and she is a cutie

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Who is your fav mini on DM? Mine is Elliana she is so darn cute and a great dancer

she’s a funny lil cutie

idk tho i like them all equally i think so far

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Updated opinions on everyone?

Let’s see.
Zoe, she’s a cutie. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her. Something tells me she’s the innocent little flower we thought Patty WAS.
Ash, kind of strange but again, too quiet to really know.
Ryan, who the fuck is this kid? sorry, man.
Zach, who??? he seems pretty chill so where’s he hiding the crazy?
Alejandro, I’m still trying to figure this guy out. I’m so not digging the ex-gang member thing. Anyone got anymore dirt on him?
David, glorified asshole, wish he was around more to fuck with everyone.
Cody, let’s talk about that threesome. But no, seriously, what’s his deal?
Josh, you banging Cody yet?
Dan, still boring, creates drama which I love but needs to get laid stat.
Stephen, why the fuck are you touring when you could produce? Kinda wishing you had the asshole in you that you used to have
Patty, my world is destroyed now. 

What’s your opinions on the gang?

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What I meant to say was don't get high in front of your kitty. Let's add masturbating to that while we're here :)

OMG hahahahaha I didn’t think that. Well the second one I don’t do, she is a girl and it would be terribly awkward. The first one isn’t bad tho, especially since she is so soft and cutie and I just want to hug her all day long.

This is Sashimi. She can be super mean, but recently I have been probably the most depressed I have been since I got her 10 years ago, and she started sleeping outside my bedroom door and recently even coming and sitting on my lap for snuggles every day. She’s a cutie, she just can’t do too much social interaction… Just like me.