and the dressing up !

Cats and Hot Pirate Ladies?? I can’t even be mad we aren’t getting the other Halloween event.

October 26th! World Premier Event! And look at the date announcement! Bottom left? The LN icon updated to Halloween themed! Maybe we still have some spoops in store after all!

Updated Info:

Sail of Hunt, Sea of Joy🏴‍☠️World Debut!

An ancient trial is going on the vast sea. Find the treasure deep in the island, and battle on the roaring sea!🌊

From October 26th 5 am to November 1st 11:59 pm(UTC-8), go to the event [Pirate], fight together with the whole server, challenge the pirates to win the heritage of Lord of North Sea which includes the NEW background [Helm of Treasure] and TWO NEW MUSIC suits🎼!

- Both suits with new makeup AND music.

- [Storm Tamer] with the pirate cat and hawk.

- [Treasure Keeper] with the sailor monkey and cats.

- [Golden Anchor Packs] will be offered in the Users Shop.

LN reactions to you admitting you’re a russian bot

Nikki:Y/N…. How could you do this? I… I thought you were a good person! I can’t trust you after this…”

Lunar: “Please… tell me it’s not true…Y/N, don’t do this, I can’t lose you. Was everything you said to me a lie?

Bobo: “Huh?! You’re what?? Y/N, I don’t understand… Does this mean you don’t like me anymore? Just say it’s a mistake… please.”

Royce: “What?! Y/N, how could you?! I can’t believe you would do something like this, I trusted you! I don’t even want to see you anymore.”

Kimi: Y/N…. I don’t believe you.”

Nidhogg:Oh, Y/N… I always felt like we were two of a kind. I love your bastardous nature.”


Q) what do you want to cosplay for halloween?

haknyeon: joker
sunwoo: grim reaper
q: ghost
eric: princess
kevin: jack-jack
younghoon: harley quinn

new: is there a male equivalent for harley quinn?  
kevin: isn’t that the joker?
younghoon: i think it’s marley quinn

juyeon: gangster
hyunjae: batman
sangyeon: wolverine

hyunjae: hyung, aren’t you already wolverine?
sangyeon: why

hwall: vampire
new: vampire
jacob: m&m chocolate

haknyeon & q: 😂😂😂😂
sunwoo: AH, m&m not eminem…
kevin: the rapper?
eric: the chocolate!!
juyeon: how did you cosplay that?

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

He angled his head away just enough for her attempt to miss, before he brought both her arms down in front of her, so he could wrap his hand around both of her wrists. With his free hand, he cupped her face, forcing her to look at him.

“It’s done.” He had a warning tone in his voice. “Yield.”


MMA fighter, Kylo Ren is suspended from the league and sentenced to community service at his uncle’s martial arts academy. There he meets Rey Niima, a recent graduate with a natural ability and incredible potential.

Read Chapter 29 here! || I heard A03 is still not sending updates so I’m tagging @abyssalspark @reylocalligraphy @thereylowritingden @reysexualkylo @atchamberlin @kylosgirl9593 @saturninefeline @greyforceuser @spiegatrixlestrange @polkadotdotdotreylo @hoshiakarii @hanable-13 @albastargazer @rey-kapkeyk @perperuna93 @13-is-myluckynumber @thebitchesofdathomir

Halloween costume is nearly complete. What do you think, my darlings? Do you crave subjugation from your queen? 😉😈🎃🎶💚🖤


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