and she left nothing out

“She dances in the shadows
Like a shadow is her hair
Her eyes hold midnight captured
She is perilously fair

While woodlarks sing the measures
That her flying feet retrace
She dances in the shadows
Like a dream of darkling grace”

Thank you Mercedes Lackey for providing the song I listened to on repeat while drawing this Pearl. 

I referenced a screen shot from the show for the pose since I’m still learning how to draw the lanky, super skinny bodies of Porls. Can’t remember the exact moment but it’s from that one episode where Pearl and Rose fuse and Greg wants to be able to do it, too. Anyway, on to this PORL.

Night Blue Pearl is a Pearl who doesn’t belong to any gem specifically and, instead, is apart of a troupe of performers who provides entertainment for Blue Diamond’s Court. There’s a rumor, however, that Night Blue Pearl will go to a particularly loyal member of the court as a prize of sorts once they’ve finished a mission to colonize a far off planet. Which, naturally, doesn’t sit too well with Night Blue.

She rarely talks which is just as well since she is highly opinionated and if she were to voice how she really felt, she’d likely be shattered in to dust.

She absolutely loves dancing and desires nothing more than to be left alone as she figures out choreography for her next performance. Like most Pearls she’s prone to being tidy and she is rather picky too, fussing over the smallest details until she deems them as perfect.

Night Blue is also a bit goo-goo eyed over a soldier from Yellow Diamond’s Court but, if asked about it, she’ll deny her feelings or say nothing at all.


Mint-Eye Rika:

A word on gambling

Hey all, I found the Elsewhere University page like two days ago but man, I was so inspired right away. Please allow me to add to this marvellous universe. 

Some words in advance: 

This story ties into a few others. Nothing but quick mentions, though; @fruedtrollism and @comerunwildwithme you two may catch brief glances of you characters :) It also features the weird humanoid/horseoid skeleton beast from this post

For those who haven’t seen the EU blog yet: Al you need to know is that the setting is a prestigious university set on top of a fairy hill. Have fun reading!

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Self Preservation // Tommy Shelby

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Pairings: Tommy Shelby x Fem Reader // Tommy Shelby x Grace

Request: Anonymous asked: Can I have an angst fix where the reader finds out Tommy cheating on her with Grace, but she’s pregnant (reader). in an attempt not to rip the family apart she writes a letter to poll saying that she cheated and she pregnant with another mans child, that she won’t force Tommy to raise that child. So she moves away and completely drops off the grid. -Lola

Warnings: Cheating, Adultery, pregnancy, angst and non-descriptive smut. 

Word Count: 1755

Something was wrong, she could feel it. But everything was the same, nothing stood out, nothing was different, it was as she left it. Except there was a new coat on the rack, a woman’s coat, a woman’s coat that didn’t belong to her. The sickly-sweet smell of perfume hung in the room, a lump formed in her throat, her palms becoming sweaty. She silently placed her keys on the table, attempting to calm her ragged breathing. She stood there staring at the coat, it looked familiar, it was familiar, she just couldn’t pin it down. She knew who’s coat this was, the name was on the tip of her tongue. She knew this person, the one who was currently screwing her husband, she knew them. Might have even gone as far as to refer to her as a friend.

Mrs. Shelby ventured further into the house, gaze sneaking a peep into Tommy’s office. Two glasses of whiskey caught her eye, one was completely empty, probably Tommy’s, the other had a ring of red lipstick around to top, probably the mystery woman’s. She paused for a second, she’d seen a small piece of fabric out of the corner of her eye. The sickly-sweet perfume was back, his office was coated in the smell. How did he expect to hide this from her, say it was Polly or Ada? Brush, it off as nothing? Say he couldn’t smell it? Make up some elaborate explanation that it was for her and he’d accidentally dropped the bottle? It seemed to dawn on her in that moment. She had smelt it before, all over him. Tommy had said he was buying her an anniversary present and the lady in the shop when a little overboard, trying to get him to smell it. Was it a fling. That’s most likely what he would say if she confronted him, ‘It was in the moment, it didn’t mean anything, I’m sorry’, but she had a gut feeling. She knew deep down this was more. She carefully moved her way through the room, closer and closer to the desk. Tommy’s tie lay on the oak desk, upon further inspection, his shirt and suit jacket lay on the ground beneath the chair. Accompanied by a cream dress, and a plain skin colored hat. Y/N stood there staring and staring, her mind was blank, no thought seemed to pass through, only an inaudible loop of her doctor’s appointment flash through her head over and over. You are with child…. Pregnant, Mrs. Shelby… Serious risk…. Between us, I would advise you to terminate, illegally of course…. I’ll call a specialist midwife for you…. I need to inform you one more time…. You will most likely die…. do you understand the risks of have these children? …. Mrs. Shelby are you okay…. Mrs. Shelby…. Nurse ge–….

She was snapped out of the trance but the sound of a lamp breaking followed by a sickening laugh. Maybe it was curiosity maybe it wasn’t, either way, she found her feet leading her upstairs to the master bedroom, her bedroom. She stood outside the door, fingertips brushing against the door handle, her heart seemed to stop, her breathing shallowing out. She felt herself go light headed, black spot appearing in her vision, she felt like she was floating, drifting away into a peaceful place, forgetting for one second what was happening on the other side of the door. Y/N backed away from the door, crumbling to her knees and curling up on the ground. She rocked herself back and forth, going over the options in her head. The doctor’s appointment came to mind, then her wedding and then his proposal, when he came back from war and when he went to war. The day they first kissed, the day they started dating, the day they met. Her life seemed to flash before her eyes, every moment they spent together, the good and the bad, the funny and the stupid. She knew Tommy, she knew what he would do if he knew, she pulled herself together just enough to crawl away from the doorway, sitting at the top of the stairs, relishing in the memories of a once happy marriage.

Y/N sat there for what felt like hours, listening to Tommy’s adulterous actions. It was like when you see something terrifying and just can’t look away. She just couldn’t move. She was numb, silently crying at the top of the staircase. The tears cascading down her cheeks, dropping into her lap, the wet patches growing with each teardrop. Each time she licked her lips, salt invaded her taste buds, leaving a bitter reminder in her mouth as if the noises weren’t enough. She could hear everything, the creak of the mattress, the rustle of the covers, and the whisper of her name. Grace. Her small hands gripping her throat, soothing the burning. “In”, she whispered out breathlessly, closing her eyes, trying to settle herself. “and out”. She repeated the words over and over like a chant. Slowing her heartbeat, before readying herself for what she was going to do next. She didn’t even feel herself moving as she stood from her spot, moving down the stairs as if she were floating. Leaving the house in a daze wondering off to god knows where. 

A single letter lay in the middle of the dinner table addressed to Polly, in the telltale handwriting that belonged to Y/N. Tommy moved towards the table, reaching out for the letter. “Thomas don’t”, Ada warned as she slapped his hand away, Polly moved around the two taking the letter and sitting down at the head of the table. “She clearly doesn’t want you to read it that’s why its addresses to Polly”. The others followed suit, sitting around the table all looking at poll. Ada grabbed a bottle of whiskey, pouring a glass for each of them.

 After taking a deep breath, she opened the letter, taking care not to rip the delicate paper. Holding it as though it were the most precious thing in the world. Polly softly ran her fingers over the delicate writing, tracing over the signature of a girl she considered her daughter. The name Shelby scribbled out several times. The letter stained with tears, some of the words nearly impossible to read. She had to compose herself for a few seconds before gaining the courage to read the words.

My Dearest Aunt Polly,

        It’s with this overpowering guilt weighing on me that I find myself with the strength to clean my conscience, for the past five months I have been having an affair. For obvious reasons, I won’t be sharing his identity. My actions have led to me become pregnant, I am carrying this man’s child. I can’t face the others, I can’t even face you, which seems to shame me more. The embarrassment I’ve caused this family will be my burden to bear, no one outside this family needs to know. Believe it or not, I am trying to make everything better.

Turns out, that sometimes, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing… sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. How to find yourself and you just have to do what’s right for you, even if it does hurt others, the ones you love. My keys to the betting shop and the family house and inside the second envelope, I’ve had my items removed from the property and arranged for a wonderful lady to replace me with Finn’s home tutoring. Mistakes are painful, my mistakes are painful, I know who I am now.

I know you are angry but by the grace of God, you find some place in your heart to harbor forgiveness for me. Know that I am safe. I am to marry this man, in a feeble attempt to save what little reputation I have left. I would offer you the place of godmother, however, I believe that may be overstepping slightly. The years I spent in Small Heath shall always be dear to me, and the memories that come along with them, thank you for making me feel so welcome and wanted.

           - Yours always, Y/F/N, Shelby, Y/L/N.

Polly crumpled the neatly written letter into a ball before throwing it into the fire pit. Not wanting the boys to read the content of the young girl’s last goodbye. To them, it would have only added to the anger, a blinding rage to go after this mystery man would consume them. But to Polly, the one person who knew the girl better Tommy knew, who knew her better than herself, she knew without a doubt in her mind that the content of that letter was word after word of lies. And sadly, she had her suspicions as to what the true reason behind her leaving was. It whole thing was humorous really, the way she used Tommy’s guilty to spine her own story, simultaneously creating a scapegoat for herself, destroying her ties here, that even if she wanted to return home, she wouldn’t be welcomed anywhere in the city. “What’d it say?” She snapped herself out of the downward spiral of thoughts, looking up at the table surrounded by her nephews and niece. “Pol?”

“Hmm, Oh, nothing much”. She picked up her glass of whiskey in an attempt to stop the shaking in her hands, only to put it back down a second later as the urge to throw it at Tommy’s head grew. Sitting there acting as though he cared, probably not even taking into consideration that his fiancé knew about Grace. “She left because she’s pregnant”, Polly hesitated for a second, internally fighting herself, debating if she would allow the young girl to flee and start afresh or set the cogs in motion to return her. The answer was obvious and she knew it, Y/N didn’t make this decision lightly, probably went over every outcome in her head, but the girl was alone, there was no mystery man, she’d fled into the big scary world all by herself. No, she would respect the girl’s wishes, a final goodbye if you will. So begrudgingly she continued, sealing her fate. “With another man’s child”. And that was it blind rage eloped tommy as he threw the context of the table to the floor. Pausing for a second before storming out of the house, Arthur and John soon following after, most likely going to the garrison. To Grace.

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X-Files fic: Philadelphia

Mulder and Scully drive to Philadelphia after her mother’s death. A missing scene for “Home Again.”

Rated R

With thanks, as ever, to @agoldenpalace


i walked the avenue ‘til my legs felt like stone

i heard the voice of friends vanished and gone

at night i could hear the blood in my veins

just as black and whispering as the rain

on the streets of Philadelphia

-Bruce Springsteen, “Streets of Philadelphia


“Mulder, let’s drive to Philadelphia,” she says, gripping at his shirt with the same hand that clutches the mystery her mother has left her. Her fingernails work for traction on the slippery material, and she throws her body up against him, half begging and half demanding. “I need to work.”

“No,” he says. “No, no, no.”

“Yes. Right now.”

“No, I get it, Scully, I do. But not right now.”

She remembers, for a moment, the night his mother died. The night he asked her to cut Teena open. No, she had said, no, no, no. But she couldn’t refuse him anything, not even that, when he was so full of raw need. She would have cut herself open to soothe him.

“Mulder, right now,” she says, picking up her briefcase, putting an end to the conversation. “I need to work right now.”

She walks out of the hospital. She doesn’t look back because she knows he will follow. He’d never refuse her anything either.


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An angel of chaos but an angel nonetheless

poor girl

lol i suck at titles.

Originally posted by lovelytaekookie

Pairing~ jungkookXreader (Ft~ none )

Word Count~ 3.3k

Warning~ unprotective sex, um? I suck so thats a warning??

Summary/request~ You’re so kind! I want to request a jungkook smut when reader is a poor girl and homeless and jungkook being her teacher finds out and asked her to live with him and he develops feelings for her so when he walks to her changing the love making happens

A/N~ i hope you like!!! feedback is a useful thing. 

As the bell rings you lower your head closer to your desk to avoid any eye contact with anyone. You always left after everyone else did in class to refrain from eye contact, and people interaction. You hated the looks that people gave you, the pity and or disgust. You peek up and notice everyone but Mr. Jeon has left, so that was your que to leave. You grab your bag that holds your few school supplies and your only other outfit you own. You sigh and stand putting your bag on your shoulder.

Today is Friday, which meant you had to go your first weekend without any food. When your mother kicked you out almost a week ago she left you with nothing but ten dollars, which was what she had on her. Everything that you owned she threw out yelling how she never wanted a daughter in the first place. You had no place to go, no other family. It was just you and your Mother, but now it’s just you.

You make your way past the teachers desk and to the door, when you felt a large but soft hand grab your wrist. Your head snaps up to Mr. Jeon smiling down to you.

“Yn, can I talk to you before you go?” He asks in his usual soft voice. You nod your head and sit in the seat that was closest to his desk. He follows but leans against the front of it. You watch as he looks around the room with a questionable look, he always did that in class when he was trying to figure out how to start off a sentence. You could understand why everyone had a crush on him as well, he was truly beautiful, but forbidden sadly.

“A couple of students came up to me earlier today and told me something that concerns me. Now before you freak out, they promised they didn’t tell anyone else but I.” He says looking at you. Your heart started to beat faster. “They said all week they seen you Yn, sleeping next to a garbage can.” He whispers the last part. You could’ve sworn your heart stopped. You seen his eyes start to tear up a little, but nothing falls. He was pitying you and that angered you. You don’t need it! You don’t need anyone. After another second you stood up and grabbed your things making him confused and stand up straight.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” You mutter, you felt your eyes tear up as well. He looks at you and pauses for a second, he nods and reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. With a few clicks he turns his phone to you and you give out a little gasp. It was a picture, of you asleep at night.

Now you really couldn’t keep your tears in, you felt your whole body start to shake. You heart beat couldn’t slow down. You started to shake your head and start to back away.

“Wait, I can help you.” He explains place his phone on the table behind him. You shake your head faster.

“Can you just drop it?” You ask him confused about his words.

“I’m sorry but no, you can’t live on the streets.” He exclaims. He looks around and tongues at his cheek. He looks back, “Look, I was in your place a couple of years ago. A woman, who is now one of my great friends helped me out. I just want to do the same.”

“How would you help?” You ask frowning.

“I have a spare bedroom, I can help you get a job, some clothes. Get you back on your feet. You can trust me.”


You walk into his apartment holding your bag to your chest. In the car he mentioned about not saying anything about living with him only because he would like to keep his job. He said it as a joke, but all you could focus on was his smile. You eventually agreed of course

He goes and sets his keys and turns to you.

“Okay, i’ll show you to your room.” He smiles and walks down the hallway and you follow. He goes to a door and opens it. “I just cleaned up in here last week.” He smiles. You noticed he looked perfectly fine and calm, but honestly you felt so awkward. But once a thought passed through your mind, you didn’t care for the awkwardness.

“Mr Jeon-”

“Call me Jungkook when we are here.” He smiles, you nod.

“Jungkook,” You test out, his eyes lower a little and he clears his throat. “Can I please take a shower?” You shyly ask. He nods almost instantly leaving the room nodding at you to follow. He leads you to the bathroom, he goes into the closet and hold out to you to take. He tells you that he would get you some clothes once you are in. He leaves after explaining how to control the temperature.

You turn the water on and wait until it gets hot.

You go and look into the mirror seeing how horrible you looked. You wanted to cry and scream at how bad you looked. Your once beautiful curls, not all matted up in a bun on top of your head, only because you couldn’t afford a brush. Your skin looking a couple of shades darker because of the dirt. You’ve managed to keep your clothes somewhat clean. You were thankful for Jungkook, because you didn’t know when the next meal you would’ve gotten.

Your thoughts were adopted when there were knocks on the door.

“YN? Are you in the shower?” You hear his voice muffled. Oh shit. You quickly start to take off your clothes and hopping into the shower wanting to scream as you jumped right into the hot water. You hear the door open up.

“Are you okay? Did you scream?” He asks with a little panic in his voice.

“I thought I turned some of the cold water on, but I didn’t. Can you help me please?” You ask

trying you best not to touch the hot water coming down. His hand comes through and turns a knob, the steam from the water was gone and when you touched it, you almost automatically fell in love.

“Thank you.” You smile to no one as you let the waterfall down your body.

“Of course.” You then hear the door shut and you look around and find everything you need. But the body wash and hair products where mens. You smile to yourself at the thought of smelling like Mr. Jeon.

After your shower, you got out and see a pair of boxers and a t-shirt laying folded on the toilet. Once you put it on, you find a comb on the sink and you slowly comb through your hair getting it back to its natural beauty. Once you finish a couple of things up and you were done, you made sure you cleaned up after yourself and you left the room.

You follow the noise leading you back to the living room where you find Jungkook in sweats and a zip up jacket, unzipped a little showing some of his chest. He has stacks of papers in front of him, and he was leaned forward grading. When he heard you enter the room, he looks up at you and grins.

“There’s my pretty girl!” He smiles and looks back down to his paper continuing to grade, which you were happy for because you were blushing like crazy. You sit on the chair not wanting to sit on the couch and disrupt his grading. He turns on netflix and lets you choose the show. You remembered when you lived with your mother you were watching American Horror Story, so that’s what you put on.

After a couple of episode your eyes started to drop from being so tired.

“Do you want to eat?” You hear Jungkook mumble from the side of you. You shake your head no because all that was on your mind is sleep, this chair was a lot more comfortable then the hard concrete. Soon enough you fall asleep.

“YN?” Jungkook calls unsure on what you were doing because he couldn’t see your face. He stands up and walks in front of you. His heart melts in his chest when he sees you covering you face with your hands and all curled up in the chair. He thinks, how in the hell can you curl up and fit perfectly?

He slowly picks you up, he was surprised how comfortable you felt in his arms, he knew then he could hold you in his arms forever. He doesn’t move a muscle to make sure you didn’t wake up when he picked you up. He watches you bury your head into his chest making his stomach flip. He felt his cheeks heat up and he quickly looks away and takes you to the spare; your room now.

He makes it to your bed and lays you down. He grabs the folded blanket at the end of the bed and covers you up, not wanting to pull the covers from underneath you. He smiles as he watches you snuggle up and sleep.


Over the next month you both have gotten into a routine. Wake up, go to school, come home, eat dinner, hangout and then sleep. Jungkook helped you get a job at the cafe on campus, so sometimes you would go to work after your classes. Jungkook would drop you off and pick you up. He also bought you some clothes and needs for you to hold you over until you could buy your own stuff, at least that’s what you said when he asked. He was already doing so much for you.

There was times where you had these thoughts, of wanting him. Wanting him to kiss you, cuddle you, love you. But every time you would get close, or he would, you would remind yourself that he was your teacher, he gave you shelter, he was only help.

You sat on your bed thinking about last night.

___Jungkook offered a movie and some snacks, which you happily accepted. Last night was one of the nights he had off, nothing to grade, nothing to prepare. You both sat on the couch, you waited as he turned on a random movie on Netflix. You grabs a blanket and pulls it over you both. During half of the movie, you couldn’t focus on it. You were more focused on everything next to you. Your eyes always landed on his hands that were settled on the blanket, on his lap. You imagined them caressing your face, caressing your body, pulling you closer. Every time they would move, your eyes would snap back up to the movie.

“Are you okay?” You hear his voice, you head snaps to his face. He was already looking at you, but he was extremely close, he leaned forward. You leaned back nodding looking back at the tv trying to keep yourself from showing your heated cheeks. To your surprise you felt one of those hands caressed your cheek turning your head to face him. “Are you sure?” he asks squinting his eyes. You smile a little and nod again wanting him to believe. You pull away from his touch not wanting to feel the buzzing going through your body starting under his touch.

“I have to get ready for bed.” You mumble and quickly go to your room. ____

You can’t let yourself get any closer to him. You would get hurt and you knew it.

You walked over to your dresser and pulled some pajamas out so you could change out of your work clothes. You take the clothes to the bathroom and shut the door. You start to pull of your clothes happy about finally getting your shower.

The door swings open revealing you in only your underwear. You scream covering your body up as much as you could with your hands.  You look up and see a stunned wide eyes Jungkook frozen.

“I-I di-”

“GET OUT!” You scream not wanting him to see you. He nods and quickly leaves shutting the door. You still stand there shook, trying to calm your heart down. You shake it off and continue to get your shower.

Once you were done, you realized it was way to hot to get changed in the bathroom so you just wrap a towel around yourself and you grab your clothes and walk into your room shutting the door behind you.

You turn toward your bed and almost have a heart attack when you see Jungkook sitting there looking at you with a certain look you didn’t understand.

“Jungkook, what are you doing in here?” You try your best not to stutter and keep your body content.

“As much as I’ve thought about how to tell you this, I just can’t figure out how.” He says running his hand through his soft hair. You eyes widen and you immediately think the worst.

“A-are you kicking me out?” You ask scared, you haven’t save enough money up, but you must’ve over done your stay. “I mean that’s okay, I can leave by tomar-”

“What? No, no, not even close.” he says walking up to you holding his hands up. You clutch your towel harder nervous about what he was going to say. You watch him as he prods at his cheek with his tongue looking around the room thinking. After another minute passes Jungkook looks at you.

“Ah fuck it.” He launches himself at you and grabs your face with both of his hands and pushes you against the door crashing his lips against yours. His body is against yours. You too startles to respond for a long second until he forces his tongue between yours lips, savoring your taste in his mouth. With that you finally melt into him kissing him back with a deep moan. He pulls away still holding his hands on your face and he looks down at you.

“Is this okay?” He asks, you instantly nod loving the buzzing you got. You lean back up and reattach your lips making him kiss you right back. You forgot about everything in this very moment, this was finally happening. You felt the fire in your stomach when Jungkook backed his body away a little letting the towel you forgot you had on drop to the floor. He then picks you up, his hands supporting you under your butt as you wrap your legs around his waist.

You sigh in content on his mouth when your back hits the soft mattress. Jungkook’s hands explored your body while his tongue explored your mouth. You body ached up wanting him to be closer. You felt his fingers trail up until he reached your breast, he cups one gently massaging it in his hand. His head dips down when he breaks away from the kiss trailing kisses down your neck all the way to the top of your breast where he leave a open mouth kiss. He then begin to suck and kiss all over both of your breast loving the feeling of them in his mouth. His mouth plus the cool air of the room causes your brown nipples to harden.

He sits up pulling his shirt off and over his head. When he throws it to the floor he looks back down at you and you watched as his eyes get darker and lower. Something changed, the rooms atmosphere changed to something more heat and tenderness. He leans down and gives you two pecks then leans back up and unbottons his jeans and takes them off. When he was done you look at him and you felt your cheeks turn to fire when you see him looking all over your naked body. You go to cover your boobs with your hands and shut your legs, but he beats you to it and hold his hand out.

“You make heart skip.” He mumbles crawling back on top of you. You weren’t entirely sure what he meant, but you hoped it was good. You pull him back down to your lips wanting to taste them again, loving the way he took over almost instantly.

“Yn, this is your last chance to back out.” he speaks softly against your lips. He draws you closer,

his erection laying against your abdomen and he leans over you. “You know you can say no, I won’t be upset.”

You immediately shake your head. “I really really want this, but do you?”

“More than I’ve ever wanted anything.” He groans out grinding a little against you. You smile a little as he leans down and kisses all over your neck. He kisses all the way back to your lips kissing you as he drags his fingers down to your vagina. You didn’t realize how wet you were until you felt him rub around then slips right into you.

“Fuck YN, i don’t think I can wait. I promise Ill treat you later… but please…I need you.” He says still stimulating you making you moan out a nod.

Soon enough he was sinking into you holding on of your legs up with one hand and the other guiding himself. Your eyes forcefully roll to the back of your head as he stretches you out. His hops rock back and forth into you, the motion firm and deep because of the position, making you cry out. He doesn’t stop, if anything he goes faster. You wrap your arms around his neck hanging on as he pounds into you like a mad man. Him moaning and groaning out your name in your ear wasn’t helping anything. He manages to hit a spot making you scream out his name and making you see stars, he notices it and keeps hitting that same spot. You whine in complete pleasure when he wouldn’t let up on that spot. He leaves little kisses all over the side of your face and neck, you noticed he was also sucking so you should not be surprised by the hickes later.

He leans up a little and gives you a little kiss on your lips moving even FASTER then before, you didn’t understand how he made you feel so good, but within seconds your felt your orgasm start to build up. It burns through you hot.Your thighs shake a little, your body moving around not used to so much pleasure. Jungkook holds you down and pounds harder begging you to come so he could to.

“Please Yn, I can’t hold it much longer” He lays his head on yours, noses touching. “Keep looking at me baby. Look at me.” He says, and you try your best.

In no time your orgasm washes over you in a huge wave of heat, taking your whole body making you literally scream out Jungkook. You felt his motions become more sloppy, realizing that he was close you clenched yourself around him over and over pushing him closer to his high making you both feel amazing.

“Oh god, Yyynnnn” He quickly pulls out and he jerks himself spraying strings on white all over your darker skin. You moan at the warmth. You look up at Jungkook head that’s tilt back, his mouth hung wide open. You bit your lip when you see the layers of sweat on his body. He looks back down at you and his eyes look different then before, more soft. Maybe tired. You felt like you were in cloud 9 still. He lays down next to you go the the box of tissues on the side of the bed wiping you off. He then pulls you into his body and he kiss you right on the lips with a lot more passion than before.

Then you remember one thing and pull away.

“Jungkook, you are still my teacher, I don’t want to get you fired.” You mumble against his lips.

“Mhmm, classes are over in a couple of weeks. We just have to be careful, but after that you are all mine.” he says kissing your forehead making you smile.

“All yours.”

As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
you’ll never find things like that on your way
as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
as long as a rare excitement
stirs your spirit and your body.
Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
wild Poseidon—you won’t encounter them
unless you bring them along inside your soul,
unless your soul sets them up in front of you.

Hope the voyage is a long one.
May there be many a summer morning when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you come into harbors seen for the first time;
may you stop at Phoenician trading stations
to buy fine things,
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony,
sensual perfume of every kind—
as many sensual perfumes as you can;
and may you visit many Egyptian cities
to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars.

Keep Ithaka always in your mind.
Arriving there is what you are destined for.
But do not hurry the journey at all.
Better if it lasts for years,
so you are old by the time you reach the island,
wealthy with all you have gained on the way,
not expecting Ithaka to make you rich.

Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.
Without her you would not have set out.
She has nothing left to give you now.

And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you.
Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

—  ​“Ithaka”, by Constantinos P. Cavafis.
13. Cant Sleep.

Okay, so I lied. This is part 2 to ‘Harry Turns 23′, which a lot of you seemed to like, however the whole thing is actually not finished and so there will be a part 3, although looking at my work schedule I don’t know when i will be able to finish it, but it will be soon, I promise! I hope you enjoy it! 
Also, just a warning, this does including some saucy scenes so if youre not comfortable reading that kind of stuff, you have been warned!

It was around three in the afternoon when you and Gemma pulled up into the driveway of Robin and Anne’s house. You saw Harry’s car parked behind Anne’s and a space behind Robins left for Gemma’s.

The engine was turned off and the two of you got out the car and walked towards the front door where Harry had opened and watched suspiciously as he saw you walk up to the door.

“What are you doing here?” He grinned, pulling you into a hug after saying his hellos to Gemma.

“Just came to hang out for a lil bit” You smiled and pulled back from him to follow Gemma into the house to say hello to Anne and Robin who were waiting at the kitchen table.

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Title: Wicked Game
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Pair: Jojen x Reader x Gendry
Note: I have had this song in my head all day so I had to write this. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Your world was on fire and no one could save me but you
It’s strange what desire make foolish people do…

Y/N refused to let her feelings control her decisions. Not again. How could she after what had happened last time? She still remembers the day she lost Jojen. It replays in her head late at night when everyone is asleep. She loved him and he felt the same way but it made them careless sometimes, always risking running in to save each other.

I never dreamed that I meet somebody like you
And I never dreamed that I lose somebody like you.

She closed her eyes, trying to get some sleep before the long walk ahead of them. But everything just played again. She could see herself running towards the tree with Jojen beside her and Hodor with Bran on his back in front. They were fighting off some skeletons. She saw one attack Meera and ran towards it kicking it to ground and cutting it’s head off with a dagger that Jojen had given her to protect herself. As she turned she saw Jojen being attack and Meera ran towards her brother and kicked the skeleton off. Y/N saw one trying to attack Hodor, so she ran ahead and killed it but as soon as it hit the ground she heard Meera scream. She turned around so fast but it was as if time slowed down as she saw her love, Jojen being stabbed. She screamed and ran towards him along with Meera. They both knelt down beside him, she can recall the paleness of his face, the light leaving his eyes, she knew he didn’t have long. He begged her to finish it, to make sure he wouldn’t come back. So with a heavy heart she said her last goodbye and I love you then slit his throat. Meera grabbed her and pulled her to safety in the tree. But with Jojen gone. Nothing was the same. She left soon after finding out Bran was safe. Not knowing where to go but as long as she kept moving she didn’t care.

No, I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
With you

She had found refuge with her old friend Arya, who was posing as a boy to get to the Knight’s Watch to see her brother Jon. Arya convinced her to stay, she was her friend how could she say no? What she didn’t plan on was to meet him. Gendry. He was different from everyone else in the group, she wanted to find out more about him. He told her everything. They became close. Now she had these feelings inside. She made a vow to herself when she left Bran that she would never fall for someone. She kept that vow, until now. She finds herself staring at Gendry when he’s not looking, wondering how it would feel to be held in his arms, to have his lips on hers, to comfort each other. She couldn’t let this continue.

What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way

She kept avoiding Gendry, whenever he approach her and Arya she would make up some excuse and leave. She was fighting an internal war with herself. She felt her heart skip when Gendry was near but when she was alone it felt like betrayal. Like she was betraying Jojen. She loved him and he had died, if he hadn’t she wouldn’t be here now, she would never have met Gendry. Why did she have to fall for him? She had told no one, not even Arya about Jojen. Why should she? He was no longer there. The ache in her heart was though. When she was with Gendry she could tell she was healing but when she wasn’t with him, her heart would break all over again. She scoffed at her thoughts only in Westeros would she have this problem.

What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

She was wrapped in Gendry’s arms, she looked up to see him smiling at her. Her heart felt as if it was going to burst just by seeing his smile. He held her close and promised never to leave her. She was happy. After such a long time. She finally was happy. He told her that he loved her. She could just cry from the joy she had in her heart. He slowly leaned in to kiss her and she did the same but just before their lips touched she felt something hit her side. Y/N opened her eyes and saw Arya standing above her, telling her they were moving. She sighed and rubbed her eyes. Why did she have to dream of him? Of all people? She saw a hand extended in front of her and looked up to see Gendry smiling down at her. She took his hand as he pulled her up. She mumbled a quiet thank you and walked ahead. Y/N couldn’t wait to see Jon and hopefully leave so she could never see Gendry again.

What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way

Y/N sat as she listened to the boys talk about how they had never been with a girl, to be fair most of them were still kids, the older ones she could tell were lying when they said they have been with a woman. She listened as Gendry spoke up, he talked of how he had never been interested in a girl. Which raised the questions of maybe he prefers men? He denied that and said that he had never met a girl who made him feel anything. No attraction. Nothing. And yet here Y/N was, listening to the man she had fallen in love with talk about how he had never been in love. Nor slept with a girl. Or had any plans to sleep with one in the future. Since his future was with the Knight’s Watch. Even if she had confessed to him, he could never reciprocate the feelings. He was joining the Knight’s Watch. That was his life now.

What a wicked thing to do
To make dream of you!

The dreams returned. Every night the same. She dreamt of Gendry. She had made her peace with Jojen’s death after finally telling Arya who told her he would want her to be happy. Not to be mourning him forever. The dreams of Jojen stopped, but the dreams of Gendry came next. It was always the sweet things, like lying in bed cuddling, having a life, a family. She knew he wouldn’t like that life. Thinking being the son of a bastard would be the worst thing for children. She cared not for what people said he was. She loved him for who he was. Once again she would have to hide it. She had to keep her vow.

I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
With you

A few weeks passed by and she found herself watching Gendry being taken away by the red woman. Arya was shouting, demanding that they bring him back. Y/N was staring at Gendry who was staring right back at her. Neither of them saying anything but the looks on their faces said everything. Snapping out of her thoughts Y/N ran up to the red woman and said to her, “You better not harm him. If I find out, you will wish that you had never met me.” the red woman looked at her in shocked only to grab her face. “There is fire in your eyes child, you have a big part in the war to come.” Y/N smacked her hand away and said, “I do not care about the war. Don’t hurt him.” the red woman looked confused and said, “You have no idea who you truly are, do you?” Y/N stood up straight and said, “I am Lady Y/N Y/L/N of Winterfell.” the red woman laughed and said, “You are no Stark though” Arya soon stood forward and said, “She was raised with us. So she is one of us.” the red woman bowed her head “I will let you talk before we leave.” she said, before getting on her horse. Y/N ran to Gendry and his hands instantly found hers and he said, “I’ll find a way back, don’t worry.” she shook her head and said, “You don’t have to, you have nothing to come back for.” he sighed and kissed her hand “I have you to come back for my lady. I will return.” she nodded. Her heart thumping in her chest. She watched as Gendry disappeared from her sight. She returned to stand beside Arya. The ache from when she lost Jojen returning but not from the pain of losing him but the pain of losing Gendry. This is what happens when you fall in love in Westeros. “We will meet again, Y/N Targaryen.” the red woman mumbled to herself, as she saw the girl hug her friend for comfort.

Splitting Seeds

Title: Spitting Seeds

Pairing: NaLu

Summary: Lucy knows that her mistake was falling in love. But her worst mistake was falling in love with him.

Rating: T; I think it’s the best rating???

None of these characters are owned by me, they are all owned by the wonderful Hiro Mashima! Also, Miraculous Ladybug is owned by Zag Heroez! I do not own any of that at all.

A/N: Honestly I saw this from a Miraculous Ladybug comic, and I’d never seen the Hanahaki Disease au so I wanted it and here it is. I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH I HURT MY OWN FEELINGS. The splitting lines are to show a timeskip since Hanahaki is supposed to occur over time.

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

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Helpless Flirting || Toni Topaz x Reader


i have a  ton of requests that are piled up, so expecting me to post like rapid fire, multiple posts a day, hopefully

so heres a lil lesbian shit because toni topaz is an iconic bisexual queen and as a bisexual bitch, i bow down

request by @princvpessaHeyy, could you write a TonixReader imagine?  You know the scene where the serpents just transferred to the Riverdale high and Cheryl makes this entrance etc? So basically the reader isn’t that well known in Riverdale High, she doesn’t care about that southside/northside drama at all. (Maybe you can include that she is very inteligent+relatively good in school, even though she shows up late to almost every class, is mostly wearing sweatpants (but looks very good anyways) and is wearing glasses.) While Cheryl is ‘discussing’ with the serpents the Reader kinda needs to go through the crowd to get to class and when Cheryl wont let her pass R roasts her because after all that drama she is pissed at Miss Blossom. Cheryl is confused / even a little bit speechless after this and thats the moment Toni starts to get interested? Maybe you could write about some things happening after this scene, like for example Toni starting to talk / flirt with R? 

warnings: none i think, correct me if i’m wrong though!

requests: OPEN!


Helpless Flirting -

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More Stranger Things future stuff (also known as Strangerererer Things):

The Byers-Harrington family nonsense:

After all of their adventures involving the Upside Down, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve didn’t even notice the weird looks that came their way when they were all out together. To be honest, their courtship crept up on them and they didn’t really call it ‘dating’ until they came out to Joyce and Jim Hopper, who were much more understanding than Ted and Karen Wheeler and the Harringtons. Maybe it was because the Upside Down stuff had kind of mellowed Jim and Joyce too.

It scared them almost because it wasn’t weird to them. It should be weird. A romantic relationship was two people, not three. Wasn’t it? Wouldn’t jealousy eventually come into play? Wouldn’t someone eventually be wheedled out? It never happened. If anything, it made the relationship stronger. At first it was just Steve and Jonathan sort of sharing Nancy in the early stages, but soon, Nancy insisted they spend time alone together-”get to know each other” even though she was afraid that make her the one to get squeezed out and left behind. She had nothing to worry about, as it turned out, because Steve and Jonathan got along just great, more than great.

The first time they actually slept together, all of them, they were all nervous and awkward like the teenagers they were. ‘Threesomes’ were something dirty. Something that belonged in pornos, right? It wasn’t like that. Just like how they felt around each other fighting monsters-safe and trusting and a bond that couldn’t be explained, they found sex was no different. They balanced each other in a way that only they could. All thoughts of wrong and dirty and weird were thrown out the window.

They couldn’t exactly get ‘married’ but they considered themselves married. Working and going to school was exhausting, and it was even more exhausting constantly having to explain to coworkers their situation. Most of their coworkers mistook them for swingers and twice they’d accidentally been invited to a wife swap party which was horrifying, especially when some creep had picked up Jonathan’s car keys out of shoebox and had eyed Nancy like a dog, his mouth practically watering. All of the perverts at the party had been shocked when Steve (slightly tipsy) and Jonathan had shoved the guy hard because how dare he think that Nancy was up for grabs like something at a yard sale.

They’d talked about it for a few years, but when they finally decided to act on it, there were a lot of questions and what-ifs. Joyce excitedly came over to help decorate the extra bedroom into a nursery. Steve and Nancy quit school to work full time. They were really doing it. They were really going to have a baby. Jonathan suggested that Steve be the sperm donor, smiling a little as he brushed some of Steve’s hair back saying they needed a ‘pretty’ baby.

Oliver William Byers-Harrington was born in late October. He was the perfect blend of Steve and Nancy, but belonged to all three of them. They wondered how on earth Joyce Byers had done it by herself or even how most families did it with two because parenting was rough with THREE. Oliver kept them up at all hours of the night and the more he grew, the more he needed. He was as loud and demanding as Steve, but with beautiful blue eyes like Nancy that made everyone melt every time they looked at him.

Almost two years later, this time using Jonathan as a sperm donor, little Jason Michael Byers-Harrington was born. Oliver didn’t take to well to the new baby, and kept asking, “When he go he home?”

“Oli, this is Jason’s home,” Steve explained carefully to him, holding the new squishy baby with Oliver balanced on the arm of the lazy boy beside him. “He lives here.”

“No, Daddy,” Oliver said sternly. “He go back he home.”

“This is Jason’s home,” Jonathan said, coming into the room with a warmed bottle as little Jason started to whimper.

Oliver’s bottom lip stuck out and he burst into tears, fighting to climb on Steve, who was griping about ‘be careful of the baby’.

“My daddy!” Oliver bawled as he was picked up by Jonathan. He cried into his other father’s chest.

“Daddy still loves you,” Jonathan reassured him. “We all still love you.”

“Baby go back he home!” Oliver screamed angrily.

“What’s going on?” Nancy asked, coming down the stairs  fresh from her shower.

“Oli lost his fucking mind,” Steve said, standing up to get a better hold on Jason. He began to feed him, bouncing him slightly.

“Oli, what’s wrong?” Nancy asked, taking him from Jonathan.

“He’s jealous,” Jonathan explained.

“Baby go back he home!” Oliver whimpered, now exhausted from tears.


Oliver did learn to love Jason and over the years the two were inseparable even though they were incredibly different. Nancy was ‘Mama’ and Jonathan and Steve were both ‘Daddy’ because the name ‘Papa’ was blacklisted from everyone’s vocabulary. It didn’t matter. The three always seemed to know which ‘daddy’ the boys were addressing or referring to.

Oliver, who was long and lanky like Steve with thick hair loved to draw. He was quiet at school and spent most of his free time drawing which brought back fond memories for Jonathan.

Jason, who looked so much like Jonathan smeared with Nancy with bits of Joyce and Will too, was a wild child who talked too much in class and was sassy to authority figures and popular with the girls. He was a champion little leaguer and swimmer and loved being outside.

Nancy joked it was like Jonathan and Steve had switched bodies. Both boys were petite like their mother, but Joyce and Karen agreed they would fill out as they got older.

When the boys were five and seven, the family took a trip to Disney World. It was kind of nice because it was so busy and crowded that hardly anybody stared at them the way they did at the grocery store or school functions. Nobody knew them there so there were no whispers about them being “strange” or “unwholesome” or “the poor children, being raised that way”.

Things were so different back home. At school functions, Nancy always became frustrated trying to explain their family dynamic. Twice the boys had been uninvited to birthday parties. It didn’t really phase Jonathan. He’d always been used to being the town outcast. It made Steve mad, especially when Jason came home in tears because Richard Jacobs had asked for his birthday party invitation back because his mother had told him she didn’t approve of two grown men raising a little boy. Steve had threatened to “give her a reason to disapprove” but Nancy had said “Steve, STOP” sternly and he’d promised the boys that he would take them to do something fun on Saturday in place of the party. 


Shortly before Oliver’s eleventh Christmas and Jason’s ninth, Jonathan’s photography had taken off at lightning speed. The art world had discovered him and now magazines and calendar companies and art buyers were calling him nonstop and he was putting so much money in the bank that the bank had temporarily been suspicious of money laundering. He was almost as well off as Will, who was living a successful life in Los Angeles.

Nancy and Steve after much nagging from Jonathan who could easily support the entire family now, quit their jobs to return to school and finish their degrees. One night, sweaty and still catching her breath, Nancy sat up in bed and said, “I want to have another baby.”

Steve looked at her without even turning or raising his head.

“What?” He asked.

“Another baby?” Jonathan repeated, running a rand through his own sweaty hair.

“Mike has two girls,” Nancy said. “I don’t even have one.”

“Harrington and Byers don’t make girls,” Steve told her, eyebrows raised.

“Another baby might be nice,” Jonathan said, contemplating this.

Steve groaned, rubbing his tired eyes.

“You don’t remember all those all-night earaches and Chicken Pox and ‘Daddy, I have to pee’ ‘Oh now I have to pee’. I haven’t seen a movie in its entirety in, like, forever,” he said.

Jonathan grinned, brushing some of Steve’s hair out of his face.

“You love it,” he said. “Don’t lie to us.”

“You were just talking about how you needed a crockpot,” Nancy added, lying back down and curling up next to him. “Don’t you remember just sitting on the couch holding the boys? Sleeping on your chest? Their little baby bodies?”

“I’m outvoted anyway,” Steve said, yawning. “And we do need a crockpot because it would make dinner a whole lot easier if I could just start it in the morning-”

Nancy laughed and shut him up with a kiss.


William Nylander

Originally posted by willynylanders

Warnings: None

Request: Will you please do a William Nylander where you guys get into a fight and he leaves for practice or a game and he gets back and you’re not there so he thinks you left but really you just had gone somewhere and your phone died? Thanks so much! Love you and your writing so much 💟

Note: A huge shout out to @annalahey for proofreading for me.

You had never been one who was fond of fights. You and your boyfriend William did not fight very often, however, it seemed as if it was all you had done in the past week or so. Every little thing either of you did would get on the other’s last nerve, today was no exception. Your university had just let out for summer break and you had been relaxing for the past few days, taking in life without the stress and anxiety that finals had caused you. Willy had gotten on your ass earlier and claimed you “never did anything” and that he “could not understand why you had been locked up in your room for such a long time.” Luckily, he had to leave for a mandatory practice for the upcoming playoffs before things escalated too far.

You are suddenly pulled from your thoughts of the previous fight with Willy with a low buzz  sound coming from your phone.

Do you think you could come over? I have huge news and really want to tell you in person.  The text from your best friend reads.

I’ll be right over, I just want to make sure I’m home when Willy comes home. We both said some pretty hurtful things to each other. You quickly type a reply, but before you can press the send button a “low battery” message pops up on the screen. You dismiss the notification and press send.

Within a few minutes you arrive at your friends apartment and knock on the door. She immediately pulls you in for a hug, a huge smile on her lips.

“What’s gotten you so wound up?” you chuckle as she lets go.

She does nothing but stick her left hand out and sure enough there is a gorgeous diamond on her ring finger.

“Congratulations!” you squeal and wrap your arms around her for another hug, “I’m so happy he finally did it.”

“That makes two of us,” she basically shouts into your ear.

“I think this deserves a celebration,” you state.

She nods, “I think I would have to agree with that statement.”

The two of you decide to head to a bar not too far down the street. After a few minute of thinking -arguing with yourself- you figure it’s best to text Willy and let him know what was going on. To your dismay, when you pressed the power button the screen remained blank. It’s fine, Willy probably went out with the guys anyway, you think to yourself. Eventually, you are able to push the thought from your mind and have fun with your now engaged best friend. You end up staying at the bar for a couple hours before you decide to head back to your apartment.

You slowly begin to unlock the door, careful not to wake up your boyfriend. You figured he would be sleeping due to his playoff game tomorrow. You quietly walk into the living room only to come face to face with William. He was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, a deep breathe being inhaled every so often. You were completely unaware of why Willy was crying, had something happened while you were away? You move to his side and sit down on the couch softly. You place a gentle hand on his back and he jerks forward.

Your eyes meet and he looks as if he had seen a ghost, “You left.” Could the reason he was crying be because of the fight earlier.

“I’m sorry Willy. I didn’t mean to stay out this late,” you wrap an arm around him.

“I got home and you weren’t here,” he croaks out.

“I was with one of my high school friends,” you look into his deep blue eyes, “I would have texted you, but my phone died.”

“I thought left because of what happened earlier,” William says with tears still flowing down his cheeks, “I thought I lost you.”

“Willy, I would never leave you like that. I love you too much to do such a thing.” You lean into his warm body as he pulls you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry about everything I said earlier, I was frustrated with everything going on. I had no right to take it out on you.” he buries his face in your hair.

“I’m sorry too, I understand how stressed you are and I need to be more patient with  you.” you give him a slight squeeze.

“Don’t be sorry baby,” he rubs your back soothingly, “Just promise me one thing?”

“Depends on what it is,” you tease with a small smile.

“You will buy a portable charger,” he says with a slight chuckle.

“I think I could do that,” you nod.

“Oh and one more thing?” he adds, “No more fights.”



Дикие лебеди (The Wild Swans)

99 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1962
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Vera Tsekhanovskaya, Mikhail Tsekhanovsky

“The Wild Swans was directed by the husband-and-wife team of Mikhail Tsekhanovsky and Vera Tsekhanovskaya. The film is based on the story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Unusual for Soviet films of this period, and especially for animated films, it was filmed in widescreen. It was produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow.

Princess Elisa and her eleven brothers live in peace and happiness until their father, King Henry, brings home a new queen named Hildegard. She turns out to be an evil witch. With her magic, she tries to curse Elisa, but Elisa’s good heart repel the curses. Instead, the queen resorts to blackening Elisa’s face and dirtying her hair, making her unrecognizable. The queen also attempts to turn the eleven princes into black, ugly birds, but because of their good hearts, the curse is only partly successful: they turn into beautiful, white swans. The queen chases them out of the castle, and the next morning, Elisa is chased out as well because her father mistakes her for a Romani (g*psy) girl. Left with nothing, she sets out to find her brothers. After many years, she finally finds them, and after learning from a crow that the curse can be broken, she has to knit eleven sweaters out of tall, burning nettles, and has to remain silent. While she works on the sweaters, she meets a prince who falls in love with her and lets her live in his castle. Here, a bishop conspires with the queen to get rid of her by making people think she is a witch. She is almost burnt on the stake, but at the last second, her brothers come to the rescue. She throws the sweaters over them, the curse is lifted, and she is able to tell her story and return the prince’s love.”

The film heavily emphasizes the dichotomy of white and black as good and evil. This has a negative racial subtext in the case of Elisa’s darkened skin and hair.


The Wild Swans is available on YouTube.


Eyes Closed Part 2 (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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If you closed your eyes just a little bit harder, you could imagine him being Newt.

He felt just like him.

And as pleasure washed over you, you moaned out



« What the fuck bitch, who is Newt? »

“I’m so sorry, I just broke up with-“

“Ugh I’m out of here.”

And the man picked up his clothes and left the room with a slam of the door.


Y/N gathered up the sheets together, trying to warm herself up from the unescapable cold she felt from her loneliness. Slowly in between her sobs, she fell asleep. Only to be woken up the next morning to be screamed at by the motel manager.


Newt spent three hours after Y/N’s departure staring at the wall. There were no tears, for this feeling he felt was beyond crying. The pain he felt demanded to be felt for a lifetime, and not only for a short hour. His pain would not let him cry and get his release.


Three days later, Y/N had joined Tina and Queenie. Their presence distracted her from her emptiness and her days were filled with fun and distractions. When night came, she would bundle up in her blankets and cry to sleep, counting the hours till sunrise.


It has been three days that Newt has been in bed. He was stuck in a vicious cycle of crying, sleeping, and staring into nothingness. He had sent a quick owl to Jacob, who came to take care of his creatures as well as Newt himself.


One week after the breakup. Y/N kept her schedule busy and packed every day, and would sometimes fall asleep easily at night from the tiredness. The number of nights she would cry and play memories of Newt diminished to five a week.


Never has Newt slept so much in his life since his days as a baby. Sleeping was escaping from reality.

“Newt. Hey dude. You gotta wake up, get some exercise or something. You’re becoming bedridden.”

“Jacob I don’t want to. I also don’t want to sleep, but I don’t want to get up either. I don’t want to do anything. Anything I do, I will end up being discontent. Help me Jacob, I’ve never been this way before.” Newt choked that last part.

Jacob sighed and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Let’s go to your case. Pay your babies a visit eh?”


Three weeks. Y/N was a little burnt out from the life she had started, but nevertheless pretty happy.


Twenty-one days later, Newt had found a little balance. He now ate and slept. He spent big amounts of times with his creatures. He was still unable to step out of the house.


One month later.

Y/N walked down the streets of New York, a slight spring to her step. She had just nailed a job interview. To carry on with the whole moving on from Newt thing, she had decided to abandon the practice of care of magical creatures and moved on to wandlore. It wasn’t something she was terribly fascinated in and it would never replace magical beasts, but it would have to do.

Newt stepped outside his little apartment and walked around the block, getting his daily dose of sunshine. He was doing better, going back to older times when he was alone and spoke only to his creatures. He had lived the first 25 years of his life this way, he could surely carry on for more.


Three months later

It was a random Sunday night. Nothing really catastrophic has happened, it was an ordinary day. However, there lied Y/N on her bed sobbing her heart out, pictures and letters splayed across her bedroom floor. Moving pictures of Newt and her, one of them hugging, one of them swimming together, one of Y/N falling asleep on Newt’s lap as Newt stuck his tongue out to the camera. Letters of friendship, letters of love they wrote to each other, reflecting the evolution of their relationship. Without thinking, Y/N picked them up and reached out to the fire. Her fingers loosened, before shaking and clamping back down on the papers. She then stored them safely underneath a drawer of clothes. Her relationship was gone, but she did want to preserve the memories.

Newt closed the door behind him, content of his morning stroll. He had ventured a bit further than the street he lived on, and even enjoyed a cup of tea at a café. Suddenly he remembered his order. Matcha green tea. He always stuck to normal English Black tea, but for some reason he had ventured from it this morning. It was Y/N’s favourite. Dropping onto the couch he lazily grabbed a pillow and closed his eyes. Not every day was going to be a good day.


Half a year later

Six months have gone by, at times very fast especially during those activity-filled days, at times very slowly during those lonesome nights.

Y/N had gotten the position at Beauvais Wands, an apprenticeship under the founder Violetta Beauvais.

Today she was going to go into a forest on the outskirts of Ilvermorny, on the lookout for unicorns. Beauvais hoped to get some decent unicorn tail hairs for cores since her supply was running low, and that unicorn hair cored wands were trending right now.

They set off bright and early in the morning, their day consisting mainly of walking through the woods with their eyelids peeled.

Y/N remembered rescuing a baby unicorn with Newt once. It was one of their very first missions.

Newt awoke and went to fetch the newspaper. A small article caught his attention.

“Sighting of unicorns in a forest near Ilvermorny. Muggles Obliviated. Unicorns escaped.”

Interesting, he thought. The old flame of curiosity lit up. He could not resist the idea of seeing unicorns. And so he went to pay a visit to his dear friends Tina and Queenie.

“Newt! What a pleasant surprise!”

“Hello! I’d love to erm stay to catch up, but I have something to do first.”

“Still on the never-ending hunt for magical creatures I see.” Tina smiled.

“I was wondering, what forest is close to Ilvermorny?”

“That’ll be Ecclestone. Yeah, we used to go there to try and spot magical creatures, before it was banned of course.”

“Cool thanks! I’ll see you guys later!” turning on the spot, Newt disapparated, Ecclestone Forest in his mind.

Y/N and Violetta have been walking for some time now. Suddenly, they heard a branch snap.

The spinning ended and Newt landed, a little dizzy on a branch.

Y/N turned her head and there in all magnificence was a unicorn, almost glowing so pure and white it was.

Newt recognized at once the faint white light he saw.

Violetta sneaked up behind the unicorn, ready to pluck out a few hairs.

Newt approached the unicorn and saw a wandmaker creeping up behind it with tweezers. Well this was not good, he thought.

Violetta plucked a hair out of the tail, and the unicorn let out a pained hiss and ran off.

“What did you just do?!” Newt shouted out.

Y/N froze. She knew that voice. She had heard that voice in every emotion possible. She had heard that voice murmur soft nothings every night as she slept, she had heard that voice tell her endless stories about his life with enthusiasm, she had heard that voice tell her words of love.

Taking a deep, deep breath she poked her head out of the bush she was standing behind. She felt the air get lodged in her lungs and stay there.


She ducked back behind the bush, clutching her chest hoping it would calm down her breathing a bit. She was getting light-headed, and slowly losing the feeling in her arms.

“Violetta, I’m sorry I can’t carry on with this job.” She muttered, before Disapparating.


Three days have passed since Y/N had saw Newt in the forest. She had quit her job at the wandmaker’s, realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to do what they did to creatures.

Those three days, she did nothing but think. She didn’t go out, and only left her room for meals. She thought, thought about how she met Newt, thought about their first kiss, thought about how and why their relationship ended. And thought about whether she could keep lying to herself that she didn’t need him in her life. She thought, about how she wanted to have the feeling of being with him again.

She had set her mind. Getting up the next morning, she brushed her hair and braided it the way she did the day Newt first set her eyes on her. She dressed up comfortably and put on her cream colored coat. Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside the door and Disapparated.

“Bye Y/N, see ya later!” Queenie called out behind a mug of coffee.

Once the dizziness ended, Y/N found herself in front of Newt’s apartment. Climbing up the steps she rang the doorbell.

Newt woke up that morning, with a slight headache. It was one of those days, he thought to himself. What he meant was he was going to have one of those days where all he did was sit around and reminisce about Y/N and look at old photos. He picked up a picture taken last autumn. It was of Y/N taking a pile of red and orange leaves and throwing them up in the air. She laughed, and Newt admired her. Admired how her braided hair rested on Newt’s yellow and black striped scarf he was wearing. How his scarf looked so good against her cream colored coat.

He felt teardrops fall on the scarf he was wearing, the very same one from the picture. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell.

He slowly slugged out of his seat and opened the door. He almost fell backwards at the sight in front of him.

There stood Y/N, with her hair braided, in her cream colored coat cinched at her waist.

“Oh my g-god, it’s you-Y/N you’re here, it’s you and”

He spluttered and before he knew it, he wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her against him.

Y/N put her arms around his neck and rested her chin on his shoulder. Newt buried his nose in the crook of her neck, inhaling the scent he had not been able to find anywhere else. He kept on holding her, just as tightly as he had started. Y/N felt his arms around her and lifted one hand to touch Newt’s soft hair. She closed her eyes, smiled and tasted the salty tears.

 She closed her eyes, and she felt at home.


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Same Old Lang Syne

Just a little AUish Christmas fic…

The snow blocks your windshield as you make your way to the grocery store. You’d been back in Lima for less than two hours before your mother sent you on an errand for her, and you’d grumbled the whole time she sat writing her list. You’ve traveled all over the world, but there’s nowhere you hate quite like you do Lima. The whole town fills with bad memories each time you drive through, and the idea of going to the grocery store where you might be recognized, where people might pretend they didn’t hate you in high school simply because they want to take an absurd selfie with you to post on their Instagram gets you every time. But she’s your mother, and you’re home for the first Christmas in eight years, so you couldn’t exactly say no to her.

The parking lot is crowded when you pull in, and you grumble some more as you park in the back row. There are six things on your list, but you can tell by the volume of cars that this is going to be an excursion, and you pull your coat tighter around yourself, hoping that your knit cap will serve to hide your face while you race through the store. The cold sends a shiver down your spine as you walk up to the door, but it’s the scent of the entryway that really gets you. It’s not a bad scent, per say, it just brings back those memories you’re trying to avoid, and you shudder, thinking too much about the things you’ve spent the last fifteen years trying to lock away.

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tAZ/Stolen Century spoilers

Just…thinking about how hard Lucretia must have worked on the journal she gave to Fisher. She must have agonized over every sentence. If she doesn’t cut this little bit out, will she leave them forever wondering, restless, unable to focus on anything because a lingering thread of memory leads where they can’t follow? If she does, will it be the last straw, that leaves them no longer…them? How much of a person can you cut out before there’s nothing left? She worries over Davenport, especially; even before they left, he spent so much of his time at IPRE…

Ultimately, Lucretia realizes it doesn’t matter, it can’t matter, if she ruins these six lives (God, she hopes Lup is alright) when millions are at stake. It has to be NOW.

They’re feverish, incoherent, as they try to reconcile the ragged, mismatched edges of memory. She moves Magnus and Merle into place nicely, strangers in a familiar land. Taako takes more work, but she manages. Sometimes she could swear she feels Barry watching her, but nothing ever comes of it.

Davenport takes the longest to recover. “Davenport,” he mutters, “I’m Davenport.” Nearly a week passes before his fever subsides; his first word a weedy “Davenport?” Lucretia immediately brightens, but Davenport grabs her by collar and manically, desperately, repeats, “D-Davenport?” and she freezes. “Yes,” she says, “You’re Davenport”. And he clings to it, it’s all he has left, he’s Davenport.

And she can dwell on how, despite her best efforts, she fed the man’s soul to the thought eater. Or she can push the guilt aside as hard as she can, roll up her sleeves, do what she set out to do, before it’s the end of the world.


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Hello there, i really like your blog! So, uhm, if it's okay, something NSFW, a oneshot for Blind!Ignis? In the past Ignis's s/o left him because she had to take the rein of her land, leaving him heartbroken. After Ardyn's defeat Noctis tries to seek alliance to rebuild Lucis's province, so Ignis meets her again. In the following months they subtly flirt at each other, and sexual tension exlpodes suddenly. Bonus for a protective Gladio who doesn't want to see Iggy hurt again.

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First, let me apologize sincerely. I don’t know what it was about this request, but it gave me absolute hell. I stared at it for about three weeks and only had about six hundred words written. It was horrid and I was very tempted to drop it altogether, but I don’t want to do that. What can I say, I’m a people pleaser. Then I decided to take a step back and look at it from a different angle. 

And I decided to do it from Ignis’ point of view…

Don’t hate me? 

Second, I feel like this is…subpar at best. I’m sorry if it didn’t meet expectations. Again, something about this just gave me a worst time. 

Thirdly, it is long. Sorry again DX

Well, I’ll tag the senpais anyway: @bespectacled-girl @roses-and-oceans @itshaejinju @themissimmortal @cupnoodle-queen @gladiolus-mamacitia if I’m missing anyone I’m sorry I’m literally exhausted right now. 

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Don’t Leave Me. Don’t Go. 
Word Count: 5,669

When Ignis woke up, he knew something was wrong-he knew his eyes were open and he knew he should see something and see where he was, figure out what had happened to him after seeing the Chancellor…yet he didn’t. 

Everything was black. 

Gladiolus was the first person that was there, of course. He explained everything that had happened, how Lunafreya had been murdered by the chancellor, how they found Noctis and he was still unconcious after the fight with Leviathan…

How Ignis was now blind. 

Gladiolus and Prompto tried to cheer him up, insisting that there was hope for getting his sight back and with a little r&r, Ignis would be back to normal in no time. Well, firstly, Ignis knew now was no time for rest or relaxation. The Impire was now in absolute control and he knew it was his duty to fight alongside Noctis to help reclaim the Crystal and help save all of Lucis-all of Eos at this point. Second, while Ignis appreciated the encouragement and hopefulness of his friends and the doctors, Ignis somehow knew better. 

Ignis knew right away that he would never see again. 

Ignis wasn’t dumb-he knew from a young age that something like this could happen when fighting alongside Noctis. When he was growing up, a million scenarios had run through Ignis’ mind, so Ignis could plan what he would do if something happened to him. Lose an arm in battle? Find a way to fight one handed. Lose a leg? Adapt to a prosthetic. Lose the ability to walk due to a spinal injury…all of  this planning, though and the thought of him losing his sight never crossed his mind. Ignis knew Gladio, he’d known him practically all of his life and he knew that Gladio was itching for Ignis to go back to Cape Caem and have the rest of the group go on to Tenebrae and Niflheim. What on Eos was he going to do now? 

And when Ignis heard his phone ringing, he knew who it was. Part of him was relieved, wanting desperately to hear your voice while the other part dreaded the news he would have to tell you. What if you decided his new disability was too much and left him? Ignis knew he was strong and could handle a lot, he knew he would be able to handle his adjustment of no longer being able to see, though it would be difficult…

But he didn’t think he could handle you leaving him. 

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One more Lucretia headcanon I’ve been kicking around before I dive headfirst into this weekend:

So Lucretia definitely gave up almost every spell she spent whole lifetimes learning in Wonderland, right? Not all of her spells – a few were too important, were too critical to the success of the mission, and she’d sacrifice every part of her body and her whole entire soul before she relinquished the shield – but most of them, probably. 

The sparkling orb, armor she sculpted out of pure arcane energy, a whisper that sent Magnus flying into battle like she’d given him wings, tricky illusions carefully copied from Davenport’s notes, summoning creatures from the elemental planes, seeing far across whole planes in the blink of an eye, lightning bolts arcing out of her hands like silvery wires. Her brilliance, her knowledge, the best and only way for her to find the other Relics, and she gave them up one by one by one until she had almost nothing left.

It crippled her. She got out of Wonderland alive and intact, though only just. We all know she dreams of Cam still, sketches him in notebooks that stay locked in her desk, traces ‘sorry, so sorry’ in cursive around his face, the first person other than her family that is added to her list of regrets and mistakes. 

(The list gets much, much longer, of course.) 

She fails – she didn’t retrieve the Animus Bell after all, she’s no closer to finding any of the others, and now she’s fatally weakened.

It’s here, after Wonderland, after she escaped and ran until her feet were bloody and her bones ached and she was so, so alone, more alone than she’d been in over a century, that the idea for the Bureau of Balance is sparked. 

She promises herself it won’t be a family; later, much later, she’s grateful that she failed there too.