and that wristband really

unpopular opinion

aquamarine’s design is good. here’s why
-fae theme
-prep school uniform outfit with the diamond incorporated for the tie and collared shirt
-confirmed really small gem!! like the one setting for the ruby ship
-teardrop gem underneath eye
-the teardrop fits well into her personality (i.e. faux empathy/childishness)
-wings and bow fit into the fae/insect theme as well
-fat and small!
-her wand has connotations both as a discipline wand and as a faerie wand
-traditional faeries are mischievous troublemakers and pests but often clever
-her outfit already tells us a lot about her- a rich, prissy vibe as well as a more aristocratic position
-her fae appearance may have influenced human mythology in the suniverse
-not conventionally attractive
-distinct shapes and silhouette
-she’s SUPPOSED to look annoying and punchable
-small appearance moved forward the “are you my dad?” narrative
-her weapon is creative and the slap wristband jokes are really good
it’s ok if you don’t like her design! but please be considerate of the thought put into it by the team. concept art has likely existed for years, as with all the characters and plot heavy episodes.

Camera Anxiety (Josh Dun)

I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever but I am on a school break and I hope to updating a few more times before i go back to hell. I hope this wasnt to sloppy and rushed as I was tired and needed sleep however i am semi proud of this so here we go.

thanking the beautiful anon for the request that inspired this i hope you enjoy it. 

Words: 1,070+


me and Josh have been officially going out for 2 months now and we know so much about each other as we were friends before we started dating, this means that Josh is aware that I have severe anxiety and suffer with frequent terrifying panic attacks. I am also aware of Josh’s anxiety and panic attacks and how he feels uncomfortable in certain situations that can trigger anxiety. 

When I started going out with Josh I knew that I was going to be in the spotlight at certain times and I was ok with this as it is what comes with dating Josh. This has never really effected me because I have not yet been with Josh when he has been smothered with cameras and the bright flashes have been aimed at him at countless directions. Though I haven’t been there with him when this has happened he has told me about previous occasions where this has occurred. Sometimes he is able to calm himself down using different techniques that personally for him however sometimes he is unable to calm himself down and he is thrown into a full blown panic attack and those are not enjoyable for anyone.

Josh is currently on tour with Tyler and me and Jenna have tagged along for a portion of it to see the boys as well as visit some area of the world that we have not seen before. Its a sunday and Tyler, Josh, Jenna and I have just arrived in Sydney Australia a beautiful place and a beautiful country. As today is a non show day we thought it would be fun to all go out and have dinner together as this is a rare opportunity for us all to be together and we would like to make the most out of it.

We clamber out of the tour bus and get in one of the vans that come with the tour gear and is used the take us to places where/near Josh and Tyler are performing. We are dropped off in the city and we walk the clustered streets of Sydney looking for a peaceful restaurant to eat at. Seeing that the streets are busy Josh senses me tense slightly at the sight of hundreds of people in an unknown place, he grabs hold of my slightly clammy hand and helps me guide through the busy commuters. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever we found a suitable restaurant and we sit down to eat together and talk about the tour as well as what me and jenna have been doing at home. We are in mid-conversation when when a couple of teens one male and one female approached our table appearing to be slightly giddy and excited. They must have been aged only 15/16. The male was wearing dark skinny jeans with rips in them and a checkered shirt however when i glanced down at his wrist I saw that he was wearing a Twenty One Pilots wristband, i smiled to myself. The girl has similar faded jeans with rips as well as a pastel pink top under a denim jacket, she also had the same Twenty One Pilots wristband.

“Hello really sorry to disturb you guys but we are big fans and we were wondering if we could get a photo really quickly.” The boy says.

“Yeah sure” Tyler responds getting up along with Josh to take photos with them, they talk for a few minutes and then come and sit back down afterwards.

“They seemed really nice. What were their names?” I ask

“They were really cool, they were called Lily and Mikey” Josh responds.

We continue to make meaningless small talk and continue to eat our meals with no other interruptions. As we were walking towards the exit after we had payed I noticed a large crowd had formed near the doorway that was making me uneasy just by looking at it. Josh grabs onto my hand and leans down to my ear.

“Just look down and dont let go of my hand” I nod in response not entirely trusting my voice to not break when i spoke.

as we approached nearer to the door I could start to see the piercing flashes or the white lights that are placed on cameras to try and get a good shot of their victim. The doors of the restaurant open and we are in a vulnerable position exposed to the cameras, to the media, to the world. I don’t dare look up from the concrete pavement and I don’t dare let go of Josh’s hand, in that moment I want to shrivel up into a small tight ball and hide from the bright flashes that create fierce contrast with the dark night sky. I feel my heart turning to stone and dropping in my chest it feels heavy and alive as it pounds with great force against my ribcage that I am sure that everyone else in close proximity to me is able to hear it. I feel my legs going weak and losing the ability to keep up with Josh as trail behind slightly, my vision becomes slightly blurred as my head spins and a million miles per hour with a constant pounding present at the back of my head. 

Somehow, and I am clueless on how I managed to make it out of that pit alive and in one peice we are away from the lights and flashes of paparazzi and clustered area to a space that is open and free away from the hustle. I realise that I am no longer holding Josh’s hand and Jenna has ushered me away from Tyler and Josh. In the heat of the moment i remember Josh telling mr something about when he sees other people getting anxious over a situation it sometimes triggers his own anxiety, Tyler must know this and made sure that we were separated until we were calm. 

Jenna sits me down on a wooden bench as is rubbing light circles on my back to take my focus away from Josh and the flashes and to only focus on my breathing and wellbeing. 

After about 10 minutes me and Josh are reunited as we have both calmed down, I take in his worn out appearance and see a sloppy, disheveled, beautiful smile appear on his face. I crawl into his arms and I am the most relaxed I will ever be in Josh’s embrace.

No More Soulmates

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Dean/Seamus
Rating: T for gratuitous swearing
Wordcount: 7617

Summary: In a world where wizards are given timers that count down to the day they meet their soulmates, Seamus Finnegan chooses not to look- until a gust of wind and a conversation with Dean change everything. Dean/Seamus, soulmate timer tattoo AU oneshot.

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Satellite - Part 2

a/n: sorry it took so long for this part to come out! I’ve been super busy :) enjoy this super long part! remember to request in my ask box! also, I’ve been having major bellamy feels so enjoy the bellamy pov’s in this part. 

Summary: Y/N becomes worried when her friend John Murphy isn’t the guy she remembers him to be. 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader x John Murphy

Word Count: 2.7k

masterlist | satellite series masterlist


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Hey Nova, how does it feel to know that you have sisters out there? Like Aurora, Elizabeth, Luna, and Amanda?

Nova; Awesome to be honest. I mean I have so many sisters and they’re all soooo cool! and whenever we need to talk to each other we just have to bend the laws of space time and wear paradox correcting wristbands. for safety reasons. I mean I really only hung out with @moringmark Elizabeth and @aweirdlatina Amanda….right E?

E: Stop, i’m already behind schedule! IT COMES OUT WHEN IT COMES OUT NOVA!

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Omgggg please please talk in detail how it was and did you get tickets and how was the scene???? I want to hear 😂😂

ok so here’s the scene: I wake up at 8.30. see harry’s tweet. leap out of bed and get into an uber still in my pjs 4 minutes later. tell the driver to gas it. get to the venue at 8.45, run to the atm then run back across the street to the venue. there was no queue, just about 50 people who already had wristbands scattered about so I ask a girl if she can point me to where I have to go but I guess she was still sleeping ‘cause she just looked at me and said nothing lmao. I finally spot the staff members checking IDs, show mine, get shown inside and then I was out with my ticket and wristband by 8.50. it was all really quick and the atmosphere was so nice, like everyone was obviously very giddy and the staff was so lovely!! they were asking us about harry and how we reacted when he tweeted and saying “congrats for making it!” and yeah, there was a lot of excitement in the air. everyone had just rolled out of bed so it was quite funny to look around lmao. once I got out though a lot of people had started arriving because it was almost 9 so it had been basically an hour since harry had tweeted, and the staff had to shout at them to be careful and not cross the street without looking because they were being quite reckless in order to beat each other into the venue. the atmosphere changed from excited to frantic so I went home because I don’t cope well in that kinda situation rip. 

Request: Special gift

Request: You’re a hang around, usually being in parties and stuff. One day Tig wakes up with a major hungover and finds you taking coffee with the guys wearing one of his wristbands. He asks why and you tell him how he got really drunk in the previous night, and you actually took the time to help him to his dorm, bath him and stuff. He kept trying to play with you but you were super mom on him haha Then as he is getting into bed, he takes the wrist band off and gives to you as a special thanks

Originally posted by sunshinebby-5508

Sun was sneaking through the blinds in Clay’s office and you stretched on the couch, waking up. You had crashed there after the party last night, not wanting to drive after the few drinks you had. You left the room and walked to the salon. It was a mess, cups and bottles of beer everywhere. People were sleeping around, some of them already waking up.

You entered the kitchen and started to make coffee. Soon, the boys would be around the bar, looking for a cure to their hangovers. You took the coffee to the bar and poured a cup for you. It was like the smell had awaken the dad, Bobby being the first to walk to the counter.

“Morning gorgeous”, he greeted you. Happy, Chibs, Juice and Kozik walked there too, waiting for you to pour them coffee. You liked to be around them, being a friend of the club for a while now. You were always there in the parties and frequently to make coffee in the next day.

“Is this one of Tig’s wristbands?”, Happy asked, pointing to your wrist. You looked down, smiling. You had forgotten that it was there and the boys where looking curious at you. Those accessories had a meaning for Tig.

“Yeah, he gave it to me”, you said. Bobby spit his coffee, laughing.

“He was drunk, right?”, he asked. You nodded, taking a sip of your own cup.

“Oh yeah, very”, you were about to tell what had happened when someone came from the hallway, cursing.

“Fuck!”, the person yelled after hit the wall. Tig himself emerged from there, his hand on his forehead and he practically crawled to the bar.

“Morning”, you greeted him as the boys smiled. You gave him cup of coffee, which he took it like his life depend on it.

“Man!”, he growled, turning to his brothers, “How much did I drink last night?”

“A lot”, you where the one who answered, making him look at you, an eyebrow raised. You hid your smile behind your cup, but he noticed it.

“What the hell did I do?”, he whined and suddenly his eyes widened, “And why are you wearing one of my wristbands?”

“Well…”, you started talking, all the boys looking as you told Tig’s Drunk Night story.


You arrived at the clubhouse a little late and the party was already wild. You never had seen people drinking as much as they were doing and apparently, Tig was the leader of the pack. He was behind the bar, pouring shots and serving beers, doing a prospect’s job, but looking happy about it.

“Hi Tiggy”, you greeted him. He smiled and poured you a drink, as he did the same for himself. If he kept doing that he would be in a coma really soon.

“Heeey dooooll”, you grimaced. He was already drunk.

“How about you let the prospect do his job?”, you suggested, drinking your shot.

“Are you trying to distract me?”, Tig leaned over the bar, looking at your cleavage, “‘Cause…That could work”

“No dumbass”, you laughed, “I’m trying to keep you alive”

“I’m alive!”, he opened his arms, trying to look like a hero or a god, but failing, only looking a stupid drunk biker.

“Oookay”, you shrugged and turned around. Stubborn drunk men weren’t your idea of a party and you walked away, looking for your other friends. As the party went on, Tig became more stupid, laughing of every joke, even the terrible prospect’s ones. The drink festival didn’t have stop either, he was still pouring drinks, one-for-you-and-one-for-me thing.

You walked to the bar again and slid your arm around his waist. Tig looked at you and smirked, doing the same with you. He thought that was being charming, but he was smelling awful and his face was red, he was tripping on his own legs..

“Come on Tiggy”, you cooed, “Time for bed”

“Yeah…Time for bed”, he nuzzled on your hair, making you hiss. You let him do it, wrap his arms around your waist, just for him to follow you to the bedroom. You stumbled along the hallway, but eventually got in his dorm where you threw him in bed, preparing to leave him there, “Come here”

“Jesus!”, you screamed when he pulled you down with him, making you fall over his body. You tried to get rid of his grip, his lips trying to kiss you, “Damn Tiggy, behave!”

“I like that game”, he smirked as you succeeded in getting up, “Yeah, I’ve been a bad boy”

You couldn’t help, you burst into laughter. Was he really thinking you would play the dominatrix game? Not with him drunk anyway. Tig looked up to you, now looking like a lost puppy. You cupped his face and kissed his forehead.

“Let’s get you under the shower okay?”, you whispered and he nodded, now losing all the excitement, acting like a robot. He tripped on his legs, but managed to follow you to the bathroom. You turned the shower on and pushed him under it, letting the cold water flow for a while.

You dried him and threw a clean boxer on his chest, telling Tig to change his dirty ones. He obeyed, still confused and drunk, but already able to stand up. He walked to the bed and growled as he laid down. You put a blanket over him and Tig smiled.

“This is nice”, he had a stupid cute smile on his face and you kissed his forehead, like he was a child, “Thanks Y/N”

“You are welcome sweetheart”, you smiled and turned to leave, but Tig held your wrist. You looked at him again and he was taking off his wristband, putting it on your hand.

“For you”, he whispered, already closing his eyes, “For being so nice to me”

You smiled, putting it on your own wrist. You turned the light off and slowly closed the door, leaving Tig sleeping like a baby.


I’ve been a bad boy”, Bobby imitated Tig when you finished the story, making all the boys laugh hysterically. Tig frowned and finished his coffee.

“Thank you doll”, he handed the cup back to you and turned to the hallway, walking back to his dorm. You rushed behind him, grabbing his elbow.

“Here”, you started to take off the wristband, “I know that it means to you”

“Keep it”, he covered your hand, stopping you. Tig kissed your forehead before turned back to his path, “You mean to me too, doll”

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nonbinary renora?

You had more than one secret code with Ren.

Some were purely for the hell of it: secret messages on mirrors after taking a shower, sloth noises o find each others, that kind of things.

However, just because you babbled a a lot didn’t mean you were unable to  be serious. And some of your codes were really, really serious business!

Like the wristband, for instance.

This was originally your’s, but you gave it to Ren the day they came out to you.

When they wore it on the right wrist, it meant they were your boyfriend. It was how they wore it most of the time. It meant they were a he, and it was his stuff you were borrowing.

You liked those times.

When they wore it on the left wrist, it meant they were your girlfriend. These times, you helped her putting on a bra and stuffing it, you picked up a cute dress from Jaune’s personal collection, and you went out. Sure, some people were dicks, at first.

But you have a hammer. And they don’t have legs anymore.

When they didn’t wear it, it meant they were your partner. These times, it was their pancakes you were eating, their stuff you gave back with a sheepish smile.

It might sounds complicated to others’ ears, but really, it wasn’t. And if someone ever told you it was stupid and didn’t exist and Ren was just going through a phase, well…

You booped your partners nose with the very tip of your finger. And then you booped the person’s legs with all the weight of Magnhild.

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  • Relationship status: Single
  • Favourite colour: Blue, maroon, and black
  • Pets: None sadly but I would LOVE to have a cat
  • Wake up: If I have school, maybe 5-6 am. If I don’t, around 8 am to 12 pm lol
  • Cats or dogs: CATS
  • Coke or Pepsi: Coke
  • Day or night: Night mainly because I love looking at the night sky filled with stars. I love stargazing a lot and maybe with friends someday
  • Text or call: Text bc I’ll have an excuse for late replies lmao
  • Chapstick or lipstick: uuhh, chapstick?
  • City or country: City
  • Last book I read: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Last song I listened to: Sing Me To Sleep by Alan Walker

Five facts about me:

1. I REALLY love jelly wristbands for some reason. I wear like four of them in my right arm. There’s this one wristband that I cherish a lot and it’s red and blue. It was given by my cousin and I NEVER take it off for more than ten minutes bc we’re like best friends and he lives far away. There’s another that’s very important to me which is my red USB wristband, yes, USB. I store my edits there and all the episodes of bsd.

2. I am youtube trash. I LOVE watching youtubers and my ULTIMATE favouriite is Ryan (NigaHiga). I’ve watched him for years now and I LOVE HIS CONTENT SO MUCH CHECK HIM OUT IF YOU DON’T KNOW HIM. I also like Joe (thatcherjoe) and Simon (miniminter). I mean, the sidemen are cool, I just watch Simon more AND IT’S NOT BECAUSE I THINK HE’S THE MOST ATTRACTIVE OOF THEM EITHERIT’S JUST THAT I LOVE HIS VIDEOS (DON’T KILL ME SDMN STANS). I don’t watch Joe and Simon that much though. OH and my second favourite is Liza Koshy :D

3. This blog was originally dedicated to the TMR series and Teen Wolf. Before editing, I write imagines and other stuff. After TMR, I changed to youtube but I didn’t write anymore. And now, I’m mainly on bsd while my side blog is dedicated to Haikyuu!! I feel really bad for leaving fandoms now akshdgfashf okay, moving on…

4. My music taste is very random and weird.I always feel nervous when my friends/classmates borrow my phone/ipod to listen to my music so I lways say “sorry, my music is very weird”. Never knew I could be insecure about my music taste lol. I like listening to trap music or like chill, sometimes songs from Arctic Monkeys or Panic! At The Disco (tho, I’m not really a big fan).

5. I guess you could say I love to sing?? I’m only recognized at my school for singing and stuff idk. I can play a little bit of guitar I guess.

BONUS: I don’t like make-up. That is all.


(it’s not 9 bc some are already tagged I believe but eh) I tag @shiori-reiko @weretigerkun @magicalgirlmafu @nekojimaxosamew and anyone who’d like to (it’s okay if you won’t do this lmao)

So if anyone’s interested, we’re having a CD signing with Lea Michele on May 11th at 6:00 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica!

Starting tomorrow, 4/28 at 9:00 a.m., you can purchase the CD and what’s cool is that 10% of your purchase is going to be donated to an organization of Lea’s choosing. You can either come in to the store or purchase it over the phone. If you did buy it through just show us the receipt.

Another important thing: the wristband you’ll be receiving with the CD.


We’re being really strict about this. The wristband is the only way you’ll be allowed into the event space to meet Lea. The only tears I want to see are happy tears from meeting your fave not because you have to purchase the CD again for a wristband.

If you have any questions, you can head over to the store’s twitter page 

Nijimura headcanons because why not

Some are based with canon but it’s so mixed to my modified headcanon and character analysis that I don’t want to tag this as canon. I’ll bold the things that I remember it was canon (from light novel or character bible)

  • hates airplanes; kise laughed about this and earned him additional training as punishment
  • he thinks akashi-sama is a funny title and rofl-ed when akashi didn’t comment on it
  • hotblooded but knows how to read situations and the atmosphere
  • no sense of direction, i.e, scenic route (I HATE THIS HE IS BASKETBALL SOUSUKE GDI)
  • has a soft spot for cute/pretty things; prolly stared at Kise(’s butt) once because he is beautiful; SEE HIMURO FOR REFERENCE
  • thinks LA is a movie
  • is actually a 13 y.o. child when captain (I KNOW WTH)
  • loves his dad and family (i.e., basketball is not his life UNLIKE OTHERS *side-eyes the whole cast*)
  • has a baby bro and sis
  • big brother nijimura walks his siblings EVERYWHERE. ICE cream? hell yeah. arcade?? you got it. Nijimura learned how to drive just to take his siblings out //stabs self in the eye at the cute
  • goes to the hospital every single free time he has; has a crush over his dad’s nurse DESPITE said nurse being a 30-year old mother (it’s cute shut up like how kids gets crushes on their teachers)
  • hates hospital food but acquired a certain love for cola (and he only drinks cola on a hospital bc association)
  • went to america IMMEDIATELY AFTER graduation
  • stopped his rebel phase coz of dad and started basketball coz of dad
  • likes fried rice
  • likes girls who cooks
  • prolly girls who are cute but brave enough to meet him head on; like a cute yamato nadeshiko (maybe a female himuro????)
  • definitely bi
  • knows karate
  • a power forward (before akashi became captain)
  • uncrowned king phantom 6th man FIGHT ME ON THIS
  • stupidly brave, reckless
  • overprotective
  • knows how humans are so frail and such (SEE HIS SICK DAD), and thus, treasures every moment
  • knows how to pick locks, switch generators, good with computers; SUSPICIOUSLY ADEPT AT GANGSTER ACTIVITIES
  • zero attention span like pls nijimura chest hair??? really??? and you fucking laughed you’re an embarrassment (see light novel for reference)
  • graduated in college as a nurse I AM SEEING THIS HAPPENING SHUT UP; works in crazy shifts and goes back to his apartment half-dead
  • no but really, nijimura as a nurse MAKES SO MUCH SENSE JUST HEAR ME OUT because sick dad and niji goes to the hospital and sees nurses on a daily basis and gets to be super friendly with them especially the old charming ladies and he’s so inspired how they help people
  • he didn’t have much time to go back to basketball seriously but he does exercise regularly to keep in shape. But in college, his studies took all his priorities and became a bit chubby (BREATHES HEAVILY JUST IMAGINE THE CUTE) with lost muscles until second year where he goes back to exercising again. He went back to his lean self but the toned muscles are almost gone.
  • gets asked A LOT if he is an LGBT activist or gay as he keeps sporting rainbow-themed things in college like his wristband; doesn’t really give a shit at the egging and tells people of that it’s basic human decency in any case; gets a lot of LGBT admirers in the end
  • has a fanclub and he gets super confused at all the attention
  • does not like coffee and prefers to sleep it off
  • Still gets lost THIS IS IMPORTANT
Only time will tell

A Bellarke post

[DECLAIMER: Gif are not mine, credits go to makers!]

I was VERY worried about making this post, I was so not looking for the ship troubles BUT there is nothing like giving me shit, pissing me off to convince me to do exactly what you told me not to.

I got a hate-ish anon about Bellarke a while ago. So you know who to blame for this, my friends.

There are many things to say about Bellarke, people are very passionate about this as it always happens for ships that are standing first and most importantly on the crazy chemistry of the actors (Bob Morely and Eliza Taylor in our case).

So what I will give you is just MY point of view, what I think makes this ship a possibility that would be great for the show.

I have two points to express, not the usual shipper meta but I hope a more detached and neutral approach just to show you that people are not getting crazy for nothing.


1-The thopos: It started right away (or why this ship makes sense, even if you don’t like it)
2-The camera choices: it’s not an hallucination (see for youself)


I don’t know you but for me, I was sold the moment Clarke stopped Bellamy to open the dropship. I loved how she was immediately the girl that thinks she is right and he was the boy that looks like the worst but could just be the best.

Then in the second episode Jason thought it was a good idea to have Clarke walk to Bellamy and say: “I’m here for you”, and really, REALLY, how was I supposed to look at that?

You see, this is something that has nothing to do with the show because honestly this scene meant nothing in a romantic sense. Not on the surface.

Do you know why this scene created immediately a fan base for the couple? Because they are a thopos. If you are a bit familiar to literary critic you know that a thopos (Greek term, by the way literally means ‘place-situation’) is a particular typical situation or theme that is often used and rewritten in its fundamental figures.

Now, keeping this is mind let’s analyze Bellarke: we have a girl born and risen in a wealthy (considered the possibilities) and cultured environment, she is the Princess in every sense.

Then we have a boy who stands on the opposite side of society. Low class, orphan, since he was a child forced to take responsibility for his family to survive.
Clarke is the individual that the system created, she is protected by it and wants to preserve it, she believes in it. Bellamy is the result of what the system can spare, he fights to have a place that can grant him a little dignity and survival, he is trying to survive the system, he doesn’t believe in it but knows that the only way to survive it is to obey.
Or to be really quite and really smart in disobeying.

Does this remind you of a certain Griffin engineer who was kind of executed for treason after he tried to share the information about the Ark imminent death? No? Must be just me.

This was how they were born and how they thought they would have lived their life. Clarke was gonna be a doctor, proud of her parents’ legacy. Bellamy was gonna be a perfect model in the system, a guard, and make sure to protect with this shield his family.

But then something happened: the system betrayed Clarke and Bellamy underestimated the system…and they both lost their family.

We all know how they arrived on the ground and from here it’s story…

This my friends, he’s such a Classic.

We literally have the thopos of The Princess and The Rebel.
You want examples? Sure.

In the legend: Tristan and Isolde (she princess, he knight, we know how it went).

In the folklore –maybe even the story-: Robin Hood and Lady Marian (she the cousin of the King, he an outlaw…after Kevin Kostner and Russel Crowe you cannot tell me you don’t know the story).

In the recent literature: This Broken Stars, sci-fi YA book, cute one really (she is not noble by blood but read it and you’ll see my point).

In the classic literature: Ivanhoe by Walter Scott (Rowena and Ivanhoe…he was disowned so my point stands).

Finally, a cult of the pop culture that even Jason Rothemberg has quoted as a perfect comparison: Star Wars (Leia and Han).

I can’t even.

You see what I mean? The details may wary but the thopos, the idea, the core is the same.

She is noble in the sense she represent the status quo, she is at the highest of the society and regardless of where he started out, when the story ensues he is at the bottom of society or even outside of it. They are standing on opposite barricades but somehow get pushed together and IT WORKS. They work perfectly together this is the core of it.

There is an unexpected affinity and people are drown to it.
This two different child of the world, raised to believe that the other is incompatible with what they are, with everything they believe in, find out that reality is different. They understand that there are some things that unite all human beings such as pity, mercy, Justice, trust, forgiveness…
They understand that different people can coexist and actually they can help each other to make better decision because together they see more because they see differently.

Why did I put all this effort in making this point? Because I want to say this: the Bellarke is a ship, it is not canon as regards the romantic aspect and there is nothing to make us think that we are getting there for sure…but it is not a collective hallucination either!

People are responding to an archetype of storytelling, something that appeals to a sphere of our sensibility: we like those stories that tell us about a couple that finds a connection and despite everything at the end will find happiness in each other.

Bellarke is NOT canon, it is NOT happening in the sense of being in the clear intention of our show runner BUT it is a concrete possibility for the story because we have all the necessary elements for it to work.
If the authors want is to happen and the show gets enough seasons (since it is the definition of slowburn for how it’s been built till now.).

Okay? Okay.

Plus I don’t know if you noticed but Jason sure likes to release sneak peek quite peculiar…just saying.

THE CAMERA CHOICES: coincidence? I believe NOT!

Let’s talk about how the director decided to show us things. Let’s talk about takes and acting…let’s talk about what we have all SEEN.

I’m not gonna lose myself in speculation because my purpose here is to show you that the thing objectively makes sense, so I’m just gonna describe some scenes with you.

Episode 1, S1: introduction of the characters.Do you remember the moment we first saw Bellamy? I’m kidding of course you remember

We have the reunion with Octavia and then he tries to open the dropship but Clarke stops him.

Now think about this: we saw Clarke interact with three characters in this first episode, not counting her mother. Three males actually: Wess, Finn and Bellamy in this order.
Wess, who to me always had some lingering feelings for Clarke that were not just friendship related so here the first.

Finn was so clearly intended to become her love interest, I knew it from the start.

Then we have Bellamy.

So, if we can say, Wess is safe zone since they are childhood friends, we are left with two other characters that we all know were: main in the cast, very attractive and both immediately had a connection plot wise to the protagonist, Clarke.

Now, I’m no expert but I do read lots of books and watch way too much ANYTHING and I think I’m reasonably right when I say: this is the typical way you introduce, in a plot, the romantic core-group. We have the girl and the choice, that is the two boys.

One, she clicks, he seems nice and funny and they have this sweet moment in which everything is bright and easy. He supports her, follows her…seems perfect right? Then you learn he had a girlfriend that he didn’t mention oops. The other it’s not a Prince Charming: they can of collide, but don’t break, he challenges her, defends his own ideas and shows a strong character that she can find irritating but in the end…she kind of trust him? She still looks for him? She definitely acknowledges his strength.

How many TV shows have this in the pilot three-pattern? Let’s make examples: The Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixies, Reign, Haven, Outlander, The Musketeers…do you really want me to continue? Because I can.

The details may vary but the core is that: one seems perfect, the other she can’t shake of even if he looks so wrong to her. Then chaos ensues.

Episode 2, S1: the one who saves her

The pit scene, my friends. Now let’s talk about how it was filmed. They are walking and we now know that Bellamy has a secret agenda, that he is not here as Clarke ally because he is worried for poor Jasper and he kind of said he could cut her arm to take away her wristband.
Nice, right?

Okay, no romance AT ALL. Like nothing, mate.
Then what does Jason do?

There are traps, and of course Clarke falls in the one pit full of spears.
But Bellamy catches her. Now the sequence is this, more or less.
We get a good take of both Clarke and Bellamy’s face and then we go to the wristband.

The message here is clear plot wise.

Is Bellamy really that cruel and cold? He could have let her go but his instinct was to save her…wristband be damn.

That would have been enough but we have the close up on the faces and the whole pace of the scene.
Clarke is aware of the choice Bellamy made: she looks at him wide eyed not just for the adrenaline and their eyes locks. We have a moment in which the whole take of the camera is this: high tension situation and intense exchange of the two who are now clearly the main characters of the show.

It took a long time to Murphy, Finn and Wess to jump in and help Bellamy out, because the director wanted us to fix on the scene.

Now, I’m not gonna be here and tell you “it’s meant to beeee~” I don’t want to convince you, remember? What I want you to say is that if Finn had saved her with this same camera choices we would have all seen some kind of emotional implication.

I’m not saying this is romantic, just that it’s not strange that people saw this, liked the chemistry of the scene and saw potential.

Episode 3, S1: when he heard her sing a lullaby

The Atom scene, my friends. Now, forgive me but I need a moment to weep because I loved him so much * cries *

However! That scene my friends. We had the whole Jasper deal at the beginning of the episode and we closed the circle here: Clarke does what she needs to for Atom and shows Bellamy that she has guts…but that doesn’t mean she has no hope!

Now, it’s all very tragic, Bellamy here is fragile and we see that despite the situation with Octavia he really did care for Atom and now seeing him like this he knows what he should do: end his sufferings. But because he cares it’s hard to kill his friend and he is there, kneeling next to him, holding the knife in his hand.

Then Clarke gets there, he turns and sees her and she immediately understands the situation, she looks at Bellamy and signals him that there is really nothing to do.
The face of Bellamy says it all, his jaw thigh and the pain, the regret for losing someone like that.

That’s the moment she takes the knife and cut his carotid and then…sings a lullaby.

The scene was done, the meaning there, we didn’t need want followed for the plot. But the director got it.
We have a close up to Bellamy LOOKING AT CLARKE. He could have been watching at Atom, grieving or in the distance to not witness his friend passing…but he looks at her, the girl singing to a dead man, comforting a stranger.

This is an emotional situation my friends, let’s just agree on this.
It’s a moment filled with humanity and compassion, that is what I’m saying and it was decided to be between Clarke and Bellamy. Okay? Okay.

Episode 4, S1: that time she said WE

I have made a post eviscerating this episode, all on Bellarke and I won’t repeat myself, the article is title Lost and Found (Her way to Him), check it out if you like! :)

I will consider here just one scene, the ending one: Charlotte is dead and Clarke and Bellamy are back to camp to tell the Hundred about Murphy’s banishment.

They stand next to each other, in front of the fire. We can’t hear every word because what really matters is what we see. After the speech, so, what did we see? Clarke looking at Bellamy, offering him a smile…to comfort him.

They lost the girl and Clarke understood that she meant something to Bellamy so at this point, she offers him kindness because that’s all she can. They are just allies, at this point.
Again this is a moment filled with compassion between this two.

Let’s think about another guy she comforts? Finn. Yea, she sleeps with him, I know, but she is in love with him so it’s legit, right?

Yes, people, don’t be shocked. I’m a bellarke fun and yet I am convinced and would defend this convince ion in front of anyone that Clarke loved Finn from this point on till his death and still loves him. I watch the show and I respect the canon!

(I’m actually a very productive girl and have an article about this two Here)

Episode 5, S1: that time she knew him better that he knew himself

Just gonna quote:

‘You always did what you had to do to protect your sister, THAT’S WHO YOU ARE.’

We have this and then… Close up to their faces. Bellamy looks, raw in front of how clearly she saw him and yet not ready to accept the forgiveness or at least the justification she is offering him and Clarke looks, eyes wide open and searching: we clearly see her eyes scanning Bellamy’s whole face, looking for something.
Human connection.
That’s all I’m saying.

Man, I could keep going till the end of the season (I’m just gonna say…EPISODE 8 SEASON 1)

…but I’m gonna stop because this is page six on Word and yeah, I have one last thing to say.

It’s true that fans can manipulate a scene and find a million different explanations for a fragment of imagine that maybe was not that important for the director, but that is why I chose only major scenes here.

This were focal moments in the plot, in the character development of the whole crew.
I’m not giving you meta, this is practically a sum up on scenes that you all saw if you watched the show (and if you noticed I didn’t pick those scenes you usually think when talking about Bellarke, like the shooying stars, to give an example).

Now listen to this: every single scene put in the episodes was chosen among a lot of other options.

Every single expression of the actors was chosen by them and by the writers who prepared the scripts.

They don’t just go on set, film the scene and put in the final montage the first try. They do and redo the scene until the director is satisfied. The montage means that every single peace is carefully taken into consideration, the order of every take…there is a project behind all of it, it’s a difficult project and it’s all intended!

Yes, sometime you can give more than one interpretation but you cannot change the sequence of the events, you can’t change the words that where spoken or the looks that were exchanged.


That’s the point. I got an Anon saying to me this: I don’t understand you bellarke, you are just looking for something to ship and making shit up.

Well, I’m not okay with that.
First this was rude so, please go ask someone to teach you manners or never talk to me again, thank you very much.

Second, if you really don’t understand, here you go something to help you to. If you paid attention maybe things are now a bit clearer. Of course, this requires to people to actually WANT to understand.

I will say it one last time:

I don’t want to convince anybody. You can still not ship or even don’t like Bellarke, but honestly, don’t come here and tell me that it makes no sense. To you it may not be obvious but this is a tv show, we are only halfway through S2 and anything could happen, people are hoping for possible storylines and they have the right to do so, they are supporting the show we all love so be respecful at the very least. 

Maybe it will never be canon on the show, but the Bellarke fandom is not a collective hallucination, it’s just a ship.

Thank you for reading this I hope you enjoyed it and if you don’t agree and want to discuss it with me please send me an ask and we’ll talk, with respect for our repsective opinions and as persons.


[I repeat: GIF ARE NOT MINE! They belong to their wonderful makers, I’m not a gif maker and take no credit for it! Thank you very much for your awesome work, in fact]

Merthur Party:

  ↳Day 7: The Golden Age

Ficlet Rating: G

Warnings: Fluff

“I didn’t wait around for two thousand years just to help you cheat on your history paper.”

They were in Arthur’s dorm, on his tiny, uncomfortable bed, and Merlin was sitting, back against the wall, with Arthur nestled between his legs. Arthur had been trying valiantly for twenty minutes to get Merlin to spill his knowledge about the Industrial Revolution to avoid reading his textbook, but Merlin, as always, patiently declined and instead amused himself by playing with Arthur’s bright blond hair.

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