and she is a cutie

aryastakres asked:

she is amazing and beautiful, she's scorpio and it perfectly describes her but she's totally a cutie and just awww i love her

I’m scorpio too so I know what you’re talking about, we’re amazing ;)

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comments: what a lovely blog you have, I love it a ton:) I also love your name!

yo bloggie raties

anonymous asked:

please how did you build the school, with the playground while still using hood deco and make it look like a real school from here: /tagged/charlie+davenport/chrono/page/2 and tagged/charlie+davenport/chrono? XD thanks!

Hi anon! It makes me weirdly happy that you’re checking out Charlie’s tag…she’s such a little cutie. :) But, to answer your question, the school building is a piece of ‘hood deco, but it can be placed on lots and roads. I’m not sure if that is a feature built into the custom deco, or because I use this mod, but if you don’t have that mod already you should because it’s really useful! 

Anyway, I placed a lot under the deco school and covered it with floor tiles and a bit of simple decoration to look a little more like a real community lot rather than just deco. It still is just decorative, but it looks a little nicer. And the playground is just a little lot right beside the fake school lot. I kept them as separate lots because I wanted the playground to load quickly and didn’t need my Sims walking around under the school. :P But because the playground is right next to the school, the ‘hood deco shows up and looks all school-y and neat. 

Also, you might have to have your neighbourhood views/fade distance/whatever those options are called on high to see ‘hood deco from the lot. I’m not sure. Anyhow, it’s a neat little trick I learned from nepherists2, who is a ‘hood-decorating legend, and it’s a really easy way to make your neighbourhoods look more built up without actually building a whole bunch of community lots you’ll never even visit.  

I hope that helps, and please let me know if I can make anything clearer for you. I’m not always the greatest at explaining things, especially when I’m tired… :) 

missakito asked:

for the character ask: Rosie Cotton and Fenris :)

Aww, thank you! Thank you so much!

Rosie Cotton (LOTR):

Sexuality Headcanon: Heterosexual. Could of course be bisexual too…hmm!
Gender Headcanon: Female
A ship I have with said character: Rosie/Sam. They are such cuties.
A BROTP I have with said character: Rosie and Arwen. They visited a year Aragorn, and I headcanon the two became very good friends. 
A NOTP I have with said character: I really haven’t seen her shipped with anyone else, but I guess Rosie/Frodo would be one. 
A random headcanon: It is my headcanon that she is a very energetic and brave little hobbit, and smart in the sense of hobbit-sense. But I do think she too had a little sense for adventuring, but no need to go.
General Opinion over said character: I think she’s a cutie, and I am sad that she died before Sam. 


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual
Gender Headcanon: Male
A ship I have with said character: I suppose Fenris/Hawke (Any kind of Hawke, really)
A BROTP I have with said character: Fenris/Isabela. I haven’t actually witnessed it myself, but I’ve heard they like to talk to each other. Fenris/Hawke? Ahah. 
A NOTP I have with said character: Once more, I don’t know all ships, but I can’t imagine Fenris/Anders, so I suppose I’ll go with that. Or Fenris/Merrill. He was so mean to her (understandably.)
A random headcanon: I am not sure if Fenris even wants that mansion rebuilt. he has ghost-like abilities (being able to rip someone’s heart while it is still beating), and ghosts live in haunted mansions. That mindset doesn’t do good to him in general, but he stubbornly sticks to it. (Until he moves to Hawke’s mansion)
General Opinion over said character: When I first played the game, I generally ignored him because he seemed so grumpy and against everything I do as I sided with mages. But later I discovered his origins and reason for his mage-hate, and yeah. It is understandable. And what he sacrificed for his family is incredibly brave (though he did not know what was going to happen). When I get my hands on DA 2 again, I’m planning to go the Templar way and romance him. (I like to go through both mage and templar to see the differences)

Tonight everything got bad for me. I can’t handle anything for some reason, I broke down crying because I’m depressed about being pre t. It’s fucking hard and sometimes it seems easier to end it but then I remember that it will get better and I won’t be stuck here forever.
I saw somewhere that taking your own life is taking the potential of something great, so instead of ending it I’m gonna start something great. Gonna keep my head up because it won’t always be like this. Someday I will be comfortable with who I am and be able to fall asleep without all these thoughts in my head.

novakscas asked:

Yes hi my tag is /my face and I like reading?? And travelling/?/? OH and cooking and stuff also I like sleeping oops and I like watching TV bc I'm trash idk what else ok ok ok bye bye bye (oh also idc the gender im pan af)

i love your hair so much it compliments your face so perfectly! also you remind me of kristen from 10.05 and she was a cutie <33

ship: metatron im just kidding don’t kill me  

(or am i???) *cue dramatic music*

i ship you with charlie! you’d both enjoy crying over fictional characters and plus you would look cute together ^_^

Free kittens!

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♫|| I have a pup I must really attend to.
She’s sleepy, and she needs her rest, 
as do I. Sorry for less activity lately. Taking
care of a pup like this one ( who is currently
sick, poor babe ) can be quite a chore. I might
sleep with her in bed, or something idk. Warm 
milk would do, too. I might just do that if she 
decides to wake up and having hard time sleeping.
Goodnight, cuties. Wish me best of luck, and
let’s just hope I get better rest tonight. 
Talk to you all tomorrow.