and she is a cutie

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How did you fall in love with your girl even though she smells like an ass? I can't even get past the fact that I smell like an ass

lol she doesn’t always smell like ass 

i just meant I love her even when we’ve been on the road all day and she smells like sweat and coffee and smoke, or when she just woke up and her breath is gross and she knows it but its okay because mine is too and we just laugh at each other about how bad our breath smells, or when she has to deal with expired crap at work and it drips on her and it smells god awful but shes a cutie and shes smart and funny and adorable and i love her 

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Ember waves her hand slightly and hides under his arm more, quite shy around the other two men "n-nice to meet you too"

“Awww! She’s a cutie!” Edd cheers, a friendly smile on his face. 

“Yeah but she’s a handful sometime.” Tom just smiles down at her. He presses a kiss to her forehead. “But she’s a good kid." 

Matt continues to smile and relaxes.

tiny headcanon ( 001 ) ;  juggie has a grey kitten that archie rescued from an alley way  . her name is burrito. she is a butt face sometimes but overall a cutie  .  developed with ;  @gingerspect

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1. the person i like and why i like them
@nonbinaridot (surprised huh? XD) well she is pretty, a total cutie, lovely gay❤ I have a big crush on her but shh don’t tell her anon❤ she is wonderful and careful, she would totally beat Satan’s ass for her loved ones, a total purrfect cutie❤

Mayor Celina: A little gift for Mayor Mami! I’ve seen pictures of your town and I think you are a real sweetheart! 

((Mun: A gift for @mayor-mami! I love her town and her mayor is such a cutie, plus she is just a huge sweetheart and we’re so lucky to have her in the Animal Crossing community. For you, my friend!

I’m also taking Mayor requests! Send me a pic/link to a pic of your mayor and I’m willing to draw them!))