and saying I'm handsome

You make me feel like maybe I’m not as bad as I think


an actual flower boy on the flower carpet 🌹

not to sound dramatic but michael looks so good i’m going to die

@aeiiopus made this!! this really really pretty outfit for demo heck heck I had to put him in it man it was too gorgeous to pass up 

This gorgeous masterpiece was a commission done for me by the amazing @sinfulzany. I asked for a pic of me with the human versions of the Gaster Brothers.

Look at this beautiful work of art!!! It’s so freakin mesmerizing! Their sooooooo handsome!! Ahhhhhhh! I love this so much!! Thank you for drawing this for me!!!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Handsome Jack AI should be ambiguously inside a Roomba in Borderlands 3. I'm afraid Gearbox doesn't know that this is on the table, and is possibly the best thing that could be done with the character at this point? No dialogue, just a REALLY BAD Roomba. People keep trying to get rid of it or buy Rhys a new one but Rhys is always like weirdly defensive about it and won't throw it away.

jon bernthal has sort of been typecast as a badass, a rough around the edges morally dubious badass, a badass who’s emotions are under the surface, but not too far,… and like…. sure…. that’s find… i fucking love that….. but …. i want to see jonny B in something where he’s soft, where he’s a fool in love, where he melts at the thought of another person, because I know he would crush it, i know i would be left a soft hearted misty eyed mess at the very thought… he’s just in so many things where his characters experience pain, because my god those eyes, i’ve never seen another actor able to quite convey hurt, devastation, without so much as a word, but pls, i want to see a fool in love, FINE make him feel pain, but give him a happy ending to act toward, i want to see him play a character who is on top of the world at least once…. i feel like there was some of that in that movie he did with De Niro… but like… that’s a movie about boxing… you want me… to watch… a movie… about boxing???