and that wristband really

ok. lets talk about this.

so since im currently in vietnam with family,, we went to a waterpark.

they gave us wristbands to assure that we payed for our admission.

we had a kid with us, so he had really small wrists and hands. he spent a majority of the time wrestling with cousins in the water.

he lost his wristband.

he didnt tell us until we got rIGHT at the exit, and they checked our wrists again to assure that we had payed.

i was already in the car with my other cousins when suddenly we hear angry ass yelling and some sort of pounding noise??

long story short i thought it was a gun (guns arent allowed to be used in vietnam),, but it just turned out to be someone being really angry cause my cousin lost his wristband.

my first instinct was to crouch down on the car floor and cover my head.

my vietnamese cousins laughed at me and had to explain that guns arent legal in vietnam unlike the US (where im from)

its funny how my first thought as an american is “oh shit. theres a gun. get down.” when theres yelling in a public place.

people were obviously watching and crowding around the two just to make sure everything was ok.

i think its a bit sad how since the laws in the US for gun control are terrible and how there’s a lot of shootings,, this has resulted in me fearing for my life thinking “oh no. get down. or else something bad is going to happen.”

just a thought.

honestly now that ive thought about it i really want a wristband that vibrates just a little bit every 2-5 minutes to keep me focused on stuff (and give me a concept of time passing bc god knows i dont have one)
like ive tried setting alarms or using apps that ding periodically but theyre usually too annoying to be any help. something tactile like vibration that only lasts a second seems unobtrusive yet noticeable enough
plus you could wear it at work or school without annoying other people. and depending on the design it could be pretty or discrete

why am i not an inventor who do i talk to to make this happen

Okay I know I’m always like “I don’t need him to sign shit; who cares about autographs” but…. I just thought of something I’d LOVE Nez to sign (if I meet him) and got really excited.

My Troubadour wristband!!


anonymous asked:

So I can imagine J spoiling you with expensive gifts like jewelry, but when I always buy necklaces I never wear them I just hang them around my room XD How would you react to Joker getting you expensive gifts you know you wouldn't use? I would be like "Thanks, babe.... you know you don't have to get me all of this" I would try to let him down easy XD

Ahahahaha that’s so me! XDD I also buy them, but I never really wear them, I also hang them around at my mirror!XD I would honestly be like: Aww, you don’t have to do this … <3 *thinking of all the necklaces that hang around in my room* But I think I have way too much of them now … but what I really need is a new wristband …  J: *goes, steals/buys half a million wristbands* Me: O_O thank you, J …  J: Everything for my sweet little doll.  Me: *it’s a doom loop I can’t escape* …<3 I think I wouldn’t be able to tell him, that he has to stop XD I don’t want him to get offended, because of that. Even if I would need a second room for all the stuff he gave me, but hey, I’m sure he could get me a second room too. XDD 

Summer in the city is a massive youtube event that happens every year in London and this year it was held at the Excel centre from the 12-14th of August!!  I have never been before so this year I bought weekend tickets for my friend Ansha and I to head up to London and experience the amazingness that is Summer in the City :)

On the 13th of August I met my friend at Victoria Station and we got the tube and the DLR to the London Excel Centre which is where the event was held. We got there and showed our tickets which were exchanged for some really cool Purple wristbands :) We then wandered round the Exhibition area where there were funfair rides, Merch stands and an open mic stage :) Whilst wandering round the Exhibition area we spotted Hazel Hayes and Musical Bethan (Bethan Leadley) so went over and said hi and got selfies :)

External image
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After the exhibition hall we grabbed some lunch and headed through to the Meet and Greet hall as we had a scheduled meet and greet with Dodie Clark and Evan Edinger.

External image
After our meet and greet we went to Panel room two where we saw a Panel about the Creater/Viewer divide which was really enlightening and interesting :) after that we went back through the exhibition hall stopping to take some photos whilst on our way to the main stage xx

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Once we found the main stage we found a seat and also grabbed some dinner whilst watching Bars and Melody :) after Bars and Melody there was the Youtube Awards and then Jon Cozart, Musical Bethan and Dodie Clark all performed in succession and were all amazing  :) Jon cozart performed After Ever After which was a dream come true and also performed an awkward duet with Dodie :)

External image
External image
External image
External image

On Sunday 14th of August we decided to go up to the Excel Centre slightly later as we were both rather tired from the day before :) when we arrived we grabbed some lunch and then headed through the exhibition hall stopping to go on one of the fairground rides which had me crying with laughter :) We then headed to the meet and greet hall for our official meet and greet with Jon Cozart.

External image

After our meet and greet with Jon we sat and watched the SITC awards on the main stage which was really fun :) the awards show went on for a while so we then headed home stopping to say hi to the Mandeville sisters on the way :) They were both lovely and spent ages talking to everyone who came up to them <3

External image

Overall it was a fantastic weekend which I will never forget <3 Thank you to all the youtubers I met this weekend and to my friend Ansha for keeping me company and for stopping me from being too much of an awkward fangirl :P

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to SITC or a similar youtube event and if so what your experience was like <3


Summer in the City 2016 :) Summer in the city is a massive youtube event that happens every year in London and this year it was held at the Excel centre from the 12-14th of August!!  
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