and people

sometimes i feel bad n then i remember that Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers exist n then i feel bad again because they’re not actual people n then i get happy again because Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans are actual real people and have the same if not very similar mindsets of those characters but they are their own person and so goddamn unique and beautiful at the same time. Ya’know?

persephone chose autumn,
shunned spring sun and winter weather
together in the same breath, stole leaves from trees
with careless honey dipped hands.
she chose the night sky. danced with stars instead of flowers
and found life in a different kind of shadow.

she considered her options. picked apple
over pomegranate and followed the footsteps eve carved
out into sandstone and river rock as she made her way
down from the garden, this, another choice, a different kind
of forbidden fruit but the same kind of falling;
from a pedestal someone else sat her on,
one she never claimed for herself.


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Painted Angels I can’t say enough about this fic. All-time favorite. Artist!Dean aka my ultimate weakness. Writer!Cas. A most amazing love story.  

Pick It All Up Dean is a hooker. Cas is a veteran. Things get dark. Things get beautiful, too. 

The Sawdust Men awesome worldbuilding, a creepy as hell villain and a forbidden fruit that’s all the sweeter.

Fugitive Motel a short-ish (5K) fic that has this amazing dusty americana vibe.

The John a hooker!Cas fic that kept me on the edge of the seat until the very end. 

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia a great (and funny) subversion of ‘they barebacked with a stranger and all was well’ plot 8D

Breathe Lightly breathtaking, unusual and heart-wrenching. 

Ad Astra - latin ; “to the stars” a unique story with an amazing style

The Path of Fireflies
 amnesia!Dean complete with a charming B&B in Vermont.

Angel Slayer FBI!AU with a really gripping plot.