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I told my friend I liked bts and she went "oh those ugly asian boys" and she continued to say racist asian stereotypes. I got really pissed off and told her to shut the fuck up and grow up before walking off. I'm still really angry.

Unfortunately the world is filled with racist, ugly people. Were sorry that you had to find out something so negative and nasty about one of your friends.

BTS is an amazing music group filled with beautiful, talented young men that do more for the world than anybody realizes.

Hopefully someday they’ll get the recognition they deserve.

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Velvet-Love Entertainment

At TNA’s Turning Point, wrestling fans were introduced to a tandem that would be a force for years to come. The duo of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky would join forces and would become known as Velvet-Love Entertainment. Gaining a victory over the team of ODB and Roxxi Laveaux, the two realized their potential as a duo going forward and a team was born. When Laveaux attempted to aid the group in explaining a premonition she’d had about their future, Love and Sky would attack Roxxi after she refused a makeover, using their make-up and hairspray to humiliate their new foe. The villainous duo would become known as The Beautiful People, allowing only the finest to be part of their circle and viciously denying anyone they deemed unworthy to side with them!

Aries Rising: Has a lot of enthusiastic energy towards associates and casual friends. Is open about meeting new people and letting others into their life. Shows their individuality clearly to all. Anger or passionate feelings show early on in relationships or even to strangers. With an Aries Rising one can be in or out of favor with them quickly.

Taurus Rising: Slower to open up emotionally and vulnerably but is approachable. Can view people as resources or have a practical approach to others, is patient and calm in more shallow relationships, can have a possessive view about the world, which can manifest in many different ways. Taurus Rising appreciates beauty and the physical, this carries over to when they are getting to know someone.

Gemini Rising: Usually very social but is ultimately more detached when first getting to know others. This person is talkative, funny, and interesting but takes a bit to get close to.They do well with networking, navigating groups, is flexible in “fitting in”, and is observant.  Duality can be seen in a Gemini Rising, usually via becoming distant and elusive vs. being highly attentive and involved with those they are still getting to know or are not close with.

Cancer Rising: Usually on the shyer side or is reserved. They take a while to open up and get close to. They can be sensitive and reclusive with acquaintances or more shallow connections. They may attract others with a bit of mystery or emotional appeal. A Cancer Rising can swing from being softly approachable to being closed off and prickly. Emotional biases could seep through their adaptable and pulled back exterior.

Leo Rising: Is usually a very warm and extroverted person on the surface. In more shallow relationships doesn’t want to ever be looked down upon and tries to impress. They can be generous to those they aren’t close to. Leo Rising might keep anyone threatening to their individuality or strength at arms length.

Virgo Rising: Can be shy or quiet, cares a lot about first impressions, critical or bluntness can come out in how they see the world, easygoing with associates or casual friends, remembers details about people they meet, and knows what they expect out of others. Virgo Rising gives practical advise to really anyone in their life. They are picky about who they truly get close to but is helpful to acquaintances, coworkers, and maybe strangers.

Libra Rising: Can seem like everyone’s friend and approaches more shallow relationships with charm, persuasion, and mellowness. Relating to others is shown clearly but emotions and desires are not shown unless someone truly knows them/is very close. Libra Rising is personable but when people try to get close they tend to turn elusive and maybe distant. Those who compliment them, romance them, or confront their deep or emotional side can get in.

Scorpio Rising: Can be hard to read or figure out for some. In more shallow relationships they are reserved and private. When they do get closer to people they want to discover them and can be driven by mystery or fascination. Feels uncomfortable with surface level. Despite their reserved nature can be influential and magnetic in more superficial bonds/networking. Their intensity is usually felt rather than seen by peers.

Sagittarius Rising: Tends to be open towards meeting new people and making new friends. They accept all types of people, their attention can be grabbed by someone interesting, and some can be easily impressed. They have a heart-on-their-sleeve approach to more shallow relationships. Sagittarius Rising has an optimistic view towards others. They can be easily fooled or taken advantage of in more superficial connections. They prefer fun casualness and is serious or gets closer when meaning is created in a bond.

Capricorn Rising: Is dependable and responsible with casual pals, associates, and especially coworkers. They can be practical towards getting to know others, only getting close if there is a gain by doing so (this isn’t always a materialistic or status gain). They can be cold and hard when you try to peer in closer at  them. They open their doors when others are patient and trustworthy.

Aquarius Rising: Tends to approach almost everyone in the same way, maybe this is viewing everyone as a friend or in a professional way. They try to get to the core of the individual when getting to know someone. Aquarius Rising are distant and can get indifferent when people try to pressure or pursue, usually emotionally.

Pisces Rising: Can lack boundaries when it comes to casual relationships and getting to know others. They tend to attract people who need healing/are wounded. They can be easily swayed by acquaintances and peers. Is intuitive towards the outer world. Pisces Rising can be vague and hard to pin down. They can get lost in impressions and might be changeable in how they approach a peer or acquaintance day by day.


define again or differently.

redefining seventeen is an infographic that aims to give a different meaning to seventeen based on the things they have achieved or things that have happened to them in their 3 years of being idols.

then, 17 was broken down as 13 members, 3 units, and 1 team, Seventeen. this 3rd year anniversary “project” aims to give seventeen a new meaning: 8 title tracks, 4 leaders, 3 rings, 1 world tour, and 1 family.

(personal message time baby)
wow 3 years, this is the longest time i have been in a fandom, family tbh, for like the 9 years i’ve liked kpop or well any music group ever. Seventeen seriously is probably one of the best things that has happened to me, they have allowed me to meet so many beautiful people and they have urged me to slowly (but not fully) get out of my shell. They have definitely been with me through my ups and my downs and they have helped me so much whenever I felt like giving up. Boys, you have truly grown a lot and it was such a journey to see you grow up and also a blessing to have witness it and for the opportunity for us to grow with you. I hope we continue shining together for 10, 50, and 100 more years. Congrats boys!

#3YearsWithSeventeen #세븐틴_3주년_영원히_빛내줄게

4 days late, but better late than never, right? Thanks to all of you for an amazing 2017! It was a crazy year for me, with a lot of ups and downs and often feeling like I was barely keeping it together. I came up with a lot of plans that I didn’t always manage to finalize, and I felt like I had more ideas than I knew what to do with. Hopefully 2018 will be a year that I can focus more on getting stuff done!

I think I’ll always remember this year as the one where I started giving workshops. I had written a lot of tutorials and done smaller workshops in the past, but this was the year that I started giving a comprehensive 2-day workshop in person, complete with assignments and feedback. I’m not someone who likes to get in front of a group of people and tell them what to do, so it was honestly nerve-wracking! But it turned out to be so worthwhile. I met some amazing people, travelled to beautiful places, and learned so much about being a teacher. I have so many ideas that I came up with while giving these workshops, which hopefully I can further develop this year!

This was also the year that I kickstarted my second artbook, The Sketchbook of Loish. The response was overwhelming and the support I received was truly moving! I spent many months focusing purely on this book, writing the chapters and gathering the visual material. To see the campaign do so well made it so incredibly worthwhile. This year, the book will be printed and shipped out to backers. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and find out what the backers think of the final product.

And finally, it was the year that I managed to reach 1 million followers on Instagram, which is mind boggling to be honest! Being active on social media is really the motor that keeps my career running - I get to connect with people and be inspired by their feedback and ideas, and it also gives me the opportunity to generate income off of personal projects like my art book. Your support honestly means the world to me right now! So thanks a lot for helping me out, and sticking around another year! I hope you all have an amazing 2018!!

Study Moods as Fictional Heroines


Molly Hooper - Sherlock

Quirky smiles and snorting when you laugh. Bad puns and jokes at inappropriate times. Being passionate about your studies. Cuddling with your cat when you revise. Having an extravagant personality but keeping your work minimalistic. Daydreaming about that one person. Motivational quotes on t-shirts. Loving romance novels. Clean bullet journal spreads. Neatest and tidiest work space ever.

Elle Woods - Legally Blonde

Bright and friendly smiles to everyone you meet. Organising your own study group full of people you actually like. Showing that you can have brains and beauty. Pink aesthetic. Studying next to your dog. Creating a girl gang of supporting girls. Still being happy and friendly no matter what comes your way. Glitter gel pens. Scented stationery. Tropical smoothies you order in cute cafes. Reading extra material to understand even more.

Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds

Always using emojis when texting people to join your study group. That one friendship which is borderline romantic. Terms of endearment for everyone. Highlight all the words. Random post it notes to smile and be happy. Unicorns and sparkly themed pencil cases and notebooks. Being unapologetically different. Loud and outgoing because you want to be the nicest person anyone ever meets. Tapping rapidly on a keyboard.

Hermione Granger - Harry Potter

Studying by the fire with your friends and cat. Aimlessly perusing the library just because. Snuggling up with a good book. Biting off more than you can chew. Oversized sweaters. Many cups of tea. Throwing your hair up quickly when you have a burst of inspiration. Laughter of your friends warming you. Being passionate about what you believe in. Protests for the injustice of the world.

Velma Dinkley - Scooby Doo

Preferring facts over fiction. If I can see it and I can touch it then it’s real. Misplacing your glasses often, especially when you study. Excelling in your subjects but never getting the praise you deserve. Underappreciated but everything would fall apart without you. A close knit group of friends. Science experiments at 4am. Sounds of an old computer booting up. Random facts at random times.

Temperance Brennan - Bones

Spending your time alone working. Annoyed at interruptions. Working hard because it’s all you’ve known. Hardly allowing anyone into your life, even less so when you’re studying. Little skulls decorating your notebook. Having a song to name all of the bones. Rocking out to Cindy Lauper secretly in your room. Actually caring a lot about all of your friends. Impromtu karaoke sessions - you’re actually very good. The smell of lillies to hide death.

Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice

Standing up for what you believing. Not accepting someone else’s path. Neat handwriting which fills endless notebooks. Reading before you go to bed and then staying up all night. Good posture when studying. Vanilla scented candles. Listening to waltz music as you study. Making timetables for yourself and your siblings. Being an advocate even if nobody else is. Adoring small animals. Small passages of poems that you adore and will highlight.

Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Coffee coffee coffee. Aspiring to be everything. Doing everything to attend your dream college. Reading everything, from non fiction to fiction. Wanting to be the best. Pulling all nighters. Feeling like you’re failing when you’re actually not. Knowing exactly what you want to do (after much deliberation). Back to school shopping. Being tempted to buy way more than you need. Actually reading the newspaper. Being close with your mum. Having a leather bound journal. Coffee.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng - Miraculous Ladybug

Daydreaming in class. Constantly running late but still maintaining good grades (apart from that one subject). Being the queen of organisation though. Balancing life, school and work like a pro. Scribbling your name and your crushes name. Stress sewing and ending up with a full outfit. Baked goods. The smell of freshly made bread. Pressed flowers. Fiercely defensive of your friends. Delicate handwriting. Super shy in class. Pink and red aesthetic. A5 notebooks and sketchbooks.

- KC


the greatest most precious boys 

1-800-Music-Street → kth

↳ pairing: taehyung/reader | fluff, smut

↳ au: homeless!taehyung, saxophonist!taehyung, street performer!taehyung

↳ warnings: mild violence, use of alcohol and weed, mutual masturbation, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dirty talk, cunnilingus

↳ word count: 13.2k

⁙ summary: you’re enchanted by a street performer and then he saves you, resulting in multiple meetings one can only describe as fate.

⁛ A/N: this is a fic inspired by the lovely @taelaxies who is a good friend of mine. i’d like to thank her for letting me have this idea and letting me turn it into this monster!

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The Mercury Signs

Aries: Isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Sometimes they speak without thinking and this leads to interrupting people and heated arguments. They hold their morals/opinions in high regard, so save your energy and don’t disagree with them. If they have Earth Sun/Mars, they could be extremely critical, and observant. 

Taurus: A flirt, knows how to charm. Gets along with parents and older people very well because they come off as stable and mature. They are very relaxed and understanding. If they have a lot of fire influence, they may have a sharp tongue. Taurus mercury is stubborn, but very smart.

Gemini: A people person, a networker. These are the people get invited to all the parties somehow, its easy for them to make friends. They love to talk and can get really excited, they usually talk with their hands a lot. Gemini mercury is very smart, but since they’re air signs, their memory can sometimes fluctuate. 

Cancer: This mercury sign talks with emotion, and is very compassionate and understanding. Naturally tied to astrology and the occult, along with other water signs. Cancer mercury can read people well and have great intuition. Can be hot headed at times, esp. with fire influence. They are very sensitive which can make them act tough, defensive.

Leo: Just like any placement in Leo, this part of the chart shines with regal confidence. They talk with optimism and are great negotiators, usually very smart. They have strong emotions and when you attack their ego, they will lash out. Otherwise, they are generally laid back.

Virgo: Detailed and intelligent. Is able to have intellectual conversations with ease, almost like information from the universe is out-flowing through their mouths. They make great writers because they have an eye for detail. Likes to care for other people and likes when people come to them for advice. Can be withdrawn when discussing their own feelings.

Libra: A people person like Gemini, and such a sweet person. Knows how to charm people and generally means it. Can be fake but just wants to get along with everyone. Also, the mediator in their friend group. Always wants to go cool places with friends, a beautiful flirt.

Scorpio: Extremely intuitive, can have psychic abilities if the rest of the chart allows it. Great person to rant with, really compassionate when you build a friendship/relationship. Like Virgo, they are able to speak intellectually with ease. Their feelings can be hurt easily and don’t tell them something you don’t mean. 

Sagittarius: Entertaining talkers, philosophical and knowledgeable. A fun and laid back person at heart and wants to go on crazy adventures. Talks about their experiences. Can be a distracted talker and switch from topic to topic. Enjoys learning and enjoys challenging people in authority.

Capricorn: Speaks with old wisdom, like something was channeled through them. Argues with facts, and is very critical about what thoughts control them. Isn’t fooled easily and gets strong vibes from other people. Responsible and cautious, protects their loved ones. 

Aquarius: Extremely funny people, I love their outside of the box thinking. These people get along with anyone that isn’t high-strung and can have a little fun. Pranksters, the people whose laugh is funnier than the joke. Like Virgo, they can also have a hard time opening up emotionally, may have been really hurt in past relationships.

Pisces: Adventurous beings, esp with lots of air influence. Can be manipulative but will always be there for you even if they drift away for a little while. Go-with -the-flow personalities and are willing to talk about anything. Extremely creative. Escapist attitude but they must be careful what they escape in. Having a productive hobby is essential for any Pisces placement.


The Black Panther Party was a political organization founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale to combat police brutality against Black Americans. At its peak in 1968, the BPP had approximately 2,000 members. The end of the organization came as a result of internal disorder, shootouts by the police, and government effort to weaken the organization.

Imagine a white cop harassing black people in a black neighborhood. Now imagine a group of black men dressed in all black, with bandoliers slung over their chest and rifles under their arms coming to observe the situation. Cops were intimidated to the point of of leaving the scene, and the Panthers had done nothing illegal. California would later adjust their gun laws so that the Panthers could no longer carry guns as before.

The Black Panther Party promoted natural black beauty, drawing in younger black Americans who liked the idea of wearing their natural hair without judgement and celebrating dark skin.

The Free Breakfast for School Children Program was a community service program run by the Black Panther Party. The Panthers would cook and serve food to poor inner city youth in Oakland, and it became so popular that the Panthers set up kitchens in cities across the country, feeding over 10,000 children every day before they went to school.

The Black Panther Party wasn’t perfect. Sexism was a problem as most women in the organization were relegated to office work. The Party’s eventual demise was kickstarted by Huey Newton’s dedication to the breakfast program and Eldredge Cleaver’s belief that the party should prioritize the “any means necessary” political opposition to U.S. government practices.

The Black Panther Party was not a Black Supremacist group. Its members were dedicated to fighting injustice, not hating white people. In the words of Huey P Newton, “We’ve never advocated violence; violence is inflicted upon us. But we do believe in self-defense for ourselves and for black people.”

  1. End call-out culture. If someone is genuinely a danger to society at large, that’s not a call-out. If someone did you dirty, uses a FC you don’t like, or acted shady to a friend of a friend of yours, that’s a call-out. In 2018, let’s move past the era of airing out our dirty laundry and the mob mentality that comes with it. I have seen some genuinely disturbing people on this site. But I’ve also seen people who, through a misunderstanding or one ignorant ( but not actively hateful ) post have had to leave the RPC, abandon their muse, etc, and no amount of apology is ever seen as enough. 
  2. More radical love. Loving yourself and loving others. If someone gives you anxiety, quietly remove them from your dashboard. If you really love seeing someone on your dash, let them know. If you really really love a certain style of writing, whether it’s seen as purple, basic, or “wrong” in someone else’s eyes, allow yourself to enjoy and be proud of what you’ve written. 
  3. No more conflating graphics with quality, but on the flipside, no more shaming people who love to put effort into their graphics. The presence or lack thereof of some ultra-hyped theme, insane graphics, and the most beautiful icons you’ve ever seen should no longer be the reason why or why not you like a blog. 
  4. Friends ≠ Exclusivitiy. This was something that I saw a lot of at different times this year. Someone being called “cliquey” or “elitist” because they had a well-established group of friends who they really loved writing with. Unless they’re being actively exclusionary and responding to you with stuff like “I’m sorry, you’re not Stacy so I don’t like you,” just let it go. Just as you don’t OWE anyone plots you don’t want, etc –– so too do other people have the right to want or not want to write with whomever they please. Unless they’re being actively rude to you, this should be left in 2017 as something to message people about. 
  5. MORE POSITIVITY!!! Seriously, any kind of positivity. Friendly anons, randomly tagging people in stuff, sharing promos with lovely messages in the tags… just be nice to each other. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. 
  6. No More Hatred of the Writers. Okay, maybe this one is a personal one, but the trend/phenomenon that’s on tumblr of hating the writers of shows, books, media where your muse comes from. If you don’t agree with something, that’s fine, but it’s become some sort of shorthand and accepted understanding that if you’re in the fandom, you have to wholeheartedly disagree with every point the writers make. Isn’t that tiring? 

Okay, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! Let’s head into 2018 right. 

Does anyone else feel like everyone on tumblr is multifandom or just really caring individuals who are nice to all kpop fandoms?

And yet if you go to twitter all you see are fan wars and arrogant people trying to prove that their group is better than another😒

I hope all of you here on tumblr are living beautiful lives! I️ love you❤️

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feelings | 01

genre  ― angst, fluff, smut 

pairing  ― porn star!jungkook x reader

word count  ― 4,583

porn star au

synopsis   ― ❝ why are you proud of fucking someone who is solely famous for doing exactly that, fucking others? ❞ + jeon jungkook has always been a man who conquered many people’s hearts through many different ways, with the main one being his extraordinary filmography in the adult film industry. however, that notorious charmer has never found an actual interest in having a romantic interest, let alone pursue a romantic relationship but his priorities start to change once you appear in his life. 

chapters  ―  01 | 02 | 03

author’s note  ―  hohoho christmas is over so it’s time to get a little nasty! hope you like it!!

Despite your multiple attempts at finishing a proper sentence, you conclude that this French literature essay won’t be finished until the earth finally explodes as a result of the human species’ high dullness of mind. You let out a frustrated groan as you finally realize the reason as to why you can’t bring yourself to continue typing away on you Macbook. As the realization pretty much hits you straight in the face, you have nothing else left but mentally prepare yourself for the most dreadful week that is to come as the most famous inspiration and motivation absorber has just finished setting its temporary tent called writer’s block inside your poor mind.

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70 Questions for World-Building
  1. Does your world have an education system? If so, which areas of study are the most valued?
  2. What are the most undervalued jobs in your world? Who works them?
  3. Which genre of music is the most popular?
  4. How common is it to speak a language that is not your native one?
  5. How is public intimacy regarded?
  6. Does age play a role in how much respect a person gets at first glance? Why?
  7. Which meals or foods are considered classics or universally loved?
  8. What is that one thing that it seems like every kid does? (For example, where I live, it’s soccer.)
  9. Does magic play a role in your world? How important is it and under what circumstances is it used?
  10. How are criminals punished?
  11. What is considered the worst possible crime that a person could commit?
  12. Do people keep pets? Which ones are the most popular?
  13. What are the three most common pastimes?
  14. How are people like the police regarded by the general public?
  15. Are there any gender roles or stereotypes that exist? If so, what are they?
  16. How are people in the LGBT+ community treated?
  17. How are disabled people treated?
  18. How are people of color treated?
  19. What is the general lifestyle of the average person in your world?
  20. Do people with mental illnesses have access to resources they might need (therapists, medication, etc.)?
  21. What are beauty standards for men and women like?
  22. If any, what are the stereotypes that exist for each age group?
  23. Which is valued more, the arts or the sciences?
  24. What constitutes as standard intelligence?
  25. Think of the biggest accomplishments or events in your world’s history. Is there a certain theme that carries through them all?
  26. Do forms of entertainment like TV, movies, and theater — or anything resembling them — exist? How popular are they?
  27. Does anything like the Internet exist? What is it most commonly used for?
  28. When are kids expected to move out of their parents’ house?
  29. When are people expected to get their first job? Does this standard vary depending on the family’s financial stability?
  30. Do arranged marriages exist?
  31. Describe your world’s (or country’s) government in five words or less.
  32. If anything, what will absolutely not be tolerated in your world?
  33. What does a typical family look like, if any?
  34. What happens on the home front in times of war? What do people who aren’t actively engaged in the conflict do to try and help?
  35. What role does music play in society?
  36. How often do people travel? How far do they go, usually?
  37. Is it common for families to live in different corners of the world?
  38. How is hunting regarded?
  39. Are there any endangered species? What is the punishment for threatening them?
  40. If any, what are the most famous pieces of literature or most famous authors? Why are they so well-known?
  41. What is the most common form of transportation?
  42. What are the current fashion trends? How are they different from the trends that one, ten, and thirty years ago?
  43. Is there anyone in your world’s history who is regarded as truly evil?
  44. Does your world have a military? Are there different branches, such as the navy or marines? How does someone enlist?
  45. What are some common first date activities?
  46. What do people do when they need to relax?
  47. How common is it for people to go out with a group of friends versus alone?
  48. How do people get their electricity/power?
  49. At what age is a person considered “old”?
  50. At what point is it less offensive to be considered “old” by younger people?
  51. Do your workers have a minimum wage? What is it?
  52. What makes it easy for a person to consider a house a home?
  53. Who usually lives in a single house?
  54. Is there a “standard age” for a person to reach certain milestones in life (As in getting a job, finding a partner and getting married, having kids)?
  55. How might the rich display their wealth?
  56. Usually, how close are families to each other? Are they in contact with their third cousins on the other side of the world or do they barely know how many siblings they have?
  57. Which skills are considered the most important to have?
  58. Which laws are the most commonly broken?
  59. Does your world have any absolutely ridiculous laws? What are they/
  60. Are there any career paths are considered more valuable than others? Why?
  61. Is there any dedicated time of relaxation (like the weekend or a long holiday)?
  62. What is your country’s relationship with the countries around it?
  63. Can people easily talk about the politics of their world and keep a level head?
  64. What degree of control does the government have over the lives of the people?
  65. Is there a traditional process for mourning loved ones who have passed?
  66. In general, how much do people gesture when they speak?
  67. In general, how are people that speak with an accent regarded?
  68. What does a person have to do to be considered a prodigy?
  69. Have common is it to be a farmer or someone that produces food?
  70. Is the majority of your world’s food produced by big businesses or by smaller farmers?

In one sense, St. Patrick’s Day is a failure.

The holiday as we know it in America was promoted by activists to celebrate Irish culture, in order to fight prejudice against Irish immigrants. Today, many of us celebrate by going out drinking and acting out the very stereotypes the day was created to combat.

On the other hand, 150 years ago nativists in the U.S. were burning Irish Catholic churches to the ground. Today on St. Patrick’s Day, Americans of all backgrounds wear green, drink Guinness, and put on pins that say “Kiss me I’m Irish.” There’s something beautiful about that.

In recent years, holidays associated with various other immigrant groups have begun to gain mainstream acceptance, most notably Cinco de Mayo, which has followed a similar path as St. Patrick’s Day – started by activists to celebrate Mexican culture, embraced by people just looking for a good time.

Lunar New Year and Dia De Los Muertos are also well on their way.

When one culture’s holiday becomes everyone’s excuse to party, what’s gained and what’s lost? And how does it feel when it’s your holiday?

When Other Cultures’ Holidays Become An Excuse To Party

Photo: RJ Sangosti/Denver Post via Getty Images

A message to the people with mental disorders or other disabilities

To the autistic people whose parents don’t allow them to “stim” in public for fear of embarrassment

To the dyslexic people whose friends and family are always frustrated with them because it takes them an hour to read a page

To the people with ADD/ADHD who get yelled at for not sitting still when they’re supposed to

To the people with Aspergers who feel like freaks and outcasts because they don’t know how to socialize

To the people with Down Syndrome who feel like they aren’t beautiful or feel like they never be beautiful

To the people who see the world differently than how most people do

To the people who feel alienated from their friends, family, classmates, coworkers, or any other people that they encounter on a daily basis

Let me be the first to say it

You matter.

You are just as important as all of the other people on this planet.

Your opinions and your feelings are valid.

Just because you were made a little different, it doesn’t mean that you are any less important.

You are all a group of beautiful and unique human beings who are blessed with talents that you may not realize yet, but you eventually will.

There are people out there who love you for who you are.

And for those who don’t, That’s their problem.

Because they are so close-minded, they don’t see the actual BEAUTY and LIGHT that is shining in each and every one of you.

And it gets easier.

It may not seem like it now, but it WILL get easier.

You will improve, and you will be able to conquer the obstacles in your life.

If you can’t, then that’s okay, too.

Just that fact that you choose to BE YOU is enough.

Go out there and BE YOU


Summary: Y/N deserves better and Bucky knows it. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2295

Warnings: Angst (I am kinda sorry but not really)

Originally posted by xcriminalmastermindx

It’s loud. Something is echoing, pounding, sending rivulets of pain through his skull. He can feel minute vibrations through his metal hand which rests on the counter. Bucky wonders what that noise is, why it won’t go away, leave him be.

It’s ricocheting off the walls, bouncing, crashing, thundering. And then silence, cotton in his ears, as a memory invades his mind. A tank, a bomb, a gun, a man. It’s too fucking loud.

The noise is back suddenly, only this time it’s the soft murmuring of a hundred voices. The sound of harsh, wet kissing is coming from his left while laughing and the buzz of low conversation sounds around the rest of the room. His hand shakes as his brain stumbles over his anxiety. The loud noise is gone now and he realizes it had only been the frantic beating of his own heart.

But there’s still just too much going on. Too much to assess, too many possible threats, too much open space. Needless to say he hates Tony’s parties. And he hates that Y/N has to interact with people during them, unable to stay by his side throughout it. Really its half his fault as she had to make up for Bucky’s silence and reclusiveness.  

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