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Any tips on drawing expressions ?;-;


I have some cool tutorials and refs here, here, and here , and if this isn’t enough, then you can feast yourself through the expression tag in my art resources blog

But poly, i WANT MORE RESOURCES, you say, and I offer u: the gesture drawing practice, line of action is great because it has options for pose gestural drawing, expressions and even animals


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They accidentally grabbed the wrong hair dye box and Keith wasn’t paying attention when he was dying Shiro’s hair so he had to come up with a way for Shiro to also not pay attention. 



“We are fightning weaboos!”

This could also be seen as The nonsense AU (almost) nobody asked for, where teenage!Genji was found nearly dead, gets rebuilt by Moira and Angela resulting in bonding together as a family .


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Angel!Dean is basically a little shit

Castiel is like, 1000% done

reverse verse 


happy early birthday to my fav boy !! ily lance !!

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