and that gifset that took me one hour to make


Female characters from TV/Animation DC Universe

+ bonus (for lack of space and also I did this at 6am and kinda forgot them)

{To Eremika} 
I try making the face that you used to like
But my face keeps getting ugly
With tears flowing down
So I can’t even look at you.
Learn Korean with SHINee: Occupations
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make me choose: [t] noir or one shot [by (2) anonymous]


I’m in love with the shape of you.


i could walk through my garden forever.  (insp)

I swear, I’ve never labored so hard over a gifset before until this one. The one that I posted on Thursday took under an hour to make, while this one took hours of work (trying find the perfect scenes, perfect font, perfect coloring, etc.) 


“I made a joke on the stage that was received by TV audience, however in the room no one could hear what I was saying. So I looked out in the crowd and I saw all these people from Orange Is The New Black, a TV show that I really like, I saw all these Young Hollywood-ers. And none of them were laughing at my joke. So I felt very upset about it. It actually took me a couple hours to come out of feeling upset. Then it aired yesterday, and you all thought I was pretty funny! So that makes me happy! It was a joke about Ansel Elgort being really tall, and me not being as tall as him. It was off script, my own material!”

I’m sure it exists and I just can’t find it but if it doesn’t I’m gonna need a gifset of that face Jake makes when someone says something nice to him

this face


50 shades of CS - Jacket grasp

My personal choice - Dedicated to all my followers!!!

The new hiatus is here, and with it I’m about to start (very very soon, stay tuned!) a new CS hiatus project. But before that, I want to say goodbye to my previous project that got expanded to the airing time of the show, due to multiple requests. I chose the theme I was most waiting to get request for (because I just love it!), but never did. Really hope you like this one :)

I was so very happy making these gifsets, they sure were challenging with finding the right thing to capture the situation with (in not too many words…), and to prepare all of them (sometimes it took hours…), but it was very rewarding for me. I had fun doing them, but I couldn’t have continue without your support, my beloved followers! 

Thank you so much for bringing me all these wonderful requests, and for rebloging, liking, and giving me positive feedback by messages. I appreciate and love all of you for it!!!

See you very soon in the next project! I love the new idea I’m building in my head, and hope you all love it too ;)

The 50 shades of CS project  

As a gif maker myself, I can confirm how long it takes to make gifsets. Especially the REALLY fancy ones. For example, when I made those space gifs, it took me a little over 3 hours. THREE HOURS! And they weren’t even that fancy. Pls don’t be that person to steal. Pls, we work so hard, and kick ourselves in the teeth over our edits.