and she is a cutie


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Thank you!

No problem! Always happy to help a new simblr get their footing! I hope you enjoy it and remember, it’s for fun! Do what you enjoy the most :D

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Well, you have NOW

Better now than never, that secret was bound to come out!

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I love her face in that first shot!!

She’s a cutie! Her daughter will grow up to be one too!

So @hunterxblog tagged me and I was super interested, so  I’m trying it out!

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. 

Then tag some friends.

I TAG @mychildgon @mowedith @kigamin @sunfloweranimator @whats-wrong-aniki 

I choose:
1. Hunter x Hunter
2. Attack On Titan
3. Miraculous Ladybug

The first character you loved:
- Killua zoldyck
- Levi Ackerman
- Chat Noir/ Adrien Agreste

The character you never expected to love so much:
- Leorio! (God, I can’t believe I was so blind, he’s such an amazing man bless him)
- Hanji (She’s friggin’ psycho but I love her)
- Nathaniel (He’s such a cutie patootie)

The character you relate to most:
- Hmm… I guess I’d say Killua and Gon? Just because I kinda resonate with the “Adult neglecting their responsibilities which resulted in the child having to grow up far faster than what they should have and ultimately made shit a lot worse way down in the future” stuff
- Bruh, Sasha and/or Connie are my spirit animals
- Alya!!! She sass 

The character you’d slap:
- I’d say Hisoka but he’d probably like it so… Uhm… I’m gonna stay away from that. Illumi needs to be slapped, too.
- Honestly, Reiner. Just because Bertolt is just too sweet for me to want to slap and  Annie is a Goddess. So like, not sorry Reiner.

Three favorite characters (these are in order of preference):
- Y’all can’t make me choose between Gon and Killua no matter how hard you try; they come as one so they count as one. So, Gon/ Killua, Alluka, Leorio
- Levi, Eren,  Mikasa
- Chat/ Adrien, Marinette/ Ladybug, Plagg

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:
- Knov 
- Bertolt (As innocent and gentle as he was… yeah)
- Mmm I can’t really think of anybody? Mainly because any character in MLB kinda keeps the feelings you get with the first impression. Well, in terms of liked to disliked

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:
- Armin (It took a while, but his blonde bowl cut grew on me)
- Rose

3 OTPs:
- Killugon, Leopika, Alluka/Zushi (What the hell is their ship name?)
- I.. used to ship Ereri but… for obvious reasons I don’t anymore. However, I’d have to say Krista/Ymir, Connie/Sasha, Marco/Jean
- Adrinette, DJWifi, Rose/Juleka

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bulba-suho-r and kokojunmyeon!


do i follow them: yes
do they follow me: yes
what i think of their blog: i love their blog they provide me my daily junmyeon and i am very thankful hfiuwhfewhfiuwe


do i follow them: no
do they follow me: no
what i think of their blog: she is so funny omg and such cuties her seflie 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 a beaut 

this is flutterweed she lives in the everfree forest and takes care of the magical plants, she can use her magic to dispel the effects on herself but not others, she can help zecora with the potions and stuff! she has a crush on sprinkle scoop. her cutie mark is pine needles which she keeps in her hair and made shoes out of them too so she can protect her hooves from plants

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Okay so I have no clue who is who in Italy tbh but there's this one player who's a cutie and she's on the bench. She has like short hair and it's like a light brown I think. She kinda reminds me of Moros

manuela giugliano ?