and she is a cutie

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Shakira's eyes sparkled at the idea of more pudding. She clapped her hands happily and pointed to the bath. "Papa!! Baab." She was trying to say papa bath.

That’s the spirit, cutie pie—you can get extra bubbles today because you’re such a good listener.”

Sharr carried her upstairs, and told the guards to prepare a small bath for the little girl. While waiting, he dusted off more dirt from Shakira’s arms and legs. She must’ve been having too much of a good time catching those beetles.

“Did you catch a bunch of those little critters again, today? Figured you did,  since you look so happy.”

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Lol I actually just saw the episode with country cuties cause I was rewatching dance moms. She slipped on Maddie's pigtails in practice but in the actual dance it was a blonde whose hair she tripped on. I think it was Paige's

Oh okay lol.
That was a pretty dastardly one. I remember when that episode was new haha.

her purpose is staring you in the face its been glaringly obvious since the song she helps people she idolizes you bc you help people shes helps thats her cutie mark oh my g


Look at this perfect adorable cutie!

And the way she has her hair!

And her clothes!

And her mannerisms!

Everything about her is just so freaking cute!!

Also, I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help but feel my half joke wish for her to be gay is actually gonna come true. I Don’t know why, it just seems so to me.

twilight could end this ep right fucking now by telling the cmc to

a. explain to gabby what a cutie mark is–that it marks your passion/special talent/purpose

b. explain to gabby that she cant get a cutie mark like a pony can

and vitally

c. offer to help her try and discover that special something on her own, and get a sort of honorary cutie mark, coming to understand that whatever she wanted out of recieving a cutie mark was within her the whole time

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i'm just sayin' but do you think that yeri is gonna leave rv?? i just i don't think that car accident was the real reason she's hidden! what do you think?? tbh i like ot4 more but i don't hate yeri at all! she's such a cutie and pretty little girl, i just used to like them as 4 members before she join the group. i hope she's okay tho.

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For SAS I will comment on your Sass. yes, all of it. There didn't use to be much in your character, then a certain asshole broke her heart and now the Sass levels are too damn high. So yeah, there's my SAS about your Sass.

Lol. Yes, Anshella has gotten just a bit sassy. But she’s still a swett cutie patootie. And the asshole jerkface that broke just her sweet little heart is going to male amends for it. Just look at how cute she is being all adorable and stuff!

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