and personally i would have included opal

@mute-mod’s drawing of @ghosta-r’s Moon Varian is one of the main things that made me start watching Tangled the Series, so credit to them for inspiring to make my own Moon Varian AU! And here’s the first post I read that explained the evidence behind the Moon Varian theory. The reason I’m doing my own AU version of the Moon Varian theory is because I wanted to make it as canon-compliant as possible, or at least meld enough so that I could see it be feasible for the TTS writers to do had they gone down this path. It also includes things I personally think would have made the writing of Varian’s face-heel turn better, which I discussed with and got help working through from @eckcro during our nine hour shift at work. There are a few things I’ve left open while season 2 finishes coming out, but here’s a brief summary of the AU:

  • The Moonstone is the Sundrop Flower’s counterpart — not an opal
  • Quirin is King Edmund’s younger brother
  • Varian got his powers from the Moonstone being used to help his mother in during his conception and/or birth (details tbd)
  • That makes Varian more of a child of the Moon(stone) than actually becoming it
  • He was born with bluish white hair but his parents had it cut and left one streak of the original (the opposite of Rapunzel’s hair situation)
  • When the Dark Kingdom is destroyed they move to Old Corona, where Varian’s mother dies
  • Some differences throughout season 1 events (see link at end of this post), until “Secret of the Sundrop” with more differences made apparent
  • Varian’s connection to the black rocks is revealed when he touches them with his bare skin during the battle in Old Corona
  • Varian’s powers are based in his hands
  • Rapunzel can only make the black rocks go away, not control them like in canon
  • She tries to to free Varian’s father, but it doesn’t work
  • She convinces her father to not arrest Varian by getting Varian to join her in following the black rocks
  • Besides healing and making the black rocks “wither”, Rapunzel can also heat things up, has an affinity with animals, has high stamina and energy, can boost other’s stamina and energy, and hair propulsion
  • Besides being able to make the black rocks grow, the Moonstone gives Varian the powers to cool things down, calm living things, and have/cause visions
  • The main villain will be the Water Serpent
  • There’s also going to be a Fire Lion but I haven’t figured all the details out yet

See the full post for the rest of the AU and credits