists don’t either, not yet. But with this, I can offer to you an easy thought.

The secondary Quirks that become common, and undocumented, such as changed appearance are not merged Quirks. They are sub-Quirks. A secondary Quirk that is passive. And following reason, sometimes these Quirks can go unnoticed.

For example, if a Quirk isn’t visible. Or if it needs to build and develop along with the person it’s born into. Anyone could have ‘Instinct’ or ‘Danger Sense’ or ‘Charm’, etc. And you’d never know, because those are normal things that can be enhanced just slightly with a Quirk.

Wrapping things up a bit, my theory is-

The lack of a pinky toe is, in fact, related to having a dominant Quirk. And if someone only had a secondary sub-Quirk, they could very well still have that bone.

So. For someone like Izuku, who is fifth generation in a line of Quirk holders, to have nothing? Very small odds. But for him to have a sub-Quirk, when we don’t know three or more of his family line’s Quirks? Pretty high.

My personal headcannon thoughts are as follows.

Izuku Midoriya, Main Quirk: None

Secondary/Sub-Quirk: Memory and Analytics

Thank you for sticking with me to the end. I know it’s a bit rambly but… I’m pretty sure I laid it out well enough to be understood. Let me know what you think.

This is a warning!

So I hate I have to make this post, but well, here it is.

Consider this post a first and fair warning in the future! I am not going to tolerate this behavior anymore no matter WHO you are in relation to me or the fandom! If people have a right to their screenshots and gifs from a game Ubisoft made, I have a right to my artwork, ideas, headcanons, and stories that I made on my own. I believe this is only fair.

I am normally very forgiving when it comes to people taking something I’ve already done and using it for themselves. I’ve been pretty forgiving when people crop my artwork (fanart mostly) and use it for profile pictures and what not with no credits, and I am a bit more forgiving when someone asks me to proof their story or offer them ideas, and when I do, I get no credit for the help—same can be said about original characters and such…

But this has caused me to basically roll over and be a walking mat by this point, and I am tired of it. My body, my heart especially,…it just hurts from the continued abuse. I’ve been getting so stressed and upset in the past few days that it makes me have severe panic attacks that make me ill.

This has happened all my life, and I try to urge it away as ‘no, it’s fine…’ in worry if I express my discontent, I look like a bad guy, but the more I do that, the more it keeps happening! I helped my ex-girlfriend with her griffon character and not once did she credit me for the help and ideas I gave her. I’ve helped flesh out canon/oc pairings before as well to friends and fans in private, and when the stories came to life or the pieces were drawn—again, no thanks on my part. I’ve ‘inspired’ pieces by others, and it causes me to have to say ‘hey, this looks familiar/similar to mine’ to have someone say ‘oh yeah, you inspired it’. Seriously? Is it so hard to put an ‘inspired by tag’ somewhere in the description…?

The most damning of any of these instances was when a Rule 34 website took my Sonic harem idea and published it with only MINOR changes on their website, and by minor, I mean severely minor. They changed the lead females because they couldn’t use one of the OCs I had, but there was a bidding war for the woman who was bound and naked before the men in question (and by the way, the naked and undressing part was done in a promotional piece I had done in the back of my gallery) and while another character won the bidding war, it was still bullshit that he bought her for the same amount that was in my story. Yes, it was a free piece, but they get paid by the visit given their adds, so no—technically, it wasn’t a free piece! Want the proof of him saying ‘oh yeah, read your works’? Here you go:

He even tries to excuse it saying ‘nobody noticed the similarities’. Well, no, my friends sure as hell did and so did I, and I was also a speck on the map in that fandom—so of course nobody knew who I was, but everybody knew this porn website! That was what was most infuriating! The fact he took from someone he didn’t think anybody would know or take a nod towards. He didn’t even credit me for any inspiration through the comic.

As I got into the AC fandom, holy shit, it just got worse. A lot of my headcanon/ what if/ how would (X) react to this/ got used into stories without my consent and even some Emmetts have been modeled a lot to look like a cookie cutter version of my own (though as far as I know, I think and hoped this stopped).

PLEASE, even when you ask for a question/ headcanon ask/ ect, that doesn’t mean free is free. You asked for my thoughts and opinion, and I gave them, so the nice thing to do is to credit me if you use them in the future! It is fine to be inspired by something, but the least you can do is credit the source.

Also, as far as Oreana and her story is concerned as we do have an Egyptian game coming up: she has been with me for years, and I will not tolerate stuff about her stolen from me. I want to rewrite her worlds and such to actually publish, and when you take from me and my original world(s), you’re being disrespectful! There are so many ways that an Egyptian action/ adventure/ love story can be written, and if you need help, then ASK. It is fine to ask for help, but don’t just pick apart somebody’s world and or outright steal with a nice little painting job on top. (Also: FYI…if it’s an Egyptian setting, even if AU, the characters need to be darker skinned unless you can explain why they are not. Oreana isn’t dark skinned because she’s ‘cursed’ and has been since birth—her brothers and father are darker skinned while her other parent is white.)

It is because of this blatant thieving that I’ve stopped writing and even doing art as much. I am SCARED to. I didn’t want to keep writing to The Clockwork Soldier because I do want to publish that story with different characters of my own creation. Why should I offer my thoughts down on paper for a fandom that is this horribly disrespectful? And what’s further sad is people screaming in fear of losing Jacob from the fandom, but…if you keep doing this to me, you will lose one more Jacob Frye fan who creates content for you all to enjoy.

SO, in the future, this is what is going to happen:

  • If I see something that is too similar to my idea(s) with no reasoning as to why that is so, I am going to approach you in private and ask you to change it or see if we cannot reach an understanding of sorts.

    • I would say that we could work together to reach a better compromise or better story, but if you’re going to take my stuff to begin with without reason, then I find that silly that I should offer my services.

  • If we cannot reach an understanding, or you refuse to do what I will politely ask of you, then I will report your blog and the post in question or the piece regardless of where it is to have it taken down—no warning. Your warning is me coming to you in private and talking to you from now on.

Also, as a side note—do NOT get furious and or upset about this if I come to you to talk! I am willing to sit down and talk like a reasonable, mature adult even if I too am super upset. I am not going to throw shit at you regardless of how I feel. I am not going to slander you and your blog publicly unless it is severe and needs to be addressed, and I feel I need more help in the situation to which I try not to do.

I understand mistakes can be made, and do acknowledge that I talk about these situations with friends to ask their opinion on if it’s too similar or not. When I get an outstanding yes vote, then I go to the people(s) responsible. It is not just me sitting here judging the circumstances solo.

I thank you all for your understanding and support, and to those that don’t support or understand this—that’s fine, but I probably don’t need you here. I hate to see you leave, but my health and sanity means more than your company.

~Oreana Galena

anonymous asked:

I have heard many different people talking lately about the possibility that Gaster was the one to create Flowey and the Amalgams. This because in MTT's diary, Shyren's sister fell down BEFORE he met Alphys and she built his body and became the Royal Scientist, when we know Shyren's sister was made into Lemon Bread. Plus, the entries of 1-8 are written different in tone. Was it POSSIBLE that Gaster did this, and was then erased, and now Alphys thinks she did it instead?

(undertale spoilers)

Specifically in regards to Shyren’s sister, it does seems strange that she “fell down” long before the experiments began, yet she is still used in the True Lab experiments. However, it is never clarified exactly how long the state of “fallen down” lasts, only that it leads to the monster’s death. It’s possible that this extended state of “fallen down” is not abnormal.

Entry Number 6 states the following: “Their bodies came in today. They’re still comatose… And soon, they’ll all turn into dust.” It seems likely that a monster who has “fallen down” is not unlike a human in a coma. While technically still alive, they are unconscious and unresponsive. A human coma can last anywhere from a few hours to several years. If this is the same for monsters, it would explain the time discrepancy with Shyren’s sister. 

What is known about Shyren’s sister is that she “fell down” before Mettaton gets his body.

After this first entry, the diary entries mention that Mettaton’s cousin becomes a training dummy, Mettaton meets Alphys, and Alphys shares her sketches for Mettaton’s new body. Alphys then presumably makes Mettaton his body and uses the success of her project to become the new Royal Scientist. All this time, Shyren’s sister would have been in a state of “fallen down.”

So, like, I’m pretty sure she…
Made Mettaton to, like, totally impress [ASGORE].
A robot with a SOUL…
That’s, like, SUPER relevant to his hobbies!
So after seeing Mettaton, ASGORE…
Asked her to do all this science stuff for him!
But nobody’s, like, seen anything from her yet.
Or… her at all…
She must, like, just stay in her lab all day.

The reason no one has seen Alphys after she built Mettaton is because she was busy with the soul and vessel experiments, which went horribly wrong. Since then, she’s been spending all her time in the lab and garbage dump.

While this seems like an unreasonable amount of time for Shyren’s sister to remain in a “fallen down” state, it is still not enough to support the idea that her body was collected by Gaster. In fact, Gaster starting the experiments makes even less sense with what is known about the gap between him and Alphys. After Gaster was “shattered across time and space,” “ASGORE waited so long to hire a new Royal Scientist.” This time disaprity is mentioned by two of Gaster’s followers.

If the determination experiments were taking place during Gaster’s time as the Royal Scientist, it would not make sense for Asgore to wait a long time to replace Gaster, especially when the monsters’ bodies may soon turn to dust. Also, keep in mind that Alphys is mentioned as being a faster worker than Gaster.

It may be that Alphys’ work on Mettaton’s body took a much shorter time than one may expect, meaning that Shyren’s sister may not have been in a state of “fallen down” for an exorbitant amount of time. 

What we do know about Gaster is that he was the royal scientist, he created the core, and he fell into his “creation.” If Alphys’ actions were attributed to Gaster because he was shattered across time and space, any of the events in Undertale could be attributed to him in this manner. However, it is very unlikely that Gaster is related to the experiments that resulted in the amalgamates and Flowey. 

» read more: Alphys wrote the True Lab Entries.

Beyond the evidence, it also makes sense to consider this thematically. Alphys is wracked with guilt over her experiments. From reading her journal entries in the True Lab, it becomes apparent she is in way over her head. Frantically injecting determination into everything and getting zero initial results, the tone of the entries becomes increasingly erratic. 

Through the efforts of Frisk and Undyne, Alphys is eventually able to come to terms with herself and confront her past. If Gaster truly created Flowey and the Amalgamates, it completely invalidates the story of her transformation. From a thematic perspective, Alphys’ redemption arc is rendered meaningless if she was never responsible for things going wrong.

Are you a diehard NCIS fan who wants a challenge?

 If so, try as best you can to solve the puzzle without looking up the answers on the web or watching the DVDs. ;)

If you do decide to have a crack at it, if you can, take a photo of your finished crossword and post on tumblr under the tag #JessNCIScrossword or twitter under the hashtag #JessNCIScrossword.

Answers will be posted on this blog two weeks from now. (24th July)

Any grammatical or fact-based errors are unintentional. However, if there does happen to be some, I apologise in advance. 

If needed, click crossword to enlarge and read clue numbers.

Most importantly, ENJOY! :)


3 Cote de Pablo was born in this country. (5)

5 Finish the quote: ‘When you die I want to dissect your _____.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Jimmy Palmer. (5)

8 The number of actresses to date that have portrayed Kelly Gibbs. (5)

9 The number of times NCIS has been crowned ‘Number One Drama in the World’ (5)

10 According to the NCIS pilot, Kate Todd replaced this special agent. (6, 10)

11 The title of the song played at Mike Franks funeral. (6, 2, 3, 5)

12 This cast member has recently had their directorial debut. (5, 7)

15 Rocky Carroll shares his birthday with this fellow NCIS cast member. (7, 9)

16 Complete the quote: ‘I’ve got a better chance of hooking up with _______ ____ than these guys do of infiltrating SeaLift.’ Written by Donald P. Bellisario for Tony DiNozzo. (7, 4)

18 Gibbs first met Shannon here. (5, 7)

19 The realistic contents inside the fictional Caf-Pow. (8, 5)

20 The genre of music McGee enjoys listening to when he’s alone. (4)

22 The name of the technical adviser for the show who was also a former NCIS Special Agent. (4, 7)

23 According to Emily Wickersham, Michael Weatherly gives her this nickname on set. (4-3-10)

29 Pauley Perrette’s natural hair colour. (6)

30 What rule number is this? ’Never say you’re sorry. It’s a sign of weakness.’ (3)

31 NCIS was originally drawn from this television series. (3)

32 Colour of Gibbs’s watch band. (6)  

33 Michael Weatherly directed his first NCIS episode in this season. (5)

34 Finish the quote: ‘Who’d want to be a Navy cop? I’d rather have the ______.’ Written by Steven D. Binder for Tony DiNozzo. (6)

35 Michelle Lee died in season six when Gibbs shot her in order to kill the man holding her hostage. According to the writers, that exit was originally meant for this character. (4)

38 The family relation Sean Murray has with NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario. (4-3)

39 The original title for the show before it became NCIS. (4, 1-1-1-1)

40 This song by ’Stop Making Friends’ featuring Pauley Perrette is heard during an NCIS episode. (4)


1 The place Ziva visits annually to remember her late sister Tali. (5)

2 What rule number is this? ‘Always watch the watchers.’ (6, 4)

4 What rule number is this? ‘It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.’ (8)

6 The title of 100th episode. (7)

7 According to Gibbs, this is what the second ‘b’ in his surname stands for. (7)

10 The name of Jimmy Palmer’s daughter. (8, 9)

13 Complete the quote: ‘A slap to the face is an ______ — to the back of the head is a wake-up call.’ Written by John C. Kelley for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (6)

14 The animal that sometimes features on Ducky’s bow-tie. (8)

17 Finish the quote: ‘I appreciate that, Tony, but don’t try to compete with my _______.’ Written by Scott Williams and Reed Steiner for Ziva David. (7)

21 Name of the boy McGee volunteers to Big Brother. (4)

24 Name of Kelly’s best friend. (5, 6)

25 This animation features on DiNozzo’s stapler. (6, 5)

26 Abby’s first case at NCIS involved this facility. (3, 4)

27 The title of McGee’s sequel to ‘Deep Six’. (4, 6)

28 The nationality of Sean Murray’s mother. (10)

36 The name of Ducky’s murderous girlfriend. (4)

37 Tony has two fish. One of them is named Kate. The other one is named ____. (4)


enricoraqtheterrible  asked:

So my friend told me The Magicians was flaming garbage and she mentioned a truly shitty main character, his girl best friend that he was apparently very terrible towards, and bury your gays trope. Are these true, how do you feel about them and would you recommend this show to others in this turbulent time

Okay, so just a warning: this is gonna be a little long. 

The Good, The Bad, and The Magicians

First off, what is the Magicians? It’s an American show on Syfy. It’s about Quentin, a student who gets accepted to a secret, magical grad School called Brakebills. But there’s much more beyond the surface of that. Harry Potter-meets-Narnia written by way of Gravity Falls and Jessica Jones is a good place to start describing it. 

So, first the issues mentioned.


I’d say the main character, Quentin, is flawed. He’s not a bad person but he’s definitely reeling from a stay in a mental hospital and has diagnosed, openly discussed clinical depression.
He doesn’t always make the best choices and he can be an ass, but he’s self aware enough to grow from his mistakes and own up to them. There are times when you’ll get him and times when you can’t stand him. 

As for how he treats Alice…well, it goes through the ups and downs of a relationship with two very dysfunctional people. There are times when they’re good and then there are fuck ups. And he does fuck up royally with her.
But the show acknowledges this, everyone acknowledges this. She also retaliates in a very awful, if suitable way. Neither one of them is excused for it and no one is automatically forgiven or brushed aside. We just started season 2 and they’re starting to recover from the fallout. 

Liking Quentin is a matter of personal taste, but even if you don’t like him the rest of the cast is engaging and likable enough that you can move past that. Just remember characters need to be flawed to get better, the question is if you can accept said flaws (I’m personally okay with it). 


I actually wasn’t aware this was a controversy within the show until today, browsing TV Tropes. The way I see it, it’s a double sided issue. 

On the one hand, one of the best leads is gay. Eliot is a well written character who is flamboyant, funny, poignant, intelligent and realized. He goes through a lot of shit on the show (sensing a trend?). 
He doesn’t die but (spoilers) he is forced to kill his love interest at one point. It sucks, but no one on this show is exempt from having shitty things happen to them. He’s one of the three leads to lose someone over the course of season one, no one gets out unscarred. As much as I would love to have my gay couples protected in every show, this is not Glee. Everyone suffers here, regardless of orientation. 

In addition, there’s a minor character introduced later in season one who is a black, female lesbian. She kindly slaps some sense into one of the leads, talks about her healing process with her wife, and leaves. Less than ten minutes of screen time. 
I liked this character and totally forgot that she died at the end of the episode. I mean, she is in a coma, that shit happens. It doesn’t excuse the fact that the character was written to be disposable (gives life changing advice, dies). I think it was meant to be inclusive, and part of that is they were killing off A LOT of characters at this point. People die in this show. So much. True, they could have been a little less callous and not written in her death as a fucking afterthought. There’s no easy answer, and I’m open for that being broached and discussed.  


  • It’s super diverse
  • The universe is thought out, extensive, whimsical while being grounded with one foot in reality.
  • The characters are smart, relatable, and funny. 
  • The main plot is compelling and bingeworthy
  • The main subplot (Julia Wicker) is way too true to life and hits home for a lot of realities. 
  • Probably one of the more creative approaches to magic I’ve ever seen, and I’ve grown up with a ton of magical fiction. 
  • It’s straight up entertaining and (mostly) well written. Witty too. 


  • There is rape. It’s a little exploitative and could have been avoided. It ties into the main plot and technically has a purpose, but that shit makes me cringe.
  • It makes, unintentionally, a nasty statement about victims of rape. They didn’t mean to say it, but it’s still there. 
  • Eliot is unabashedly gay and has a sex life…up until the end of season 1. He has to sacrifice a huge part of that for the plot to progress. As the plot is still in progress, I still don’t know how to feel about that. 
  • Julia Wicker deserves better.


Yes? Obviously, it’s gonna be to each their own. It’s on Netflix, so I’d recommend trying out the first couple episodes and gauging your own interest. All in all, I’d say it’s one of the more unique shows on tv right now. It’s worth a watch. 

Did any of that help?

Transistor Devs Q&A

If you didn’t attend the Transistor Anniversary Chat, or if you weren’t there for absolutely everything, you might have missed the Supergiant developers being in chat, or might have missed some of their answers. I can’t promise that I picked up every answer (if you know what I missed please show me) but I compiled a list here of what they did answer and say. Please note that this is heavily edited due to Tinychat’s constraints!

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Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni in relation to the When They Cry series

When I learned about the existence of Umineko and Higurashi’s lesser-known cousin, Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni, I was confused. It wasn’t technically part of the WTC series, as there was nothing ‘crying’ on its title, but even then, it’s hard to ignore how both titles are oh so similar. Yeah, sure, this doesn’t mean anything on its own, but there’s also the fact that the similarities don’t end there.

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni starts out with Marie Moriya’s story. Marie is, like many other characters in Ryukishi’s works, an abuse victim, and someone who is currently undergoing abuse. The whole first story is about abuse and what it does to Marie. Now, like I said, that’s not new at all. Maria, Ange, Yasu and many other characters in Umineko go through some horrible physical, verbal and emotional abuse. In Higurashi, we not only have a bunch of characters who have gone through abuse, but we also have the case of Satoko’s entire character being defined by the abuse she experiments from many people all through her life. This is in itself is a common theme in arguably all of Ryukishi’s works. So, what makes Higanbana’s take on abuse and other themes the When They Cry series loves to toy with different?

Higanbana is an amendment of sorts.

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Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

In my previous meta, I found several common characteristics between Casmir (Irene’s perfume) and the perfumes named in Sherlock’s deduction as he recognizes Claire-de-la-Lune.

I find this connection between Irene and Mary quite meaningful. On the surface, these two characters share some characteristics, but they are in fact two formidable opposites.

Irene & Mary: two similar characters

To this day, Irene and Mary are the only women who managed to avoid Sherlock’s powers of deduction. Actually, in both cases, Sherlock realizes he’s facing a disguise, but fails to fully understand the person in front of him. Sherlock recognizes both characters as clever.

Irene and Mary both beat Sherlock, following the same steps: 1) fool his powers of deduction, 2) shooting him (Irene drugs him, Mary fires a gun at him). After hurting Sherlock, the two women are self-satisfied and gloat

Irene is a very sensual and seductive woman, sure of herself, her intelligence and assets. She is a woman of power, she likes to be free and doing exactly what she wants. She doesn’t actively choose/defend a side: she follows people she’s interested in (Moriarty, then Sherlock).

Mary possesses most of these characteristics. She is a woman of power, using her job (assassin) and seduction/playfulness to dominate people. She sure likes having an ascendant on people (we see it through her relationship with John and Sherlock throughout series 3). She shows herself as being very self-confident too, borderline (!) arrogant, like Irene. She is very sure of her skills, especially when she shows Sherlock (and John, oops) her gun-aiming skills.

It is also interesting to note how Mary’s character is associated with mischief, playfulness and wickedness. Similarly, Irene says it herself: she likes to misbehave.

Irene associated with Moriarty to play a nice trick to the Holmes brothers. However, she commited herself far too much into the play and ended up falling in love with Sherlock.

Mary is clearly associated with Moriarty in the show, even if we don’t know explicitly about their relationship or where she stands now. Most likely, Moriarty’s plan was to put Mary on John’s path after a traumatic event and make him fall in love with her (like he put Irene on Sherlock’s path after a traumatic event - the pool - to make him fall in love with her). However, I believe Mary definitively fell in love with John (in a selfish way) and it screws up Jim’s plan.

Irene looks a lot like Sherlock and shares his best assets and weapons/tricks (brilliant mind, faking her death, riding crop). Like him, she uses her powerful brain to do something that she likes (dominating people vs him helping people).

Mary looks a bit like John and shares his best assets/weapons/tricks (witty, feeling responsible of other human beings, medical knowledge, gun skills, posing as an inoffensive person while being a dangerous alpha). However, she uses her skills in a wicked/”dark” way (she is destructive while John tries to help people and do good).

On the surface, Irene and Mary seem to be very similar characters.

Irene and Mary: a study in opposition

It is interesting to note that, when we look at their character’s arcs, Irene and Mary follow two very different paths.

  • Irene’s arc

Indeed, at first, Irene appears as a threat, a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She drugs him, hits him with a riding crop, taunts him, is sexually aggressive… If we’re attentive, we can see subtle clues of her real intentions behind the cold mask.

However, as time passes, her character takes a softer tone and she becomes an allyHer presence helps Johnlock, and she actively tries to make both boys realize their feelings for each other and stop them from hiding their sexual orientation and impulses.

Irene protects Sherlock and his secret (his sexuality and love for John) and, in the end, isn’t shown as a bad character. Sherlock obviously likes and respect her, as a person. He recognizes Irene is on his side and has helped him tremendously. He is ready to help her if needed in return.

  • Mary’s arc

Interestingly, Mary takes the exact opposite path.

She is introduced as an ally (of John, Sherlock and their relationship), a person willing to help Sherlock. Sherlock respects her as a person, he respects her relationship with John. If we look close enough though, we can see clues of her real intentions.

However, we end up discovering Mary’s true nature: a dangerous force working against Sherlock. She hurts him with words and uses violence against him. In the end, the show clearly associates her with words like wicked and bad (from one of the most disgusting characters, aka Magnussen!).

I don’t think John likes Mary very much after discovering she shot Sherlock, and he clearly disrespects the fact that she is an assassin. He also knows Mary isn’t good for him and actively threatens Sherlock; he most likely is planning to destroy her as soon as he sees the opportunity.

Mary and Irene have opposite roles regarding the reationship between John & Sherlock.

While appearing as an obstacle, Irene greatly helps John and Sherlock’s relationship, whereas Mary, while playing cool and posing as the link between the two forces them apart.

I see another symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene. Irene is a brunette who likes to misbehave, she is very free in her sexuality. She technically makes people pay to have sexual favors from her. Mary is the image of the luminous blond bride with child. We could see Mary as a twisted representation of a Madonna (/Virgin Mary) (and there is a direct reference to “Madonna” in TSOT, the episode where Mary marries and Sherlock discovers her pregnancy ; plus, Mary’s a dark mirror for John and John wears the bristol with “Madonna” written by Sherlock) and Irene as a twisted representation of a whore.

The Madonna and the whore is the classic dichotomy between two schematic representations of women. We can thus see a great symbolic opposition between Mary and Irene.

Also, funnily enough, the Madonna-whore complex is namely the inability to maintain sexual arousal within a committed, loving relationship. OH MY GOD, JOHN! Tbh, it really looks like an accurate description of Mary and John’s marriage to me, but I could be wrong (or not).

Speculation related to this opposition: Mary’s end

In the end, Irene almost gets killed but is saved by Sherlock. After that, she leaves and hides (most likely in the US?). However, we’ve seen Irene and Mary are shown as two opposites, both from a symbolic point of view and from Johnlock’s narrative arc.

Therefore, I believe Mary’s end will happen the exact opposite from Irene’s almost-death.

See, Irene was on her knees threatened by a man standing behind her (btw, the man behind her was Sherlock, a traitor to the group). She chooses to send a message to Sherlock before accepting her fate… But: big twist! We hear Sherlock’s characteristic ringtone and Irene is saved at the last minute.

Knowing Mary, the opposite works quite well. It is easy to picture Mary standing in front of a kneeling man, threatening him (as we discovered her assassin identity as she was threatening a kneeling Magnussen at gunpoint).

Most likely, by the well-known laws of opposition, the threatened man would be Sherlock (another possibility is John, but less likely). Mary, the standing woman, is a traitor. Two possibilities: the kneeling man or Mary send a message to their beloved (John). Following the message: big twist! We hear a ringtone. The kneeling man is saved at the last minute and the recipient of the message kills the people threatening them.

To me, it makes more sense to have Sherlock as the kneeling man. Indeed, if Mary is to be killed, it must be John’s choice, and it’s his turn to take a dramatic action to save Sherlock.

Hence => Mary threatening a kneeling Sherlock at gunpoint (most likely gloating), one of them sends a message to John Watson. As Mary is ready to kill Sherlock, we hear the ringtone. BIG REVEAL, John was there the whole time (like Sherlock was there for the whole “I’m not gay/Well I am, look at us both” discussion between John & Irene). Sherlock opens in eyes and realizes John (the man he loves) is here. Then,we have a shot of John’s face as he speaks shortly to one of them (likely Sherlock? … But the two work: Sherlock speaks to a woman he doesn’t love but who loves him before killing the threatening people; so John could speak to the woman who loves him but whom he doesn’t love, aka Mary) before killing (most likely shooting) Mary.

A dramatic end for an amazing opponent.

Added remarks

  • I can’t wait to see Janine’s arc, as she seems to be another strong woman working with Moriarty most likely to hurt Sherlock.
  • This opposition between Mary and Irene strenghtens my belief that we’ll see Irene come back in the show.