and that wristband really

honestly now that ive thought about it i really want a wristband that vibrates just a little bit every 2-5 minutes to keep me focused on stuff (and give me a concept of time passing bc god knows i dont have one)
like ive tried setting alarms or using apps that ding periodically but theyre usually too annoying to be any help. something tactile like vibration that only lasts a second seems unobtrusive yet noticeable enough
plus you could wear it at work or school without annoying other people. and depending on the design it could be pretty or discrete

why am i not an inventor who do i talk to to make this happen

anonymous asked:

So I can imagine J spoiling you with expensive gifts like jewelry, but when I always buy necklaces I never wear them I just hang them around my room XD How would you react to Joker getting you expensive gifts you know you wouldn't use? I would be like "Thanks, babe.... you know you don't have to get me all of this" I would try to let him down easy XD

Ahahahaha that’s so me! XDD I also buy them, but I never really wear them, I also hang them around at my mirror!XD I would honestly be like: Aww, you don’t have to do this … <3 *thinking of all the necklaces that hang around in my room* But I think I have way too much of them now … but what I really need is a new wristband …  J: *goes, steals/buys half a million wristbands* Me: O_O thank you, J …  J: Everything for my sweet little doll.  Me: *it’s a doom loop I can’t escape* …<3 I think I wouldn’t be able to tell him, that he has to stop XD I don’t want him to get offended, because of that. Even if I would need a second room for all the stuff he gave me, but hey, I’m sure he could get me a second room too. XDD