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inktober ‘18 ♥ day 20 ♥ auntie lorna (marvel)

they fell asleep talking about fashion, being punk, and mutant rights.

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i cant believe undertale’s already three years old!!

(pssst the pic is transparent!! click it) 

I watched Trollhunters a little while ago and it actually inspired me to doodle again soooo here’s some angry changelings not appreciating the whole “impure” thing


(( OOC: Hey peeps, just a quick reminder. If you’re following a blog that, over time, makes you feel more upset than happy, or creates more negativity in your life than positivity… you are not obligated to continue following them. 

I know negativity can be entertaining, and it feels good sometimes to argue or debate, or even feel like you’re standing up for a cause… but if you drown yourself in that type of environment, you will find yourself drained. 

I speak from personal experience when I say that being surrounded by it begins to alter the way your mind works… it creates habits of negative thought, and it’s a steep, downward spiral that’s hard to climb back out of.

Try to stay compassionate, and if those you interact with don’t do the same, then maybe it’s best you surround yourself with people and content that will. ))


Oh my gosh!!! I finally hit 5000+ followers???? Really didn’t think this would happen but here we are!

So in celebration of all of you sticking around through my many mood swings and self indulgent posts I  decided to do one of those raffles I see everywhere.


1. Because this is for my followers, you have to be following me to participate. But also dont just follow me for the raffle cause that wouldn’t be cool.

2. Like stated above, one like and one reblog. I don’t want anyone getting spammed. Only one reblog will count!!

And thats it for the rules because I havent really thought this through too much.


3rd place will receive a single character full body piece, fully coloured!

2nd place will get a 2 to 3 character full body, fully coloured

1st place will get a short comic!! Meaning not a full story or anything like that. As in, a scene from a fanfic you really like (with writer’s permission) or a couple of nerds doing some nerd stuff.

What I will draw!!

° Undertale is my obvious specialty, but i’ll draw from any fandom as long as I have proper references.

° Ocs (I love ocs alright??)

° nsfw things. But they’ll be posted on my nsfw blog

What I CANT draw

°Mechas. Please be kind

Deadline is Halloween because I love Halloween

So that gives you a while to reblog ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Good luck and all that!!! And thank you all for being awesome and supportive!! It’s really meant a lot to me these past few months, and I love you guys (*¯ ³¯*)♡