and that wristband really



13/10/17 (aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)

okay so where do I begin…WOW.
okay so… on Monday October 3rd at 10:25pm, I was sitting on my phone in my room listening to holy ground and I was on twitter and BOOM. “TAYLOR NATION SENT YOU A DIRECT MESSAGE” I STARTED SHAKING AND CRYING WHEN I READ THE CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE I WAS SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY DONT EVEN FOLLOW ME (yes I’m still trying to work out technology ok) AND I FLIPPED OUT AND I RAN INTO MY MOMS ROOM SOBBING AND I TRIPPED OVER THE HOOVER BUT ITS OKAY. MY MOM WAS SAYING ALL SORTS OF THINGS LIKE SOMEONE MAY HAVE HACKED INTO TAYLOR NATIONS ACCOUNT (?????? idk). Anyway I died and my mind was a mess and I couldn’t control myself at all, I had knew what it usually meant when people got these messages and I explained everything to my mom ( she is genuinely worst-case-scenario-Christine ) and she started crying with happiness for me. THAT DAY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.

The next day October 4th at 5:27pm, I was (trying) to study when BOOM. I RECEIVED THE CALL. Ali phoned and told me about a special secret event on Friday the 13th of October and I was shaking so so much and could barely even talk but she was honestly the nicest ever (I noticed she said “wonderful” about a million times and I’m now so in love with that word). Side note: My mom still wasn’t really convinced this wasn’t a set up to get me kid napped but SHE FINALLY CALMED DOWN A LITTLE AND MEANWHILE I WAS SHAKING, CRYING AND BASICALLY DEAD.

Okay so then it was the waiting game…the days DRAGGED in as I found out a whole 10 DAYS before the event and I saw Taylor lurk people on tumblr/Instagram AND she liked the post about me and my best friend Eve. PEOPLE WERE ALSO TALKING ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN ON THE 13TH AND I WAS JUST SITTING THERE LIKE HELP ME WHATS GON HAPPEN.

Fast forward to Friday…so because I live in Glasgow I had to fly to London… I COULDNT SLEEP AT ALL AND I ONLY GOT 4 HOURS SLEEP LOL BECAUSE I GOT UP AT 4AM. We went to the airport and I was genuinely so nervous and excited about what could possibly be happening. We then got a bus and then a tube and wandered about Covent Garden and EVERYTHING kept reminding me of Taylor. We then got a tube and another bus ( NUMBER 13 ) to our hotel. I got really stressed out because I opened up my case and there was makeup spilt on my dress BUT MY MOM CAME TO THE RESCUE AND FIXED IT FOR ME. I curled my hair and fixed myself up then I went to out to the secret meeting point and recognized so many people from tumblr/twitter etc and it was SO surreal. ALSO A FEW PEOPLE CAME UP TO ME AND WERE LIKE OMG ABBIE I KNOW YOU AND THAT MADE ME FEEL SO SO SPECIAL SO I LOVE YOU FOR THAT IF THAT WAS YOU. We checked in and got really cool wristbands saying United Kingdom (IN THE REPUTATION FONT) I WAS ALREADY DEAD.

We went to drop off our bags and me and I met 2 beautiful, amazing girls called Emma ( @taylorsmusic ) and Flora ( @spoookyswift ) and we were FREAKING OUT TOGETHER. We just couldn’t comprehend that we could potentially meet our idol. We talked about everything and I genuinely think I have 2 new best friends for life. I LOVE YOU GUYS. We were on the last bus to leave so we waited foreverrrr and my nerves were building up so much and I was FULL ON ALL OVER SHOOK.

Everyone on the bus was SO EXCITED and we were all dying together. It was such a combination of nerves and excitement like I can’t even describe it. So we FINALLY arrived at our secret destination and were escorted to the entrance to be searched etc (there was a big box of socks for some reason and it made us laugh so just thought I’d add that in and also a few half finished smart water bottles👀).

Okay so then we went through to TAYLORS HOUSE. It was beautiful and there was so much food laid out and I had a REPUTATION COOKIE and CUSTOMIZED REPUTATION M&MS and CHICKEN TENDERS. Taylors playlist of the songs she loves was playing in the background and we were LOVING LIFE. (Side note: my mom loved the olives you put out taylor so thanks for that) So basically me, Emma and Flora were chilling together (we were not chill at all tho) and everything was fine THEN Flora goes “oh my god, that’s Scott” AND IM LIKE WTF AND WE ALL LOOK OVER AND DIE LIKE WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES THE KING OF GUITAR PICS WAS HERE. We went and spoke to more amazing people and life was good…THEN TREE COMES THROUGH AND IM LIKE WHATATSTSS THATS A LEGEND THEN NOT LONG AFTER THAT WE SEE ANDREA AND WE ALL DIED. I CRIED WHEN I SEEN ANDREA IDK WHY IT JUST GOT TOO MUCH AND SHES MY QUEEN. IT GENUINELY FELT LIKE A DREAM LIKE SURELY THIS WAS NOT REAL.

Finally, after a while, we went through to THE LIVING ROOM. YES. A CHAIR. A SPEAKER. WE ALL KNEW WHAT THIS WAS. ME, EMMA AND FLORA HAD A LITTLE SUPPORT NETWORK GOING ON BECAUSE WE WERE ALL HOLDING HANDS BECAUSE WE WERE NOT PREPARED AT ALL. I cried - yeah she wasn’t even here yet and I cried. So anyway THEN I’m like I can’t even do this and my heart is beating abnormally fast. And that’s when she appeared…

I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES. MY ANGEL. MY EVERYTHING. GENUINELY LIKE A METER AWAY. NO WAY. Okay so then I SOBBED even more and I was uncontrollable (I finally did calm down but omg it was so hard I couldn’t stop crying) - thank you Emma and Flora for helping me LOL. Side note: her hair was so curly and pretty and she wore this camo dress thing and SNAKE BOOOOOOTS and a snake ring and yeah I was like GO GURLLL. IN THAT MOMENT I DIED IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

On to the album, obviously you guys understand I can’t say much at all BUT REPUTATION IS MY FAVOURITE ALBUM BY FARRRRR. Like it’s genuinely so different but so genius - it’s incredible. She’s so talented and you can tell she’s worked so super hard for it and I can tell she’s happier than ever through the way she talks and she just seems so content with life and it makes me so proud and happy of how far she’s came. It’s so emotionally complex and THE LYRICS (she’s a genius okay). But there was one song that made me full on SOB and everyone in that room felt something…ANYWAY Taylor herself, during the whole of the session, she was so funny and she’s just so genuine…it was unreal. UNREAL. Some highlights that stand out to me include when during one of the songs she looked right at me for about 20 seconds or so and we just danced and smiled at each other. IVE NEVER FELT SO LOVED IN MY LIFE. To say I’m proud of her for this album is an understatement.

okay so then….IT WAS MEET AND GREET TIME. We were all sitting reading the magazines and talking to each other and it was adorable and even though I was a nervous wreck, everyone was so nice and amazing towards me. When it was time for the picture I was at the waiting point I can’t tell you how I felt. It was indescribable. I seen the 2 girls before me hug Taylor goodbye and it was my turn. I ran up to her and hugged her so hard and she looked at me and went “ITS ABBIE ISNT IT?” AND I WAS NODDING AND I WAS LIKE YEAH ITS ME and she was like “NO WAY I CHOSE YOU LIKE A YEAH AGO LIKE SOOOO LONG AGO” and I was like NO WAY and then I was like “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE HELPED ME THROUGH, YOU’VE HONESTLY GOT ME THROUGH SO MUCH” and she was listening so intently and she smiled at me and hugged me and we held hands for a few seconds which was BEAUTIFUL and she was like “you are SO beautiful like SO beautiful and you are SO funny like you’re posts are hilarious” and I started shaking and I told her she was like a big sister to me and then we got a really cute huggy picture and then we got one with my mom which was cute and THEN (THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST MOMENT) the camera guy said to my mom “do you want a pic alone with her” and my mom was like “oh it’s okay I’m just her mom” and TAYLOR WAS LIKE" OH WELL THANKS" IT WAS SO FUNNY. THEN I told her I loved her and she was like I LOVE YOU BUDDY and I gave her one final hug before I left which was MAGICAL (I swear we hugged about 27468273 times).

As soon as I left the room, I BURST INTO TEARS I COULDN’T BELIEVE I HAD JUST MET MY IDOL AFTER LIKE 6 YEARS OF LOVING HER AND FANGIRLING OVER HER. My mom went to talk to mama swift and she said to her “thank you so much for making a beautiful, amazing role model for my daughter” and mama swift was like AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH THEN MY MOM GAVE HER A HUG AND THEN I GAVE HER A HUGE HUG AND MAMA SWIFT WAS LIKE THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HER AND DOING THE CRAZY THINGS SHE MAKES YOU DO AND I CRIED MORE.


Thank you so so so much for inviting me to your London Secret Session - it was an HONOR to be there. I can’t believe I was given such a beautiful, amazing opportunity and I meant everything I said to you in there and it truly came from the heart. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hopefully see you on tour. You mean the world to me and I can’t wait to hear reputation again and DIE ANOTHER MILLION DEATHS.
I love you so much girl.

Abbie x @taylorswift

Not sure if anybody has pointed this out yet, but I realised that Marvin’s wristband matches Whizzer’s racquetball outfit and Whizzer’s wristband matches Marvin’s and I just think that’s really nice and cute and not sad and we don’t get that a lot when talking about Marvin and Whizzer so I hope you guys appreciate this little detail as much as I do.

unpopular opinion

aquamarine’s design is good. here’s why
-fae theme
-prep school uniform outfit with the diamond incorporated for the tie and collared shirt
-confirmed really small gem!! like the one setting for the ruby ship
-teardrop gem underneath eye
-the teardrop fits well into her personality (i.e. faux empathy/childishness)
-wings and bow fit into the fae/insect theme as well
-fat and small!
-her wand has connotations both as a discipline wand and as a faerie wand
-traditional faeries are mischievous troublemakers and pests but often clever
-her outfit already tells us a lot about her- a rich, prissy vibe as well as a more aristocratic position
-her fae appearance may have influenced human mythology in the suniverse
-not conventionally attractive
-distinct shapes and silhouette
-she’s SUPPOSED to look annoying and punchable
-small appearance moved forward the “are you my dad?” narrative
-her weapon is creative and the slap wristband jokes are really good
it’s ok if you don’t like her design! but please be considerate of the thought put into it by the team. concept art has likely existed for years, as with all the characters and plot heavy episodes.


“Weighted wristbands just arrived. Really helped me up my workout. Can’t wait to be in shape again!“


Once upon a time a 17 year old English girl fell in love with a talented but relatively unknown country singer by the name of Taylor Swift. PLOT TWIST: 11 years later she is one of the most successful artists in history and I just spent my Friday night hanging out with her at her house. Wanna know how this happened? I’m going to tell you my story. Get yourself comfy (maybe some cocoa or a nice sweater) and listen up. 

I don’t claim to be the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world, but like every Swiftie I would always like to think I am. I have loved Taylor for longer than I can remember and one of my biggest dreams in life has always been to meet her. 

On 3rd October 2017 I woke up around 5am as I do every morning, and I turned off my alarm and turned my internet on. I had a few notifications, Facebook messenger, twitter, tumblr….but then there was a DM? I never get twitter DM’s, I’m not remotely interesting enough for anyone to want to speak to me, so who was this messaging me?

Half asleep and with my eyes still adjusting to the light I opened the DM screen and saw the words ‘Taylor Nation’. My whole body froze…that’s not what is says is it? I rubbed my eyes and looked again…it was. I clicked on the message and read it quickly. I didn’t really take it in, something about a Confidential Event. I dropped my phone onto my chest and looked at the ceiling trying to take in what I had just read. Was I having another Taylor dream ? Somehow I knew I wasn’t - the last Taylor dream I had we were eating banana splits in an old railway carriage turned into a diner…i don’t even like bananas. Somehow this seemed more plausible. 

I closed twitter and decided to ignore it for a second and look at my other notifications. There was a facebook message from my Swiftie friend Bethy telling me to have a good day and reminding me to keep my DMs on….wait, she had one to? I replied back saying 'I have, you too?’ and for a solid hour we were messaging eachother in code without either of us admitting what we had received in text…but we both knew. 

I sent my details over to Taylor Nation and tried to get ready for work…putting my jeans on back to front, loading the laundry into the machine without adding the washing liquid, walking around my house doing things which usually came naturally but for some reason took extra effort and concentration…something I was lacking. 

It was another 10 hours before my DM was replied to saying they would contact me soon. Soon? How soon is soon? Bethy and I continued talking to eachother imagining what it could be. Would we be in a live stream? A music video? Are we being invited to a show? An interview? In the back of our minds we wanted it to be a secret session but it wouldn’t be would it? People like us with a handful of followers whose idea of a great Friday night is to play Yahtzee while listening to Taylor Swift on repeat wouldn’t get invited, would we? 

Luckily soon was only 3 hours and I got a call from a New York number. I was at my parents house so I ran up the stairs to take the call. Some other Swiftie friends in a group chat were messaging me about stuff and I was trying to pick up but notifications were sending my phone into meltdown. Eventually I managed to pick up…then hang up on Taylor Nation. Yes, I hung up on Taylor Swift’s management group!!! (Sorry Ali). 

I tried to call back but it went to voice mail, so I sent them a DM and went for a wee. Ali called me again while I was on the toilet so I was nervously trying to finish peeing and then ran out to the top of the stairs to take the call. The signal in my parents house was awful and I kept shouting 'huh’ and 'hello?’ down the phone but Ali was so lovely. She told me I had been picked to be invited to a special event because I was a super fan and I could bring a +1. I knew Bethy was already going and I made a pact with Megan if ever we had an opportunity to meet Taylor we would take eachother. I hastily gave her Megan’s details and then passed Alex’s on to Bethy for her call before screaming at Alex to keep 13th October clear (for the record he is so difficult). On top of this I was also on holiday that day and so going to this event also meant cutting my holiday short…but this was Taylor Swift! 

I found out on Sunday 8th October that we had to meet at a hotel and would be shuttled to the location via bus. Unfortunately my bladder condition flared up on 10th October and I nervously contacted Taylor Nation for details of restroom facilities, scared I wouldn’t be able to go. I cried as I waited for an email back but Taylor Nation were so lovely….you could tell they worked for Taylor. I went to the local Dr on holiday and got antibiotics and instructions for bedrest for the 2 days before the event.  My bladder was still bad by early morning day of the event but luckily started clearing up as I travelled from Devon to London. 

The day of the event we all met up at Waterloo Station in London before travelling to the hotel where we needed to meet Taylor Nation. I was so nervous that everything was going wrong and had been in so much pain and in denial I was going to be well enough to go that I couldn’t believe it was happening. 

On the way from the tube to the hotel we saw a funeral directors with 4 gravestones in the window - were they for us when Taylor killed us with her music? A bus went past…the number 13? So typically Taylor! 

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Taylor Nation were in the lobby (we didn’t know it was them). The receptionist asked if we were going to the knitting convention? I was confused…was this a cover story? All I kept thinking was 'I knit sweaters yo’….'no, we are going to meet some friends' we told them. 

We went upstairs to our room to get ready and when came down we didn’t know where to go. There seemed to be some type of line forming around the building and the sheer quantity of red lipstick and floaty dresses told me we were in the right place. 

We checked in with Taylor Nation and as I gave Elise my ID she said she liked my passport cover. It’s a picture of Taylor with 'grab your passport and my hand’ written on it. She confirmed with me that she was the one I had been emailing and I thanked her for her help. I then signed a NDA and got my really cool wristband which has 'United Kingdom’ in reputation font on it. And then we headed downstairs to wait for the bus. 

I was on bus number ¾ with Megan- Alex and Bethy had already gone on bus 2. I sat right behind the driver and he had his Satnav programmed with 3 different routes. He took the first route to somewhere random, loaded the second route and followed it, then loaded the third. It was clear he was trying to throw us off. As we entered part of the neighbourhood I felt very out of place. The cars had personalised plates, the houses were getting bigger, the hustle and bustle of London life seemed to getting further in the distance. 

Suddenly the bus stopped in front of a beautiful house…this was it…this was Taylor’s house? We were escorted off the bus and down to the side door which lead to a basement. The carpets were bouncy and the soundproof walls were so soft. We waited patiently for a few minutes and then suddenly the door opened and I caught a glimpse of a canvas of the New York skyline….this IS Taylor’s house. 

We were taken up the stairs to a central entrance hall with a staircase leading up to the top of the house and a corridor towards a large group of people with music playing - her Spotify playlist. The party was in the kitchen. Megan and I walked in to the kitchen, everything was so perfect. Ice buckets full of cans of soda and water, the best chicken bites I have ever tasted, cheese, vegetables and dip, reputation m&ms and cookies with REP on. There was so much I couldn’t even see it all.

We spotted our friend Bethy over in the corner by the French doors and headed over to speak to her. As we got there so did Scott Swift….the total legend and biggest fangirl ever. I told him I had briefly seen him in Nashville for 1989 and be told me the Mick Jagger story…the same one Taylor tells in interviews. Word for word and he beamed with pride as he told us stories about Taylor. There I was on a Friday night in Taylor Swift’s house talking to her dad about 2 megastars as if we were all old friends. And he was really interested in us, not just polite conversation but so enthralled that we loved his daughter as much as he did. True to Scott Swift fashion he gave us some guitar picks as me made his way onto the next group. 

I asked Alex where the toilet was and he took me out to the corridor…which hid a restroom behind huge grey panels. It was the nicest smelling toilet I have ever been in…and I have been in a lot! As I sat there peeing in Taylor’s toilet and looking at the Jo Malone candle burning by the sink I wondered…how did I get here?

Shortly after I left the toilet we were ushered across the entrance hall to a huge rectangular room. Opposite the door were large windows covered over by drapes and a single armchair - Taylor’s seat. The floor was adorned with cushion after cushion and Megan and I ran to the closest cushion to Taylor. Megan sat right in front of her and I squeezed in behind. This was a SECRET SESSION!!!!

A few minutes later I looked behind as the door opened and in walked a real angel to a round of screams and claps- red lips, natural 'I’ve just washed it’ curly hair, snake boots and a huge smile. She sat down in front of us on the seat and said 'Hi I’m Taylor’. Just like at tour, only this time not to 70,000…to just 100. 

And then the mystery was revealed. Taylor Nation hadn’t just randomly picked us off of various social media sites - we had been hand selected by Taylor herself who had stalked us for over a year and sent TN our profiles to invite us. It hit me…Taylor picked me?!?! The woman I have been 'stalking’ for 11 years had been stalking me too? Out of all the fans in Europe I was one she wanted to meet. I don’t think that will ever fully sink in. 

Taylor played us her album, telling us little stories about each song - the inspiration, the recording processes, the reactions from friends and family. It was so much to take in but watching Taylor mouth along to the words, act out different expressions and sitting-dance to all of the songs was hilarious - I wasn’t in the presence of a celebrity, I was sitting with my best friend appreciating the biggest achievement she will ever have - true happiness. Taylor Swift is truly happy, about life, about her music, about her fans and it is nothing short of magical. 

As each song played I really wondered how Taylor could top it, but she did…over and over again. Time went so quickly and it felt like the world’s biggest and best slumber party, except we didn’t get to sleep over. 

At one point it was so hot that Scott Swift had to open all the doors to let the air in. As Taylor played his favourite song from the album she called for him to come and listen and he made a joke that he was actually handing out guitar picks to the neighbours. 

After Taylor finished playing the album I looked around. Everyone was so Wonderstruck by what they had heard and I looked at Taylor and she looked so content. I don’t know whether she was worried by what our reactions would be but all we had for this album was love…and I hope Taylor knows that. 

After the listening session we were handed copies of the reputation magazines while we were waiting for photos. Megan and I were some of the first to go in. I was so focused on getting to the event that I hadn’t even thought about what to say. Taylor ran over to Megan and hugged her and started talking about her bright pink hair. She loved it and it had been distracting her all evening. Then Taylor hugged me and I hugged her back like I had never hugged anyone before. She was so tall like a giraffe but with the grace of a swan…and I was me. I whispered 'thank you for inviting me’ and she smiled. I didn’t want to let go.

As so many people were waiting they sort of rushed us with a picture. Taylor grabbed hold of us with her arms around our shoulders and smiled so sincerely at the camera. I wanted to talk to Taylor as I didn’t get a chance but we were ushered off. As Megan walked out front if me I went to turn and talk to Taylor when Megan suddenly shouted 'we went to Nashville’. Taylor screamed back excitedly 'I know’ with the biggest smile on her face. So…I didn’t get to talk to Taylor but she knew we went to Nashville. She really did stalk me.

When we left the room we were greeted by Mama Swift. I told her about my mum being terminally ill with Cancer and how she had gotten test results that day but she wanted me to be with Taylor instead. She gave me an extra hug and told me to hug my mum for her. I told my mum later and she started crying. Someone she has never met wished her well…it isn’t just Taylor, it is her whole family. 

We were taken back to the basement to collect Merch bags with a T-shirt, hat, sticker, pop socket and exclusive secret sessions keyring. It was so lovely of Taylor to give us something more to remember the day. 

I got the bus back to the hotel and sat talking to Ali the whole way about the album and Nashville….I may have also invited her to CMA fest next year.

By the time I got back to the hotel and collected my belongings (which had been taken from us earlier) I was shattered but I couldn’t sleep. I posted on twitter and suddenly my phone couldn’t stop vibrating…thousands of retweets and likes. I sat there trying to figure out what happened but I’m still not even sure I believe it myself.

It took me 2 whole days to cry…not because I didn’t care but because this wasn’t the norm. I had stood outside countless radio stations and events before and not met Taylor…I had cried. I had come away from concerts and not been picked for Loft or Club Red etc and cried…but this was different. Not only had I met Taylor, she had picked me. I couldn’t cry…I just felt a sense of fulfillment, of achievement, of love. By the time I did cry if wasn’t because of what happened; it was because I missed her. 

But this is not the end of my story with Taylor…I feel like this is the start of a new chapter. I came away with a whole mind of memories and countless new friends - affectionately known as FANtom Squad.

Friday 13 October was the best night of my life; I will never be able to thank Taylor enough and I’ll probably never have a chance to say what I wanted to say. But after years of hiding it & toning down this side of my life to please people I can honestly I am not ashamed of who I am because who I am is exactly how @taylorswift likes me. 

Camera Anxiety (Josh Dun)

I know I haven’t posted in what seems like forever but I am on a school break and I hope to updating a few more times before i go back to hell. I hope this wasnt to sloppy and rushed as I was tired and needed sleep however i am semi proud of this so here we go.

thanking the beautiful anon for the request that inspired this i hope you enjoy it. 

Words: 1,070+


me and Josh have been officially going out for 2 months now and we know so much about each other as we were friends before we started dating, this means that Josh is aware that I have severe anxiety and suffer with frequent terrifying panic attacks. I am also aware of Josh’s anxiety and panic attacks and how he feels uncomfortable in certain situations that can trigger anxiety. 

When I started going out with Josh I knew that I was going to be in the spotlight at certain times and I was ok with this as it is what comes with dating Josh. This has never really effected me because I have not yet been with Josh when he has been smothered with cameras and the bright flashes have been aimed at him at countless directions. Though I haven’t been there with him when this has happened he has told me about previous occasions where this has occurred. Sometimes he is able to calm himself down using different techniques that personally for him however sometimes he is unable to calm himself down and he is thrown into a full blown panic attack and those are not enjoyable for anyone.

Josh is currently on tour with Tyler and me and Jenna have tagged along for a portion of it to see the boys as well as visit some area of the world that we have not seen before. Its a sunday and Tyler, Josh, Jenna and I have just arrived in Sydney Australia a beautiful place and a beautiful country. As today is a non show day we thought it would be fun to all go out and have dinner together as this is a rare opportunity for us all to be together and we would like to make the most out of it.

We clamber out of the tour bus and get in one of the vans that come with the tour gear and is used the take us to places where/near Josh and Tyler are performing. We are dropped off in the city and we walk the clustered streets of Sydney looking for a peaceful restaurant to eat at. Seeing that the streets are busy Josh senses me tense slightly at the sight of hundreds of people in an unknown place, he grabs hold of my slightly clammy hand and helps me guide through the busy commuters. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever we found a suitable restaurant and we sit down to eat together and talk about the tour as well as what me and jenna have been doing at home. We are in mid-conversation when when a couple of teens one male and one female approached our table appearing to be slightly giddy and excited. They must have been aged only 15/16. The male was wearing dark skinny jeans with rips in them and a checkered shirt however when i glanced down at his wrist I saw that he was wearing a Twenty One Pilots wristband, i smiled to myself. The girl has similar faded jeans with rips as well as a pastel pink top under a denim jacket, she also had the same Twenty One Pilots wristband.

“Hello really sorry to disturb you guys but we are big fans and we were wondering if we could get a photo really quickly.” The boy says.

“Yeah sure” Tyler responds getting up along with Josh to take photos with them, they talk for a few minutes and then come and sit back down afterwards.

“They seemed really nice. What were their names?” I ask

“They were really cool, they were called Lily and Mikey” Josh responds.

We continue to make meaningless small talk and continue to eat our meals with no other interruptions. As we were walking towards the exit after we had payed I noticed a large crowd had formed near the doorway that was making me uneasy just by looking at it. Josh grabs onto my hand and leans down to my ear.

“Just look down and dont let go of my hand” I nod in response not entirely trusting my voice to not break when i spoke.

as we approached nearer to the door I could start to see the piercing flashes or the white lights that are placed on cameras to try and get a good shot of their victim. The doors of the restaurant open and we are in a vulnerable position exposed to the cameras, to the media, to the world. I don’t dare look up from the concrete pavement and I don’t dare let go of Josh’s hand, in that moment I want to shrivel up into a small tight ball and hide from the bright flashes that create fierce contrast with the dark night sky. I feel my heart turning to stone and dropping in my chest it feels heavy and alive as it pounds with great force against my ribcage that I am sure that everyone else in close proximity to me is able to hear it. I feel my legs going weak and losing the ability to keep up with Josh as trail behind slightly, my vision becomes slightly blurred as my head spins and a million miles per hour with a constant pounding present at the back of my head. 

Somehow, and I am clueless on how I managed to make it out of that pit alive and in one peice we are away from the lights and flashes of paparazzi and clustered area to a space that is open and free away from the hustle. I realise that I am no longer holding Josh’s hand and Jenna has ushered me away from Tyler and Josh. In the heat of the moment i remember Josh telling mr something about when he sees other people getting anxious over a situation it sometimes triggers his own anxiety, Tyler must know this and made sure that we were separated until we were calm. 

Jenna sits me down on a wooden bench as is rubbing light circles on my back to take my focus away from Josh and the flashes and to only focus on my breathing and wellbeing. 

After about 10 minutes me and Josh are reunited as we have both calmed down, I take in his worn out appearance and see a sloppy, disheveled, beautiful smile appear on his face. I crawl into his arms and I am the most relaxed I will ever be in Josh’s embrace.

Symphogear XDU Side Story - “Kanade’s Birthday 2017″

Hibiki: Whew… I’m beat.

Miku: Good work, Hibiki. Here’s your towel. And yours too, Tsubasa-san.

Tsubasa: Ah, thank you. Tachibana, your movements today were pretty good.

Hibiki: Ehehe, I’m being praised.

Miku: Geez, you’re getting cocky too early…

Hibiki: Ah, oh no! I forgot something.

Tsubasa: Hm?

Miku: Um, Tsubasa-san. Next week is Kanade’s birthday, isn’t it?

Tsubasa: Eh! Ah… yeah. That’s right.

Hibiki: I knew it.

Miku: We’ve waited a long time, so do you want to throw her a party together?

Tsubasa: A-ah… that sounds fine.

Hibiki: Huh, Tsubasa-san… aren’t you excited?

Miku: Did already had something planned for just the two of you?

Tsubasa: N-no, that’s not it.

Tsubasa: There’s just a lot we have to plan for it, huh?

Hibiki: I see… well then, please just leave it to us!

Miku: Haha, we’ll prepare a wonderful party for her!

Tsubasa: Alright… thank you.

Tsubasa: (Certainly, I never thought another day would come that I could celebrate Kanade’s birthday…)

Tsubasa: (I want to give her a present, but… what should I get?)

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im late for the ninette week cause of finals and heat and pure laziness. but hey, here’s ninette being all musical.

marinette prolly sucks at singing but nino loves her voice anyways

Episode Prompto: Japanese Scenes Translated

Originally posted by ffgifs

I decided to take the time to translate all the cutscenes from the Japanese Audio of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto! This was mostly done for fun, since I wanted to see what might have been “lost in translation” or changed when making the English Dub. Translations may not be perfect, and some were too hard to make out, thus leaving a few sentences blank.

Translations are open to correction and this post shall be edited in time.

Use [THIS VIDEO] to watch along with the translations!

Hope you enjoy seeing some of the differences in the Japanese and English audio! :)

-Mod Specs  (⌐▨ ∀ ▨) ✧

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No More Soulmates

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Dean/Seamus
Rating: T for gratuitous swearing
Wordcount: 7617

Summary: In a world where wizards are given timers that count down to the day they meet their soulmates, Seamus Finnegan chooses not to look- until a gust of wind and a conversation with Dean change everything. Dean/Seamus, soulmate timer tattoo AU oneshot.

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i’m so HAPPY ❤❤❤ i pre-ordered btob’s album w/ a folded poster 💞💞💞💞💞

Satellite - Part 2

a/n: sorry it took so long for this part to come out! I’ve been super busy :) enjoy this super long part! remember to request in my ask box! also, I’ve been having major bellamy feels so enjoy the bellamy pov’s in this part. 

Summary: Y/N becomes worried when her friend John Murphy isn’t the guy she remembers him to be. 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader x John Murphy

Word Count: 2.7k

masterlist | satellite series masterlist


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so @twinkletwinklearoha was talking about soulmates AUs on the scream team chat the other day (I LOV U MERL) and we literally sat down for 2 hours hammering this out and merL WAS A TOTAL SWEETHEART AND ASKED ME TO POST IT so uhhh here you go we’re so total binu trash you have no idea 

  • so you get tattoos on your wrist when you hit 10 in korea and they’re the names of your soulmate. they’re in the same colour as your soulmates eyes (which in Korea doesn’t really matter since they all have the same coloured eyes anyway, his mum told him so) (which is also why Eunwoo’s class lowkey freaked out when the name on Vernon’s wrist turned out dark blue) but they’re blur af and over the time it takes you to find them the name slowly becomes clearer and clearer
  • and his mum told him the story of how utterly /embarrassing/ it was when she turned 10 and the name on her wrist immediately turned clear and they all found out it was that shy nerd kid that sat at the back of the classroom and honestly, how did anyone expect someone as popular as her to date someone like him? (but once they started talking they got along like a house on fire) and it’s literally eunwoo’s favourite story in the history of ever
  • so eunwoo really really REALLY wants a love story like that (who doesn’t want to find the person they’ll want to spend the rest of their life with?), especially since one of his best friends had the exact same thing happen to him (they were just kidding around, really, and Eunwoo was teasing Jimin by rubbing at his wrist because it was so close, so close to seeing what the name was [Kim… Tae… Hyeon? Hyeon?? That girl from the next class who had pink binders and a purple bag???? Jimin is lowkey disappointed but-] when their teacher walked in and told them that yes, this is Kim Taehyung, please take care of him and holY SHIT are you guys okay? because Jimin and Taehyung immediately burst out crying because that’s it that’s them that’s the person Jimin’s going to be best friends with forever) and Eunwoo just really wants something like that
  •  and so Eunwoo’s picked up the habit of rubbing softly at his wrist every day, every moment, whether he’s talking to Jimin or joking with Taehyung or working silently with Jungkook on english homework and he likes to pretend it’s getting clearer but really, sometimes when he’s being truthful with himself, it’s not and all he gets is disappointed
  • and so six years down the road Eunwoo’s mum has finally had enOUGH of Eunwoo buying endless amounts of moisturiser just so he has an excuse for rubbing at his wrist because honestly, there’s only so much moisturiser a 16 year old can buy before the cashier looks at you weird
  • so she straps on a wristband and tells Eunwoo for the love of all that is holy, to stop rubbing his wrist or she might just spill permanent ink over it so he can’t see when he finds his soulmate (she’s just kidding, obviously, but Eunwoo gets what she means pretty quickly)
  • and so when they leave from the wrist band shop (his mum got him three wristbands. THREE WRISTBANDS! three colours to match all colours in his wardrobe, apparently, but Eunwoo isn’t sure his wardrobe has anything other than yellow, blue and white) Eunwoo is wearing his yellow one pretty proudly (I mean, it matches with his minion shirt and he’s not gon lie, it’s p cute) when a little girl comes barrelling into him yelling about how cute, how adoraBLE THAT WRISTBAND WAS and can you please, mummy, plEASE GET ME ONE PLEASE? and the mum has to drag her off of Eunwoo, all embarrassed and admonishing the girl saying SuA, SuA, you need to calm doWN PLEASE otherwise you’re not getting one at all and i’ll only get one for your brother
  • so SuA calms down and her mother takes a picture of Eunwoo’s wristband to show the shop owner for SuA because heaven knows Binnie is in That Stage where All He Wears Is Black and he is a Misunderstood Teenager and literally all he needs is a new black leather one to replace his old ratty one because he keeps tugging and snapping it like a rubber band over his tattoo
  • (I don’t want to meet him, mum, who the hell wants to meet their soulmate so young anyway and who the hell decides who is whose soulmate and who the hell decided that soulmates have to stay with each other forever and goddammit mum if I want to keep dating Dahyun I WILL because we don’t cARE WHO OUR SOULMATES ARE ALRIGHT?! and yeah, i’ll drop the dollars in the swear jar, whatever, mum.)
  • and Eunwoo’s mum is standing there nodding politely as SuA’s mum rattles on and on about her son while giving the shop owner measurements of his wrist and Eunwoo, where do you think you’re going? because Eunwoo’s spotted something tucked in the corner of an old movie poster about soulmates and he’s carefully tugging it out and the shop owner laughs in embarrassment because his brother works for Fantagio as a casting dude and he asked him to put up some posters around his store so that mums would send their kids in to audition if they wanted
  • and he suddenly pauses and squints at Eunwoo and goes, hey, you’re actually really handsome for a young guy. shouldn’t you go? and his mother laughs and tries to tug him away (you want to be a judge, don’t you, eunwoo? why waste time on auditioning for people who only want you for your face?) and eunwoo is nodding gravely because he wants, he wants, he reALLY WANTS to become a judge and shoot him, he’s a nerd, but he really wants to go to court and listen to lawyers and make cases against criminals and put them away forever but
  • SuA’s mother is now really excited about the poster and telling SuA that she should try out since both she and Binnie were total dance dorks and because this is my headcanon i’m going to make SuA 8 instead of 15 and it looks so adorable when Binnie dances with SuA (the neighbours coo everY TIME ABOUT HOW ADORABLE BIN IS WITH SUA who knew that grumpy bean could have so much love for his younger sister) that he totally should try out with SuA but SuA is pouting because she doesn’t want to go with binnie, she wants to go with (mumble mumble, blush blush, hides behind mama’s skirt) that really handsome boy with the nice wristband and the minion shirt and goddamit, Eunwoo’s mum raised him to be polite so Eunwoo pastes his best smile on and crinkles up his eyes and reaches over to hold SuA’s hand and tell her, sure, I’ll go with you and your brother
  • and soooooo Eunwoo’s mum has pretty much no choice but to smile at SuA’s mother and they fix a time some time next week to go down to Fantagio so that SuA and Binnie can dance for the casting agent and Eunwoo can… flaunt his face? he doesn’t quite know either, but it’s going to be tops 2 hours when they look at him and find out he can neither dance nor sing and that his best talent is lip syncing to girls’ generation and reading poetry to random kids in the park because for some reason they really like his voice and then kick him out so he can go home and go ahead with his dream of going into law
  • so that night he sits and looks at the night sky and rubs under his bright yellow wrist band and tells the moon that honestly he just wants to get it over and done with so he can go forth and continue being trash for girls’ generation and continue dreaming about yuri noona because she’s literally the most perfect idol and he tells the moon quietly that it better be yuri’s name on his wrist because he knows, he knOWS deep in his heart his tattoo is getting clearer and it’s getting clearer fast and man, isn’t it such a coincidence he’s going to a girls’ generation concert in two weeks? he thinks not
  • and Binnie looks in disbelief at SuA, what do you mean we’re auditioning for a company, what?! and no ma, we can’t perform together anyway they have different age catergories and for dance and singing and rapping and then they separate the males and females and ma, who’s the guy who’s coming with us?!
  • so he straightens his wrist band and in typical Moon Bean fashion turns a perfect circle with just the right amount of sass that she knows he’s going to call Dahyun and whine about auditioning with SuA and some random guy SuA happened to have a crush on
  • but he doesn’t really, because once he gets in his room he tugs the door closed and his wrist band off and puts on some VIXX and calls Hoshi to complain because who wants to dance for some company anyway when Hoshi and he were going to start a dance company with Rocky and Dino anYWAY he doesn’t need the audition but suddenly hoshi cuts him off and tells him that he actually signed up just two weeks ago and his auditions are next week and if Binnie doesn’t want to dance alone at the auditions can he PLEASE audition as a group with hoshi and rocky and maybe they can bribe dino into joining them by plying him with cheese and pretty marbles so maybe they all have a chance of getting in and debuting as a group please
  • omg i’ve been writing for an hoUR LOL
  • so audition day comes and they’re all bundled into Binnie’s mum’s car and he’s warming up his vocals with Rocky and Dino’s giving a pep talk to a panicking Hoshi like goddamit hyung, get your ass under control, and SuA is quietly holding her mother’s hand and smoothing down her shirt because she’s going to see that handsome oppa again and it’s honestly worth more to her than the whole auditions
  • and eunwoo? eunwoo wakes up late and scrambles to throw on a blue wristband and those skinny jeans he borrowed from jungkook because jimin told him his ass looked fab in it and a white shirt and some flannel he had laying around because they’re literally the only clean clothes he has since he forgot to do laundry two days ago and he has no choice but to go out looking like that grumpy grandpa from two years up that nobody but Namjoon and Hoseok dares to talk to because he looks so grumpy all the damn time and damn eunwoo is late
  • so he rushes out the house and makes it to fantagio in time to squeeze into the audition line and no matter how much he stands on his tiptoes around trying to look for SuA and her mother he can’t find them and he’s worriedly rubbing, rubbing, rubbing under his wristband and he’s going to be totally lost without them, he doesn’t know what to do and oh god who told him it would be a good idea in the first place and eunwoo can’t breathe he’s getting this tightness in his chest and tears in his eyes and he can’t handle this, he can’t
  • when suddenly the wind gets slammed out of him and tears roll out of his eyes because who was this perfect grumpy angry gorgeous boy standing right in front of him and his wrist is burning he can’t handle it
  • and because Eunwoo has been stunned into silence and is totally incapable of expressing anything other than vague noises of surprise and hurt and because her brother has been similarly silent and non-sassy and non-snarky for the past 5 seconds SuA knows something’s up
  • and when Hoshi tears Binnie’s fingers away from his wristband because you bloody idiot that’s not how you remove your damn wristband what are you doing Bin get your game together we’re going to auditions in about half an hour we should get practicing here’s your wristband i’ll stuff it in your pocket and respond dammit who are you looking at bin can you just ans… oh wow yeah you’re right SuA he’s gorgeous
  • (shut uP OPPA GO AWAY)
  • and Rocky and Dino immediately stop fooling around because the usually snarky put-together Binnie is suddenly at a loss for words and he’s still reeling, reeling from the tightness in his chest and the heat on his wrist and when SuA grabs his wrist and Eunwoo’s wrist he doesn’t make a sound
  • and binnie is totally breathless because this stupidly gorgeous flower prince has completely taken him away and it’s almost as if he’s suspended in a dream, he can’t stop staring, can’t snap out of it, can’t breathe because i mean damn, there really isn’t enough oxygen honestly this beautiful boy, what have you done to me?
  • (can u tell that was sumgappa lyrics lmao bless the translators)
  • but just then hoshi’s name is called and the two tiny and mildly worried guys drag the grumpy shellshocked bean off to the auditions and it takes all of eunwoo’s self control not to run after him, grab him, look at him and make him smile and give him happiness for the rest of his life
  • and SuA tugs harder on Eunwoo’s arm and lays a cool finger on his wrist, his wrist that’s been feeling like it was burning for the past ten minutes and Eunwoo looks down and he smiles and smiles until his cheeks ache and his eyes crumple into barely-there lines and he thinks to himself that Bin has to be the cutest, most absolutely adorable name there probably ever was and screw yuri honestly, because this boy, this boy and his wide smile and his dimples and his perfect teeth and bright eyes and messy hair and dance moves and all black outfit and a band of short worried dancers, this boy is the love of his life and he knows it deep down in his bones
  • cue the part about auditions that i have no idea about like what do they do during auditions?????? fuck me if i know (i don’t)
  • but after binnie’s audition ends he smiles, he bows, he receives questions and comments and cryptic smiles, he walks casually out and the moment he comes out the door he yanks off his wrist band because it’s burning and it’s been burning for the whole of the dance and it’s been burning through their comments and it’s burning so badly he feels the ache in his bones to turn right, turn right, turn right and when he finally turns he comes face to face with eunwoo and that perfect, perfect smile
  • and his heart is thumping so loudly and his blood is rushing so hard through his ears he barely feels eunwoo’s soft (well-moisturised) hands stroking over his tattoo and he gasps for air because it says eunwoo, eunwoo the beautiful boy touching his wrist and it feels so cool against his skin and he feels the heat bleeding out the tattoo into eunwoo’s hands and everything in his world twitches minutely, clicks right into place and suddenly it’s brighter, it’s louder and suddenly he feels like he’s home
  • I don’t know how to end a thing so like
  • Whatever you want man just imagine it
  • They’re soulmates idk what else I need to say
  •  I love binu with all my heart