and shiro with halo halo

So I a while ago I bought this mug. It has an illustration on it of the main cast of Ao no Exorcist, which is also featured in the IROIRO art book, but back then that wasn’t out yet.
And the preview pictures nearly gave me a heart attack, because in the store preview it really
looked like Shiro was flipping off Mephisto’s smug ass.

But unfortunately as it turns out he’s just doing that blessing gesture thing. Two fingers. Though paired with such a glare it makes me think he’s considering lowering his index finger…

Their fucking faces, man.

Mephisto: “Look, I have all my precious little puppets running towards my unknown goal and you can’t do anything about it ‘cuz you’re dead, gnehehehe~”
Shiro: “Shut your stupid face right now or I swear I’ll recite myself back to life to personally shove this gun up your ass.”

(Also apparently they have rifles in heaven. They’ve added some upgrades since the whole flaming sword era.)

PS- This is the full illustration:



So, Halo has been a big part of my life and i’ve always adored the series and it’s lore, and i realized there are some parallels between Voltron and Halo?

both take place in space, both have to do with fighting alien bad guys, both have to do with wearing kick ass armor and having awesome futuristic weapons, so yeah.Here’s some things I thought of for this AU:

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he was really sweet!! we took a couple of selfies together ajjsjdjd he had to bend down bc i was so sHORT GOD WHAT A DORK—and when i gave him my halo halo shiro sticker, he was like “HALO HALO!!!” AND I WAS LIKE “YEHE!!! HALO HALO!!!!” god he was so nice, he sHOOK MY HAND AND IM NEVER GOING TO FORGET THAT MOMENT