and plus this is cute okay... okay


These pictures were taken 1,107 days, 5 cars, 4 wedding rings (he’s lost a few 😂), 3 road trips, 2 apartments, 1 stellar marriage, and a puppy ago but yet somehow it still feels like just yesterday we were those dorky 18 year old kids with no other care in the world but our love for each other ❤️


“L-Lord Scorpio! Please d-don’t say unnecessary things to anyone! Especially to Vega!

neither dan or phil have directly stated their sexuality (at least not recently). i understand that they (specifically dan) have said things that could imply their sexual preference, but at the same time, who’s to say they aren’t just jokes.

the point is, certain actions do not define a persons sexuality. for example, yes, dan painted his nails, but last time I checked nail polish does not in any way relate to who you love.

until they specifically state whether they are straight, bisexual, gay, etc. do not assume things. labels are most certainly not necessary, so don’t use them.

plus, who even gives a shit about that. we watch them because they are kind, funny, caring, relatable people. their preferences should have no effect on that.

in short, it’s okay if you ship phan (i sure as hell do), it’s okay if you don’t, it’s okay if you get excited over dan saying stuff about cute boys, it’s okay if you don’t. as long as you realize that these things aren’t 100% reliable “proof” and that you shouldn’t force anything onto either of them, you are okay!

(just to be clear, “forcing things onto them” means spamming them with tweets/comments/messages about phan and/or going up to them during a meet up and asking them if they’re dating or if they’re gay. it does NOT mean; making edits, videos, posts, fan fiction, or just in general talking about phan or how you think they would be a good couple.)