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lmao my friend (who i recently converted into a carat) is intimidated by wen junhui aka moon junhwi aka literally the softest eomma.2 since predebut who carries his children out of bed and makes them toast with jam and she believes that he has a dark and twisted soul

The Past that Smashed

Chapter 17

She Hulk’s POV

I was getting ready to go to the movies with Carla and I was trying to see what to wear.

Carla went into another room to straighten her hair because it takes a really long time to do if you have really big curly hair.

I was kind of excited because it’s been long that I went out but not go fight or train like I normally do. Finally, a day that I can take a break.

I had Skaar with me to help pick out my out for because he wanted to be involved with something. He had Mattie on the bed too, since he really liked the snake and sometimes asked questions about the clothes.

“Mattie told Skaar that Jen should use purple.”

“Use purple, huh?”

I mean I don’t look bad in it so maybe I can find something.

I finally found an electric purple blouse with black lines. I picked up a black pants with a silver belt with a silver necklace because Skaar likes how my sparkling silver shoes looked and wanted me to try them on so I had to find anything silver to use it with. Not bad for a guy to actually help in clothing.

I decided that I could curl my hair, but I couldn’t help but wondered how Carla’s hair looks like.

When I got out I saw her coming out of Red’s room but her hair was completely straight. She had a peach blouse with white pants and white shoes. She also a brown belt with a brown necklace too and pink tinted sunglasses with the temples being white. Turns out that she used Red’s heat to straighten her hair. When he was in his overheat mode, he carefully grabbed bits of her hair and straighten it that was. Smart.

We were on our way to the theater, hoping that nothing goes wrong.

Red’s POV

Jones and I was at the concert waiting for that DJ to start playing. Can’t they hurry up with this already?

We were at the back since we were too tall and we didn’t want people to complain about us. Jones went to buy some churros for me since he promised that he would buy me any food I want. Finally Jones came in with my churros when the DJ finally came in.

He was a brunette with his hair that almost touched his shoulders. He had a black tan top on with a rainbow paint splat on it and in the middle was a music note. He had a black jacket with silver lines and black pants. That’s weird, he even had combat boots but I think he just like the style. He also had a chain that hung to his pants on the right side and golden necklace that said DJ JD. He put on his silver and black headphones and started the music.

It wasn’t that bad, but man, the people here was a crazy in the front. Sadly Jones was one of those people who hollered and waved his arms like an idiot. God, what a kid. I noticed that some people were in the back like me, away from the crowd. I don’t blamed them. I tried to look for Jones to buy me something else since I finished my churro.

The song changed after that and he announced that ‘In the Name of Love’ was next.

Oh for fuck sake! I had it with that song ever since Jones, Albizu, and even Leader started to sing this crap!

I noticed someone was moving very quick when the first part came on. I looked to my right and saw that it was a man that looked like he was getting ready to dance. That would have not been really damn weird if he wasn’t dressed like how he was. He has wavy medium length black hair that looked a unwashed. A black leather jacket with , again seriously people, black combat boots. A grey shirt with black writing on it saying “Does it look like I care?” and rings under his eyes like he hasn’t slept in weeks. He had a chain on his dark jeans on the left side of the pants and black sunglasses with orange around where the lens were. Why the hell does he bring sunglasses in the middle of the night? Jesus Christ, with these people.

‘If I told you-’

He slide to his right.

‘-this was only gonna hurt’

He came back to his spot with small quick steps while he waved his right arm.

‘If I warned you-’

He did it again but slid to his left.

‘-that the fire’s gonna burn’

And again with the same movement.

‘Would you walk in?’

He slide forward with his right hand reaching out.

‘Would you let me do it first?’

He walked slowly back with his hand turning him to a ball and pulled in.

‘Do it all in the-’

He put his right hand up at ‘all’ and the left in ‘the.”

‘-name of love’

He put them on his chest making a heart out of them.

‘Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?’

He slid to his right and did the same movements.

‘In the darkness, in the middle of the night’

Then moved to the left and did that the same as well.

‘In the silence, when there’s no one by your side’

He went forward and came back the same way as he did before.

‘Would you call in the-’

He puts his hands up but making an X this time.

‘-name of love?’

He lower his arms down and separate them in the middle but it came back as a X again on his chest.

‘In the name of love,’

He leaned and reached out to his right but without moving from his spot and leaned back while his hands made a finger roll as he pulled it in so that he had his head down, legs apart, and hands down into a fist.

‘name of love’

Did the same but to the left.

‘In the name of love,’

This time he reached to the sky and came back with the same pose.

‘name of love’

He reach to the ground.

‘In the name of-”

Oh sweet Jesus! He is actually dance really well. He did a look of impressive moves like flipping, handstands, twirling, and even ‘fell’ into a ground into an uncomfortable position but came back up like nothing happened. The way he spun reminded me of a ballerina….ballerina huh?

‘If I told you we could bathe in all the lights’

He did the same moves as before but he move with more passion. I don’t me like exaggerate or anything. He dances like no one was watching, or I don’t know what his mentality was but it was actually…fun to watch I guess?

I don’t know why but I positioned myself in what ballerina are usually seen as, but it just felt natural doing it. I actually know ballet. I was on my toes with my hands were down making a U with my arms.

‘In the name of love,’

The guy did the same move, reaching out and pulling back in. However I slowly moved my right hand up and back down slowly.

I noticed that he looked at me.

‘name of love’

He did the same move on his left. I however swayed my hand to the left without it going above my waist.

He smirked at me.

‘In the name of love,’

He moved forward while my right hand did the same move but forward and towards the sky.

‘name of love’

He went back so my left hand swayed back.

‘In the name of-’

So I might have bust out my old ballet moves but I didn’t care. I was just twirling like there was no tomorrow. As I leaped, a crowd gather around me and the other guy. He moved closer to where I was.

“Yeah, let’s give it out to the guys in the back dancing! Give them a round of applause for giving this concert more life!” yelled the DJ.

Everyone screamed and clapped.

I actually was enjoying myself for once. No worry about Hulk going back. No worry about Devil boy burying me in the goddamn morning. Nothing. Well, maybe I did wondered if Hulk even left. But nothing could stop me now.

“WOO! Go Red!”

“Shut it, Jones!”

\I know that I said that I was going to show how Sammy and Ennui met but I got too into the whole describing the clothes and the dance so I got carried away. I didn’t want to put it so it would be as long as the other one. Sorry if you were waiting on how they met! But on the next chapter I will say it! Ahhhh! I feel bad. Hope you enjoy this one.\

(Buddy. The fact you made Red do ballet is enough to make me happy until the day I die. I can’t believe you remembered that about him! Thanks! And I like the outfits Jen and Carla wore, having Skaar help while being cute with Mattie. Sweetie Red helping out with hair makes me melt every time and I’m glad he could relax and be happy for once, even if it’s dancing with his enemy’s boyfriend(?). A great chapter featuring my favourite smasher and second favourite character! Nobody can replace Leader after all ;D)