and that wristband really

The Façade of the Modern Hipster Chef

If you are a chef who also has an “urban farm”, what you are is a chef who gardens, a gardener. You have a fucking garden, no matter how many people work there. I know it doesn’t sound cool, but does your microeconomy really depend on gauged ears, steampunk wristbands, and a collection of pennyfarthings, or does it depend on your commitment to urban community gardening and food sustainability?

Thought I would be going to Houston for the weekend, but it turned out to be merch I will very much appreciate. 2 years ago I bought an ACL wristband and on my way out 2 guys really wanted to see the last act so I gave one of the guys my wristband and my sister gave the other hers. Last year my friend gave me a 3 day wristband and I got into ACL for free and took some of my favorite photos. Two weeks later I ended up front row for Taylor Swift. Better things will come~

To everyone who’s going, I hope you have lots of fun.

@taylorswift put on an amazing show as always 💖
Request: Special gift

Request: You’re a hang around, usually being in parties and stuff. One day Tig wakes up with a major hungover and finds you taking coffee with the guys wearing one of his wristbands. He asks why and you tell him how he got really drunk in the previous night, and you actually took the time to help him to his dorm, bath him and stuff. He kept trying to play with you but you were super mom on him haha Then as he is getting into bed, he takes the wrist band off and gives to you as a special thanks

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Sun was sneaking through the blinds in Clay’s office and you stretched on the couch, waking up. You had crashed there after the party last night, not wanting to drive after the few drinks you had. You left the room and walked to the salon. It was a mess, cups and bottles of beer everywhere. People were sleeping around, some of them already waking up.

You entered the kitchen and started to make coffee. Soon, the boys would be around the bar, looking for a cure to their hangovers. You took the coffee to the bar and poured a cup for you. It was like the smell had awaken the dad, Bobby being the first to walk to the counter.

“Morning gorgeous”, he greeted you. Happy, Chibs, Juice and Kozik walked there too, waiting for you to pour them coffee. You liked to be around them, being a friend of the club for a while now. You were always there in the parties and frequently to make coffee in the next day.

“Is this one of Tig’s wristbands?”, Happy asked, pointing to your wrist. You looked down, smiling. You had forgotten that it was there and the boys where looking curious at you. Those accessories had a meaning for Tig.

“Yeah, he gave it to me”, you said. Bobby spit his coffee, laughing.

“He was drunk, right?”, he asked. You nodded, taking a sip of your own cup.

“Oh yeah, very”, you were about to tell what had happened when someone came from the hallway, cursing.

“Fuck!”, the person yelled after hit the wall. Tig himself emerged from there, his hand on his forehead and he practically crawled to the bar.

“Morning”, you greeted him as the boys smiled. You gave him cup of coffee, which he took it like his life depend on it.

“Man!”, he growled, turning to his brothers, “How much did I drink last night?”

“A lot”, you where the one who answered, making him look at you, an eyebrow raised. You hid your smile behind your cup, but he noticed it.

“What the hell did I do?”, he whined and suddenly his eyes widened, “And why are you wearing one of my wristbands?”

“Well…”, you started talking, all the boys looking as you told Tig’s Drunk Night story.


You arrived at the clubhouse a little late and the party was already wild. You never had seen people drinking as much as they were doing and apparently, Tig was the leader of the pack. He was behind the bar, pouring shots and serving beers, doing a prospect’s job, but looking happy about it.

“Hi Tiggy”, you greeted him. He smiled and poured you a drink, as he did the same for himself. If he kept doing that he would be in a coma really soon.

“Heeey dooooll”, you grimaced. He was already drunk.

“How about you let the prospect do his job?”, you suggested, drinking your shot.

“Are you trying to distract me?”, Tig leaned over the bar, looking at your cleavage, “‘Cause…That could work”

“No dumbass”, you laughed, “I’m trying to keep you alive”

“I’m alive!”, he opened his arms, trying to look like a hero or a god, but failing, only looking a stupid drunk biker.

“Oookay”, you shrugged and turned around. Stubborn drunk men weren’t your idea of a party and you walked away, looking for your other friends. As the party went on, Tig became more stupid, laughing of every joke, even the terrible prospect’s ones. The drink festival didn’t have stop either, he was still pouring drinks, one-for-you-and-one-for-me thing.

You walked to the bar again and slid your arm around his waist. Tig looked at you and smirked, doing the same with you. He thought that was being charming, but he was smelling awful and his face was red, he was tripping on his own legs..

“Come on Tiggy”, you cooed, “Time for bed”

“Yeah…Time for bed”, he nuzzled on your hair, making you hiss. You let him do it, wrap his arms around your waist, just for him to follow you to the bedroom. You stumbled along the hallway, but eventually got in his dorm where you threw him in bed, preparing to leave him there, “Come here”

“Jesus!”, you screamed when he pulled you down with him, making you fall over his body. You tried to get rid of his grip, his lips trying to kiss you, “Damn Tiggy, behave!”

“I like that game”, he smirked as you succeeded in getting up, “Yeah, I’ve been a bad boy”

You couldn’t help, you burst into laughter. Was he really thinking you would play the dominatrix game? Not with him drunk anyway. Tig looked up to you, now looking like a lost puppy. You cupped his face and kissed his forehead.

“Let’s get you under the shower okay?”, you whispered and he nodded, now losing all the excitement, acting like a robot. He tripped on his legs, but managed to follow you to the bathroom. You turned the shower on and pushed him under it, letting the cold water flow for a while.

You dried him and threw a clean boxer on his chest, telling Tig to change his dirty ones. He obeyed, still confused and drunk, but already able to stand up. He walked to the bed and growled as he laid down. You put a blanket over him and Tig smiled.

“This is nice”, he had a stupid cute smile on his face and you kissed his forehead, like he was a child, “Thanks Y/N”

“You are welcome sweetheart”, you smiled and turned to leave, but Tig held your wrist. You looked at him again and he was taking off his wristband, putting it on your hand.

“For you”, he whispered, already closing his eyes, “For being so nice to me”

You smiled, putting it on your own wrist. You turned the light off and slowly closed the door, leaving Tig sleeping like a baby.


I’ve been a bad boy”, Bobby imitated Tig when you finished the story, making all the boys laugh hysterically. Tig frowned and finished his coffee.

“Thank you doll”, he handed the cup back to you and turned to the hallway, walking back to his dorm. You rushed behind him, grabbing his elbow.

“Here”, you started to take off the wristband, “I know that it means to you”

“Keep it”, he covered your hand, stopping you. Tig kissed your forehead before turned back to his path, “You mean to me too, doll”

okay, but can we talk about how they’re coming full circle with Jasper and the wristbands? The last time he really had any interaction with them was back in season 1 when Monty was working on a way to use them to communicate with the Ark. When Jasper tried to connect the wire to it it shorted and fried all the wristbands, thus prompting the “I must be cursed” line and now it’s the wristbands that are going to help save Raven and eventually everyone else, and who is the one that was put in charge of getting the wristbands, and is going to try and put together the smashed one? JASPER FUCKING JORDAN. 

i never write about the times i’ve met nick but i feel like this time i need to to show how he really is the sweetest most amazing man i’ve ever met and actually does care about other people besides his “alist pals”. basically my friends & i got to edinburgh for topman24 really early, like 7.30am to pick up our wristbands for the music quiz he was hosting. we got those, went shopping until like 2 then we went back and waited in topman until nick was due to dj at 3.30. he was slightly late and we overheard the staff say it was because he went away to get food (lol bless him) so he arrived in topman about 3.40. i’ve met nick so many times now so i know that he remembers who i am, so as he was walking to the decks and saw me & my friends, he said hello to us on his way (cutie). he started djing and honestly he’s such a good dj, like every song he was playing was so so good. he seemed a bit nervous but the energy in the shop was pretty bad, like it was only really me, my friends and some other girls dancing to the songs. because nick loves his hip hop, he had a lot of hip hop/r&B songs in his set and at one point he said if anyone wanted to mc they could, and then he looked at me and was like “get up here and mc!” and I was like “no chance, do i look like i can mc?”. he was then just being generally cute and was like “if anyone wants to take selfies we can” so cue the ENTIRE shop getting in line for photos. he was taking photos with some other people first and was being chatty and such, and then he got to us and was like “hi, so good to see you all again!” like he completely changed how he was with the others and was treating us like old friends and hugged us all separately like he didn’t do that with anyone else. so then we just had a general catch up and i told him how the jacket from his collection (the black fringed one) was staining my hands and he was like “i know!! we filmed x factor in it and i had to keep washing my hands”. so we chatted a bit, then he was like “let’s do photos!” so he took a selfie with my friend first, then he turned to me and goes “hi babes!” (BABES ASDFGHJKL HNGGGGGG OK) and he grabbed me into a hug and kept hugging me for the photo like he was holding me so so tight and close honestly he was being the cutest person ever. so after photos, we had another lil chat (this was all the while there were about 30 other people waiting for photos, he still stood and spoke to us) but then he had to go back to the decks and change the song so he done that and came back and we asked if we could have a group photo with him coz we didn’t have one of us all together and he was like “yes that sounds great lets do it!” so we got the group photo and he was being so silly by putting a bottle on my friends head for the photo (lol) then we took some other stupid selfies and then he was like “are you coming to the quiz?” and we were and he was like “i’ll see you there then!” and then we moved out the way for other people to take photos and i kind of died a bit after that lol like i think i’m used to seeing him but in reality i’m not lmao i genuinely felt overwhelmed to the point i might have cried a bit like he was just being SO NICE AND SO CUTE. so after the dj set, we jumped a taxi to the quiz and we got there and sat at the table nearest to the podium nick would be at (obvs) and then at like 6 he came in and again, said hello to us on his way to the wee stage bit. then we started the quiz and we had to think of a team name so we called ourselves “the nick grimshaw defence league” lmfao so the quiz started, we done the first half and then they took the answers away and the topman team (and nick too i think?) marked them to rank the teams 1st-5th for the first half of the quiz. so we were joint 4th at this point and coz he obvs didn’t know any of the teams names like who was who, when he saw ours he looked at our table and was like “this is obviously you guys” hahahaha of course nick. then we done the second half of the quiz then they took the answers away to do a final mark. some people had went up to nick for selfies and i really wanted to get a video for my friend who lives in america so I went up to him and he’d just sat back down at his table so i said i didnt want to bother him and just asked him if he would record a message coz it was too loud to at topman and he said yeah so i had to sit next to him coz he was lower down than me so he recorded the video and was like “hi brittany, it’s grimmy and i’m here with lauren in edinburgh” (yep first naming me AGAIN) and he also grabbed my hand and turned my phone on me to show me on the video lol ejoffmojjbkbkh. then he said some other lil things then finished the message. and i kind of expected him to say “thank you so much” and go back to the people at his table coz i had gone up and interrupted him but he started asking about my friend and where she lives etc and we spoke about how she is going to come to london soon and i said i would be back in london in a few weeks for my birthday and he was like “oh my god whens your birthday” (my bday is april 2nd) and he told me that his brothers birthday is april 1st and his managers is april 3rd and I was like “yes and im the 2nd!” and he was like “yes and youre in the middle!” and he like grabbed my knee and done a lil shake (asdfghjkl) and then we just made some general chit chat about stuff like how bad the shots were the place gave out and how he “never drinks” (LOL) and he just sat and spoke away to me and looked so interested in what i was saying to him and wanted to speak to me and it wasnt like he seemed obliged to. then he had to go back up and announce the winner so he stood up and i asked him for a last hug bc he was leaving for the airport after and he said “yes of course, thanks so much for coming” and i told him how much it meant for him to take time for me and he was like “no, no worries, thank you so much” and then he went back on the stage and announced the winner and left pretty much straight after to fly back to london. but honestly, the purpose of me explaining this is to show how sweet, humble, lovely and amazing nick really is. i’m so sick of people being brutal to him on a daily basis when he’s such a sweetheart. nick didn’t need to take all that time for me today and be so lovely and chatty. he could literally have taken a photo with me and done my video message but he sat and spoke to me because he wanted to and he knows how much it means to me. he could easily have forgotten who i am but after 2 years, still calls me by my name everytime I see him. i cannot understand how people can be so horrible to such a humble man. nick is literally my idol, i look up to him in so many ways and the way he was with me today showed me that and has made me 10 times more thankful that i have him in my life. 


Still in shock that this dork (@bientist) and I actually met dan and Phil. Tldr: it was a really freaking fantastic day. 

 Sooo so so I go to college in Pittsburgh, but I’m from NYC and I heard about this event weeks ago after someone on tumblr stealth found it on the b+n events page. I frantically checked all of my schedules to see if it was possible, bought 2 overnight bus tickets within barely 24 hours of each other, and DID THE THING (because turns out I’m a little crazy). I got to the line around 7 AM, having underestimated how many people would already be there. It was around the block, and I was fucking freezing, but I made some line friends to dork about d+p with and pass the time. Waited in line for like 2.5 hours, really worried i wouldn’t get a wristband after all, but I was finally able to buy one for me and @bientist and it felt like a rare and valuable treasure. 

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