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Star Trek Character Ages

Over the past few days my sister and I have been doing very important research; we looked up the ages of all of the Star Trek characters. Quite possibly one of the most nerdy things I have spent my time doing, but, the results are quite interesting in some cases. So here you go tumblr.

*note: all of these ages were calculated using either birth years found on memory alpha or memory beta, so they may not be 100% correct, but I tried to be as accurate as possible.*

——At the start of their time on the series—–


Data-26 (based on activation date)
Beverley Crusher-40
Wesley Crusher-16

Dax (symbiont)- 351(born in 2018!!! Guys that is pretty soon)
Odo- 32 (based on date he was first found)
Quark- unknown (no recorded DOB)

The Doctor-0 (Activation date)
7 of 9-21 (however she spent time in a Borg maturation chamber)

Porthos-Unknown, but at least 2 years old

Go forth with the newfound knowledge you have gained! 

“Kiss Me” Benny The Jet Imagine

Request: “ Can I request a Benny Rodriguez (the sandlot) imagine where you’re dating Benny and Smalls is your little sister and all the other guys think you’re really hot and they tease Benny when they see a hickey on your neck? Thanks love!!”

Word Count: 942

Warnings: None

A/N: I changed it up a bit. I hope you still like it!

The yelling of baseball terms filled my ears as I entered the sandlot to grab my brother, Scotty “Smalls”. He neglected to do some of his chores before leaving to go play baseball with all these dweebs. I scan the field until I spot my brother, my twin brother. He may be older than me by a minute and twelve seconds, but I’m a lot more mature and responsible compared to him. My eyes locked on my brother.

“SCOTTY!” I yelled at the top of my lungs

Everyone jumped and looked towards me, they stared like they’ve never seen a girl before. I’ve never been here when people were actually playing, and I’ve never met these kids before. They huddled together while I just stared at them and crossed my arms against my chest. They kept looking up at me, it was kind of creeping me out.


My brothers starts to jog toward me and I start heading towards home again.

“Why is mom mad at me?” He questioned as he tilted his head

“You forgot to put the dishes away, put the towels back, and grab your laundry.” 

We got to the house and Scotty wanted to say something but then continued to avoid the subject.

I was in bed in my pajamas reading a magazine when I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?”


“Come in.” I said as I sat up and put the magazine down.

He closed my door and pulled up a chair next to my bed.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“This is gonna be weird…” He said as he started trailing off.

“Just spit it out.”

“Me and the boys were talking.. actually, they were just asking me about you…’


“They think you’re hot…and they want you to come to the sandlot tomorrow…” He said as he started to rub the back of his neck.”

“Yeah….. I’ll come. But this was a very weird way of asking me.” I chuckled.

He left my room and I turned off my lamp and fell asleep.

*The next day*

We ate breakfast, did our chores, then headed to the sandlot. We talked about how all his friends thought I was hot.

“Did you explain that we’re twins?” I said as a chuckle escaped my lips.

“Nope, you called me over before I could even mention it.”

We laughed about this whole ordeal all the way to the sandlot. Everyone was already huddled up. Scotty made his way to his friends and I made my way to the sidelines. I watched their game as each of them tried their hardest to flirt and impress me.

Minutes and then hours went by. Eventually the baseball game came to an end and we all made our way to the best pizzeria in town.

They were all flirting with me the entire way there, except Benny. Come to think of it, he hasn’t said a word to me all day.

We ordered our pizza and the one vital question popped up.

“So, Y/N. How much older than Smalls are you?” Ham asked.

Scotty and I looked at each other and gulped.

“Actually…” I cleared my throat. “He’s older than me… by one minute and twelve seconds… Scotty and I are twins…”

Everyone’s jaws dropped, except Benny’s, he just clenched his jaw. Scotty and I shot each other a look that was worth more than a thousand words.

No one knew how to react. Everyone was confused.

Squints was the first one to break the silence.

“So, Y/N, how is hot babe like you the younger twin of a dweeb like that?”

This set off a whole conversation of being a twin that my brother and I were not expecting.

We ate delicious pizza and discussed love life, twin life, and summer plans.

The sun was just about to kiss the horizon and we all decided to go home. Benny and I stayed behind to clean up our stall a tad bit.

“You didn’t talk much, if at all today.” I said as we left the shop.

Still, nothing.

We made our way onto the stone bridge separating our part of town from main street.

I leaned against the rail of the bridge.

“What do I need to do get you to talk?’

“Kiss me.” He finally said.


“Kiss me.”

I leaned in and our lips touched. My heart fluttered with content. New sensations danced around my body.

Benny’s lips trailed to my neck, eventually finding my sweet spot. 

After what seemed like hours, we talked about our life as we walked to our houses. He liked me and I liked him.

I went to bed one happy girl that night.

*Next day*

I woke up at noon. panicking until I remembered that my parents went on a lunch date and Scotty and his friends went to the pool.

I’m not much of a swimmer so I ate lunch and walked all the way down to the town pool.

I enter through the dressing room and I look at the mirror and see three hickies on my neck.

“Well damn…” I thought to myself.

I make my way to my brother and his friends and before I could even announce my presence, Squints made an announcement.

“Damn Y/N who sucked your neck?”

Both Benny and I blushed heavily and the boys started hollering and teasing us for what seemed like hours.

Man, this was going to be a long summer.

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Who and What I can write

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I just rewatched the TNG episode “Relics,” where Scotty from the Original Series reappears, and couldn’t stop thinking about the difference in treatment of returning old heroes in that one episode of Star Trek vs what we got with Luke in TLJ.

Scotty was an awesome engineer who continued to be an awesome engineer yet still had a great story about being older and finding where he fit into the world now. He did not return to the screen to be a washed-up jerk who wouldn’t help Geordi.

At the end, they gave him a shuttle and he takes off to journey the galaxy. He did not die pointlessly and alone.

That 45-minute episode of TNG had so much emotional weight and was a brilliant send off to an old character while the old character welcomes the new. It can be done, Rian.

anonymous asked:

You know some Sterek fic with double alpha!Derek? As being an alpha werewolf and a biological alpha?

This was a little hard to discover. I think I got you some, but some are with Derek as an alpha with abo dynamics and werewolves. - Anastasia

Originally posted by lifeinteenwolf

The Junkyard Dogs by TrashPanda

(4/? I 4,076 I Explicit I Rape)

Orphaned at a young age, Derek is sold into the slave market.His dynamic as an alpha, and a werewolf, make him a desirable slave to have working in Peter’s alpha brothel, The Junkyard.

Stiles is a 21 year old virgin omega who’s tired of going through heats alone. Dating isn’t a realistic prospect, so he seeks out The Junkyard, hoping to maybe find an alpha to help him through his rapidly approaching heat.

Then his meets Derek, one of the Junkyard Dogs, who’s also about to go into rut. And nothing could stop the pull they feel towards one another.

Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar

(1/1 I 18,472 I Explicit)

It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.

Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident. (Also - everyone’s a werewolf, and everyone’s alive.)

In the Solstice of our Hearts by ravingrevolution

(21/21 I 73,248 I Explicit)

“You’re not putting that up your butt,” Scott told him flatly and Stiles couldn’t stop the pissed off whine he made, but his friend continued. “Stiles, you can’t put that up your butt, you know that. Your butt won’t be ready for anything to go in it until-”

“Okay, okay!” he said, flailing his hands to stop his friend’s lecture. “Message received, no butt stuff until I’m pounced on by some freaking animal in the forest and ravished to within an inch of my life. Got it. Thanks, Scotty, I mean heaven forbid I actually try to take control of my life and give myself a fighting chance or anything.”

“Not all alphas are animals,” Scott said quietly.

Maybe he was right, but Stiles wasn’t holding his breath.

Teenage Troubles by dereknstiles

(28/? I 80.915 I Mature)

Derek and Stiles are much older now. They are parents too, by the way. So basically, they face some typical problems every parent raising a teenager faces. Oh, and they have four. Two hotheaded Alpha Boys, aged 18 and 14 and two gorgeous Omega Boys aged 16. Life was just dandy!

Spark Me Up by CharWright5

(16/28 I 14,036 I Explicit)

After the sudden loss of their dad, brothers Derek and Scott McHale are forced to move to California, where Derek shuts down completely. That is, until his brother’s annoying best friend keeps showing up everywhere with his scent, forcing the elder werewolf to open up and deal with everything he’s hidden.

Prompt:  “Kirk, Bones, or Scotty in an on and off relationship with their SO where for whatever reason they can’t get it together. They’ve grown used to it but an external force (could be something major or just a new potential partner) is now threatening to change their status quo and a decision must be made. Will they finally decide to take the leap and create something solid or will they go their separate ways?” - Anon

Word Count:  2,318

Author’s Note:  I would pick Scotty, wouldn’t I? I’m really happy with how this story turned out, I really hope you like it, Anon!

“You’ve been avoiding looking at me all day,” you blurted when Scotty opened the doors to his quarters for you.

He just hung his head and stepped aside. You took one stride into the room so the door could close. The two of you stood in silence in the entryway.

“I can’t keep doing this, Scotty,” you said, letting your voice fall.

“I’s no’ fair o’ me to ask ye to,” he agreed.

A flare of rage bubbled through your chest. You bit back your initial answer. Sucking a deep breath through your nose, you prepared a more diplomatic response.

“I need you to talk to me,” you demanded. “Why have you been avoiding me?”

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The Quiet Neighbor

Just about the first thing anyone new to the neighborhood learned was to avoid Bud Filimore. Cantankerous, territorial, and fueled by what seemed to be a deep-seated hatred for just about everything, he was the kind of man that childhood nightmares were made of.

Although he’d only lived there for a few months longer than us, by the time my family moved in across the street from the Filimore house, his reputation was already firmly established. When other neighbors came by with their cookies and casseroles to welcome us and saw me and my brother, just nine and eleven, they’d pull my parents aside and offer hushed warnings.

“Keep them away from that nasty little man across the way,” Mrs. Devin said. “He can’t stand children.”

“My son, Bill, swears Bud tried to run him down in his car!” Mr. Crane said.

“He’ll look for any excuse to yell at them. He says the most terrible things,” Mrs. Paul said

My parents thanked them, but I don’t think they quite believed them. My mom especially wasn’t fond of gossip and she tried to take such rumors with a grain of salt until she could make her own decisions. She didn’t have to wait long.

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Haven - Scott imagine

For the anon who wanted some Scotty. Enjoy!

They found you in the woods, bleeding with your leg in a trap and instead of killing you on the spot, the alpha leaned down and helped you out, offering a hand. 

“I’m Scott.” That was your first encounter with the true alpha, who seemed a bit naive at first glance but as you got to know him and the rest of his pack you saw more of him. They were all older than their age, having lived through so much crap that most people never would in a lifetime in a short span of time. Though you spent a lot of time with Lydia and Allison, the strawberry blonde eager for a chance for a make over and teaching you about all things female, you found yourself enjoying the company of the energetic Stiles and his best friend who never left his side. If you were honest with yourself, you were feeling some not so friendly feelings towards the young alpha and if things had been different maybe you would have acted on them As it were, you had demons of your own that you didn’t dare share. Sure, you knew that the others had their suspicions about what happened to you before you came to Beacon Hills, but you weren’t ready yet. Maybe you never would be. For now, you were content trying to play the role of a teenager, dealing with school and homework and all the boring normal stuff people worry about. It was a nice change of pace. It was getting better, being more comfortable around the other members of the pack and getting to know all of them, even making some friends outside of it to. For the first time in a long time you felt good, like things were looking up.

You should have known that it wouldn’t last. They wouldn’t just give up. They found Isaac first while he was out on a border run, luckily Derek and Scott got there in time to save him, the hunters scurried away like the cowards they were. They brought him back to Derek’s loft where the rest of you were waiting, supporting the curly haired boy up between them. The conversations stopped briefly as they showed up, before erupting once more. Stiles was the first one to snap back and on his feet. You recognised that look on his face, there was no stopping him now. And you, you were paralyzed as a familiar scent filled your nostrils, the one that had been haunting you for a long time. 

“What the hell happened?” He demanded, checking Isaac for wounds when they’d lowered him down on the couch. Allison rushed over to his side, mumbling gently into his ear. It was the sourly alpha who finally answered.

“Hunters.” Derek growled, a man of few words as always. 

“But why are they here? We have a truce.” Lydia spoke up, not liking the fact that she didn’t have all of the answers. 

“We should never have trusted Argent.” Derek quipped, Allison freezing up where she was tending to her boyfriends wounds, her face unreadable. 

“Hey, Chris is different. He would have said something if he knew they were coming.” Scott, always the optimist, defended his ex’s father. 

“Okay, enough. It doesn’t matter. We still need to figure out why they are here now. What could they possibly be after. Maybe there’s a new creature or something they’re tracking. Maybe we could just talk to them.” Stiles reasoned, shooting the younger Hale a stern look. 

The image of Stiles’ lifeless corps with a bullet in his head briefly flashed in your mind, promptly startling you into action. You couldn’t, wouldn’t lose them. You wouldn’t put them in danger, not for you. 

“I do.” You mumbled without little effect. Annoyed, you slammed your hand into the wall, effectively getting everyone’s attention. 

“I know what they want, and talking won’t do anything.” You cut off Derek before he had the chance to say anything about the sizeable hole next to his fridge. It wasn’t a priority right now. 


“What is it?”

“They’re here to finish what they started. Me.” With that dark secret finally out in the open, you felt a little easier. You hated keeping things from them all this time, but it was for their own good. At lest, that’s what you assured yourself on those bad days. It felt so good, you couldn’t help the words escaping your lips. 

“They’re here to kill me.” 

It was Scott who found you a few hours later, holding up in a cave sheltering you from the downpour to stay warm and dry. It was getting dark and the temperature was dropping quickly but you didn’t dare light a fire. It was over, finally your nightmare had ended. So why did you still feel so bad? 

You almost had a heart attack when he showed up, soaking wet and jumping you before you had a chance to react. It took you a minute to process the fact that he was hugging you, not trying to claw your throat out and you let yourself sink into the embrace, not caring that your clothes were getting soaked as well. 

“We’ve been looking for you for hours. I thought -” He cut himself off, taking a deep breath. “I thought we lost you. That I lost you. That I didn’t get to you in time.” You lowered your head in shame, unable to meet those puppy dog eyes. You felt guilty for what you put him though, all of them. Your head snapped up at the soft growl as he were inspecting you closer and could smell the pain radiating off of you. 

“They hurt you. Where?”

“I’m-” You snapped your mouth shut at the intensity in those brown eyes, you had never seen him like this. You didn’t stop him when he started stripping you out of your damp clothes, not satisfied until he had examined every inch of you to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Gentle hands brushed against your skin, leaving warmth when it disappeared. It wasn’t the first time he’d given you a medical exam, he was sort of a doctor in training after all. Mrs McCall had taught him well. He worked mostly in silence, except for the low whine when he saw your scars that you had managed to keep hidden so far. You figured there was no point in trying to keep secrets anymore. For some reason, you didn’t feel uncomfortable being vulnerable like this around the young alpha. You never did. You were at ease around him, it was the kind of ease created by years of friendship, despite the short time you had known him. 

“You’re healing well, I think you should rest for a day or two though before you do anything to strenuous again like taking on a group of hunters. What were you thinking?”

“I had to keep you safe. I have already lost one pack, I know how much that hurts. I couldn’t let anything happen to you, not because of me.” That was the big one, you still blamed yourself for what happened to the others. The guilt never left. A gentle hand cupped your cheek and forced you to meet pools looking at you intently. 

“I’m so sorry about your loss, and I know that they can’t be replaced, and we wouldn’t dream of it, but you have a place in this pack if you want it. As far as I’m concerned, you are pack, family. You don’t ever have to do anything alone again, we protect each other, keep each other safe.”

“Are you sure?” You stared in disbelief, coaxing a soft smile.

“I couldn’t picture anything different. You’re ours for life now, sorry. You won’t ever get rid of us.” Overwhelmed, you surprised him with another hug, holding on for dear life as a rollercoaster of emotions washed over you, putting everything you felt into that long embrace. He rubbed your back gently, as if saying he knew exactly what you were trying to say. He always seemed to, sometimes when even you didn’t quite know what you meant. There had always been this connection between you, that only seemed to be growing stronger as time went by. You wished you could stay like this forever, safe and loved in his arms but things didn’t work that way, so you’d just enjoy the moment for as long as it would last.  


Prompt: Hey, lovely! Congrats so much on 600! You deserve every single one! Can I please get 40 with Sulu? Preferably TOS. Thank you, dear! ❤️❤️ For the lovely @mccoymostly

Warnings: mentions of sex….

Pairing: Scotty/reader, Sulu and reader friendship

A/n: I don’t know how TOS-y he is but I tried. I feel Sulu is pretty consistent in his characterization from TOS to AOS. I hope this pleases you Anna

Word Count: 395

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Act my age - chapter 5

You aim to lose yourself in your studies, at least for the day and somehow, your coworkers seem to notice. No one bothers you with questions, not even Commander Spock demands your attention and you work and work until your shift ends and P-tra has to come and get you for the gathering. You haven’t prepared anything and for a moment you feel self-conscious, but P-tra is smiling brightly at you from the front of the small crowd, eager to get the first question. You smile back and the questioning begins.

After almost two hours of talking, Commander Spock steps in and calls an end to it.

You’re tired, but in a good way, as if all the anxiety has been drained from you.

When your stomach growls, you finally notice how hungry you are and decide to head towards Mess Hall. You haven’t gone far when a redshirt falls into step beside you.

“Hi,” he greets you, stretching out his hand for you to hold, “I’m Lieutenant Cee.”

“Oh,” you stop and take his hand, shaking it, “I’m Y/N.”

He towers over you with his height, but his smile is warm and big, reaches up into his reddish-brown eyes. His skin is brown, a color you have started to miss on New Vulcan.

His smile broadens a bit. “You’re wondering how my name and appearance fit together.”

“A bit. Do you get that often?”

“I do.” He lets go of your hand and gestures ahead, “Want me to tell you the story while we walk towards Mess Hall? Your brother asked me to make sure you eat something.”

“He’s a bit on the protective side,” you joke and start walking again. Gray chuckles.

“So, the story?”

“Well, my family is from India, but my father has some European descent. We don’t really know where he is from, exactly, but I’m named after my grandfather.”

“A good man?”

“A very good man,” Gray answers and smiles again, “I hope I can live up to it someday.”

“And you got your mother’s looks?” You ask because it’s a topic you’ve always been interested in and one he’s obviously not afraid to talk about.

“Yes. I look like Tata. My other grandfather. My younger brother Hrithik is named after him, but he got Grandpa Gray’s looks. It’s a pretty interesting mix, my family.”

“I bet. Genetics is an interesting topic.”

“Didn’t you write a paper about it?” Gray asks and stops in front of the door leading to Mess Hall so you can step in first. A Gentleman, it seems.

“Yes, I did. Did my brother tell you?” You ask, taking a quick look to make sure Mr. Scott is not around. You don’t want to bump into him on this date that doesn’t feel like a date but could be one all the same.

“No, my mother. She recognized your last name. She’s teaching Xenobiology at the Starfleet Academy in Mumbai. You might know her, Admiral Cee is pretty well known..”

“Yes, I know her. And with a mother like her, you decided to become an Engineer instead?” You joke and he smiles at you again. You can easily understand why your brother is friends with Gray and why he thought the man would be a good choice for a date.

“Well, we can’t all go into Science. Who would repair the Replicators then?” He jokes back and you feel yourself blush.

It’s easy to talk to Gray. He is kind and funny and at the time you’ve finished your meal you’ve already talked about a variety of topics, from your thoughts on the shaky peace the Federation has with the Klingons to which planet is the best place for a camping adventure.

He’s attractive, too, you’ve noticed that, but looking at his warm eyes doesn’t make your heart race, or your mouth run dry with nervousness.

Maybe that is what you need, what your brother thinks you need, at least. Someone that won’t make your heart race, your hands sweaty, your mind empty. Or maybe the years on New Vulcan really have changed you, made you forget how to talk to a human man after all. Who knows? You don’t.

“Thank you for this evening,” you say when he walks you back to your room. You had opted to tell him that you would find back just fine, but you had not wanted to say goodbye in the middle of a busy hallway. He smiles, one corner of his mouth lifting a little bit higher than the other.

“It was really nice,” he answers, “Glad your brother sent me to look after you.”

“Yes,” you nod, feeling the conversation steer into awkwardness, “Thank you for doing that, by the way. You didn’t have to. It was nice, though, and maybe… we will see each other around?”

“It’s a big ship…” He starts and you bite your tongue, try to swallow the fear down, fear of something you can’t even name.

“Yes, but, well, you’re best friends with my brother, who is, kind of, related to me, you know? And I know your mother, who is, well, your mother and I-” You hear yourself rambling and see him smiling and you wish you could just stop yourself from talking.

“I will see you again, then,” he cuts you off and you’re thankful for it, “Good night.”

“Good night,” you breath and hold out your hand for him to shake, the years on New Vulcan leaving you with a feeling of dread while doing so because he’s not meant to shake your hand.

“Good night.”

He turns to leave and you slip into your quarters before he can turn around for one last look, sinking against the closed doors with a sigh. You’re so glad you’re alone again.

This time, you’re not even surprised to find your brother sitting on your couch when you open your eyes.

He looks at you with a smile that threatens to split his face apart.

“How did it go?”

“Gray is nice,” you say slowly and think of a way to voice your feelings without making Gray sound less the great man that he is or making you sound like your head over heels in love with him when you’re not.

Your brothers face falls immediately.

“But-” He says and you cut him off.

“No but. I mean it. Besides, is it really a good idea to wait in my own room when I’m supposed to be dating? What would you have done if we had hit it off and stumbled into my room while making out?”

Your brother makes a face. “I know you’re not like that. And if you would, I would…”

“What?” You ask…

“Let’s just not talk about a scenario like that.”


The most comforting thing right now? No matter how much you toss and turn in your bed or try to get something out of your twirling thoughts, days and nights end and start anew.

“You look tired,” P-tra greets you when you step into Lab 3 the next morning.

“I am,” you answer and take another sip from the cup of coffee you had to smuggle out from your quarters under the watchful gaze of your brother. It would have been easier to replicate the coffee in the Lab itself, but then again - your own Replicator makes way better coffee now.

“Date night?” She asks with a wink and you choke on your coffee.

“I didn’t… We didn’t… It didn’t mean…” You stutter and P-tra laughs loudly, clapping you on the back.

“Doesn’t matter what it was and what you did. I just saw you with Gray yesterday. He’s a nice guy.”

“He is, but I’m…”

“Not interested?” P-tra smiles and nods, “It’s not easy to be not interested on this ship, I can tell you.”

She looks at the door, whistles an easy tune and steps away from you and towards her work place, when the door opens and Commander Spock steps through, looking over the Lab, eyes focusing on you.

“Lieutenant. We did not have time to go over your process yesterday.”

Right. Work.

“Indeed. If you’ll follow me,” you direct him towards your desk. Working will help you forget how tired you are.


“So what’s the deal, exactly?” P-tra asks when you’re sitting on one of the tables at the far end of Mess Hall, “I don’t want to be nosy, but I feel like you might need some female perspective on things.”

You heave a sigh. “I’m not sure. There’s someone I really like, but I’m not sure if it’s just an enormous crush coupled with being nervous. And Gray is really easy to talk to and I could probably grow to feel more for him, but-”

“A relationship shouldn’t be funded on the word but,” P-tra disagrees with a click of your tongue. Her warm eyes are looking over you and you dig your fork into your salad, trying to distract you from your thoughts.

“The way I see it, you should talk to Lieutenant Uhura.”

“What? Why?” You sputter, glad that you had not taken a bite yet.

“Because the way you’re acting, you’re almost half Vulcan and Lieutenant Uhura is successfully dating a half Vulcan. If anyone knows who you’d be better suited with, it’s her, right?”

“I think I’ll stick to my brother’s advice instead,” you disagree, “To other species, Vulcan’s might seem very alike, but they aren’t. And just because the Lieutenant is in a relationship with one won’t make her an expert on my behalf. It is, therefore, logical to seek out the advice of people who know me, instead.”

“That sounds awful,” a voice rumbles behind you and you freeze, your neck stiff.

P-tra looks at you with worried eyes and when you manage to turn your head to your left, it actually hurts from how tense you are.

Mr. Scott is smiling down at you and your heart is in your throat again.

“What do ye need advice in, lass? Can I help?”

“I,” you joke, swallowing dry, “I wanted to ask my brother, because…” Your voice breaks a bit and you clear your throat again, while Mr. Scott looks more interested than you wish him to be.

“Your brother?” He tries to help you out, “Is it about engineering?”

“Yes,” you croak out, glad for the straw he’s holding out for you, “About the training,” you say and he nods, about to say something, when he notices someone waving at him from across Mess Hall.

“I will talk to him, if tha’ is okay with ye, lass,” he offers and you nod because you don’t know what else to do and watch him walk away with a smile and a wave.

P-tra clears her throat and you turn around to her giving you a look that can only mean one thing.

“Please don’t laugh,” you beg, wishing you could just put your head on the table and disappear.

“Why would I laugh?” She asks, her voice calm, but her eyes are betraying her. Her eyes are saying that she wants to know a lot more.

“Because he’s so much older than me?”

“You’re what? In your mid-twenties? That’s not that much of an age difference, considering that your mind must be a lot older if you can survive Vulcan company.”

P-tra winks at you. “Yes, I just called you old.”

You throw your fork at her.



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